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sex'n'crime #003                may 1989
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news and previews  9.........interview
5..........fashions  0...........mailbox
CREDITS:   coding.............chris/amok
and again another issue of this little
magazine... wow ! we are glad that so
many of you like this new main-program.
but, there are still many things to be
improved, so wait until you see the new
main-program. it will hopefully please
ALL of you ! a lot of things happened
again this month so i got a lot to tell
you. very many thanks must go to all of
you who helped us doing this magazine.
THANKS a lot to all you COOL dudes !
(especially to you, stephen/buccaneer !)




well, PARAMOUNT was quite angry about
the last issue as we wrote so many bad
things about them. we are sorry, but
you know all was true ! PARAMOUNT DID
recrack some AMOK-programs and their
version of RUN THE GAUNTLET and DARK
FUSION were the WORST you could ever
do !!! so, PARAMOUNT apologised and said
that those recracks were done by one of
their copy-slaves who used the PARAMOUNT
intro. ok, maybe those recracks were not
your fault, but you always say you are
no.1 in germany even though your games
are VERY OFTEN cracked VERY BAD !
anyway... you sure are among the 10 best
in germany ! and i still do like you
cool guys. don't be angry, ok ?

hey, HORIZON... we did NOT publish YOUR
text about the ikari-party. a lot of
people told us about the party, even
some undercover-agents (hehe) from AMOK
were there and told me about the party.
so, maybe some of all those dudes read
your story about the party and then told
this story to me without mentioning
where they got it information from.
so, it's not our fault. anyway, you were
probably the first to write about the
ikari-party, so it's 1:0 for you !

that sex'n'crime #001 contained a lot of
wrong information... he then wrote that
sex'n'crime #001 said, that the BEASTIE
BOYS are members of ELITE. well, hugh ?
maybe this SMART PISSER should read the
first issue of sex'n'crime again...
there is absolutely NO WORD that says
that BEASTIE BOYS are now in ELITE.
so, obviously JEFF PISSER is just
JEALOUS... he also said that it was
wrong that STRIKE FORCE are now ELITE...
well, do i have to say anythig about
that anymore ?! pah ! ELITE is going
down hill anyway... so, i shouldn't
waste that much memory on them...


Rumours and News

            RUMOURS AND NEWS

MOSKWA TV left SCIENCE 451 and joined
the BEASTIE BOYS. some people who told
me they were members of MOSKWA TV now
formed a group called ZYLON ROCK. right
now VIPER DESIGNS are coding some cool
intros for them.

DUST want to make a paper-magazine which
probably will be released in venlo this

IKARI as EXCELL of IKARI apologised for
his behavior and left the c-64. he is
now only on amiga.

the german WARRIORS OF TIME wanted to
code the c-64 version of an amiga-game
some graphics have already been done by
SONIC/WOT (he also made the graphics for
PLATOU) but they don't know yet wether
they will finish the game or not as they
seem to be quite lazy right now. CREST
co-operation but they might leave again
as there are some small problems.
ZENOBITS is almost dead as their only
competent member, GRECO (or something
like that) left them and joined NATO.

CRYPT want to code the BEST demo that
ever existed on the c-64. (pretty hard
job, pals !) anyway, they are in co-op
with X-RATED now. together they think to
be no.1 in germany even though X-RATED
contains some former CRITTERS (they
and ACTION CREW). some new members in
CRYPT are fomer TOP ONE members and they
recracked the Gp+FE version of RUN THE
GAUNTLET. so, they do-not seem to be
the right people to be no.1 in germany.
anyway, the old CRYPT members (JOHNNY
very COOL dudes. they should better drop
the other people. MAGICIANS also joined
X-RATED, so the MAGIC NEWS will now be
released under the CRYPT/X-RATED label.

PARAMOUNT 'imported' the 1-2 years old
australia and even put an importing-
intro in front of it, even though they
imported it by mail !

ABNORMAL and LIGHT of AGILE ripped some
dysp-routines from IMPULSE. ABNORMAL
already apologized for that, but the
reaction of LIGHT is yet unknown.

DCS is dead. actually TRIDOS thought
about a come-back on the c-64 but as DCS
has only about 3 members right now it
will probably not work. TRIDOS is either
in ORACLE or QUARTEX now (i forgot about
that, so don't kill me !). NOSAH is back
from the falkland islands and hopefully
will soon make a new issue of IGUANA.

the complete crew of PRIME and some more
people from COOL CREW and SUPREME built
the new MEGA COOL c-64 and amiga group,
called DENSITY. they will probably soon
be some extremly cool demos from them.

a new group is born called EXCESS.
some members are MET (ex-NFC) together
with some of his friends from PYROTECH
and CRIME of DCS.

the magazine PIRATES is dead as there
are some problems between the main
editor JUMPIE and the printer of BEST

the magazine NEWS will soon be released
on disk. (english+german) the main-code
will be done by FUTURE GENERATION and
some graphics may be done by X-AMPLE.
music might be done by AMOK.

THE LAST HEROES ripped a part from the
GP+FE demo COOL EMOTION and use it as
their intro. of course they now pretend
to be no.1 in germany. (like everyone
else does nowadays...)

BROS seems to be back on c-64. they
didn't release anything special yet, but
let's wait and see...
somehow there also seems to be a new
group of some ex-BROSers, called VRIGIN.

COSMOS splitted up. some of them are now
in X-LARGE, together with TWG (usa).

BROWBEAT did not win the war against
AXION/CRAZY. most of AXION just went to
the amiga-scene. in fact BROWBEAT are
only a bunch of lamers, each of them not
older than 13-14 years...
their newest coder-talent is 11 years.

CRAZY are very sorry about their very
LAME version of WEC LE MANS but they
think they are no.1 in switzerland.
(pah ! again that no.1 crap-talk !)

BIG BEN was kicked out of COSMOS and
might form his own group or whatever...

SORELL (hungary) are now only on amiga.
FBI CREW might also start on the amiga,
but this mashine is quite expensive for
them. (their parents have to work about
10 months to buy an amiga, without
spending any money for food etc.)

some rumours say that TOM (ex-MCG) is
sitting in JAIL for one year...

MIK of PULSAR might quit computing as he
lost any interest. (don't do it, pal !!)

NFC splitted up, the cool members
F4CG and the lamers (SNOOPY, MOVE etc)
joined VENUM.

after their party-disaster (police) the
MANIACS were interviewed about it in a
german radio-show.

TYRANT (usa), FREDDY and TNT are out of
GENESIS AND FIRE EAGLE as they are not
active anymore.

the cool dudes from ACTION are in war
with the lamers from ARRAY and BEASTIE
BOYS. as they say, ARRAY freezed a lot
of games. i think,, that's why all ARRAY
cracks are so LAME ! anyway, some left
ARRAY and joined 711.

the problems between MCA of PARAMOUNT
and SCRAP of CONTEX are now solved. not
SCRAP called them PARALAME, but FRANK of
711 did. anyway, FRANK was kicked out of
711 so there are no problems anymore...

JOHNNY WALKER of CRYPT was caught by the
police. anyway, nothing but public
domain software was found. by the way,
CRYPT now seem to work for RAINBOW ARTS
and get all RAINBOW ARTS-originals very
fast. actually i can't believe that this
is true. anyway, let's wait'n'see...

SCRATCHER of PARAMOUNT ripped a scroll
routine from him. actually i think it
was the other way around...

XANDOR is dead. WOLFMAN bought some
body building instruments and will now
do a little bit for his health. (hehe)

ASSAULT broke up, some joined PARAMOUNT,
others formed NETMEN. SOME from NETMEN,
formed a new group, called GALLON which
won the 7th place at the SHARKS+VISION
demo-competition. actually only 7 demos
took part, so the GALLON demo was the

one of germany's best crackers, SNACKY
of GENESIS AND FIRE EAGLE was caught by
the police. so, he went to the police-
office and got all his disks back.
nothing happened and he will continue
cracking. he also coded a CYBERLOAD-
CRACK-FILE which will be released soon.

(israel) did some VERY fine demos in the
past few weeks. in my opinion they sure
are some of the BEST new demo-coders in
1989 !

a while ago. but somehow it seems as if
he was in CRAZY now.

RANTANPLAN of CRYPT just told me 5 min.
ago that the co-op X-RATED and CRYPT is
splitted as even the guys in CRYPT know
that X-RATED are LAME. the guys who is
responsible for the MAGIC NEWS is now a
member of CRYPT. they also decided to
clean CRYPT and kicked out some of their

the coders of BIONIX might soon join the
new group GALLON.

somehow X-RAY seems to be dead by now.
anyway, they never cracked anything else
than MAGCI DISK and GAME ON wares, so i
got no hard feelings that they are gone.

a while ago 2 members from RAGE joined
ALABAMA. actually RAGE splitted up now.
the best member, THE SENTINEL, joined
GENESIS AND FIRE EAGLE. the rest rebuilt

BAGDER of HORIZON and his brother formed
a legal music-company, called SKYLINE

BOCADERF left the YANKEES as he wants to
code a game, which will be released
under the AMOK label.

FUNTEX wrote in a scroll-text that SCRAP
of CONTEX is lame. their motto was:
'BE COOL - BE FUNTEX' maybe they should
change it into: 'BE COOL OR BE FUNTEX' !

the results of the HORIZON and EQUINOXE
demo-competition are:


News and Previews


17.6.1989 LAZER + WEIRD SCIENCE party
AUSTRIA   in st.poelten (close to wien)

23.6.-25.6.1989 ABNORMAL, HOAXERS, RAZOR
NORWAY          and NETWORK party
                in trondheim

HOLLAND   party in heerlen (near aachen)

the SHARKS+VISION meeting will probably
be held ever 1.saturday each month in
frankfurst/germany. so, the next meeting
will be on 3. june 1989
to get an invitation, write to:

PETER PARKER of GCF (one of his most
popular cracks was TO BE ON TOP) left
his group and joined PENTACLE very long
time ago. later he was a member of ROM
until he joined EXACT. finally he worked
built up his own little software-house,
far, is very bad, i think. a preview of
one of his games (ILLGEN PREVIEW)
reached my computer and i almost died of
shame... it was a rather primitiv
version of the old game STYX and it's
a very bad joystick-routine and STOLEN
background-graphics !! for example, the
space-craft on the first picture was
stolen from the title-screen of the
ancient game, called WARHAWK. the craft
was only mirrowed and some small details
were changed. so, just compare both
pictures and you will see ! LAME !!

SPHINX made a few very COOL utilities
for MAGIC DISK. actually they also
spreaded them as cracks so they might
get a bit trouble with MAGIC DISK.

EAGLE. FREDDY sold his computer and TNT
is mainly on amiga now. anyway, both are
now working for AMOK. by the way, we in
AMOK always look for good graphicans and
musicians to work on games. so, if you
want to earn a lot of money or want your
selfmade game to be sold for the highest
prices, then contact the AMOK MARKETING

a long time ago ILLEGAL wrote that 'cdu'
wanted to legalise the software-scene.
now the ASM wrote that the 'spd' think
about dropping tge software-laws.
great ! maybe someday even germany's
hackers and crackers will be free again.
as far as i know ONLY germany and france
have those hard software-laws in europe.

VIPER DESIGNS are coding a game!lately
so, there won't be any demos from them,
until the game is finished.

and X-AMPLE might do the music for them.




ever since people used the computer,
they acted in big waves... in the
beginning some people just cracked a
game for fun. later everyone started
putting his name in his cracks so every-
one could see how good he was. then some
people started doing some intros...
those intros became bigger and bigger.
soon the word 'logo' was invented.
rasters were coded, escos and fld...
dysp and dycp. a lot moved to the amiga
and the others stopped cracking as the
police was cleaning germany. so, many
people started coding demos or they just
decided to be legal forever and coded
a few games. some ex-cracking software-
houses like kingsoft, digital marketing
and digital developements were born.
usa was discovered as the amie groups
where no good at all exept to be used
as spreaders as their modems were ideal
for hot 1-day-old-games-trading. and of
course everyone started a war against
anyone else. no matter how idiotic the
reason was. finally the lamers are
filling their disks with re-ripped
music-rips and badly drawed logos as
they got nothing else to fill their
disks with and the big groups are
moving back to the old times. again they
do not try to have the fastest crack,
but the best 100% cracked, trained and
shortest version. so, they drop their
30-40 blocks intros and start coding
some 3-4 block intros again. great !
i like that !




    best overall illegal c-64 groups

01. pulsar.......................england
02. fairlight.....................sweden
03. genesis+fire eagle...germany+holland
04. ikari........................england
05. f4cg..................italiy+belgium
06. wot+zeb............germany+australia
07. zenith.......................england
08. sharks.......................-ermany
09. action.......................germany
10. channel 42...................denmark

           best german groups

01. genesis * project..............(95%)
02. warriors of time...............(90%)
03. sharks.........................(75%)
04. action.........................(70%)
05. 711............................(65%)
06. paramount......................(40%)
07. lazer..........................(38%)
08. array..........................(35%)
09. elite..........................(20%)
10. zenobits.......................(19%)

           best coding groups

01. quality......................hungary
02. masters designs group........germany
03. cool crew....................holland
04. level 99.....................germany
05. horizon.......................sweden
06. upfront..................... denamrk
07. the ruling company...........holland
08. contex...................... finland
09. babygang......................france
10. viper designs................germany





i hope these adresses might be of some
use for you ! good luck in finding new
friends and contacts in the scene !




SHINOBI is a very cool karate-game on
the arcade. and, i can't believe it,
the c-64 is NOT complete bullshit but a
very nice conversion. it has a few very
cool graphics (look at that woman's
face sticked to the walls) and a fast
scrolling. rating (c-64): 70%

TEST DRIVE 2 on the amiga is cool...
on the c-64 it isn't... slow moving,
you don't really feel any speed...
the driving-effect is a bit like OUTRUN,
so, forget it ! rating (c-64): 25%

SPEEDBALL is a great conversion of the
amiga-version. it's a 1 or 2 player
futuristic sports simulation with cool
animated graphics. (that fist breaking
the wall in the intro and those funny
smiling faces...) rating (c-64): 85%

HARD'N'HEAVY, giana sisters 2, has the
background-graphics from that very
technic KATAKIS-level... actually this
graphic can be found in ALL levels, so
it's god damned boring. the joystick
routine is the same as used in GIANA
SISTERS 1. i don't like this game...
the ra-ra-rating is 40%

funny. it's some kind of a mix from
tetris and gauntlet, know what i mean ?
anyway... it deserves some 65%

GRAND MONSTER SLAM is soooo cooool !!
again a great amiga-conversion. you
sometimes really seem to sit in front
of your amiga as the graphics were
very well transoprted to the c-64.
my rating for this is 86%

DYNAMIX, a new game from ash'n'dave's
new software-group DIGITAL DESIGN.
believe it or not, but they had a
new, yes a new idea for their game. so,
it's not a shoot'em up but a little
strategy-game. you gotta keep 2 small
platforms in balance by pushing balls
on them. difficult but funny ! also some
very cool graphics and again a noisy
standart-sound by MANIACS OF NOISE. 78%

TOM'N'JERRY  is not ,h7t good at all...
i don't know if that game i saw was a
real game better forget it fast...
very cool animated graphics but an
awfull sound and a very bad joystick
routine. fuck it ! rating (c-64): 48%




   - omg of amok
   + ole marius pettersen of prosonix

- how old are you ?
+ i was born the 23.october 1972
- when did you get your computer and
  what happened since then ?
+ my brother bought a computer when i
  was in the 6th degree. (i'm now in the
  first year of highschool) well, after
  a while my brother got tired of it and
  i was the only one using it. later i
  got to know lars hoff (SHADE) and
  after a while he discovered my little
  talents. he asked me to join our old
  group THE MEGA TEAM. that's how it
  started. actually we had some highly
  incompetent members, so we decided to
  quit that group and formed a new group
  called THE TROOPERS (TRP) that was in
  1987. so, me (DEVIL), SHADE and STONE
  were the TROOPERS and made a few demos
  until GENE, a former ACE member, asked
  us to join his new group, THE STARS.
  by the way, FIRCIN (ex-ACE) was with
  him, too. still being THE TROOPERS we
  made some demos (DESTINATION and BLUE
  TOUCH) after leaving THE STARS due to
  some disagreements we were still THE
  TROOPERS. and we still are...
- what exactly are you doing ?
+ i make music for our music-company,
  called PROSONIX and i do most of the
  graphics used in our demos. i also do
  a little swapping (but i used to be
  faster than i am nowadays !) when it
  comes to coding you can call me a...
  well... a failure...
- who tought you how to do those nice
  music and graphics ?
+ well, i am not sure... i found out my-
  self,, i think. watching other
  people's work and after a while
   developing my own style.
- what do you think about the c-64
  nowadays ?
+ hmm... i don't know... pretty fair i
  guess. only, i don't like people
  taking the honour for other people's
  work. i'm never thrilled about finding
  pieces of my graphical work in other
  people's logos etc. i can therefore
  understand dudes getting mad on
  RECKRACKERS ! we used to crack when we
  were in THE MEGA TEAM and often found
  recracks od our releases. if got us
  mad, and we even made a WAR DEMO...
  ...thinking about it now, i really
  don't care, but now when a lot of
  groups are real fast, it's very
  attempting to just bash on another
  loader on a fresh game and just send
  it to your contacts... a little bit
  lame group for instance. but i don't
  care about games anymore. they are so
  bad, so people can just recrack all
  they want for me... i don't like it
  though. another thing is all this shit
  about inventing new routines. i saw a
  demo from a group that claimed to have
  invented a new raster line style. the
  only difference i saw, was that they
  consisted of extremly ugly colours.
  that's stretching the limit if you ask
- what are your favourites ?
+ my favourite (normal) music is vixen,
  billy idol, gary moore, jean michel
  jarre and some more. i also like some
  'hit style' synth music like VISITORS
  by coto and popcorn. what i hate are
  those talentless mixes mixes like
  this pump-up-the-volume-shit. that's
  TOTALLY LAME ! some of my fave-movies
  are big, vice versa,high school girls
  (hehe, seen it ?!) and top gun. and,
  of course i like all those rambo,
  roxky and cobra movies ! the best tv-
  shows are airwolf, alf and some
  scandinavian show called DISKUTABELT.
  that means something like discussable.
  hummmh... my best freinds ?!
  TNT of genesis*project sure is a
  rather nice chap. he's got to be my
  best computer-friend. HENDY of dcs
  also is very nice and takes a second
  place. some other coolies are JERRY
  of triad, mr.METALLICA in the usa and
  some dudes from rawhead. KGB of level
  99 (now in zenith) and of course lars
  (shade) and stein (stone). i don't
  think i have any enemies, but there's
  some people not liking me, i guess...
  a lot of people might think i am
  arrogant as i never send their disks
  back. well... i hope you can under-
  stand that i can't afford to send
  disks back to unknown guys every day.
- why did THE STARTS split up even
  though there was a time when you were
  no.1 in europe ?! even ikari and all
  those other giants ranked you on place
  one !!
+ THE STARS split was caused by the fact
  that there was no cooperation between
  the ACE guys and us. when i heard from
  other people that GENE and FIRKIN was
  joining BROS (why the hell did they do
  that ?!?!?) it was the final drop. i
  was a bit irritaded on GENE cause he
  didn't send me any stuff when he said
  he was going to, do before GENE called
  me and said he had joined BROS we had
  already left the sinking ship.
- what job would you like to have when
  you are grown up ?
+ i'm noot sure... i hope to be a
  commercial drawer, but i don't know.
- what are your plans with PROSONIX ?
+ i hope we can get some big money out
  of it. we might do some musics for
  some software houses and their games.
- are you illegal besides your computer
  activities ?
+ illegal ? moi ?! well, i sometimes
  skip school eventhough my mum tells
  me not to... and i also write on the
  bus seats (hehe...) that's all.
  so, i'm a good guy, right ?
- do you have a girl-friend ?
+ i haven't got a girl at the moment...
  winter lacks good girls. but in the
  summer i'll get one ! it never fails !
- what do you think about the software-
  laws ?
+ software laws are ok. the only thing
  it that shouldn't sencure any games.
  everybody likes violence and sex...
  don't you ?! hehehe...
- what are your favourite games ?
  in normal life it of course is sex.
  on amiga (c-64 stinks !) i like
  ROCKET RANGER very much. my fave
  demo on c-64 is THAT'S THE WAY IT IS
  by SCOOP. great aural, visual and
  mental work by both, jeroen and
  charles... come to think of it...
  i was rather fond of NEMESIS THE
  and WIZBALL. the ninja games were my
- what's going on in the swedish scene ?
+ SWEEEEEDISH SCENE ?!?!?! what ?!?!?
  i'm a norwegian !! not one of those
  god damn swedes ! never callme a swede
  again !! how ever... if you mean the
  norwegian scene, i don't know...
  i'm not very informed right now,
  school takes too much time.
- thank you for this nice talk.
+ thank you aswell...

  next month we might interview STET of
the SHARKS. anyway, watch out and don't
 miss the next cool chat with a giang !

actually you reached the end again...
i'm afraid the memory is full and i have
to leave you now. anyway, we all hope
you liked this issue again and you'll
try to get the next one. but, please
spread this file like hell, just like
the other two issues. THANK YOU !
ok, next month there will of course be
some more chat and news about all your
heroes of the c-64. and again a new
chart-system. as you might already have
noticed we try to do a new charts-page
every issue. if you got some new ideas
how to improve this magazine, give us
a call, send us a letter or use your
jungle-drums. anyway... let us know !



REMEMBER: AMOK is not a cracker-group
          but a LEGAL team of coders,
          graphicans and musicians.
          we do not want to swap any
          kind of pirated software but
          some nice little demos or
          any other kind of artwork.
          BE COOL, BE LEGAL !

thanks for aditional help must go to:

buccaneer of wot/australia,xandoI,crypt,
ole marius pettersen of prosonix,crazy,
paramount,genesis+fire eagle,contex,
impulse,fbi crew,pieter winter and you !

please don't be angry that we can not
publish all your letters and information
but we just do not have enough time and
memory to print all those dozens of
papers we get every day. maybe this
magazine will be printed on paper soon.
or maybe we will expand our disk-mag
with some hires-graphics and some
multi-file text-banks. let's wait'n'see.

           see you later, dudes...

                  omg of AMOK

                THE END


              MAILBOX V2.0

-AMOK was in venlo on 20.05.1989
-yep freax ! here is SCRAP of CONTEX!
 wanna buy a logo? send 10dm+disk+stamps

D64 MD5: 583a10b7f441551eefba0f5cbf66da49

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