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you  doubt  the  reality  of  news  supported  my me, I
you  doubt  the  reality  of  news  supported  my me, I
could get the feeling you are calling me a liar, and you
could get the feeling you are calling me a liar, and you
do not want me to think that, do you, Timo?
do not want me to think that, do you, RRR?
Listen,  if  you were familar with the group history of
Listen,  if  you were familar with the group history of

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                             * EDITORIAL *
The  RELAX  MAGAZINE  in November '95 was brought
to you by PHUTURE, your favourite disk magazine re-
leasing game label.

As  you  use  to  know  it  from  the  former issues we
start  the  show with some general comments followed
by  the  necessary  comments  about  this  issue,  the
credits  and  finally the different ways to contact us.
The  general comments contain everything we find in-
teresting  enough  to  present  here,  and for sure it
does  contains corrections dedicated to persons who
seem  to have problems to understand us or who just
live  on another planet or in another century, so that
there  is no chance for them to understand us, maybe
they  are  just  short minded, what sounds much more
logical  if  you  will follow the next lines. Using the plu-
ral  here  is  a little bit overacted, since it is only one
person having this problem, and this persons tries to
use an every chance to show it.

  ... people continously disinterprete our contents ...
The previous months brought some interesting varia-
tions  how  people  interpreted  the  texts and state-
ments, unfortunately these persons seem not to have
understood have we pointed out here exactly. That is
one  good  reason  for  us  to  correct it here and to
avoid  that people use to believe in the certain wrong
interpretions  done by certain so experienced maga-
zine  editors, who used various chances to spoil what
we wrote in here.
It was very amusing and interesting to read how cer-
tain  people  reacted  when  we  wrote that we do not
need  to  convert  texts  from  any  other systems or
from books to fill up our magazine, and here we would
like  to  confirm what we wrote in one of our previous
issues.  When  people use to quote us we would like to
suggest  them  quoting  us  correctly  with  the entire
context,   and  not  with  cutting  the  most  important
parts  and to falsify what we pointed out. We acknow-
ledge  the shown incompetence. Fact is that we never
said  that  the  CBM 64 scene gets no influences from
e.g. the PC or the Amiga scene. What we meant exactly
was  that we think it is a poor account for a magazine
editor  to copy texts from books or other systems to
fill  up  his  magazine.  And if a magazine editor points
out  in  the public that it is for sure a serious method
to fill up magazines we do feel sorry for him, as a CBM
64  magazine surely does not need to be filled up with
non-scene  relating terms, atleast not in our philoso-
phy,  as  we  don't even think about enlarging our ma-
gazine with pure memory fillers to waste disk memory
as  we do prefer the shorter version, using the best
levelpackers  and  -crunchers to get this publication
as  short  as  possible,  following  the  term QUANTITY
does not mean QUALITY.
The  same kind of incompetence was shown by exactly
the  same  person  who  seems  not to like the way we
use to handle the REACTIONS we receive! Fact is that
we  do  not  release reactions until there is a special
kind of request to get it published (see: Open Letter)
as  the  standart  reactions  are ment to be send into
direction  editors  and staff, and NOT to be spread in
the  public.  When  we point out that we do not release
them  and  waste  memory  with  it we have not made a
single  comment  that we IGNORE them, like said by the
author  who  does not shares our opinion in general.
We accept any kind of reaction and we answer indivi-
dually when we are in contact with the messenger, or
we  use  to react directly on the boards/Internet. We
really  do  not  need a chapter to praise our work, or
to be more exactly our readers praising it. We do not
edit  this  magazine  to  earn FAME and RESPECT, our
only intention is to release a reliable magazine, as it's
our  hobby and something we enjoy to do! For sure it
is  nice  to  read  and  to see people appreciating our
job,  but  we do not think that we would stop editing it
when  people does not like it at all, and our motivation
to  create  the  RELAX MAGAZINE does not depend on
the  acceptance  in the public. Commercialism might be
important  in  real life or while creating computer ga-
mes,  but  real  creativity  can only be shown when we
follow  our  own  conception  and ideas, and we do not
add a single article/chapter in order to get one more
point  and  to come to the top of the charts, we add it
when  we  like to add it, or do not do it at all! Like said
before,  it  is  nothing  but  an hobby in order to have
fun,  we  do not see it as a profession and do not sell
our  souls to please the audience and to reach a bet-
ter  position  in the charts, as there are more impor-
tant things like RELIABILITY and HONESTY, something
what  is  hard  to  combinate with the only intention to
see all people admiring the work. There is no need for
us  to  publish it in the public, and we think people will
appreciate  it  more when they send us e.g. a bug re-
port or ideas how to get it more comfortable and they
will  find  out  in the next issue that we have fixed/im-
proved  it,  what  is for sure a better service instead
of celebrating our skills in an extra chapter.
Our  intention  is to release an informative magazine,
partly  merged  with  entertaining  sequences,  so  we
feel going our very own individual way unless many o-
ther  persons  who present their productions (may it
be a demo, a magazine or any kind collection) in order
to  earn fame and money by following the laws of com-
mericialism, just to earn recognition and to see peop-
le  adoring  them. These people see only their position
in  the  charts, play a game called friendship in order
to  get advantages out of it, and lose interest in their
beloved  hobby  when  they  do  enter  the  charts by
storm, something what leeds them to leave the scene,
an  attitude  the  lower situated persons in the scene
use  to  add  to the term ELITE, even it is the perfect
definition  of their very own behaviour! People should
always remember that ELITE is nothing you get auto-
matically  by  joining  a  top  group  or in the shop, or
wherever else, where you use to buy a modem. This is
infact  no  criterion to be added to the ELITE status,
just  to explain it once again to the persons who have
not  understood  the  previous  lines  yet, as it seems
that many of the newcomers and wanna-be-elites are
spoiling  up  ELITESHIP  and membership and a top ten
crew,  as  infact  today  you do not have to elite any-
more to become a member of these groups, something
what is indeed sad but true, but a poor fact.
To  get it to an end, we think we have the right to edit
the  Relax  Magazine  coming  up to our intentions and
interest,  as  it is "made" for a quite different target
group  compared with the one of the complaining per-
son.  We  do not teach you to edit a magazine and we'd
really  appreciate  it  when  certain editors would not
try  to  tell  us  how to realise a magazine - since this
magazine was on the top when the concurence wasn't
around or to be more  precise not even planned to be
released, just to mark it for people regarding charts
positions  and  fame  instead  of enjoying the fun they
could have in the scene or while creating certain dif-
ferent productions.

People  always  have  some  nice ideas how to remove
"bugs" or how to improve the outfit to get it more and
more  user-friendly.  Our interest is to keep it is ad-
vanced as possible, what was the reason for the fre-
quent ....

                         ... outfit "updates" ...
This  time  we  installed  a  few  changes to update the
magazine,  changes  which  are  no  big deal at all but
which  have  been  neccessary  and  requested  fre-
quently,  like  using  a  lighter char colour in the text
displayer.  We  hope  that  you  all  will  be able now to
read the content of this magazine without problems,
and so there is nothing left to complain about.
As  you probably have remarked, we furthermore ad-
ded a new logo in order to replace the old one, as the
time  came to change it. In the future we might replace
it  all  two editions, when our artist has time to create
to  create  something new and interesting what meets
our  approvals,  and maybe your ones, too. While talk-
ing about graphics, the motive of the title picture was
taken from an AGA picture drawn by Seq/TRSI Poland
and  it  damned  brilliant looking on the Amiga, we hope
you all will like this interpretation of the motive (when
you know the original to compare it), too.

Various   people  still  have  not  noticed  that  we  do
spread  votesheets  to  create  one  part of our mail
charts, as they are not just simple compilations. Fur-
thermore  we  would  like to express our thank you to
all who have been helping us in any way to realise this
edition, especially our ....

      ... votesheet spreaders and news suppliers ...
Some  regards  to  SHUZE and ZAPOTEK/Alpha Flight
for spreading our votesheets, and to all how suppor-
ted  us  with information and news such as CBA/TRC&
SCS,   Zny/Palace,  Peacemaker/Hitmen,  Syco/Chro-
mance,  Unifier/Noice  PC and all the others who were
present  on  the  IRC, sharing their latest information
with us, or in any other way (boards, mail).

             This edition's content looks like this:
The  GLOBAL  REPORT  contains  the  latest news and
rumours,  while  you find in the RELEASE CHARTS the
list  of  all  releases  in  the  period  back to previous
issue.  More  charts  can  be  found in the BOARD and
MAIL  CHARTS, created by the voters on the boards/
Internet  and  by mail. A very interesting guest will be
presented  in  the  INTERVIEW  chapter, well known as
Unifier,  one of the few old CBM 64 heroes left. Check
it out, it is worth reading! In the notorious OPEN LET-
TER  chapter  Zore/Hardcore  decided  to  share his
point of view about us handling news, and we felt free
to  add  a fitting reply. The ADVERTISEMENTS chapter
increases  issue  by issue, so if you are interested in
some  new  contacts  just  load and read it! DEMO RE-
VIEWS,  or  better  the  demo  review, won't take much
memory  this  time,  but  you  should  better blame the
demo  creators for not releasing anything instead of
complaining  about  the  quantity  of  this chapter this
time.  :)  BACK  TO THE ROOTS will be taken a last time
into  consideration  to be released here, this time fo-
cusing magazines, as the original editor seem to have
lost his inspiration to edit it.

             * Credits for the November edition *


      * How to contact the Relax Magazine staff? *
Snail mail:         XXXX XXXXXXXXX
--------            XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX
                    XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX
E-mail:             HIC        ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
-----               ESC        ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
                    TEI        ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
                    (leave your mail on Marc's accounts)

Internet:           RRR
-------             MAX

Please  note  the  new address of RRR. He still can be
contacted with SW0271 or SC0044 but this one is the
official  one  which  will  be  checked  every day. Marc
and  Max  can  be  contacted  via SC0044, too, as the
entire Gelsenkirchen staff can access this account.


          * The Relax Magazine staff consists of *
MAIN EDITOR       MARC/ALPHA Flight 1970
The  real  life is a very important part of our life, ta-
king  much  time we would love to define as spare time
and  to  use  it for our hobby. Nevertheless the job is
the  most  IMPORTANT  part,  that  was the reason for
Deff  leaving  the staff, and this time another co-edi-
tor had to leave us, so we sadly have to announce...

   ... another staff member disappeared in real life ...
Sadly  we  have  to  announce  that  Scroll/Megastyle
Productions  had  to leave our staff caused by spare
time problems (see: Global Report). This is for sure a
great  lost for us and this made us cancelling to built
up a complete "second" reviewer squad consisting of
non-Oxyron members. Ruben, we truely hope you can
sort  out  things and to see you back sooner or even
later in full effect!

We  hope  to  have  met  your  approval with the issue
and  look  forward to meet you again in the forthcom-
ing  editions,  released some days after The Party 95
at December 31st, 1996 and February 20th, 1996.

Best regards in the name of the entire staff,


                        November 20th, 1995

Global Report

                         * GLOBAL REPORT *
As  you  use  to  know  it, we use to cover up over as
much  news  as  possible, from all sectors of the sce-
ne,  in  order  to offer a reliable support of news and
information  concerning  the  scene,  taking in every-
thing  interesting  what  appeared  in  the period bet-
ween the release date of the previous and the actual
We  receive  the information directly from the boards
and  the Internet, what is the major reason to publish
the  latest  and  proven  information  here, instead of
waiting  for  three  months  old votesheets containing
"news"  which  are  not  uptodate anymore and totally
uninteresting at all.
This  is  not  only  in the interest of our readers, it is
aswell  in  our  interest to release an interesting, ac-
tual magazine.

                        * Alpha Flight 1970 *
The  flight  was  been on a solid basis this period, with
an  acceptable  amount  of releases and not too much
movement concerning its members. Most members are
quite active in any part, so there is actually not much
left to complain about.

The  Mercenary  from Empire (Rich's brother) teamed
up  with  the  flight as a programmer and NTSC fixer,
replacing  Murphy who finally has left the scene. Arne
recently  stopped his activities caused by his job, it's
possible  that  he  gets  active  again  in a not too far
distant.  Furthermore  he  increased  his  activity for
his  real  life  band.  He will appear again in the status
when he re-started and returns with new tunes.
However,  Skinhead  found a way to escape out of the
german  army  and started his civil service, a substi-
tution for the boring army service.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 16):
Ancient Mariner, Blaze, Calypso, Chotaire, Ignorance,
Marc,  Max,  Mercenary,  Pol  Pot, Ream, Shuze, Skin-
head, Spider, Styx, Xenonx and Zapotek

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE EVIL ISLAND                     ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE                        ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX

                            * Avantgarde *
Avantgarde  lately  recruited  a  lot  of  persons who
might  be dedicated to built up a decent demo section.
In  the  warez front Avt recently released some coop
released   with  F4CG,  mostly  serving  as  the  fixing

At  first  Cupid joined in as graphic artist, leaving his
other  groups  for the membership in Avt, followed by
Astaroth/Agony,  who  left  his second group Antic to
join  in  as  artist, too, and to enlarge the polish sec-
tion.  Finally  Metal  joined  in  as music composer, who
confirmed on IRC that Avt is infact one of five groups
(CBM 64/PC) he is a member of.
Intruder  had  to  stop swapping with his german con-
tacts  because  of  having to pay fees even for right
charged sendings. Actually he hopes to restart trad-
ing  with his german comrades in 1996, when the Post
finally changed their attitude against him.

Current Avantgarde memberstatus looks like (= 20):
Astaroth, Chameleon, Cupid, Cyborg, Deff, Derbyshire
Ram,  Druid, Eliminator, Intruder, Jack Alien, Jack Da-
niels,  Metal, Rage, Renegade, Skywolf, Suicide, Thorn,
Tricome, Trimone and Weasel

Avantgarde worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                 ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                            * CHROMANCE *
Chromance recently returned with a lot of releases.
After  the  hard  times where we had to report about
masses  of  members  leaving  the  group  we are now
able to report more promising things about them!

At  first  McByte/ex-Paradox  joined  in  as  original
supplier  and modem trader, later on Deviant, with his
board  Final  Genocide,  decided  to  team  up with the
hungarian  based  group,  too.  A  second  Chromance
board  in  Poland went online called Overdose, being a
HQ  for  the  Amiga based demo group Freezers, too.
With  Lotus/ex-Skylight  Design  another  mail trader
filled  up  the status, having made a comeback after a
two years break from the scene.
Pete  decided  to leave Chromance for the lately built
hungarian  demo  group  Resource, which joined Jay-
dee  as  second  group,  next  to his activities for the
Chromance posse.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 24):
Alias  Medron,  AMC,  Bolee,  Deviant,  Griff,  Immortal,
Janee,  Jaydee, Jazzy D, Lion, Lotus, McByte, Motion,
Mr. Wax, Rough, Rug Rat, Scatman, Skud, Skull, Sperm-
bird, Syco, Techno, The Unholy and Will

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
FINAL GENOCIDE                   ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
COUNTRY   JAIL                   ++XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX
OVERDOSE                         ++XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX

                * Fantastic 4 Cracking Group *
F4CG  recently got more active again, releasing a lot
of  games  with  Avantgarde,  who were mainly solving
the NTSC fix problem for them. Solar's Miracle Design
released a first preview for the Jaguar console.

Cerebus,  their  australian  NTSC  fixer,  had to leave
the scene because of studies, so the fantastics were
in the need to find a person taking  over his job. With
Stablizer  they  recruited  a  NTSC  fixer, but after a
few  days  only  they  found  out  that  he was not the
right  person  for their needs so they decided to re-
move  him from their memberlist again. Actually Stabli-
zer  contractes  his  work  for his demo group Long-
shot now.

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 25):
Antitrack,  Aristo,  Bitman, Cybersurfer, Cyborg, De-
coder,  Devil,  Draz,  Fen  1,  Hain,  King, Maja, Morris,
Motley, Mr. Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy, Smash-
er, Sneaper, Solar, Total Chaos, Walker and Worm

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                 ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
FTP: INTERPARK                                BBS.CC.UNIUD.IT

                              * Hardcore *
Unfortunately  we  can not report too much promising
from  the  group,  as  this  period  some members left
and  with  a re-release the organisation earned a lot
of  critism,  a  lot of data which sounds not too promi-
sing to most of us.

The most interesting headline about Hardcore is that
Ramirez has left the scene caused by a lack of inspi-
ration, atleast it is was got posted on the boards, but
other  sources claim that he only reduced his activity
radically.   Whatever  his  actual  status  might  be,  it
seems  that  we  won't  see  too  much  from him in the
near future. With Dr. Disk another member left to join
the forces of the ancient group Triad.
Positive  news  can  be reported with Galactus joining
their  forces,  together  with  his  board  called BLUE
GALAXY, what will server as WHQ.

Current Hardcore memberstatus looks like (= 15):
B-Wyze,  Blockbuster, Carlos, Communist, Creat, Doo-
ze,  Galactus,  Human,  Leeway, Nebula, Rap, Shocker,
Volunteer, Zoomo and Zore

Hardcore worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
BLUE GALAXY                            ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                                * Hitmen *
Hitmen mainly gets active as fixing group these days,
similar  to Peacemaker's and Curlin's project Byronic
in  former  days.  Recently  they  recruited  a  lot  of
crackers  to enlarge their activity in this sector as-

The  former  Onslaught members Jayce & Marcus, as-
well  known  as  The Ministry, joined in as crackers to
assist  Dodger, who seems not to be pleased with this
duo  in his group. To enlarge the mail front a swapper
called Sabotage got recruited.
Peacemaker's  board  Mystical  Paradize  went  online
again, using the old number. Furthermore the swedish
board  Warez Aquarium will be shared with Fairlight in
the future.
Shok'Ray,  who  joined  in  as second group to server
as  graphic  artist,  got kicked out. Later on he deci-
ded  to  leave  Megastyle Productions and the scene,
too,  what  he  infact didn't do for the first time here,
just  to come back and to draw graphics for MSP and
some close friends again.

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 15):
Curlin,  Dodger, Groepaz, Hi-Lite, Jayce, Jihad, Jinx,
Lawnmoverman,  Marcus,  Peacemaker, Raze, Sabota-
ge, Tranziie, Tyroon, Vortex

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                            ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MYSTICAL PARADIZE                      ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
WAREZ AQUARIUM                         ++XX/XX-XXXXX

                              * Motiv 8 *
This  danish  based  group  put a lot of effort in their
organisation  around the Internet, using this media to
distribute  their productions, sharing a FTP-site with
F4CG,  having  a  bot  and  a  WWW homepage. It seems
that  Motiv 8  is aswell interested in releasing demoes
in  a  not  too far distant, too, in order to enlarge the
field of their activities.

With  Bird rejoining Motiv 8 they can present a danish
HQ  again,  and  Mount Olympus will remain EHQ for the
magazine   Domination,  too.  Furthermore  TMG/Fatum
got  recruited as music composer and graphic artist,
while   Larry/ex-Talent,   ex-F4CG  and  ex-Pandora
enlarged  the  forces  as mail trader and graphic ar-
tist, while Natas left Motiv8 and the scene.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= 16):
BinJinx,   Bird,   Clive,  Crossfire,  Eddie,  Greenfrog,
Grego,  Ibanez,  Iceball,  Larry,  Mason, Merlin, Mizar,
Stone, TG-Acme and TMG

Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
IN LIVING COLOUR                        ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MOUNT OLYMPUS                           ++XX/XXXX/XXXX
FTP: INTERPARK                          BBS.CC.UNIUD.IT
HTTP: //WWW.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.De/-Grfrog/

                              * Onslaught *
In  the  last  edition we have reported about the huge
fluctuation  in  the  australian  based  group, this time
you  will  find  the  confirmation,  as  there  was  once
again  a  steady  come  and  go  within  the  team, still
searching for the perfect cast in order to mess with
the already established groups.

At first Code 18/ex-Indigents, ex-TRC, ex-Trance ....
had  a  comeback  in  the  scene,  re-started his mail
trader  activities  and joined Onslaught. Rap/Jabole/
No Name left both to team up as music composer, Meff
joined  in  as  coder,  graphic artist and leader of the
polish   section.  Donar/ex-Paradox/ex-Arcoss/APS
got  recruited  as  cracker,  coder,  original supplier
and mail trader and it seems that almost all APS mem-
bers  are  now a part of cracking groups. With Kinley
another ex-Paradox member joined as cracker. Fur-
thermore  with Digahole, Mr. Brain and Sharp, all for-
mer members of Accuracy, a turkish section got built
up,  while  Accuracy  has  to  die  as  a  matter of this
fact.   Vengeance  left  his  second  group  Megastyle
Productions in order to concentrate himself on Ons-
laught (Design).
But  some  people have left or had to leave it, such as
Pete  and Cubehead who joined in the news hungarian
demo  group  Resource.  In  their  seek to reduce the
status  the  entire  swedish  section  while Jayce and
Marcus,  who  both  joined Hitmen, and Joyride, who is
running  his  board  Highway as HQ for Noice now. Fi-
nally  L.A. Style, The Last Hacker and KBS got kicked
out  due to inactivity and not coming up to the expec-
tations  Onslaught  setted  in  them when they got re-
cruited. Last but not least Stake left in order to team
up  with  the  dutch cooperation Success & The Ruling

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 27):
ASV,  Bizarre, Code 18, Deekay, Digahole, Donar, Doom
Gop, Grize, Hardsequencer, Heavyhead, Jazzcat, Jolz
Kinley,  Meff,  Morbid,  Morrisey,  Mr.  Brain, Ram Jam,
Rap, Shades, Sphere, The Twins, TMM, Troube, Venge-
ance and Witty

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DOWN BY LAW                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
DEADZONE                                ++X/XXX-XXX-XXXX
WESTPOINT                               ++XX/XXXX-XXXX

              * Success & The Ruling Company *
As  usually  he  have  to start our report with no re-
peat  from  the  last edition, even if it already sounds
familar  to  most  of  us.  The Dungeon got formatted,
again,  what  makes  us start thinking about the mass
of wrecked creatures still trying to destroy our be-
loved  scene.  Actually  it  seems  that  SCS*TRC  has
been  waking up out of their summer break, as we al-
ready have winter it was the correct time.

The  comeback  of the year has been made with Count
Zero  returning  to  the  scene,  in order to serve as
cracker  and  fixer  for the successfull cooperation.
More  fresh  blood  got  implanted  with the hungarian
Stake, who will be mainly an original supplier and may-
be more active like during his period in Onslaught. Fi-
nally  H-Bloxx  joined  in  as  mail trader, remaining in
Excess  as  second  group,  lead  by the fact that the
uses  to  be  one  of  the  main  editors of the Excess
magazine Nitro these days.
Splatterhead  never  joined  Samar  as secong group
like  stated  from  other  magazines. This fictive mem-
bership  got created out of the fantasy from a Samar
member only, it is not true at all.
After  all  the  positive information some negative has
to  follow,  this  time  with  Guzzler leaving the scene,
with  the  logical combination that his dutch board The
Lost Empire is down and offline, too.

Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like (= 27):
Action   Jackson,  Alchemist,  Burglar,  Cavron,  CBA,
Count  Zero,  Credo,  Dannie, Def Beat, H-Bloxx, Jity,
JRC,  Lord  Crucifier, Micron, Moren, Mystery, Night-
shade,  Replay,  Rebel  MC,  Sailor,  Sliver, Spectator,
Splatterhead, Stake, Titanic and Trax

SCS&TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                        ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
STATE OF THE ART (down!)           ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
FTP: THE DIGITAL DUNGEON    Pitel-Lnx.ibk.fnt.hvk.NL

                  * Single News and Rumours *
* Psychobilly/ex-RSI  CBM  64  leader got caught for
   selling drugs, partly up to 37 kg to single persons.
   His phoneline got traced and next to it he gave the
   names  of  customers  and  suppliers  to the police,
   what  will cause a more cruel punishment to what he
   can  expect  in the jailhouse for the next approx. 5
   Out  of  Psychobilly's  information  the police visited
   the  houses of Scat/ex-RSI and TMN/Complex (Ami-
   ga),  in  the  meantime  maybe  houses of other sce-
   ners  aswell,  who bought drugs from him. We will try
   to keep you updated.

* Another   dark  period  for  Megastyle  Productions
   has  begun, because of Scroll's job taking too much
   of his so expensive sparetime. This causes that he
   has to reduce his bright swapping activities and he
   decided  to  stop  co-editing the Relax starting with
   the  next  issue. The deadline for the new MSP demo
   has  been  set  to 1997, so members like Vengeance
   and  Shok'Ray  already left the group for different

* Dr.  Acid/Extend has lost his Internet account cau-
   sed  by  a lot of queries about his deeds on the net
   from the F.B.I. and Finnish Police.

* Unlike  other  magazines reported, Rockstar is only
   a  member  of  the  finnish  group  Palace, and not a
   member of any other CBM 64 group.

* The  dutch  group Genlog died, with most of its mem-
   bers  joining No Name. Their magazine Contrast will
   be released using the No Name label, too.

* Ambient  is  a  new  group  born out of the fusion of
   Unlight and Delta, a demo group to be more precise

Hopefully this might have been rather informative, at-
least  we  have  put some effort in this edition to col-
lect as much interesting news as possible. Be sure to
re-load this chapter in the next edition aswell.

Best regards,


Release Charts

  The Official Release Charts for the Relax Magazine

              Performed by the Master of Law...


Before  the start over with general explainations for
these  release charts we want to introduce our very
own point system:

Fullprice Games     6. 1   -     8.0 points
Budget Games        4. 1   -     6.0 points
Low Budget          2. 1   -     4.0 points
PD/Shareware        1.0    -     2.0 points
Previews            0.0    -     1.0 points

One bonus point can be gained by releasing a 100% (!)
working PAL/NTSC version. When a second group got
involved with the NTSC fix the points will be shared.

Games  which  were  already PAL released have to be
fixed  within  6  months  after the official PAL release
otherwise no points will be given for the NTSC fix.

Minus points will be given for...
Re-releases               -7.0
Re-release of a preview   -1.0
No levelpacking           -0.5/  - 1.0
No trainer(s)             -0.5/  - 1.0
No translation            - 1.0/ -2.0

Unlike  most other magazines we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever  we  think  somebody  did something special
or  something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It  is  also  possible  to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The  following  boards have been taken in to conside-
ration whilst creating these charts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia                      XXX-XXX-XXXX
-----------------                         ------------
Dream Park                                XXX-XXX-XXXX
---------                                 ------------
Down by Law                               XXX-XXX-XXXX
----------                                -------------
Dead Zone                                 XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------                                  ------------
The Evil Island                           XXX-XXX-XXXX
------------                              ------------

And here we go...

                       * Accuracy (0.4 pts) *
They  released the preview of PIECES (0.4 pts).

                 * Alpha Flight 1970 (16.8 pts) *
They  started  with  the  fixed versions of PINFABALL
(3.6 pts),  DIOROID  (3.2  pts)  and COLONIAL TRADER
(5.0  pts)  and BATTLE OF THURN (5.0 pts) one extra
point  will be given for the translation from german to

                      * Avantgarde (5.1 pts) *
They   released  two  cool  tools  called  LEVELMAKER
DELUXE  (0.0  pts)  and  STUDIO  DE  LUXE (0.0 pts).
Followed  by the preview of CUSTER (0.4 pts) and the
Pal/Ntsc  fixed  version  of  SPHEREBRAIN  (3.8 pts)
from  Magna  Media.  In  cooperation  with  F4CG  they
released    VALDGIRS    SWORDS   2   (2.5   pts)   and
WORM  (1.9  pts)  from  Magna  Media, the points will be
shared!   Then   Avantgarde  and  F4CG  re-released
BATTLE  OF  THURN (-  3.5 pts)  from CP Verlag, AFL
released  this  game  four  weeks  earlier,  of course
also the minus points will be shared!

                     * Chromance (23.1 pts) *
Their  wares  invasion started with the following pre-
vies:    FLIPTRIS   (0.5   pts),  RECOGNICE  (0.0  pts),
(0.5  pts), TROOZE V2 (0.4 pts), MEGABRAIN (0.4 pts)
DORIS  2  (0.6  pts), BOMBMANIA (0.4 pts) and MINES-
(0.0  ts)  a  very  usefull  tool  and the Pal/Ntsc fixed
versions  of  SPEED  (3.0 pts), MEMORY (3.2 pts) the
english  version  and THE LUCKY EGG (4.4 pts). Last
but  not  least they released the hungarian fullpricer
BURAGO  RALLY  (6.1  pts)  from  576  KByte,  first a
zipfile  was  destroyed and a second version was ne-
cessary and then a level was destroyed and they re-
leased  a  fixfile  so  2  minus points will be given! And
ACE PRO (3.1 pts) Pal/Ntsc fixed from Art Game.

                         * F4CG (13.3 pts) *
They   released   the   fixed   version  of  DUOMATO -
(3.1  pts),   CRAZY  MC  (3.1  pts) and the cool preview
of  FUTURE  WORLD  (1.0  pts)  from Cherry Software
and BUSINESSMAN (2.1 pts), the game works Pal/NTSC
In  cooperation with Avantgarde they released VALD-
GIRS  SWORDS  2  (2.5  pts)  and  WORM  (1.9 pts) from
Magna Media. Then F4Cg and Avantgarde re-released
BATTLE  OF  THURN (- 3.5 pts) copyright by CP Ver-
lag,  AFL  released  it  four  weeks  earlier, all points
will be shared!!

                       * Hardcore (- 7 pts) *
They  re-released FRED'S IN TROUBLE (- 7 pts) from
CP  Verlag,  AFL  released  the  pal version one week

                          * Laxity (0.1 pts) *
For  the  first  time  a  preview  of this group saw the
light of the US Boards called BLOCKBUSTER (0.1 pts).

                         * Motiv 8 (0.0 pts) *
They  released  SKYT  (2.1 pts) Pal/Ntsc fixed by RPK
the  fake label of AFL and THE FINAL CONQUEST (2.1)
TIMEBOMB  (1.0  pts)  and SOLITAIRE (0.0 pts) and the
preview  of   IMMORALITY  SPACE  (0.1  pts)  and  re-
released  NUMM  (-  7 pts),  Avantgarde released the
fixed version some weeks aerlier.

                      * Onslaught (14.6 pts) *
They started with the two previews of IN ZANE (0.3p)
DEFENSIVE  (0.5  pts) from Electric Boys Entertain-
ment  and  the  fixed versions of FRED'S IN TROUBLE
(5.0  pts),  COLOURA  2  (3.4 pts) both are copyright
by  CP  Verlag,  ORGATRON  2 (3.1 pts) and finally the
full  version  of  TWIN  TERRORS  (3.3 pts). MURDER IN
THE  MONASTRY  (0.0  pts)  from Loadstar will get no
points  because  it  is  a text adventure, but the first
lynxed  version  was destroyed and a second version
was necessary (- 1 pt).

                        * PALACE (0.2 pts) *
Only a preview called MISFIRED (0.2 pts) got released

                * Success and Trc (28.9 pts) *
Their  wares  rush  started  with the fixed verions of
DORIS  (3.1  pts), DROPPER (3.1 pts), WESTBAM (3.1p.),
LAS  VEGAS (4. 1 pts) and EROTICA (5.0 pts). Followed
by  ROLOID  (2.1 pts), LOTTI (2.5 pts) and CONFUSING
QUEST  (4.0  pts)  these games doesn't need an Ntsc
fix.  Followed  by  the  previews of COLONY (0.3 pts),
BRIX  (0.4  pts),  PUMPKIN  (0.5  pts), NITRO (0.4 pts)
and INVERTUS (0.3 pts).

                         * Xenon (0.3 pts) *
They released the preview of WESTBAM (0.3 pts).

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

       The official Release-Charts November 1995
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (5)      SCS + TRC                     28.9
02.    (1)      Chromance                     23.1
03.    (3)      Alpha Flight 1970             16.8
04.    (4)      Onslaught                     14.6
05.    (6)      F4CG                          13.3
06.    (2)      Avantgarde                    5.1
07.    (/)      Xenon                         0.3
08.    (/)      Palace                        0.2
09.    (/)      Laxity                        0.1

        The official Fixing-Charts November 1995
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (1)      Chromance                     5
       (/)      SCS + TRC                     
02.    (/)      Onslaught                     4
03.    (2)      Alpha Flight 1970             3
       (1)      Avantgarde                    
       (/)      F4CG                          

Thanks for his help to    The Ignorance/Afl

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Board Charts

                      * THE BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  The  Relax  is  the  only  magazine so far
offering  seperate  board and mail charts in order to
show  the charts from two different worlds in the be-
loved CBM 64 scene since modem traders do not have
the  time  or  possibility  to  fill votesheets, otherwise
they would be called mail traders.

One of the most asked questions is what kind of votes
will  be  taken  into consideration while counting these
charts.  The answer is very simple. At first there are
voting  booths  on THE ESCAPADE in good old Europe
and on THE EVIL ISLAND (welcome back) in the United
States of America. Furthermore  it is possible to vote
by sending e-mail to Marc/Afl at an every elite board
worldwide.  There  exists  the  opportunity to vote via
Internet,  too,  by mailing your votes to Max' or RRR's
account  and  it  will be taken into condiseration while
counting the votes.

These  board  charts  are  the fastest moving charts
due  to the fact that there is no votesheet which tra-
vels  weeks or months to reach its destination. All the
votes were made between the previous and this issue
so  this  is some kind of mirror of the activity of cer-
tain established and new groups.

Here we go.

                    * TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS *
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (2)      Byterapers                    95
02.    (1)      Oxyron                        90
03.    (3)      Reflex                        82
04.    (4)      Agony Design                  74
05.    (5)      Camelot                       52
06.    (7)      Censor Design                 49
07.    (6)      Fairlight                     37
08.    (8)      Focus                         29
09.    (9)      Taboo                         25
10.    (10)     Triad                         22

After  taking over the pole position in the mail charts
the  Byterapers did exactly the same now in the very
own  board  charts,  with Oxyron moving down to two.
the other positions remain almost unchanged, as the-
re  weren't  any  important  changes  detected.  Let's
wait  for  the next productions form Oxyron, then the
battle  for  the  top spot continues. Furthermore new
productions  from Byterapers, Reflex, Agony Design,
Focus and Triad can be expected this winter if things
work alright.

                   * TOP TEN SINGLE CODER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              95
02.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                      89
03.   (4)       Quiss/Reflex                    72
04.   (5)       Graham/Oxyron                   70
05.   (3)       Slammer/Camelot                 62
06.   (9)       Druid/Agony Design              58
07.   (7)       MMS/Taboo                       54
08.   (6)       Brush/Elysium                   47
09.   (8)       Crossbow/Crest                  32
10.   (10)      Glasnost/Camelot                23

Hmh,  except  for  the fact that there are some unim-
portant  position  changed  we  can  not report about
interesting  changes  here. Mr. Sex depended his pole
position, TTS and Quiss are on the places behind him,
and that is currently all we feel worth to be mention-
ed in here.

                 * TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                        Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                   96
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight                 90
03.   (3)       Success & TRC                83
04.   (4)       F4CG                         78
05.   (5)       Chromance                    62
06.   (7)       Onslaught                    54
07.   (6)       Motiv 8                      46
08.   (/)       Atlantis                     32
09.   (9)       Hardcore                     27
10.   (8)       Fairlight                    23

The  top  three  remains unchanged since months, and
we  really  have  our doubts that there will occur any
changed  in  the  near  future. With Atlantis there is a
new entry at # 8 while Excess left the charts for good
and  there  is  nothing else going on here worth to be

                  * TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/Avt                  90
02.   (3)       Ignorance/Afl                   85
03.   (2)       Burglar/Scs                     79
04.   (4)       Antitrack/F4CG                  65
05.   (5)       Kirby/Atlantis                  62
06.   (7)       Hain/F4CG                       52
07.   (6)       Bacchus/Flt                     43
08.   (8)       Skinhead/Afl                    36
09.   (/)       CBA/TRC                         28
10.   (9)       Moren/SCS                       22

Jack  Alien  is still leading the mob here, but the Igno-
rance, with his by far excellent, outstading versions,
is  coming  closer  and closer with big steps, ready to
over  it  in the future. Burglar went back to three, at
the  end  of the list Powerplant disappeared, probab-
ly  forever, while CBA entered at nine, sending Moren
back to ten.

                 * TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Cruise/Taboo                    92
02.   (3)       Ogami/Fairlight                 84
03.   (2)       Electric/Extend                 79
04.   (7)       Creeper/Antic                   72
05.   (4)       RRR/Oxyron                      64
06.   (8)       Carrion/Elysium                 57
07.   (10)      Roder/Agony                     47
08.   (5)       Scope/F4CG                      33
09.   (6)       Mirage/Focus                    25
10.   (/)       Cupid/Avantgarde                14
No  real  surprises here, just some unexpected posi-
tion  movement,  what makes it even more interesting!
Cruise  at  the top, Ogami rising one position, Electric
falling  one,  ..... Rob/Camelot had to leave the charts,
Cupid entered. HMH!?

                  * TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  93
02.   (2)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               80
03.   (4)       Shogoon/Taboo                   75
04.   (7)       PVCF/Reflex                     62
05.   (5)       Jeroen Tel/Focus                58
06.   (6)       Jeff/Camelot                    52
07.   (3)       Danko/Censor                    34
08.   (8)       Red Devil/Fairlight             29
09.   (10)      Reyn Ouwehand                   26
10.   (9)       EVS/20CC                        17

The  "groove  minister"  PRI is a well deserved leader
here, still followed by the east-german hope Syndrom
and  "Mr.  Techno"  PVCF, who climbed some more pla-
ces  to  position 4 now, while Shogoon climbed one po-
sition  to  3  and splitted up the Dresden duo! Nothing
really new in here, except for the fact that "old time"
legends  such  as  Reyn  Ouwehand,  Drax  and  Metal
shown up on channel # c-64 in the IRC.

                    * TOP TEN FIXING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    69
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight                  54
03.   (3)       Hitmen                        49
04.   (4)       Success & TRC                 43
05.   (5)       F4CG                          38
06.   (6)       Empire                        19
07.   (7)       Demonix                       12
08.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
09.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
10.   (/)       ./.                           ./.

Avantgarde  on the top, a familar situation to most of
us,  followed  by  the flighters and Hitmen. The ameri-
cans  are  down at the end, what really does not sur-
prises  anywho,  as there are hardly people left ever
seen  a  fix  from  them. :) Onslaught might enter here
soon,  too,  as they use to fix games themselves, too,
that say be hopefully more successful compared with
the releases others fixed for them.

                     * TOP TEN SINGLE FIXER *
Rank  Last      alias                             Points
01.   (1)       Peacemaker/Hitmen                 92
02.   (2)       Suicide/AVT                       86
03.   (3)       CBA/TRC                           72
04.   (4)       Pudwerx/ex-AVT                    63
05.   (7)       Ignorance/AFL                     59
06.   (6)       Jack Alien/AVT                    51
07.   (5)       Booze/Empire                      43
08.   (9)       Mercenary/AFL                     36
09.   (8)       Rich/Empire                       32
10.   (10)      Sidekick/Demonix                  23

What is going on here? Peacemaker is still at the top,
even  if  a  few persons started to complain about the
quality of his latest releases. Nevertheless, here has
nothing happened, so there is no need to comment it!
Where  are  the  new  competitors  left you are inte-
rested to challenge them?

If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  these  results do not
even  think  about  starting  to complain. Just call the
boards  and  start voting on the voting booth on your
favourite  board THE ESCAPADE, on any other board
by  leaving  E-mail  to  Marc or on Internet by leaving

Best regards,

Marc/Afl & RRR/Oxyron

Mail Charts

                        * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts. The charts are divided into two different
sections,  the  mail  charts and the board charts. The
mail  charts  are what some people like to define mega
charts  consisting  of  the  incoming Relax votesheets
and the charts of other magazines spread during the
last weeks.

To  create  the charts you are going to read here we
took  the  following  charts of the following magazines
into   consideration  completed  by  the  votes  taking
part  as  top ten from the growing amount of incoming
Relax votesheets:

Domination 5/independent             OCTOBER 1995
Skyhigh 19/Camelot                   OCTOBER 1995
Smash 11/System                      OCTOBER 1995
Splash 19/Accuracy                   OCTOBER 1995
The Pulse October/Independent        OCTOBER 1995
Vandalism News 24/Onslaught          OCTOBER 1995
Contrast 3/Genlog (No Name)          NOVEMBER 1995
The Pulse November/Independent       NOVEMBER 1995
Vandalism News 25/Onslaught          NOVEMBER 1995

If  you disagree with the content of the following lines
we only can advice you to get your hands on all avail-
able  votesheets  and fill them to influence the charts
in the way you'd like to do it. Please do us a personal
favour  and do not manipulate the charts while voting
for  personal  friends instead of supporting persons
who might deserve the vote.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        94
02.    (4)      Reflex                        83
03.    (3)      Byterapers                    79
04.    (2)      Camelot                       76
05.    (7)      Taboo                         48
06.    (5)      Fairlight                     43
07.    (8)      Agony Design                  36
08.    (9)      Antic                         34
09.    (6)      Censor Design                 21
10.    (/)      Nipson                        17

Oxyron  is  still  the  well deserved leader in the demo
scene,  followed by Reflex and Byterapers. At the end
Crest  has  left the charts, being replaced by the po-
lish group Nipson.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              93
02.   (2)       TTS/Oxyron                      85
03.   (3)       Slammer/Camelot                 77
04.   (4)       Graham/Oxyron                   68
05.   (9)       Quiss/Reflex                    52
06.   (6)       MMS/Taboo                       45
07.   (7)       Tron/Fairlight                  28
08.   (5)       Crossbow/Crest                  26
09.   (8)       Axis/Oxyron                     15
10.   (/)       Druid/Agony Design              14

Mr.  Sex was able to defend his pole position, with TTS
still  at  his neck and Slammer on three. Quiss climbed
a  lot  of  places while Crossbow left some. At the end
of the list Bob disappeared, replaced by Druid.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    89
02.   (2)       Success & TRC                 82
03.   (3)       F4CG                          69
04.   (4)       Alpha Flight                  63
05.   (5)       Chromance                     57
06.   (10)      Excess                        30
07.   (6)       Motiv 8                       29
08.   (8)       Atlantis                      26
09.   (/)       Hardcore                      20
10.   (/)       Onslaught                     11

Nothing  new at the top with Avantgarde and the coop
Success  &  The  Ruling  Company aswell as F4CG. The
second  half  of  the  top  ten  has  recorded  a lot of
changes,  with  Hardcore & Onslaught as cooperation
leaving  the  charts  while they entered now as single
groups  as  people  recognized  that the coop is over
now!  Furthermore  Dytec  left  the  charts, probably

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/AVT                  86
02.   (2)       Burglar/SCS                     81
03.   (3)       Hain/F4CG                       70
04.   (5)       CBA/TRC                         57
05.   (4)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt              49
06.   (6)       Ignorance/AFL                   37
07.   (7)       Bacchus/FLT                     34
08.   (8)       Mr. Wax/<C>                     22
09.   (9)       Moonchild/FLT                   21
10.   (10)      Skinhead/AFL                    10

Nothing  happened  in  here!  Absolutely  nothing? No,
CBA  and  Derbyshire  Ram changed their positions in
the  midfield  while  the  rest  remains unchanged. The
Ignorance  should  be  higher,  due to the fact that he
is one of the best and most active crackers around.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (4)       Cruise/Taboo                    89
02.   (1)       Electric/Extend                 88
03.   (2)       Creeper/Antic                   85
04.   (3)       Joe/Wrath Design                73
05.   (6)       Fazee/Taboo                     54
06.   (6)       Ogami/Fairlight                 48
07.   (7)       RRR/Oxyron                      41
08.   (8)       Carrion/Elysium                 23
09.   (/)       Roder/Agony/Reflex              13
10.   (/)       Cupid/Avantgarde                11

A  very  close  finishing  in  the artists' top ten, a list
with a steady change at the top. This time Cruise took
over  the number one spot, sending Electric, Creeper
and  Joe  on  the  following  places. At the end Mirage
left  the charts, being replaced by Cupid who entered
our charts for the very first time.

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  98
02.   (2)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               84
03.   (4)       PVCF/Reflex                     78
04.   (3)       Compod/Charged/...              56
05.   (5)       Jeff/Camelot/CZP                55
06.   (7)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               49
07.   (6)       Zyron/Antic/Swemix              33
08.   (9)       Shogoon/Taboo/Agony  32         
09.   (8)       Red Devil/Flt/Swemix            21
10.   (10)      Jeroen Tel/Focus                18

PRI  remains  at  the  throne, the Dresden "duo" Syn-
drom  and  PVCF  are  still  trying  to challenge him to
take  over  his  position.  The  rest  of the list did not
move  too  much,  as  there were only a few one place
movements, a you have surely remarked.

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Intruder/AVT                    78
02.   (2)       Calypso/AMN/AFL                 71
03.   (5)       Spermbird/<C>/Ex                54
04.   (4)       Splatterhead/TRC                48
05.   (3)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt              47
06.   (8)       Starlight/XTC/TPY               29
07.   (6)       Sebaloz/Lepsi Dev.              28
08.   (/)       Dr. Soft/Albion                 13
09.   (/)       Dr. Kaos/Reflex                 12
10.   (/)       Avanlanche/Atl                  10
Intruder  in  front, Calypso still at two, Spermbird en-
tered  three!  At the end three new guys entered the
charts,  being  known  as Dr. Soft, Dr. Kaos and Ava-
lanche, replacing Shuze, H-Bloxx and Syco.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (2)       Nitro                          87
02.   (1)       Skyhigh                        86
03.   (4)       Shout!                         75
04.   (3)       Vandalism News                 59
05.   (5)       Domination                     58
06.   (7)       Mendip                         44
07.   (6)       The Tribune                    32
08.   (/)       Relax                          24
09.   (/)       Propaganda                     23
10.   (8)       Revealed                       20

At  the  top  Nitro  and  Skyhigh changed places once
again  and  nothing  new  when  we  are regarding the
past  few  editions.  Insider and Jamaica have left the
charts,  probably  for  good as we never expect them
to  re-enter  due  to  their  activity (besides Jamaica
being  officially  declared  as being dead). R3L4X and
Propaganda   entered   the   charts,  being  for  sure
magazines  with  a  lot more ambitions on the magazine
market. Shout! is infact too well ranked!

Best regards,



                             * INTERVIEW *
For this issue we found a very interesting and expe-
rienced  interview  partner,  a  man who is one of the
few old ones left in the C64 scene - Unifier/Noice PC
He  will  share his unique visions with us in this chap-
ter, and we can promise you a very interesting inter-
view, worth being read and held via Internet.

?:  Hi  Ulf,  it  is very kind from you to give me the op-
portunity  to  present  an interview with you again on
this  ancient  8-bit  computer.  At  first,  as  usual,  it
would  be  quite  useful  to  introduce yourself to our
readers, as there are probably some who have never
heard  about  Unifier  or do not know too much about
you. So here is the place to add some personal infor-
mation, everything else but no computer data.

!:  Hi, I'm Ulf. I am 24 years old Swedish male, who likes
to  play  around  with  cultural  things (music, movies,
books)  and  different types of media (magazines, ra-
dio,  TV?) and some aspects of the computer world. I'm
originally  from a frey and bureaucratical town called
Orebro,  and  I've also studied in Karlstad and Vaxjo,
but  in  June  1995  I  finally moved to the biggest and
best town in Sweden: Stockholm! I live here alone in an
apartment pretty close to the central area (a lot clo-
ser  than any of the Flash Inc dudes - HA!). I like try-
ing to be as theoretical and analytical about things as
I  can  be,  I'm  sometimes  a  bit  shy (like all computer
nerds  ...) and I like trying to make conversations with
people  as  weird  as  I  can  (until  they're  convinced
there's  something wrong with me). I've stopped trying
to  be  a  serious  technical  kind of person, 'cause it
just  wasn't  any  fun.  What  else? I voted for the so-
cialist  party  in our latest election, and I voted "yes"
in the EC election.

?:  And now we just turn over to the computer datas.
Censor  Design,  Flash  Inc  and Spirit have been sta-
tions  on the CBM 64, and now Bonzai followed by Noi-
ce  on  the PC. Please inform us about these times, as
these  group  names  reflect a lot of glory to most of
us who were present that time.

!:  Censor  Design was kind of boring. I still don't think
they're  a  real  professional  group who deserves to
be  in  lots  of  charts.  There  are  lots of other C64
demo  groups  that  I  like  more.  Flash  Inc  was a lot
cooler!  It  didn't have any formal organisation really,
so  we  had  to  rely on lots of expensive phone calls.
We talked about what direction to take next and stuff
We  had  a  small  meeting  at Zodiac's place where we
released  "Legacy  2",  and  a  bigger  meeting at The
Spy's  father's  place  where we tried to get "Prome-
theus  Unbound"  finished  (but  failed).  I  got to know
some  people  of  Spirit  while  I  was in Flash Inc, so I
joined  them  after Flash stopped flashing. I liked Spi-
rit's  previous  releases a lot, so I thought it would be
cool  to  join  them.  I  knew they weren't as famous as
Flash  Inc,  but I didn't think that was very important.
They  were a lot more organized than Flash, more like
a  real democracy or something. It was fun, too, and I
think  "Tales  Of  Mystery"  is the best C64-demo I've
ever  been  involded  in.  I  do  not  know  what  to say
about  Bonzai,  'cause  they've been away from demos
for  a  while, so I don't think they took their PC come-
back  very  seriously.  Trap  and  Walt  didn't  answer
their  mail very good, and so on. So now I'm in Noice. I
have  known  Gnilk  (Punch) a little bit for a couple of
years,  so  he  let me and my friend Freshman join the
group  when  we  asked  him. Noice has some coll pro-
ductions  under  their  name,  and  a  couple more are

?: Lately Flash Inc got rebuilt from some of the origi-
nal  members. Now people spread the rumour that you
will  re-join  them. Please let us know the truth about

!:  We'll  probably  reform the original line-up, and get
the  band  out  on  the  road again for a greatest hits
live  world tour. We'll only do it for the moeny ofcour-
se,  'cause we still have some problems with that ass-
hole guitarist, and the drummer's still in re-hab since
our last tour. Come and see us at Hammersmith Odeon
or Globen!!!

?: Let's turn the time to 1993 when I have interviewed
you  for the best Oxyron magazine ever - Addybook.
I  remember to have recognized some negative vibra-
tions  against  PCs and its users. How came that your
mind changed? Remember how you defined the typical
PC user?

!:  Hehe. Well, people grow up and stop seeing things in
black  and  white. I still don't like the business part of
the  PC  world,  but  there are some underground en-
thusiasts there who are doing some great things. See
the question about commercialism below.

?:  What  are  the  major differences between the CBM
64  and  the  PC  scene  as  you  are  a part of both?
Which scene, not computer system, would you prefer,
and why?

!: I don't think there are a lot of differences, actually
Most  of  the  64  sceners  I  know are old timers who
have  seen  a lot of stuff, and has allowed themselves
to  be  weird  and  experiment  a  bit more. I don't see
that  on  PC,  but then again I guess those newcomers
on  the  C64  are not that way either. People who are
new  in  demo  making  often follow the rules that they
can:  in  1989  on  the  C64  the  rule was "make mega
Dycp  records",  and  in  1995  on  the  PC the rule is
"make  phong/gouraud  shading vector donuts". Ano-
ther  difference is that the PC is currently a popular
system,  so  people disappear from the scene to make
games  that  will  bring  them  lots  of  money  (or they
hope  so).  On the C64, there's no money in game-ma-
king  anymore, so people do it for fun along with their
demo projects.

?:  When  we've  a  look at the activity of demo groups
most  of  them do release their demoes on big parties
only,  where  they  can  present  their  work  on a big
screen to a bright audience consisting of users pre-
fering  a  wide range of computer systems, and where
they  can earn money with their demo. In former times
we  have  released  demoes  when we liked to do it. Do
you  think the scene is heading into a wrong direction

!:  Yes, it is! It's good for the development of the sce-
nes,  that  groups  make  lots  of different things and
release  at  different release times: I guess most old-
timers   remember  old  swapdisks  with  co-op  demos
between groups and demos with long scrolltexts from
meetings and that kind of thing. You shouldn't only be
doing big party demos with shocking new effects, only
to  get  some money and fame. If you do that, then you
are  a  company  like  Microsoft,  not  a vital part of a
computer   subculture!   (Ok,  no-one  in  MS  is  good
enough  to  make  a cool demo, but I hope you can get
my point. Scene values UNEQUAL commercialism.)

?: Anyway parties are an important part of the scene
as  it  is  a  chance  to  meet people sharing the same
hobby,  using similar systems and so on. Which parties
have  you visited by now, which one did you liked most
and  where  do  we  have  a chance to meet you in the
near future?

!: I'll try to remember all of them: SFA party/meeting -
Orebro  1988  (arranged  by  me),  Sector 90 party -
Kalmar  1988,  Horizon/Equinoxe  party  -  Eskilstuna
1989, Light/Triad party - Balsta 1989, Horizon party
- Varby 1990, Panoramic/Science 451 - Norway 1990
Horizon party - Stockholm 1991, The Party - Denmark
1991,  The  Party  -  Denmark  1992, The Party - Den-
mark  1993,  Tribute'94 - Gothenburg 1994, Icing'95 -
Gothenburg  1995,  Remedy'95  -  Stockholm  1995,  I
think  that's  all.  I've been to some small meetings as-
well.  The best parties so far were the first two Hori-
zon  parties, 'cause everyone had a cool attitude and
I  was still young and easy to impress. The Party 1 - 3
was really nice, too. I hope I can go there (The Party)
this Christmas, too.

?:  The Internet is getting more and more the media to
get  information,  to meet friends on the IRC or to ex-
change  e-mails  to  everyone  you  feel like getting in
touch  with.  The Internet is getting the scene closer,
as  people from all over the world can join these user
and  news  groups  to  add  their opinion. What do you
think  about the Internet, and what are the most use-
ful functions of this "new" media in your opinion?

!: I've had Internet access since March 1994. I like it a
lot,  but it doesn't really live up to all the media hype.
It's  useful to break down borders between countries
and  it's useful to allow ordinary people to state their
opinion  in  front  of  a big audience. Traditionally, the
media structures have kept most people kind of help-
less and without any method for mass communication.
I'd  have  to say that e-mailing and Usenet News (dis-
cussion  groups) are the most useful functions of the
Net.  World Wide Web is pretty overrated in my opinion
it's  just  the  same one way mass communication as in
magazines  and  newspapers.  There's nothing new or
even  interesting about watching Sony's homepage on
the WWW, rahter than watching Sony's ads in a paper.
The  new  and  interesting  thing about the Internet is
disconnecting  all  companies  and  letting  people talk
outside of their business roles.

?:  You  have been always a person being a strict op-
ponent  of  commercialism. The PC scene, and its pro-
ductions,  are  for  sure  lead  by trends, and trends
are  a  part  of  commercialism.  Do you still stand the
evil  forces, or did you already even made money with
the  computer  hobby  on  PC? Do you think you would
have  a  future  as  a  serious  programmer  creating
business software or any other projects on a speci-
fied request?

!:  This  question  has  a  lot to do with politics, and I'm
still kind of naive in that area, but I'll try to give some
kind   of  answer.  Richard  Stallman  (Free  Software
Foundation,  GNU  Project)  has  compared  computer
programmes  to mathematical formulars, as something
that   gets   published   and   gives  the  author  some
amount  of  recognition,  but  which  then  gets copied
freely.  I  completely agree with him. Information really
DO  want  to  be  free, and true programming is some-
thing  done  by enthusiasts for sharing with their fel-
lows,  rather  than  something  grey  employees at Mi-
crosoft  do to feed their kids. Scientists in countries
that  are  in war still share their discoveries to make
the  world  better,  but  different software companies
don't share source code at all. I think it's really sick!
That's  the idealistic part of it, atleast. Despite what I
just  said,  I  would like to do some smaller commercial
software  projects  to  see  what  it's like, but I really
don't  want  to work in that industry fulltime. The cool
jobs  in  that  area  aren't  really  announced  here in
Sweden anyway.

?:  Now  we  leave  the computer sector and enter the
real  world again. You have been a successfull mode-
rator  in a college radio station. Can you report more
about it?

!: Well, in 1986-1987 and 1993-1994 I made some radio
programs  with  friends, just trying out some ideas of
how  to  make something a bit different from slick and
boring   normal  radio  programs  (as  the  interested
reader will have noticed by now, I use the word "nor-
mal"  as a real negative term. Another word that I use
like  this is "mature". That says a lot about my perso-
nality, I guess). I tried lots of different roles: talking,
being  technical guy who handles the mixer and the CD
players,  doing  interviews  etc. Some of the last pro-
grams we did in the spring of 1994 are kind of listen-

?:  After the radio project the name POPAGA appear-
ed,  a  project  you  put  a  lot  of  effort in due to my
knowledge.  Please explain the readers what it is, and
what amazes you on the work for it?

!:  Urban  Arhammar started a small music magazine in
Swedish  in  1990.  It has grown since then, and now it
publishes 26 issues every year, each one in a circu-
lation  of  2000  copies,  and  there  are some 20-30
writers/photographers  involded.  And  I'm one of the
writers! The magazine is still held on a kind of under-
ground  level  -  you can't buy it in normal shops, only
in  some  record  shops  etc. but I think we're doing a
real  good  job.  I  write records reviews and live re-
views  and interview bands. Actually writing ain't that
far  away  from  coding, you combine elements creati-
vely in kind of the same way. "What amazes me"? Sor-
ry,  I  don't  remember  what  I said about that. It must
have  been something stupid I wrote in a letter to RRR
that  I've  forgotten  already (the audience boohs and
throws things at Ulf at this point!).

?:  You are actually searching for a job in the media,
namely  the TV or at a new, promising computer maga-
zine. Are you already employed and if yes, where?

!:  I've written two articles for that new computer mag
and  I  still  keep  in touch with the local TV-station TV
Soder,  but  so  far  not  much  has  happened.  I have
another  job right now, just to get some money to pay
the bills: I work in telemarketing at Marknadstestarna
in  Stockholm  AB.  You know, you call people at diffe-
rent  companies and ask them questions and fill a kind
of  form  according to their answers. It's not any kind
of  dream  job, but it's ok. I hope that I don't get stuck
there all my life, that would be really sad.

?:  Unfortunately  we  have to come to the end now. It
was  nice to see you seeing patient and to answer all
the  questions.  At  the  end  we  offer  our  interview
partners  to greet some persons, and to add some fi-
nal  words,  so  we  do it here again. Hope to meet you
soon  again,  Ulf,  and  many  thanks  for  the time you
spent for the answers.

!:  Thanks  for  having me here in the talk show. My fi-
nal words would be taht I like getting mail, so if some-
one  still  remember  my  lame  old  C64  releases  and
wants to complain about them, they can write to me at
XXX  XX  XXXXX,  XXXXXX,  or  e-mail  (ekorre!)  to this
address:   Ulf.Harnhammar^abc.Se,  or  phone  me  at
this  number:  +XX/(X)X-XXXXXXX.  People  who's got
access  to the Internet might also check my homepage
on  that  evil  World  Wide  Web  at the address: HTTP:
//  I'd like to greet everyone
in  Noice  (PC/Amiga/C64),  King Fisher/Triad (C64),
Metal  and TDJ/Analogue (PC) and some C64 groups,
too,  Addict/^  (PC),  Scout/Success  (PC), Morpheus
and  The  Spy/Flash  Inc,  RRR/Oxyron  (Amiga/C64),
Cross/Mindprobe  (PC), Zyron/Antic/Swemix/Nostal-
gica   (C64),   Liket/Goto 10   (PC),  Deff/Avantgarde
(C64),  Cresh/Taboo (C64), Seap and Trap/exBonzai
(PC),  Hellraiser/Cascade VR (PC, ex-Paragon C64),
Blackcross   and  Wizard/Omicron  (PC),  Terric/Meta
Crew  (PC),  Roy/Witan  (PC) and everyone I have met
on the Swedish C64 BBSes or on IRC-channel # C-64.
If you live in Sweden, you can get a free issue of that
music  magazine  I  wrote  about earlier by writing to:
Popoga,  XXX  XX,  XXX  XX  XXXXXXXX. Now I'll shut up!

Well,  we  hope  you all enjoy the interview as much as
we  did,  and that some of you will listen and learn out
of the content, in order to save the scene and to en-
large the amount of releases.

Best regards,


Back to the roots

                       * Back To The Roots *
This will definately the last time we present this chap-
ter  here,  as  long  as  the  original editor decides to
come back and to edit it again. Nevertheless there do
exist  serious plans to morph this chapter into some-
thing completely different. Wait and see what will hap-

This time we will have a look closer in the world of the
scene  magazines and the different kind of magazines
being  released all word, trying to cover the most im-
portant older ones, and later on the actual ones still
attracting us.
It  might  be  rather  hard  to believe for all new ones
around  now, in former days that really was a lack of
information  in the scene as there were no magazines
spread  around. Today's situation is completely diffe-
rent,  as the major part of the releases has been ta-
ken  over  by the press when it comes up to the legal
sector,  as  we still can pretend that the illegal scene
adds most releases, month by month.
In  order  to  bring  you  closer  to the history of the
magazine  we try to cover up some important stations
for  you, combined with some information about maga-
zines  we think to be important ones in the long tradi-
tion,  as  the  disk magazine phenomena started in the
year  1989,  when  all these publications got first re-
leased, such as Sex'n Crime, Relax, Mamba, Fatal News
and many more.
In  the  very  beginning of the scene magazines there
were  paper  magazines.  The  major  disadvantage of
paper  magazines  is/was,  that  there  occur a lot of
costs  while  developing/distributing  it, so you had to
pay  a  fee to enjoy reading them. The most important
old-times  magazines  to  be named here are ILLEGAL
from  Jeff  Smart/Triad,  PIRATES  from  Solar/F4CG
and IGUANA from Nosah/DCS. For sure we should not
forget SHOCK from Skater and Mirage, which became
quite  succcessfull  as  disk magazine later on! There
were  for  sure  many  others, too, but as we already
mentioned we will cover only the most important ones.
Today  there  still  exists  the MILESTONE from Mike/
Sunrise,  the  legendary PHOTO ALBUMs from Incubus
and  our  competitor Vandalism News is planning to be
on  paper,  too,  with a quite different content compa-
red with the disk sequal.

There  are not too much paper magazines left compa-
red  with  the  follow-up disk magazines, so this is the
topic  now. When we are talking about old disk magazi-
nes  at  first the name SEX'N CRIME from Amok has to
be  told,  one  of  the  most  explosive  and most hated
ones  ever.  It  always  stood  under heavy siege from
their  concurence (Mamba, Relax) and all the readers
who  were  quite  unsatisfied with the general Genesis
propaganda and charts manipulation. The follow-up to
Sex'n Crime was Propaganda, released under the Ge-
nesis  label  and  today being an independent publica-
tion.  The  latest editions are by far much better than
the  earlier  tries,  still  being  influenced by the S'N'C
FATAL  NEWS  was  a  competitor from Sweden, edited
by  Eukzera/Censor  Design.  In  general people were
disappointed  about  the  worse  outfit since they ex-
pected much more from a top demo crew like Censor,
nevertheless you could read the magazine text, which
was on an acceptable basis.
MAMBA  from Crazy/Enigma/.... is another top handled
oldie. Nice written, cool (mostly scene related) comics
from  GOTCHA,  but  a little bit hard to handle with the
keyboard,  a "disadvantage" for the joystick genera-
tion.  Mamba  was  involved  in  hot conflicts with S'N'C
and SCENE PRESS, what was infact quite nice to read
but  not to believe at all, as Thor/Glory lately pointed
out  that  people  should  not  believe  in  all  what got
printed in it.
LETHAL  NEWS  from Trap and Sonny/Bonzai/TRC ....
came along with a nice outfit and fine articles. Unfor-
tunately it was not released too often.
PARANEWS  from Paramount was quite interesting for
mag editors who were interested in news about Para-
mount. Some uncompetent persons disqualified it to be
Paramount  propaganda  only,  infact  it  was  nothing
else  but  a public relations act to present facts etc.
about  their  own group! Needless to say that I am for
sure talking about the REAL Paramount here!
COOCOC  from  Radar  was another interesting maga-
zine,  and  all who know Radar know how to handle the
content. No need to say more.
THE  TIMES  from Defense (Jim Novak & Co.) was ano-
ther  one of these typical magazines that were relea-
sed  back  in  the time. Upscroller, text blink effects,
standart news and chapters.
SCENE  PRESS from Spitfire/Action can be compared
with  Spitfire's  reputation - there were only only two
options to choose, to like or to hate him. Scene Press
got  released  by  CP  Verlag  on Game On (like Mamba
and  Propaganda,  too),  and  since  there  was not so
much  diskspace  left  for the magazines Spitfire took
for  one  GO  version  just  the  musics  out  to  get it
CORRUPTION  from  3DK and Jack Daniels/ATG/Para-
mount,  Genesis .... is for sure one of the potential all
time favourties. Fine texts and fine outfits made it to
be  what  it was - a hot magazine - just remember the
last  edition  with  the  brilliant  soundtrack  from JCH
and the amazing graphics from FOX.
FRONTPAGE/TRC  will  always  be  remembered as the
magazine  with  the most small text display area ever.
Nevertheless,  the  outfit  really looks cool, the texts
were  interesting,  but due to the display reading was
not too enjoyable.
BILD  ZEITUNG  from X-ray was a magazine where the
name  told  it  all. For all non-germans we have to add
that  there exists a boulevard newspaper over here,
and  this  magazine  has spoken at first with recently
dead  persons or with aliens who attacked the earth.
No more to add.
BRUTAL  RECALL  from  Tch/Brutal  is another dutch
magazine.  Another?  It  was  THE dutch magazine, and
infact  the  best ranked one in the charts ever - be-
hind the allmighty SH0CK!
SH0CK reached spheres no other magazine has ever
reached,  even  if  The  Pulse (before the break) was
very  close.  Skater,  Mirage and Gene have combined
the  best articles with a technical advanced and brill-
iant  looking  OUTFIT.  Some  people  defined  it as the
"BIBLE", what can be accepted as fitting definition!
IMPULSE  from  Spirit  had  a  brilliant  outfit and well
written  text, unfortunately not too much issues have
seen the daylight. A real shame in our opinion.
SCRIPT  from  Clique  was quite successful due to the
fact  that  they  have had some interesting articles in
their  issues,  mixed  up  with some non-scene related
texts,  a  mixture  which  seems to meet the approvals
from the mail scene exactly.
UPDATE  from  Padua  was another interesting maga-
zine,  but  Raver  news  for  Germany are usually not
the right chapters for a magazine read worldiwide.
BITMANIA  from  Abyss Connection was quite magazine
according  to  a  lot of sceners, but we prefer to ac-
cept  the review from Gene in Shock about this publi-
cation - a fitting review telling the truth, even if some
BM editors had a quite different opinion about it.
GAMERS  GUIDE  from  Triad was the magazine when it
came   around   reviewing   and   testing   the  cracks
spread  in  the CBM 64 scene. This started a trend to
use  these  short  4-5 blocks intros, a quite negative
aspect in our opinion.
REFORMATION  from  Fairlight was a magazine merged
into  one  by EMMANUELLE and WORLD NEWS, later on
it  merged  with  INGENIOUS BRAIN to become SHOUT!.
After  a  moderate beginning it became quite popular,
always  following  the  slogan: Quantity does not mean
Quality,  what was a fitting definition of what we read.
Ingenious  Brain  and  Shout  were  high ranked, have
impressed  with  a fine outfit and have been quite po-
pular mail medias aswell.
REVEALED from International Manufacture of Nothing
and  Camelot still is a commercial orientated magazine
covering  the  part  software/game  production  on a
very intelligent and interesting level. Well, it is located
here  as it wasn't seen for a long period by now, so it
got placed in the "oldie" section here.

The  previous  "list"  contained  both,  mail  and board
based  magazines,  as  there  used to be a more clear
frontier/board  between  them.  Today's board maga-
zines  cover  both, mail and modem scene, what makes
quite attractive for the masses, not only for selected
parts of the scene.

Next  to  this  golden  oldies there are still some inte-
resting  ones  around these days, like PROPAGANDA,
today  being  published  as  an  independent magazine
edited  by Newscopy & Co., in former times as the se-
qual  to  S'N'C  edited by Antichrist. To be honest, the
new issues are by far better than the old ones.
VANDALISM NEWS by Bodycount/Rebels/.../Onslaught
is  an  australian  based magazine what made it to the
top,  being  a  result  of  hard  and solid work all over
the  years.  Today  the  staff  can  be counted as the
most  active  around,  the  quality  is quite impressing
keeping  in  mind  all the release dates in the past few
DOMINATION  from  Jazzcat  is another magazine from
Downunder,  being nice written even if some more ob-
jectivity  would be fine. Unfortunately it didn't get re-
leased too often.
THE PULSE MAGAZINE was for sure a real kicker be-
fore  its  break,  taking over the position of SHOCK in
former times. Many people had problems with the con-
tent  of  the  magazine,  and  so they tries - not very
succcessfully  -  to  mess  around with it! Recently TP
had  a  comeback, improving the quality issue by issue
and trying the best to reach the former qualitiy level
and to become as respected as in the earlier days.
DRIVEN  is  an american magazine mainly covering the
NTSC  demo  scene,  but  these  days they also try to
cover  the  PAL  demo  scene,  too.  The  articles are
quite  interesting  for  europeans, too, and the outfit
is  technically  advanced,  while  the text display even
offers  functions  you use to know from professional
word  processors  on  Amiga/PC,  and  there are not
many european magazines which can compete with it!
THE  BEST is trying to continue where GAMERS GUIDE
stopped  an disappeared. For sure can not replace it
completely yet, but they are on the best way to do it,
improving  issue  by  issue,  and people who await it to
be superior from the very first beginning should bet-
ter  wake  and  stop  dreaming, as an every magazine
does need a development period of a few issue to find
its  "own"  style  and "personal" touch. Everyone who
denies  this  fact  does  not  know  what  he  is talking

As you probably have remarked we didn't not mention
any  so-called  mail  magazines  here, even if some of
them  might be rather interesting for the mail related
persons  being  active  in the scene. At last we take a
look  at  the  commercial  magazines.  MAGIC  DISK and
GAME  ON  were  the  first ones sold here in Germany,
with  quite  a  lot  staff members from SEVEN ELEVEN
who  had the connection to the scene and to convince
people  creating good software for their publication.
Based  on  GAME  ON/MAGIC DISK the second big name
in  Germany, MAGNA MEDIA (formerly known as MARKT
und  TECHNIK) released a programmdisk monthly, too,
containing games and tools, too.
In the USA there is LOADSTAR offering a similar ser-
vice  for  their  customers, even if the american mar-
ket  is  more  professional  orientated  as a lot of the
potential  CBM  64/128 users are still using this good
old  machine  on  a serious basis for word processing
etc.,  and  the standart C64 Loadstar reader got de-
fined  as  50 - 60 years old person, working with up-
grades such as FD 2000/REU etc. to have some con-
curence for the 16/32 bit market.
In  England  there still exist some underground based
fanzines  being  sold on a steady basis, unfortunately
their  producers are a little bit scared about the so-
called  CBM  64 scene, even if they accept using their
tools, spreading their demoes etc. Most of the produ-
cers/readers  of  these  fanzines  seem  not  be able
handling  the  word copyright and created games/de-
moes  with  SEUCK/Intro-  und  demo  makers,  so the
standart  of  these  publications  sometimes is rather

For  sure  there  have  been other magazines aswell
which  some  would  classify as important or whatever
else,  this was only meant to show a short view on the
magazines  which attracted us all over the years and
we  have  enjoyed reading issue by issue, regardless
from  the  fact  who popular or successful they might
have  ever  been,  as  they  have been saved into our
memories  for  certain  other  positive reasons, rea-
sons  we  defined  as  important and worth to be men-
tioned ones.

To come to an end, there are still magazines released
in  certain  other  languages  but English, like German
and  Polish. Fact is that these magazines have in fact
no  usuage  for  the  international  scene,  so  people
should try to figure out what they are doing exactly.
The scene should try to connect the worldwide scene
while  magazines being written in other languages de-
vide it back into small pieces for people who are cap-
able  to  communicate  in these languages. As there is
only  a  small community of CBM 64 sceners left these
persons  should  better  add contributions to make it
possible for all to participate in, as dividing the scene
can not be what we all want to be. Think about it if you
release  a  production  using different languages but
English, remember that the scene was found and con-
sisted  years  ago,  working  perfect  with a language
spoken and TAUGHT worldwide!
Due to the fact that the scene gets closer and closer
connected  by  the Internet some promising coopera-
tions  might  come up, cooperations in form of articles
or whatever else to support the magazines being re-
leased  worldwide,  and  to  improve  and  upgrade the
quality basis on a never seen before level.

Best regards,


Demo Reviews

                          * DEMO REVIEWS *
Having a look at the demo market within the previous
six months does not make the future looking to pro-
mising  on this sector, but keeping in mind that there
are some parties in the near future makes us believ-
ing in a better future in a not too far distant.

Sadly  we  have  to announce that Scroll had to leave
the reviewer squad, based on the fact that he has no
sparetime left due to his job. Infact that forced him to
reduce his entire CBM 64 work. This made us skipping
our plan to recruit a complete second reviewers team
as  usually  planned,  so  in the future Fuben, PRI and
RRR will be the doing the entire job and the only staff
members doing the job.

      * Triiod 3/His-Team Design & Accept Design *
Triiod  3  is  a tribute from Fuben/Oxyron to his for-
mer  groups  and  members  in  order  to  use  his old
beta  parts  and the artwork from his former comra-
des.  All  in  all it is nothing but a pure fun production
so  people  should  not  take it too serious. Better sit
down  again  and  wait  for  his first production under
the  Oxyron  label,  where  you will for sure see much
more advanced and optimized parts.

                     SCROLL about the coding
This  demo  starts  with a black screen and a timer at
the  buttom  of  the  screen.  After some seconds the
demo  seems  to  "bug",  the  music runs amok. Then a
"System Error" message and a warning sign appears
(of  course  this was a fake, coded intentionally). Now
a  picture  similar  to the "test-pictures" on the TV is
shown for some seconds, before it fades away. A pie-
ce of text saying "in 1995" flies over the screen, be-
fore  a  His-Team  logo appears (written on a scroll).
Then  the  logo  changes  into an Accept logo. It fades
away,  and  more  text  for  presenting purposes flies
over  the  screen.  Now  a  picture  with  a lady and a
"Triiod  3"  logo drawn in Gunpaint fades in and stays
for  some  seconds,  before  fading  aways. Now some
info  appears  while  the  next  part  loads.  When  the
loading is finished, a "fractal triangle" (I do not know
the  real  name  for  this  one,  but  you  know  what I
mean  :))  is  shown  for about half a second, before a
two-colour  (blue  and  white) full-screen mandelbrot
is  drawn  in  realtime.  Now  another mandelbrot rou-
tine  appears,  this  one is not-so-full-screen, and it
is  in  4X4  Fli.  Several  pictures are generated, and
these  routines  are quite fast to be in realtime. How-
ever,  most  pictures  generating are y-flipped, which
means   that   the   calculation  time  is  halved.  After
pressing  space,  the  loading screen appears again,
before  2  pictures  are shown. Then it starts to load
again,  now  another  routine in 4x4 Fli, shade lines. I
can  not  recall  having seen this routine (in 4x4) be-
fore,  but  anyway  it's quite easy to do. Then a single
colour  upscrolling  picture  appears,  and after that
the  same  Gunpaint  picture  from earlier in the demo
(the  one  with the lady), just the logo has been remo-
ved.  Then  the  loading  screen  appears  again. When
loading is finished, we are thrown into the "Pro Does"
game,  the  last  "part".  in  this  demo! First I have to
choose  between  3  levels,  then  the  game  starts. I
control  a  space-ship  whose  mission is to destroy a
vector  object!  The  object  is  flying  with  very high
speed,  so  it's  not  too  easy to destroy. If you die a
game  over  scrren with a logo drawn in FLI appears,
and  if  you  win,  a  congratulations screen is shown,
with  a  very cheerful tune. Too bad it is impossible to
return to the game after one try .....

Totally  seen  this  is a quite nice trackmo (perhaps a
little  bit short). There aren't too many coding effects
and  those present are mainly mathematical routines.
Those  mandelbrot  routines were quite good, and ge-
nerally the whole demo is well polished and good look-
ing.  Also the game within the end part was a cool idea
so I'll give a rating of 65%.

                       RRR about the artwork
All pieces of art in this trackmo were drawn by Skud/
Chromance,  Alias  Medron/Chromance, Moose/ex/His
Design and Fuben/Oxyron.

The  first real piece of art is a so-called test picture
as  you  know  it  from former times when the TV pro-
gramm  ended.  It is drawn in Koala bitmap format, no-
thing  special  at all but serves its function on an ac-
ceptable  level.  Next  one is an IFLI picture drawn by
Alias Medron/<C>.  The  motive shows a girl, a Triiod 3
logo plus a kind of fog coming out of the girl's finger.
My  personal  favourite  is the two screens wide con-
versation  of  Earthworm  Jim,  a  damned nice looking
peace  of  art,  even  if it looks partly a little bit unfi-
nished,  like  most of Alias Medron's art. Following I've
found  a  FLI  picture  showing  a  character  out of a
beat'em  up  game,  actually  I can not remember which
one,  anyway the person looks quite similar a charac-
ter  out  of  the  above  mentioned game type. Not bad
but  nothing special. The first picture from Skud pre-
sents something like a gate to another system, being
surround by an old greek styled building and a chess
board  ground.  Not  too bad for Koala bitmap format,
but  nothing  to make me stunning. Another two pictu-
res wide picture shown some kind of ancient warrior,
drawn  in  singlecolour  hires, looking quite ugly in my
opinion.  The  next  one  is  another  IFLI  graphics, it
shows a girl what is quite lonely in the empty screen.
Looks  quite  nice  and  -  UNFINISHED - to me. Finally
there  are  3  FLI  logos  showing Pro-Does, Time out
and  Game  Over. The graphics are said to be about 2
years  old,  but  even  in 1989 people would have been
laughing about them! :(

The  summary looks like this that there is infact some
potential  and  talent  shown, unfortunately there was
no  interest to "complete" the graphics in my opinion,
so the overall rating from 65% is the right classifica-
tion, atleast in my opinion.

                        PRI about the musics
As  you use to know it from the previous editions this
is  the  area  of  PRI  to review the demo soundtracks
here. Maybe you know that PRI moved houses to Ber-
lin  now in order to study at the technical university.
He  already  ordered  the  german Post to re-mail all
letters to his new address, unfortunately the problem
is/was  that there seem to work a lot of uncompetent
persons  only,  remarking  a  different address - but
definately  not  his  new  one,  on  the  envelope, what
caused  that the package returned to my house after
4  weeks  of  deliverance  time.  After  sending  it out
once again it finally arrived it's destination, unfortu-
nately  too  late  to give Volker enough time to review
it.  In  order  to release this magazine at its specified
release date we all agreed not to wait and to release
it  without PRI's audial critism, but it was impossible to
wait  any  longer  because  of the mail traders waiting
to  spread it and because of the actuality of the news
and  release  charts. Next time PRI will be back here,
having much more time to realise his reviews.
Remember to blame the german Post for it, and no one

After  this  quite  unusual chapter, caused by certain
different  unfortunate  reasons,  we  hope to welcome
you   next  time  again,  presenting  again  a  complete
chapter here.

Best regards from your favourite reviewer's team,

Scroll/Megastyle Productions

Open Letter

                            * Open Letter *
Originally  this  chapter  was  not  planned to be pub-
lished  permanently,  but  sometimes  things  does not
work  like  expected. This chapter called Open Letter
morphed  into a sort of reaction chapter as you have
surely read the content of the previous chapter, and
this  edition's  reaction  can be easily put in the same
driver  being  displayed  with the trashcan icon on my
Amiga.  Nevertheless  we are a fair, objective and in-
dependent  magazine,  so  we do not have problems to
give  the  chance to everyone who wants to challenge
us in any way.
This  time we have the pleasure to present what Zore
wrote  after  having  read  our September edition. So
here  it  is,  converted  down  into our text-editor di-
rectly from The Escapade, Relax Magazine EHQ.

Dear RRR,

I've just been reading through the latest issue of Re-
lax, and what you wrote according the affair of Doo-e

So  you  do  not  believe that he was a former member
member  of  SCS?  As I supported the Hardcore news
to you, I feel personally insulted by your disbelieve. If
you  doubt  the  reality  of  news  supported  my me, I
could get the feeling you are calling me a liar, and you
do not want me to think that, do you, RRR?

Listen,  if  you were familar with the group history of
Hardcore,  which is on the one side not so hard as we
are only one year old, and which is on the other hand
your  damn  duty,  if  you want to call yourself a mag-
editor,  you  should  know  that Hardcore was formed
by the whole german Success section (expection: The
Arrogance)!  You  should furthermore know that SCS
originally  was  a german group not a dutch one, so if
you  want to find out whether this is true, who else to
ask  than  us  in  Hardcore? Learn that almost every
C-64  scener  today  active  in Frankfurt/Main & Of-
fenbach was a member of Success, namely Rap, Zoomo
B-Wyze, Dooze! The only exceptions in Ffm and Of are
me  and  Blockbuster...  Also other guyz in Frankfurt
like Steel (Mario Laurel), Sphere (ex-Kopkilla) and DJ
all of them 3 musicians from Frankfurt.
Now,  listen!  By  chance  Dooze  is  one of my closest
friends in the scene! We entered the scene together,
and  infact  he only lives about 500 meters away from
my place! So who of us both knows better whether he
was in Success or not?
He has been in Extreme under the handle of Eye, and
then  in  Success  (way  before  the co-op) where he
changed  handle  to Dooze.. Remember that unlike you
there are a lot of great and skilled sceners that be-
long  to  the  quitter  part  of the scene, especially in
Hardcore! Dooze is a great gfxian, in the past he has
always been far, far better than me!
It  is  similar with our members Rap & Zoomo! They are
quite unknown to the scene, because they did not re-
leased  that  much,  and many things released by them
them  were even published without credits (some peo-
ple,  unlike you, just do not care so much about popu-
larity!)  still  involved insiders know that Zoomo is one
of  the very best graficians, and Rap one of the most
skilled coders!
Remember that Dooze was in Success during a period
in  which whole Success/Germany was pretty inactive
was  pretty  inactive  (which was when the dutch took
control in oder to keep the group alive). After a while
he  left  Success  trying  to  open  up  his  own group
which  he  wanted  to  call  Desire,  not  knowing  that
there  has  already  been  such  a  group in a distant
past in Holland.
Infact my old mag Inquiry (you know that atleast?) re-
leased  under the Elysium label was firly meant to ap-
pear  under Desire. However, this Desire attemp tur-
ned  out  to  be  pretty  unsuccessful. There is a half
finished  demo  exisiting,  and only 4 cracks were re-
leased! Afterwards, he lost interest in the scene, but
seeing  his old pals in Hardcore back active again, he
wanted  to come back again, too! Well, I hope you lear-
ned something? If you begin to doubt first hand news,
from  reliable news supporters, like me, it could easily
happen  that  we  stop supporting you! We are no way
dependent  on  your  mag,  but  the  other  way round
mag-editors  are dependent on the readers support.
Learn, Timo, learn!
We  want  that  cleared  up soon! There are no doubt-
full  members  in  Hardcore,  just because you do not
know  them.  You  rather  believe  in  what  we tell you
about  Hardcore,  or  do  you  want  to  claim that you
do know better, about what is going on in Hardcore?


Dear Marc,

thanks  a  lot  for  your  indeed nice reaction and the
promising  try  to  teach  me  some  lessons  in  scene

Well, at first I want to point out that I would really ap-
preciate  it  if  you  would  read the part about Dooze
again,  and  then  what  you  wrote  so  clever in your
reaction.  There  is  no single word saying that Dooze
never  was  a member of Success or that I proclaimed
you  to  be a LIAR, I just pointed out that we have ne-
ver  heard before about this guy, and when I do write
WE  you  can  be sure that I have spoken with a lot of
persons  before  I  wrote  it,  next to my colleagues in
the  RELAX MAGAZINE staff. We check out everything
twice,  or if necessary more often, and because of no
confirmation  from any side outside of Hardcare I ad-
ded  that  we  can  not confirm it YET! If you have not
understood  the  correct  meaning  of what I wrote do
me  a special favour, consult someone who can trans-
late  it  for  you CORRECTLY. Unlike you I think about
the  words  I  choose  to present my texts, and unlike
you  I  can  care  about  the  content. You want me to
learn anything?
Out  of  your text I could LEARN that Dooze is rather
unknown caused by several reasons, I did not get the
point of you blaming me for not knowing him and ador-
ing him in the way you would like to see it.
I  am  quite  familar  with  the  history of Success and
Hardcore, and if you would have followed all Relax is-
sues  this  year you would have the necessary back-
ground  knowledge.  On the other hand I know the SCS
story  not  only from tales of my actual group mates,
I  have  been  around  in the scene when the ORIGINAL
Success has seen the daylight for the first time. You
probably  know, and have forgotten to mention it as it
seems you love details very much, Success as we use
to  know it today is nothing else but a re-built group,
but  that  is  nothing  completely new for people being
around  in  the  scene  since ages and who are infact
very  familar  with the history of the group Success,
in  order to fill up one of the gaps still left behind af-
ter your lessons in group history.
Furthermore  I have no doubts about the skills of va-
rious Hardcore members, so I did not understand why
you  spend so much time for Hardcore propaganda or,
public  relation,  if  you prefer it named like this. While
reading  your  text  I  felt  some negative attitude to-
wards  my person, being steadily described as a per-
son  heading  for  popularity. Somehow I have the bad
feeling to have found a bit of jealousy in here, as you
try to gain attention and popularity for your own and
your group without any remarkable background, as I
dare  to  pretend  that  my  motivation  to  stay in the
scene  is  definately  not  getting attention, otherwise
there  would  be other outstanding methods for me to
get  people  talk  about  me. You have had your public
appearance here, and I hope you are pleased now, as
it  seems  that it was the movement for you writing an
indeed  massive  reaction,  unfortunately  its content
heading  far  away from the content of the Relax. Why
is  it  that you have not mentioned Dooze's last group
before  he  left  the scene? Because Success sounds
much  better and deserved more respect? Please let
us  know  again who is heading for attention and pro-
motion for himself, his group and the productions?

Sorry,  Marc,  but  for sure a magazine depends on a
limited basis on the support of the readers, but to be
honest,  we managed it to release 11 issues of our ma-
gazine  without your support, and we guess we will be
able to release some more ones without your so mas-
sive support. For sure groups are in the need to see
news  and  information written about them in order to
prove  to  the masses that they are still alive, as ma-
gazines  are  able  to  create and to destroy reputa-
tions faster than you might think, so it is quite short-
sighted  to  point out that Hardcore is not in the need
of  our  magazine,  even if we do not abuse our maga-
zine in that lame way. Groups normally do need all ma-
gazines  around,  as the news and headlines are some
kind of advertisement for them. A group without news
and  movements,  not  being  mentioned  in the various
publications,  is  not  interesting  for  the masses and
can  be  easily  forgotten, and this seems not to be in
your interest, otherwise I could not follow the motiva-
tion  of  this childish public stunt from your side. You
have  met  the  attention of a bright audience now and
hope that you are satisfied with the result.

To come to an end, Marc, please notice, if you think to
be  in  a position to give me some lessons, that I would
really appreciate it to see you doing it in a competent
way,  not  like  you  did  in here. This was nothing else
but  an  own  goal from your side, in my very own opi-

Best regards,



                         * Advertisements *
Welcome  to  the  area  of  advertisements where you
get  the  chance  to  offer  the  rest  of the world the
possibility   to  either  contact  you  as  a  trader  or
just  to  place  a  request through us.
To  see  your advertisement in this chapter you have
to  fill  one  of  our votesheets as the total amount of
adverts  fortunately increases between the past few
months.  Therefore  we  installed  a  new presentation
system  and if the amount of filled votesheets increa-
ses  in  the same way we feel free to cut off the sup-
porting advertisement text. Telephone numbers or In-
ternet  addresses can be found at the end of the ad-
dress line(s).
New  in here are the board adverts, a service we of-
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                            * RRR/Oxyron *
* legal mailtrade on Amiga 1200 and CBM 64
* (game-) graphics ---------

                    * Scrapper/Oxyron (PC) *

* PC swapping on Disk and Streamer tapes (QIC 80)

                 * Junkie/Palace/Doom Patrol *
  Pasi Vainonen, Kumparet 4, 46800 A-koski, Finland

                       * 2ge/React/Feniks *
XXXXXXXX                                        /+XX/X/XXX-XXX

* wanna know how to connect an Amiga with a CBM 64

                          * Matthew/React *

* 4 swap demos & tools

                           * Funny/Replay *

                        * Droopy/Shelters *

* 4 join Shelters, making games

                      * AEG/Smash Designs *
XXXXXX, XXXXXXX                    /+XX/(X)XXXX-XXXXX

* swapping, joining, gfx and nice coder talk

      * Spectator/Success & The Ruling Company *

* Original and Tape swap

    * Splatterhead/Success & The Ruling Company *

                           * Morris/Shape *

* MEGAswapping

                         * Acidchild/Taboo *

* Legal, old warez, covers, stamps, tapes, friendship

                           * Cresh/Taboo *

                   * Sailor/Taboo/SCS & TRC *

* for the latest Tbo/SCS&TRC warez

                         * Vergo/Therapy *

* legal swap, friendship, 100% reply to disk

                     * Stash/Wrath Designs *

* latest Wrath products, looking for SNES contacts

                    * JJ/XL-C-US Software *

* XL-C-US warez, demos & mags, NO cheating

                    * XL/XL. C. US Software *

* I  am  not  looking for any swap contacts, although I
   would  not mind a coder contact, as I don't have one
   to  swap  routines  with  etc.  100%  reply. NO stamp

 If you are interested in swapping with a girl then try

             * Mac Gyver/ex-The Airwolf Team *

* old'n new warez/games, Flash 8 contacts wanted

                                 * Zinia *

                        * Board advert(s): *
DIAMONDBACK BBS                      ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
Sysop: Sms Mike                      Co-sysop: XmikeX

When the amount of addresses is growing in the same
way like during the past few days we feel free to re-
move  the  supporting  text  and  to print the address
only  in  order  to  save memory as we do not feel like
releasing  many  adress chapters to fill up the maga-
zine  and  to impress the readers with a huge amount
of text.

Best regards,


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