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                             * EDITORIAL *
R3L4X M4G4Z1N3* JULY 1996 edition (issue # 17), the
magazine for the generation with an eye for the finer
details  in  the  CBM  64 scene, was brought to you by
PHUTURE   (Software  &  Marketing),  your  favourite
disk-magazine releasing game label.

                    ... internal affairs ... 
Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel the re-
lease of the announced X-96 special edition.

Our very own motivation was to release a very origi-
nal special edition around the X-96 party held by our
colleagues  in  Success & The Ruling Company. Unfor-
tunately a LOWEST budget release has been released,
containing  a SIMILAR idea even  if it DIDN'T come up
to  what  we have prepared. With the loss of the sur-
prise  effect the motivation has been decreased, and
after taking the actual date into consideration we fi-
nally  decided  that it is DEFINATELY TOO LATE for a
X-96 special.
Some of our photos might be released at the from our
colleagues in the PROPAGANDA staff prepared photo
CD,  some others will be, some have already been, up-
loaded at THE DIGITAL DUNGEON, the SCS&TRC*Relax
Internet headquarter, so there are different ways to
get your hands on what we have worked on.
Neverthless  we  still have in MIND to release a scene
related special edition about a special happening, but
we won't set a release date nor  report  anything
about  the  concept  in  order to AVOID cheap IMMITA-
TIONS! Just wait for a surprise!

This time we have been patient even after the official
deadline to provide the latest information of the sce-
ne, we even decrunched several specific chapters to
update  and  upgrade them up to perfection, but what
else to expect from your favourite disk magazine?

          ... another one bites the dust ... 
Much  to  our  regret  we have to start with some sad
and  negative  news. Our comrade and colleague DUKE
decided  once  again  to  close  the file "THE PULSE",
unfortunately this time for good.

Without any doubts THE PULSE used to be the leading
disk  magazine  in  1993  and  1994 and it was a major
shock  for the scene when Duke STOPPED editing for
the  first  time.  That  time Duke has been setting up a
high   standart  for  SCENE  MAGAZINES,  a  standart
which  influenced the media industry by rising the en-
tire quality level.
Magazines  like Vandalism News, Propaganda, Domina-
tion and last but not least the Relax Magazine decided
to  take over and cover the market and the gaps The
Pulse  has  left  behind. Being in heavy competition all
contributors  developed their very own style and up-
graded  their  skills  with an every single edition they
have provided to the CBM 64 scene.
With  the  reputation  of  a trendsetter and dominator
Duke  and  The  Pulse  finally  returned  to compete in
the  media  business.  After  some  starting  problems
the  editorial  staff  has  been  found  and  presented
some really FINE editions, nevertheless it never made
it  up again to the position of the DOMINATOR. Lots of
strong  competitors  were  prepared  and accepted a
brillaint  competition  which can be defined as the mo-
ther  of the steady improvements people could detect
in a league of their own, the board magazine area.

Many  people  did not believe in the rebuilt version of
The  Pulse since they have been missing the LEADING
factor  by  DISREGARDING  the  fact  of  a reinforced
and   more  powerful  magazine  front  compared  with
former  days  when  The  Pulse  has been the genuine
SPIRITUAL LEADER and REFORMER of the standarts.
Surely  not  an  every single bit has been GOLD, but a
retrospection  in  general  can only hold the POSITIVE
ASPECTS,   aspects   which  can  be  checked  out  by
reading all existing editions, over and over again.

Uncompetent  critism  has been spread by people who
misunderstood  the spiritual and liberal goods we got
delivered  on a MONTHLY basis,  texts which were of-
ten QUITE HARD  to understand for the masses, ideas
following  to the basic ideas and visions of the FOUN-
64 scene in a time when most of today's scene popu-
lation didn't know anything about the existance of the
CBM 64 and its scene.
Surely  not  everything has pleased our intentions or
ideas,  but  after  reading  these texts you have been
sure  that  the  AUTHOR  had  his  intentions, used his
brain  and  did  some  research instead of filling ano-
ther  100 blocks with useless crap to break a record
concerning  the textsize of the publication. LESS can
be MUCH MORE, that is exactly our philosophy, too!
The  most important fact is that he used to know what
he was writing about and it was no problem to discuss
the  content  of  an  every  single  article and getting
more  background  information  to prove and support
the information available in the articles.

It is the destination for those who remain here to get
the balance right and to deliver INFORMATION instead
of glorification and OBJECTIVITY instead of prejudice
what  should  be  the primary target now, the service
the  Relax  Magazine  offered and the convocation we
followed from the very beginning.

For  the last time we express our RESPECT to a hard
competitor  in the MEDIA BUSINESS and one of the few
advanced magazine editor colleagues left in this SCE-
NE,  a fanatic person always trying to improve and to
advance the quality level of scene magazines.
Regardless  from  the disappearance of one competi-
tor  we truely HOPE that all other competitors, may it
be  Propaganda,  Vandalism News, Domination and last
but not least the RELAX MAGAZINE, will continue their
BRILLIANT  jobs and continue to present an advanced
JOURNALISM  in  QUALIFIED and experienced produc-
tions  which will hopefully continue to rock the scene.
Competition  is  heading  to progress, and without any
progress  at  all  we are going to get lost as it makes
the  scene  world  go round.  Without progess it would
become  boring  and  people would lose the interest in
this  machine,  so  we  will  continue to try to keep the
spirit  alive  as a last sign of respect and honour into
direction THE PULSE MAGAZINE and especially DUKE,
the  man  who made it all possible. Live long and pros-

       ... Software distribution in the Internet ... 
With  the  steady  growing popularity of the INTERNET
VARIOUS  ways  to get your hands on the latest soft-
ware  became  STANDARTS these days. There are the
very   popular   WWW-PAGES  which  can  combine  the
presentation  of  information and emulate a BBS. Next
to the function of transfering private mails the popu-
lar  E-MAIL  service  can  be  used  to  DELIVER  any
particular piece of software in MIME (Base64) format
or  UUENCODED  directly  into  the  mail folder of the
addressee.  Another way to send and get software is
the INTERNET RELAY CHAT (IRC), the place to chat in
the  Net,  by  using  the  DCC  commands. Last but not
least  there are the FTP-SITES, maybe the most inte-
resting file bases available these days. We will have a
closer look at them now.

FTP-SITES  fullfill  in  general  the same functions like
BOARDS,  being  a place to find the latest warez such
as  first releases, tools, magazines and demos aswell
as golden oldies and other useful software.
The most IMPORTANT CBM 64 scene related FTP-sites
are (ordered by attractivity, subjective ofcourse):

FTP-SITE'S NAME                            ADDRESS
MAINTAINER(S)                              GROUP(S)
CBA, Burglar, Coolhand, Viking      SCS&TRC * RELAX
GANGSTA'S PARADISE                  
Lion, Mr. Wax                                 CHROMANCE
Counter Attack, Zny             PALACE * PROPAGANDA
MOUNT TOKAY             
Stake, Crossfire                  SCS & TRC * MOTIV 8
THE BADLANDS                
Mr. Spock                             T'PAU
XCLUSIV FTP                 
King Fisher                           TRIAD
Warp                EQUINOXE * SHOUT!
The ATTRACTIVITY of FTP-SITES is based on several
factors.  Surely the SPEED LEVEL is the most impor-
tant  one as there are not actually not very much file
bases  you  can approach with your favourite compu-
ter   configuration  and  almost  WITHOUT  LIMITS,  for
example  leeching  CBM 64 software with 28k8 can be
a real PLEASURE compared with the time wasting 2k4
(1k2 in most cases to have an acceptable line) trans-
fers  we  use  to  know  from  the  boards. We have to
admit that it depends on the Internet provider, but as
it  is already 1996 almost all providers should atleast
offer 19k2 just to set it on a slow minimum.
Another  advantage  is the bright palette of software
offered  here. You can find absolute everything here
such  as  the  lastest, golden oldies and rarities. This
positive  aspect  is based on the fact that EVERYONE
with  INTERNET  ACCESS can upload everything on an
every  FTP-site within a few minutes, not only the few
who can actually call out for free. Furthermore many
oldtimers,  people who were active in the golden past,
make some of their golden oldies here.

The  FTP-sites can't completely replace the boards in
this scene as they can NEVER emulate the special at-
mosphere nor the special feeling. Nevertheless, when
it  comes up to the warez, it is for sure an attractive
service we can't effort to miss. Be sure visit THE DI-
GITAL DUNGEON whenever you have the chance to do
it,  not  only  to  get  your hands on the latest RELAX
editions but aswell for the huge software archive of-
fered here.

   ... Votesheet Spreaders and News suppliers ... 
The  RELAX  votesheets have been spread, as usual,
by  our  very  own ZAPOTEK as well as Spectator, by
Starlight  and by Shuze. Starting with this edition as-
well  DR.  SOFT  and  Violator promised to spread our
paper votesheets.
The  news  have  been supplied and confirmed by Ice-
ball,   Kristian  Rostoen,  DUKE,  NEWSCOPY,  Riddler,
BRIAN,  Ned,  Vengeance,  CURLIN,  King  Fisher, CBA,
Burglar, Fuben, The Meatball and many more.

             This edition's content looks like this:
GLOBAL  REPORT  is  the  host for all who are looking
out  for  ALL  necessary information about the scene
happenings.  The RELEASE CHARTS and the 1996 RE-
LEASE  CHARTS  are  proving  an overview about the
releases of the previous decade and ofcourse all re-
leases  of  the  year  1996.  BOARD  CHARTS and MAIL
CHARTS are the place to look up the actual standings
in  the  opinion  of  the board and mail scene, a mirror
who  reflects  the  votes  of  people  who  filled vote-
sheets all over the globe and shared their results by
mail,  e-mail  and  on  the  boards.  The INTERVIEW has
been  hold  with a CENSORed person and an excellent
programmer, BOB is his name. The DEMO REVIEWS are
having a closer look at two recently releases demon-
strations  entitled  Litter  and Krestology. The PARTY
RADAR  will  have  a  look  on two major happenings in
nothern  (Assembly)  and  eastern  (Flag)  Europe  to
provide  you  with all necessary information. Our AD-
VERTISEMENTS  section  contains  again a lot of inte-
resting  mail, e-mail, FTP-site and WWW addresses, all
you need to satisfy the warez hunters.

                 * Credits for the July edition *

We  have  to  express  our  thanks to SYNDROM/TIA/
CREST  who  has delivered this soundtrack after our
booked artist informed us about being unable to pre-
sent his performance this time.

Title                                         Author
"PSYCHO"                            SYNDROM/TIA/CREST
"HIGH VOLTAGE"                      GASTON/TIA/ELYSIUM

      * How to contact the Relax Magazine staff? *
Snail mail:     XXXX XXXXXXXXX
--------        XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX
------          THE EVIL ISLAND
                THE ESCAPADE

        * Where to download the Relax Magazine? *
THE EVIL ISLAND                       ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE                          ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
THE DIGITAL DUNGEON                   Utopia.Hacktic.NL
THE DIGITAL DUNGEON                   Replay.Com

      * Where to order the DIGITAL VOTESHEET? *
Zapotek/Alpha Flight 1970    

          * The Relax Magazine staff consists of *
MAIN EDITOR                      MARC/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
MAIN EDITOR                      MAX/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
MAIN EDITOR                      RRR/OXYRON
CO-EDITOR                        FUBEN/OXYRON
CO-EDITOR                        PRI/TIA/OXYRON

                 * Authorized Mail Distribution *
                 ZAPOTEK/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
                           DR. SOFT/ALBION

Best regards in the name of the entire staff,


                       * R3L4X M4G4Z1N3* *
            3XPL0S1V3 3V3R, 1MPULS1V3 N3V3R!

                             May 14th, 1996

Global Report

                         * GLOBAL REPORT *
Facts,  facts,  facts,  ... Welcome to THE news journal
you  can  care  about  because WE do care about the

The seek for proven information has found its end as
you  have finally found your favourite and most RELI-
ABLE HOST around  the globe in this lonely universe.
Fantasy  stories,  expections  or  own opinions about
the  latest  happenings  in  the  world we use to live in
can be found in several wrong places, this is the pla-
ce   for   getting   PURE   information,  prepared  and
collected  and  proven  by  EXPERIENCED and QUALI-
FIED  reporters,  always  hunting for the latest in the
CBM 64 scene, the place we still use to life in.

                      * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 *
This  flight  will never stop! A slogan seems to become
reality.  A  steady  warez  support  to  the scene and
nowadays  a more solid group policy made again a top
act out of the German based crew around Marc.

Fresh  blood  got  implanted  with  the  recruitment of
THE  HERETIC  and  later on NED, who will both remain
members of the group Netphreakers. Both are mainly
responsible  for h/p while The Heretic will get active,
on a minor level, as graphic artist, too.
An old compare has been welcomed back to get active
in  full  effect,  no  one else but SKINHEAD announced
his comeback and started already to call out.
Rumours came up, mainly spread by competiting maga-
zines,  that Chotaire got caught for Hacking/Phreak-
ing  and  based  on this fact THE PIRATE ISLAND went
offline.  Fact is that Chotaire got a call from the com-
pany WORLD LINK PREMIER and nothing else followed.
The Pirate Island went offline when Chotaire has been
in Kuwait for a while. He is already considering about
leaving  Germany for Kuwait, so TPI might be back on-
line there! Meanwhile he opened an HOMEPAGE for the
flight,  being the official one for all sections, including
PC, Amiga and CBM 64.
The  mail  distribution  of  the flight got reduced when
Violator  decided  to  leave  for  the  growing fleet of
Triad  while Rick got kicked out due to the fact of not
pleasing the leadership with his mail trading activities
until now.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 21):
Ancient Mariner, Archangel, Blaze, Calypso, Chotaire,
Cryonic,  Danzig,  Flash,  Ignorance,  Marc,  Max, Ned,
Pol  Pot,  Rayden,  Ream,  Shuze,  Skinhead,  Styx, The
Heretic, Xenox and Zapotek

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
HOLDIAY INN CAMBODIA   NEW number soon available!
THE EVIL ISLAND (down)                ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE                          ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
HTTP:                        //

                           * AVANTGARDE *
One  of  the most competitive cracking groups around
is  DEAD! After the activity level has been reduced to
a  NOT competitive level the group was declared to be

Deff, Intruder, Renegade, Jack Alien and Cupid alrea-
dy  joined  the friends in F4CG, the fate of the rest is
quite uncertain, but we will keep you updated.

Current Avantgarde memberstatus looks like (= RIP):

                            * CHROMANCE *
MEPHISTO,  former member of Pandora, teamed up as
modem  trader  and card supplier to replace MOTION,
who  left  for  the growing forces of Hitmen. LION has
left  his  second group Resource so Gangsta's Para-
dise  is now runned exclusive for Chromance, and due
to  the  popularity  of  the  homepages  a CHROMANCE
HOMEPAGE is already under production.
SKULL  and  ALIAS  MEDRON have been removed from
the  actual  status while Alias Medron might return as
soon as he is getting active again.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 25):
AMC,  Bolee,  Deviant,  Fusion,  Griff, Immortal, Janee,
Jaydee,  Jazzy  D,  Lion,  Lotus,  Mephisto,  Mr.  Wax,
Rough,  Rug  Rat,  Sage, Scratcher, Skud, Spermbird,
Syco, Techno, The Unholy, Will, XXL and Zeyex

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
BASS PLANET                            ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
OVERDOSE                               ++XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX

              * FANTASTIC 4 CRACKING GROUP *
There happened not that much in F4CG, but what hap-
pened  hasn't  been  too  fortunate.  Nevertheless all
might  be  looking  more  positive in the next weeks or
months,  as  people are waiting for the so-called jud-
gement day.

Right AFTER our deadline we got the information that
from  the  fresh buried group Avantgarde completed
the  group,  what  is  for sure a big deal for the fan-
CYBORG  doesn't  think that DREAMPARK, the once so
popular  Avantgarde,  F4CG  and  Propaganda  head-
quarter,  will  be  online again as board, atleast not in
the  next months. He already started to SELL OUT his
CBM  64  equipment, what should be a statement which
does not need any comments.
Unfortunately INTERPARK had to be taken down after
getting  full online for some weeks again. A while ago,
we  reported  about  it  in the previous edition, it was
only  online  on  a  temporary basis, now it's down for
good.  But  a  replacement  is  already in seight, same
goes  for  a  new  worldheadquarter so F4CG is cur-
rently working on a their own JUDGEMENT DAY.
Information  about  THE  TRIBUTE  1996  party can be
found on the PROPAGANDA homepage, for sure worth
being visited!

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 30):
Antitrack, Aristo, Bitman, Chash, Cupid, Cybersurfer,
Cyborg,  Deff, Devil, Draz, Fen 1, Hain, Intruder, Jack
Alien,  King,  Maja,  Morris,  Motley, Mr. Alpha, Neotec,
Newscopy,   Playboy,   Renegade,  Scorpie,  Smasher,
Sneaper, Solar, Total Chaos, Walker and Worm

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
HTTP:                   //

                              * GRAFFITY *
For  a long time it was very silent around the Hunga-
rian  demo  group,  but  these days it seems they are
waking up again.

The  group's history is very similar to most others as
all  members grew up and the REAL LIFE became more
important. Their old members Trays and Maxwell toge-
ther with Cybortech have formed a printing company,
Grabowski and Davis are studying, Cheesion is coding
databases  for  commercial  companies  and  Fletcher
and  Brian  are building up a sound studio in order to
PRODUCE  young  talents in Hungary. Both are aswell
AUTHORIZED  dealers of brands like Fatar, Clavia and
Waldorf  there.  Brian  is aswell a SALES MANAGER of
studio  equipment  and  started  to  study informatics
while  Fletcher  studies  to become an electronic EN-
New  in  their rows are Clareance and Ollie, both for-
mer members of Chorus. Because of this change Cho-
rus died.
The  long awaited demo "JUSTINBLUE" is already fini-
shed  by  90%  and  is supposed to be released at the
end of 1996, to be more exactly in October or Novem-
ber.  Furthermore  a new DMC version is supposed to
be released.

Current Graffity memberstatus looks like (= 9):
Brian,  Calt,  Cheesion,  Clarence,  Cybortech,  Davis,
Fletcher, Grabowski and Ollie

                                * HITMEN *
The  group  around Curlin, Jihad and Peacemaker has
already  transformed  in a multifunctional group, hav-
ing  a  well  working cracking, fixing and demo section
being   capable   to  compete  with  the  leading  teams
around these days.

The information around Hitmen starts with Motion/ex-
Chromance  completing the forces to serve as modem
trader  and  to get active in the H/P business for the
based  group. Furthermore Stan/ex-X-Rated teamed
up as mail trader. Last but not least two new implants
for  the  demo  section have been found with Banshee
from  Poland and Balance from Hungary, both graphic
artists.  Their  work  can  be  found  in  the follow-up
demo Cucumber Juice 2.
Dr.  Doom  has  been  kicked  out  after  his computer
equipment  broke  and  he  didn't  stay in contact with
the  leadership to inform them about the actual situa-
tion. Rumours say he already left the scene.

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 19):
Balance,  Banshee,  Curlin,  Groepaz,  Hi-Lite, Jayce,
Jihad,  Jinx,  Luke,  Marcus, Motion, Peacemaker, Ra-
coon, Raze, Sabotage, Stan, Tranziie, Tyron and Vor-

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                            ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MYSTICAL PARADIZE                      ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
WAREZ AQUARIUM                         ++XX/XX-XXXXX

                               * MOTIV 8 *
The  Danish  pride  is  still  going  strong releasewise
even if their releases might NOT belong to the middle-
class these days, but on the other hand they are ac-
tually building up a very PROMISING demo section.

The  polish  section,  being  lead  by MHD after Spider
quitted  the  scene,  made another recruitment called
RIME,  a  coder.  His  first  pieces of work for Motiv 8
might be seen in a not too far distant.
Unlike  printed  elsewhere,  to be exactly in Vandalism
News issue # 27, L.A. Style has definately NOT left the
danish  based  group  for Acrise & Excess. After re-
leasing Track-Player the author Lyon has decided to
start working on a more advanced editor which is ac-
tually  promised  to  become  one  of  the best editors
ever made.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= 21):
BinJinx,   Bird,   Clive,  Crossfire,  Eddie,  Greenfrog,
Grego, Ibanez, Iceball, Larry, L.A. Style, Mason, Lyon,
Merlin,  MHD,  Nuke,  Rime,  Sphere , Stone, The Fresh
Prince and TMG

Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
LIQUID PALACE                   ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MOUNT OLYMPUS                   ++XX/XXXX/XXXX
THE HIDDEN                      ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
HTTP:    //

                            * ONSLAUGHT *
Releasewise  it  was  a good month for Onslaught, ne-
vertheless  there's still the sour taste of controver-
sials  around  these releases coming from MANY cor-
ners  in  the  scene.  Memberwise the line up has been
filled up once more.

After the split of the Hardcore and Onslaught coope-
ration believe thought all would end in HARDCORE, but
they were totally WRONG. Onslaught survived and re-
infiltrated  most  members,  now even NEBULA, an all-
round  talent, B-WYZE and COMMUNIST left the almost
dead Hardcore for the Australian based group. From
Ambush  joined  QUASAR  as  graphic artist and ZAKK
as  programmer.  Last  but not least MOSES entered,
having in his luggage the board SANITARIUM.
After not having shown a lifesign for quite a while the
east German swapper Code 18 has been removed from
the  active  memberlist while Heavyhead seems to be a
little bit unactive because of his army service. CHAO-
TIC has been kicked out for several reasons and joi-
Smash  Design.  Last  but  not  least Jazzcat's HOUSE
burnt  down!  The  only  thing  he could recover after
returning  from  a three days long trip were some old
coins from his collection, NO personal item is left! Ac-
tually  it's  reported  that he uses to live in some kind
barrack  right  now.  Not  Jazzcat nor his room-mate
had  a  fire insurance so it's quite uncertain for them
to  get  any penny back. The fire has been started by
an  electrical default, just for those who are interes-
ted in HOT details. Right after the fire CYRAX decided
to leave them aswell. Detailed reasons are NOT known

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 34):
ASV,  Bizarre,  B-Wyze, Communist, Deekay, Digahole,
Donar,  Doom,  Gop,  Grafee,  Grize,  Hardsequencer,
Heavyhead, Jazzcat, Jolz, Kinley, Macx, McByte, Meff,
Morbid,  Morrisey, Mr. Brain, Nebula, Quasar, Ramirez
Rap, Shades, Shocker, The Unholy, TMM, Trouble, Ven-
geance, Witty and Zakk

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DOWN BY LAW                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
DEADZONE                                ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
WESTPOINT                               ++XX/XXXX-XXXX
SANITARIUM                              ++XX/XXX-XXXXXX

All  in  all a good period for SCS & TRC with some nice
releases  and  some useful completations to the mem-
berstatus in order to guarantee to warez flood being
spread well across Europe.

The  ruling  cooperation  enlarged  their  activities in
the  very  important  mail distribution with two brand-
new entries. FUNXILLA/NoName/U-turn joined in from
Holland  aswell as EL BANDITOS/Fatum from Poland in
order to spread the Dutch releases.
The Polish graphic artist SLIVER has left them to be-
come  a member of TRIAD as there is no real need for
a fulltime graphic artist in the cooperation.

Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like (= 20):
Action Jackson, Alchemist, Allitaice, Bacillus, Burglar,
CBA,  Count  Zero,  Credo, El Banditos, Funxilla, Lord
Crucifier, Micron, Moren, Nightshade, Replay, Specta-
tor, Splatterhead, Stake, Trax and Tristan

SCS&TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                     ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                                 * TRIAD *
The  ancient group Triad has shown an immense acti-
vity lately by recruiting a lot of people in the hope to
find again the old strength.

At first Sliver from  SCS&TRC decided to team up in
order to replace Dane, who left for Crest due to the
fact  that  he  is cooperation with Mitch when it comes
up  to  produce  CBM  64 music. Furthermore Father
Dagon,  Disaster,  Taper,  Quorthon and The Meatball
from  Ambient  decided  to team up. Out of this new si-
tuation  Ambient  died. Last but not least Violator left
Alpha  Flight in order to become active as mail trader
in the Swedish based group.

Current Triad memberstatus looks like (= 15):
Ca$h, Dr. Disk, Disaster, Father Dagon, Iopop, Jerry,
King  Fisher,  Mr. Ammo, Quorthon, Sailor, Tao, Taper,
The Meatball, Twoflower and Violator

Triad worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
HTTP:          //
FTP: XCLUZIV FTP           

                * SINGLE NEWS AND RUMOURS *
* ACTIVE explained  that MOON does not belong to the
   active Active memberstatus. He was going to re-
   turn into the scene when he was arraning a game
   soundtrack a while ago and showed interest in do-
   ing further musics on  this  system, too. Sadly his
   activity  turned down again. Some of his unreleased
   tunes  might  be  released either in a collection and
   in the "7 YEARS ACTIVE" celebration demo though.
   MOON  himself  stated  on  the  IRC that he is NOT in
   Active  but  still  a FLASHer. It all seems to be a BIG

   Current Active memberstatus looks like (= 10):
   Artlace,  Dexter,  Foxy,  Injun  Inc.,  Riddler, Stash,
   Surfer, Trasher, Trident and Wolverine

   Active worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
   VIRTUAL LIGHT                        ++XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX
   HTTP:                           //

* With  NED and THE HERETIC two members of the no-
   torious NETPHREAKERS joined Alpha Flight, but re-
   main in the h/p group as double members.

   Current N*P memberstatus looks like (= 7):
   Chaotic,  Deceiver, Necrophilist, Ned, Rainbow War-
   rior, Savage and The Heretic

* Unlike  printed elsewhere, FUBEN won't stop produ-
   cing demos on the CBM 64! Actually his new CBM 64
   demo  is under production and is going to be relea-
   sed  until  October  1996, furthermore productions
   on PC and Amiga and planned from his side.

   Current Oxyron memberstatus looks like (= 7):
   Axis, Fanta, Fuben, Graham, PRI, RRR and TTS

* The golden days of REFLEX belonging to the leading
   demo  groups  seems  to  be  over after the for the
   breakthru  responsible  members QUISS, PVCF, PVT
   aswell as GURU decided to leave the chapter Reflex
   (CBM 64)  far  behind them in order to concentrate
   on  their  PC project REFLEX 64, a demo release is
   already  planned  for The Party 1996. According to
   PVCF they couldn't accept the current group poli-
   cy  finally  leading  them  to this step, while it seems
   that  QUISS  has  finally lost his interest in the CBM
   64 after finishing the game CENTRIC.

* SHAPE  announced a FAMOUS accession with no one
   else but Geir Tjelta/Moz(IC)art, one of the best CBM
   64 musicians ever.
   Unfortunately  The  Pulse  Magazine, released using
   the Shape label, won't be released anymore as Duke
   has stopped the production for good.

   Current Shape memberstatus looks like (= 14):
   Andreas W. Andersen, Hans Petters Andersen, Rolf
   Runar  Bakke,  Duke,  Haakon  Flesland, Glenn Rune
   Gallefoss,  Morten,  Snorre  Narum,   Kjell  Nordbo,
   Sveinung  Pedersen,  Kristian Rostoen, Eiving Som-
   mersten, Gier Tjelta and Richard Velta

Best regards,


Release Charts

  The Official Release Charts for the Relax Magazine

              Performed by the Master of Law...


Before  the start over with general explainations for
these  release charts we want to introduce our very
own point system:

Fullprice Games     6. 1    -    8.0 points
Budget Eames        4. 1    -    6.0 points
Low Budget          2. 1    -    4.0 points
PD/Shareware        1.0     -    2.0 points
Previews            0.0     -    1.0 points

One bonus point can be gained by releasing a 100% (!)
working PAL/NTSC version. When a second group got
involved with the NTSC fix the points will be shared.

Games  which  were  already PAL released have to be
fixed  uithin  6  months  after the official PAL release
otherwise no points will be given for the NTSC fix.

Minus points will be given for...
Re-releases               -7.0
Re-release of a preview   -1.0
No levelpacking           -0.5/  - 1.0
No trainer(s)             -0.5/  - 1.0
No translation            -1.0/ -2.0

Unlike  most other magazines we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever  we  think  somebody  did something special
or  something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It  is  also  possible  to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The  following  boards have been taken in to conside-
ration uhilst creating these charts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia                      NEW NUMBER!!!!!!
-----------------                         ------------
Down by Law                               XXX-XXX-XXXX
----------                                -------------
Dead Zone                                 XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------                                  ------------
The Evil Island                           XXX-XXX-XXXX
------------                              ------------

And here we go...

                 * ACRISE + EXCESS (0.5 pts) *
The   cooperation   released   only   a   little   preview
called ASTROMINE (0.5 pts).

               * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (14.6 pts) *
The  German  pride started with the fixed versions of
CUSTER (3.9 pts) from Magna Media and VIN TIM (3.6)
and  last  but  not  least  released  the  long  awaited
CENTRIC (7.1 pts).

                      * AVANTGARDE (4.4) *
The  ONLY  game  they  have  uploaded  was the fixed
version  of  INSANITY  (4.4 pts), which is DEFINATELY
the  LAST  release  to be released under the AVANT-
GARDE label.

                      * CHROMANCE (0.0 pts)
They  had a very bad start because they rereleased
CAMBOGIA (- 7 pts), F4CG released it some time back
and they released a tool called D.J. Mixer (0.0 pts).

                          * F4CG (0.0 pts) *
The only thing that they released was the unplayable
preview of SKIDMARK (0.0 pts).

                         * HITMEN (4.7 pts) *
The  German  based  group  released  the 100% work-
ing and fixed version of ICEMANIA (4.7 pts) from APS
Onslaught FAILED with their version it crashed after
the intro on NTSC and was not fixed.

                        * MOTIV 8 (8.2 pts) *
Their wares rush started with TOWERS OF LOADSTAR
(0.0 pts),  QUIZ BANG (2.1 pts), ROBOT RAIDERS (2.1),
MOONRAKER   (2.1 pts),   MONSTER  POWER  (2.2 pts),
STACK'EM   TETRIS   (2.1 pts)   and   GEMS   (2.1 pts),
followed  by  the  previews of SUPER POGO (0.0 pts),
POGOSTICK  (0.0 pts),  KISS  OF  DEATH (0.4 pts) and
some   tools   called  TRACKPLAYER  V3.0  (0.0 pts),
TJARTORNER  V1.0 (0.0 pts) and the SCS-RELOCATOR
(0.0 ts).  And at the end they re-released TENEMENT
(- 7 pts), Shazam released it 1.5 years back.

                       * NO NAME (2.6 pts) *
For  the  first  time  they uploaded FIELDS (2.6 pts),
NTSC fixed by SCS+TRC.

                     * ONSLAUGHT (9.9 pts) *
They  started  with  the previews of CENTRIC (0.7 p.)
MOOD  (0.7 pts)  and  PARALAX  V2 (0.4 pts) and the
fixed  versions  of  PIECES  (3.6 pts)  and  INTO  THE
NATURE (4.5 pts)

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (10.0 pts) *
The  Dutch  cooperation  stroke  back  with  the fixed
version  of INVERTUS (3.2 pts), FIELDS (1.0 pts) fixed
for  No  Name and already Pal/Ntsc working versions
of  FASTBALL (2.5 pts) and FRED THE FRUITER (2.6)
and the preview of CAR-O-MATIC (0.7 pts).

                          * TRIAD (0.8 pts) *
After  years Triad is back in the first-release scene
with a small preview of MOOD V2 (0.8 pts).

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

           The official Release-Charts JULY 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Alpha Flight 1970             14.6
02.    (6)      SCS+TRC                       10.0
03.    (2)      Onslaught                     9.9
04.    (3)      Motiv 8                       8.2
05.    (9)      Hitmen                        5.7
06.    (4)      Avantgarde                    4.4
07.    (/)      No Name                       2.6
08.    (/)      Triad                         0.8
09.    (/)      Acrise+Excess                 0.5

            The official Fixing-Charts JULY 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (1)      Alpha Flight                  2
       (2)      Onslaught                     
       (3)      Scs+TRC                       
02.    (1)      Avantgarde                    1

PS:  In the May Edition of the Release Charts I made a
mistake in the calculation of the points for SCS & TRC
but it got already fixed in the YEARLY CHARTS now.
Furthermore I gave SCS & TRC the points for the fix-
ed version of ON ICE, but the AVANTGARDE version is
fixed  a  little  bit  better,  so  it  got corrected in the

Thanks for their help go to: Count Zer0/SCS & TRC
                                          The Ignorance/AFL

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Yearly Releases

Feel  welcomed  to  yearly release charts for 1996, a
chapter  what  will  be  filled  with statistics about the
first release competition in 1996.

Infact  the  idea  behind  this  chapter  is not that new
but it's definately very informative and helpful for all
persons  who  are  interested  in detailed information
about  the releases in 1996 as it will contain game tit-
les,  fixing  or cooperating groups, the points and the
status  (PAL:  PAL only, PAL/NTSC: game was already
PAL/NTSC  compatible  and  FIX:  NTSC  (PAL)  fix in-
This  overview might be a useful documentation in or-
der  to avoid re-releases, only to give a short exam-
ple.  Furthermore  it  is the place to define your cur-
rent  position,  and  ofcourse the position of the con-
curence who are all heading for the crown at the end
of 1996.

The rules that this charts are following can be found
in the Release Charts chapter.

Here we go...

                 * ACRISE & EXCESS (0.0 pts) *
Colours                             2.1 pts      Pal
Crazy News Preview                  0.4 pts
Wall Street 2                       0.0 pts      Pal
Hangman Preview                    -1.0 pts
Shootout                           -7.0 pts      Pal
Smash Preview                       0.4 pts
Astromine Preview                   0.5 pts

                         * ACTIVE (0.9 pts) *
Minesweepah Preview               0.3 pts
Dave Speed Preview                0.5 pts
Worms Preview                     0.1 pts

              * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (35.0 pts) *
Mick Words Preview                0.5 pts
F.B.M. Editor                     0.0 pts
Rings & Stars Deluxe              1.0 pts     Fix
A.P.E.X. Preview                  0.5 pts
Hope to Hopp Preview              0.5 pts
TRONIK                            3.4 pts     Fix
Super H.-I.-FLI-Editor            0.0 pts
Fields of Hades (w. SCS+TRC)      1.9 pts     Fix
Don't be angry                    6.4 pts     Fix
Dari                              3.1 pts     Fix
Kill the sorcers                  3.1 pts     Fix
Custer                            3.9 pts     Fix
Vin Tim                           3.6 pts     Fix
Centric                           7.1 pts

                          * ATLANTIS (2.1) *
Shootout (fixed by Avt)              2.1 pts        Fix

                    * Avantgarde (31.0 pts) *
Cubic                             3.4 pts     Fix
Apollo 14 Preview                 0.6 pts
Delite                            2.5 pts     P/N
Shootout (fixed for Atl)          1.0 pts     Fix
Blob (fixed for Laxity)           1.0 pts     Fix
Bombel (with F4CG)                2.1 pts     Fix
Lost (with F4CG)                  1.6 pts     Fix
Wyspa-The Island (with F4CG)      1.9 pts     Fix
Bombmania (with F4CG)             1.9 pts     Fix
Cardland                          3.8 pts     Fix
Fortress (with F4CG)              2.4 pts     Fix
Dumi (Fixed for Laxity)           1.0 pts     Fix
On Ice 100%                       3.4 pts     Fix
Insanity                          4.4 pts    Fix

                     * CHROMANCE (2.4 pts) *
Ballz                           4.5 pts    Fix
Hangman Preview                 0.2 pts
Toxic Preview                   0.3 pts
Oter (fixed by Hitmen)          2.5 pts     Fix
Grumpy Bumper Pinball           2.1 pts     P/N
Dune 2 Preview                  0.1 pts
Professional Sound Studio       0.0 pts
Ignoramus                       1.0 pts     Fix
Prince of Persia Preview        0.1 pts
Fields of Hades                -7.0 pts
Space Worms                     2.0 pts     Fix
Megabrain Preview               0.5 pts
Super Saper                     2.1 pts     P/N
Drunken Bat and Balls           1.0 pts     Fix
Cambogia                       -7.0 pts     P/N
D.J. Mixer Preview              0.0 pts

                         * F4CG (15.9 pts) *
Girltris Preview                  0.8 pts
Mangaoid Preview                  0.3 pts
Bombel (with Avt)                 2.1 pts     Fix
Lost (with Avt)                   1.6 pts     Fix
Wyspa-The Island (with Avt)       1.9 pts     Fix
Bombmania                         1.9 pts     Fix
Fortress                          2.4 pts     Fix
Chwat                             3.4 pts     P/N
Lions o/t Universe 2 Prv.         0.5 pts
Jim Slim Prv.                     1.0 pts
Skidmark Preview                  0.0 pts

                         * HITMEN (11.4 pts) *
Oter (fixed for Chromance)        1.0 pts   Fix
Summix                            4.2 pts   Fix
Colony V2 Preview                 0.5 pts
Future World V2 Preview           1.0 pts
Icemania                          4.7 pts   Fix

                         * LAXITY (0.0 pts) *
Blob (fixed by Avt)                  3.0 pts     Fix
Colours                            - 7.0 pts
Star Wars Preview                    0.2 pts
Dumi (fixed by Avt)                  2.4 pts     Fix

                        * MOTIV 8 (27.7 pts) *
Fuzzy Fisherman                 0.0 pts     P/N
Stars & Rings                   0.0 pts     P/N
Confusing Quest 2 Prv.          0.0 pts
Stars & Rings Deluxe Prv.       0.0 pts
Future Tetris Prv.              0.4 pts
Pologonamy Preview              0.1 pts
Ace of Hearts Prv.              0.5 pts
Boxes Preview                   0.3 pts
American Basketbal Heroes       2.1 pts
Sput Preview                    0.2 pts
Confusing Quest 2               0.0 pts     P/N
Owens Escape                    2.1 pts     P/N
Statur Party                    0.0 pts     P/N
Drunken Bat & Balls Prv.        0.0 pts
S. Edit V1.0                    0.0 pts
Phu                             3.2 pts     Fix
Drunken Bat & Balls             2.1 pts     P/N
Remote Control                  2.2 pts     P/N
The Search                      2.1 pts     P/N
The Pit                         2.1 pts     P/N
Solitaire Golf                  0.0 pts     P/N
Stealth Bomb                    2.1 pts     P/N
Towers of Loadstar              0.0 pts     P/N
Quiz Bang                       2.1 pts     P/N
Robot Raiders                   2.1 pts     P/N
Trackplayer V3.0                0.0 pts
Tjartorner V1.0                 0.0 pts
Moonraker                       2.1 pts     P/N
Monster Power                   2.2 pts     P/N
Professor Calhoon               0.0 pts     P/N
Skyfall Ace                     2.1 pts     P/N
Super Pogo Preview              0.0 pts
Pogostick Preview               0.0 pts
Stack'em Tetris                 2.1 pts     P/N
Gems                            2.1 pts     P/N
Kiss of Death Preview           0.4 pts
SCS Relocator                   0.0 pts
Tenement                       -7.0 pts     P/N

                        * No Name (2.6 pts) *
Fields (Fixed by SCS+TRC)       2.6 pts   Fix

                     * ONSLAUGHT (22.5 pts) *
Drug Bird Preview               1.0 pts
Spinball Preview                0.2 pts
Jori Preview                    0.2 pts
Ice Tea                         3.6 pts    Fix
Snakey Preview                  0.1 pts
Speedy Slug (fix for SCS&TRC)   1.0 pts    Fix
Burago Rally 100%               8.0 pts    Fix
Mortal Dogfight                 0.8 pts    Fix
Pieces                          3.6 pts    Fix
Centric Preview                 0.7 pts
Into the Nature                 4.5 pts    Fix
Mood Preview                    0.7 pts
Paralax Preview (V2)            0.5 pts

                        * PALACE (0.5 pts) *
Misfire Preview                         0.5 pts

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (23.7 pts) *
Sonny the Snail                  4.1 pts     Fix
Isolation Preview                0.3 pts
Incerator Preview                0.4 pts
Oklahoma Kid                     3.6 pts     Fix
Fields of Hades (with AFL)       1.9 pts     Fix
Navigator (fixed for Xenon)      1.0 pts     Fix
Invertus                         3.2 pts     Fix
Aknakereso                       2.4 pts     P/N
Fastball                         2.5 pts     P/N
Fields (fixed for No Name)       1.0 pts     Fix
Fred the Fruiter                 2.6 pts     P/N
Car-O-Matic Preview              0.7 pts

                          * Triad (0.8 pts) *
Mood Preview V2                     0.8 pts

                         * XENON (2.4 pts) *
Stoned Preview                   0.3 pts
Navigator (fix by Scs & Trc)     2.1 pts       Fix

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

             The official Release-Charts of 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (2)      Alpha Flight 1970             35.0
02.    (1)      Avantgarde                    31.0
03.    (3)      Motiv 8                       27.7
04.    (5)      Success & TRC                 23.7
05.    (4)      Onslaught                     22.5
06.    (6)      F4CG                          15.9
07.    (8)      Hitmen                        11.4
08.    (7)      Chromance                     2.4
       (9)      Xenon                         2.4
09.    (10)     Atlantis                      2.1
10.    (11)     Active                        0.9
11.    (/)      Triad                         0.8

        The official Fixing-Charts of the year 1996
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (1)      Avantgarde                    11
02.    (2)      Alpha Flight                  8
03.    (3)      SCS & TRC                     7
04.    (4)      Onslaught                     6
05.    (3)      Chromance                     5
06.    (5)      Hitmen                        3
07.    (6)      Motiv 8                       1

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

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Mail Charts

                        * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the charts. The chart3 are divided into two different
sections,  the  mail  charts and the board charts. The
mail/charts  are  what  people  like  to define as mega
charts  consisting  of  the  incoming Relax votesheets
and the charts of other magazines spread during the
last weeks.

To  create  the charts you are going to read here we
took  the  following  charts of the following magazines
into   consideration  completed  by  the  votes  taking
part  as  top ten from the growing amount of incoming
normal and digital Relax votesheets:

Unplugged 3/U-Turn                         MAY 1996
Vandalism News 27/Onslaught Design         MAY 1996
Chaotic Country 4/Therapy                  JUNE 1996
Domination 7/Independent                   JUNE 1996
Vendetta 2/Eagleware Int.                  JUNE 1996
Nitro 21/Acrise & Excess                   JULY 1996

If  you disagree with the content of the following lines
we only can advice you to get your hands on all avail-
able  votesheets  and fill them to influence the charts
in the way you'd like to do it. Please do us a personal
favour  and do not manipulate the charts while voting
for  personal  friends instead of supporting persons
who might deserve the vote.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        66
02.    (2)      Reflex                        65
03.    (3)      Byterapers                    57
04.    (4)      Camelot                       43
05.    (5)      Agony Design                  41
06.    (7)      Crest                         26
07.    (6)      Taboo                         24
08.    (8)      Antic                         12
09.    (9)      Nipson                        11
10.    (10)     Smash Design                  10
The  battle for the top position has been rather close
this  time,  but as the creative gang behind Reflex de-
cided  to leave it's obvious that they can't defend this
ranking  for a long period. CREST and Taboo changed
positions in the midfield while CENSOR got replaced by
Smash at position 10.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              67
02.   (2)       Quiss/Reflex 64 (PC)            64
03.   (3)       Graham/Oxyron                   55
04.   (6)       Druid/Agony Design              42
05.   (5)       Slammer/Camelot                 38
06.   (4)       TTS/Oxyron                      28
07.   (9)       Fuben/Oxyron                    24
08.   (7)       MMS/Taboo                       16
09.   (8)       Crossbow/Crest                  12
10.   (/)       AEG/Smash Design                8

Mr.  Sex  is  on  the  top,  followed by a person who is
looking  for further targets in the PC scene, Quiss is
his  name. Fuben did a big step into direction midfield,
while at the end KM got replaced by AEG.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
bank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    69
02.   (2)       Success & TRC                 64
03.   (5)       F4CG                          50
04.   (4)       Alpha Flight 1970             49
05.   (3)       Chromance                     48
06.   (6)       Onslaught                     23
07.   (9)       Hitmen                        17
08.   (7)       Motiv 8                       13
09.   (/)       Laxity                        12
10.   (8)       Atlantis                      11
Avantgarde  is  still at the top, but for how long after
the  low activity level shown lately. More INTERESTING
are  the  steady  position  changes behind the leading
duo,  this time F4CG has won the race, followed by Al-
pha  Flight and Chromance. At the end Laxity has kik-
ked  Hardcore's  ass,  sending  them back to the wide
depths  of  nowhere  what  is the land out of our very
own TOP TEN.

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
bank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/F4CG                 70
02.   (2)       Burglar/SCS                     60
03.   (3)       Hain/F4CG                       51
04.   (4)       CBA/TRC                         47
05.   (5)       Ignorance/AFL                   42
06.   (6)       Derbyshire Ram/x-Avt  28        
07.   (7)       Mr. Wax/<C>                     23
08.   (/)       Didi/Laxity                     17
09.   (9)       Moonchild/FLT                   13
10.   (8)       Bacchus/FLT                     9

Jack Alien, Burglar and Hain. Nothing new here. Good
old Ignorance could be higher. At the end Didi enter-
ed and showed Ream the way out of the top ten. What
a pity.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
bank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Cruise/Taboo                    59
02.   (4)       Creeper/Antic                   57
03.   (2)       Joe/Wrath Design                53
04.   (3)       Electric/Extend                 46
05.   (6)       RRR/Oxyron                      45
06.   (/)       Astaroth/Agony                  25
07.   (6)       Fazee/Taboo                     14
08.   (7)       Carrion/Elysium                 13
09.   (10)      Cupid/F4CG                      11
10.   (9)       Ogami/Fairlight                 10
No  surprises  here  except  for  Astaroth taking the
charts by storm as he entered at 6 while Biz-Kid had
to leave the top ten once again. A steady process.

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
bank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  68
02.   (3)       PVCF/Reflex 64 (PC)             58
03.   (2)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               45
04.   (7)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               44
05.   (5)       Compod/Charged/...              35
06.   (6)       Shogoon/Taboo                   34
07.   (4)       Jeff/CZP/Camelot                26
08.   (8)       Drax/Vibrants/Crest             14
09.   (9)       Moog/Agony Design               13
10.   (10)      Zyron/F4CG/Swemix               10

What  has  happened here? PRI at the top, followed by
PVCF  and  Syndrom who changed places. Fanta made
a big step into direction top. At the end alltime legend
JEROEN  TEL  has left the top ten, being replaced by

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Intruder/F4CG                   58
02.   (4)       Spermbird/<C>                   50
03.   (2)       Derbyshire Ram/x-Avt  43        
04.   (6)       Splatterhead/TRC                42
05.   (7)       Shuze/AFL                       35
06.   (3)       Calypso/AFL/AMN                 23
07.   (/)       Dr. Soft/Albion                 18
08.   (/)       Dr. Kaos/RFX/AGY                17
09.   (/)       Funxilla/SCS & TRC              16
10.   (5)       Bizarre/Onslaught               15

THE  FASTEST MOVING CHARTS! No other one deser-
ves  this time, nowhere else it fits that perfectly as in
here.  Intruder,  Spermbird  and  Derbyshire Ram are
the  lucky  ones who  collected enough votes to be on
top. What else happened? Three went, three new ones
came  along.  Spectator,  Sebaloz  and Syco said good
bye  while  Dr. Soft,  Dr. Kaos and Funxilla introduced
themselves here. But for how long? ;)

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (1)       Skyhigh                        66
02.   (2)       Vandalism News                 57
03.   (5)       Relax Magazine                 50
04.   (4)       Domination                     44
05.   (3)       Nitro                          40
06.   (6)       Propaganda                     39
07.   (7)       The Pulse Magazine             36
08.   (8)       The Tribune                    15
09.   (10)      Mendip                         12
10.   (/)       Driven                         8

Skyhigh  managed it to defend their top position. Con-
gratulations  after the steady come and go. Vandalism
again  on  two.  What else happened? SHOUT IS OUT fi-
nally!  Not for real, but out of our charts after taking
a  break  for  almost  two  years,  while the AMERICAN
shooting star Driven entered at ten.

Don't  complain  if  you  dislike the results, grab a pen
(or  your  favourite  text/e-mail  processor  for our
very own DIGITAL VOTESHEET) and fill our RELAX, or
any  other,  votesheet  to  influence the results next

Best regards,



                             * INTERVIEW *
As usual we have been searching for a very inte-
resting scene profile, and the quest has been rather
rather successful again.
This time we can present a guest who made out of the
hobby computer his profession, a programmer people
are  still  paying  respect, no one else but BOB/CEN-
SOR has spent some time answering our questions,
again held via Internet on a pretentious level.

?: Hello Robert. Welcome in the bi-monthly talkshow of
the  Relax  Magazine  on this ancient 8-bit computer.
Please introduce yourself to our readers with all non
computer related facts you are interested in to sha-
re with us here.

!:  Hello  there.  Non computer related facts? Should I
say  that  there is no such thing for me (hehe)? j/k ;)
As  my  name already have been mentioned I will try to
mention  another side of my name which I haven't men-
tioned  so  much  earlier.  My  whole  name  is  XXXXXX
XXXXXX   XXXXXXXX  and  I  was  born  in  1971.07.02  in
Norrkoping/Sweden.  My  parents come from Hungary
and moved to Sweden back in 1969. By having Hunga-
rian  parents  I  learnt to speak Hungarian language.
All  our  relatives  live  in  Hungary.  I believe I am the
only  member  of  our big family who became obsessed
with computers. Well somebody got to chance the tra-
dition  and start a new one. ;) My father was a sports
fan  of  boxing  and  wrestling, he also was a boxer in
his  younger  age. When I was 8 years old I started to
sport  a lot (wrestling). As a young wrestler I became
quite  good  at  it,  and in the age of 14-15 years I was
among  the  5  best  wrestlers in Sweden in my weight
class. I reached a 4th place in the Swedish champion-
ship  of  wrestling for youngsters -15 years, and two
3rd  places  in  a big cup where several Nordic coun-
tries  competed aswell (quite big). But in the age of 15
years  I  bought  my  first  computer, a Commodore 64
(1986),  that  spoiled  my  wrestling  career. I do some
wrestling  even  today but just to keep me fit, nothing
serious!  Later I went to the gymnasium of technology
to become an engineer (gymnasium engineer) to follow
my  parents' footsteps. But my computer career went
before school, with other words I was quite bad in the
gymnasium.  ;)  Simply  too much CBM 64, hehe! After 4
years  in  gymnasium  I graduated and then I just took
my  chance  to  study some more in the royal institute
of technology (university of technology) for two more
years  to  become  a real engineer of electronics and
computers (something similar to the batchula exam of
technology).  Well,  I guess this will sort things out for
some?  Other  data  about  me: hair dark-brown, eyes
light blue, weight 75 kg and length 180 cm (179 hmpf).
Favourite movies: all mafia movies with Robert De Niro
and  Al  Pachino,  Pulp  Fiction,  Natural  Born  Killers
and  ofcourse some heavy SciFi movies aswell (Blade-
runner,  Star Wars). Favourite drinks: BEEER BEEER
I've  loved  beer  since  I  was 3 years old. It wouldn't
surprise  me if my first words in this life was BEEEER
not  MOM  or  DAD,  BEEEEER. Favourite food: a large
beef  steak!  Dreams: fast cars and lotsa money (fast
cars  isn't  that  everybody's dream?). I love to drive
fast with a car, possibly as fast as the car can do (in
Sweden  that's  absolutely  forbidden,  that  makes  it
even  more  interesting to drive fast. You'll lose your
driving licence IF you get caught).

?:  Next  to  the personal facts we are ofcourse inte-
rested  in  your  computer  scene  career. One of the
most  asked  questions is how did you get your handle
so we follow the trend here.

!:  About  my  handle,  to make a long story short. Ro-
bert  in  English  is BOB, so it became Bob and stayed
that  way.  And  at  that time all the arcade games had
only 3 letter highscore tables, so hey, it fits perfect!

?:  With  Triad  and  Censor  Design  two admired demo
groups  have  been  stations in your non-commercial
computer  career  on  the  CBM  64. Please inform us
about  these  former times, as these groups reflect a
lot of glory to most of us who were present that time
!: Triad: Before all the now known as Censor guys met
up  here  in Triad, there is a quite long tale to tell how
we  actually  met!  But  I  believe  that story should be
told  an  other time. Anyway in the TRIAD times every-
body where there as of today known as Censor mem-
bers, mainly the inner circle of Censor. Somehow Tri-
ad was parted into several of inner groups that time.
As I remember right we had old stofiles in Triad which
didn't  do much but took mostly the honour of what o-
thers did. Well, there came a new time, modeming to US
(export/import/first  releases).  We did probably 90%
of  Triads  productions at that time in cracks and de-
mos  etc.  We  even made ourselves our names, people
started  to  know  who we in Triad were. Especially at
OUR DEMOS in Triad time, we even took a 2nd place at
a  party  in  Eskiltuna  right  after  Horizon.  We  also
started  to make fast cracks. But fast cracks as you
know  that  IS  NOT  Triad's policy, only SLOW and OLD
cracks,  hehe,  well  that was the most important thing
to  be  first with a crack (FIRST RELEASES), I believe
is the same even today. Jerry's main point was that
he should control all cracks before they could be
spread. That was a problem! Well, we couldn't wait for
his old thinking, he didn't even got a bloody modem at
that time, should that go by mail? Hardly! We put a
sack on it and did it our way. I believe Jerry never
liked our way to do things, hehehe. Anyway, by this
Triad was put on the map again! It was a cool time of
wild parties at Psychos  and Senseis place. Actually
the first Wonderland demo ever set the sight of earth
was actually in Triad by Psycho. I don't even remem-
ber all the demos we released there?
Censor: Well, a winning team shouldn't be changed so
we gathered us together and made some hits. We
started to make some real hot cracks and took the
world by surprise back in 1989, by releasing the
BEST games on the market as first releases and then
we also had some hits with our demos by winning a
demo competition in Norway (Porsgrun party by Sha-
pe back in 89). All this together made us unbelievable
The glory of our time went on through 89, 90, 91 and
then the cracking scene started to fade out for us,
but we still held on the throne for the demo scene
and the mags (SHOCK). Well, mainly everything we did
went to be a success. But the glory didn't end there
yet. We started to make our most famous demos later
on known as Wonderland 9, 10 and Spasmolytic, so
there came a new era of  success through out the
time of 92, 93 (94). In the meantime of 92 and 93 we
also made some demos for the Sega Megadrive and to
the SNES (consoles). We even took that scene by
surprise and made out of it. People from all over the
computer types started to know who we were.

?: In 1989 there was the big cut between Jerry/Triad
on the one and you on the other side. A lot of friends
followed you and Censor Design was born. What hap-
pened exactly?

!: As I mentioned before we had our ideas how to run
a group (obviously not bad ideas) but Jerry didn't
approved our ways of dealing. Simply he saw me as
the leading figure and thought that if he kicked me
out the problem was solved. The problems has then
just begun for poor old Jerry. But the FINAL ignition
for Jerry  to kick me out was actually that I somehow
have delaed together with a good old friend of mine
to make a corporation crack with a group called Vir-
gin, but nothing happened so I thought that was no-
thing more to it. One day a crack comes out under
the name of Triad aswell and gets it from one of his
contacts, he began to be furious over me (mainly) so
I flied out! Perhaps Jerry remembers more details?

?: Censor was  and is still a well respected demo and
cracking  group  and  this  concept has been tried to
copy by various groups without success so far. What
is  the  exact  story  of  Censor Design, and what was
the secret of your success?

!: The secret of our succcess was probably that we
were just as good in everything we wanted to do,
cracks, demos, mags etc. and we also competed in
various competitions and placed ourselves among the
best. We had a great combination of skills that we
could use in a maximum efforts, gfx, coding, music,
cracking, mags, boards, importing etc. We invented a
lot of new things that I have noticed many people are
trying to copy from us aswell even today. Perhaps it
was our intensive fantasies which took us that long.
We never did anything that others have already done
unless it could be done in a 100 times more impressing
way. I believe the same went for our mag Shock. But
there could also be something with our personalities
which could have lead us to the success aswell, be-
cause at a party  before everybody knew if Censor
where there or not, you could notice it! I do miss of
today that many people have become more or less a-
nonymous so it doesn't matter anymore what some-
body do, if he can't be seen or noticed they don't
exist to be noticed at all! That could be an important
issue! But mainly I believe somehow that most of these
factors mixing together went to be a good result.

?: Since Censor isn't  that active as in former times
on the CBM 64 our readers would like to know what
happened to the other members of Censor and what
are they doing these days? Are you still in contact
with most of them?

!: Yup! Most of the Censor dudes have their own com-
panies  now and we are working together on the con-
soles for producing games, and another part of Cen-
sor  is doing multimedia stuff for PC. So our computer
hobbies have paid out to be a good investment for life
all our knowledge we have accumulated is probably
yet even of today's BEST in the computer world, that
doesn't matter on which CPU you work on or platform
as they are basicly the same. Or as we used to say
"same  shit different name" (Danko's uncle has inven-
ted that sentence).

?: Actually you are working on the game Bouncy Balls
for Cherry Software. What was your motivation for
that production and can we expect further commer-
cial productions from you on this computer system?

!: Well, my game Bouncy Balls was actually started
back in late 1989 to see if I could code a game. But my
inspiration of that game died as fast as I got it. One
of my good friends Pavel was the one to invent the
game, he wanted to make it on the Amiga which there
is actually a little playable version, he made it toge-
ther with another friend of mine, Lorien/Def Jam
(Amiga) but unfortunately Lorien isn't here to see
the day of Bouncy Balls to be released. He died in a
tragic accident back in 1991. However, Bouncy Balls
became a bit different than Pavels original idea but it
still holds the basic concept of jumping out of the
screen to win.
Time  to  time my inspiration came back to make a little
of the game here and there but it was neve mentioned
to be something out of it, then I dropped the project
for a couple of years. Finally one day back in late
1994 I was looking back in my disk box and found my
old little game Bouncy  Balls and started to talk with
Cherry  Software about that I had an almost unfinish-
ed game lying around in my disk box. The game was so
playable that I could have it finished it as a budget
game at time! But then I wanted to make a prestigefull
game out of Bouncy Balls with good coding and good
design (to make it to a fullprice game), just for the
principle. I started to remake the whole game from
the end of 1994, and then the game started to take
shape of its own, but Bouncy Balls was never at a
high priority for me to finish as fast as possible but
just to have something to pollish! I didn't spent far
too much time on doing it just a couple of month/year
Yes I know it sounds like it have taken far too long to
make that game but if we count the work time of this
game it would still be a totallyof an average time to
make a game of today, a bit more then one year. But
in the end stages of the game I've got some assistant
programming  help from Creeper/Antic, he is not just
a grafician, also a coder, and Zyron/F4CG, not just a
musician,  a  coder aswell. That helped me out to finish
this game due to that I was quite busy on my real
project for the SONY PLAYSTATION. I simply didn't
have  the  time  to  finish Bouncy Balls, that is also an
explaination  why  the game took so damn much time to
finish. The game should be released in any day so en-
joy. If I ever do another game for the 64 then there
should be some very overwhelming reason! MONEY!
A drean import order of over one million CBM 64 co-
pies of my game then I would make another game! Only
then. Well, unfortunately there isn't much money to be
made on the CBM 64 anymore. I have already made a
game (Bouncy Balls) which I have put all my heart into
the  work just for the sake of CBM 64 I think that will
perhaps do for a while. My work for the CBM 64 is
done, I have started on a professional basis on deve-
loping games for the consoles there isn't much time
left of doing anything else! I have actually some tool
programs  which I would like to sell for other gamede-
velopers on the CBM 64, my well known definer editor
which  codes  the code for you! Hehe, well it enhances
the colour cycling and flashing on pictures in pro-
gramming time, and the result is stunning, just look at
any of our latest demos or Bouncy Balls, they are
filled with that system so there are some tools left to
be sold. If you guys are interested in that please
turn to Cherry Software or to me and then I'll see if
the demand of a tool like that is so high that I should
release it (sell it ofcourse).

?: Lately some rumours appeared, saying you will re-
start to produce intros on the CBM 64. Is that TRUE
and can we expect maybe another great Censor demo
as many people are still waiting for it? This is the
chance to stop all speculations by providing facts
people can care about.

!: Well, as I mentioned before, I haven't got any spare-
time left of sitting in front of my, ahm I mean Dragons
CBM 64 (I STOLE it from him and started to code) my
work takes up all my time. But hey, who knows per-
haps one day in the future I will code another RAJ
RAJ  or something like that? You never know.

?: We know  you are producing games on the console
sector on a professional basis. What games have you
produced so far and what projects can we expect in
the near future?

!: We are together working under a label called NEU-
ROSTONE.  The  production of Neurostone haven't
been much yet, but  there have been made two con-
versions of the NHL 95 and 96 icehockey game to
the Swedish ELITSERIEN (Swedish hockey league) 95
and  96.  We are currently making our first real game
for  the  CONSOLE  MARKET.  You'll see when it comes
out (a heavy 3D game).

?: Next to the console sector, are there any other
computer systems which might be interesting for you
in order to expand your activities, may it be in the
demo  or  game business? If not, why couldn'tyt you i-
magine it?

!: Well, of today's game market it is so widely spread
that one game will be converted to all formats anyway
With other words you are not platform depended any-
more. "Same shit, different name", the only difference
is the graphic layout, the rest is just to copy! You al-
so earn great deal of more more to convert your
game  to another platform aswell, so in the end you're
ending up to be on all platforms you can imagine.

?: The Censor posse is well known for their party ap-
pearances, atleast  it looked like this in former times
when the organisers got grey hair when  Censor
members entered. What computer parties have you
visited until now?

!: Uhhh! We have been on a lot of parties, too many to
remember them all. We were mostly on all major events
that I know. And we will continue to show up on some
parties just to meet our old friends and keep in touch
with people in general. The best programmers, grafi-
cians and musicians are to be found in the demo sce-
ne. If we  want to expand our activities then we know
whom to hire etc. And ofcourse partying itself is an
important issue of our life (style), hehe! We simply en-
joy it!

?: After the LIGHT/HORIZON party there have been
disagreements between the organisers and Censor.
Many rumours have been spread, there has been
much hassle, but what exactly happened there and
filled the articles of the scene gazettes that time?

!: Well, let's say a slightly overreaction from the or-
ganisers side. We were nice boys at the party, didn't
do much. At that time the HZ team Badger, Zagor and
Kjer mainly hated our guts and wanted to get even
with us at any prize. Goblin was ofcourse following
them like a puppy following it's mate (even though he
is a good friend on mine). So when the smallest miss
step we did just like drink a little  then the things
started to move. But ofcourse the problems with the
principals office invaded by Censor members isn't to-
tally untrue. But I still think it was an overreaction
and vengase against us. But we got even with them
later on, I still believe Badger and Zagor hate our
guts even more today.

?: To come back to the present, how did you like THE

!:  Well,  "THE PARTY" have been commercialised busi-
ness so it isn't the same feeling as any of the good
old parties. So, I don't like them anymore. I didn't even
paid the entrance at last time I was there simply was
not worth it. But because of the party is in Denmark
and the beers are so cheap over there it doesn't
stop me to be there.

?: Next to visiting parties the Internet has become
the place to meet contacts and friends. What do you
think  about  this "new" media and how do you see it's
influence to the computer scene in general?

!: That's good, it is far better then the old style of
doing it. Now everything goes much faster more of
the groups products are more reachable than be-
fore. If you want something you just go to the net and
d/l it (and you will always find it!). You can talk to
your friends from the other side of the world more
often and in real time (I LOVE IT). The scene by this
has taken a new turn, but could also lead that it's not
pure CBM 64  anymore. It could be more or less just
websides in the end for some groups, but I think that
are all positive signs for the scene.

?: Everything has to come to an end and this inter-
view doesn't make an exception. This is the place for
some final words, greetings or whatever else you
feel like adding here. Thanks a lot for being this
month's guest in our talk show.

!: I highly recommend you guys to make your own com-
pany and start consulting in programming or (do the
same as us), the people who are very good coders on
CBM 64 are probably the  best coders in the world
(overall) for the other platforms aswell. There is mo-
ney  to  be made out of your hobby, A LOT! And a CBM
64 coder is not just good in making fast and smart
codes, they are also used to memory  optimisation
which is something the rest of the world doesn't know
a jack shit about. And that is starting to be a problem
in today's way of programming. WAKE UP GUYS, there
is a market that you are experts on and the old ge-
neration don't know a jack shit about COMPUTERS! We
are the new wave of evolution, we are the dudes who
will probably make CPU history with  revolutionary
programming and stuff like that. Just look at MICRO-
SOFT, over 100 Megabytes of crap just to set up
some WINDOWS enviroment! Amiga has only 250 Kilo-
bytes to do the same! Time for some serious business
And ofcourse live your life before life lives on you.
Greetings to all my friends in this scene and buy my
game (Bouncy Balls).

Best regards,


Demo Reviews

                          * DEMO REVIEWS *
The  demo industry seems to have gone into the more
or  less well deserved summer breaks, but soon com-
ing  parties  such  as  the Assembly in Finland or The
Tribute  1996  in  Sweden  next  to  The Party 1996 in
Denmark  will  for  sure  guarantee some further and
interesting releases.

This  time  we  decided to have a closer look at Litter
from the Polish based group Lepsi Developments and
ofcourse,  after  waiting  about  two months for it, fi-
nally  the  100%  version  of  Krestology,  the  winning
contributor at the X-96 in April 1996. Meanwhile, bet-
ween  the party version and the final version aswell a
"light" version has been released at the programm-
disk of the German distributor Magna Media (64'er
Magazine),  containing  a  few  parts from the second

The  future  of  the demo scene looks quite promising
with a lot of interesting projects to be released soon
such  as  from  Oxyron,  Byterapers, Fairlight, Triad,
Crest  and No Name just to name a few of them all who
are  actually  producing  demos. Let's see if they can
meet  our approvals, but let's first start with the ac-
tual reviews.

Lepsi  Development  is one of the typical "new" Polish
groups  with  lots of double (second group) members,
having  already released some graphic, music and in-
tro  collections.  Litter seems to be their debut in the
demo scene.

                   * Fuben about the coding: *
This demo is coded by Mr.Ballon, Zielok & RB.

The  Trackmo  starts up with a usual intro, containing
the  introductions  and  credits.  All  faded in and out
with boring colorflashes.
In  the first effect, there are some rings moving over
some other to get an interference effect. But nothing
special at all.
Next  is an FPP-plasma using the $D011 trick, followed
by   a  few  shadebobs  on  8x8  resoloution  (laced).
I  think  yet,  I  have  already seen better shadebobs.
And  then again, there are those interference rings.
I can't understand why people still code this effect as
the idea is really old now.
After  those  rings  anyway,  a  lupe effect comes up.
This  effect  is  faked  as the picture isn't really dis-
torted. I guess there are just some expanded sprites
moving  over  screen.  However,  this is definetely NO
distortion effect.
After  showing  the  memberstatus  and the greetings
the demo reaches its end.

The  "Hiddenpart" (a part, which you can select after
starting   the   note-file)  is  showing  some  colorfull
shadebobs.  Something  like  the  shadebobs in Coma-
Light 11 by Axis.

All  in  all,  Litter  isn't  a hard coded trackmo. Beside
this, there are no new effects at all. My rating: 26%

                    * RRR about the artwork: *
Csezso,  Leo,  Sebaloz  and  Valsary  are responsible
for the visuals in this trackmo.

The  show  starts with a singlecolour hires Lepsi De-
velopments  logo,  followed  by  a Litter logo, aswell in
singlecolour  hires  format, both of moderate quality.
The  next piece of artwork is again in singlecolour hi-
res  format, a face on the left side of the screen and
a  LD  logo  in  the  right corner. The face looks quite
acceptable, even if he man could be shaved again, and
the LD logo is nothing special at all. The first multico-
lour bitmap work can be found in a fullscreen picture
showing  some  kind  of  mutant,  no  clue  what  it  is,
standing in some sort of Gate, I presume? All in all it's
quite POOR. Last but not least, the best at last, there
is  a  nice  Lepsi  logo  [Yes,  I love chessboards, how
could you guess it?;)]. Nevertheless Csezso seems to
fit  in  the  tradition  of  good  Hungarian  logo artists
such as CLAIRVOYANT/Faces.

Hmh,  the  artwork  in  this production is, with a single
exception, NOT WORTH to be used in 1996, atleast
people could expect, or better DEMAND, it! The rating
can only be at 35%!

                  * PRI about the soundtrack: *
The  soundtrack  for  this  trackmo was composed by
Gregfeel and Shy.

The musical score falls in three parts: the intro, for
which Gregfeel is responsible, a main tune  and an
outro,  which  both  were  done by Shy. Curiously
enough, the last mentioned guy doesn't seem to be
shy  at  all when it comes to doing dissonant composi-
tions.  Another  musician who likes to do so is Zyron,
but Shy does it in a little bit different way. Definately
the  bassline  does  not match at all, so the strongest
passages  are  those  without...  The outro comes with
less  bright instruments and a kick of DARK WAVE at-
mosphere. Here I rather like the bass pattern, but
the bad hardrestart of the basedrum  at the very
beginning  lowers  the  rating  again.  Gregfeel's  tune
fits  in  an intro rather well. Using combined triangle/
saw/pulse waveforms can evoke problems on old SIDs
when  using  a too wide range for the pulse width, but
here it seems to be OK.

All in all I'd like to say this soundtrack is worth 67%.

                     * KRESTOLOGY/CREST *
Crest,  a  group  which does not need a special intro-
duction, a group which has delivered a lot of stunning
productions  so  far  and Krestology doesn't make an
exception.  After almost two years of abstinence from
the  demo scene they returned in an impressing way,
and  a  second demo is already on the way, known un-
der the project name "Meet Crest".

                   * Fuben about the coding: *
Finally, Krestology  100% is released; a demo entirely
coded by Crossbow of Crest, with some assistant
code by FGTH and Syndrom.
In this review, I  won't mention all routines, as there
are  simply  too  many  of  them. I'll just take a look at
the special ones, NOT at the loader parts!

After  a  quite  well  polished  intro,  a  nice  animation
follows,  which  teachs you to press the shift lock key
to  hold the parts. Then a usual FLI-Interlace picture
comes up, followed by a huge compound-sprites movin'
across the screen. Nice! I think I saw this effect first
in a Cosmos Design Production. But this routine gives
me the rest. That is the right Crest style I like!
Next  stunning  effect  is sort of FPP effect combined
with a fullscreen interlace FLI picture.
The  next part is a tribute to the legendary Cracker-
group  EagleSoft  Inc., as their old intro was recoded
with   a  compound  sprite  moving  over  an  interlace
picture  again.  In  the lower part of the screen there
is a nice scroller as it was in the original intro.
But  the routine is the same seen before in the demo.
After  a  cool  fade  out  with  some  filled  sines some
super-hires-pics are displayed.
Then after turning around the disk, a  nice  BSE-
simulation comes up.  No, that isn't the name of a new
effect. Just check it out!
The next effect coming up is another typical Crest
part,  where nothing is impossible. A  TWO-SCREEN
interlace  FLI  pictures get wanked vertically with the
line-crunch technique. A sprite scroller above makes
the introduction for this effect.
After this, a nice hires interlace FLI picture is shown
Next effect is an interlaced picture going through
the boarders, which is wanked additionally.
After some loading there is my favourite routine.
An interlace (bitmap?) picture is distorted in  Y-
direction.  Additionally there are some sprites moving
across the screen. Well, this effect looks a bit FPP-
like but how do you want to distort a bitmap picture
with the FPP-trick? Well, this part  is one of those
$D011 routines, I never understood how they work.
The last nice effect is an interlaced picture going
through  the side-boarders. And it's looking quite
And  finally  there  is  the  end-part, which is actually
a music-collection dedicated to Xayne.

All in all, a very great demo of Crest' standart. I
got really impressed by a few routines. And generally,
the demo is very cool  designed and contains a new
intro and ending concept. In my eyes, Krestology 100%
is for sure the best demo of 1996 so far.

I give a rating of 92%!

                    * RRR about the artwork: *
The   visual  stimulation  for  this  demonstration  has
been prepared by Crossbow, Deekay and GBF.

At  the very beginning there is the usual Crest single
colour  hires  "dude",  followed by a NICE drawn mer-
maid  in  IFLI  format.  Unfortunately lots of very light
colours  have  been  used  so  you get the impression
that  the  pictures  might jump out of the screen very
soon. Next in the row is an hires single colour anima-
tion  showing a hand pressing a key, followed by ano-
ther IFLI picture showing a girl on the left side of the
screen  holding  a  diamond  in her hand. On the right
side  there are two small,  posing persons looking like
statues. In the background there are some mountains
and  at  the  top you can see some planets. Above the
picture  there is a huge girl in sprites format drifting
around.  The  picture  itself is based on Mack/Melon's
64  colour  image  "Lydie".  The  show  continues with
another  IFLI  picture,  this  time the well known "Uni-
corn"  from  Tony/Alcatraz. Again very detailed pre-
senting,  using  well  choosen  colours  in general. In-
front  of  the  picture  there  is a 4-coloured (3 plus
background colour) Crest logo in the standart reso-
lution 160X200. Compared with most other graphics it
looks  quite  ordinary.  Eaglesoft  Inc.  was  honoured
with  the  next  IFLI  picture,  showing  an eagle and a
warrior  located  on  the  right  side. It's well realised
but  the  colour combinations is partly a little bit con-
Now  starts  the  first official graphics part, introdu-
cing  Crest's  super hires fli editor. The presentation
screen  is  quite  nice  with  a  very  good AFLI Crest
logo  on the right side and some nice animated single-
colour  animated  hires sprites which are, without any
doubt,  supposed  to  be  ants.  In  the  middle  of  the
screen  the  attention  is  lead  to  the SHF pictures,
starting  with  a  colourful  robot-lady,  a  vampire we
use to know as Dracula, another robot lady which is
not  so  exactly drawn like the previous one, DANNY's
(now  TBL  and  Nah-Kolour  if I remember correctly)
fantastic "WINTERQUEEN" and finally a zebra girl, no-
thing  but  a good drawn girl with a zebra texture. All
pictures  are  very  detailed  and  colourful. Finally a
singlecolour  hires  spider is shown. The first side of
the  demo ends with another IFLI picture presenting a
NICE  girl with animated eyes. Again too much light co-
lours have been used so it flickers like hell again.
The  second side starts with an animated little pig and
a  singlecolour hires "BSE" logo, but here I am a little
bit  confused  as I thought the cows went mad, not the
pigs, but who cares? The next picture is dedicated to
Black Mail's "DUTCH BREEZE" demo, showing the com-
plete version of a picture shown in the dutch master-
piece.  This  one  is again in IFLI format and is around
1 1/2 screens high. It shows two warriors, a girl and a
dragon who is lacking a bit compared with the rest of
the  artwork.  After  this  hommage the next graphics
part  starts,  the introduction of a new graphics for-
mat  - SHIF (super hires interlace fli), resolution 96X
168,  another  follow-up  in  the  family of Super Hires
editors. This show starts with a very impressing con-
versation  of  a  H.G.  Giger painting, followed by ano-
ther robot lady, this time wearing some sort of aqua-
lung, again very colourful realised. Last but not least
there  is  a  skull  remembering  me  a  little  bit to the
Terminator 2 title pic, nevertheless this is a bit diffe-
rent  and  again  very good colour combinations have
been  used  to  improve the impression effect, coming
very close to the ultimate TRUECOLOR palette.
Now  some  kind of big robot in comic/manga style and
IFLI  can  be  seen  here, complete by a hires overlay
sprite  animation showing a Bavarian, atleast he looks
like  a  mixture between a Bavarian and the main cha-
racter  out  of the LucasArts adventure "Monkey Is-
land",  reporting  about  the  next  part. Here is some
kind  of  reptile  on  the  left side and a Crest logo on
the  right  side of the screen. It could be IFLI, but be-
cause  of using not that much colours it could be MCI,
too,  but  that doesn't relatives the impression that it
is supposed to be a POOR contribution compared with
the   other   graphics  in  this  demonstration.  In  the
middle  of  the screen there's a huge picture showing
the  "Siren's  Song"  motive  from B. Vallejo, it's nice,
but lacks of colours, depending on the routine.
The next part seems to be a loader, showing animated
flamingos  (sprites)  flyingabout an ocean and a small
island with palms, done in standart hires (320X200),
I  presume. Nothing special at all but nice for a loader
part.  Another  IFLI pictures follows, showing a space
cowboy  riding his horse. It's looking quite interesting
but  partly  aswell  rather  unfinished in my opinion. In
the  next part there's a multicolour Crest spritelogo,
quite nice in form and filling. The following IFLI picture
is  a  sunset (sundown in American English). The loca-
tion  is  somewhere  in  autumn/winter simply because
the  trees  are  bare, wearing no visible green at all.
Looks  quite  good  as  the  colour  palette  has  been
choosen well again.
Finally  the  last  part contains another new graphics
format,  UFLI,  which  is  hires  and sprites if I under-
stood  it correctly. The presented Crest logo is inte-
resting  and  complex  in  form and style (Graffity?!),
but this graphics format won't bring a reformation to
the market. Finally the huge charset should be menti-
oned  as  it  looks  quite  good,  too, even if it's partly
hard to read in its presentation.

On  the  first  look  the  artwork of Krestology comes
close  to  perfection,  on  a second, more critical view
it's  still impressing. Unfortunately it lacks of origina-l
lity  as most motives are well known and already very
often  seen  before,  inspirated by B. Vallejo, H.G. Gi-
ger  and  H. Sorayama just to name a few, even if this
presentation is at a very high level with a well deser-
ved percentage of 87%, taking ALL graphics, not only
the highlights, into consideration.

                  * PRI about the soundtrack: *
For the soundtrack responsible persons are Deek,
Drax, Mitch & Dane, MSK and Xayne.

As  we are used to from the VIBRANTS and their sym-
phatizers I would like to define as SYMPHATISANTS,
as we are used to from these guys this (RATHER
HUGE) soundtrack comes with excellent instruments
which  make  the tunes sound "round", "full", etc. just
what people call the Vibrants (or better Newplayer?)
sound.  Drax again proves to be the master of jazz-
funk groove, but the cooperation  of Mitch & Dane,
who together with Drax contributed the major part
of  the  tunes, is not foar behind. Furthermore Crest
reminds us of three, as they call it, sleeping well
known composers, namely Deek, MSK and Xayne, by
adding one tune each. The one by Xayne is  very
short and not really spectacular, but it features a
nice violin sound. MSK's "Rain" should be known to
everybody,  and  together with Deek's "Lazity", which
perfectly imitates long-gone Laxity's style of arran-
ging a tune (so I should rather say we are reminded
of four composers) as well as with two tunes by Drax
the  endpart is complete. Here, you have some kind of
music selector (with funny faces to it), where you can
choose a tune which suits your current mood. Obvi-
ously the Cresters expected the probality of  the
mood to be rather on the sad side - judging after the
tunes' titles "happy", "neutral", "sad" and "crying"
(sniff)! I wonder why? Because the demo is over?
Because  of  the  "sleeping"  composers (maybe their
are more than sleeping after all? Or?
Well. Most of the other  tunes, which actually are 17
altogether, are more on the happy, funky and jazzy
side. The cover of that old disco-tune "Upside down"
by Mitch & Dane is a real neat idea for the turn-disk
part, "Jigsaw" comes with a fine calm intro, and "So-
(u)long" reminds me a bit of a tune of my own (?)...
However, for my taste there are too many parts/
moods changing too fast in this tune, where  "Hip
Trips" has only one  groove, no theme and just jam-
ming, which can get a little boring, but anyway...
"Nymphoman"  by Drax was first used in our previous
demo, wasn't it? I really like that bridge with that real
definite  line  the  lead plays, also the short bass solo
comes  across  very good. Another funny idea is that
woman shaking to the  rhythm of "Funghus", groovy
tune by the way. This time Drax included quite a bit of
his  "BOMBASTIQUE" tunes (one of which even has his
name), with an octaved bass and a very fat lead.

All in all this soundtrack is just RATHER GOOD. Even
if some tunes sound a bit similar, and even if there is
a lack of laid back, relaxed tunes  (at least that's
what I feel), it still is worth a rating of 89%.

Well,  after  having  had  a  look at the actual produc-
tions  we would like to convince and encourage you to
produce  further  demonstrations  or,  if you prefer,
trackmos.  Releases  keep  the  scene  alive, and that
should be our major goal these days.

Best regards from your favourite reviewer team,


Party Radar

                          * PARTY RADAR *
Due  to  public  demand we decided to present the al-
most  complete  one  by  one  copy of the original As-
sembly 1996, and not only the CBM 64 specific parts.

ASSEMBLY  1996 from 16th to 18th August in the Hel-
sinki Fair Centre

                          WHEN AND WHERE?
Assembly  '96  will  be held in Finland's largest confe-
rence  centrum,  called  as  the Helsinki Fair Centre.
The  Fair  Centre  is  located  in  central Helsinki. The
street  address  of the fair centre is Rautatielaisen-
katu 3.

You  will  either  arrive  by  plane, by boat, by bus, by
train  or  by  car. If you are lucky enough to come by
car,  you  should  be able to find the party place very
easily.  If  you  come  by  plane  and have lots of stuff
with  you,  we  would recommend to take a taxi, other-
wise  you  should  come  by  bus (cheaper). And if you
come  by  boat (to Helsinki sea port) and have lots of
luggage,  take  the  taxi, or take a tram or walk to the
Central  Railway  station and take any local train from

Local  area  bus  tickets in Finland vary from around
$2  to  $4  US.  The taxi is ofcourse more expensive.
For example to take a normal taxi from the airport to
the  party  place  will  cost  one person around $30 -
$40  US.  But  if  you take the Airport Taxi, it will be a

lot cheaper (about half the price).
If  you  take  a  local  train  from  the  Central railway
station,  get off at the first stop (Pasila) and you can
see the Helsinki Fair Centre from there.

The  organisers reserve the right to make any chan-
ges  to  the  competition  rules,  and  to disqualify any
entry  if  it  is  not suitable to attend the competitions
for some reasons.

Atleast  one  of the authors of a competiting product
has  to  be present at the party place in order to at-
tend the competitions and to receive possible prizes.
In  the  solo  competitions  (music, graphics, 4 KB) the
author has to be present.

A  jury composed of known scene people (maybe even
you!)  will select an amount of 15 entries in each com-
petition  to  the  finals (to be shown on the big screen
to  the audience). There will be different people in the
PC and Amiga juries.

In  the  graphics  competition, the raytracing and also
in  the  4  KB  intro competition on PC, the competition
version  of  the  entry  must  not display the author's
name  or  group  in  any way. This will prevent the au-
thor's  name  from  affecting  the  vote. After the an-
nouncement  of  the  results,  the  versions which are
spread can include the author's signature. In the mu-
sic  competitions,  we  will not show the author's name
while  we play the song in the competition. We will show
the size of the tune, the number of channels used and
the tracker used on the screen.

In the graphics, music, raytracing, animation and 4 KB
intro  competitions we will show the name of the song/
picture,  but  only if it will not give hints who has made
it. "Maximum Running Length" below is only the amount
of  time  we  will  show a particular piece of art on the
big screen. The demos/intros will have to run without
ANY  user  interaction once started (althought there
can be a setup screen). The filenames of the produc-
tions have to comply with the ISO-9660 standart.

This  means  that  the only characters allowed in file-
names  are  "A-Z"  and  "0-9". The maximum length of
the  filename is 8 + 3 characters as in MS-DOS stan-

The production MUST NOT save any files (for example
configuration files) on the hard disk or disk.

In  the  music,  graphics,  raytracing  and  4  KB intro
competitions  only  one  of  the  authors (if there are
more than one) can be the official author of the com-
petiting piece of art. For example, if two coders work
on  the same 4 KB intro, only one of them can receive
the prize and his name in the party results. After all,
these  three competitions are ment to be solo compe-

The authors have to habe all copyrights to their pro-
If  you  have  any  questions  about  the  rules, kindly
contact ASSEMBLY Organizing.

                         THE VOTING SYSTEM
We  will  use  a disk voting system. Once you enter the
place,  you  will  be given the voting disk, which will in-
clude  the  voting  program.  We  are going to have PC
formatted DD disk with both Amiga and PC voting pro-

Before  you  can  give  your opinion, a jury composed
of known scene people will qualify the products to the
finals.  The  members  of the jury give points from 1 to
10  for  each  product  and  the average of the points
will  be  the final score. 15 best scoring products will
qualify  to  finals.  If  there  is more than one product
that  qualified  as  15th  the  jury will commonly decide
which one of them will qualify.

                      PC COMPETITION RULES
The competition machine we will use:
- Pentium 100 MHz with 8 MB of RAM
- MS-DOS 7.0
- 2 MB PCI SVGA-board with S3
- 1  MB  Gravis  UltraSound  sound  card  or  original
   Sound Blaster Pro 2.0
- 550 KB free base memory

Software  configuration  in  the  computer will include
MS-DOS  7.0, with HIMEM and EMM386. The configura-
tion will not be changed during the competition.

One  must  be  able  to exit from PC-Demos and intros
at any time by pressing <ESC>.

PC-Demos  and intros must check if the enviromental
variables   for  either  GUS  or  SoundBlaster.  If  the
check finds both it chooses GUS.

The formats of the enviromental variables are:
GUS: : GUS = 220, 1, 1, 11,7 (address,  dma, dma, gus irq,
                                      sb irq)
SB:   Blaster = A220 I7 D1 T1 (a = address, i = irq, d =

In the PC 64 KB intro competition two versions of the
intro can be submitted. The competiting version which
is  under  65536 bytes long and supports either GUS
or  SB and the release version which supports both.
Release version can be over 65536 bytes long. Com-
peting  64 KB intro cannot be in any case longer than
65536  bytes.  Both  release and competition version
has  to  be  submitted  to  the  organisers before the

The main reason why SVGA modes with higher resolu-
tion than 640X480 aren't allowed is because the ma-
ximum  resolution  supported  by the video/data pro-
jectors we have is 640X480. And even if the projec-
tors could show higher resolutions, the picture quali-
ty  of  different high resolution graphics modes would
not  look  that much different from one another (a vi-
deo projector is NOT the same as a monitor).

You should note that the picture produced by a video
projector is not as good as a monitor picture. The vi-
deo  projector  does  not  show  pale colours well and
in some cases can even lose them completely. Also the
contrast  can  be  different.  These are commom pro-
blems  with  all  video  projectors  and simply can't be
corrected.  Please  try to understand these restric-

Demos  and  intros  must  work  with  256 colour only
SVGA-board (eg. TRIDENT), but they can also use op-
tionally   hardware   dependent   screen  modes  (eg.
320 X 200 X 16.7 M).

Note  that  you can now enter more than one demo or
64 KB intro to the competitions, if you so desire.

- Maximum size in executable form is 4096 KB
- Maximum  showing  time  is 8 minutes, the demo itself
   can be longer
- Maximum base memory requirement is 550 KB
- 100%  VGA register level compatible graphics modes
   and SVGA modes up to 640 X 480 are accepted
- Pure animation files are not accepted
- Also  executalbes only including an animation and an
   animation  player will not be accepted, this is not an
   animation competition
- Gravis  UltraSound  (1024  KB)  and  SB  PRO/SB 16
   support  required.  Also  the  demo  has  to have no
   sound option.
- The  name  of  the  files  have  to comply to the ISO-
   9660 standart (i.e. NO special characters allowed)
- The demo MUST NOT save anything on the hard disk

- Maximum  size  in  executable  form is 64 KB (65536
- Maximum showing time is 5 minutes
- Maximum base memory requirement is 550 KB
- 100%  VGA register level compatible graphics modes
   and SVGA modes up to 640 X 480 are accepted
- Pure animation files are not accepted
- Also  executalbes only including an animation and an
   animation  player will not be accepted, this is not an
   animation competition
- Gravis  UltraSound  (1024  KB)  and  SB  PRO/SB 16
   support  required. This version can be over 65536
   bytes long. Also a no sound option is required.
- The  name  of  the  files  have  to comply to the ISO-
   9660 standart (i.e. NO special characters allowed)
- The intro MUST NOT save anything on the hard disk

- Maximum size in executable form is 4096 bytes
- Maximum showing time is 3 minutes
- Maximum base memory requirement is 550 KB
- NO MUSIC or other sound is allowed (this is because
   this is a coder's competition, not musicians')
- 100%  VGA register level compatible graphics modes
   are accepted (no SVGA/VESA)
- Only one intro by one coder
- The  name  of  the  files  have  to comply to the ISO-
   9660 standart (i.e. NO special characters allowed)
- The intro MUST NOT save anything on the hard disk

                    AMIGA COMPETITION RULES
The competition machine is a A1200 with 2 megs chip +
4 megs fast with 68030/50 MHz processor.

One  must be able to exit from Amiga demos and intros
at any time by pressing left mouse-button.

- Maximum size is 4 megabytes
- Must be harddisk installable
- Maximum showing time is 8 minutes
- The  name  of  the  files  have  to comply to the ISO-
   9660 standart (i.e. NO special characters allowed)
- Maximum length of the file name is 8 + 3 characters
- The demo MUST NOT save anything on the hard disk

- Maximum size in executable form is 64 KB
- Maximum showing time is 5 minutes
- The  name  of  the  files  have  to comply to the ISO-
   9660 standart (i.e. NO special characters allowed)
- Maximum length of the file name is 8 + 3 characters
- The demo MUST NOT save anything on the hard disk

- The maximum resolution allowed is 640 X 480
- The  maximum  amount of simultaneous onscreen co-
   lours is 256
- The  palette  is  the  standart 16,7 million color true
   color palette
- Pictures  drawn  with Amiga will be shown with Amiga
   Brilliance (no executables!)
- PC  pictures  will  have to be in standard LBM, PCX,
   TGA or GIF format
- Pictures  drawn  with  PC  will  be shown with CSHOW
   (or some other good picture viewer)
- Scanned,  ripped  or raytraced pictures will be dis-
- In  addition,  you  must submit a version of the final
   picture  which  doesn't  have  your  signature on it
   (which will be shown on the big screen)
- Only one picture by one graphic artist
- The  name  of the file has to comply to the ISO-9660
   standard (i.e. NO special characters are allowed)
- The  maximum  length  of  the file name is 8 + 3 cha-

- The maximum resolution allowed is 640 X 480
- The  maximum  amount of simultaneous onscreen co-
   lours is 16.7 million
- Pictures  will  be  shown on PC with true color card
   (no executables!)
- Pictures have to be in JPG or TARGA format
- In  addition,  you  must submit a version of the final
   picture  which  doesn't  have  your  signature on it
   (which will be shown on the big screen)
- Only one picture by one graphic artist
- The  name  of the file has to comply to the ISO-9660
   standard (i.e. NO special characters are allowed)
- The  maximum  length  of  the file name is 8 + 3 cha-

- The maximum running length is 3 minutes
- The frame rate of the animation has to be 12.5 pics/
- The  animation itself must be in MPEG-1 format with-
   out any sound
- The  maximum  amount of simultaneous onscreen co-
   lors is 16.7 million
- The maximum resolution is 320 X 200
- Please us CMPEG 1.0 for creating MPEG-file for ma-
   ximum  compatibility.  Use  parameters:  -v1 -d0 -m0
   ipb.ctl  [list]  [mpeg.mpg]  (you can download the file
   from  our  WWW-site  or from any other major FTP-
- The animation will be played with ASSEMBLY Organi-
   zing  MPEG  player  (you  can  download  it from our
- You  can  supply  an  audio track for the animation.
   The  audio  track  must have following characteris-
   tics:  RAW  (unsigned  8  bit, mono) format, playback
   rate 12288
- The  animation  must be delivered to us on hard disk
   or on CD-ROM
- The  name  of the file has to comply to the ISO-9660
   standard (i.e. NO special characters are allowed)
- The  maximum  length  of  the file name is 8 + 3 cha-

                     THE MUSIC COMPETITIONS
We  will  not  show  the name of author on the screen,
but  we  will  show the size of the tune, the number of
channels  used  and  the  tracker used on the screen
while playing the tune.

- Maximum size is 880 KB (= one Amiga disk)
- Maximum amount of channels is 4
- Maximum running length is 3 minutes
- All  songs  will be played with the Amiga ProTracker
   v2.x (MOD)
- Entries  must  be  in MOD-format  (no  executables,
   no renamed, no powerpacked)
- Only one song by one musician
- The  name  of the file has to comply to the ISO-9660
   standard (i.e. NO special characters are allowed)
- The  maximum  length  of  the file name is 8 + 3 cha-

- Maximum amount of channels is 32
- Maximum  size  of the song isn 1024 KB in a playable
   format (including all samples, pattern data, etc.)
- Maximum amount of channels is 4
- Maximum running length is 3 minutes
- the  format  has  to  be  some of the following: S3M,
   MOD, XM, MTM and ULT
- All  songs will be played with a PC compatible player
   using a 1 MB Gravis UltraSound
- Only one song by one musician
- The  name  of the file has to comply to the ISO-9660
   standard (i.e. NO special characters are allowed)
- The  maximum  length  of  the file name is 8 + 3 cha-

                          WILD COMPETITION
- The  productions  can  be anything from a computer
   generated  animations,  demos  on ancient or exotic
   computers  to plain video art. The only requirement
   is that the productions are cool
- Maximum  showing  time is 15 minutes, the production
   itself can be longer
- The production has to be delivered on a VHS cas-
   sette (european PAL format). The cassette will not
   be returned
- No  copyrighted  material  or  material that violates
   Finnish  or  international laws is allowed in the pro-
- Maximum  30  productions  will  be  shown on the big
   screen   during  the  night  between  Saturday  and

                 COMMODORE 64 COMPETITIONS
- Only  one  contribution  from  each  group/artist  is
   accepted for each competition serie
- Contributions   must  be  100%  finished  before  the
   deadline,  because  we  will  copy  and  spread all of
   them at the party.
- The  deadlines  aren't  too flexible so please deliver
   your  contributions  in  time  (in other words: Early
   enough) to avoid hassle
- Your  contribution  disks  won't be returned (Doing
   so  would  cause an enormous hassle, just use your
   imagination and guess why!)

- The  demo  will be run on a standard C64 with origi-
   nal 1541 drive and an Action Replay MK 6 cartridge
- Each demo will be shown for a maximum of 15 minutes
- Coding  your  demos in such a manner that pressing
   space  isn't  necessary  to  proceed is high recom-
   mended.  If, however, your demo should require any
   user  interaction,  we  want a person from the con-
   tributing  group  to  run the demo. After all, there's
   no  way  we  could  possibly  know which effects the
   coder  would like to be shown a little bit longer than
   the others
- At  least one perosn must be present from the con-
   tributing group (If it's not a group release (Which is
   extremely  unlikely),  then  the  coder must be pre-
   sent him/herself)

- The picture must be an executable file
- ALL graphic formats are accepted
- Only  the  picture  must  be  seen on the screen; no
   scroller  or  any  other  moving things are allowed.
   Background  music's  acceptable  (Not recommend-
   able, though), but during the competition no one will
   hear it (Audio equipment will be turned off)
- Please  try  to  give  your  picture  some (sensible)
   name  to  avoid too many "un-named" pictures com-
- The artist must be present at the party

- The tune must be an executable file
- Only  your  imagination's  the  limit;  samples  are of
   course accepted
- Each  tune  will  be  played  for max. 3 minutes (This
   doesn't  mean  you'd  have  to  cut  the tune at 3:00
   sharp,  though!  Even  if  your  tune won't be played
   for  more  than  three  minutes at the party, people
   will play it longer at home.
- Please  try  to give your tune some (sensible) name
   too avoid too many "un-named" tunes competing
- The artist must be present at the party

The  official  C64  competition  organisers are: Dead-
beat/The Sharks,   Mysdee/The  Sharks  &  Dr. Dick/

Please find further details in PARTY RADAR II.

Party Radar 2

                         * PARTY RADAR II *
Further   details  about  the  Assembly  1996  can  be
found here, as the official invitation text continues...

                      SPECIAL COMPETITIONS
We  will have all traditional ASSEMBLY special compe-
titions.  The  competitions  include for example soccer,
disk throwing and modem throwing.

The  total  value  of all the prizes in US dollars will be
over US $35.000 (not including software).
All  damages  to  the Fair centre, other surroundings
and  other damages caused by the party visitors will
be  REDUCED  from  the prizes before any prizes are
paid.  This  is because of previous trouble with people
breaking up places, furnitures and spraying the walls
and thus causing damage of many thousand dollars.

The actual prizes may be software, hardware or pure
cash.  This  depends  on  our  sponsors. The following
list  includes  only  the  preliminary list of prizes (the
final  list  will  be  published  at  the party place). Also
keep  in  mind that the money exchange rates also af-
fect  this  list  (at the time of writing this text file one
US dollar was 4.85 finnish marks).

We  will  try  to  give  cash prizes in the PC and AMIGA
demo  competitions.  The  prizes in other competitions
may be more or less various hardware and software.

All cash prizes will be paid in Finnish currency.

PC COMPETITION Prize Values (not incl. software):
    PC DEMO            64 KB INTRO            4 KB INTRO
1. $ 4100             $  1600                    $ 450
2. $ 2000             $   800                    $ 350
3. $ 1400             $   500                    $ 250
4. $ 700              $   300                    $ 150
5. $ 300              $   200                    $ 100

AMIGA COMPETITION Prize Values (not incl. software):
    AMIGA Demo          64 KB
1. $  4100              $  1600
2. $  1400              $   500
3. $   700              $   300

ART COMPETITION prize values (not incl. software):
     Music          Graphic/
     4/32 Ch.     Raytrace      Animation      Wild
1.  $ 450          $ 450          $ 1600          $ 450
2.  $ 350          $ 350          $  800          $ 250
3.  $ 250          $ 250          $  500          $ 100
4.  $ 150          $ 150          $  300
5.  $ 100          $ 100          $  200

In  the  C64 competitions we will give only cash as fol-
     Demo              Graphics             Music
1.  $ 400             $ 200                 $ 200
2.  $ 150             $  75                 $  75
3.  $  50             $  25                 $  25

                           PARTY FEATURES
Next is the list of most important features at our

                           AUDIO AND VIDEO
The  main  hall is equipped with a powerful sound sys-
tem.  The system supports stereo output and will be a
real kicker with 10.000 watts of pure sound power.
The  big  screen in the main hall is over 8 meters wide
and supports the 640 X 480 resolution.

The  party  area  is  composed  of two halls. The halls
are  seperated  by  a heavy curtain. The main area is
4500 square meters (equals 1500 computer places).
The  sleeping  hall  is  on the first floor this year (the
sleeping  hall  used  last  year  is  being repaired this
year). The sound proofing isn't as good as last year,
but   sleeping  isn't  mandatory  at  parties).  Sleeping
area is almost as big as last year. Remember to bring
your own sleeping bags.
Neither   of   the   halls  have  windows  so  the  video
screens  will  look absolutely fabulous at the competi-
tions and it will be dark enough to sleep.

The  party place is the biggest fair centre in Finland.
It will feature 24h food service (yes, we have Coke!),
24h  security personnel, 24h professional electrian,
24h  luggage preservation service and cleaning per-
sonnel.  Also  24h  help  desk with friendly personnel
will  be  available  to  help  you  out with problems you
might encounter.
Plenty  of  toilets and some showers will be available.
Cool party t-shirts will be sold for low price.

                              PARKING FEE
Unfortunately the ASSEMBLY'96 visitors have to pay
for  their  weekend  parking.  The  cost  is  not  much
though,  it  is  40  FIM  for  weekend parking. You will
have  a  weekend parking ticket and a special Assem-
bly parking area at your use.

                       NETWORK INFORMATION
The  network  information  will  be  released  later  on
when  the  details  of the party network will be clear.
The  PartyNet  will  feature full Internet access and a
party server with all releases online.

                            ASM'96 CD-ROM
All  the  participating  pieces of art from the competi-
tions will be assembled to a single ASSEMBLY '96 CD-
ROM.  This  will be a unique possibility for everyone to
get  hundreds  of megabytes data containing ALL de-
mos,  intros,  pics,  mods,  etc.  published  at ASM '96.

We  will  pay  royalties  of the net revenue of the CD-
ROM  disks  to  the  winners (which sign the exclusive
CD-ROM  distribution  agreement)  in the competitions
(expect for Amiga and C64) as follows (in percents):

     DEMO              INTRO               4 KB INTRO
1.    2.5%               0.7%                     0.4%
2.    2.0%               0.5%                     0.3%
3.    1.5%               0.4%                     0.1%

     Music          Graphic/
     4/32 Ch.     Raytrace      Animation
1.     0.4%             0.4%             0.7%
2.     0.3%             0.3%             0.5%
3.     0.1%             0.1%             0.4%

If you do a fix for the production after the party and
you  wish to include it on the CD-ROM kindly send it to
any  places  listed  in  the contact addresses. In case
of problems, please contact ASSEMBLY   ORGANISING.

All  productions  which  wish to have possibility of re-
ceiving royalties have to include a statement that the
author(s)  retain  all  copyrights. See RIGHTS.TXT for
an  adequate  copyright  license. We suggest that you
include  the  copyright license into the software (into
the  demo's/intro's  end screen, to the pattern names
of  music  tune  for  example)  to ensure that it is not

The  biggest reason for requiring exclusive distribu-
tion  contracts  for  winning productions is to ensure
that  nobody else will sell the production on a CD-ROM
What  has happened before is that companies just put
your  productions  on a CD-ROM and pay no royalties
wha t so  ever  to  the author. This way they can sell
the CD-ROM cheaper. Because ASSEMBLY Organizing
is  dedicated  to  work with the scene we want to stop
this.  The  only  way  to  do is to have adequate copy-
right licenses (see the RIGHTS.TXT and INFO.TXT) and
exclusive distribution agreements.

The  royalties  will  be  paid twice in the period of one
year  after  the  release  of  the  CD-ROM  disk in the
form  of  a  cheque by mail. This means the last royal-
ties  for  the  ASSEMBLY '96 CD-ROM disk will be paid
around ASSEMBLY '97 time.

               ASSEMBLY '95 CD-ROM (eRAVE 1)
The  complete collection of ALL ASSEMBLY '95 relea-
ses is now available. With over 100 great demos, more
than  350  different music tunes and much much more
it  is  the  coolest ever production by ASSEMBLY Or-
ganizing.  And  the  CD-ROM  is  the extremely easy to
use:  just  active  our  custom  built GUI and warp into
the  world of demos! The thrilling ASSEMBLY '95 com-
pilation  is  cheap!  The  price for a single item is only
25 US dollars!

ASSEMBLY  Organizing  is  dedicated  to  the scene -
ASSENBLY  Organizing  is the only demo CD-ROM ma-
nufacturer  that  gives royalties to the best produc-
tions on the CD-ROM. Up to 20% if the net revenue of
the CD-ROM is handed back to the scene as royalties

To  order  your copy please use some of the following

Finnish  orders:  Assembly  Organizing, XXXXXXXXXXXXX
E-mail: Assembly^Assembly.Org

Other  orders:  Romware GmbH, Gottlieb-Daimler-Str.
12, D-24568 Kaltenkirchen, Germany
Voice : ++XX/XXXX/XXXX-X
E-mail: 100421.1772^Compuserve.Com

                            ASM'96 TICKETS
                            BUYING TICKETS
There  are  two  kind  of  tickets  for ASSEMBLY'96.
Normal  250,- ($50 USD) ticket and 260,- ($54 USD)
ticket which includes computerplace reservation. You
can  buy  the  240,-  ticket  either at the door at the
happening  or  you can buy it in advance. Reservation
tickets are only sold in advance. The sales of the re-
servation tickets will be closed at 8th of August, 1996

                 WHERE CAN I BUY MY TICKETS?
You can buy your ticket from ASSEMBLY Organizing.
Groups that want to get the group discount and com-
puterplace reservations have to be bought in advan-
ce  from ASSEMBLY Organizing. If your group buys 10
or  more  tickets at the same time you will receive the
10% group discount from the ticket prizes.

To  order a ticket you have to pay directly to the ac-
count  of  ASSEMBLY  Organizing  (see contact info).
Make sure, when you pay directly to the account that
ASSEMBLY   Organizing  doesn't  get  any  additional
costs  and  the  amount of money covers the costs of
the  ordered  tickets. Also make sure that we get the
information  who  has  sent  the  money  and where we
can send the tickets. After making the payment, plea-
se    make    an    official    order   at   our   WWW-site

Groups  in  Finland  can  order  their tickets directly
from  our  WWW-site.  The  tickets  will  be  shipped as
COD  ("postiennakko").  Please allow 20 FIM for post-
age costs.

If  you  buy your ticket in advance you have to possi-
bility to use group discount of 10%. You have the pos-
sibility  for  group  discount  if  you  buy more than 10
tickets  at a time. Also the table reservation is possi-
ble  only by buying reservation ticket. You don't have
to  reserve  table  for  yourself,  but the best places
near  the  videoprojector  screen  go  to  the reser-
vers.  The earlier you reserve your place the better
place you get.
We  will  organize  special door in the first day of AS-
SEMBLY  '96  where  you  can  get  your  computer in
most conviniently.

Partyplace will be open 24 hours/day.

                  16th of August 1996 (FRIDAY)
-  1000  ASSEMBLY doors open
-  1900  C64 competition deadline
-  2100  C64 competitions
-  2300  Deadline for all competitions

               17th of August 1996 (SATURDAY)
-  1300  4 channel competition
-  1400  Graphics competition
-  1430  32 channel competition
-  1530  Raytrace competition
-  1600  PC 4 KB intro
-  1700  AMIGA 64 KB intro
-  1830  PC 64 KB intro

                 18th of August 1996 (SUNDAY)
- 0900  AMIGA DEMO competition
- 1130  Animation competition
- 1230  PC DEMO competition
- 1500  Vote counting
- 1600  Announcement  of  winners  and  prize giving
- 1700  Prize giving ceremony ends
- 2000  Doors close - ASSEMBLY '96 is over

We  don't  take any responsibility on the safety of the
equipment  people  bring  to  the party place. We sug-
gest  you  take an insurance for your equipment from
some   insurance  company.  And  remember,  you  can
store  your  equipment  by using the luggage preser-
vation  service  which  will  be  available  at the party
If  you have ANY suggestions or ideas about anything
written in this text file, don't hesitate to contact us!
While  you  are visiting Finland you have to follow Fin-
nish laws. If you break laws at the Fair Centre we will
call  the police to take care of you. You will also have
to answer for anything you break at the party place.
All  damages  to  the  fair centre, other surroundings
and other damages will be reduced from the total
prize money.


                       CONTACT INFORMATION
You  can  reach  us  by  many means according to the
following list:

WWW    :
E-mail: Assembly^Assembly.Org
IRC    : # ASM96
Normal mail: ASSEMBLY '96
                  XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX
                  XXXXX XXXXXXXX

Bank account for international money transfers:

                       ASSEMBLY Organizing
                         Merita Helsinki-WTC
                       SWIFT-CODE: MRITFIHH

Please  include your address with the payment, where
you  want the tickets to be sent. Also make sure that
there  are  no  additional  expenses  for the receiver
of the payment.


                             THE SCENESIS
 FLaG International Computer Scene and Role-Playing
 from 19th July 1996, 16:00, to 22nd July 1996, 17:00,
         Barczi Geza Street 2, Budapest, Hungary

Entrance fee       : 600 HUF (USD 5,--)
Table reservation:  150 HUF (USD  1,--)

* 3000 square metres active area
* Enough power outlets (bring a divider)
* Comfortable sleeping-building with matraces
* McDonald's serving as buffet
* Showers for free
* 1200 W audio amplification

Competition prizing: HUF 500.000,-- (USD 3.500,--)

* PC DEMO              * AMIGA DEMO            * C-64 DEMO
* PC 64K Intro         * AMIGA 40K Intro       * C-64 GFX
* PC 4K Intro          * AMIGA 4K Intro        * C-64 Muzak
* Multichannel         * 4 Channel Muzak       * GFX
* Raytrace             * ANSI GFX              * Lamer compo
* Fernandez com.       * Nostalgia             * Doom compo

* M.A.G.U.S.             * AD&D                    * Mithos
* Cards of Power card competition

                          Competition Rules:
* C-64 DEMO:  There  are  NO  rules.  Maybe only one:
the demo must not reserve more than four disk sides
(two disks).
* C-64 GFX: The picture must NOT be scanned
* C-64 MUZAK: The music must NOT be fully digitized

                         Competition machine:
C-64: A plain C-64 with floppy drive

The compos' deadline is 21st July, 16:00.

CD-writing  will  be  possible  for  HUF  1.800,--  (USD
10,--).  A  party  CD  will  be released after the party
and can be ordered at TOMCAT's.

Presentation on the MIRO video-digitizer card, Crea-
tive  Labs  presents its new TV-radio tuner card for
PC,  a representative from IBM and Microsoft will dis-
cuss  about  OS/2  and  Win95 (Local TV stations will
broadcast it live), Intel's introduction of the new Pen-
tium  PRO and its features, Non-stop Internet access
via  Sattelite,  many  VIDEO  movies,  medieval  kombat
presentation,  RPG  cardgame presentation and many
other surprises....

IBM, Digital, Soros Alapitvany, Westel, Uj Alapap, Pixel
Multimedia  Kft.,  Grafi-X-Shs  Kft. , Elender Internet,
Kevlar  Studio,  Trans-A Electric, Uveghaz Szamitas-
technikai  Aruhaz,  Silverland BT, Dungeon RPG Shop,

                         Contact addresses:
TOMCAT:  XXXXXX  XXXXX  (main organiser, responsible
for   computer   stuff),   ++XX/(X)XXX-XXXX,  XXXXXXX
Utca 7, 1139 Budapest, Tomcat2^Ursus.Bke.Hu

JAMES BAUD:  XXXX  XXXXXXX (other main organiser),

ACHOS: XXXXX XXXX (responsible for RPGs), ++XX/(X)

The  Assembly  invitation  is almost 1:1 converted while
Flag's  has  been  shorted  by  the editors as the As-
sembly  seems  to be more interesting for our target

Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

Best regards,



                        * ADVERTISEMENTS *
Welcome  to  the  area  of  advertisements where you
get  the  chance  to  offer  the  rest  of the world the
possibility   to  either  contact  you  as  a  trader  or
just  to  place  a  request through us.
To  see  your advertisement in this chapter you HAVE
to  fill  one  of  our votesheets as the total amount of
adverts  fortunately increased between the past few
months.  Therefore  we  installed  a NEW presentation
system  and if the amount of filled votesheets increa-
ses  in  the same way we feel free to cut off the sup-
porting advertisement text. Telephone numbers or In-
ternet  addresses can be found at the end of the ad-
dress line(s).

                        * ACRISE & EXCESS *
COVERAGE                            ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX

                                * ACTIVE *

HTTP:                        //JOTA.SM.LUTH.SE/&D95-PEN

                          * AGONY DESIGN *
XXXXX, XXXXXX                                 (-> AVANTGARDE)
* NO opdinary swapping, AGONY DESIGN HQ

XX-XXX XXXXXXXX, XXXXXX                    (-> AMORPHIS)
* NO swap, musics for games

                                * ALBION *
XX-XXX XXXX, XXXXXX                  /++XX/XX-XXXXXX
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                              * ATLANTIS *

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                                * CREST *
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The Syndrom:  Matthias  Hartung,  Laubestr. 4, 01309
Dresden, Germany
* NOT for swapping!

                         * DESERT NOMADS *
* 100%  swap  to  disksenders, Amiga 500 & 64 swap,
* friendship, for joining our forces

                              * EQUINOXE *
XXXX, XXXXXXX                              /++49/941-67095
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                             * FAIRLIGHT *
* no  ordinary swap, for covers, looking for old com-
* mercial magazines (such as "RUN" etc.)

FUTURE ZONE                               ++XX/X/XXXXXX
WAREZ AQUARIUM                            ++XX/X/XXXXXX
FISHBOWL                                  ++XX/X/XXXXXXX

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Sweden                                  /MOTLEY^ALGONET.SE
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                 * MEGASTYLE PRODUCTIONS *
HTTP:                   //LOGIN.NORD.EUNET.NO/&SCROLL

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* (game-) graphics ---------

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XXXXXXX                                         (-> DOOM PATROL)

              * PHUTURE Software & Marketing *
is  still  looking  for motivated, active and skilled pro-
grammers,  graphic  artists  and  music  composers in
order  to  develope  and create some upperclass ga-
mes  for  the  following  computer  systems: Amiga, PC
and CBM 64.
Are  you  interested  to get your games SOLD or are
you  in  the need of graphics or soundtracks to com-
plete, then the address below is the RIGHT one!
If  you  are interested to cooperate with leading per-
sons  out of the demo scene in all various sections do
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along with a short personal record to:


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                                 * TRIAD *
King Fisher:                    TRIAD^MARVIN.DF.LTH.SE
TRIAD-FTP                       FTP.DF.LTH.SE
THE STUDIO                      ++XX/XX-XXXXXX
VIRTUAL LIGHT                   ++XX/XX-XXXXXX

Sliver:                SLIVER^BELKA.BL.PG.GDA.PL


When the amount of addresses is growing in the same
way like during the past few days we feel free to re-
move  the  supporting  text  and  to print the address
only  in  order  to  save memory as we do not feel like
releasing  many  adress chapters to fill up the maga-
zine  and  to impress the readers with a huge amount
of  text. WE feel free to present your advertisements
coming up to our interests in order to SAVE memory!

Best regards,


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