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                             < EDITORIAL >
R3L4X  M4G4Z1N3* SPRING 1998 edition (issue #24),
the  magazine  for the generation with an eye for the
FINER  details  in  the  CBM 64 scene, was brought to
you  by  PHUTURE  (Software  &  Marketing), your fa-
vourite disk-magazine releasing web publisher.

                       |... internal affairs ... |
Unbelievable   but   true!   Relax  Magazine  has  been
delayed! Infact it has been the first delay since March
1995  edition  and  to  be  honest,  compared  with the
huge  delays  the concurence is facing issue by issue
this minor twelve  days delay is not really worth to be
taken too serious.
This time everything went wrong what could have gone
wrong,     starting     in    the    northern    part    of
Gelsenkirchen with hardware failures of a corrupt 13
years old 1541 drive destroying the ONLY sources of
six  complete  chapters  which  had  to  be re-written
from  scratch, a power supply problem of our bureau
is  the  southern  part of Gelsenkirchen which turned
off  the  electricity  for  a  complete  weekend  as one
cable   has   been  cutted  while  installing  new,  much
faster  ISDN  wires  for faster and more comfortable
telecommunication  facilities.  Last  but not  least  the
center of Essen has been the location of the final act,
to   be   more   exact   the   computer  center  of  the
University of Essen. Here the server broke down and
thereby  went  offline, what meant nothing else but no
Internet  access was possible from May 09 to May 10,
1998.  The  last  date was supposed to be the release
date,  but  facing the intense flood of information that
reached  us  after  the  server  went  online again we
decided   to   insert   the   information   to   keep  the
magazine as uptodate as possible.
We   would   like  to  take  the  chance  and  send  our
regards  to  those editors who did contribute right in
time,  such  as Caledonian, Clarence, Derbyshire Ram,
Ned  and  Vip as well as Glenn Rune Gallefoss, Rayden
and   Valsary   who  have  contributed  with  selected
ingredients  to  spice  up  the  outfit. Many thanks for
your good job and your patience.

As  you  can see in the introduction text above there
has  happened  something  with  Phuture  (Software &
Marketing).  After  a  long time of hesitation we finally
decided  to  stop  working  on  any  own CBM 64 game
productions  in  the  future  and  decided  to rise our
activities in the web publishing area.
Next to the well known and rather appreciated "Relax
Online"   project   Phuture  has  re-newed  the  Alpha
Flight  1970  related  area  of Zapotek's official Alpha
Flight  1970  homepage.  This  new  area is called "The
Flight  Society"  and  is definately worth to be visited
once in a while as it contains lots of legal productions,
screenshots,  photos  and  information related to the
group.  A  perfect  example  for  true CBM 64 design,
clearly  showing  that  homepages  don't need to filled
up  with  huge  3D  animations  or  other elements not
really  reflecting  the design expectations of the CBM
64  scene  for  a  CBM  64 related homepage project.
Just check it out yourself.
At   Phuture's  office  further  orders  covering  the
non-scene  related  area  have been placed already.
Requests  from  scene  groups who are interested in
Phuture  realising  their  web  projects are welcome,
same   goes   for   information  about  free  webspace
providers and e-mail services.

It is no secret that the possible income made with CBM
64  games  can't  cover  the  costs  for  development
anymore,  therefore  the  motivation to spent endless
hours  behind  the  screen  just  to see any cracking
group   receiving   a   couple  of  points  is  infact  no
pleasant vision to follow. Indeed it is quite annoying to
see  certain  cracking  groups  to release unfinished
productions  just  to  earn  a  few points. Actions like
those  definately  decrease  the  motivation  for game
developers  to  invest sparetime and even money into
game    productions.    Many    already   stopped   the
development  already  and  it is quite uncertain if e.g.
Phuture  and  other  enthusiastic  game  authors  will
ever find the mood to provide finished versions of the
titles we/they were working on.

Wouldn't  it  be  more clever for crackers to wait with
the release until the production has been sold to any
company?  Then  both crackers and developers could
exist  in  such  a  kind  of  symbiosis  as  both parties
would  be  pleased and hit their aim, making money and
receiving points. It has never been clever to bite the
hand   feeding   you.   Once  the  cracking  scene  will
definately  discover  that  without  new games there's
no need for a cracking scene.

1998 has been the negative highlight for the cracking
scene  so  far.  The  scene  has  never faced such an
intense   number  of  re-releases  or  ripp-offs  in  a
short  period  like  seen  between February and May.
Starting  with the previous edition we have planned to
add   all   ambitious   releases   like   re-releases  or
ripp-offs   to   the   programm   disk,  in  our  eyes  a
promising       try       to     make     sure     that     no
misunderstandings   will   appear.   Unfortunately  the
opposite  happened  and it was totally misunderstood.
Please   read   the  chapters  "Cracking  Scene"  and
"Open Letter" to follow those discussions.

And  what happened in Relax Magazine staff? We have
recruited  a  new staff member taking care about the
parties  and conventions in the future, a person that
has  been reporting about parties for Relax Magazine
in  the  past as guest editor. This new editor is a part
of  a notorious and from the organisers feared party
posse,  a  man  who  definately  knows  how  to have a
good party. Please welcome NED in the circle of Relax
Magazine  editors,  the  man  for  parties  in  western
Active  and  motivated  persons who are interested in
joining   the   Relax   Magazine   staff,  preference  is
ofcourse  the  skill  to  edit  a  text  in fluent English,
interest  and  knowledge  in scene related topics, are
welcome  to  contact us by snail or e-mail for further

It  has  been  quite  pleasant to see certain personal
attacks   against   our  main  editor  and  against  the
entire  publication.  There  is  definately  no  need  to
explain  who  steered  those  actions as there are no
doubts  about those aggressors looking for attention
over  and  over again.  For  sure it is more senseless
trying  to explain those persons that putting more oil
in  the flames is surely not the best solution trying to
blot out a fire.
Relax  Magazine  has  tolerated  it by far too long and
finally   reacted   to   all   those   rather  unintelligent
insults  in  the  past  few editions and we surely agree
that  the  space could have been used more ingenious
but   that's   the   way  life  goes,  actions  in  form  of
manipulation  is  asking  for  reactions  to name those
affairs based on personal motivation to highligten the
own   efforts.  Ofcourse  we  understand  that  those
individuals   have  now  problems  with  the  fact  that
someone  has  the  guts  to  say stop, explaining them
that    the    road    of    excess,   exaggeration   and
manipulation is definately a oneway road.
We have been told that we take the scene too serious
when  we  believe  in  honesty  and  reliablity and that
those  people  have  a  lot  of  fun in the scene, which
means   infact   manipulation   and   making   belief   in
information. Our quest is to present the scene AS-IS
instead  of  making  belief  of  non-existing  reality,  a
scenario  which  does  not  reflect  today's scene life
but  the  wishes  or dreams of certain persons trying
to make themselves immortal.

While    we    are    providing   the   scene   unplugged
information  and  all  facts  we  can take care off, and
this   statement   is   definately   NOT   based   on   an
over-sized  ego,  we  know  those persons have their
fun   coming   up   with   personal   offences  only.  We
strongly believe in the fact that OUR  readers prefer
to  receive reliable information instead of manipulated
entertainment so we are quite sure to do the scene a
big  favour with the steady release of our publication,
both  as  CBM  64  binary  and  in  HTML format in the
WWW.  Some  people  dare  to define this as boring, we
will  proudly accept to be boring, as it seems to stand
for  honesty and reliability what are important values
for all staff members of Relax Magazine, values which
should be the very first choice for the reader, too.

Seeing    many    competitors    copying   conceptions,
contents,  services  and  ideas  from  Relax Magazine
without  turning  red or atleast giving proper credits
we think we can't be too wrong with our intention how
to  publish  a  magazine  people can trust in and care
about, can we?

After  this  little  introduction  let's  turn to the more
detailed product information.

  | ... Votesheet Spreaders and News suppliers ... |
The  votesheets  have been spread by DR. SOFT, RA-
COON  and  ZAPOTEK  this  time. The digital votesheet
has  been  spread  using Padua's mailing list. Further
votes  have  been submitted using the online voter at
Relax Online.

The   NEWS   have  been  supplied  and  confirmed  by
Anonym,  Burglar,  Caisson, Didi, Duke, Goat, Groepaz,
Jazzcat, Midfit, Newscopy, Sebaloz, Sentinel, The Fal-
con,  Zeldin  and  many  more.  Many  thanks for your

             This edition's content looks like this:
GLOBAL  REPORT  will  introduce, as usual, the latest
happenings  taking place from February to May 1998.
an  overview  about  the releases made in the passed
three  months  and  ofcourse  the  entire  year.  THE
BEST is comparing the cracks made by various crews
in  both  mail  and  first  releases.  MAIL  CHARTS and
MEGA CHARTS show the tendences of the voters ele-
ting  their favourites using our votesheets and in the
mega  charts the top tens to be found in other maga-
zines. CRACKING SCENE are some thoughts about the
current situation in the cracking scene. The NETGUI-
DE  submits material found in the Internet and can be
useful  for  any  stunts  planned with your surfboard
called  browser.  In  the  INTERVIEW  section we have
met  a  man  of  a  group  being  known  for the slogan
"more than just a tree". It's nobody else but THE HU-
MAN AUTOFIRE who did the question and answer game
with  us.  DEMO  SCENE  and DEMO REVIEWS presents
information  and  reviews  about  and around current
demo  scene  releases  while  PARTY RADAR is dealing
with  using  tour  tips, reports and results of parties
still  allowing the CBM 64 and support CBM 64 compe-
titions. OPEN LETTER presents the opinions of people
regarding  Relax  Magazine and/or other scene rela-
ted a ffairs.  Finally the ADVERTISMENTS will give you
the opportunity to look out for new contacts or what-
ever else.

Again  quite  much useful information for your perso-
nal satisfaction.

          • Credits for our SPRING 1998 edition •


Title                      Author
"Zaka Zazam"        Glenn R. Gallefoss/Shape^FairLight
"Olledunk"          Glenn R. Gallefoss/Shape^FairLight

      • How to contact the Relax Magazine staff? •
Snail mail:         XXXX XXXXXXXXX
--------         XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX
                        XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Internet:           relax
-------             relax

        • Where to download the Relax Magazine? •

                 • RELAX (MAGAZINE) ONLINE •
RELAX ONLINE     ˜zapotek
RELAX STAFF                relax


          • The Relax Magazine staff consists of •


                 • Authorized Mail Distribution •
         DR. SOFT/ALBION

                            • DISCLAIMER •
RELAX  MAGAZINE  does  not  take  any warranty for
text  sources  supplied  by freelancers or guest edi-
tors.  Articles,  reports  or any other submitted text
sources  must  NEITHER  represent the opinions NOR
reflect the suspension of the Relax Magazine staff.

                   • COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER •
-. The  binary CBM 64 version of the Relax Magazine
/0  is FREEWARE and may be spread FREELY around
the  world  as long as either the Relax archive or the
unpacked  production  itself  is  getting spread AS-IS
without any modifications.
This  production  must NOT be sold in any form to gain
profit  or  added  to  public domain libraries without a
written permission from the copyright holder.
Any  form of distribution on CD-Roms, IOMEGA-ZIP or
YAZ (and compatible) disks is STRICTLY forbidden!

Any parts of the binary and the HTML version, may it
be  articles,  graphics  or  musics,  may  NOT  be used
without a written permission from the authors.

Best regards on behalf of the entire staff,


                       < R3L4X M4G4Z1N3* >
                PAST TO PRESENT, 1989 - 1998

                               May 13, 1998

Global Report

                         < GLOBAL REPORT >
Facts,  facts,  facts,  ... Welcome to THE news journal
you  can  care  about  because WE do care about the

The seek for proven information has found its end as
you have finally found your favourite and most RELI-
ABLE HOST around  the globe in this lonely universe.
Fantasy  stories,  expections  or  own opinions about
the  latest  happenings  in  the  world we use to live in
can be found in several wrong places, this is the pla-
ce   for   getting   PURE   information,  prepared  and
collected  and  proven  by EXPERIENCED and QUALI-
FIED  reporters,  always hunting for the latest in the
CBM 64 scene, the place we still use to life in.

                      < ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 >
Compared  with  the  previous years it was rather si-
lent  around  the  German  based cracking group. The
flight  only  came into the headlines with their boards
which went offline and Rayden who once again won a-
nother graphic competition of a major party.

THE  HERETIC  decided  to  leave  for his comrades in
the American demo group RPG to work as graphic ar-
tist  what  seems  to  be  his  major  goal of his future
scene  activities.  Furthermore  SKID ROW decided to
leave the flight once again. Destination unknown.
VIOLATOR,  who  could  built  up  a good reputation as
mail  trader  in the past two years, decided to reduce
his total number of contacts down to 40. Currently it
looks  like  this that he will increase his activity in the
organisation  of the group when he finally got regular
Internet access.

At  the  modem  front  both  THE  ESCAPADE  and THE
EVIL  ISLAND went down. The Escapade had to be ta-
ken  down  as  the  CMD harddisk crashed and XENOX
did  not intend to continue it using multiple floppy dri-
ves  to  keep  it up and running. Meanwhile the HD has
been  fixed again but due to the disappointing amount
of  callers  he is still looking for a solution. He is con-
sidering  about  sending  e-mail to the regular callers
and  requesting  if  the board should be brought back
or not.
THE EVIL ISLAND is fortunately temporary down only.
ANCIENT  MARINER  has moved his complete computer
equipment  to  a  different location in his house and is
currently waiting for the phone company to re-install
the  wires  to  go  online back. Any suspects that A.M.
did once again forgot to pay his phone bill are there-
by wrong.
A  perfect example reflecting the situation of the so-
called  friendship  scene is for sure another incident
around  TEI. A person managed it to get a connection
with a so-called "CONNECT CALL" via the US company
"SPRINT",  what means that the ringed up person has
to agree to take over the costs what is ofcourse im-
possible  as a board can't do it at all. Ancient Mariner
received  an  invoice  and  the  call  was  billed at USD
80,--.  Oh,  what is it a cheerful and harmonic friend-
ship scene where all people just want to have fun - at
the costs of other people. Today's true scene spirit!

Last  but  not  least  MARC  decided  to leave the PSX
section  of Hitmen as he couldn't see any sense in the
membership anymore.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 22):
Ancient    Mariner,   Archangel,   Argos,   Caledonian,
Chotaire,  Chrysagon,  Danzig,  Derbyshire Ram, Eco,
Goldhand,   Ignorance,  Lynchbit,  Mad  Hatter,  Marc,
Ned, Rayden, Shuze, Styx, Violator, Wizard, Xenox and
and Zapotek

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE EVIL ISLAND (down)              ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
ANTIDOTE                            ++XX/XXX-XXXXX
WWW         ˜u952487

                            < CHROMANCE >
As  usual  it  was  quite  silent  around Hungarian's #1
cracking  group,  except  for  the  discussions about
Chromance's  re-release "Jumpin' Cubes" it has been
business as usual.

EDDIE,  former  member  of  the dead motivated ones,
joined  both  Pentagram  Productions  and Chromance
and  remained  after Pentagram's sudden death in the
Hungarian  based  group.  He  is supposed to work as
fixer, programmer, cracker and modem trader.

SPERMBIRD,  the  former German top mail trader, has
left for the German cracking surprise from Laxity.

VIRTUAL  LIGHT, the Swedish European headquarter
operated  by Joyride, is back online under the known
number after having been offline for quite a while.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 20):
Deviant,  Eddie,  Garth,  Jaydee,  Jinx,  Joyride, Lion,
Macx,  Mr.  Wax, Pete, Rough, Scratcher, Skud, Stash,
Syco, Zakk and Zar

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
BASS PLANET                   ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
VIRTUAL LIGHT                 ++XX/XXX-XXXXX

                               < EXCESS >
After a quite promising start into 1998 things became
more  silent  around  Excess  again. Nevertheless the
group  can't  be  said to be inactive as they could ma-
nage  to  finish  a  brandnew edition of their magazine
"Nitro" recently.

The  German  group  did  sign up two members to sup-
port  the  mail  distribution.  GHOST/ex-Disorder  has
been  taken  in  as  trial  member  and the second new
member is THE PRO, former member of TUM.

FANTASTIC  ZOOL  decided to re-join TUM and SMASH
DESIGNS  as  triple  member. Especially rejoining TUM
was  hardly  liked  by the Excess management so they
decided  to  kick  him out after his three months trial
membership. ECSIC, East German graphic artist, pre-
fered  to become a Dytec member to he left remaining
in the graphics label Acs0re as double member.

Current Excess memberstatus looks like (= 13):
Black Duke, Cat, Creb, Eco, Ghost, H-Bloxx, Red Rock,
RHX,  Sentinel,  Skeletor,  Spinball,  Stormfront,  Sush
and The Pro.

Excess worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                             < FAIRLIGHT >
FairLight  has  celebrated  the  eleventh  birthday on
April  17, 1998, but is facing harsh critism for the ac-
tivity  in  the  illegal  part  of  the scene, the cracking
scene.  Nevertheless  there  are  two chances left to
honour  the  name  FairLight,  the promising magazine
"Scene+"  and  the  demo section consisting of names
which  could  be  in  the position to present some re-
markable titles.

FairLight  has got a few new members with the rather
good  Norwegian  composer GLENN RUNE GALLEFOSS
(SHARK)  who  joined  in  as  double  member together
with another Norwegian viking called GLENN, too, for-
merly  known  as programmer for the demo group Im-
pulse.  Shark  is now a member of both groups, Shape
and  FairLight.  He  will serve as editor for Scene+ in
the area audial critic where he replaces AMJ who got
busted for running an illegal warez site at his school.
Last  but  not  least BOB/NOSTALGIA joined to serve
as  cracker,  too,  operating under the handle PARA-
NOID.  He  will  be  installed  in  the  Scene+  staff and
maintaining an UK based homepage for FairLight.
It  was already rumoured many months ago and now it
became  public.  SKINHEAD, former member of groups
like  Alpha  Flight 1970, Avantgarde, F4CG and Hyste-
rics  just to name a few, decided to offer his services
as  cracker as well as magazine editor to celebrate a
re-union  with  his  former  comrades  from The Pulse

More  impressive  is the list of all pesons who decided
to leave FairLight for any reason however. The show
begun  with  SUN  DANCER who saw the scene as dead
and  quit  all  CBM  64  based activities, containing his
service for Scene+. Later on the German section with
GOAT,  L.A.  STYLE  and  THE  MENDRAKE  left for the
Laxity,  followed  by  MINDFLOW  a  few days later, so
both  The  Dragon's Tower and The Hidden aren't FLT
boards  any  longer. The unexpected leaving of those
members  has caused a few remarkable arguments on
the (web) boards and mailing lists.
Next  in  the list was the known Swedish music compo-
ser  RED  DEVIL. After being inactive for many years
he  now  came to the conclusion that his current sta-
tus  is inacceptable and offered his place in the mem-
berstatus  for  a  more  active member. Finally CLIVE
decided  to concentrate on his real life activities and
dropped  all  his  scene activities. That all those mem-
bers  have  left  in  the  period  when the old Swedish
group  was  laying under heavy fire from the several
opponents may be a unfortunate random coincidence.

ENDURO  has  been  added  to  the  active memberlist
again with the desire to set up a web based board for
the group. Later on this information has been revised
a  few  days later and Enduro will be added to the ac-
tive line-up only when the board is up and running.

Current FairLight memberstatus looks like (= 13):
Crossfire, Druid, Duke, Glenn, Harlekin, Oswald, Para-
noid,   Rowdy,   Sledge,  Shark,  Skinhead,  Vodka  and

FairLight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

              < FANTASTIC 4 CRACKING GROUP >
F4CG has an explicit public relations machine working
to  represent their interests. One can only hope that
once the group will be as active and effectice in pro-
viding  quality  software  as  in  creating  their public
relations   strategies   in  form  of  their  information
sheets which always provide a stunning content.

Once  again  SIXX  is  said  to have returned to F4CG
and  the  scene. His disposals and arrivals have been
explained  with  continious  hassles  with  the Swedish

Just continuing the in and out game or finally out for
good?  After another dispute FUNGUS decided to lea-
ve  both  the  fantastics and Carcass to remain in the
oldie  label  "Cyberpunx".  According to the F4CG re-
presentatives  he has already rejoined again, but for
how long?

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 21):
Bitman, BA, Despair, Devil, Fungus, Goz, Gypsi, Motley,
Mr.  Alpha,  Neotec,  Newscopy,  Playboy, Sixx, Sliver,
Smasher,  Sneaper,  Solar, Stasi, Total Chaos, Walker
and Zyron

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
WWW  ˜motley/propa.htm

                                < HITMEN >
The hitmen have surprised the scene with a couple of
legal   demo   releases   and   is  taking  the  cracking
charts  by  storm,  a  phenomenon  nobody  can really
explain  as  there  are  by  far  more active cracking
groups around.

JB,  graphic artist of Tempest and No Name, enlarged
the  legal  orientated part of the group to serve with
graphics for further productions.

BURN  and  SEVEN, both members of the ancient game
label  Digital  Excess, have left group as their expec-
tations  in both scene and group couldn't be fullfilled.
Quite  a  while  later with RAZE another oldtimer deci-
ded to leave the group, too.

With  THE MYSTICAL PARADISE probably the last old-
school  resort  in Germany went down, in recent times
serving  as  Euro  headquarter  for  Hitmen  and  the
Dutch cooperation of SCS & TRC. Peacemaker explai-
ned  that  the  HD  crashed  and  the  board  won't be
brought  online  again. Another great board bites the
Furthermore  The  Dungeon  went  down,  too. Please
read more about in the Success & The Ruling Compa-
ny report.

VORTEX  got  busted,  but not for his illegal computer
activities  in first case. The German police decided to
search  for  drugs in his car and found some compu-
ter  CDs,  too.  Bad luck. Due to this raid the internal
Hitmen  mailing  list went down as the police visited his
house,  too,  and  deported  his  equipment  and found
certain addresses.

TRANZIIE,  also  known  as Trazan, has joined DCS as
double  member  in  order to serve as bar tender in-
stead  of  seriously  working on certain productions.
This membership ofcourse doesn't touch his member-
ship in Hitmen CBM 64/PSX.

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 26):
Alchemist,  Chaotic, Cupid, Curlin, Deff, Diverse, Erol,
Groepaz,  Hi-Lite,  JB,  Jinx,  Kristian Rostoen, Luke,
Magic Man, Motion, Peacemaker, Racoon, Rammy, Sabo-
tage, Skud, Sledge, Stan, Tranziie, Tyron, Vortex and

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
WWW        ˜hitmen

                                < LAXITY >
While  most  other  groups  decided to slow down their
activities  due  to the lack of reasonable originals the
squad  in  Laxity  seems  to  be  more  motivated than
ever  before.  The  German  based  group  could even
sign  up  a  few members who are now running boards
and headquarters exclusively for them.

The  intense recruitment of members started with the
Dutch   TROOP,   who  returned  to  the  scene  a  few
months  ago,  left Role to seek his luck here and to be
re-united  with  some  his  comrades.  GOTHIC, former
member  of  Disorder,  teamed  up  to serve as modem
trader.  RAVER,  a  Latvian  scener  who used to be a
member  of  the  CBM  64  scenewise  rather unknown
crew   Phantasy,   enlarged  the  group  and  brought
along  his  FTP-site  "ACID  NATURE"  which was once
tested by Alpha Flight 1970 but dropped due to speed
limitations. Meanwhile this problem seems to have been
fixed and provides quite moderate access rates.
The next crowd of new members have caused trouble
with  FairLight  and decimated FairLight's illegal sec-
tion  dramatically.  The first one who ended his double
membership  there  was  GOAT  who decided to stay in
Laxity only, operating here as co-leader in the futu-
re.  Later  on  MENDRAKE,  along with "THE DRAGON'S
TOWER",   L.A.  STYLE,  along  with "THE HIDDEN", and
the   Swedish  mail  trader  MINDFLOW  followed  their
comrade to find a more attractive operation base.
Then  the  old  German  mail  trader  SPERMBIRD, who
used  the be more or less active in Chromance, left to
get  active  for  this group, too. He moved back to his
parents  so  his  old  address is valid again. Last but
not  least  the  graphic artist BLEZE joined at the MS
98. He uses to be active in Willow and TUM, too.

To keep the balance right HOLDEN got kicked out.

Current Laxity memberstatus looks like (= 17):
Animalo,  Bleze, Dan Dee, Didi, Goat, Goat, Gothic, KBS,
L.A.  Style,  Manik, Mendrake, Mindflow, Nic, O'Dog, Ra-
ver, Skyhawk, Spermbird and Troop

Laxity worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
The Dragon's Tower           ++XX/XXX-XXXXXXX
The Hidden                   ++XX/XXXX-XXXX

                             < ONSLAUGHT >
When  Onslaught  was  out  of  calling  cards and they
could  be  hardly  found  on  the  boards the strategy
has  been  changed  to  concentrate  on the legal as-
pect of the scene. Now as some members can be found
again  on  the boards again, will that strategy change
according  to  the  new situation? Some people dared
to define Onslaught as the first legal cracking group
in scene history.

MADHEAD, former member of Ascraeus and Megaunit,
has  left  Megaunit  to team up as double member, with
the  duty  to work as graphic artist, programmer and
mail trader. LEMING, who used to be a member of Fa-
tum and Nipson, left Fatum to be a mail trading double
member in the Australian based group.
BIZARRE  returned  from  Canada  and  to  the active
status  of  Onslaught,  caring  about  the activities of
the  cracking  section  and  perhaps  even co-editing
Vandalism News again, too.
The  magazine  "Arachnophobia"  and  the  group Role
reported about GOP having left for Role, both on CBM
64  and  PC.  This is a half-truth. Gop only joined Role
on PC what he assured personally to Relax Magazine.

CARLOS  has  left  the group Onslaught last year due
to a lack of support for this projects. Certain people
who dared to inform the scene about it have been de-
famed  to  be dubious characters, nevertheless it can
not  change  the  reality.  He  is a member of Cascade
and  contributed  to  their  recent  releases  so that
there  should  not  be  any  doubts  left. Furthermore
RAMIREZ  and SHOCKER decided to leave for Legend,
but their memberships there didn't last too long. Their
currrent  fate  is  unknown  and  speculations may be
found elsewhere.
Both  B-WYZE  and  MC  BYTE were removed from the
group because of inactivity.
MOSES, sysop of "Sanitarium", got moved to the inac-
tive list as his board went offline and Onslaught is not
in the position to contact him in another way.

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 20):
Bizarre,  Cubehead,  Deekay, Donar, Doom, Gop, Gra-
fee,  Jazzcat,  Jolz,  Leming,  Madhead,  Maniac, Meff,
Morbid,  Naphalm,  Regi  Keyz, Sting, TBH, Trouble and

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DEADZONE                      ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

Please continue reading in Global Report II.

Best regards,


Global Report II

                       < GLOBAL REPORT II >
Facts,  facts,  facts...  The  news coverage continues
starting with the remaining illegal orientated groups.

There is definately no further long introduction part
necessary, so let's continue the flood of information.

                  < PENTAGRAM PRODUCTIONS >
Pentagram  has  kept  the scene busy and the people
talking  about  this group. Not because the (low) qua-
lity  of their productions but because of the hot tem-
per  and  many  unqualified  remarks  of  the  leading
profile.  Together  with  the failed try to contribute in
the first release competition that have been the rea-
sons  for the group almost as fast disappearing as it

The  beginning of the end has been business as usual
by  adding more and more members to the group, just
as  EDDIE  who  teamed up as double member in Chro-
mance,  too,  SKYCLAD  who  joined  Legend as double
member  using  this  illegal  handle Moloch and further
double  members  just  as  AXON/Fatum, SPLASH/Re-
source and BIMBER/Arise. Furthermore MORPHFROG
joined in as modem trader.

MR. MISTER got kicked out for the second time during
his membership. SKYCLAD left for the Turkish compe-
titors  in Ascraeus while ALEX renamed into JUSTIN-
YEN  just  to  leave  the  scene some days later. He is
supposed  the  operate  under  his former handle EN-
DOPLASMIC  in  the  re-built  Bronx.  RENEGADE   did
leave for Oxygen. THE FALCON explained to have left
the  scene  but can be still regulary found on the web
boards. DOOMED found a new home in Padua.

There's  nothing  left  to  report about the fate of the
others  members  as  they  were  double members and
that  won't  mostly  likely chance their status in gene-

Current Pentagram memberstatus looks like (= ./.):

Pentagram worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

Like  most  other  cracking groups the Dutch coope-
ration  wasn't that active concerning the first relea-
se  business.  However, the group has been busy or-
ganising  the  X'98  (have a look into Party Radar), a
true party just for the CBM 64 community.

Regarding  their  demo project the Polish graphic ar-
tist TALBOT joined in as double member while a known
face   returned  to  become  active  again.  It's  LORD
CRUCIFIER  who  decided  the  time for scene related
activities has come again.

Sad news have hit the cooperation regarding the be-
loved  boards.  At  first  the  European  headquarter
THE  MYSTICAL  PARADIZE,  shared with Hitmen, went
down  due  to a HD crash. Then the nature showed its
intense  power. THE DUNGEON got struck by a lighte-
ning  which  fried  C-Base. Actually Alchemist does not
have  the  time  to fix this problem so the board won't
go  online  in  the  near future again. It is said that it
might  go  online  again when Alchemist is supposed to
move to a new location later on this year.
Their  mail trader SPLATTERHEAD joined the oldie la-
bel "Cyberpunx" as double member.

Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like (= 25):
!Cube,  Action  Jackson,  Alchemist, Allitaice, Bacillus,
Burglar, CBA, Coolhand, Count Zero, Credo, El Bandi-,
tos,  Funxilla, Gazza, Lord Crucifier, L'Trimm, Micron,
Moren,   Mr.   Ammo,  Nightshade,  Replay,  Spectator,
Splatterhead, Talbot, Trax and Tristan

SCS&TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

Now to the more legal groups.

                             < ASCRAEUS >
The  Turkish  based  groups  managed it to present a
quite  attractive  mail  magazine  to the public. Next to
that production it seems that Ascraeus is interested
in getting active on the demo market, too.

MOLOCH  joined  in  from  Pentagram  using  his legal
handle SKYCLAD and joining LEGEND under MOLOCH.
Meanwhile  he  already  left  Legend  for  Arcane. Too
avoid  the situation of having two Moloch's in just one
group  the Turkish based Moloch renamed into CAIS-
SON  but  due  to  the  fact  that the American Moloch
joined in as Skyclad there's now NO Moloch remaining
in the group.
LUKE/The  Obsessed  Maniacs teamed up to serve as
programmer  in  form of a double memberships, aswell
as  DOW JONES/Plush who left some time later due to
problems  in  Plush.  The Internet is getting more and
and  more  important  for Ascraeus, too, so two mem-
bers  have  been recruited to serve in that area. The
first  one  is a person called UFO and supposed to be
a  net  maintainer,  whatever this job may include. The
second one is a guy called JES who is supposed to be
a  web designer. Finally Dario decided to start a come
back and renamed in FNORF. Furthermore they gained
a  music  composer called ABADDON, double member in
Panic, out of the ruines of Pentagram.

Ramirez  decided  to rename into CODY again, not only
regarding  the  fact  that there is another Ramirez in
the scene.
CAISSON has left his second group Crescent Inc. af-
ter  some  problems  occured  while  MADHEAD  joined
Onslaught  as  double member serving as programmer
and graphic artist in first case.

Current Ascraeus memberstatus looks like (= 16):
Abaddon,  Aegis,  Brizz,  Caisson,  Cody,  Fnorf,  Jes,
Ksin,  Luke,  Madhead,  Naphalm, Razor Ramon, Skate,
Skyclad, Solomon and Ufo

Ascraeus worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                              < CASCADE >
After operating for a long time on a more silent basis
only  Cascade finally provided two demo releases and
further productions might hit the scene, too.

As  just  made  public recently CARLOS has left Ons-
laught  for  Cascade  LAST year! Just curious taking
in  mind  that Onslaught set him on the inactive status
a couple of weeks ago. Aswell quite a while ago JUDY,
former member of Trinomic, joined in, too.

Cascade  has  unspecified  plans  to release a golden
version  of  "Colonial  Trader",  the  sequal  "Colonial
Trader II" and the long awaited "Starblast". If those
games  will  ever  see  the daylight is still not decided

Cascade memberstatus looks like (= 05):
Carlos, Judy, Mr. Lee, Ray and Zeldin

Cascade worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                < COSINE >
Demo groups are rare on the island where people use
e  to  drive  on the wrong side in the streets. Groups
that are capable to produce stylish productions over
there  are even more rare. Cosine is one of them, for
quite a while already.

The  group  located  in the United Kingdom has signed
up  three  new  members with THE ORB (programmer),
SIMES (graphic artist) and TONKA (music composer).
Multiple  productions,  such  as games and demos are
currently  under  production such as "Cyberwing", a
vertical  scrolling shoot'em up and "Bandwidth" which
is supposed to become a megademo with contributions
from ALL Cosine members.

Current Cosine memberstatus looks like (= 07):
Centaur, Kenz, Odie, Simes, Skywave, TMR and The Orb

                              < LEPSI DE >
Next  to  Samar  Lepsi  De was one of the most active
and  much  talked about Polish demo groups. Unfortu-
nately  this  might  change  as the keymembers will all
face their final exams this year, and we all know that
stress in real life decreases the creativity and acti-
vity level scenewise.

While  KATON  has left his groups Miracles and Scorn
to renaim in Lepsi only all LEGO, LYNCHBIT and ZATT
have  been moved to the inactive status. S.U.C.K./ex-
Error  2000  have  been  removed from the member-
status and joined Sataki later on.

Current Lepsi De memberstatus looks like (= 16):
Bax, Blender, Gawain, Gregfeel, Katon, Leo, Levi, Mad-
rom,  Nazgul,  Nemo,  Racoon,  Sebaloz, Valsary, Viola-
tor, Wacek and Zielok

                                < PADUA >
Awaken  from  the  sleeping  ones?  Padua has shown
certain  lifesigns this spring. Next to three titles re-
leased  at  MS  1988  a lot of members have been re-
cruited,  screwing  up  the  expectations  for further
productions in a not too far distant.

Padua  has recruited a fleet of programmers, a pro-
mising  situation  when all get active and release some
routines. At first ICEBALL/ex-Motiv 8 joined in along
with his mailing list. Later on Dano/ex-Atlantis, Rebels
and  editor  of  Newspress,  signed  up, too, as well as
FLARE/ex-No  Name  who joined at the MS 1998. Last
not  least  DOOMED/ex-Pentagram completed the new

Current Padua memberstatus looks like (= 12):
Anonym,  ClassyK, Cupid, Dano, Doomed, Flare, Hoogo,
Iceball, Jadawin, Leonardo, Pommac and RayTracer

Padua worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                < SAMAR >
Samar  has  won  the competitions of most Polish par-
ties  on  default  and it seems that it might continue in
1998, too, in case they release something at the par-
ties. The future is looking quite promising for them.

With  Stinger's  sister KHEELA a new girl entered the
scene.  She will serve as graphic artist and her gra-
phics  are  supposed  to  be  released in soon coming

ARISTO,  NECK  and  SCATEE  have left the group be-
hind  while  NYLU  decided to decrease his activity le-

Current Samar memberstatus looks like (= 23):
ALG,  Bishop,  Butt-Man,  Centrax,  Daf, Dune, Falcor,
Glover,  Gold  Hand,  Isildur, Kheela, Kordiaukis, Levi,
Maverick, Mr. Fiz, Nylu, Ramos, RTML, Scarlet, Stinger
Timix, TTL and Valsary

Samar worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                < SHAPE >
Long  time  it  was  rather  silent around this ancient
Norwegian  demo  group. From time to time a few pro-
ductions  have been presented, mainly from the music
label  "Bluez Muz" which is not dead as some thought.
The members got only rid of the name and are looking
for a neat replacement.

Shape  is planning to get more active and recruited a
few members to realise future productions. NUCLEUS
joined  in  as  triple member to serve as programmer,
remaining  both  Tempest  and  WOW. Furthermore the
Polish  graphic  artist  SLIVER has teamed up, remai-
ning in F4CG as double member, too. With KMEG/Albion
another programmer joined in as double member and
the Hungarian GCS rounded out the quartet.

GLENN  RUNE GALLEFOSS joined FairLight as double
member  with  the intention to compose and to enlarge
the Scene+ staff.

Shape  is  currently planning a cooperation demo with
another  oldtimer  group, Offence. Let's hope that the
result  will hold the promises made by the reputations
of both teams. For sure it will.

Current Shape memberstatus looks like (= 13):
Andreas  W.  Andersen,  Hans  P.  Andersen,  Rolf  R.
Bakke,  GCS,  Glenn  R.  Gallefoss,  Morten  Johansen,
KMEG,    Sveinung    Pedersen,    Dejan   Petronijevic,
Kristian  R0st0en,  Sliver,  Eivind  Sommersten,   Geir
Tjelta and Richard Velta

Shape worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                  < WOW >
In  WOW  there's  a  steady  coming  and going without
seeing a real progress or movement. Scoffers say if
one  is  groupless  on  IRC  one  will  sooner or later
end up in the Belgian based group.

Vip/Role  got  recruited as double member to get ac-
tive  as graphic artist and music composer while XIII
joined as magazine editor for Internal.

SASH  and  BUNDY  were moved to the inactive status
JLD were erased from the memberstatus.

Current WOW memberstatus looks like (= 23):
4D  Man,  Alien, ALiH, Bud, Dancer, DST, Einstein, Ice-
man,  L!ol!o,  Lax,  Lybis,  Misfit,  Natas, Nucleus, PFK,
Raven, Sorex, Vip, Warlock, Wax, WEC, WHW and XIII

WOW worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                  • SINGLE NEWS & RUMOURS •
• ALBION is the first CBM 64 group maintaining a FTP
   site in Poland. It's called SEVEN BYTES.
   EXPLORER has left Agony Design to work for Albion
   in  the  future while KMEG joined the Norwegian old-
   stars in Shape as double member.

   Current Albion memberstatus looks like (= 20):
   Agoth,  Cosmo, Crimson, Dr. Soft, Eclipse, Explorer,
   Hawk,  Yetan,  Kerk,  Kmeg, Kotas, Lucky, Magic, Ol-
   sen,  Quamus,  Questor,  Stilgar,  Unlock, Wacek and

   Albion worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

• CAUTION  is  back  in  business.  The graphic artist
   CHASH,  the composer SIGNOR and the programmer
   SHELL have left Fraction to rebuilt the group. Both
   the   mail   trader  BLACK  LIGHT  and  programmer
   WEDLOCK have left Kreciki for Caution.

• DYTEC  has got a new member called ECSIC who left
   Excess to join in as double member remaining in his
   graphics label Acs0re.
   After  a few weeks in Remember DODGER decided to
   leave the oldie label again.
   Dytec's  new  headquarter THE INCURABLE ADDIC-
   TION  (do  not mix it up with The Addiction) is not up

• MARTENS  of  FRACTION  decided  to leave all his o-
   ther  groups  to  remain  in Fraction only while CU-
   CUMBER  joined  Kreciki  as  double member to work
   as graphic artist. VAMPIRE has left his third group
   CHASH,  SHELL  and SIGNOR left Fraction for Cau-

• LEGEND was facing one of their darkest periods in
   their existance. Next to the problems with the failed
   release   comeback  the  new  gained  members  left
   MOLOCH,  who  has  become  a  member  for  a  quite
   short period only, decided to leave for the old crew
   ARCANE.  RAMIREZ  and  SHOCKER,  who  came from
   Onslaught,  are  said  to  have  followed him but this
   hasn't been confirmed yet.
   MIDFIT left the group, too, actually with no intention
   to  team up with another crew. He plans to continue
   his work for Propaganda groupless.

• RENEGADE/ex-Pentagram  joined  OXYGEN  as mail
   trader  while  SHAKE/Expect joined as double mem-
   ber and programmer.
   RAFFI  has  left  the  group  behind  while JACKOBE
   joined Skylight to serve them as programmer

• S.U.C.K./ex-Lepsi   De   joined   SATAKI   as   music
   composer  while  a  girl  called  LISSA teamed up as
   paper graphic artist.
   PROVOKATOR left his second group Biedronki.

• LOTUS  returned  to the scene and rebuilt the for-
   mer  demo group SKYLIGHT. Immidiatelty a bunch of
   sceners  joined  in trying to make this comeback as
   successful  as possible. New members are KILLER/
   Kreciki  who  joined in as mail trader, FLEA/De-Ko-
   der/Kreciki  is  supposed  to serve as mail trader,
   too,  BISHOP/Samar  joined  as  double member and
   graphic  artist,  SPYCRAFT  teamed  up as mail tra-
   der, JACKOBE/Oxygen followed as programmer and
   SAGE/Fraction  rounded up the team as music com-
   poser. A demo production is already planned.

• IBANEZ/ex-Motiv 8 decided to join Triad while good
   old SAILOR requested to get removed from the ac-
   tive memberstatus to concentrate and sort out his
   social life.

  Current Triad memberstatus looks like (= 16):
  Acidchild, Aton, Ca$h, Groms, Hollowman, Ibanez, Io-
  pop,  Jerry,  JFK,  Killsquad,  King  Fisher,  Logger,
  Quorthon, Tao, Taper and Twoflower

  Triad worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
  WWW ˜triad/triad

• VAUDEVILLE  has  got a new mail trader called REX,
   former  member  of  Expect. MINOS/ex-Street Chil-
   dren and Exon has been kicked out.

That  have  been  the news we have collected for this

Best regards,


Release Charts

The Official Release Charts for the RELAX MAGAZINE
             Performed by the MASTER OF LAW...


                 RELEASE CHARTS RULES v1.53
|DEFINITION | A  PREMIERE  upload of a game or pre-
------------- view  on the US boards is generally de-
fined  as  FIRST  RELEASE,  may it be a PAL, NTSC or
an already PAL/NTSC fixed 100% working production.
In  case  a  game  has been peleased in either PAL or
NTSC  only  the  first  PAL/NTSC fixed version will be
the official first release (qee: 6 months rule).
|6 MONTHS RULE|  If  a  production  has been relea-
---------------  sed  either PAL or NTSC only the
group  presenting  a  PAL/NTQC fix within SIX months
after the first release has been made is getting FULL
points,   for  both  GAME  ald  FIX (see: point system)
if  just  ONE  group  is responsible, if TWO groups are
involved the points will be qhared.
|24 HOURS RULE|  In  case TWO groups upload a tit-
---------------    le on different boards THE group
having  spread  the  release  FIRST ON MOST BOARDS
taken   into   consideration   to   create  the  release
charts is receiving the points.
If a group presents their version 24 hours after the
FIRST  RELEASE  the  release is getting handled as a
re-release (see: re-release).
|RE-RELEASE| A release already first released be-
------------- fore  and  having  EXCEEDED  the 24
hours rule is called a re-release.

In association with Domination, Propaganda, The Crest
and  Vandalism  News all productions published before
1990 are automatically counted as RE-RELEASE with-
out the need to supply an earlier crack.

|POINT SYSTEM:| The  Relax  Magazine* point system
--------------- table  contains the following cathe-

Fullprice Games                 6.0 - 8.0 points
Budget Games                    4.0 - 6.0 points
Low Budget                      1.0 - 4.0 points
PD/Shareware/Freeware           1.0 - 2.0 points
Previews                        0.0 -  1.0 points
Due  to  the  fact  that  the QUALITY of games in each
cathegory VARIES the margin is ofcourse FLEXIBLE,
too, as it would be UNFAIR to rate poor and good ga-
mes with a similar amount of points.

quality level of certain releases has been more worse
than the term POOR can express.
|PAL/NTSC FIX:| ONE  bonus point can be gained by
---------------  releasing  a 100% (!) working PAL/
NTSC version. When two different groups are involved
the PAL or NTSC fix the points will be SHARED!
In  case  a group fixes an already released PAL first
release for another group it will receive the fix point

Games  which  were already PAL released HAVE to be
fixed  WITHIN  6 months after the official PAL release
otherwise NO points will be eiven for the NTSC fix.
|MINUS POINTS: | are a punishment for failures which
---------------- don't  accomplish  to  the standarts
set  for  today's cracker geleration and the philoso-
phy of the Relax Magazine release charts.

Re-releases                         -  7.0 points
Re-release of a preview             -  1.0 points
NO levelpacking                     -  1.0 points
NO trainer(s)                       -  1.0 points
NO translation                      -  1.0 points

|NO POINTS| will  be  given  for the following produc-
----------- tions,  not fitting into the traditional re-
lease charts rulez.

Unlike most other magazines we WON'T give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER  aswell  as  NON-PLAYABLE  PREVIEWS will be
|BONUS POINTS:|  whenever  WE  think  somebody did
---------------  something SPECIAL or OUTSTAND-
ING  we  will  add  ONE point to the NORMAL amount of
points.  This might be a complex translation or a com-
plex translation of graphics.
SPECIAL FEATURES just benefiting a MINOR or limited
group  of  sceners, just as REU (Ram expansion unit)
users, is still worth a HALF point.

|BOARDS|  While  creating  the  Relax Magazine* re-
--------  lease  charts  the  following boards have
been taken in to consideration.

The Dungeon (DOWN)                      ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
Dead Zone                               ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
The Bass Planet                         ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
The Evil Island (DOWN)                  ++X/X XX/XXX-XXXX

And here we go...

               • ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (0.2 pts) •
The  German  based  group  released  a small preview
called DIRECT DEATH (0.2 pts) only.

                     • CHROMANCE (2.1 pts) •
They  released the fixed version of TETRIS ORIGINAL
(1.1 pts + 1.0 pts = 2.1 pts).

                         • DYTEC (0.0 pts) •
They  re-released  PILE UP (- 7 pts), it got released
some years back from F4CG.

                      • FAIRLIGHT (0.0 pts) •
They  started  with  MAH  JONG  -  SPECIAL  EDITION
(0.0 pts),  FLYER  (0.0  pts)  and SENAT (0.0 pts) all
games get NO points because they done in Basic. Then
they  decided  to  release  ORBIT  (1.1 pts) and GLORY
GLORY  QUEST  (1.1  pts),  both  already running PAL/
NTSC. Their re-release rush started with ASYLUM
(- 7 pts), an adventure back from the eighties, KING's
RANSOM  (-  7 pts),  ZORPHON  (-  7 pts) and NETHER
(-  7  pts)  which  is identical to the preview released
by Chromance last summer.

                          • F4CG (2.4 pts) •
The fantastics released only STARBASE 419 (2.4 pts)

                        • HITMEN (0.6 pts) •
They released the preview of TARGET 2 (0.6 pts).

                        • LAXITY (7.5 pts) •
Laxity started with LEO 2 (1.0 pts), a game developed
with  a  game maker kit by Dr. Zoom/Atlantis. I gave a
point  for  something special because they translated
the  complete  text  into  English.  Then they released
IT'S  MAGIC (6.3 pts) that got later on fixed by Donar
of Onslaught. Last but not least they released a little
preview called TAMAGOTCHI (0.2 pts).

                        • LEGEND (0.0 pts) •
The legendary ones were facing next to once Sacred
the  worst comeback ever in scene history. The show
begun  with  the preview of MYSTERIOUS WORLD (- 1.0
pts)  released  by  TRC several years ago. Then PER-
FECT  WEAPON  (-  7.0 pts) followed, a game formerly
known  as  "Death  Dealer" released by The Wanderer
Group  and  Blaze  a  couple  of  years  ago. The next
strike  was  THE  QUEST FOR ATLANTIS (- 7.0 pts), a
game  known  as  "Sunken  Atlantis" published back in
the  eighties on the German magazine "Input 64". La-
ter  on  THUNDERBOMBS (- 7.0 pts) followed, another
game  falling  into the new rules to punish the release
of ancient, forgotten warez. Points have been scored
with CAVEBALLS (0.6 pts), FIREPOWER (0.2 pts) and
THUNDERZONE  (0.6  pts), not to forget UTOPIA PRE-
VIEW  V2 (0.0 pts) which got developed with kind sup-
port of Commodore Basic V2.

                     • ONSLAUGHT (2.6 pts) •
The  Australian  based group released the fixed ver-
sion the according to the by the developers attached
note  public  domain game FOUR BY FOUR (1.2 pts + 1.0
pts  =  2.2 pts - 1.0 pts = 1.2 pts). The minus point has
been  given  because  the  cracker  did a trainer and
highscore bug. Later on they have fixed Laxity's PAL
first  release  IT'S MAGIC (1.0 pts). Last but not least
they released with BLOCKS (0.4 pts) a little preview.

                     • PENTAGRAM (0.0 pts) •
The  turkish  based  group released the fixed (!) pre-
view  of  SPOOK (0.3 pts), followed by the re-release
of QUOTA (-7 pts) released by Onslaught quite a while
ago  and  finally  the  preview  of  COLONISATION (0.1

                   • SUCCESS & TRC (5.1 pts) •
The   ruling   cooperation   released  the  preview  of
PURPLE  HAZE  (0.3  pts)  and  the  fixed  version of
SKIDMARKS (4.8 pts).

                         • TRIAD (0.4 pts) •
The  Swedish  based  group  released  the preview of
PACMAX (0.4 pts) and a TOOL COMPILATION (0.0 pts)

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

           The official release charts Spring 1998
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (2)      Laxity                        6.5
02.    (/)      Success & TRC                 5.1
03.    (/)      Onslaught                     2.6
04.    (1)      F4CG                          2.4
05.    (7)      Chromance                     2.1
06.    (7)      Hitmen                        0.6
07.    (3)      Alpha Flight 1970             0.2

            The official fixing charts Spring 1998
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.       (/)          Onslaught                     2
02.       (/)          Chromance                     1
          (/)          Success & TRC

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Yearly Releases

Feel  welcomed  to  the chapter taking care about the
releases  made  in  1998,  being  filled  with  statistics
about the first release competition.

The  following  lines  will contain ALL releases made in
1998  from ALL groups taking part in the first relea-
se  competition.  Still  it is needless to say that this is
the  only  source  covering  the  release  charts on a
REGULAR level and basis, once again we are proud to
provide  the  BEST  coverage  possible in the CBM 64

Infact  the  idea  behind  this  chapter  is not that new
but it's definately very informative and helpful for all
persons  who  are  interested  in detailed information
about  the releases in 1998 as it will contain game tit-
les,  fixing  or cooperating groups, the points and the
status  (PAL:  PAL only, PAL/NTSC: game was already
PAL/NTSC  compatible  and  FIX:  NTSC  (PAL)  fix in-
This  overview might be a useful documentation in or-
der  to avoid re-releases, only to give a short exam-
ple.  Furthermore  it  is the place to define your cur-
rent  position,  and  ofcourse the position of the con-
curence who are all heading for the crown at the end
of 1998.

The rules that this charts are following can be found
in the Release Charts chapter.

Here we go...

              • ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (6.4 pts) •
Tanks                                  2.7 pts   P/N
Supernova                              3.5 pts   Fix
Direct Death Preview                   0.2 pts    Pal

                     • CHROMANCE (2.8 pts) •
Arthema Preview                      0.7   pts   Pal
Timmerical Demonstration             0.0   pts   Pal
Tetris Original                      2.1   pts   Fix

                         • DYTEC (0.0 pts) •
Strokeworld 100%                      3.5    pts   Fix
Pile Up                              -7.0    pts   Fix

                        • EXCESS (4.2 pts) •
Labe Me                                2.1   pts   Fix
Leo 2 Preview                          0.0   pts   Pal
Doctor in the Hunt                     2.1   pts   Fix

                          • F4CG (0.9 pts) •
Laser Storm                             1.1 pts   P/N
Burgertime                              1.1 pts   P/N
Jax                                     1.1 pts   P/N
Air Traffic Controler                   1.1 pts   P/N
Reflect                                -7.0 pts   Fix
Videopoker                              1.1 pts   P/N
Starbase 419                            2.4 pts   P/N

                      • FAIRLIGHT (0.0 pts) •
Black Knight                         3.0 pts   P/N
Delta Mission Preview V2             0.1 pts   Pal
Ion (Ntsc fixed by Laxity)           1.1 pts   Fix
Shoot Preview                        0.1 pts   Pal
Mah Gong Special Edition             0.0 pts   P/N
Flyer                                0.0 pts   P/N
Asylum                              -7.0 pts   P/N
King's Ranson                       -7.0 pts   P/N
Zorphon                             -7.0 pts   P/N
Senat                                0.0 pts   P/N
Orbit                                1.1 pts   P/N
Glory Quest                          1.1 pts   P/N
Nether                              -7.0 pts   P/N

                         • HITMEN (1.3 pts) •
Scorpion Preview V2                  0.7 pts   Pal
Target 2 Preview                     0.6 pts   Pal

                         • LAXITY (15.4 pts) •
Bombsweeper                        1.3 pts    P/N
Ion (Fix for Fairlight)            1.0 pts    Fix
Silent Down                        1.1 pts    P/N
It's Magic Preview                 0.8 pts    Pal
Maximum Overdrive                  3.7 pts    Pal
Leo 2                              1.0 pts    Pal
It's Magic (Fixed by Onslaught)    6.3 pts    Fix
Tamagotchi Preview                 0.2 pts    Pal

                        • LEGEND (0.0 pts) •
Caveball Preview               0.6 pts   Pal
Mysterious World Preview      -1.0 pts   Pal
Perfect Weapon                -7.0 pts   Pal
Quest for Atlantis            -7.0 pts   Pal
Firepower Preview              0.2 pts   Pal
Thunderzone Preview            0.6 pts   Pal
Thunderbombs                  -7.0 pts   P/N
Utopia Preview V2              0.0 pts   Pal

                    • ONSLAUGHT (2.6 pts) •
Four by Four                            1.2 pts   Fix
It's Magic (fixed for Laxity)           1.0 pts   Fix
Blocks Preview                          0.4 pts   Pal
                     • PENTAGRAM (0.0 pts) •
Spook Preview                          0.3 pts   Fix
Colonisation Preview                   0.1 pts   Pal
Quota                                 -7.0 pts   Pal

                  • SUCCESS & TRC (5.1 pts) •
Skidmarks                             4.8 pts   Fix
Purple Haze Preview                   0.3 pts   Pal

                          • TRIAD (0.4 pts) •
Pacmax Preview                          0.4 pts    Pal
Tool Compilation                        0.0 pts    Pal

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

     The official RELEASE CHARTS of the year 1998
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (9)      Laxity                        15.4
02.    (1)      Alpha Flight 1970             6.4
03.    (3)      Success & TRC                 5.1
03.    (12)     Excess                        4.2
05.    (4)      Chromance                     2.8
06.    (2)      Onslaught                     2.6
07.    (5)      Hitmen                        1.3
08.    (8)      F4CG                          0.9
09.    (13)     Triad                         0.4

       The official FIXING CHARTS of the year 1998
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
0 1.     (/)        Excess                      2
         (2)        Onslaught
02.      (1)        Alpha Flight 1970           1
         (2)        Chromance
         (3)        Laxity
         (2)        Success & TRC

The  positions  in the brackets have been the 1997 fi-
nal  standings.  The QUALITY charts will be presented
with the final standings for 1998 again.

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

The Best

                       < THE BEST OF 1998 >
              by Caledonian & Derbyshire Ram
Here  we  are  with  the first installment of games and
previews  from  1998.  Last  issue  we  tried to cover
everything  released  in  1997  and  a  few early ones
from  this  year  crept  in also Some groups versions
of games or previews are always released later than
others so if we recieve your version later we will still
list the other versions which may have been reviewed
in a previous issue so as to give a fair comparison.
As  before  if your groups version is not listed in the
following  pages  then  it  is simply because neither of
us  recieved  it  so  get  on  to your spreaders don't
blame us!

                               GAMES A-Z
                    F .............    Number of Files
                    L .............    Length of All Files
                    T ..............   Number of Trainers
                    PW ...........   Passwords Found
                    CH ...........   In Built Cheats Found
                    FX ...........   NTSC/Pal Fixed
                    TR ...........   Translated into English

AFL '70/Derbyshire Ram   1      59     -
CHROMANCE/Jaydee         1      78     -
F4CG/Fungus              1      68     -
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire      1      59     -

ATLANTIS QUEST                    F      L      T
LEGEND/Midfit                     1      84     +2

BLACK KNIGHT                     F      L      T
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire              6      222    +2
MOTIV 8/Crossfire                6      235    -
MOTIV 8/Crossfire                6      235    +2
↓ This Version Not Working

EXCESS/Stormfront         1      26     -
TLF/Arschuixer            1      32     +1
WOW & ROLE/H-Bloxx        1      27     +1

BOMBMANIA PREVIEW              F      L      T
DYTEC/Dodger                   1      90     -
ENSIGN/Mr. Zool                2      111    -
LAXITY/Didi                    1      87     -
WOW & ROLE/Restive             1      90     -

BOMBMANIA                           F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                  1      116    -
DYTEC/Dodger                        1      131    - Fx
EXCESS/Skeletor                     1      114    -
LAXITY/Didi                         1      116    - Fx

BOMBSWEEP                         F      L      T
LAXITY/Goat                       2      44     +2

BURGERTIME  '97                    F      L      T
AFL 1970/Derbyshire Ram            2      66     +3 Hi
F4CG/Fungus                        2      82     +4 Hi
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire                2      53     +3 Hi

CLOUX                                 F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                    2      119    - +Hi
F4CG/Fungus                           2      104    - Fx+Hi
LAXITY/Didi                           2      99     - +Hi
SCS & TRC/L'Trimm                     2      109    - +Hi
TLF/Arschiver                         2      103    - +Hi
WOW & ROLE/Restive                    2      150    - +Hi ↑
↑ Dox File Included

COLONIZATION PREVIEW         F      L      T
PENTAGRAM/Falcon             1      30     -

CONNECT 4                             F      L      T
FF/Mega Rolf                          1      46     -

CROSS INVERT 2 PREVIEW     F      L      T
DYTEC/Dodger               1      78     +4
WOW & ROLE/Restive         1      78     -

DEADLY MESSENGERS          F      L      T
DISORDER/'O Dog            1      140    - Ch
DYTEC/Dodger               1      137    - Ch
F4CG/Skinhead              1      131    - Fx/Ch
HITMEN/Jack Alien          1      137    - Ch
TRIAD/Sailor               1      126    - Fx

DETECTIVE                            F      L      T
FF/Mega Rolf                         1      59     -

FIND THE PAIR PREVIEW         F      L      T
HITMEN/Moonchild              1      102    +2
LAXITY/Vague                  1      103    +1
ONSLAUGHT/Sting               2      210    -
PENTAGRAM/Falcon              1      107    -
TLF/Mr. Freezer               1      193    +3

FOUR BY FOUR                     F      L      T
ONSLAUGHT/Donar                  1      131    - Fx

FLIPTRIS                              F      L      T
AFL 1970/???                          1      154    -
EXCESS/Skeletor                       1      156    -

GIRLTRIS                              F      L      T
CHROMANCE/Jaydee                      17     493    +2 Fx ☼
DYTEC/Dodger                          2      464    +2 Hi
EXCESS/Skeletor                       15     485    +2 Hi
F4CF/Crackpoint                       13     383    +1 Hi √
LAXITY/Didi                           13     479    +2 Hi
WOW & ROLE/Sorex                      1      450    +1
WOW & ROLE/Sorex                      1      450    +2
☼Fixed By Lion
√Includes Seperate Note About level 5

IONS                                     F      L      T
LAXITY/Goat                              1      79     +7 Fx ☼
☼ Fixed by Didi

IT'S MAGIC PREVIEW              F      L      T
HITMEN/Moonchild                3      152    +3

IT'S MAGIC                           F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                   9      245    +3 Hi
LAXITY/Didi                          8      238    +4 Hi

JAX                                     F      L      T
AFL 1970/Derbyshire Ram                 1      41     -
CHROMANCE/Jaydee                        1      48     -
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire                     1      41     -
F4CG/Fungus                             1      35     -

JUMP                                   F      L      T
FF/Mega Rolf                           1      50    -

LABE ME                              F      L      T
EXCESS/Skeletor                      1      58     - Fx
FAIRLIGHT/Goat                       1      42     + 1
SHITMEN/Hisbolla                     2      51     - Hi
WOW & ROLE/Restive                   1      51     -

LASER STORM                         F      L      T
AFL 1970/Derbyshire Ram             1      52     +3
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire                 1      43     +3
F4CG/Fungus                         1      63     +4

LEGEND OF KYRIL PRV.2      F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance         5      194    -
DYTEC/Dodger               1      189    -
LAXITY/Didi                5      178    -
PENTAGRAM/Falcon           5      245    -
SHITMEN/Hisbolla           5      240    -

LEISURE SUIT LEO 2  PRV.   F      L      T
EXCESS/Skeletor            24     526    -

LEISURE SUIT LEO 2             F      L      T
LAXITY/Didi/Goat               75     1065+2 Tr/Pw ☼
☼ Files Include Docs & Intro

MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE             F      L      T
HITMEN/Moonchild              3      335    +6 Hi
LAIXTY/Didi                   21     360    +6 Hi

MINER                                   F      L      T
FF/Mega Rolf                            1      55     -

NETHER                                  F      L      T
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire                     23     439    -
↓ This Game Did Not Work After Loading

PENNY                                 F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                    15     489    +7 Pw
LAXITY/Didi                           14     441    +8 Pw
WOW & ROLE/???                        1      383    +6 Pw

PERFECT WEAPON                  F      L      T
LEGEND/Midfit                   1      70     +3

R - T. U. JOYTSICK KILLER    F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance           1      67     -
DYTEC/Dodger                 1      83     -
EXCESS/Skeltor               1      70     -
HITMEN/Moonchild             1      68     + 1
WOW & ROLE/Restive           1      68     - Ch.

REFLECT                                F      L      T
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire                    9      197    +3 Pw
LAXITY/Didi                            7      222    +4 Pw/Hi

STROKE WORLD                       F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                 18     638    +3 Fx/Pw
DYTEC/Dodger                       3      572    +8 Pw/Fx/Hi
F4CG/B.A.                          21     594    +4 Pw
LAXITY/Didi                        1      587    +6
LAXITY/Didi                        12     588    +6 Pw/Hi

SHOOT PRV.                           F      L      T
FAIRLIGHT/Crossfire                  1      112    + 1
↓ Trainer Not Working

SILENT DOWN                       F      L      T
LAXITY/Goat                       1      46     -

SKIDMARKS                           F      L      T
SCS & TRC/L'Trimm                   10     262    - Fx ☼
☼ Fixed By Count Zero

STARBASE 419                       F      L      T
CHROMANCE/???                      1      192    +3
FAIRLIGHT/L.A.Style                41     158    +4
F4CG/Smasher                       2      127    +4 Fx/Hi ☼
☼ Fixed By Fungus

SUPER  NOVA                       F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                1      122    - Fx ☼
☼ This Game Was A Clone of Nova II

SUPER PACMAN PREVIEW       F      L      T
WOW & ROLE/Commander       1      70     -

SUPER PACMAN                    F      L      T
HITMEN/Moonchild                1      104    +8
WOW & ROLE/???                  1      111    +7 Fx ☼
☼  Fixed By Fungus

TAMAGOTCHI PREVIEW          F      L      T
LAXITY/Goat                 1      46     -

TANKS                                    F      L      T
AFL 1970/Ignorance                       1      116    - Fx
DYTEC/Dodger                             2      114    - Hi
EXCESS/Skeletor                          1      109    -
WOW & ROLE/Restive                       2      109    - ☼
☼ Includes Seperate Intro

TERMINUS 2 PREVIEW            F      L      T
HITMEN/Racoon                 1      76     -
LAXITY/Didi                   1      49     -
TLF/Arschuixer                1      57     -
WOW & Role/H-Bloxx            1      45     -

TETRIS                                   F      L      T
CHROMANCE/Jaydee                         1      61     - Fx

THREESTONE                          F      L      T
ONSLAUGHT/Vengeance                 2      78     - Fx/Hi ☼
☼ Fixed By Jolz

THUNDERBOMBS                      F      L      T
LEGEND/Midfit                     1      54     + 1

5 X 5                                   F      L      T
DISORDER/Goat                           2      68     - Hi
F4CG/Derbyshire Ram                     2      92     - Hi
PENTAGRAM/Falcon                        2      69     - Hi
SHITMEN/Hisbolla                        2      69     - Hi

These  have  been  the games we have recieved in the
first part of 1998

Best regards,

Caledonian/Alpha Flight 1970
Derbyshire Ram/Alpha Flight 1970^Remember

Mail Charts

                           < MAIL CHARTS >
Welcome  to  one  of  the  most  POPULAR  chapters in
scene magazines, the charts section.

RELAX  MAGAZINE  has  changed  the  charts section
staring  this issue, presenting "true" mail charts and
still the approved mega charts conception in order to
present  a quite precise information about the charts
situation in the CBM 64 scene.
|RULES| Please  make sure to read the RULES very
------- carefully before submitting your votes.

SELF-VOTING  is  NOT allowed and strictly forbidden!
This  one  and  only  rule is known since the very be-
beginning  of  public  scene charts and has been used
by almost all magazines over the years.
Nevertheless there are still some persons left think-
ing  they are clever enough to OUTWIT the system for
personal and/or group  interests to MANIPULATE the
charts  suiting  their  needs.  Enclosed  please  find a
self-explaining   list  with  GUIDING  LINES  to  AVOID
the public notification for SELF-VOTING!

                           DON'T VOTE FOR:
• YOUR  GROUP (avoid to vote for ALL group(s) con-
   firming your membership)
• GROUP  COMRADES  (avoid  to vote for fellow group
   members  including  members  of ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• GROUP  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to vote for any pro-
   duction of your group, including ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• OTHER  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to  vote  for produc-
   tions  you  are  REGULARY involved in as a STEADY
   factor, such as magazine (co-) editors)

In  order  to  keep  the  charts actual please avoid to
vote  for  people  having  LEFT the scene many years
ago as we are NOT presenting ALLTIME charts yet.
Furthermore  the  charts are supposed to present a
representative   overview  about  the  BEST  in  their
very  own  subjects  and should NOT be influenced by
sympathy/friendship  votes  as we are NOT promoting
a MOST LIKED charts system.
|HOW TO SUBMIT VOTES?| Relax    Magazine   actually
---------------------- offers  a  lot  of  different
ways to submit your votes.

Mail  traders  have  the  chance  the  fill  in the paper
votesheet.   Please   contact   the  official  votesheet
spreaders if you have not received a votesheet yet.
Due  to  the  fact the THE ESCAPADE is down it is not
possible  to  use  the VOTING BOOTH anymore but it is
still  possible  to  leave  mail containing your votes at
Marc's  account  on  the  AFL  1970 headquarter THE
EVIL ISLAND or any other elite board worldwide.
The DIGITAL VOTESHEET, an idea already adapted by
lots  of  competitors, has been created to allow board
and  mail  scene  related voters submitted their votes
via e-mail. In case there is actually no copy of the di-
gital votesheet available you can submit your votes in
a plain e-mail, too.
Last but not least the is the ONLINE VOTER at RELAX
ONLINE, our quite popular homepage project, another
comfortable  method to submit your votes, once again
suiting the needs of mail and board scene, too.

|RELAX POINT SYSTEM| Relax  Magazine  is using the
-------------------- TRADITIONAL and APPROVED
system  awarding the #1 entry with 10 points, #2 with 9
points  down  to  #9 with 2 points and finally #10 with 1
point  to  keep a transparent and well working charts
|STATISTICS: | The  following  top ten lists have been
--------------  created compiling 93 votesheets.

Here we go...

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (3)      Crest                         523
02.    (1)      Oxyron                        476
03.    (4)      Smash Designs                 451
04.    (2)      Byterapers                    418
05.    (6)      Reflex                        376
06.    (/)      Coma                          336
07.    (5)      Lepsi De                      281
08.    (10)     Samar                         216
09.    (7)      Albion Crew                   196
10.    (/)      Triad                         154

CREST  has been taking  over  the top spot again this
time,  replacing  OXYRON  which  can  be found at two.
SMASH DESIGNS overtook BYTERAPERS and is in our
top three for the very first time.
REFLEX  climbed one while LEPSI had to settle at se-
ven  spot.  SAMAR  climbed two while ALBION felt down
two  places. New this time are COMA and TRIAD repla-

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Crossbow/Crest                  413
02.   (3)       AEG/Smash Designs               376
03.   (1)       Graham/Oxyron                   366
04.   (7)       Zorc/Reflex                     317
05.   (8)       MMS/Taboo                       296
06.   (4)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              231
07.   (10)      Goldhand/Samar^AFL              223
08.   (5)       Druid/Agony Design              176
09.   (/)       KM/Taboo                        154
10.   (9)       Quiss/Reflex                    114

CROSSBOW  climbed  one  to take over at the top. AEG
also  climbed  one  to the runner up spot. GRAHAM has
fallen down two places.
ZORC  took  a  big  leap  to  end up at fouth spot. Also
MMS  climbed three places to take over the fifth spot.
MR. SEX has fallen two places while GOLDHAND climbed
three places. Also QUISS has fallen to cover the last
position.  New  this  time is KM. FUBEN thereby had to
leave the top ten.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (2)       Hitmen                        516
02.   (1)       Alpha Flight 1970             476
03.   (3)       Success & TRC                 461
04.   (4)       Chromance                     412
05.   (5)       F4CG                          390
06.   (8)       Laxity                        371
07.   (9)       Triad                         329
08.   (6)       Onslaught                     254
09.   (/)       Remember                      252
10.   (7)       Motiv 8 (+)                   211
HITMEN  took  over  the  top spot,  sending AFL 1970
back to two while SCS & TRC defended position three.
Also  CHROMANCE  and  F4CG could defend their pre-
viously  reached places while LAXITY and TRIAD both
climbed  two places to take over place six and seven.
ONSLAUGHT  has fallen two places while the now dead
MOTIV  8  has  fallen  three places. WOW & ROLE have
been sent off by REMEMBER who entered at eight.

                   TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (3)       Jack Alien/Remember  4 17       
02.   (4)       Moonchild/Hitmen                413
03.   (2)       Ignorance/AFL 1970              376
04.   (5)       Didi/Laxity                     365
05.   (1)       Burglar/SCS & TRC               341
06.   (7)       Derby. Ram/AFL^REM              336
07.   (9)       Mr. Wax/Chromance               298
08.   (/)       Skinhead/ex-F4CG                257
09.   (/)       Dodger/Dytec                    239
10.   (10)      Calypso/Amnesia                 196

JACk ALIEN climbed two to take over at the top.  Also
MOONCHILD  climbed  two  places. IGNORANCE felt one
place  while  DIDI  climbed one. BURGLAR really took a
tumble  and  felt  from  the  top to fifth place. DERBY-
SHIRE  RAM  did clibmed one while MR. WAX climbed two
places. CALYPSO managed to defend his tenth spot.
FUNGUS  and  STING  had  to leave their positions for
DODGER and SKINHEAD this time.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Deekay/Crest^Ons                516
02.   (3)       Electric/Extend                 462
03.   (6)       RRR/Oxyron                      391
04.   (2)       Valsary/Samar^LD                387
05.   (4)       Joe/Wrath Design                361
06.   (7)       Rayden/AFL 1970                 313
07.   (10)      Sebaloz/Lepsi De                296
08.   (8)       Creeper/Antic^DCS               273
09.   (/)       Astaroth/Agony Des.             248
10.   (/)       Stone/Agony Design              216
DEEKAY managed to defend his number one spot while
ELECTRIC  climbed  one  place.  RRR took a big leap to
take  over  the  third  spot. VALSARY fely two places
to  end  up  at fourth spot. JOE dropped one position
while  RAYDEN  gained  one.  SEBALOZ  climbed  three
places  while  CREEPER  defended his eight place. New
this  time are ASTAROTH and STONE. This time CRUISE
and MIKE had to leave the top ten.

                   TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (3)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  476
02.   (1)       Mitch & Dane/Crest              432
03.   (4)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               397
04.   (5)       Shogoon/Agony Des.              354
05.   (2)       Drax/VIB/Crest                  297
06.   (10)      Morbid/Bass/Ons                 251
07.   (6)       PVCF/Reflex                     247
08.   (/)       Jeff/Hype/Camelot               223
09.   (9)       Zyron/Oxsid/F4CG                197
10.   (/)       Metal/Vibrants                  183

PRI leaped twice to take over at the top while MITCH &
DANE  had  to  settle for a runner up position. FANTA
and  SHOGOON  both  climbed once. DRAX felt 3 places
to  fifth  place. The biggest climber this time was MOR-
BID  who  climbed  four  places to take over the sixth
spot  which  he  really deserves. PVCF fell one place,
while  ZYRON  stayed at ninth place. WIZARD and TRI-
DENT had to lave to make room for JEFF and METAL.

                      TOP TEN MAIL TRADERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Violator/AFL^Lepsi              436
02.   (4)       Racoon/Hitmen^Lepsi             427
03.   (2)       Dr.Soft/Albion                  396
04.   (6)       Walker/F4CG^NO                  311
05.   (3)       Derbysh. Ram/AFL^R.             296
06.   (/)       Zapotek/AFL                     275
07.   (8)       Floyd/Willow^Panic              236
08.   (5)       Acidchild/Triad                 212
09.   (/)       Caledonian/AFL 1970             132
10.   (9)       Funxilla/SCS & TRC              118

Once  again  VIOLATOR  managed  to  hold  on  the top
while RACOON and DR. SOFT changed places.
WALKER  climbed  one while DERBYSHIRE RAM lost two
positions.  ACIDCHILD  took  a  tumble  and  went from
five to eight. FUNXILLA couldn't stop falling down and
ended at ten.
New this time are ZAPOTEK and CALEDONIAN who re-
placed SEBALOZ and RAZOR RAMON this time.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (1)       Domination                     576
02.   (3)       Driven                         463
03.   (6)       Propaganda                     451
04.   (8)       The Crest                      397
05.   (2)       Vandalism News                 386
06.   (4)       Nitro                          350
07.   (/)       Palladium                      299
08.   (9)       Vitality                       286
09.   (5)       Emphatic                       273
10.   (10)      The Tribune                    264

DOMINATION  stayed  on  top  while DRIVEN climbed to
runner  up  position. PROPAGANDA climbed from sixth
to third position, which they really deserve regarding
the other magazines in the top ten list.
A  leaper this time was THE CREST who took over po-
sition  four which they really deserve for releasing a
magazine  on  a  monthly  basis. VANDALISM has fallen
the  places  and  I can't see them rising until they re-
lease  another  issue. NITRO felt twice while VITALITY
gained  one position. This time EMPHATIC had to settle
for  ninth position which is quite okay since they have
not released an issue in ages. THE TRIBUNE remained
at  tenth  place.  I  guess  they will drop even further
next time since the mag is dead.CONTRAST had to lea-
ve  since  PALLADIUM  took  a  big leap to land at se-
venth place.

THE  CREST  managed  to  make it to the top five while
SCENE+  didn't make it to the top ten this time. But I'd
be  a fool to bet against them for entering the top ten
next time.

New  contenders  for  the top ten next time should be

Please  keep  in  mind  that the presented entries are
NOT  manipulated  by the Relax Magazine staff, do NOT
reflect  our  opinions  and  do  NOT present  our  but
VOTERS' personal favourites.

Best regards,

Violator/Alpha Flight 1970

Mega Charts

                           • MEGA CHARTS •
Welcome  to  one  of  the  most  POPULAR  chapters in
scene magazines, the charts section.

RELAX  MAGAZINE  has  changed  the  charts section
starting this issue, presenting "true" mail charts and
still the approved mega charts conception in order to
present  a quite precise information about the charts
situation in the CBM 64 scene.
|RULES| Please  make sure to read the RULES very
------- carefully before submitting your votes.

SELF-VOTING  is  NOT allowed and strictly forbidden!
This  one  and  only  rule is known since the very be-
beginning  of  public  scene charts and has been used
by almost all magazines over the years.
Nevertheless there are still some persons left think-
ing  they are clever enough to OUTWIT the system for
personal and/or group  interests to MANIPULATE the
charts  suiting  their  needs.  Enclosed  please  find a
self-explaining   list  with  GUIDING  LINES  to  AVOID
the public notification for SELF-VOTING!

                           DON'T VOTE FOR:
• YOUR  GROUP (avoid to vote for ALL group(s) con-
   firming your membership)
• GROUP  COMRADES  (avoid  to vote for fellow group
   members  including  members  of ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• GROUP  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to vote for any pro-
   duction of your group, including ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
• OTHER  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to  vote  for produc-
   tions  you  are  REGULARY involved in as a STEADY
   factor, such as magazine (co-) editors)

In  order  to  keep  the  charts actual please avoid to
vote  for  people  having  LEFT the scene many years
ago as we are NOT presenting ALLTIME charts yet.
Furthermore  the  charts are supposed to present a
representative   overview  about  the  BEST  in  their
very  own  subjects  and should NOT be influenced by
sympathy/friendship  votes  as we are NOT promoting
a MOST LIKED charts system.
|HOW TO SUBMIT VOTES?| Relax    Magazine   actually
---------------------- offers  a  lot  of  different
ways to submit your votes.

Mail  traders  have  the  chance  the  fill  in the paper
votesheet.   Please   contact   the  official  votesheet
spreaders if you have not received a votesheet yet.
Regular  board  callers  have  the  chance to use the
VOTING  BOOTH installed at THE ESCAPADE, Relax Ma-
gazine EHQ, a quite comfortable and easy way to vote
for  your  favourites.  Furthermore  it  is possible to
leave mail containing your votes at Marc's account on
our headquarters EDGE OF MIDNIGHT and THE ESCA-
PADE or any other elite board worldwide.
The DIGITAL VOTESHEET, an idea already adapted by
lots  of  competitors, has been created to allow board
and  mail  scene  related voters submitted their votes
via e-mail. In case there is actually no copy of the di-
gital votesheet available you can submit your votes in
a plain e-mail, too.
Last but not least the is the ONLINE VOTER at RELAX
ONLINE, our quite popular homepage project, another
comfortable  method to submit your votes, once again
suiting the needs of mail and board scene, too.

|RELAX POINT SYSTEM| Relax  Magazine  is using the
-------------------- TRADITIONAL and APPROVED
system  awarding the #1 entry with 10 points, #2 with 9
points  down  to  #9 with 2 points and finally #10 with 1
point  to  keep a transparent and well working charts
|STATISTICS: | The  following  top ten lists have been
-------------- created compiling 13 magazines.

THE CREST #7/Independant              January 1998
ETERNITY #2/Commodore Scene           January 1998
ARACHNOPHOBIA #7/Spiders Crew         January 1998
PALLADIUM #4/Ascraeus                 January 1998
THE CREST #8/Independant              February 1998
NEWS PRESS #17/Independant            February 1998
PROPAGANDA #26/Independant            February 1998
THE CREST #9/Independant              March 1998
NECROPSY #2/Pentagram                 March 1998
ARACHNOPHOBIA #8/Spiders+Role         April 1998
INSIDER #7/Independant                April 1998
DOMINATION #11/Independant            April 1998
RELAX MAGAZINE #24/Phuture            May 1998

And here we go...

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        121
02.    (1)      Crest                         116
03.    (5)      Smash Designs                 94
04.    (4)      Reflex                        92
04.    (3)      Byterapers                    92
06.    (8)      Samar                         49
07.    (6)      Lepsi De                      41
08.    (7)      Taboo                         31
09.    (/)      Albion                        21
10.    (6)      Profik                        19

This  time  OXYRON  is the only number one. Crest has
to  settle  for  the  runner  up position. SMASH gained
two  places while REFLEX stays at four. BYTERAPERS
loses one position,while SAMAR gains two. Both LEPSI
DE  and  TABOO  lost  one  position. The big tumbler is
PROFIK who goes from sixth to tenth.
ALBION  is  new in the charts and entered at nine by
replacing GRAFFITY who unfortunately have to leave
them for this edition.
COMA has just missed to enter the top ten.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Crossbow/Crest                  118
02.   (1)       Mr.Sex/Byterapers               113
03.   (3)       Graham/Oxyron                   112
04.   (4)       AEG/Smash Designs               98
05.   (5)       Fuben/Oxyron                    68
06.   (6)       Zorc/Reflex                     58
07.   (7)       MMS/Taboo                       39
08.   (/)       Goldhand/Samar^AFL              28
09.   (8)       Druid/Agony Design              24
10.   (9)       Quiss/Reflex                    17

CROSSBOW  and MR. SEX changedpositions,while GRA-
HAM,  AEG,  FUBEN,  ZORC  and  MMS  remained  at the
same  positions as in the previous edition. Both DRUID
and QUISS lost one position each.
A  new  entry  at  eight  is GOLDHAND, replacing CLA-
RENCE  who  felt out of the top ten this time. OSWALD
and KM are close to (re-)enter the charts.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (3)       Success & TRC                 109
02.   (2)       Hitmen                        108
03.   (1)       Alpha Flight 1970             106
04.   (4)       F4CG                          85
05.   (5)       Chromance                     65
06.   (6)       Laxity                        59
07.   (7)       Onslaught                     44
08.   (8)       Motiv 8 (+)                   32
09.   (9)       Triad                         16
10.   (/)       Remember                      14

The  Dutch  cooperation took over the top spot after
a  short  abstinence,  followed  by HITMEN and ALPHA
FLIGHT 1970 sent down to three.
There  are  no  changes  in positions four to nine this
time.  New at ten is the oldie label REMEMBER, sending
EXCESS  out  of  the  top ten. Will oldie labels like Re-
member, Cyberpunx or Emulator take over the scene
right now?

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Moonchild/Hitmen                110
02.   (2)       Jack Alien/Remember             109
03.   (3)       Burglar/SCS & TRC               96
04.   (4)       Ignorance/AFL 1970              83
05.   (5)       Didi/Laxity^Nostalgia           79
06.   (6)       Skinhead/ex-F4CG                27
07.   (/)       Count Zero/SCS & TRC            23
08.   (/)       CBA/SCS & TRC                   21
08.   (9)       Hain/F4CG                       21
10.   (10)      Derbysh. Ram/REM^AFL 13         

NOTHING  at  all happens in the top six this time. HAIN
lost  one  while DERBYSHIRE RAM stays at ten. New to
the top ten this time are two well knows crackers with
CBA  and  COUNT  ZERO,  removing MR.WAX and STING
by  sending them out of the top ten. Both are close to
Both  have  good  chances,  together with JAYDEE, to
(re-)enter the charts next time again.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Deekay/Crest^Ons                124
02.   (4)       Valsary/Samar^LD                107
03.   (2)       Joe/Wrath Designs               91
04.   (3)       Electric/Extend                 87
05.   (5)       RRR/Oxyron                      74
06.   (6)       Cruise/Taboo                    65
07.   (7)       Astaroth/Agony Des.             35
08.   (10)      Creeper/Antic^DCS               27
09.   (8)       Stone/Agony Design              20
10.   (10)      Sebaloz/Lepsi De                18
DEEKAY  managed  it  to  remain  on  the top spot with
VALSARY  in  his  neck  who jumped from four to two.
Both ELECTRIC and JOE losts one position each while
the  positions five to seven are occupied by the same
guys  as  last  time.  CREEPER gained two places while
STONE  lost  one. SEBALOZ collected enough votes to
enter  number  ten  and  overtook RAYDEN who's now
out of the top ten again but close enough to re-enter
the charts soon again. CUPID has good chances, too.

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mitch & Dane/Crest              119
02.   (3)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  111
03.   (2)       Drax/VIB/Crest                  84
04.   (4)       Jeff/Hype/Camelot               62
05.   (6)       PVCF/Reflex                     59
06.   (7)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               52
07.   (9)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               39
08.   (8)       Praiser/Reflex^Faith            37
08.   (5)       Shogoon/Agony Des.              37
10.   (/)       Zyron/F4CG/Oxsid Pl.            23

MITCH & DANE remained on the top spot while PRI and
DRAX  changed positions. JEFF remained on five. Both
JEFF  remained on five. Both PVCF and FANTA gained
one  place  each.  THE  SYNDROM did rise from nine to
seven.  SHOGOON has fallen from five to eight, a posi-
tion he has to share with PRAISER. New in the charts
is ZYRON who has replaced TRIDENT at ten.
The tendances say WACEK has good changes to enter
the top ten next time.

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Violator/AFL 1970^LD            58
02.   (4)       Racoon/Hitmen/Lepsi             44
03.   (2)       Walker/F4CG/Nos                 43
04.   (3)       Funxilla/SCS & TRC              41
05.   (8)       Floyd/Willow^Panic              30
06.   (10)      Dr.Soft/Albion                  24
07.   (9)       Derbysh. Ram/REM^AFL 23         
08.   (6)       Sebaloz/Lepsi De                19
09.   (/)       Caledonian/AFL 1970             18
10.   (/)       Zapotek/AFL 1970                17

The  only  stable  factor in these charts list has been
VIOLATOR  who  remained  on  one  while the rest has
changed.  RACOON  climbed  two  places  to end at the
runner  up  position.  WALKER  has  fallen one just as
FUNXILLA.  FLOYD  is  on  the way upwards and went
from eight to five. DR.SOFT takes an even bigger jump
as  he  leaped from ten to six. DERBYSHIRE RAM clim-
bed  two  places.  New  this time are CALEDONIAN and
ZAPOTEK   who   have  replaced  ACIDCHILD  and  EL

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (2)       Relax Magazine                 76
02.   (3)       Domination                     75
03.   (1)       Vandalism News                 73
04.   (8)       Nitro                          57
05.   (6)       Propaganda                     50
06.   (4)       Driven                         42
07.   (7)       Vitality                       34
08.   (4)       The Tribune (+)                33
09.   (/)       The Crest                      26
10.   (9)       Contrast                       8
10.   (/)       Palladium                      8
RELAX  MAGAZINE  has  finally took over the well de-
served  top  spot  and the former number one candi-
date  VANDALISM  NEWS  has been taken over by DO-
How NITRO managed it to gain four places is something
I  don't know and can't understand since they haven't
released  an  issue  in ages. PROPAGANDA gained one
positition. DRIVEN has fallen down from four to seven
VITALITY stayed at seven. The now dead THE TRIBU-
NE has fallen four placeso end up at eight. CONTRAST
felt  one.  New  to the charts this time are THE CREST
and PALLADIUM, sending EMPHATIC out of the top ten

Please  keep  in  mind  that the presented entries are
NOT  manipulated  by the Relax Magazine staff, do NOT
NOT  reflect  our  opinions  and  do  NOT present our
but voters' personal favourites.

Best regards,

Violator/Alpha Flight 1970

Cracking Scene

                        < CRACKING SCENE >
What  happened  to  the once proud cracking scene in
the  past  few  months?  That  is  the  question  to  be
asked  while  observing  the  latest  happenings in the
so-called  illegal  part  of  the  scene.  A  never  seen
before   unusual   high   number  of  re-releases  and
ripp-offs hit the market. Let's go into detail.

With  the  previous  issue #23 Relax Magazine started
to spread archives of suspicious releases containing
the  new  and  the  initial releases, in our eyes a very
promising  idea  and  try  to  get release charts more
transparent  to  the readers. It was one release only,
to  be  more exact "Jumpin' Cubes". The second game,
"Oter",  was  only  meant  as  a  bonus title. However,
having  the references in form of the added releases
Relax    Magazine    got    blamed    to   have   treaten
Chromance  unfair  in  order  to  screw down on their
reputation  by  signing them into a black book. It is no
news   for   us  that  people  taking  an  every  single
opportunity  to attack Relax Magazine for any reason,
as   we   are   a  critical  and  inconvenient  magazine
printing contents some people would love to hide from
the  scene.  This  makes  us  getting a primary target
for   disappointed   sceners  who  would  love  to  see
themselves,  their groups and productions on the top
spots   only.   Unfortunately   those   sceners  forget
about  the  common  sense  and DUTY of our magazine
which  is providing information, unplugged information
instead  of  presenting manipulated material to stun a
couple of readers.

In  case  a  magazine  offers (first) release charts, a
preference   for   so-called   board   magazines,   the
responsible  editor(s)  has/have  to  care  about  the
releases  made  in  the refered period, may it be first
or  re-releases.  Basicly the editor does nothing else
but  his  job  and  duty only when he is looking out for
re-releases  and  other  suspicious  releases, and if
that  job  demands to notify people about re-releases
or  ripp-offs it is NO personal offence but a plain and
simple  information  only,  a  SERVICE which has to be
provided   to   our   readers.   Hereby   it   is   totally
unimportant  who  did  the  re-release  since there is
definately no 100% warranty to avoid re-releases and
a  single  re-release  once in a while normally doesn't
destroy  the reputation of a group. We have given the
advise  already  that  people who can't stand the heat
shouldn't  play  with  the fire. Contributing to the first
release  business  means receiving points for proper
re-releases  and a deduction of points for incomplete
versions   and   re-releases.  If  you  have  Internet
access  you  can check out our "new" release charts
special document dealing with information about those
suspicious  releases,  giving those groups to protest
or  provide  material  infront  of  the  release  of any

What    has   happened   with   the   cracking   scene?
Re-releases,  Basic  games,  game  maker  games  and
finally  productions which have been developed a long
time   ago  became  a  regular  factor  regarding  the
releases these days. Some people even initialised the
discussion  to  give  points  for  Basic games. Can the
level go lower?

The  answer  can  unfortunately  only be a bright and
convinced yes, even if nobody really wants to admit it
as  it  reduce  the  work  made  in that area. Having a
closer   look   at  the  commercial  aspect  of  CBM 64
games  the  system  is  dead,  and the cracking scene
depends  on  commercial  productions  otherwise  one
should discuss the existance of those teams.
Unfortunately  some  members  of  so-called cracking
groups  still  have  not understood the conception of
the  classifications  for  any  titles  to  be  taken into
consideration  release charts. A fullprice, low budget
or  budget release is NOT an incomplete, pre-version
of  a  game  that  might  be  sold in any of those prize
cathegories,  a  fullprice  game  is  a  game  that  HAS
BEEN  sold  as  fullprice  game, same goes for budget
and  low  budget  releases.  The  distributors  and  in
former     times    the    local   dealers   dictated   the
classification, not any cracking group or its members
looking  out  for  points to be scored. An unsold game
is  PUBLIC  DOMAIN  and  can't  be  classified  as  low
budget, budget or even fullprice.
Elsewhere this is getting handled completely different.
Those    pre-versions,    nothing    else    but   better
previews,   are   getting   higher   ranked  than  sales
versions,  the only reliable source to compile genuine
release    charts   as   only   the   from   the   author
authorized  and  published version are the ones that
are  supposed  to  be  sold to the users. Some people
really  have  strange  ideas how to spoil the competi-

And  to  get  it  to  the  top some people have started
demand  points  for  game maker games, too. The most
surprising aspect was for sure that people seriously
demanded    to    take    Basic    games    into   closer
consideration  for  release  charts,  a  point that was
heavily discussed.

Why  have  been  Basic  games taken out of the points
range?  Just  to  hold  the  competition  on  a fair and
transparent  level,  a  level that guarantees a certain
expected  quality?  During  the  discussions titles like
"Pirates"  and  "Gunship"  have  been  named,  in fact
popular and high quality Basic productions.
No,  it  was  not  meant  to  lower  the status of those
productions,  the  rule  was invented to avoid certain
groups,  that  couldn't match the top groups, starting
to  plunder  the  public  domain  libraries with a never
seen  before  flood  of titles, titles which can be seen
as  budget  label,  some call it lamer label, releases. If
the  scene  would  dare to allow Basic games to enter
the competition one could stop editing release charts
due  to  the  fact  that either the status or the origin
can't  be  controlled  anymore.  Without transparency
and   the   control   function  of  the  release  charts
editors  anarchy would take over the cracking scene
and  it  would  become  even  more  inattractive  as it
already  is  as  fortunately  today  people  with  some
pride  left  sort out low quality productions. Taking in
mind  that  those  productions would guarantee points
the  situation  would change and an every single crap
release  would hit the drives. An indeed incomfortable
situation nobody really desires, do you?

Similar   arguments  can  be  named  for  game  maker
games.  Have  you ever seen that it was necessary to
crack  a  SEUCK  game?  How  much  of  those  SEUCK
titles   exist   in   the   countless   PD   libraries?  It's
definately   an  understatement  to  say  that  nobody
knows  atleast  2%  of all those nameless titles. With a
bit  of  patience  of  a  minor  artistical skill everyone
can  be  in  the  position  to  create  games  using any
particular game maker kit and it would definately spoil
the  competition,  don't  you  think  so?  Can  the true
cracking   and   release   spirit   be   found  in  those
productions?  If  you  are  looking for points, YES! If
you take care about your reputation, NO!

Lately    the    responsible   editors   of   Domination,
Propaganda,    Relax    Magazine,    The    Crest   and
Vandalism  News agreed that 1990 became the border
for  re-releases, meaning that all games published by
any    companies    infront    of    that   year   will   be
automatically counted as re-release since it is a real
torture   to   look   out   for  older  versions  of  any
particular release.
This  is  a  promising step into the right direction but
this  solution  is  by  far  too  indulgent  as  it  is still
possible  to  release  old,  unknown,  untranslated or
unreleased productions out of the early nineties.
What's  the  common  sense of still allowing up to eight
years  old  games? The border should be moved up to
1996  or  even  more  strict,  like  e.g.  the fixing rule
which  only  allows to score points for titles within six
months.   When   there   is   the   motivation   to   allow
contributions  which  can be up to eight years old the
fixing  rule must become more flexible and liberal, too,
or  the  release  charts  rules  have  to become more
strict  regarding the age of contributing releases. It
is   no   secret  that  there  are  countless  Loadstar
productions  from  the  early  nineties  which haven't
been  cracked  or  released  yet,  so why keeping the
doors open for those releases? We are talking about
the  1998  release  charts  competition,  not  about  a
competition to provide games out of this decade.

How to define the current situation? Random, bad luck
or  on  purpose? One release can be random, two re-
leases  can  be  back  luck, but the intense number of
those  suspicious releases let one considering about
interesting  ideas.  As we can't prove this suspect, as
nobody  else  but the responsible persons could be in
the  position to confirm it and nobody will expect them
to  do  so, not even by refering to the keyword called
fairplay, we won't accuse anyone here, still we think it
is a theory worth thinking about.

What   is   left?   Loadstar   is  providing  low  budget
releases  on  a  regular  basis,  Magna  Media  is  still
sending  out  a  CBM  64  disk  along with "PCgo!" and
Go64  is  partly  distributing  some acceptable games
once  in  a  while,  too.  How to save those sources of
fresh games?
The answer can only be to subscribe and order those
last  ressorts  of  reliable commercial publications. It
will make sure that those magazines will continue, that
the   game   authors  can  be  paid  at  a  for  today's
situation  more  or less acceptable level and it makes
sure  that  one  can  receive  fresh  games and other
productions   on   a   monthly   basis.   Especially  the
members of cracking groups should take it into closer
consideration    since    the    existance    of     those
commercial  magazines  saves  the  existance and the
need   for   cracking  groups,   an  argument  certain
people should really start thinking about.

At  this  point  we  would  like  to refer to the German
based   disk   magazine   "Go64"   as   it   is  made  by
engaged,  scene  related  persons  trying to support
the  community of CBM 64 users, which is not only the
scene, with a magazine trying to suit the needs of the
decimated tribe called breadcase enthusiasts.
Cosowi   and   his   fellow  staff  members  will  happily
appreciate  an  every  single  new  subscriber.  Go64
can  be  reached  at  either  <cosowi>  or


Best regards,



                             < INTERVIEW >
This  edition's  talkshow  is  held  with  a quite popular
programmer  out  of  a  period  when new school demo
design  was  as  unknown  as  4x4  chunky2planar ef-
fects. Please welcome


an  indeed  interesting talk partner sharing his views
on scene related topics this time.

?:  Hello  Jesper.  Welcome  in  the talkshow section of
spring  1998  edition. As usual we start with some ne-
cessary  standard questions. Please introduce your-
self  to our readers, regarding the personal aspects
of your real life.

!:  Well,  thank you for letting me on your talkshow. Be-
fore  we begin  could  I  just  get a cup of that coffee
there? ... Thanks. Is it OK if I smoke in here? Cool.

Well,  my offline name is Jesper and I was born in Den-
mark  in  1972.  My real life is now quite some distance
away  from the old CBM 64 days... As could be expec-
ted,  I  started studying for a M.S. in Comp Sci (minor)
and  Maths  (major)  at  the  university,  but  after   a
couple  of  years  I  grew incredibly bored with maths
and computers. And I changed my major into my alltime
greatest  interest: literature, so now I about to major
in  Danish litt. in about a year or so. Besides that I do
all kinds of non-computer related stuff, e.g. being boy
to  the  girl,  playing  the  violin or making the streets
unsafe   on   my  bike  (besides  rhyming  with  BZ,  MZ

?: After having had a look inside your private life, how
about  your  scene  career? What is the story behind
you  having  got  in touch with the CBM 64, the scene,
the  groups  you  have  been a member of and last but
not least how did you got your handle?

!: Do you remember those cool sportgames where you
made  your  character run by hammering on the fire-
button? Well, I got my handle (The Human Autofire) be-
cause of my 6.02 second record in the 100 meters in
"Daley  Thompsons  Decathlon"! This was around 1984
and as far as I know the record is still standing. ;-)
My  Dad  and me was computing a lot together in those
early days, ie. typing in programs mostly from US ma-
gazines like "Compute! Gazette" and so on. One of the
things  that  we  typed  in was a machinecode monitor.
Later  I  got  the "Commodore 64 Programmers Refe-
rence  Guide"  for  a  birthday an started doing some
stuff in ML myself. It was only much later I got a sym-
bolic  assembler  -  quite  a lot of my early stuff were
completely  done in a machinecode monitor. Walt didn't
even  own  a machinecode monitor, so for a VERY long
time  he  programmed  his machinelanguage in BASIC's
DATA-lines!  Imagine  doing a branch (BNE, BEQ, etc.)
with   its  relative  jumpaddress  indication!!  Walt  was
fluent in DATA-line progamming, you should have seen
him programming: spitting out DaTA-lines at the speed
of an UZI! ;-)
Dize  (graphician)  and I formed the demogroup called
The Black Lords, later Crush, Dodge de Man, Walt and
Steve  joined  in.  We  met  Trap  at  the D.U.T. party in
X-mas  1989  -  and  Dize,  Crush, Walt and I joined his
group, Bonzai, a few months later.

?: Before you teamed up with Bonzai you have been in
a  group  called  "The Black Lords". What can you tell
the younger generation about this group, its members
its demo productions?

!:  The  Black  Lords  consisted mainly of dudes (Dize,
Crush,  and  I)  from  the same little town, Biersted, in
the  north  of  Jutland/Denmark.  We  were  not really
known  to anybody in the European scene I think. But
because  some  of my demos were not rasteroriented
(ie.  reqiured  no accurate rastertimings) but more in
the  "vector'n'dots"-genre  they ran OK on NTSC ma-
chines,  as  opposed to cool PAL "rastersplitssprite-
multiplexersinthesideborder"  which  just  appeared a
a huge flickering mess on American machines. Anyway,
we  were  quite  a  hit  in  the US. But then again, they
were  an  easy  crowd  to  impress. I mean, who's ever
seen a good demo made by an American? hehehe!

?:  After  their  trip  through The Ruling Company and
Success,  which  are  curiously now since a couple of
years in cooperation, Trap and Sonny decided to re-
build  Bonzai.  What lead you and your group mates to
the  decision to leave your group and to team up with

!:  Although  a  lot  of fun, TBL wasn't really amounting
too  much  scenewise, as I said before. We met Trap at
the  D.U.T.  party  in  1989,  and besides being a really
cool guy, he had loads of scene contacts and a group
with  a  good reputation and thus being able to give us
the  scene-exposure  we  were  craving  for.  And  it
really  got  so  much greater writing demos - knowing
that they would actually get spread and seen by a lot
of sceners.

?:  On  January  13, 1992 Bonzai has been declared to
be dead and the members enlarged the forces of Sta-
rion.  What lead to the decision to close an active and
excellent  demo group like Bonzai to get inactive in an
older, not known to be active group like Starion?

!:  I  think we weren't really into it anymore... Trap had
left  already  (for the PC), I was coding on the Amiga,
Dize  was playing with 4096 colours on the Amiga and
there  were not really that many games to crack any-
more.  The  other  coders  were also flirting a bit with
the possibilities of Amiga-coding.
From  the  beginning  all  we  really had wanted was to
bring  Bonzai to the top, and after having done that it
wasn't  all  that interesting anymore - just maintaining
your  position in the charts, etc. It then seemed very
attractive  to  try and bring another group (back) to
the top: Starion.
Also,  we  also  just  wanted  to be ourselves for some
time.  Starion  was  a  legendary old-school (even old-
school  for  that  time) though lazy group - and just a
bunch  of  really  wierd  guys  going  around doing the
strangest  things,  which  basically  also was when we
wanted  to  do!  So we joined our lazy forces! Nothing
sad  about  that at all! We left Bonzai on the top - and
in  our  minds  it has always stayed there someway or

?:  The former Bonzai members, and complete Starion,
released after the merge one demo called Taagekam-
meret  only,  a cooperation project with Conic. Hasn't
there been any interest in a bit more acitivity at all?

!: I don't know if activity is the right word. ;-) Some of
the  coders  still  followed  what  was  going  on in the
demoscene - I suppose they couldn't always suppress
that  #1  coder-exclamation:  "I  can  do it better than

?: With Starion's inactivity members like Walt and Drax
continued  on  a  quite active basis, compared with the
rest, in Visual Reality and did well in demo development
again.  What  do  you  think  about those productions?
Has  that been one of the reasons for the split, active
members  on  the  one  and inactive ones on the other

!:  Jeez!  You  know  your  scene history, dude! I can't
remember  having  seen  what Walt produced in Visual
Reality...  Must  have  been  Walt-ish  though! We didn't
really split up - we just went our seperate ways com-
puterwise, and we always did and do stay in touch.

?: Trap tried to built up a strong PC section of Bonzai
with  members  like  e.g.  Unifier and Metal while Ricky,
Dize and Scortia have found a new home on the Amiga
in  the  Danish section of The Silents. Have their been
any  attempts  from your side to continue a scene ca-
reer on another platform, too?

!:  I  coded  the  Amiga for a few years, and they (The
Silents)  actually  did  use  some  of my code in one of
their   Amiga   demos!   And   they   didn't  credit  me!
Bastards! ;-) The PC has got my attention these days.
Fiddling  a  bit  around  with  DirectX,  Java, and soon
some  3Dfx stuff. But nothing scenewise. I try to keep
up   with  whatever  new  technologies  emerge  these
days.  And  I am still very much into programming com-
pletely  useless  stuff. E.g. I recently did a Java con-
version  of  one  of  Dize and mine old demos "3rd Di-
mension"  (it's  running  25  hours  a day, etc., on our
homiepage! ;-))
My  next  job  is  a  3Dfx  kickass version of the very
same demo! HAHA! But to repeate, nothing scenewise.

?:  Some well known groups and profiles have decided
to celebrate a form of comeback in the CBM 64 scene
lately.  Did  you ever consider to return into the CBM
64 scene?

!: OH YES!! The old 8-bit feeling is again bubbling away
in  our  veins  too...  We  are actually halfworking on a
comeback kickass demo, mostly as a comeback/good-
bye  thing.  The most stubborn retro coder among us,
Ricky,  still  has  some  wild  ideas  for routines up his
sleeve.  Actually  he  has  just  finished  programming
a  "little"  thing  that  would  shock many of the people
still  seriously  into  64-coding.  But  lets wait and see
what all this amounts to. We are talking about a relea-
se at The Party 8.

?:  Having  a  distance  to the scene activities, do you
think  your work on demos has been a sort of job-like
stress  or  merely  a sort of hobby, a time you did en-
joy all of the time?

!:  Making  demos  was  100%  for the fun of it. I am the
sort  of person that can't stress - not there was any
pressure  to  produce  in  Bonzai  anyway. We sticked
together  for  so many more things that releasing de-
mos. Some of us were friends long before the compu-
ter  days  and  these  days  -  when  not active in the
scene anymore - we still hang around together.

?:  Would  you  agree to say that many Bonzai produc-
tions  have been influenced by Amiga demos? Demo tit-
les  like  "Amiga Works" or "Bonziiied", the conversa-
tion of Rebels' "Coma" form that impression?

!: Ofcourse some of us coders was watching the Amiga
scene through the corner of our eyes - and thought
it  a  lot of fun reproducing typical Amiga effects. But
then again, we were at a distance to Amiga-scene -at
least  at the time the mentioned demos were produced.
As  an  example, Walt has never owned an Amiga, and I
think  the  titles  simply originated in the fact that the
audio  samples  used  in "Amiga Works I+II" were done
through  the  Amiga.  We  used  the Amiga for loads of
things:  Dize  made  quite a lot of his CBM 64 graphics
on  the  Amiga  and  we  offcourse used it to raytrace
things when needed. I was the first in Bonzai to actu-
ally  do  some 68000 effects, and maybe that influen-
ced some of our demos, but I'm not really sure...

?:  Today  many  people  complain  about  the fact that
people  try to copy effects or even entire demos like
Smash  Designs  did with Future Crew's "Second Rea-
lity"  these  days.  What  do  you think about the topic
converting ideas/demos? If I remember correctly, the
scene  was  amazed  back  in  time  when  certain well
known   profiles   planned  to  convert  Red  Sector's
Megademo, just to name an example.

!:  I realize the amount of slack that Smash's been gi-
ven...  And  that they are viewed as a bad symptom of
where   the  CBM 64  scene  is  heading  today.  Let's
just calm down, guys!
I  think that Smash Designs version of "Second Reali-
ity"  is  some  pretty  cool stuff! There's is definately
something  cool  in  taking  a  legendary PC demo, and
make  it  run (decently) on the CBM 64. The intro-bit,
with  the PC-bootup, was the most hillarious thing I've
seen  in  many  years!!  Ofcourse  the 64-coders are
looking   at  what's  happening  on  the  Amiga  or  PC.
That's  has been happening for sooo long. Maybe we'll
soon  even  have  old-school coders sitting with their
8-bit  box  looking  at  current  16/32-bit demos and
saying to themselves: "I can do that better right here
on my Commie!" And then they do it!
A  lot  of  the  PC  demos are in the "Let's show them
what  my  3D-engine can do for about ten long boring
minutes"-genre  -  and  the CBM 64 CAN compete with
that!   Easily,   even  though  there  are  no  cool  new
VIC-chip  flaws  left  to  explore  and exploit and even
though   the   traditional  records  have  become  un-
breakable because of Crest. I suppose... hehehe!

?: Since a couple of years the notorious 4x4 chunky2
planar routine has infiltrated Amiga demos and not too
much  later  it  took  over  the CBM 64 demo scene by
storm,  too. What do you think about the usage of that
mode,  not  only  on the CBM 64 but aswell on all other

!:  If  people  use  it  to make cool effects it's OK in my
opinion,  because  you  CAN  use  it to make some cool
effects. Although I won't forget how I laughed my arse
off  when  seeing  one  of  the  newer  CBM  64 demos
featuring   full-frame  gouraud-shading:  the  screen
was   made  of  a  few  HUGE  8x8  "pixels"  flickering
heavily  about.  Anyway,  if  done  properly those 4x4
pixel-routines are alright, and when someone COOLER
makes  the  same routines we see now in 2x2 chunky2
planar FLI, it definately will be alright! :-)
Although  I would love to, I haven't seen any demos on
the  Amiga for about five years, and I can't remember
having   seen  anything  on  the  PC  looking  like  4x4
chunky2planar.  I  mean,  doesn't (S)VGA support na-
tive chunky pixels already?

?:  Due to the fact that people do still intend to break
records  set up before many demos are looking very
similar,  in design and the appearance of the effects.
Some  people think this phenomenon came up with new
school  demos,  but  for  those who can remember the
good  old  times  this phenomenon isn't that new, is it?
After  a  new record has been set up a few weeks la-
ter the attempt to break it followed. What do you think
about it?

!: Record-setting and breaking has been a part of the
CBM  64  demo  scene  is long as I remember, and it is
one  of  the  things  that  made  the  CBM 64 scene so
great  to  follow  and  participate  in. In my distinction
there    are    three   types   of   demos:   1)   Record
setting/breaking  demos,  2)  Design breaking demos,
and  3)  Plain  lame  demos. I think that both 1) and 2)
could  be extremely innovative, but in their own ways,
from  either  a  coders  perpective or from a graphi-
cian/musicians perpective. People can prefer 1) or 2)
type  of  demos,  but  both  have the same importance
with  respect  to  pushing  the  limits for the CBM 64.
That's  what  makes  a lot of PC demos so fucking bo-
ring  -  with  the  hardware  industry going absolutely
bananas these days, there are hardly any code-limits
to  push,  only  design  limits.  But  people forget that,
they make their own 3D-engine, put some objects in it
and  think  that's  it. But it isn't - the innovative bit is
often  missing  -  and the demos turn into type 3) de-
mos.  The  mantra  of a coders on any platform should
be:  "State-of-the-art  code  is  always  too old." And
work from there.

?:  Originality  is  a  most  discussed keyword of demo
design.  What  do  you prefer, a technical high advan-
ced  demo,  a very original demo based on cute, never
seen  before  ideas  or a well designed but not so ad-
vanced  demo  or  the  ultimate solution, a combination
of  those  points? What is/was your favourite CBM 64
demo,  regarding  the technical aspect, originality and
the design?

!:  Personally I always prefered the original demo with
the  new design-ideas. The technical coding aspect of
a  demo  wasn't  at all important as long as the design
was innovating. But the most important thing of all has
always  been  the  music  -  or  rather  how the music
corresponded with the demodesign. With regard to the
techical  aspect  my favorite demo of all time is "No. 3
The  Larch"  by Bones from the Dominators/Upfront/
Trilogy  Party  in  the  Christmas  of 1989. Besides all
the never-seen-before-kick-ass-routines one of the
reasons  this  demo  is  so  cool is seen already in the
first  part. The musical buildup (by JCH -the alltime #1
soundeffect  wizard)  and  its stunning climax with the
zoomer  is one of the greastest things I've ever seen
and heard. Ofcouse the zoomer has been done better
since  then by for example Camelot, but the experien-
ce of having seen the Larch-zoomer premiere on the
huge projector-screen on the DUT-party, still makes
me get the gooseskin every time I see it again.
But THE one demo above them all has always been and
always will be

               "THAT'S THE WAY IT IS" by Scoop

When   this   demo   came  out  it  features  simply  the
coolest  graphics ever seen on the CBM 64 and - of-
couse  - some of the most awesome music ever heard
on  the CBM 64. That Jeroen Tel tune in the main part
is  still  my  favourite  piece  of music - also when the
computer  is  off!  The  demo hardly features any wild
code and that only proves my point that the music and
the  design/graphics  is  way more important than the
coding-effects. In my humble opinion, anyway.

?:  Do you still have any connection to today's CBM 64
scene at all?

!: Not really... I am curious enough to watch the demos
that are produced and like quite a lot of it - and that
isn't   just   nostalgia.  The  coders  that  are  around
these  days  know  their  commie! And its funny to see
how  that  the  things  we did back then and which was
revolutionary at that time, now are classical standard
sort  of  things.  But,  no  connections,  beside  my old
friends  whom  I  still  hang  around  with...  (hi  Ricky,
Scortia, Knox, Dize, Crush, Walt)

?:  With  the  Internet  the  communication has become
faster   and   more  comfortable.  What  do  you  think
about  this  new  media and what are the services you
find  to be most useful? Do you have own web publica-
tions you want to promote here?

!: Together with coffee (black), sex (straight) and to-
bacco  (all  kinds),  the  net definetely has its place in
my top ten of the alltime coolest things.
I'm  a  total  usenet-junkie  (find me in
programmer,  netscape.mozilla.general  and comp.sys.
cbm), but the web is also a cool thing. Check the quite
but  the  web is also a cool thing. Check the quite new
new  Bonzai  C  64 Homiepage at'/˜jelle
which I set up a few months ago.

?:  Everything  has to come to an end, Relax Magazine
can't  made  an  expection here. Here in the very last
question we usually offered our interview partners to
place  greetings,  messages or whatever else you in-
tend  to  insert  here.  It was nice to have you as our
guest  this  time.  Many  thanks  for sharing your opi-
nions  with  us and for your time you spent on this in-

!:  Well,  thanks for wanting to interview an old hacker
like  me!  I  think I'll just end this with my usual end of
scroll comment: "I'll stop this crap now as nobody but
Trap  is reading this anyway!  " (And he WAS the only
one  who  read  all  of the scrolltexts. I'll just hope he
calls  me  like  he  used  to,  saying:  "I  liked your new
part! Cool scrolltext by the way! hehe!")

Best regards,


Demo Scene

                           < DEMO SCENE >
Welcome to the latest happenings in and around the
demo scene. This chapter will provide further infor-
mation about the actual situation in the

                     > RESOURCE VS. PANIC <

affair, a closer look at the intention, a sort of making
if for the production

                       > THE LAST REACTOR <

and an overview about the

                             > RELEASES <

made in Spring 1998.

Demo  Reviews  will  have  a  closer  look  at the much
talked about

                        > SECOND REALITY <

while Demo Reviews II will feature reviews about

                       > THE LAST REACTOR <


                             > KRESTYRON <

It's demo time.

          Resource vs. Panic - the final chapter?
Perhaps  you  remember the scenario of the last edi-
tion   where  Resource  complained  about  JER/Panic
having ripped datas out of the Exile's "Virtual Bruta-
lity" complex line-vector part in 320x200 resolution?
The story continues.

After printing Panic's verse of the story provided by
THRONE  in  the  previous  edition  he has received an
angry  e-mail  from  EDHELLON/Resource expressing
that  he NEVER traded sourcecodes with Jer. Fact is
that  Throne  THOUGHT Jer had trading source codes
with  Edhellon  since  he  could  not believe in the fact
that  Jer  could  have ripped it out of a demo. Jer did
not explain to have traded sources.
MIKE/Byterapers, the brother of Jer, did confirm in a
phonecall  that Jer had taken the data directly out of
the  demo  from  Exile.  With  that  information  in  mind
Throne  did  not  hesitate  and  kicked  Jer out of the
group.   Unfortunately  this  action  almost  killed  the
group, as if Throne wouldn't have let Jer rejoining the
team  the  core members of the group would have left
Panic, too, as Jer is a founding members of the team.
Therefore  Jer  had  to  be taken back into the group
and  they  have  a big, happy family again. Things have
been  forgiven  and  Throne assured that happenings
like this won't appear again.

We truely hope this is the last time we have to report
about  it  and  hope  that Panic will please the masses
with self-made demos and routines in the future.

        The deeper meaning of "The Last Reactor"
Relax  Magazine  has  made  a short interview with MC
VALACH/React  concerning  the release of "The Last
Reactor",  to  highlighten  the  deeper  meaning of the

?: "The  Last  Reactor"  is a protest note against nu-
clear  power  and  powerplants. Is a CBM 64 demo the
best media to spread this opinion worldwide?

!:  At  first  The  Last  Reactor  isn't meant as protest
against  nuclear  power, it should be some kind of me-
mento.  I  don't  think  nuclear  power  is bad, it's just
dangerous  but  what  is  not?  This  demo should just
keep  this  fact  in  people's  mind  and  do not forget
about  Tchernobyl.  But  back  to  your  question. It's
hard  to  say  if  a  Commodore  64  is  best media for
spreading  our  opinions  worldwide.  I just know, that
NOW it's best media for me and the React crew.
Ofcourse,   in   the   case   this   demonstration   was
released  on  PC,  then  it  could  get  more attention,
because lots of non-scene people have PC and lots of
them  are watching demos. And this project is not just
for  sceners,  but also non-sceners. Computer is just
a  media.  If we had a possibility we could make film but
we  hadn't  and  because  of it we are working on C64
it's best for us.

?: Do you think that the vocable "demonstration" must
have something in common with protest?

!:  Demonstration is not protest. It's just some kind of
benefit  or  presentation  of  your  opinion.  And when
someone do not agree with this opinion, maybe then he
can  call  it  protest.  But  protest is something like "I
think,  you  are  doing  wrong! Stop it!". Demonstration
is  a  bit  different,  if  offers  you an alternative. But
there's  a  very  thin  border  between  protest  and
demonstration.  It depends on situation and view. And
this is just my view and ofcourse I can be wrong.

?: Demonstration has multiple meanings. A demonstra-
tion  can  be a bunch of people demonstrating against
something,  but  aswell a presentation, a show, what is
nothing  else  but a couple of effects shown in a pre-
defined  row.  Have you ignored this aspect while edi-
ting your definition of CBM 64 demonstrations?

!:  Yes, people are considering couple of effects to be
a  demonstration  and they called it DEMO, but I think,
that  there  is  very big difference between demo and
demonstration.  A  demo is just, as you said, couple of
effects.  Demonstrations  use  this effects for making
a project more interesting, effects are not main thing,
THOUGHT is main. Computer demonstrations are about
something, a demo is just about mindless effects.

?:  What  do  you  think  about the CBM 64 demo scene
these    days,   especially   about   those   conception
trackmos    made    for   big   screens   to   stun   the
multi-platform  audience  at parties, ignoring the fact
that  the  majority  of the CBM 64 can watch the demo
at home on 13 inch monitors/TV sets only?

!:  C64  is  very  old computer, it's miracle that it still
has  part  on  these  big  computer  parties,  so  if we
wanna  to  take part on parties also in future, we had
to  produce  demos,  which  will interest also non-C64
sceners  or  non-sceners. There are many ways how
to do this.

First one is use that big cursors, which can look fine
on big screens, but most of them looks ugly on normal
TV  sets.  But it's relatively easy to code effects with
this  big  points and you don't have to be genius to do
this  fast.  But  these effects are just copied from PC
or Amiga. Even I've seen some really good demos with
that   big  points,  most  of  them  looks  ugly...  But  it
depends at group, not at resolution.

The  other  way to interest people is produce demon-
strations   with   original   effects,   with   some  good
thoughts,  or  with lotsa and nice graphics and design
&  style.  This  is  bit  harder, because you have to do
quality  concept, it takes more time to paint lotsa gfx,
you have to co-operate with all other people involved
in  that  project all the time. Even there are used just
few  "coder's"  effects,  it  can  look  very  good  and
demo like this is WATCHABLE on normal TV sets.

?:  Many  thanks  for your cooperation. Good luck with
your future productions.

At   the   FLAG   1998   the   demo  rush  has  started.
REACT's  "THE LAST REACTOR" (extended review fol-
lows  in  the  demo  reviews)  has won the competition,
providing a trackmo based on a conception first seen
in  Triad's  "Red  Storm". Jack, McValach, 2ge, Reekol
and   Orcan   did   a   quite   remarkable   job  without
breaking for hunting for any records.
BREEZE's   "MEAT   KREST"  did  not  make  it  to  the
FTP-sites  yet  so  it  is  impossible  to  comment   the
CASCADE   finally   presented  the  full,  but  bugging,
version  of  "TRIP  2  NEPA(L)",  made  by Carlos, Mr.
Lee,  T.  Kappatsch,  Zeldin,  Ray,  Scortia and Zyron.
Especially  the AFLI graphics are worth to be kept in
mind. The fixed version followed a while later.

MEKKA  &  SYMPOSIUM  1998  became  once  again the
Mekka  for  CBM  64  demo  disciples. Oh surprise, the
organisers  from  SMASH DESIGNS did contribute with
two   productions   again.    The  first  one  was  "OUR
DARKNESS",  a two sided trackmo made by AEG, AMJ,
Orcan,  Sonic  and Wacek. This time it even contains a
few  neat looking effects and artwork but unfortuna-
tely  the  impression that some effects have been re-
cycled  can't be denied. After "Second Reality" this is
the  second acceptable production which can be defi-
ned  as above average but still this is no mindblasting
production.   The   second   demo  is  a  dentro  called
"PAYDAY". Credits for it were given to Dasheele, AEG
and PVCF, promoting the new school demo style.
HITMEN surprised the scene with a two-sided trackmo
called  "REANIM8ED"  which  was  made  by  Groepaz,
Peacemaker,  Cupid,  The  Syndrom and Zyron. As the
name  already  tells  it  is not too hard to imagine that
the  production  mainly  contains animations only, what
is  a  bit  surpringly with Hitmen being known as hard-
liners for the so-called old-school demo design.
When OXYRON and CREST join forces the project can
be  called  "KRESTYRON"  only,  a one-file  demo  with
several   parts   made  by  Axis,  Crossbow,  Graham,
Cupid,  Deekay,  Forbidden  Cult,  Vip, Mitch and Dane.
Please  read  more  about  it in the following extended
demo reviews.
WOW  came up with two releases called "LICENCE" and
"BEERSTATION".    "License"    appeared    to   be   a
two-sided  trackmo  made  by  Lybis,  Bundy, Vip, WEC
and  The  Alien. This production has been created and
optimised to be shown on a big screen and remembers
a bit in form and style on older Smash Designs demos.
" Beerstation" is an old-file demo made by Iceman and
PFK  in  the notorious popular Amiga intro design and
fitting into the cathegory party-scroller demo.
METALVOTZE  presented  a  one-sided trackmo called
"BOOZE",  made  by  Bitbreaker, Syntax and JCH. The
production   itself   looks   quite  good  but  does  not
provide  anything that has been seen before. There is
one  adult  animation  in, so please make sure that the
production may not be send to sceners under 18.
CASCADE   provided   with  "TRIP  2  NEPA(L)  -  THE
SEQUAL"  the  second  demo  within  a short period, a
one-sided   trackmo  put  together  by  CARLOS,  MR.
LEE,  ZELDIN  and  ZYRON. Not too stunning but quite
The   group   WILLOW   contributed   with  an  oldstyle
inspired  multi-file  demo called "OLDSTYLE", involved
producers   are   Sony,  Bleze  and  Mr.  Quark.  It  is
indeed  a  real  shame that the music composers were
not  credited  as some of them were the real highlight
of  the  demo.  Next  to  countless others tracks from
Drax,  EVS,  Fame,  Fred  Grey,  HP/Offence, JCH, JT,
KB/TOM and LOS could have been found in here.
PADUA  presented  "SPLISH  SPLASH", an old-school
orientated    single-file    demo   linked   together   by
SYNDROM and JADAVIN. It contains some nice looking
but  not too stunning parts like a gameboy-type intro
and  two  underwater-parts.  As "WE ARE FAMILY" is
just  a  notemaker  file  we  won't  take  it  into closer

The  Rush  Hours  98  brougt  along  a few titles, too.
FRACTION       provided      a      production      called
"PATHOLOGY",    DRACO    "TAKE    OFF",    RULE    3
Unfortunately  the  productions couldn't be accessed
on  the  FTP-sites,  too,  we  are  sorry that we can't
take a closer look on them, too.

During   all  those  parties  a  few  demos  have  been
released,  too. DIGITAL EXCESS finally presentated a
new demo called "SPACE BUBBLES II",put together by
Thomas  Koncina  (Burn), Bj]rn Odendahl (Se7en) and
Matthias Hartung (The Syndrom). It is unfortunately a
promotion  demo  for the PC based graphic converter
"Big  VIC  II",  a quite powerful tools being capable to
convert  graphics  into  singlecolor  hires,  multicolor
(Koala),   multicolor   interlace  (MCI),  FLI  and  IFLI
(Funpaint II).
HITMEN  presented  a  dentro  called  "ABUSE", which
was  made  by Erol, Cupid and The Syndrom, going into
the  direction that the statements and messages made
are more important than the provided production.
NIPSON  provided  a  dentro called "UNDRIVED" made
by  Luke,  Condic,  Jester Kyd and ASL. Indeed a nice
production  but  it  not  so stunning like certain other
popular dentro releases.
Last  but  not  least  TRIAD  finally  released the long
awaited  demo  "REFUGEE".  Responsible  for  it  were
King  Fisher,  Dane and TDM. The demo is quite nice to
watch,   combining   coding,   graphics  and  musics  to
create   a   special  mood  and  a  union.  It  does  not
surprise  that  it  partly  looks  like  a  re-mix  of the
essential   basics  which  have  been  seen  in  former
Triad   productions   like   "Red October"   and   "Red
Storm". A good job from all involved creators.

Let's continue with the demo reviews now.

Best regards,


Demo Reviews

                          < DEMO REVIEWS >
Welcome  to  the demo reviews of this edition. We deci-
ded  to  start  with  a review that was supposed to be
released  in Relax Magazine 23 already but Fuben did
not  deliver his review in time. With the coding bit mis-
sing  the  review  was  complete so Clarence has been
so  kind to have a look at that production, too. Better
late than never.

                        • SECOND REALITY •
"Second  Reality"  is  a  cult  demo  from THE PC demo
group   that   comes  straightly  into  your  mind  while
talking about PC demo groups - FUTURE CREW, a team
not only known for their outstanding music composers
but  aswell  for  the  fact that they provided stunning
demo  titles  on  an exotic machine called PC when the
core of the demo scene could be found on the Amiga.
Smash  Designs  took  their  chance  on  the  CBM  64
when  most  major demo groups retired or went inac-
tive to make a name with quantity releases.

The  conversation  of  this PC masterpiece brought a
lot  of positive feeback for Smash Designs, especially
in the PC and Amiga world. Yes, even commercial Ami-
ga magazines reporting about The Party 7 dedicated
various  screenshots  and  text rows to this produc-
tion. For us it is a good opportunity to have a look at
the  production  and  to see that our experts have to
add about the demo conversation.

                    Clarence about the coding:
This  demo  won at the party seven coded by AEG and
DCP.  It  was a pleasure for the PC audience to watch
it  because  it's a copy of an old famous PC demo from
1993  called  "Second Reality" by Future Crew. Smash
tried  to  convert ALL the effects to the c64. For me
as  a  C64  coder Oxyron's Oneder was a better (and
harder coded) demo than this, but that just my taste.
The  production  is  2 sides long, using the IRQ loader
technique. Let's see the demo.

After  a  PC boot simulation, we can choose autostart
demo,  or  start demo. 'Autostart demo' runs the demo
instantly, start demo gives us a PC DOS simulation. We
can  use  commands  like  CD, DIR and seek the Smash
demo  and  run  it  like  that.  Then we are at the demo
setup. We can choose a sound card. We better choose
SID  or  we  won't  hear  anything on our c64. We can
also  switch  sound  quality  which doesn't effects the
SID replay.Also we can enable or disable demo looping
(all  is  the same than in the PC demo). After pressing
enter  the  demo  starts.  We  can  see  mountains and
stars  scrolling  slowly.  Above  in  sprites  there ap-
pears  the  demo credits. In the mountains we can see
an  UGLY cut. The scrolling stops. First a big ship ap-
pears  over  our head and goes away. Then some ani-
mated  Tie  Fighters follow it (like in Star Wars). After
some  seconds  a  big  blow char animation covers the
screen,  it  becomes  white.  After a pic the first part
comes up. A chessboard bounces in the bottom of the
screen  just  like  in  the  original  demo. An expanded
sprite  glenz  vector  object  bounces  on  the chess-
board,  then  the  chessboard  disappears  and  a big
vector  object  appears  behind  the  little vector ob-
ject.  It's  also a glenz vektor and uses every second
rasterline  of  the screen. It all disappears and a plot
tunnel  appears  for a few seconds. It doesn't update
every  frame,  but  looks  like  the  one in the original
demo (maybe contains same amount of dots, too). Then
big  interference  circles  come  in  (all  done without
sprites,  raw  pixel putting). They can waving, too, but
they  are  very  slow.  Then  comes some turning lines
which  is very similar to a part by Graham of Oxyron.
This one uses every second line of the screen (may-
be slower than Grahams).
We  see  then  another  picture which fades away with
the  'TV turning off' effect. Then we see a text saying
insert side 2 (this doesn't appeared in the original PC
demo). The drive autostarts the second sides. Next is
a scroll following the shape of a land. Nicely done. But
it doesn't scroll under the leaf of the tree like in the
original version. It's saying 'another way to scroll...'.
Next is a face appears in 4 by 4 fli (gee). Then a lens
stars  bouncing  on  it.  When the lens goes out of the
face starts to rotate and zoom (also in 4by4).
Next is a character plasma using the extended colour
mode.  Showing  different  color  combinations. Then a
4by4  texture  vector  cube.  On the side of the cube
there  are plasma like effects waving. After this part
a bob part appears. Not much to say. Character bobs
with  mirror  in  different  sinus  movements. It's a bit
slow,  but ok. Then a 'ray trace' part comes. In a ray-
traced  scene  pixels are coming out in a flat 'line'. We
see   this   line's  mirror  on  the  'metal  like'  objects
surface.  This  is a good conversation of the original
part! Next we see a picture bouncing into the screen
with  gel  effect.  The effect is a bit slow, but because
of  the size of the pic it's ok. The gel effect movement
isn't  mathematically  too  correct.  Then the last real
part  appears.  It's  a  full animated vector world. The
camera  flies  over  streets  and  between  big  tower
houses.  At the end a Commodore sign appears (in the
original demo it was a Future Crew vector logo). Then
after  a  picture we see the credits for each part. At
the  top  we can see a little screen-snapshot pic of a
part and on the bottom the creator names. As a very
last part an upscroll appears...

For  me  as  a  c64  coder the demo didn't showed too
much  new  or original things. But I'm also sure in that
it was a VERY HARD WORK to put this all togther to be
like  this.  I  appreciate  the  work the dudes in Smash
put  to  this  project. Congratualtions dudes! The only
thing  I  don't  like  about it is the fact, they made this
for  the  PC  scene,  to  win  the  big  PC audience for
themselves to vote for them.And this way they won. To
make  a  C64 demo to win a mainly PC oriented party's
C64  democompo  is different than make a 'C64 DEMO',
this example proves. OK, I have no more things left to
say, just the coding rate. I give 80%.

                      RRR about the artwork:
It  was  done,  as  usual,  by  AEG. The review will only
feature  the  "real"  graphics,  no  textures (ab)used
for any effects.

Like  known for the PC original the show begun with a
three  colours  holding  horizontal  scrolling moutains
landscape  with  is  quite  okay but e.g. compared with
the  scrolling landscape in "Dutch Breeze" quite poor,
followed    by    a    multicolour   bitmap   logo/picture
combination  showing  a Second Reality logo at the top
and   buttom   surrounding   some   kind   of   strange
fantasy  creature,  no  clue  what  is  exactly is. Next
one  is  a  monster  dressed  in  a  sort  of armament
having  a  sky and mountains in the background. Next
one  is a piece of true Koala art, some plants in front
of  a  blue  scaled  background  with some interesting
shades.  Unfortunately  it looks a little bit unfinished.
Another multicolour bitmap picture follows, to be more
exactly  a  raytraced  scenery  with  two marbles and
cute    reflection/mirror    effects   what   is   almost
impossible  to  realise  by  hand.  Finally  there  is the
already  known  and  too  often  seen  Smash Designs
logo in multicolour bitmap. Can't remember how often it
has been shown in Smash productions already.

Recommending  the  fact  that  all  graphics are in the
traditional   multicolour   bitmap  format  (=  Koala,  16
colours, 160x200), the graphics are quite good. Solid
done   without   using   any   of  the  effect  snatching
flickering    exotic   formats.   However,   the   overall
impression  that  some  art  has been wired and looks
rather  unfinished  can't  be denied. AEG has shown a
lot  of  promising  dispositions,  still  most  of  the art
looks  like  having  the  status  of  60% - 75% of what
could  have  been  made out of them. The rating of 71%
should be more than fair.

                     Vip about the soundtrack:
Standing  in  the  spotlight here is KB/Smash Designs
who,  ironically  enough, only got mentioned as a mem-
ber  of  Smash's  PC-section at the end of this demo,
but  who  is  ofcourse a member of The Obsessed Ma-
niacs on the CBM 64, too.

Leaving  out  some  of the contributions by PVCF, the
sound  quality  is  rather  poor  in  a  Smash  Designs
demo,  so  I was pleasantly surprised to see that this
production wasn't too bad.

It all begins with a conversion of 'The Russian Girl' by
Chemistry.  Not  bad  and  on top of it there are some
interesting   sound-FX  present  to  really    feel  that
mothership 'warping out' in the intropart.

After  a  little wait, a new tune unfolds and initially it's
very  nice  with  a neat filter-effect for the dropping
chessboard  and  a swell melody, which reminded me a
bit of the 'Lucullus'-music in an old Fairlight-demo.
Unfortunately   the   tune  then  settles  to  a  rather
boring  bassriff  and  interest  soon  fades away, not
even a nice 'get down'-sample can bring it back.

'Insert  side 2',  it  says,  and  I  do what I'm told. The
longest  tune  of  the  demo  starts  to  play.  It's also
the  worst  music  of  this  Smash Designs production,
featuring   more   samey  bassriffs,  'gurgle  gurgle'-
samples  and  a  terrible  melody-sound  (the   volume
definately  went  down  a  few notches). The only good
parts here are the atmospheric tone-modulations.

The  best  was  kept  for  last. After a slightly melan-
cholic  'this  is  the  end!'-part, the final tune changes
gear   to   an  opulent  march,  John  Williams-style.  I
really   liked   that  one,  too  bad  it  got  spoilt  by  a
second transition to a very busy tune, in which every
voice  gets  selfish  and  tries to play for itself. Still,
this is my favourite music of the demo.

There's  quite  some  work  done  to  make  the  music
sound  the  way  it  does,  so KB did a great job which
deserves credit.
However,   I  can't  give  a  high  quotation  since  the
used  instruments  are  quite  old  and  the tunes are
not as polished as they could be.

Still,  this  fine  effort  merit s 64%. Let's hope that in
the  future,  Smash  can raise their quality level even

Please  find the more actual reviews in Demo Reviews,
part II.

Best regards,

Clarence/Graffity Produkt

Demo Reviews II

                        < DEMO REVIEWS II >
You  have  selected the second part of the demo re-
view  chapters offered in this edition. Here you'll find
the reviews of productions presented at recent par-
ties,  in this case the winner of the Flag 1998 and the
third one from the Mekka & Symposium 1998.

No need for further introduction texts.

                         THE LAST REACTOR
React  has  already  provided  a  few  demos  in their
existance but never made the real break-through to
get well known in the western European countries. It
could be rather exciting so observe if that will chan-
ge after this production.

                    Clarence about the coding:
This  demo  won the Flag '98 demo competition here in
Budapest.  The  demo  was  created  by  the Slovakian
REACT  crew,  mainly  coded  by  Mc  Valach with some
support of Jack.

A  nice  work  indeed  from  them.  This  is  not a hard
coded  demo  and doesn't wanted to be that. It's style
is something like King Fisher's and TDM's 'Red Storm'.
Giving   political   standpoints,  remembers  us  to  the
Chernobyl    catastrophe,   and   it's   consequences.
Protests against the nuclear estabilishments to avoid
such  disaster  to  happen  again.  The demo done with
nice  little  scenes like in the begginning when a girl is
sitting   on   the   grass,   holding   a   flower.  At  the
background  a  nuclear  block  can  be  seen. Then to
symbolize    the    nuclear    catastrophe   everything
becomes  black  and  the  girl  turns  into  a skeleton.
There  are  many  good  gfx  illustrations like the nice
fence  in  the above mentioned scene. There are some
C64  scene  related  episodes  in the demo like a little
protest  against  the  often  seen 4by4 based demos.
The  greetings  part is also a very nice one. Vertical
and  horizontal  lines  cover the text randomly, whilst
the  screen flashes. Looks good in my humble opinion.
So,   this   demo   is   very  special  and  worth  to  be
watched.  If  you haven't seen it then take my advice,
go get and see it!

The  demo  is  one  side  long plus a boot file is on the
another diskside with a notefile. Well done dudes, nice
work.  It's  hard  for  me to give a code rate for this,
because it's an unique demo, it's different than usual.
It  based on ideas, design and not the HARD coding. I
give 45%.

                      RRR about the artwork:
The  graphics  have  been  made by REEKOL and 2GE,
who wired some of Reekol's graphics down to the CBM

The  intro  features a horizontal scrolling multicolour
bitmap  graphic  showing  grass,  flowers,  a  blue sky
with  clouds, a fence, a stable, a little girl and a finally
nuclear  powerplant  made  in  a  sort  of  comic style
without  heavy  dithering. Then some kind of explosion
fades the screen in grey scales and the girl became a
skeleton. Then there is a vertical scrolling multicolour
bitmap  image  showing  the skeleton of a fish, made in
three   colors  with  some  blood  spread  over  a  few
fishbones.   It's   followed   by   a   15  frames  holding
animation of the radioactivity symbol. The plasma part
provided  two  different  pieces, once a three colours
holding  human  body  and  some  sort  of surrounding
effect  for  the  plasma  which looks like being ported
because of the weird colour combinations. Next in the
row  is  a singlecolour hires React sign which is later
on   shown   in  an  animated  version  in  nine  frames
looking  like  having  used  a effect which can be made
with e.g. "Kai's Power Goo" on PC or "Elastic Dreams"
on  Amiga.  Furthermore  there  is  a  animated bloody
hand  in  nine frames showing some blood drops falling
down.   The  end  screen  finally  has  shown  a  comic
styled  mutant  in multicolour bitmap format, vertically

If  you  see  the  graphics  outside  of  the demo they
might  not  be  too  impressive,  but  in  this  case  the
combination  of  coding,  artwork  and  soundtrack  is
upgrading  the  overall  impression. The graphics are
not drawn with hardcore dithering in exotic, flickering
formats  to  stunn  the  masses,  those graphics were
made to fit into a CBM 64 demo and to give it a special
touch. Keeping it mind the artwork deserves for sure
75% without any hesitation.

                     Vip about the soundtrack:
Smiling at us behind his keyboard is Orcan/React, who
was in charge of the audial part of this demo.

A  fine  first  tune  to  kick  off is 'The Last Reactor',
which   -admittedly-   starts   off  rather  bland.  The
sounds  don't  convince,  and  you're left yawning and
watching the demo scenery.
But  Orcan  wouldn't  be Orcan if he wouldn't violently
awaken  us  - the tune modulates into a brilliant piece
of      drama,     highlighted     by    a    neat    filtered
'waterdrop'-sound  and  a delicate balance between a
$21  and  a  $41- instrument, forming the main melody.
The   whole   regularly   changes   to  some  enjoyable
interludes,  trying  to  create  apocalyptic settings; I
especially   liked   the  interlude  whilst  counting  the
world's total of nuclear plants.
After  such  a  promising  start,  the second tune can
hardly  wait  to  continue the flow - and does a pretty
good   job   at  it.  It's  'Space  of  Chaos',  previously
released at The Party 7. I liked it a lot back then, but
was  a  bit  confused  about the chaotic nature of the
music,  changing  pace  quite  often.  But as I watched
this  demo, everything fell into place. The music comes
to   it's   full   right   in   this  demo,  it's  quite  hectic
character fitting perfectly to the demo action.
For  those  who  haven't  heard  it  before, it's a tune
which   starts   out   trying   to  set  an  outterspace
atmosphere,    then    gradually   transforms   into   a
spank-me-to-heaven  technotune.  It's  rather good,
although some of the sounds are a bit offkey, e.g. the
filtered  $21-arpeggios.  Warning  to all sceners made
of crystal or any other breakable material: 'Space of
Chaos'   contains   some   very   high-pitch  shrieking
noises,  so  keep  the  volume low or you'll end up in a
million pieces.
We're  near the end now and the demo still manages to
surprise:   just   when   you  think  you're  in  for  the
endingtune,  you  get  a  little  scene  from  your local
hospital's reanimation room, and more specifically the
heart-beat  surveyor.  It  continuously   accelerates
beeping,  as  if  it  were  struggling  for  life, and then
ends   the   battle  with  one  massive  long-stretched
beeeee...... It's not bad, but I would have preferred of
letting  that  last beee... fade out gradually instead of
keeping  it at  full  volume,  which  tends  to get on the
nerves  should  you  watch the demo more than once.
This  time  it's  really  the  end. Orcan puts out all the
stops  one last time and brings us 'Schizophrenia', of
which  a  longer, uncut version appeared at the 'Flag
As  it's title predicts, this tune comprises two distinct
styles  of  play.  On the one hand you get a 'happy yet
at the same time oh so sad' theme, whilst on the other
hand  it's  rave-ho  with a low-bass homeboyz-music.
Sounds  like  Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde to me! Anyway, the
happy-sad  part  is  pretty  bog-standard, with some
easy-to-do   hall-effect   and  harmonics,  whilst  the
homeboyz-theme   lacks   'strength',   i.e.   there's   a
$81-sound   (used   repeatedly)   which   desperately
wants  to  sound like a cymbal, instead it sounds more
like   some  bloke  shaking  a  strawbush.  This  is  the
weakest part of the demo, so it was a wise decision to
keep playing time at a minimum.

I'd  like to denote the brilliant synchronisation of mu-
sic and demo. Lots of effort, from programmer as well
as  musician,  must  have gone into this, and deserves
credit.  It's nice to see a demo team working together
instead  of  just  ordering  some  graphics  and music
that deviates from the demo concept.

Speaking of demo concepts, let me follow the one from
this demo and ask: 'Did Orcan do a great job?' - I say
YES!  :)  I'd  like to give a rating of 84%, but only upon
considering   the   music  as  part  of  the  demo.  The
interaction  of  the  tunes  with  the  onscreen action
really lift it to higher spheres. If I had heard all three
tunes  (leaving  out  the  heartbeat- intermezzo) on a
partydisk, the score would have been lower. But as it
is   now,   I'm   looking   forward  to  see  more  React

When one is talking about the German demo scene and
groups  that  have  set milestones in demo making two
names  are  continuosly  spoiling  in the brain - Crest
and Oxyron. According to the charts both are leading
acts  since  ages,  so  a  cooperation  production can
only  cause nightmares for the concurence. Let's see
what  both  had  to offer in this little production ham-
mered together live at the Mekka & Symposium 1998.

                    Clarence about the coding:
Well, Krestyron is a cooperation demo between Crest
and   Oxyron.   May   we  say  a  'dream'  cooperation
between  two  leading  demo  producers who both are
strong  in  coding. Coders included in the project are
Axis  (I  think  his  part is an old code finished now by
Graham, but I'm not sure), Crossbow and Graham. Not
a  bad  team. I loaded the demo with big expectations.
And  after  all  it's  a very good one! It's a bit sad the
demo  is  not so long, only an intro and three parts (1
part  from  each  coders).  But  every part is a bit of
unique  speciality  and  NO  big  pixel  effects (thanks
god!). OK, let's see the demo in detail.

After a short intro which says 'Oxyron in assotiation
with  Crest  presents  Krestyron',  we  see some ugly
decrunching  effect.  Then the first part comes which
was  coded  by  Graham  of Oxyron. A huge rasterbar
stretches into the center of the screen, the middle of
the   bars   gets   black  and  the  show  begins.  Nice
beginning  for  the part! The part includes a 96 x 177
pixels  big  lowres  plasma  which  uses  seven  colors
(multicolor  chars  plus  multicolor  sprites). It's very
big,  very  colorfull,  and  very  smooth.  It's sure the
best  of  it's  kind!  The  plasma  is  not  done with raw
pixeling,  but  is  combined  with  a  stretch-like $D011
timing  (remember  there  are  sprites  as well), which
gives the ultimate speed. On the bottom of the screen
there  is  a  2x2  scroller.  The  plasma  changes  it's
movement and color very often. What more can I say?
It wasn't a 2 hours work from Graham, i'm sure about
that! Nice work! By pressing the space we see an 'eat
this...  (decrunching)'  text  for a while. Then the part
begins  by  Crossbow  of  Crest. After a short joking
introduction which is about a 'coders dream' the real
part  begins.  It's  Ayacodaa  part  II.  For those who
don't  know Ayacodaa part 1 was a part in Crest's Ice
Cream  Castle  demo. It was a very similar part to this
one     including    vertical    rasterbars.    But    who
remembers   that   part   also   remembers   that  the
scrolltext  in  it  which  explains  how  the routine was
made  was a simply joke (or a lie). So we don't have to
take  the  scroller  in  this  part  as an evidence too,
because  it's  lying  again!  :)  The  part  contains  full
character  screen  wide  vertical  rasterbars, every
vertical  rasterline  is  wide  as a multicolor pixel and
has(?)  it's  own  independant  color. This means that,
Crossbow   claims   he  managed  to  use  4  different
colors  in  a  line  inside a caharacter (and for every
character different 4 colors 40 chars wide). Well as I
said  the  scrolltext  is  not  giving true information. I
don't  know  how  exactly  the routine is done, and it's
not  my  job  to examine how Crossbow cheated it, but
it's  something  with  choosing  the colors cleverly. So
the  routine  just  LOOKS LIKE it knows, but in fact it
doesn't know what Crossbow claims, that's my opinion!
But  all  in  all  I  like  it very much!!! :) After pressing
space  a  big  hand  with it's thumbs up comes up from
the  lower  border,  and on the top a 'thumbs up' text
flashes. Nice design effect. The music still playing and
without decrunching text Axis of Oxyron's part is the
next  (and  the  last in the demo). It's a colorfull (fli?)
zoomscroller. The scroll zooms in and out with a very
nice  and soft movement. The action field is about half
char  screen  high.  The  scroll  pixels  are in minimum
size  about  4by4 pixel (that's what my eyes can see)
blocks,  and  these  blocks  have their own color. The
scroll is a bit hard to read especially when it's near. I
like  it anyway. It updates each frame. A nice part! No
more to say.

After  all  very nice demo. For me as a coder it was a
satisfaction  to  see  some  fresh ideas in coding. Pity
the demo is too short. I give 90%.

                      RRR about the artwork:
The  artwork  was drawn by Cupid, Deekay, Forbidden
Cult  and  Vip.  Curiously  Vip wasn't credited like RRR
wasn't  credited  for the blue logo in the main part of
"One-Der".  Has the responsible text writer heard of
credit where credit is due?

The  show started with a super-hires Crest logo from
Deekay,  using  the  technical side of the format close
to  the  limits.  Then  there is a boring Krestyron logo
made  in  multicolour bitmap using three colours in the
typical  Deekay style which has been seen a couple of
times  before.  The  graphical  highlight in this demo is
the  thumps  up  picture  made  in  multicolour  bitmap.
Unfortunately  it  is  shown  for  a short moment only.
The last piece of art is a multicolour bitmap logo made
in  cooperation  by  three  different  artists.  Nothing
special at all.

Keeping  in  mind  that  both  Crest  and  Oxyron have
highly   ranked   graphic   artists  in  their  rows  the
artwork   of  the  demo  is  rather  disappointing,  not
ignoring  that  most  of  the  art was drawn life at the
Mekka & Symposium. The rating can only be 61%.

                     Vip about the soundtrack:
The  notes  in  this  demo  were  played  by MITCH and
DANE/Crest, a highly acclaimed duo who I particularly
remember   for  the  excellent  work  in  'Krestology'.
Their  tune  'Dazzler',  which  comes  from the SHIFLI
part  in  this  demo,  is in my opinion a solid contender
for  the c64 top ten of all-time great musics. So, let's
see what goodies they've got in store for us time...

After   booting   the   demo   there's   the   obligatory
presentation,   in   which   you   can   hear   a   funky
25-second  ditty.  Short,  but  functional,  it  not only
bares  the  Mitch'n'Dane  mark  of quality instruments
and execution, but also sets the mood for a trip down
memory lane, to the time when demos were a collection
of hard-coded parts, each featuring a single graphic
and    a    short-but-cool   tune   (remember   'Lethal
That's   exactly   what   you   get   in   part  one  (the
plasma-part) of this demo; one funky little critter of a
tune!  This  reviewer's  head  grew  a  huge  smile and
started  to  move  rhythmically  to  the vibe... the rich
arpeggios,    the    quack-quack    base   and   clever
voice-handling  (a melody-arpeggio mix in one voice -
smart!)   charm  you  with  their  funkiness  and  even
though   it's   only   a  minute  long,  you  won't  resist
listening  to  it  for  a  few  loops  whilst  watching the
amazing effects onscreen. Short-but-cool.
After that little gem, things can only get better, right?
Well,  hum,  yes  and  no.  Krestyron's  last  two parts
(exclude  the  hand)  get  carried  by  a  single  tune,
which lacks the weight to do so.
Don't be fooled by the flawless and also humorous way
the   demo's  initially  synchronised  to  the  unfolding
music;   shortly   after,   the   tune  transforms  to  a
melodramatic  piece,  which  is  good  in it's own right,
featuring a filtered melodyline with fast shifts without
sounding  'overdone', a base that dares to jump a few
octaves  (gets  away  with it, too) and all that, but it's
unable  to  correlate to any of the two parts it spans
across.  Sad,  as this tune could've done really well in
another type of demo.

Well,  that  brings  us to a rating, which would be a tad
higher  if I were to look at the tunes on their own, but
I'm  getting  paid  (so to speak :)  to  judge  the  music
within the context of the entire demo experience, and
in that perspective the last music falls a bit short.
Still,  Krestyron's  soundtrack  is yet another display
of Mitch'n'Dane's top-of-the-bill potential. 87%

That have been all demo reviews done for this delayed

Best regards,

Clarence/Graffity Produkt

Party Radar

                           < PARTY RADAR >
Welcome  to  your  favourite  source reporting about
the current party events in form of results, reports
and invitations.

This  time  we  could easily fill up four chapters, some
more would have been possible, too.

The  first  chapter, this one, will inform you about the
results of the

                             > FLAG 1998 <
                        > RUSH HOURS 1998 <

and provide a party report of the legendary

                         > SCALA MEETING <

Party  Radar  II  will  bring  a  detailed  party report
about THE German scene party

                  > MEKKA & SYMPOSIUM 1998 <

while Party Radar III informs you about the terms of

                         > INTER JAM 1998 <
                                  > X'98 <

and  last  but  not least Party Radar IV presents the
invitation of the

                             > WIRED 1998 <

Enjoy  the  massive  information  covering  the  party
scene in Europe.

                                FLAG 1998
                     Februaryr 06 - 09, 1998

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.         128   The Last Reactor        React
02.         46    Meat Krest              Breeze
03          23    Trip To Nepa            Cascade

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.         50    Schyzophrenic            Orcan
02.         32    Sonata Syntenique        da Blondie
03.         23    Much Room                Zyron
03.         23    Aars Poetica              Carlos
04.         11    Love's                    GregFeel
05.          9    Missing You               CreaMD

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.        46    Summon Elf               Poison
02.        36    Psylocke                 Sebaloz
03.        21    Spawn                    AMN
03.        21    Creature                 Gerync
04.        17    Kriss                    Katon
05.        10    Worms                    Izzy
06.         7    Eyesight                 Splash
07.         6    Sonic                    ASN
07.         6    AutoCAD                  BRK
08.         4    Kawaii                   Zyga
09.         2    Bunny                    TGM
09.         2    Lost Soul                Bleze

                             Rush Hours 98
                         April 25 - 26, 1998

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      Pathology                 Fraction
02.    ----      Take off                  Draco
03.    ----      Cyberdome                 Rule3
04.    ----      Stundard                  Lepsi De

              * CBM 64 GRAPHIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      n/a                         Timix
02.    ----      n/a                         Levi
03.    ----      n/a                         Sebaloz

                * CBM 64 MUSIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.    ----      n/a                         Kordiaukis
02.    ----      n/a                         Wacek
03.    ----      n/a                         Klax

Totally  there  were  300  visitors including about 80
CBM  64  related sceners. There were members of all
Polish top crews like
AGONY  DESIGN  (Druid,  Comanche,  Moog and Bulee),
ALBION (Dr. Soft and Questor), ALLIANCE (Fangorn),
ARISE (Browar, Bimber, Sensei), DE-KODER (Flea and
Thorgal),  DRACO  (Mini Cat), ELYSIUM (Biondi), FAITH
(Praiser), FRACTION (Alpha, Pasthor, Sage, Sapper),
LEPSI  DE  (Katon,  Leo,  Nemo,  Sebaloy, Valsary and
Wacek),  MAD + BAD (Hunchi), NIPSON (Luke), OXYGEN
(Jackobe), RULE3 (Warlock, Nightrider), SAMAR (Gold
Hand, Butt-Man, Glover, Kordiaukis, Daf, Ramos, Cen-
trax,  Falcor,  Stinger and his sister Kheela), SATAKI
(Provocator, Deinonychus), SKYLIGHT (Lotus, Killer),
STREET  CHILDREN  &  EXON (Corwin, Habib, Volcano,
Cyclone  B  and  Archangel),  TABOO (Cresh), VAUDE-
VAUDEVILLE  (Azgar),  El  Banditos,  Viking and many

                        THE SCALA MEETING
                 February 27 - March 01, 1998

This meeting is held round about three times a year in
Stade/Germany  which  is  just  a few kilometers away
from Hamburg. It was dated from 27.2. to 1.3. and was
held in a small but cosy hall close to MC Donalds. As it
was  just  a  meeting there were just 40 to 50 people
which  is  really  hard to judge as some were going to
party at a disco and some at the place itself.

The  people  themselves  were really suprisingly cool
and  friendly  compared to other parties. Among them
mostly  so-called  old-schoolers such as Graham, TTS
or  alike.  All  in  all there were about 70% coders (NO
JOKE) which even came from bigger software compa-
nies  or  were  at  least  involved  in  bigger software
projects, e.g. Actua Soccer 2.
Arriving  at the meeting on saturday afternoon it was
kinda  hard to get a seat for TMM and me ...not to talk
about  a  place  for our equipment. Having taken seat
we automatically felt really well as this was surely the
finest  small  meeting  ever  (... at least comparing the
EXCESS  parties).  To  discribe  the  location a little I
would like to mention that there were sofas and a bar,
not  to  forget the kitchen which was open for every-
body.  Another  "not  to  forget"-bonus was the VERY
low  entrance  fee of 5DM only! Also there were great
sleeping  opportunities  upstairs which were QUIET, a
phenomenon for parties.
There  were  ofcourse  no competitions but at least a
great  fun  being  even allowed to drink together with
people  like Chaotic, Decca and Steeler. To mention at
least something lame I definately have to mention that
Smash Designs from the PC was very lame and cocky
while the very well-known group Artwork (very good
coders)  did  play  3D-shooters  all  the  days in with
their lame IPX network.

Seing  the  beloved  Smash  Designs  crew  from  C64
there was a great opportunity to see some new rou-
tines from AEG. Unfortunately AEG was in the "talk-a
lot"  mood  and told EVERYBODY at the place (accor-
ding to Chaotic) that he got no real time to code as he
has  two girlfriends right now. And those chicks were
about  to  meet  at  that  weekend while he added that
one  of  them  is  straight  bi-sexual  and  might  do a
striptease for the wildcompo at Symposium & Mekka.
AEG  was  the  only  one  having a C64 at the meeting.
My  fave  new  fella  Bombe/Smash somehow felt really
pissed  seeing  me sitting infront of AEGs C64 (maybe
not  knowing  that I am kind of C64 user aswell?!) and
decided to remove everybody from the VERY comfor-
table  seat  infront  of  the C64. "you have to move. I
have to copy some important stuff." Well, if he says so
it might be right, hehe... or not.
Staring  on  the  C64  screen you were unfortunately
seeing  the  Smash PC section looking like 15 year old
couch-potatoes.  Yes,  that  was  really what some of
them were looking like. And what they acted I
saw some of them not moving away from the couch and
their  VERY  important  21 inch monitor for PC. What a
great  idea  to  sit  on  a couch watching a PC screen
saver for 15 hours!

Another  weird  thing to mention is that it seems some
people have problems with mister peacefull lord-mega
cool  SLIDE/OXYRON,  honestly  one  of  the funniest
persons to meet ever.
There  is  that story that Slide once was talking some
weird  crap while he was touching some equipment and
getting  an  electro-shock and then shouting REALLY
loud in a squeaky weird voice that bats fall dead from
the trees. And some people really seemed to like immi-
tating the master (SLIDE that is!). And having started
the  fire  more  and  more followed up with that crap...
only Slide not getting what it is all about.
I  think  Chaotic/Smash,Rawstyle and Ronny/Teklords
were the best in shouting louder than 120decibel. And
some   even   started   shouted  without  knowing  the
story. ...hehe, I bet Bombe/Smash was that, or???

Ronny/Teklords  who  already  killed  our ears as the
main  techno-act  at  THE  PARTY  1997  also did some
music  at  the  meeting...  but  not that seriously as he
just played weird stuff once in a while.
"Luckily" he had to leave on saturday late evening as
he  had a job to do in the well-known "Unit", a disco in
Hamburg,  as  he  recently  released  his  new record
(vinyl!)  called  "We  Will  Rock  You"  by "Snitzer & Mc
Coy"  on  Superstition,  the techno label that also has
Westbam and people like that in their list of fame "em-
Having Ronny leave the place it got by far more silent
and  we  had  a  chance  to  listen to Bloodhound Gang
"Firewater   Burn"   which  has  the  amusing  textline
"burn motherfucker, burn"...a nice sentence to shout
to Smash PC or other idiots.

To  have some more crap mentioned I'd like to add the
all-fame  typical  PC  problem.  You pack your stuff at
home, everything is working and you are at the party
for one hour and something does NOT work anymore.
TMM  was  the  lucky one to loose his CD-writer after
one of the few power-break-downs. Annoying for him,
a  big  laugh for me. It just remembered me of Sympo-
sium  '97  where  my  C64 monitor got blown up due to
false connected powercables, or just all the crashing
Win95 systems at THE PARTY 1997 due to the power-
breakdowns  all  the  time. And believe me... that would
not have happened at a C64 party, hehe.

The  place  for  the  meeting  despite  all  the  power-
breakdowns  also  offered  the  spooky  fact  that NO
cellular-phone,  no matter which provider, was work-
ing inside this "wooden" house. If there is anyone be-
ing  able  to name a party-place without any convien-
ces.... let me know! The email-adress is at the bottom.

Also for all you C64 fans and fans of anything that is
related  I  would  like  to  add  that  TTS is once again
coding  a game. It really seems to be a big project for
PC and New Generation Software, the companies pub-
lishing  his  Amiga smash hits Trapped and Trapped 2.
This  time  he's  working  on  it 32 hours a week on it,
besides spending time on his studies at the university
and with his girl friend.

Last  but  not  least  I would like to mention that Gan-
dalf/VCC,  the  winner  of  the  wild competition at THE
PARTY  1996  and  organizer  of  Symposium 1996, will
become  a father soon. Damn, the scene is getting ol-
der  with  Derbyshire Ram being an exception ofcour-

To  be  honest,  I  was  NOT supposed to promote this
event  as  there  were  already  too  many people and
they  even  think about making it an invite-only party.
Let's  hope  that any future events will have the same
great(!!) flavour of this very cosy meeting.

Sorry  to  keep  the  report  that short. It was just a
great  meeting  with friendly people in a great atmos-
phere.  There  should  be  more events like this. Think
about it people.

...And feel free to contact me at


Party  Radar  II  will  provide  you a report about the
German scene party, Mekka & Symposium 1998.

Best regards,


Party Radar II

                         < PARTY RADAR II >
After  two  result  lists  and a report we can proudly
provide  a report about the Mekka & Symposium 1998
held once again Fallingbostel/Germany and visited by
Mr. Party, Ned.

                    MEKKA & SYMPOSIUM 1998
                          April 10 - 13, 1998

Welcome to another party-report. This time I am here
to  tell  you all the inside stories of THE scene-event
in   1998.   Mekka   &   Symposium  was  definately  the
KICKER  so  far  in my party-history. The organizers
definately topped themselves by far compared to last
time.  "BIGGER,  BETTER, MORE" should have been the
slogan I bet.

Me   and   some  friends  already  arrived  on  Friday
very  (!)  early morning at the party-place, like in the
previous year, and we were quite suprised not to see
many  people  hanging  or  walking around. To top this
shock  unfortunately  KB  was  already  in  testing his
cordless  microphone  by  singing  stupid  crap all the
time!  You  can  count  this  as the worst event of the
whole  party!  Before  the  opening  of  the  party  we
already  got  our  hub  to  start networking in twisted
pair!  Unbelievable...  a  WORKING network was quite a
suprise  for  anybody  who  has  been  at  THE PARTY

Funnily   also   at  the  SymMek  there  where  multiple
power breakdowns and no steady Internet conection,
but  who cares as it is about the real (!) party-spirit
what  we  care  for.  The  party-place filled up pretty
fast  on  Friday  afternoon  with lotsa people from all
kinds  of  scenes and groups. Focusing the C64 I can
just  say that all important groups were more or less
present,  for  further  details  please  see list below,
which  has  been  created  by  Chaotic and converted
into  Relax  Text  Format  by RRR [thanx for that Jan
and Timo!].
Eventhough  I  guarantee that there were more... but
what  the heck. Taking a closer look at the activity at
the   party   itself   I   must   say   that   the  beloved
"showmaster" Steeler wasn't in such a good mood for
the first 36hours but getting much better to the end.
The   stage-activities  where  going  from  the  simple
guess-games  up  to  a  SUPERB  acapella  SID-music
competition.  Sweet  young  men  performing  old   SID
tunes   live   and   acapella   for  the  crowd  and  the
contestants to guess. Brilliant!
Also   some  very  weird  outdoor-competitons  where
just  great  fun. Chained people where forced to grab
a  disk  with their mouth out of a water-pool. Well, nice
idea..  but  stupid  people  really  doing that, as it was
kinda   cold   outside.   Luckily   they   found   enough
To  make the event even sceduled better the time was
filled  with  activities  by  sceners  which are normally
not   involved   into  the  planning,  such  as  a  "Most
Phreaked  Out  Scener"  hosted  by  someone   named
SLIME     (was     real     good     action!).     Or     the
every-year-mega-loved   live-performance   by   the
APP...   which   was  unfortunately  stopped  by  flying
beercans! ;> The competitions related to C64 weren't
a  that  big suprise, but still the highlight of the whole
event,  as  none  really  cares  about  PC-64-KB   or
whatever!  The  real  spirit  still  is  a  thing that just
belongs to C64.
Also suprisingly good was the food-supply. Not always
the  cheapest,  but  atleast  steady  and tasty, having
French  fries  (Pommes Frites) and sausages outside
and snacks and bread inside.

Now  to  something  positive  that  ALL  other parties
should   really   try   to   manage   as   good   as  the
SymMek-organizers did! THE TOILETS!
Hell,  it was the first time in my whole party-life that I
wasn't scared to go to the toilets! A damn great work
by   a   few  damn  good-looking  girls,  which  weren't
treated  well  enough  all  the  time  in  my  eyes.  I  am
ashamed  of  being  a  part  of  the  scene when I see
some   lame  sceners  treating  them  like  idiots  just
because the clean toilets.
I  am  also  feeling  ashamed to be a part of the scene
when  I  recognize  that MANY sceners where staring
at those girls such as if it was the first time they saw
them in real and not on the screen as a porn.
It  is  really  questionable  if sceners are a race that
can survive for long, as it seems they are not able to
have  a  normal  contact  to  women.  And in case they
ever   get   they  have  to  tell  everybody...  [are  we
talking  about a smashed fridge?]. But back to party!
At  the  SymMek  there  were somehow more girls then
on  any  other  scene-related  party  before! Also I'd
like   to   mention   here   that   there  were  toll-free
showers  right  next to my table. Those were guarded
while the girls were showering and always clean.

A  point  that  has  been  critisised  on  many  parties
before is the one about the sleeping.
Also  here  the  organizers had the perfect solution.
During the night the hall was kept quite silent, except
if  Tobi/APP  was singing all the time, which means you
could  sleep  under/on  the tables or even behind the
big  screen.  And in case you wanted the 100% silence
you  had  the  great  opportunity to sleep in seperate
halls    5    meters    away    from   the   party-place.
Heated... mostly. ;)
Besides  the pseudo-creativity of some DJs trying to
perform  live  with  average  scene music most people
can  be  considered  as very friendly and suprisingly
not having any types of so-called elite-attitudes.

My   advice   for   someone   who   wants  to  go  to  a
scene-party  for the first time in his life is NOT to go
there....  as  you will be pissed about ANY other party
you  go  to.  The  Symposium & Mekka  has  grown to a
currently  unstoppable  scene-event  which shouldn't
be missed by ANYONE.
If  you  do not go there you are just stupid. I'd really
like  to  see  all  of  you  there in 1999 and begg for a
more enthusiastic Steeler with stronger nerves!

The competition results are the following:

                * CBM 64 DEMO COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.       274    Our Darkness             Smash Designs
02.       170    Reanim8ed                Hitmen
03.       162    Krestyron                Oxyron
04.       118    Splish Splash            Padua
05.        99    Payday                   Smash Designs
06.        98    Trip to Nepa(l) 2        Cascade
07.        75    Licence                  WOW
08.        46    Purpose of Life          Whathas2BSaid
09.        45    Booze                    Metalvotze
10.        40    Oldstyle                 Willow
11.        22    Beerstation              WOW
12.        14    Daehmon                  Shitmen & Hotst.
13.        11    Ficken im Zelt           Seminar

                 * CBM 64 4 KB COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.        459    Smash                      AEG
02.        165    Double-Plasma              Flip
03.        123    Just for fun               Didi
04.        103    <4KB                       Leonardo
05.         72    Oldschool                  The Syndrom
06.         67    Style                      Iceman
07.         57    Ficken - T. S. R.          Karlsquell Serwiss
08.         45    Ficken                     Bitbreaker

              * CBM 64 GRAPHIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.        397    Du gem. M]rder         Rayden
02.        206    Fantastica             Wurst Hans
03.        165    I'll remember          Hardsequencer
04.        118    Welcome to Telekom     Raze
05.        105    Firestarter            Sebaloz
06.         85    Chris Hülsbeck         Zealot
07.         53    Tyrany                 AEG
08.         39    Monster                Katon
09.         35    Knight                 Crayon
10.         25    Lurking Death          Assassin
11.         23    Love                   Zeitgeist
12.         17    Dissector              Brainsmasher
13.         16    Kentucky               Flip
14.         14    Amazon                 Bleze
15.         11    Porträt d. P. K. T.    Bugjam
16.          6    Emptyview              Hogan

                * CBM 64 MUSIC COMPETITION *
Pos.    Points     Production              Author
01.     461    Living Black              Taxim
02.     120    Stars                     Leo
03.     107    Compo-Tune                BAX
04.     101    Going the distance..      Rayden
05.      95    Licence                   Alien
06.      87    Visions in Goa            Q-Man
07.      67    Dark Entry                Sonic
08.      65    Watery                    Fanta
09.      59    VHF0                      The Syndrom
10.      39    To You 2                  Top Secret
11.      39    Organic                   Brizz/Panic
12.      37    Melody Suxx               Fantastic Zool
13.      36    Reformation               Manex
14.      34    Till the end              Lunatic
15.      30    Gavelion                  Fuben
16.      28    5h-Work                   Flip
17.      16    LULU                      Heinmück
18.      13    In your eyes              Floyd
19.       2    VHD                       Greatrix

The guestlist looked like this:

A-BOMP/Comic Pirates, ACIDCHILD/Triad, AEG/Smash
line,     ANIMALO/Laxity^Nostalgia,    ANONYM/Padua,
AXIS/Oxyron, BITBREAKER/Metalvotze, BLEZE/Willow
&  TUM^Laxity,  BOMBE/Smash Designs, BRAINSTORM/
Commodore  Connection  Line, BRIX/Plush, BRIZZ/Pa-
nic^Ascraeus,  BUD/WOW, BUGJAM/Role, CARLOS/Cas
cade, CHAOTIC/Smash Designs^Hitmen, COUNT ZERO/
Success  &  TRC^Cyberpunx,  CREB/Excess,  CUPID/
Padua^Hitmen,    CURLIN/Hitmen,   DAN   DEE/Laxity^
Nostalgia,  DANO/Padua,  DANZIG/Alpha  Flight  1970,
DEEKAY/Crest^Onslaught,  DENNIS/Role,  DIDI/Laxi-
ty^Nostalgia,  DOC  OF  DESIRE/Willow^Civitas,  DOD-
GER/Dytec,   DONAR/Onslaught,   DOSH/Centric,  DOW
EARTHQUAKE/Cosmic  Style,  ECSIC/Excess^Asc0re,
ZOOL/TUM  &  Willow/Smash  Designs, FATMAN/Dytec^
Remember, FLARE/Noname, FLIM FLAM/Comic Pirates,
FLIP/Centric,  FLOYD/Willow  &  TUM^Tempest^Panic,
sed     Maniacs,    GRAHAM/Oxyron,    GREATRIX/Cult,
GROEPAZ/Hitmen,   HEAVY HEAD/Netphreakers/APP,
HEINMÜCK/TUM    &   Willow^Blutpopel,   HLSP/Siesta,
HONK/Plush,  HOGAN/Reflex,  HOOGO/Padua, ICEMAN/
WOW,  JACK  ALIEN/Remember, JIHAD/Hitmen, KB/The
Obsessed  Maniacs^Smash Designs, KBS/Laxity, LEO-
NARDO/Padua,  LUKE/The  Obsessed  Maniacs, LUNA-
Plush, MBB/TUM & Willow, MEPHISTO/Metalvotze, ME-
1970^Hybrid^Netphreakers,  NEOTEC/F4CG,  NINJA/
Dreams,   PEACEMAKER/Hitmen,   PJ  DYNAMIX/Comic
PIRATES,   PRINCE/The  Obsessed  Maniacs,  Q-MAN/
Willow,  RAYDEN/Alpha  Flight 1970, SAM/Cult, SCARE/
Active,  SEBA/Plush,  SEBALOZ/Lepsi De, SEVEN/Di-
gital  Excess, [slave]FRIESE/APP/Omen, SONIC/SDS,
SONY/Smash  Designs,  Sorex/Role^WOW,  SPUTNICK/
Civitas^Willow, SYNDROM/TIA/Crest, TECHNO/Thera-
py,  TERROR/Willow, TGI/Paralyze, TOP SECRET/Cult,
TYRON/Hitmen,  UNLOCK/Albion,  V.O./Plush, WARP 8/
Flash Inc./Cosmic Style and ZEALOT/Out Of Order.

My personal rating of this party is 10/10.


Invitations to further gatherings can be found in the
following party radar chapters.

Best regards,


Party Radar III

                        < PARTY RADAR III >
     Party Radar III features the invitations to the

                            Inter Jam 1998


                       The organizers of the
  Siliconvention '95, Siliconvention '97, InterCon '96
                          and  Inter Jam '97
                            invite you to the

                            Inter Jam  1998
                          get ready to jam...

The  "Inter  Jam  '98"  convention  held  in southwest

In  fact that the Siliconvention '98 won't take place in
Bremen  this  year,  the organizers decided to join us
at the

                              Inter Jam '98
       Greater and bigger that the years before ...!

Atari,  Acorn,  IBM  PC,  C=64  and other systems are
other systems are also welcome...

Begin: May, 30 th 1998      12:00 cet
Doors open at:              09:00 cet

End:   June, 1 st 1998        14:00 cet
Doors close at:               15:00 cet

Near Karlsruhe in south-west Germany:

Tel: from May, 30 th     09:00 cet
      till June, 1 st    14:00 cet


or in special cases only during the party:

D2-mobile phone (XX XX) XX XX XX X

DM 30.- for 3 days of fun!

DM  20.-  for  24  hours  -  You  have to pay DM 30.-
when you enter and receive DM 10.- back if you leave
in time.

DM  10.- for 4 hours  - You have to pay DM 30.- when
you  enter  and  receive  DM 20.- back if you leave in

Girls enter for free!

(No other currency, please!)

> Space for +-200 people with computers!
> Free parking in front of the door!
> Showers for Boys & Girls!
> Seperated sleeping area!
> Shop's nearby! (500m)
> McDonald's nearby! (10 min by car)
> Pizza service!
> Drinks in house! (DM 2.-/1,5 L)
> Snacks in house!
> Realtime article!

> SID Disco
> CMD presentations

> Multiple cords
> Sleeping bag
> COAX cable & terminator
> Your computer
> The entrance fee
> Lot's of fun

NEW TREND (Atari / PC)
TSCC (Atari)

- The  people  who are involved to organize the Inter
Jam '98 cannot be held responsibile for anything that
- Fighting,  facism,  racism,  ignoring  the  party rules
and organizers, etc. is not allowed.
-  Everybody  is  responsible  for his own equipment.
The  organizer  cannot  be  held  responsible for any
damage or loss of computers,   monitors, disks, etc.
- No  ovens,  microwave,  heat  plates,  water boilers,
etc. are allowed.
- No  selling  of  food and bevarages during the party
is allowed.
- No  selling/using  of  drugs.  People we catch will be
handeled  over  to  the  police.  Please, do not forget!
Weed is in Germany illegal!
- Spreading  of  copyright  protected software in any
kind is forbidden.
- Bringing  in  spraycans, weapons, or other things to
harm people or to  destroy equipment, are forbidden!
- You  may  smoke in the main hall. You may NOT smoke
in all other places.
- You  may  sleep  in  the  main  hall,  even  we  have a
sleeping room.

We are having competitions on the convention.

Commodore 64 Demo competition (Max. 1 Disk side)
• C64 II (new SID)
   1541 I
   Max. playtime: 10min

Commodore 64 Gfx competition
• No sound
  No effects
  Must be an executalbe file

Commodore 64 Msx competition
• New Sid
   Screen will be turned off while playing
   Must be an executalbe file

• To take part in a competition you must be present.
• If there are to many entries we will preselect.
• All contributions can only take part in one competi-
tion competition.
• We will spread the entries.
• The  entries  must  be final. No bug-fixing after en-
• Competition disks won't be returned.
• Demos  can  only  be  compressed with ZIP, ARJ and
• Contributions with racial content are not allowed.
• The  organizers  have the right to change the com-
petition rules!

We are not able to guarantee for free space. without

Reserve your space by registering NOW!!!

Make  sure  to  notice  that  we can only reserve ONE
seat  for  each visitor!!! No tables, no "I got 3 compu-
ters", no nothing! One seat = one guy!!!

                          ••• IMPORTANT •••
Tell  us  the  expected  arrival  time. We will save your
space  then  for  4  hours,  e.g. you say you arrive at
12:00  then  we  will keep your seats free till 16:00. If
you need longer call us at the party!

Inter Jam Homepage:

Email contact:  info

Or write to:          XXXXX XXXXX
                      XXXXXX-XXXX-XXX. X
                      XXXXX XXXXXXXXX

Subscribe the mailing list by writing to:

be ready to jam...

                 SCS * TRC invites you to X'98!
          8-20 September 1998, The Netherlands
General X'98 Information
After  X'95,  X'96  and X'97 Takeover SCS ¤ TRC has
decided  to  go back to the roots and organize a true
C64  ONLY  party.  Hence  PCs,  Amigas  or any other
type  of  computer  is  strictly forbidden on X'98. The
party  will  be  totally  different then most of the sce-
ners  still  around are used to. X'98 will be THE place
to  sit down and have a beer with your fellow sceners.
The  whole thing is not based on competions (although
we  will  hold  them) and sitting behind a screen during
the  party,  it's  based  on pure oldschool fun and re-
laxation.  So,  if you can't handle that, then don't show
up, we won't miss you ;)
I'm  sure  YOU want to have a good time, and so do we.
Just  do  the  right  thing  and  come  to the only real
C-64 event this year.

X'98 will take place from the 18th till the 20th of Sep-
tember 1998 in Hengelo/The Netherlands. Doors open
at 19:00 on friday and close at 12:00 on sunday.

As X'98 will be a non-commercial event (we have room
for  132 visitors) the entrance fee will be higher then
normal: FL.100,- (only dutch currency accepted). You
may  think  that  X'98  is quite expensive, but it's not.
You'll  get  a lot in return for that fee. We will provide
some  of  the  beer,  softdrinks, coffee, food, bed and
shower for free.

The  partyplace  will  be  fairly  small compared to the
places we had on X'95, X'96 and X'97, but we feel it'll
be  sufficient  (judging  on the c64 attendants on our
previous  parties),  still  it's  vital that you make your
reservations now, as space is limited.
We  also  advice  you  to pay in advance as that is the
only  way  you'll  be  100%  on  being  able to enter the

X'98  will  not have the electricity resources we used
to  have  on  previous  parties, so you will need to tell
us exactly what hardware you plan on taking with you
(bringing your own stereos, amplifiers, loudspeakers,
etc..  is  strictly  forbidden). Hence, "X'98 - batteries
not included" does apply.

Things you need to bring:
   > Sleeping Bag (if you plan on sleeping;).
   > Proper Party Attitude.
   > Gifts for the Organizers.

Please read The Party Rules aswell.

Reservation Form
Please  fill out the entire form so that we know where
to reach you to validate your reservation.

Your Handle/Group:
Your Email Address:
Your Real Name:
Your Country:
Your Phonenumber:
Reserving for: person(s).
Name+Email of other persons:

You want to pay in advance:
Yes! No?
You want to bring hardware? Tell us EXACTLY what!

Any additional Info?

Information  on  how  to  pay  in  advance will be given

Party Location
X'98  will  be  held  in the middle of the 'Gelderse Ach-
terhoek'  in  the  middle  of the towns Hengelo, Zelhem
and  Ruurlo. Closely situated to the German border. A
detailed  'how  to  get  there'  info  page  will  be made
available once I scanned a few maps.
The  partyplace  holds  enough  room for everyone to
party  and  to sleep, no fucking tents or whatsoever,
no,  nice  warm beds are available for everyone. More
info will follow shortly.

Party Rules
When  you've  decided to come to X'98 you will have to
follow these rules:

• It  is  not  allowed  to bring weapons of any kind (or
   things that can be used as a weapon) to the party.
• It is not allowed to use Hard Drugs.
• You  will  have to follow the organizers instructions
   at ALL TIME.
• Any criminal activity is prohibited.
• If  you  make  a  mess,  you  will  have  to clean it up
   yourself  if  you don't clean it or can't you will have
   to pay for renting a cleaning company.
• It is not allowed to write anything anywhere (except
   on your own paper ofcourse).
• It is not allowed to put stickers anywhere.
• You will have to be out of the partyplace on sunday
• If you steal, you will be handed over to the police.
• If  you  break anything, you will have to pay for the
• If you are too drunk/stoned, you will be thrown out
   of the partyplace.
• It is not allowed to fight with anybody.
• It is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink and/or eat in
   the sleeping areas.
• The  organizers  keep  the  right  to  change a rule
   and/or add a rule before and during the party.

And now for the juicy stuff:
• You are allowed to drink alcoholic drinks and smoke
• You  are allowed to bring your own drinks, food and

If  you  don't  submit to our rules, we will be obliged to
throw  you  out  or even hand you over to the police.
So, don't fuck up and we all will have a ball.

Party Resources
At X'98 we will provide the following:
   • A nice bed (bring your sleeping bag).
   • Warm showers.
   • Toilets.
   • Some of the beer/softdrinks/food/coffee.
   • No Internet link-up.
   • No Internet terminals.
   • No PC/Quake lamers.

The  Party  resources  aren't much compared to huge
commercialized  PC-Lamer  parties, but it's just what
the scene needs to have a good C64 ONLY party.

We will provide the following competitions:
• Demo Competition.
• Music Competition.
• Graphics Competition.
• Any  Competition  we  come up with before or during
   the party.

Compo Machine:
C64, OLD SID, 1541, cartridge.

General Rules:
Submit  your  entry  before  the deadline at the party
(or via email to x98 before the party).
Your entry must be on a standard c64 5.25 DD disk.
Disks will not be returned.
Your entry will be released at X'98.
Your  entry or part of it may not have been released
before the party. Racism is not allowed.
The organizers keep the right to disqualify an entry.
Your entry must work 100% on the compo machine.
Your entry must be completely finished.
Only one entry per group/artist per competition.

All  compo entries will be available on The Digital Dun-
geon shortly after X'98.

Compo Prizes:
As  X'98  is  a non-commercial party, we probably will
not be able to provide any prizes for the compo-win-
ners,  however if enough people show up and we have
some money left, we will give prizes anyway ;).
Prizes,  if  any, will only be give to compo participants
present at X'98, if you submitted your entry via email
you  will  not  receive any prize at all (just the fame).
The  Deadlines  for  the  various  competitions  will be
made public at X'98 itself.

Contact the Organizers
Easiest  way  to  contact us is via email. So send your
questions, ideas and complaints to:


Or use snailmail to the following address:


You can also catch us (Burglar, CBA and Nightshade)
on #c-64 on IRCnet and on Spankerz Heaven.

Have a good party, wherever you decided to go.

Best regards,


Party Radar IV

                        < PARTY RADAR IV >
Party Radar IV presents the invitation to the

                                Wired 1998

         "WiRED 98 - DON'T MISS THE LAST ONE!"
           17-18-19 July, Wasmes (Mons) - Belgium

               PC, AMIGA & C64 SUMMER PARTY
                              organised by:
                               W.O.W., ROLE

This  year  again, the Wired team invites you to expe-
rience  another  Wired  event. This fifth edition of the
Wired  party  will  also be the last one, but surely not
not  the  least  one.  Be  sure  not  to miss this great

As  last  year,  competitions  will  be  held for the PC,
Amiga and C64 platforms.
On  request,  3DFX  demos  competition,  and  Windows
contributions  will  be  organised  this year also, read
more about it further.
WiRED  is  a special  event. Not another of those com-
mercial  event  that  likes  to  call  itself  a party. The
WiRED  is a real scene event with a real scene spirit,
all  this combined with the advantages of a quality or-

The  Wired  '98  will  be  held  on the 17, 18 and 19 July
1998  in  Wasmes  (near  the  city of Mons), Belgium at
the  "Salle Polyvalente de Colfontaine" (same place as
the  two  latest editions). The party place will open on
Friday  17  around  11h  and will close on Sunday 19 at
around 17h.
Place:   Salle   Polyvalente   de   Colfontaine,   Avenue
Schweitzer, Wasmes (15 KM from MONS), Belgium

Check  the  section  "How  to  get there" later on this
infofile for more info.

Van Audenhove FJ             (Darkness/Imphobia)
Van Miegroet Damien          (Damien/Imphobia)
Loef Pascal                  (PL/Imphobia)
Lamaire Benjamin             (BenJ/Imphobia)
Baligant Remy                (Katana/Pulpe)
Lecroarv Viennay             (Ace/Melting Pot)
Baert Sebastien              (Karm/Melting Pot)
Lamaire Jeremy               (James/Melting Pot)

In  addition  to  those, many people are helping us out
from  time  to  time and will be organising WiRED toge-
ther with us during party-time.

It's important to note that we are all scene members.
This makes us able to understand problems you may
encounter while attending YOUR Party. Yeah, WiRED
is YOUR Party ! This is why we ask you to feel free to
contact  us if there is something you want to tell/ask
us.   We   will   be   extremely   glad   to  answer  your
questions and receive your critics about some of the
choices  we  have  made  in  the party rules. We highly
recommand  you  to  contact  us if you have any ideas
and/or  proposition  who could  improve  Wired  in any

The  entrance  fee  is  900 Bfr (= 25$). This includes
three days of party with tables, electricity, etc..

As  usual  ALL  of  the  money  from the entrance fee
(after  we remove our costs) will be used as competi-
tions prizes.

Tradition  says  that  girls should enter for free at a
party  and we won't break the tradition, would we? So
girls  don't  have  to pay any entrance fee. Now don't
forget  to  bring  your girlfriend and sister to wired,

Note  that  we  do  only  accept  payement  in  Belgian
Francs  (Bfr.),  so  make  sure to change some money
into  belgian  currency  before  arriving  at the party

- Competitions are held for PC, Amiga & C64 platforms
- The following competitions will be held: PC (Dos/Win-
dows/Linux)  demos,  PC  Direct  3D demos, Amiga de-
mos,  C64 demos, PC 64k intros, Amiga 64k intros, PC
4k  intros,  music (PC+Amiga), C64 music, hand-drawn
graphics  (PC+Amiga),  C64  graphics,  raytrace gra-
phics  (PC+Amiga),  PC  100k games, Ansi, and Wil demo
- Every group is free to contribute with as many de-
mos,  raytrace,  64kb  intro, games, wild demo as they
want  to.  At  least  one  member of the group must be
present at the party.
As  for  the  solo  competition  (gfx,  music, 4kb intro,
ansi),  only  one entry per artist/musician/coder will
be  accepted  in  each  competition. Artist OR a group
member of the artist must be present at the party.
- Entries must not have been released before.
- All  entries must be delivred in time for the deadline
at  the  information  desk. This is very important if we
want to have enough time to process every contribu-
- All  contribution  disks must be marked with the fol-
lowing information:
    • Which Competition,
    • Title of the contribution
    • Competitor Name/Group
    • Boot Config (when needed).
- The  competition  machine  will  be rebooted between
each demo and intro.
- Contribution disks won't be returned.
- The  organisers have the rights to cancel a compe-
tition if there isn't enough competitors to make a com-
petition out of it.
- For PC demos & intros, you can freely use all modes
supported  by  VESA  2.0.  This  includes all standart
vga  modes,  all  VESA 1.2 & 2.0 modes (which includes
Linear  Frame  Buffer modes). Of course it's a "plus"
if your productions still support normal vga modes.
- If  your  demo,  intro or 100k game requires any in-
teraction, we want ONE people of the competing group
in the Control Room.
- We know by our experience of demo coders that the
competition   demos  are  often  not  bugfixed  for  all
hardwares   and   sometimes  run  through  batchfile.
Therefore, you will be allowed to test your demos TWO
TIMES  on  the  competition  computer before we show
them  to  the audience. But please don't come just be-
fore the deadline...
- WARNING! Our video projector is only able to handle
resolutions  up  to  640x480x16M  or 800x600x256!
Using  a  too  high  resolution  won't damage it but will
produce a lower quality output.
- All  the  contributions  will  be released at the party
server after the competitions.
- The  organizers  reserve  the right to make change
to  the  competitions rules and to disqualify any entry
which  is not suitable to take part into the competition
for any reasons.

- The competition machine will be equipped with
- New SID
- Action Replay MK6
- a 1541-II disk drive.
- Precalculated animations are not accepted
- File size limit: standard 5,25" DD disk.
- Maximum running time is 15 min.

- All formats allowed, executable file.
- The C64 screen will not be shown during the compo.

- All formats/modes allowed.
- Must be an executable file.

Everyone  will  get a personnal voting disk at the en-
trance which will allow safe computer voting.
We  will  make our best to release all contributions on
the  party  server  after  each competitions, in order
to  give  the  voters a way to view the productions on
their computer before voting.

All the compos will be judged by a public voting (100%).

We,  the  organisers  won't make any money out of the
party.  Unless some other so called parties which are
based  on  the  money,  we  are  organising  the WiRED
party because we want to make a quality non commer-
cial  party  and  want to keep a real scene spirit in it.
All  the  money  left  from the entrances fee, after we
remove  our  costs,  will  be used for the competitions
prizes.  As  we can't say exactly how many people will
attend  the  party  we  can't  make an estimantion but
considering the success of last year Wired party and
as  many  people  said  they  will attend this year, one
can guess it's gonna be much.
The prizes will be payed in CASH, but additional hard-
ware  prizes  might  also be ADDED to the prizes. ALL
PRIZES  will be given during the PRIZE CEREMONY at
the end of the party.

- Really HUGE party area with place for 1000+ atten-
- Large parking area with place for everyone.
- Ultra High quality video projector.
- HUGE Big Screen.
- Impressive Audio System.
- Party Network
- Internet Access
- Really  awesome color party T-Shirt sold at a VERY
cheap prize.
- Free showers.
- Separate sleeping room (outside the party hall)
- Clean toilet.
- Many great surprise competitions.
- Disk-throwing & Coca-Cola drinking competitions.
- Electricity for everyone.
- Extremely cheap food support
- We   will   enjoy  the  presence  of  at  least  one  TV
- All  Prizes  will  be  given  AT the party place during
- A real fun non-commercial scene spirit!
- All this and a lot more...

If  you  want  to show something particular on the big
screen  (Video,  Demo,  Wild demo or Game preview for
example), feel free to bring it with you. WE ENCOURA-
GE YOU TO DO SO. The big screen is there to be used!

You  can  easily  find whatever suits your need at Wi-
red,  you  won't  have  (like  in some other parties) to
bring  food  from  home  if you don't want to be bank-
rupt at the end of the party :)

Sandwishes  and  soft  drinks will be sold at the party
place  24h/24h  for  a  very cheap prize (less than 1
US$ for Sandwishes, softs).
We  also  have  an  arrangement with a local "friture"
which  will  sell  fries,  hamburger and other junk food
next  to the party place during the whole event (24h/
24h) at neat prizes.

Croissants  and cafe will also be available at the mor-

In  most of the respectable demo parties, some Party
T-Shirts are sold to the visitors, but most of the time
those  T-Shirts  are undesigned, only black and white
and  are sold for a very huge prize considering what
they're worth of.
As   last   year,   due  to  the  success  of  the  Wired
T-Shirts  those last three years, we decided not only
to   propose  you  one  T-shirt  but  TWO  DIFFERENT
PARTY  T-SHIRTS that will be available for sale at the
party place.
The WiRED 98 T-Shirts will feature:
- HIGH quality graphics in FULL COLORS, one T-Shirt
designed by PL/IMPHOBIA, another T-Shirt designed
- A3 size for graphics (= 40cm•30cm)
- High Quality T-Shirts (Fruit of the Loom)
- Very  CHEAP  selling  prize:  300  Bfr  (less than 10
US$) (cheaper than in any other parties)

As usual, a party network, connected to the internet
will be set up during the party.

Network specification:
[not available right now]

FRIDAY 17.07.1998
11:00 Party doors open
19:00 Deadline Ansi competition
22:00 Ansi competition starts
22:30 Deadline music & C64 music competitions.
23:00 Deadline PC 100k Game Competition
24:00 Deadline  Gfx  Competitions (Hand-drawn, Ray-
          trace & C64 gfx)

SATURDAY 18.07.1998
02:00 PC 100k Game competition starts
04:00 Gfx   (hand-drawn   &  raytrace)  competitions
05:00 C64 gfx competition starts
06:00 Deadline PC 4kb competition
07:00 Deadline PC & Amiga 64kb intro competition
08:00 C64 Music Competition starts
09:00 Multichannel Music Competition starts
11:00 Deadline Wild demos & C64 Demo Competition
12:00 PC 4kb Competition starts
14:00 Deadline demos competitions (Dos, Amiga, Linux,
15:00 PC 64kb intro competition starts
16:00 Amiga 64kb Competition starts
18:00 C64 demos competition starts
20:00 Amiga demos competition starts
22:00 PC demos competition starts

SUNDAY 19.07.1998
01:00 PC 3D Cards demos competitions starts
04:00 Wild Competition starts
09:00 Deadline for voting
14:00 Prize Ceremony
17:00 Party doors Close

Those  schedules  are  always  subject  to  change  in
further  infofile,  so be sure to check again when new
infofiles are released, in case it changed.

- We don't take any responsibility on the safety of the
equipment  you  bring to the party place. (if you want
you can always take an insurrance)
- We  are  not  responsible  of any accidents who may
arrive  during  the  party.  It  would be a good idea to
take a personal insurrance.
- No alcohol, Drugs, nor software piracy is allowed in
the  party place. We think you don't need those stuffs
to get some real fun :=)
- Trouble  makers  and people who can't behalve pro-
perly  will  be  thrown  out  of  the  party  place. Real
trouble makers will be held over the police.
- Naturally,  you  will  have to pay for everything you
destroy or damage.
- We  will  not  accept  anybody  selling  food,  drinks,
disks or other things.
- Please  use  the trashcans around the rooms so we
don't  have  to  spend three whole days to clean your
- No RACIST Signs will be allowed at the party.
- Please  brought  your  own SAFE wires with you! No
- If  you  have  ANY  suggestions or ideas about any-
thing  written  in  this  text file, don't hesitate to con-
tact us!

If you are comming by car:
On the E42 (E17) Highway, get out at the exit 25 "St-
Ghislain". From the Highway exit, follow the map inclu-
ded with this infofile "map-car.gif"

If your comming by train:
Get out at the station of "MONS" (same station as for
last  year  Wired).  Take  the  BUS  number 1 (on your
right  when  you get out of the station) Get out of the
bus  at  the  stop  "Hornu-Wasmes" (ask the conduc-
tor).  Then  follow  the  map  included  with this infofile

If your comming by plane:
Get off at Zaventhem plane station. From there you
can take a train shuttle to Bruxelles Midi. From there
take the train to "MONS". Check "If you're comming by
train" above for details.

E-mail:    Darkness/Imphobia   : darkness
           Damien/Imphobia     : dvanmiegroet

WWW   : Check the official Wired'98 www page at:

SnailMail: Wired 98, c/o Van Audenhove FJ, 118, Av. Du
              Roi Soldat, 1070 Bruxelles, Belgium

FTP:  All forthcoming WiREd announcement files will be
        available at /demo/partyinfo/  /pub/demos/incoming/party/

If  you  want  to  be informed about forthcoming Wired
info, you can subscribe to the Wired mailing-list:
Send  a  email  to  <wired-request>  and
write in the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE

[not available right now]

For  updates of this informations files and for forth-
coming  invitations  intros,  check  the Wired WWW site
regulary at:

Well,  we  all  hope  to  see  you  there!  It's  gonna be


This might be a nice alternative for those who prefer
to have a computer parties instead of a good barbe-
que or any other outdoor parties held in hot summer

Best regards,



                             < NETGUIDE >
As  you  already learnt from the previous editions we
are  having  a  closer look into the Internet providing
you  the latest news or movements to keep you upda-
ted about the data highway.

The WWW is the place for online presentations. Next to
certain companies who have already seen the advan-
tages of this medium more and more current and for-
mer sceners, groups and magazines have discovered
this place to be an attractive alternative for informa-
tion  and any presentation of former and current ac-
rent activities.

• Cosine (TMR)

The  British  demo  group  offers  a homepage project
created  by their main programmer and graphic artist

The INDEX contains the latest information around and
about  the  group  Cosine,  such  as new members and
productions  just  released  or  in  the making. DOWN-
LOADS is ofcourse self-explaining, providing informa-
tion,  screenshots, compatibility remarks (NTSC, emu-
lators) and ofcourse the refered releases ready for
download  operations.  ABOUT contains various infor-
mation about the members of the group, such as pho-
tos, activities, hobbies and contact addresses. LINKS
is  the  obligatory surfboard putting you onto the wa-
ves  to  hook  up  for  other locations in the Internet,
containing URLs for homepages, FTP-sites and news-
Furthermore  there is THE LEGACY ARCHIVE, what is
a  software  library  containing  archives  old-school
demos from groups that have been connected and be-
ing  active  on the legendary UK online service "Com-
punet"  as  well as the 16/32 BIT DIVISION, an exter-
nal project hosted by Odie. It gives information about
the  Amiga, Atari and PC operations and offers seve-
ral download options for musics and tools next to mul-
tiple links, too.

Overall it combines both, neat design and fast access
rates. Especially the navigation GUI (= graphics user
interface) deserves to be mentioned. If you are inte-
rested  in  the  group, its projects and it members do
not hesitate to visit this one.

• Shining 8 (Romrunner)

Who  doesn't  remember the old German group Shining
8? Finally they can be found in the Internet, too, pro-
viding the scene a fine old-school related homepage.

From  the  index screen you can follow a link to a se-
cond index using frames and offering all the contents
to  be  found  on the homepage project. HOME will lead
you  directly  back  to  the incoming index. SHINING is
the  main  part and will be examined more carefully la-
ter  on.  ROMRUNNER  is  re-loading  the frame index.
LINX provides, as the name already told, links to cer-
tain  friends, other CBM 64 projects and to other mi-
xed  locations. GUESTBOOK is the place to submit any-
thing  you'd  like  to  express  about  the  project  or
whatever  else comes into your mind while last but not
least  E-MAIL offers you the chance to get in contact
with the author.
Now  back  to  SHINING, the heart of the project. Shi-
ning  provides  further  sub-links.  COOLEST  C64'ER
SOUNDS  presents  a  table  with  musics made by Rob
Hubbard,  Martin  Galway  and  Jeroen  Tel  in SIDplay
format  ready  for download. SHINING 8 DEMOS intro-
duces the titles of demos made by the group including
credits, aswell prepared for download, a similar docu-
ment  like  the following SHINING 8 INTROS. SHINING 8
8 HISTORY will once contain the history of S8, unfor-
tunately  it  was  under construction during our surf
trip.  SHINING  8  MEMBERLIST  contains  the CBM 64
members  of  the  years  1988  and 1989. A lot of gra-
phics bringing back some fine memories can be found
in  SHINING  8  GFX COLLECTION, containing artwork
seen  in  S8 demos and intros back in the eighties. An
external  from  the  CBM  64 "independent" project is
SHINING  8  AMIGA  made by Steff. Unfortunately it is
very  unfinished  and  only  a few documents could be
accesses.  SHINING  8  LINX  provides CBM 64 based
links.  Last  but  not  least there's the S8 TEN YEARS
PARTY  document  which  is  under  construction, too.
Sounds like a cute party anyway.

In general the project provides fine access rate and
original   old-school   design,   especially   the  space
background  looks  quite great. If you are interested
in  information  and  warez  of  an  ancient old-school
group this is place to show up and for CBM 64 enthu-
siasts  a must. Hopefully the project will be completed

• The Black Lords/Bonzai/Starion (THA)

This  homepage  project created by The Human Auto-
fire  is  dedicated  to  his  groups  The  Black  Lords,
Bonzai  and Starion, all in priority demo groups in the
eighties and early nineties.

INTRODUCTION,  the  intro page, offers a short over-
view about the content of the site, some nice graphics
from Dize and a link to the Java conversation of "3rd
Dimension", one of Bonzai's CBM 64 demos. A member-
status,  photos  and  additional  information  about the
members  of  the  three  Danish  demo  groups can be
found  in DUDES while PHOTOS contains thumbnails of
member photos which can be loaded by clicking on the
small  preview pictures. DEMOS contains screenshots,
information  and  a download option sorted by groups,
it's  quite  useful to complete your collecition. The do-
cument  called  CRACKS  should be self-explaining but
unfortunately  at  the  time  of  this review it was still
under construction. GALLERY is a sort of art gallery
which  seems  to  be  under construction, too, as only
two  pieces  of art have been installed yet. Once a 68
KB long animation from Dize and second a large Koala
logo.  Especially  Bonzai  and  Starion were known for
their music composers, so the document MUSIC is ra-
ther  interesting  for SID fans. Here you can find SID
tune  archives, prepared for the usage with PlaySID/
SIDPlay,  from  Drax, Laxity, Metal, Scortia and Zonix.
Last  but  not  least there's the obligatory links page
leading you to other CBM 64 based destinations in the

The  project  combines  fast  access rates with great
design,  lots of information and warez. It is a must for
CBM  64  demo  fans so let's hope to see the complete
versions of all documents currently under construc-
tion in a not too far distant, too.

FTP-sites  resources  are  for  all  kind of warez like
games,  tools,  magazines, demos, etc. and can be com-
pared  with  the  file  sections of boards with the only
difference  that you won't face credit limits here. The
only  limitation  will be the speed of your modem or the

"ACID  NATURE"  in Latvia is back in action. After Al-
pha  Flight  1970 dropped it after an intense test pe-
riod due to inacceptable speed limitations it returned
under  the  Laxity  label  with Raver joining forces of
the  German  based  cracking  group.  In  fact it have
become  much  faster  and acceptable transfer rates
have   been  shown  during  various  test  downloads.
There's  just  one  setback  if  you are searching for
game  titles  as  it become an endless odysee because
Raver  sorted  the  cracks  into group name directo-
ries,  so you have to know the responsible group who
cracked  that  specific game. On the one hand it's of-
course an original idea but on the other hand it's not
very comfortable.


The  first  Polish FTP-site is "SEVEN BYTES" which is
hosted   by   Albion  and  Color  7.  Unfortunately  the
FTP-site  is  quite  empty  yet so it definately needs a
lot,  and that really means a lot, support to become an
attractive  place.  With a bit of sarcasm you could give
an  answer  to the meaning of the site's name. It could
be   either  the  index  of  the  cps-rate  for  up- and
downloads  or  the number of warez to be found in the
directories.  Let's  expect the best and hope that the
maintainers will put some work into the project.


                             [Mailing Lists]
With  Iceball/Padua  having  joined  Padua the German
based demo group has actually the monopole of scene
mailing lists, hosting actually 4 public lists in total.

Padua  has  simplified the subscription of their mailing
lists.  Now  it  is  possible to join the mailing
lists  by  mailing  to a single address only and there is
there  is  no need for stating your desire in the sub-
ject or the body anymore.
Now  you  can  participate in the flood of information,
and  partly  some  waste of bandwidths, by sending an
e-mail to <LISTNAME-subscribe>. Ofcour-
se  "LISTNAME"  has  to  be  replaced by the desired
mailing list, such as "c64" for general CBM 64 related
discussions,  "waf" for the "We Are Family" coopera-
tion  demo  project or "update" which will provide you
information about the latest happenings in Padua. Ac-
tually  you  should keep in mind that those lists should
no't be used for spreading binaries. Further informa+
tion   about   those   mailing   lists   can   be  found  at

The  mailing  list formerly known as Motiv 8 mailing list
offering    a    webcontrol   panel.   URL   is
<>. Contrary to the o-
ther Padua list is destinated for spreading binaries.

                           [E-Mail Accounts]
E-mail is the keyword for information exchange in the
Internet  but  it  can be abused for sending any bina-
ries,  too.  Next  to  chat-rooms or the notorious IRC
(Internet  Relay  Chat)  this is no real-time exchange
but  can  be  compared  with letters sent out, with the
little  difference  that  e-mails  can  reach  its target
within  a  few  seconds  or minutes, depending on your
ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Reacting on Microsoft taking over Hotmail the follow-
ing  offer  has been made by HIGHLANDER/FairLight,
a true Internet expert.

?:  Reacting to Microsoft's offence by taking over the
most  popular web-based free e-mail provider Hotmail
you  have  offered  POP  accounts  at your domain. In
order  to  get  closer  for  our readers which aren't
that  much  into  the  Internet  business  are that full
POP-3  accounts accessable with any e-mail client or
just  like  in case of Hotmail accounts you can access
with your browser only?

!:  You  can use POP accounts with Netscape, too. You
just  set  your  POP  server  and  identity  stuff,  and
your pop password, and use Netscape's mail feature.

Now,  please  note  about  my offer. I live in Australia,
and  my  net  connection isn't so fast - so I dont want
to  wind  up  hosting  the  entire c64 scene - BUT I'm
happy  to  host  some sceners and para-sceners who
are unable to get a mail account elsewhere.

One  more little thing. I will host, say, the first 20 POP
acc's  for free. After that I will do them for, say, USD
5,--  for 6 months. That way I will be able to afford to
host them all.

?:  What  do you think in general about Microsoft's ac-
tivity to take over and control the Internet?

!:  My  long standing opinion is that monopoly is intrin-
sically bad. Whilst MicroSoft continue to actively seek
a software monopoly, I will have an idiological problem
with  them. Also, it is my opinion that MicroSoft do not
have a sound knowledge, as a company, regarding the
Internet. Admittedly, any company must try to make a
profit,  but  I  dont see changing the entire nature of
the Internet a valid way of doing it.

?:  There  has  been much talk about the browser war
between   Netscape's   Navigator/Communicator   and
Microsoft's Internet Explorer. What is your favourite
browser and why?

!:  I  prefer  Netscape,  since  it's  what I have always
used (right back to Netscape v1.02 BETA, when it ap-
peared  in 1994). I also admire Netscape's multi-plat-
form  (i.e.  non-hardware monopolistic) ideals, and the
fact  that  they  are  GPL'ing  the  Netscape 5 source
(since  I  run  Linux at home, and Solaris at uni, multi-
platform is quite important to me.)
I'll also add here that I use XEmacs as a web broswer
also, and it is my 2nd favourite web browser (is there
anything emacs can't do?).

?:  Next  to  those  activities  you  have brought your
board  "Fishbowl"  online. Please bring our readers a
bit  closer  into  the  project,  what  will them await by
hooking  up at your domain and please don't forget to
add  the  URL  for  those  who  are  now interested in
visiting  your  services,  may  it be the board or your

!: Okay, as some of you know, I used to run a small 64
BBS  here  in Australia until about 1996. It was called
FishBowl  (no  coincidence  to Warez Aquarium at all).
This board was primarily a place to get legal c64 files
(like  demos and tools etc), and for non-scene people
to   get   some  advice  etc.  Since  I  moved  in  1996,
FishBowl has been moved to the internet. In it's cur-
rent  form  it isnt too much more than the old BBS file
base  available via ftp. I haven't really had the time to
fix  it  (I  did  have a nice menu system running at one
stage, but that hard disk has since crashed).
HOWEVER  all  is  not  quite  abandoned. If anyone out
there  would like to help maintain the archives, and do
some  nice  WWW  pages  etc,  I would like to hear from

?: Can you please report a bit about your new CBM 64

!:  As  you probably know I'm a little famous for having
56 pots all on the boil (very slowly!) at the one time.

My current list of projects is something like this:

> 64net/2
Finish.  Port  to  AMIGA and Win95. Do serial code. Fix
parallel code.

> C64 Accelerator
Some of the details here are "top secret", but suffice
to say I worked out a nice little optimisation to make a
c64  accellerator  with  almost  linear 1:1 acceleration
(no VIC slowdowns, only IO.)

> Turbo Assembler clone for UNIX
Fairly  self  explanatory. Would hook into 64net/2 for
Unix to transfer object code over automatically.

> LUnix
I've  been  doing a little work on this project of Daniel
Dallmann's (Poldi).

> Vehicle Computer
A  nice  project  using a SX64 as a trip computer and
speedometer for a car (mainly since the speedo in my
old  Subaru  touring  wagon  is broken, and parts are
rather expensive.

Well, thats all the ones I can remember for now. If any
one  out  there  wants to help me on those, I'd appre-
ciate it since I'm too busy these days.

?:   Many  thanks  for  spending  your  time  on  those
questions.  See  you in cyberspace and good luck with
all your promising projects.

That  has  been  the trip into the info highway for this
edition. Be sure not to miss the next one, too.

Best regards,


Open Letter

                           < OPEN LETTER >
As known from former editions you can find expanded
reactions  and  letters  written  by our readers to be
presented  to  the  public. This time we have received
two  letter  worth  to  be published, sent by Midfit and
Mr. Wax. We intend to start with Midfit's contribution.

Hello Relax team,

I  just  read through your latest issue and I must say
your mag is one of my favourite ones, with great inte-
rest  I  followed several aspects of Derbyshire Ram's
opinion  about  how  his words got twisted by the infa-
mous  (alien?;>)  Australian  based Jazzcat, who once
used to be member of Legend and still seems to be so
fucking  proud  of this fact, that it is nothing unusual
for  him as to rip off his own members and friends (?)
or  atleast the people which trusted him. I decided af-
ter  reading  his  open  letter that people also should
hear the will of god about JAZZCAT, who once used to
be  a member of our crew and only brought SHAME to
to us.

I don't think I need to go into detail about the quarrel
between  Onslaught  and  me,  it  is  quite  clear that I
have  enuff  reasons  to  be quite pissed about them,
through  the  matter  of fact that their so-called nice
fixer  Donar  ripped MY fix of "GHOST TRAP". But this
is  another  case, the case I want to open here is the
conflict   between   Jazzcat  and  Legend,  cause  the
whole  thing was never stated correctly in any maga-
zine  and  I see your RELIABLE mag as the chance to
make  some points clear about Onslaught and in detail
it's  organizer  Jazzcat  and  his willing paladin called
Digahole (someone send him a pocket lamp, cos it must
be very dark in Jazzcat's ass!).

I can understand Derbyshire Ram and I see his words
and argumentation very clear infront of my eyes, and
the  way  Jazzcat used the whole thing is nothing new
to  me  and  my  group.  He likes to TWIST words or to
spread HALF TRUTHS, he often reminds me on Joseph
Goebbels with his kind of using the media for his EVIL
plans.  And  I  am  very sure Jazzcat hasn't got good
plans. Jazzcat and Joseph both used the real happe-
nings  and  twists  their own truth out them, e.g. Ons-
laught released in the first months of their existance
the  so-called  SALES  VERSION of a game by Legen-
dary  Designs  (the  name  is  really  no coincidence!),
programmed  by Powerplant and Kevin Murphy and in-
fact  cracked  by  Legend as the LAST OFFICIAL RE-
LEASE before they went entirely to the PC.
However Jazzcat claims until today, that he infact got
the  game  from  Powerplant  to  sell it. So much to his
belief, entire Legend knows the whole thing was never
given  in  his  hands  to  sell it or even to crack it. He
NEVER  asked  Powerplant  if  he could sell the game.
However  Onslaught  released  a  version of the game
which  is  exactly the same as the Legend crack, simi-
lar  file  order, similar levelpacking system and similar
similar  trainer bytes. Jazzcat claims he got a orie of
this  game  from Powerplant, however the original was
containing  a modificated Timex system by Powerplant
and  NOBODY  except Westbam, Kevin Murphy and Po-
werplant ever saw this original. However you will find
it quite surprising that the so-called CRACK was con-
taining  the  same  level-desqueezer,  as in the crack
by  Legend,  which  was  INFACT  made  by Powerplant
himself  and  that  the levels have the same names and
ength   as  Powerplant's  version.  Surprising  if  you
know  that  the  trainer-set-routine  is packed within
the  packed  main  menu  (in  the Onslaught version at
the  same  location as in the Legend version). So I am
quite interested to know how L.A. Style, at that time in
in  Onslaught,  and  Jazzcat actually got Powerplant's
leveldesqueezer  and  managed  to  depack the levels
and  pack  them  together to the exactly same amount
and  how  they  got  their hands on the original of the
game?  And how L.A. Style, who is NOT one of the best
crackers  the scene has to offer, bypassed the mod-
ded TIMEX by Powerplant.

I  think  it is quite clear for you, the reader, how they
came  to  the  original,  Jazzcat just removed the Le-
gend  & TSM into infront of the previous version, for-
get to build out the relocator routine of the intro be-
cause  we  still  could  found  it...  and  gave  it to L.A.
Style who linked a intro infront of it and furthermore
Jazzcat sold the entire game to one of his US compa-
ny  contacts and putted the money for it into his pok-
ket.  We  also  asked Jazzcat to give us the so-called
so-called  original  and  the  depacked  levels  of  the
crack,  he  said all this stuff was ruined in the famous
"operation house in fire", where his dear bush house
was  flamed  down, we asked him to show us an e-mail,
letter or proof that Powerplant providing him with the
original  and  said  to him that he should sell the whole
thing  for him... Again the stuff was gone up in flames.
See  his last posts on Second2None before we relea-
sed something, now he is gone missing in action... May-
be the lack of arguments...

Now to the so-called trade agreement which Jazzcat
is always refering to with the words "Midfit destroyed
that  agreement!"... We requested Jazzcat to show us
just ONE EMAIL where ONE single member of LEGEND
stated that we want to trade with Onslaught. He could
not come up with it and ergo also this topic should be
be  clear  and  can  be taken as another example how
Jazzcat  is  TWISTING other people's statements. The
truth is that we received an e-mail from him where he
asked  to join Legend under another handle alongside
his fellas.

However  he  wrote  in Vandalism News that he got an
interview with Westbam and this should be a proof for
the  relationship  between Legend and Onslaught. The
truth  there  NEVER  was  one! Westbam came back to
the  C64  scene, met JC and JC wanted him to coope-
rate  with  Onslaught, Westbam didn't want it, downloa-
ded  the  cracks  of  1994  - 98 to get on track again
and   has   fallen   over  the  ONSLAUGHT  version  of
"Megathrustaball",  a  game  which  he claimed to have
it sold for Powerplant. Now everybody shound under-
stand  Westbam's  RAGE  in the direction of Onslaught
and  especially Jazzcat.

This  rage,  simply a question of honour, was concen-
trated  on Jazzcat on the BBS, while somebody called
Digahole  mixed  in  into  the things, althrough he does
not  even seem to know the difference between a web
BBS  and  a  plain homepage, like it can be seen in his
article  "FACTS" in the turkish based Palladium maga-
zine,  where  he a ttacks  both...  Relax  Magazine and
Legend  (in  detail me).. However the only thing Jazz-
cat  could  find  to criticise us, was the lack of relea-
ses  from  us, this dumb argument should be gone with
the  wind,  and  guess  what he wasn't seen on the web
BBS anylonger... Meanwhile he is losing more and more
members  of  the  German  section  (most  are former
Hardcore  and  ex-Success  members)  who made the
group to what it was in the cracking area.
These  persons  are  however  still listed as members
but  are  set  on  an inactive status. These dudes are
CARLOS (who left Ons for CASCADE, just after Jazz-
cat  didn't  pay  him  money for TROOZE, but just con-
centrated  himself  on  releasing  the  ware.), B-WYZE
(which  I  talked  one  month ago with and who left be-
cause  his  longtime  pal  RAMIREZ  left)  and  German
fame  coder RAP, who left cause he wants to concen-
trate on his company. If nobody believes me (as Jazz-
cat  seems  to  think that!), they should ring up either
RAP,  B-WYZE  and  CARLOS  (or  ask  any  CASCADE
member)...  And  make  sure  to  ask these people how
they  are  thinking  about how Jazzcat likes to handle
his group. They can for sure tell you a lot interesting
things,  which  I don't like to go into detail with, as the
textspace  of  this  magazine is simply NOT ENOUGH to
mention  them all, cause some of them are so ashaming
for  this  so-called ELITE PHREAKER (PAH!) Jazzcat,
that somehow you can only feel sorry for him.

However I know why he is attacking RRR, who is infact
a  good  mag editor, nobody can deny this fact, cause
he  once  said  in  a  phonecall  to  me  that  he HATES
everything AFL stands for, also their friends, and he
won't rest until AFL and their friends are destroyed.

I  wish  him  much  much  luck.  In the meanwhile, don't
forget  to  call  Second2None  and Spankerz Heaven.
The places of truth and honour. Also the place where
normally  things  like  these  belong,  I  know...  But as
Onslaught  can't  stand to their opinion on that places
and  needs  their  mags  to  defend themselves, we will
send out our view of the things to the more RELIABLE
part  of  the  media,  which is giving a shit about wars
and keeps up the word INFORMATION.

Thanks for reading,

The Will of God!!!

Next in the row is a reaction from Chromance regar-
ding  their  releases  found  as  additional files on the
Relax Magazine #23 programm disk side 1.

Dear readers,

this  is  a little reaction/article to ReLaX Issue No.23
and its attachement. (side 1). We were really surprised
surprised  to  find  Defender  64er--Oter+fix/Hitmen
and  Jumpin'  Cubes/FBR--Jumpin' Cubes/Chromance
on  the  front  side.  Let me point out what we disliked
about the behaviour of the ever-so-objective editors
of  the  ReLaX magazine, also known as AFL. We found
it  really  revolting  that  the  editors  did not dare to
write a SINGLE word in the entire magazine about the
EXTRA  contest.  What  did they try to suggest by re-
leasing  those  above  mentioned four titles? Are they
trying  to put CHROMANCE into the scene's black book
or something? How nice of them!
Next  time  we  would be grateful if you guys would hit
directly,  not  indirectly. That is surely a sign of vile-
ness, isn't it? Now let me tell you all a few facts about
those four releases we are talking about:

"Oter"  was  released  by  ArtGame,  Hungary  thru a
mail-order system, therefore CHROMANCE is not RE-
SPONSIBLE for any rip-off from the coders. Is it the
cracking groups responsibility to check every relea-
ses  byte  by  byte,  pixel  by pixel to see whether the
title  contains  some ripped material? ReLaX suggests
so...  And while we're at "Oter" why is that the editors
come  up  with  it  in 1998 while the game was released
and fixed in 1996? How logical... And well, ArtGame has
published "Lucky Egg" which was nominated as one of
the  best  games in 1996. So much for the "fake" com-
pany. Will now ReLaX claim the multi-load game, "Lucky
Egg" is another re-make, rip-off?

"Jumpin'  Cubes":  As the record shows the game was
released  some  years  ago  by  FBR in GERMAN only.
Good to know. Well, infact the CHROMANCE release is
100% ENGLISH translated, thus can't be a RE-RELEA-
SE. It can be IGNORED point-wise but surely not PU-
NISHED with RE-RELEASE points. Alright. If you took
a   closer  look  at  ReLaX's  "Release  Chart  Of  The
Year"  then  you must have spotted "Magic Land" and
"Buddha" among the CHROMANCE releases. They were
old  GERMAN  games  translated  into ENGLISH by our
German comrade, Rough.
Strange  enough,  they  did  not receive RE-RELEASE
points,  although  we are talking about the VERY SAME
ISSUE here.
Seems  as  if MARC was in a bad mood, or changed his
mind   so  quick  withouth  letting  the  audience  know
about   the  NEW  rules.  Objectivity  at  a  high  level,
erhm...  I also agree that releasing old games in ENG-
LISH shall not be rewarded with full points, it shall be
rather   IGNORED   point-wise  (like  MARC  did,  some
months  ago)  but  giving  RE-RELEASE  points to it is
somewhat ridicolous.

And  hell,  AFL's  latest  title  "SUPER NOVA" is also a
rip-off.  The  original  game  is  called "NOVA" and has
been  coded  by  Quiss/Reflect/APS  some  two years
"SUPERNOVA" features the same sprites, same code.
Only new levels, music and an intro sequence has been
added  to the game. Fact is that Nova II/AVT+EXCESS
came  along  with a LEVEL EDITOR. The rippers simply
edited new levels, freezed the game and only changed
the music. Thats it.
A question: Will ReLaX Issue No. 24 feature "NOVA by
Quiss/Oxyron"  and  "SUPERNOVA+fix/AFL" ? Surely
not!  Otherwise ReLaX can not be the old AFL propa-
ganda magazine anylonger... .. .

Thanks for the attention.

Signing off, Mr.Wax/Chromance in February.

PS:  Reactions,  opinions  regarding the above matter
can be e-mailed to: mrwax

Dear Mr. Wax,

release  charts  are  a  quite sensitive point in maga-
zines  as  they depend, next to the set of rules regu-
lating  the  classification,  on the mercy and the taste
of  the  responsible  editor  when  it  comes  up to the
quality  points. There will ever be disappointed people
expecting  the  maximum  of  possible  points for their
releases  even if they continously point out that they
aren't  interested  in  points  at  all because they are
doing  it  just  for  fun.  How  comes that people start
crying  for  a  minor  difference  of  0.x  points  when
points aren't that interesting and important for them?
When  people  are  disappointed  or  disagree with the
total  amount  of  points  given  for  certain  releases
they    usually    come    along   with   definitions   like
"cheated",  "hillarious",  "inobjective"  or "unfair", so
did Chromance and Mr. Wax this time.

At  first  we'd  like to comment "OTER". Unlike Mr. Wax
pointed  out  Relax  Magazine  did  NOT  claim  that the
Hungarian company "Art Game" is only a fake label or
company.  Furthermore  Relax  Magazine did NOT claim
that  Chromance is responsible for the production of
the game "Oter". That are all interpretations made by
Chromance  and  definately  NOT contents to be found
in  Relax  Magazine.  "Oter"  has been checked out by
JAN  ZIMMERMANN,  the  author  of "DEFENDER", who
confirmed that "Oter" was nothing else but a ripp-off
only.  Infact  it  was  NOT  very clever to add the pair
"Oter"  and "Defender" without further comment, this
is what we have to admit.

The  question  of  a group being responsible to check
the  games  carefully bit by bit before releasing them
might  be  answered  with  a  bright and convinced no,
but  people  should  keep  in mind the spirit of release
charts. People contributing to the first release chal-
lenge  expect  to be awarded with points, people re--
releasing  games  have  been and will be punished with
minus  points.  That's  the  deal of release charts and
that's what release charts are about. It's the editor's
job to care about the releases counted in the release
charts,  it's  NOT an offence or an attack like Mr. Wax
tries  to  suggest.  As  long as people are reacting in
such  a  childish way there will ever be hassle. People
are  proudly taking the fame so they have to take the
blame, too. It's a part of the business, nothing perso-
nal,  nothing inobjective and nothing what can be con-
sidered to be unfair. That are the rules.

Now  to  "JUMPIN'  CUBES".  There  are multiple facts
which  simply  lead  to  the decision RE-RELEASE. The
game has been imported in 1989 to the states by FBR.
An US import means board presence, board presence
cleary makes it to a potentional candidate for the re-
lease  charts  and  to  be  a  first  release. It must be
known    to   Chromance   that   releases   which   are
announced  as  first  releases,  like  their  version of
"Jumpin'   Cubes",  are  getting  counted  as  first  or
Curiously a date stamp stating "1989" has been dele-
ted in Chromance version. Wonder why when the game
is supposed to be a translation of a 9 years old game
only?  Then  Mr. Wax complained about the low amount
of  points  he  received in the release charts of "The
Crest"  for  "Jumpin'  Cubes". That means Chromance
was  willing to take the points for the release, and did
NOT  expect  it  to  be  ignored  point-wise, therefore
Chromance  has  to  accept  the  minus points for the
release,  too.  Chromance has to take the responsibi-
lity  and  the  consequences of their deeds, like all o-
ther  groups,  too.  Release  charts aren't a request
programm.  Either  one points out IN ADVANCE that a
title   is  not  meant  as  contribution  to  the  release
charts or one has to take the responsibilty, what Mr.
Wax didn't seem to accept.
"BUDDHA"  and  "MAGIC LAND" are both games falling
into  the drawer Basic and compiled Basic games. Ba-
sic  and  compiled  Basic  game  are NOT awarded with
points,  therefore  re-releases  in that area won't be
punished with minus points. Marc wasn't in a bad mood
nor did he change his mind nor it is a new rule. This is
just  another  PATHETIC  try of Mr. Wax trying to get
out  of the situation and to reflect the attention away
from his group's failure. It's just far more popular to
attack and blame Relax Magazine.

Finally we ended up at "SUPER NOVA", one of the dis-
cussed  titles  these  days.  We  will  check  it  up with
Count Zero/Propaganda, Crossfire/Scene+ and Dod-
ger/The Crest. In case "Super Nova" contains ripped
elements it will be notified in the way "Oter" was pre-
sented.  "Oter"  did  not receive minus points, "Oter"
was not said to be a re-release and we did not create
the  impression that Chromance created "Oter", that
should be always kept in mind. "Oter" is a part of our
new  strategy  clearly showing that we keep our eyes
open. Fact is that some releases take some time to be
found out (see: "Reflect", "Jumpin' Cubes"). We agree
that  it's  impossible  to  know  all  releases, we agree
that  it's impossible to locate a re-release at the time
when  you  see  a  new  release  but we don't think we
should ignore and deny the existance of re-releases
and/or ripp-offs.
In  the  future  all  ripp-offs  and re-releases will be
added to the homepage only and named inside the ma-
zine  as  the  amount  of  suspicious  releases has in-
creased as dramatical as for edition 24 (several re-
leases  from  Legend,  "Reflect"/F4CG, "Shoot"/FLT,
"Tanks"/AFL  1970  and "Super Nova"/AFL 1970) so
that it won't fit on one disk only, they will be stated in
a   document   called  "Release  Charts  Special"  and
found  in  both  versions  archived  into one huge ZIP
(PK-Zip) file ready for download at Relax Online.
Adding  the  releases  will  give  more  answers to the
question  if  a game is a ripp-off or not or if the game
is  a  re-release  or  not. All suspect releases should
be  handled  like this. But ofcourse we see that those
proofs  can't be ignored, what seems NOT to be in the
interest of certain groups.
Yes,  as  you  can  see above, we will include and have
included  ambigious  Alpha  Flight  1970 releases, too,
even  if  Mr. Wax tends to think, like some other fools,
too,  that  Relax  Magazine  is a propaganda magazine
for Alpha Flight 1970 only. It is really sad to see that
some  people  think  they are clever enough to outwit
the rules and system for their own needs and in case
their  needs  are  getting  discovered they think they
are  clever  enough  to  blame  other people for their
own failures. We won't comment it further here!

We  are  willing to take the blame for the missing des-
cription  for  the  additional "Defender"/"Oter" files,
files,  we  can't take over the responsibility nor won't
we  apologize  us  for any former, present and future
re-release(s)  of any cracking group participating in
the hunt for points.

On the behalf of the Relax Magazine staff,



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