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                             * Editorial *
Atleast  we are very proud to welcome you to the 8th
issue  of the Relax Magazine and the first issue in '95
brought to you with a short but detectable delay.

We decided to release the Relax all six to eight weeks
in  the  future  due to massive sparetime problems of
the  various  staff  members  seeing  the sense of life
not  only  infront  of  the computer like other may do.

Seeing  the  mass  of  magazines released these days
our  main intention is to release a reliable and objec-
tive  magazine  in order to guarantee believable facts
and fair charts, to be more exactly mega-charts.
When  "The  Pulse  Magazine"  died  a big gap was left
behind.  We  decided  to  try  our  best  and to fill this
gap,  recruited  some  members  of  the  old staff and
released the Relax again.

We  got  very  positive  reactions  for  our  very own
production  and  this was a success we never expec-
ted  while  having the huge market of magazines these
days  in  mind.  We  would like to thank all our readers
who  have  encouraged  us  to  continue,  who  sent in
constructive  critism,  who  filled  the  votesheets  or
voted  t the Relax supporting boards worldwide.

For  sure  not  all  the  reactions  have been positive
and  some  (fake-) magazines tried everything letting
look  our  magazine  quite  average but those kind of
jealous editors who can not accept that there better
or to be more precise much better competitors won't
be mentioned were. We are not acting like "The Pulse"
as  we  have  been  publishing our texts years before
anyone  has  ever  dreamt  of "The Pulse" and we are
definately  not  interested  to  do  advertisement  for
low  quality  magazines  edited  by  persons  who have
never been standing in the public interest.

Our  intention  is  to edit some kind of journal. We pick
up  interesting  topics and news to work with them. We
definately  do not need to print non-scene concerned
stuff to fill up the disk so we discussed our work and
came  to  the  following  conclusion:  INFOTAINMENT  is
exactly  what  we  are doing, a proper combination of
informative  texts  with entertaining stories. We think
that  our  readers  deserve to be informed about the
truth based on facts as we aren't interested to influ-
ence our beloved, but dying, scene with unqualified or
useless  raggings  ending  in endless hassels. The job
of a magazine is to inform the public, not to slag down
the concurence. That is our very own philosophy.

Most  of  the  critism concerned our outfit, mainly the
slow  text display routine. Unfortunately the coder of
the  main  routines, Skid Row, has left the scene once
again.  There is no problem without a solution and our
very  own Leeway, the coder of the editor, had a look
on  the  sources and improved them a little bit. He will
continue to optimize the routines within the next days
and  weeks  to  guarantee  a more userfriendly outfit
and to get another step closer to perfection.

Just  compare  our  text  with the competiting concu-
rence  contributions, make your very own opinion and
choose your favourite number one.

If  you  are  interested in seeing your address in our
advertisement chapter(s)  or you've some interesting
news,  stories or atleast a reaction to be shared with
the  public do not hesitate to contact us using the of-
ficial  contact  addresses  of  the  Relax magazine. To
come  up to your wishes we offer both, mail and board
addresses to send us your submissions to.
Relax  Magazine,  c/o  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Germany

Holiday Inn Cambodia ++1/510/689-8893 account: 37
The Evil Island          ++1/314/587-7612  account: 4
Escapade                ++49/5341-395697 account: 63
Mystical Paradize    ++49/2137-13943    account: 17

Please  keep  in  mind that the RELAX magazine is not
an  Alpha Flight 1970 production. It is a trademark of
Bad Bytes Entertainment Software, european division
with   some   kind   help   from  Alpha  Flight,  Oxyron,
Avantgarde   and  all  the  readers  and  friends  who
reacted  in any way to encourage us keeping this ma-
gazine alive.
This issue's content looks like:
NEWS AND RUMOURS devided into two seperate chap-
ters  due  to  the mass of activity and the daily chan-
ges with the last few weeks.
CHARTS devided into three different topics: release
charts, board charts and mail charts.
INTERVIEW  with  Deff/Avantgarde,  who  delivered  it
after  the original interview we planned for this issue
did not arrive in time (sarcasm?).
DEMO  REVIEWS  reporting about some demoes relea-
sed at THE PARTY 1994.
PARTY  REPORT with a critical look back to THE PAR-
TY   1994 and the inofficial invitation for the SCS&TRC
and FOCUS party in Utrecht/Holland.
ADVERTISEMENTS  for  those  who  are searching for
new  contacts  or  anything  else  what  seems  to  be
scene related.

Credits for this issue must be given to:
Programming, Linking                    LEEWAY, SKID ROW
Magazine Artwork                        SKID ROW, RRR
Magazine Soundtrack                     ARNE
Magazine Main Editors                   MARC, MAX and RRR
Magazine Co-Editor                      DEFF
Like  said before we will try to release the RELAX all
six  to eight months so we are looking forward to see
you reading the next issue in August 1995 :=).
Last but not least some regards to those who contri-
buted when we had a comeback with this magazine:

Skinhead  (too  bad that you did not manage it to con-
tinue  your  job.  All the best for your future in AVT!)
Skid  Row  (you  did  a  fine job with the outfit, in both
coding  and  graphics.  Unfortunately  you  have  sold
your equipment. All the best for your future, too.)
Max  (hopefully  you  will be able to finish your article
for the next issue in time, old RAVERMEISTER)

Have fun while reading this magazine.

Best regards,

Global Report I

                        * Global Report *
Again  we  have  been  returning to publish the latest
CBM 64 scene gossip here.

We  have  checked  up  most of the news and rumours
very carefully in order to avoid false information for
our  dear  readers so we accepted only reliable per-
sons  as worthy informers for this chapter. Since we
are  only  human creatures aswell it might be possible
that  we  did some mistakes even we tried our best to
avoid  them.  If  you  have  found some we really would
appreciate it to see you informing us about our failu-
res at the well known address stated somewhere else
in this magazine.
                            * Avantgarde *
According to Avantgarde they are still preparing for
the  Judgement  Day  Part  2. Rumours are reporting
that  Avantgarde and F4CG might start a cooperation
for first-releases only.  Furthermore the latest gos-
sip told that Cyborg will return with his board "Dream-
park"  which  is supposed to become both Avantgarde
and F4CG headquarter.

Fact is that Steve who is also in Laser left the United
Kingdom  to  search his fortune in the United States.
He  considered  about  buying  a NTSC CBM 64 and to
start  fixing  overthere.  Due  to  moving  houses  his
board "Straylight" went down.
To  guarantee  a massive consumption of their warez
Avantgarde  added two new mailtraders to their fleet,
namely  Intruder/ex-Excess  and  Nastiness  Inc who
got  removed  later  on.  Suicide  joined  as program-
mer  and  NTSC  fixer  while  Eleminator got recruited
as a cardhacker and importer.
Last but not least Skinhead/ex-Afl joined as cracker
to complete the status.

Current Avantgarde memberstatus looks like:
A-Man,  Darklord,  Deff,  Derbyshire Ram, Eleminator,
Freestyle,  HOK,  Intruder,  Jack Alien, Jack Daniels,
Magic  Man,  Nevis,  Peter,  Richie, Skinhead, Skywolf,
Steve, Suicide, Thorn and Tricom.

Avantgarde Worldheadquarters/boards:
Dreampark:                                   ++1/???/???-????

            * Fantastic Four Cracking Group *
F4CG  is today one of the leading groups releasewise
and with a little bit more effort on the releases to im-
prove the quality they easily could be the only worthy
competitor for the number one spot these days.

The  headline  of  the last few weeks is that F4CG was
able  to recruit some well respected and experienced
members  called  Newscopy,  Motley, Scope and Walker,
all   ex-members  of  Genesis  Sweden.  Unfortunately
their  first  action  for  F4CG  was  to  manipulate the
release  charts  in  the  Propaganda,  edited by Marc
and  Deff,  while  adding  some  releases spread after
the official chart deadline. No comment from our side!
Last  but  not least they have recruited Druid/Agony,
who  left  later  on,  and  H-Bloxx, who returned from
TRSI and being a member of The Remembers, too.
Moloch  left to concentrate on Threshold Productions,s
a company selling games per mail order.

Current F4CG memberlist looks like:
Antitrack,  Bitman,  Fen  1,  Hain,  H-Bloxx,  Idol,  King,
Maja,  Morris,  Motley,  Mr.  Alpha,  Neotec, Newscopy,
Playboy,   Scope,   Sneaper,  Solar,  Spark,  Therion,
Walker and Zirco.

F4CG worldheadquarters/boards:
Tunnel of Warez:              ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX (down!)
The Lost Paradize:            ++XX/XXXX-XXXX

           * Success & The Ruling Company *
It was a very busy month for the ruling success com-
pany.  SCS  &  TRC  were able to convince the famous
swapper  and  original  supplier Splatterhead/ex-<C>
to  join  their forces and some more Chromance folks
followed  the trend like Lord Crucifier, Sailor/Taboo/ 
Agony   and   Titanic/Chromance/Agony  who  already
supplied  some  first  releases  within the last weeks/
months to prove that they are worthy members.
Last  bu t not  least  the  polish artist Sliver, who is a
member of Agony Design aswell.

Their  australian  section,  to be more precise Morbid
and Vengeance left for a new group called Onslaught.
Current SCS & TRC memberlist looks like:
Action Jackson, Alive, Burglar, B-Wyze, Case, Cavron,
CBA,  Coolhand, Dannie, Defbeat, Jity, JRC, Lord Cru-
cifier,  Micron, Moren, Mystery, Nightshade, Rebel MC,
Sailor,    Scarabee,    Shocker,    Sliver,   Spectator,
Splatterhead, Titanic and Trax.

SCS & TRC worldheadquarters/boards:
The Dungeon:                                ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
The Lost Empire:                            ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
State of the Art:                           ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX
                              * Oxyron *
A  lot of rumours have been spread to announce that
Oxyron  is  dead  on the CBM 64 and that their active
part has left the CBM 64 for the Amiga.
Fact  is that Oxyron has released their first demo on
the  Amiga  and it remembered the masses back to the
old demoes from Oxyron, outstanding routines combi-
ned with a lack of design. Furthermore Oxyron mana-
ged to release a short demo at "The Party IV" just to
prove that they are still alive on the CBM 64.

The  rumours  about  TTS  and Axis leaving the scene
are partly true as they decided to expand their work
on  the  Amiga, which offers them a lot of new possibi-
lities, but TTS added at the party-place that they will
continue their work on the CBM 64 in a little bit redu-
ced  way. Upcoming Oxyron demoes will contain the la-
test  inventions  only, not any lame re-coded effects.
Biz-Kid  decided  to  leave  the group and to look out
for a  new  and more active demo group. Against a all
rumours he was never the leader of Oxyron as it was
his very own interpretation of the fact that TTS once
asked  him for some support in organising the group.
According  to  Biz-Kid  he already teamed up with the
well known danish demo group Camelot.

Scrapper stopped editing the charts for Skyhigh and
RRR quitted the Skyhigh staff to work exclusively for
the Relax only. Furthermore Scrapper decided to con-
centrate on the PC but he promised to send out when
he feels like doing that.

Current Oxyron (CBM 64) memberstatus looks like:
Asmodis, Axis, Graham, PRI, RRR, Scrapper and TTS

                          * Agony Design *
Agony is one of the many promising demo groups from
Poland  and seems to be one of the most active crews
around.  Unfortunately  most  of the members are ac-
tive  in  two  groups or even more what looks, accor-
ding to the majority of the scene, very strange.

They proudly announce a lot of new members starting
with  Owen/Triad, Stone/Charged (Cruise's brother),
Compod/Charged  and  Spy/Sun Designs  who left the
scene later on while Scarlett got kicked out.
Their  member  Trooper  got kicked out of his second
group  Atlantis  having  his lazyness as the main rea-
son for that step.
Current Agony Design memberlist looks like:
Astaroth,  Comanche, Compod, Digger, Dr. Kaos, Druid,
Explorer,  Glut, Moog, Morris, Owen, Pat, Roder, Sailor
Shogoon,  Skyle,  Sliver,  Stone,  Titanic, Trooper and

                    * Dynamic Technologies *
With  the  more  or  less sudden death of Talent Dytec
was  able to recruit two well reputated crackers cal-
led The Ignorance and Chrysagon.
Both left Dytec after some promising releases to join
the new group Onslaught while the artist Rooster re-
named into Andreas and left for Shape.

Current Dytec status looks like:
Creb,  Dodger,  Fatman,  Little  Big  Man, One Dollar,
Proton,  Stereo,  Stone and Suzuki

                         * Genesis Project *
The  ancient  group seems to be dead when their last
active  members  teamed  up  with  the  concurence in
F4CG,  to  be  exactly  Newscopy,  Walker,  Scope and
Motley performed this step.
Jucke  is  said  to work independent these days while
the  latest  gossip  reports  that  Ministry decided to
team up with Hardcore.

It is really sad to see another legend dying within one
one month only.

                               * Talent *
Talent  is said to be dead, too. Chrysagon and The Ig-
norance  have  left the wrecking ship for Dytec while
they left Dytec some days later to seek their fortune
in  Onslaught,  like Majesty, Morrision and Count Zero
Since there are only three members left in Talent who
are  not  that  active these days, namely Bod, Green-
frog and Rockstar, their future looks rather dark on
the CBM 64.

                         * Chromance *
There  might  come a hard time for this crew seeing a
lot  of members leaving to team up with other groups.

Mr.  Wax  and  Jazzy  D  had  the  pleasure to join the
hungarian   army  so  Splatterhead  became  the  new
main  organiser  in  Chromance.  Some  days  later he
left  for  SCS  & TRC along with Sailor, Lord Crucifier
and Titanic. Druid left for F4CG and left them when he
found  out  that  they  have released on of his unsold
games without his knowledge.
More  bad  luck  for  Chromance was a high phone bill
for  their  cracker and current leader Stake. The la-
test  gossip reports about $500.000. The last infor-
mation is that the bill might be cancelled so the future
of Stake looks more promising again.
Fresh  blood  came  into the group with Chotaire, who
joined  the Chromance posse as second group. Later
on  he  left  Chromance  for the new group Onslaught 
with  Sphere and Homeboy, who remains in <C> as 2nd
group, follow to team up with Onslaught, too.
Furthermore Shuze/Lazer has joined.

Current Chromance status looks like:
AMC,  Griff,Homeboy, Jazzy D, Jinx, Joyride, Lion, Mr.
Wax,   Painkiller,   Rough,   Rug   Rat,   Shuze,  Stake,
Syco, Unholy, Will, Wozio, X-Radical and Zar.

Chromance worldheadquarters/boards:
Egde of Midnight:             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX (down!)
The Highway:                  ++XX/XX/XXXXX

                            * Hardcore *
The  new  comet  in  the  cracking spheres was mainly
found by old german Success members.
Ramirez/ex-Talent,   Marcus  and  Jayce/ex-Genesis
already  joined forces to enlarge their memberstatus
A  certain Raver called the german boards. He seems
to  be  a  very suspicious person as no one has ever
recognized  him  being  a part of the scene while he is
refering to a long scene career.

Current Hardcore status looks like:
B-Wyze,  Blockbuster, Communist, God, Jayce, Marcus,
Ramirez,  Rap,  Raver,  Raze,  Shocker,  Shuriken,
Skeleton and Steel.

You  finally  reached  the  end of the News chapter 1,
but  definately  not  the  end  of  information  we have
prepared  for you so please load in the News chapter
2 for further information.

Global Report II

                        * Global Report 2 *
Again  we  have  been  returning to publish the latest
CBM  64  scene  gossip  here, to be more precise for
the second time in this issue.

A  lot  of  action  has  been  recognized by our infor-
mers  and  the  last  two  months brought a lot of new
competitors  for  the  cracking  scene,  consisting of
well known of reputated guys.

The legal scene is running more smoothly but we have
been able to detect those few changes which seem to
be informative. Let's wait for more information out of
this part of the scene in the next few weeks.
                      * Alpha Flight 1970 *
No month without a steady come and go in the ancient
group  Alpha  Flight, a group proving their activity on
the different stages in an impressing way.

Starkiller,  Honesty, Skid Row and Curlin have quitted
the  CBM 64 scene. Starkiller will run an Amiga-board
for  an  unknown Amiga group while Skid Row has sold
his  equipment.  The  fate of Curlin and Honesty is un-
known,  it is possible to see them returning when they
feel like doing that.
Furthermore  Skinhead  decided to join the forces of
Avantgarde  while  Pha  Q left the scene for PC since
he was bored spending his time infront of the CBM 64.
Peacemaker had to join the german army so he had to
decrease  most of his computer activities. He actually
tries  to leave the army for the public (national) ser-
vice.  Lemming  is  having  a  break  from the scene in
order  to  return in early march 1995 in full effect to
continue his swapping activities.

Calypso/Amnesia   joined  in  to  guarantee  the  mass
consumption of Afl warez and started to NTSC fix ga-
games  what  seems  to  be  quite  successful  so far.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like:
Agressor,  Ancient  Mariner,  Arne, Calypso, Leeway,
Lemming,  Marc,  Max, Murphy, Mutant X, Peacemaker,
Pol  Pot, Racoon, Ream, Secret Man, Stash, Styx, Vor-
tex and  Xenox.

Alpha Flight Worldheadquarters/boards:
Holiday Inn Camodia                      ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
The Evil Island                          ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
Escapade                                 ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
Mystical Paradize                        ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX

                             * Shazam! *
The  best  australian group these days seems to split
up  after  Grize left to built up Darkside, Gop followed
to  team  up  with  the  new  group  and the same goes
for Jolz. Jim Morrison has left the scene for PC.
Shades,  Insane and Xerez, who renamed into Upbeat,
decided to team up with their friends in Onslaught, so
the  group  seems to be dead as we do not expect too
to much action from the remaining Thorin and Thrain.

                             * Amorphis *
Amorphis  is  a  new  promising  music  label located in
Poland.  Actually  they  develope a new stunning music
routine  which  seems to be more advanced in compa-
rison with the public DMC player versions.

Current Amophis memberstatus looks like:
Booker, Compod, Druid, Moog and Olsen

                             * Legend *
Their  last  remaining  active member Jazzcat decided
to  team  up with the new group Onslaught. The future
of Legend is unknown due to their lack of activity.

                            * Onslaught *
Another new group came from the ashes to return as
a phoenix, Onslaught is the name. Jazzcat left Legend
for  them,  Vengeance  and  Morbid  left Success, Ma-
jesty,  Count  Zero and Morrisey left Talent, Chrysa-
gon  and  Ignorance left Dytec, Choitaire, Sphere and
Homeboy,  remaining  in  his old group as second one,
left  Chromance,  Heavyhead  joined  in and remains in
Camelot  as  second  group,  Bizarre left Trance, SMD
left  Atlantis,  Deekay from Crest, Shades, Insane and
Upbeat left Shazam, Deathlok left Padua and two eng-
lish  hackers  called Protheus and Xentor are said to
have  unioned their skills and power in order to work
under the Onslaught label, a promising mixture to co-
ver most subjects of the scene in a pleasant way.

Count  Zero  already  stated  that he is still a member
of Talent (demo section) and Fairlight on SNES but he
agreed to fix for Onslaught (CZ's official statement).

Current Onslaught status looks like:
Bizarre, Chotaire, Chrysagon, (Count Zero), Deathlok,
Deekay,   Heavyhead,   Homeboy,   Ignorance,  Insane,
Jazzcat, Majesty, Morbid, Morrisey, Protheus, Shades
SMD, Sphere, Upbeat, Vengeance and Xentor.

Onslaught Worldheadquarters/boards:
Down by Law:                              ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
Pirate Island:                            ++XX/XXX/XXXXX
Westpoint:                                ++XX/XXX/XXXX

After  those more detailed reports we collected some
very  interesting  single  news aswell. 1995 is growing
full  of activity and we hope to see that the scene and
the  software  developers/distributors will follow this
example  in  order to get more active, too, in order to
keep the scene alive.
                   * Single news & rumours *
* Thomas Detert, musician of X-ample Architectures,
   can  be  spotted  in  the videoclip of "Save Me" from
   his  dancefloor  act  ACTIVATE.  He is the guy in the
   red shirt!

* Unifier  left the group Spirit in order to work inde-
   pendent at the moment. He already released the la-
   test  update of the Unipacker (V3.0) and codes de-
   moes on PC under the SUBSYSTEM label.

* The Fairlight magazine "Reformation" and the Equi-
   noxe  magazine  "Ingenious  Brain"  merged into one
   big magazine called "Shout!".
   The latest gossip reports about a steady coopera-
   tion  between both groups, not only on the magazine

* The PC section of WOW (Pussyfooter, Einstein, etc.)
   is  planning  to release a CD ROM filled with CBM 64
   quality  software. If you are interested to see your
   demo, magazine, music and graphic collection on the
   CD  please  contact  WOW  directly  or via the Relax
   The CD is able to hold the data of 2700 5.25" disks,
   (170 KB/disk) so you can be sure about supporting
   the  biggest  CBM  64 compilation ever. Ofcause the
   authors  do  not think about making profit with your
   work  as  it  is  ment as a TRIBUTE for the CBM 64,
   running on all actual PC configurations making your
   creations immortal, even on 16/32 bit systems.
   The  project is going to be executed in cooperation
   with  Mika Peternel, the coder of the CBM 64 emula-
   tor on PC. Send your submissions now.

* Noice  and  Fairlight  are arranging a small party in
   the countryside outside of Stockholm/Sweden. Ori-s
   ginally  it  was supposed to be a Noice, Fairlight and
   Triad  meeting  only  but  in order to come up to the
   interest  of other sceners it was converted into an
   official CBM 64 party. The party date is from march
   3rd  to  5th, the place is able to hold 60-70 freaks
   so  reserve a table via telephone, fax or mail (mem-
   bers of Noice, Fairlight and Triad have priority):
   Philippe (Stasi/Noice)           ++XX/(X)X/XXXXXXXX
   Thomas (Sledge/Fairlight)        ++XX/(X)X/XXXXXX

   Fax                              ++XX/(X)X/XXXXXXXX 


* Commodore Format, the last remaining CBM 64 sup-
   porting  magazine  in  UK, is said to be released till
   April  1996.  Do  not hesitate to order the magazine
   and to guarantee its existance:
   COMMODORE   FORMAT,   Future   Publishing   LTD.,
   30  Monmouth Street, Bath, Avon BA21 2BW, England
   React now !

* Tyree/ex-Arcade   has   been  sent  to  prison  for
   smuggling  drugs.  All  in  all  he  will  spent his next
   eight years there.

You  already  have reached the end of both News and
Rumours chapters we have prepared for you.

Support  us  in  sharing  your  latest information with
staff and contact us under the well known addresses
which can be found in the EDITORIAL.

Best regards,


Release Charts

      The Official Release Charts for the Relax

           Performed by the Masters of Law...

                          Marc and Deff

Introducing the point-system...

  Fullprice Games     7.0 - 8.0 points
  Budget Games        5.0 - 6.0 points
  Low Budget          3.0 - 4.0 points
  PD/Shareware        1.0  - 2.0 points
  Previews            0.0 - 1.0  points
One bonus point can be reached be releasing the
wares 100% (!) Pal/Ntsc. If another group is involved
on the Pal/Ntsc version, points will be shared.

Games that got released PAL only have to be fixed
within half a year, else no points will be given.

Minus points will be given for...

Re-releases             -7.0
No levelpacking         -0.5/-1.0
No trainer(s)           -0.5/-1.0
No translation          -1.0/-2.0
Unlike most other mags we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's it.

GAMES and such games that were done using a
GAME MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever we think somebody did something special
or something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It's also possible to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The following boards have been taken in to
consideration whilst creating these charts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia       XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Evil Island            XXX-XXX-XXXX
Dream Park                 XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Dungeon                XXX-XXX-XXXX
Down by Law                XXX-XXX-XXXX

To avoid misunderstandings the following boards will
be observed as well...

Dead Zone                  XXX-XXX-XXXX
Fortress of Doom           XXX-XXX-XXXX

                      Active (4.0 points)
They released the pal version of FUNBALL (4.0 p.)
from Octabits.

                      Accept (0.1 points)
They released the unplayable preview of EARTH 3.
This preview normally doesn't deserve 0.1 pts but as
it was their premier.

              Alpha Flight 1970 (56.1 points)
They started with the fixed version of TWO-TRIS (c)
Magna Media. As their version was only 99.99%,
minus 1.0 pts were given (4.5 pts). Next were 3 pre-
views called SUPER BALL (0.3 pts), B-BALL (0.4 pt)
and CRAZY (0.0 pts) which didn't even deserve 0.1
points. Then they released the fixed version of
EUROPEAN SOCCER CHALLENGE (1.4 pts). Infact this
game already got released (PAL only) by Ikari+Talent
back in 1991, AFL only gets the fix points for it. Once
again they striked back with the fixed version of
KITRON (4.3 pts) (c) CP-Verlag. Their next targets
were two fixed CP-Verlag games called GEOMETRIC
(5.2 pts) and BRONX MEDAL (5.5 pts). Next they come
with the fixed version of IMPEROID (4.3 pts) (c) by
Magna Media. After this they upped the fixed Budget
Game SUPER MARIOS REVENGE (6.5 pts) (c) by Para-
dize Software. Then they released the fixed version
of IKETA (4.8 pts) from CP-Verlag and 3 previews
called CROSSES & CIRCLES (0.4 pts), SWIRL (0.4 pts)
and TRAILRUNNER (0.1 pts). Then they upped the
fixed version of MASTERMIND (4.3 pts) (c) CP-Verlag
and another fixed Budget Game SUPER MARIOS ES-
CAPE (6.0 pts) from Paradize Software. After this
they released the Pal version of PRA-SE (3.6 pts)
(c) CP-Verlag and TIMTRIS (4.1 pts) from Timsoft.
TRC+SCS released only a 90% version, so AFL gets
the points. And last but not least they released a 
little tool called DESTRUCTION FORMAT (0.0 pts).

                      Atlantis (1.4 pts)
They released a TRANSLATED version of KAMPF DER
GENIES (=BATTLE OF THE GIANTS) (1.0 pts) and a
little preview called BLACK HEART (0.4 pts).

                 Avantgarde (41.4 pts)
They started with REACTOR 2 (5.5 pts) (c) by CP-
Verlag, followed by two previews... PLOPP (0.4 pts)
and MINESWEEPER (0.5 pts). Then they released THE
TIME CRYSTAL (5.0 pts) from Parallel Logic that
doesn't need a Ntsc fix. Next were 3 previews in a
row... HIDDEN DOORS (0.5 pts), TETRIS'94 (0.4 pts)
& DEADLINE (0.7 pts). They upped AMORPHOUS
(4.4 pts) fixed by Byronic. Due using a wrong
cruncher which fucked up something Byronic had to
put out a fix-file (-1.0 pts). Then they released an UK
Budget Game called BLITZ 2000 (6.6 pts) (c) by
Visualize. Points won't be shared between AVT/TAL
as Talent will get only the fixing points. The next
targets were the pal version of MOTLEY TETRIS
(3.7 pts) (c) by Talentebank and TRONIC FORCE (4.5
pts) (c) CP-Verlaw, Pal/Ntsc fixed by Empire. Then
they upped a cool tool called COLOR PACK 2 (0.0 pts)
and KITRON V.2 (2.0 pts) fixed by Demonix. It's NOT
Kitron 2, it's just a better version than the official
sales version. That should explain why AVT won't get
the full points for it. After this they uploaded the
Budget Game HEAVENBOUND (6.0 pts) (c) by Talente-
bank. TRC+SCS released a version of the game too,
but their version didn't include THE STORY file. A re-
lease has to be 100% so AVT gets the points. Last
but not least they released 2 previews called
SPHEREBRAIN (0.8 pts) and BODY BLOW (0.4 pts).

                     Chromance (17.8 pts)
They started with MINDMAZE (0.0 pts), but this game
got released by Troep & Garbage weeks before. We
didn't give them -7 pts as T+G never spread their
version well enough. Their next ware was TURN
CHANGE preview (0.5 pts) followed by the fixed ver-
sion of KILLER 100% (4.4 pts). Then they released the
fixed version of SPEED RUNNER (4.1 pts) (c) by Com-
modore Format and 2 previews XERMAID (0.5 pts) &
AVOIDITIC (0.3 pts). After this they released AM0BA
(3.9 pts) fixed by Demonix, but infact DMX removed
a raster (without mention it) to make it working on
Ntsc. So we'll count it as a Pal ware. Then they upped
2 previews GO (0.1 pts) and SPACE BALL (0.6 pts)
and BACK & WHITE (3.0 pts) already working Pal/Ntsc
Last but not least they released 2 previews called
MEMORY 2 (0.3 pts) and EARTH 3 (0.1 pts). The same
preview got released by Accept before, but the (C)
version included a nice title-pic, so we'll give 0.1 pts.

                         F4CG (58.5 pts)
They started with 2 american Full-Price games from
Mnemonic Productions, Inc. called CASTLE OF KRAIZ-
AR (7.0 pts) and GUNRUNNER (7.0 pts). Both games
didn't need a pal fix. Gunrunner got 7.5 pts but we
gave -0.5 pts as they linked a pal intro infront of the
game which made it impossible to play the game on
Ntsc. Later on they released a fix-file. Next they re-
lease$ the pal version of another polish Budget Game
called ETERNAL (5.5 pts) (c) by Tim Soft, followed by
2 pre6iews named BOMBI (0.5 pts) and MAGAZINE
(0.4 pts). Later on they released the pal version of
MINEFIELD (3.7 pts) and SLATERMAN (3.5 pts) (c) by
Tim Soft and WHEEL OF FORTUNE (4.2 pts) fixed by
Demonix. Then their PAL ONLY ware rush started
with ORBITS (3.0 pts) (c) by CP-Verlag. Normally
such a version wouldn't count but as nobody else re-
leased a proper version of this game, we'll give the
points to F4CG. Then they upped MELEE-THE BATTLE
BOARDGAME (0.0 pts). no points will be given because
it's compiled basic. Their next steps were AGENT UOP
(4.0 pts) (c) L.K. Avalon, FLUMMI'S WORLD preview
(0.8 pts), a Budget Game called MEAN CAR (5.2 pts)
(c) by Cherry Sodtware, then the full version of the
PD Game DINOX (1.5 pts) from APS and 3 previews
named LEPPARD (0.5 pts), Pacific (0.4 pts) and
BOUNCY BALLS (0.9 pts). Troep and Garbage re-
leased nearly the same preview at the same time.
Then the pal versions of MEMOLOGIE (3.0 pts) and
3 previews called SHAMAN (0.7 pts), DOOM (0.6 pts)
and DEADLINE (0.2 pts) hits the boards. Last but not
least was the pal release ARCADE PILOT (5.9 pts) a
Budget Game from Cherry Software.

                   Hardcore (12.9 pts)
They started with 2 average previews name HARRY
V.2 (0.7 pts) from M.D.G. and Mizmo Te?ran (0.7 pts)
from Human Research. After this they uploaded 2
german Budget Games called FLUMMI'S WORLD (6.0pt)
from Substance and RIDDLES & STONES (5.5 pts).

                      Motiv 8 (7.8 pts)
After a little break they are back in business with
SPEED preview (0.0 pts), SYSTEM 3 - THE FINAL
STONE (3.3 pts) from Sebastian Garbe. They claimed
their version is fixed, but the loader doesn't work on
Ntsc. After this they upped SPEED BALL (3.0 pts)
from Stardesign (the game works Pal/Ntsc), CYCLIA
preview (0.0 pts), COMPARE 2 preview (0.2 pts) and
FIELDRUNNER preview (0.3 pts). Then they released
a basic game, but we will give them 1 extra point.

                       Onlaught (6.8 pts)
This new group started with a nice previeqw of the 
game MISFORTUNE (0.9 pts) from Bad Bytes. Then
they uploaded the fixed version of CASTOR (4.4 pts)
(c) by CP-Verlag and a PD game called MODEM FLAG-
HUNT (1.5 pts) from Loadstar and Softdisk Publishing.
The game works on Pal too.

                     Palace (- 3.5 pts)
Their first game on the boards was a re-release.
LATENT FUSION (-7.0 pts) (c) CP Verlag got rel-
eased Pal/Ntsc by AVT weeks before. They wrote
that the AVT version was not 100% because the dox-
file is missing. But this dox-file is not necessary be-
cause the official sales version didn't include a dox-
file. Furthermore their version was not 100% as their
version has graphic bugs in form of a cursor in the
top of the screen in level 1. You can't write your
name on the number 1 spot in the top 5 even when you
gained enough points for rank 1. Palace's version is
not 100%, they released it PAL only and the dox-file
didn't belong to the official sales version. Everybody
could make a dox-file like that. So we will give -7
points. Then they released a so called 'FIXED' ver-
sion of POZITRONIC (3.5 pts) (c) by CP Verlag. But
this version is not worth shit.

   Please load the second chapter to see the rest!

Rel. Cha. 2 & Back to the roots

Welcome to the second part of the release charts...

                    SCS+TRC (52.3 pts)
They started their wares rush with the fixed version
of COLOURED (4.3 pts), BLUBRIA (5.3 pts) (c) by CP-
Verlag, NOCTURNO (5.0 pts) (c) by L.K. Avalon and
RUNNING BALLS (4.0 pts) from Thunders. Then they
upped the preview of GEOMTERIC 2 (1.0 pts) from APS
the pal version of METALLIC LEGEND (3.4 pts) and a
preview named FUSSBALL (0.3 pts). After this they
released SHATTERLANDS (4.6 pts) (c) CP-Verlag and
finally the pal version of COMPLEX (4.0 pts) (c) by
CP Verlag followed by the fixed versions of MEGA
FORCE (4.0 pts) (c) by Commodore Format, DUEL
(4.0 pts) from Skyle, COMBINATION (4.1 pts) (c) by
CP Verlag and Coldarius (4.4 pts) from Agony De-
sign. At the end they released the pal version of 
PAYDAY (3.0 pts) (c) by Cp Verlag and fixed HYS-
TERIA (1.0 pts) for Xenon.

                        Talent (8.4 pts)
They returned with 2 previews called VOICE (0.2 pts)
and JUICY TYPE (0.2 pts). At the same time they re-
leased a fixed game (?) named ICEBLASTER (4.0 pts)
from Development coded by good old Yon of MTX. This
game reminds us of an old playbale demo part of Man-
tronix but we have to give it points anyway as nobody
could show up with that old demo. And finally ENERGY
MANAGER (4.0 pts) found its way to the US boards.
Talent gets 3,0 pts for their Pal/Ntsc version and a
extra point for their outstanding version.

             Tristar/Red Sector Inc (02. pts)
After some months they are back with a little preview
named COLA QUEST (0.2 pts) from Paralyze.

                        Xenon (4.4 pts)
After the previeq of HYSTERIA (0.1 pts) they releas-
ed the full version of HYSTERIA (4.0 pts). Pal/Ntsc
fixed by SCS+TRC, so the points won't be shared.
And their last release was the preview of LINGO
(0.3 pts) from Miracle.

                   European release charts 
Rank       Group                     Points
01.  (01)  F4CG                      58.5
02.  (03)  Alpha Flight 1970         56.1
03.  (09)  SCS+TRC                   52.3
04.  (05)  Avantgarde                41.4  
05.  (02)  Chromance                 17.8
06.  (04)  Hardcore                  12.9
07.  (./.) Talent                    8.4
Rank       Groups                    Points

08.  (./.) Motiv 8                   7.8
09.  (./.) Onslaught                 6.8
10.  (./.) Xenon                     4.4
11.  (./.) Active                    4.0
12.  (08)  Atlantis                  1.4
13.  (./.) TRSI                      0.2
14.  (./.) Accept                    0.1

                      US Fix/Import charts
Rank          Group                     Releases
01.  (02)    Alpha Flight             11
02.  (./.)   SCS+TRC                  10
03.  (./.)   Demonix                  3
04.  (./.)   Talent                   2
05.  (./.)   Byronic                  1
     (./.)   Chromance                1
     (./.)   Empire                   1
     (./.)   Onslaught                1

That's all for this issue...
                     Yours,  Marc & Deff

                      Back to the roots!

Back to the roots - this message is used by so many
people these days, that I was inspired to have a
closer look to understand the ain meaning.

Back to the roots - when you hear this, you should
think about gods like Dynamic Duo, Headbanger, 
German Cracking Service, Berlin Cracking Service
and lots of more of our forefathers!

People who were the first to realize the idea of
cracking programs and make them copyable for
everyone. There are propably some of you who
remember that time. I personally look back to that
age with a smile on my face. The time when the good
old 64 history started with datasettes, these small
cassette-players making it possible to save about
60 games on a normal 90 minutes tape.

Ridicilous but true!

Do you remember this old Turbo Tape Loader ?
    <- L  ruled for many years! Heheh!

The first of the so-called cracks were no cracks at
all, because at that point of time the software-
market was just in its beginning phase. Furthermore
groups didn't link intros in front of the games yet.
The group names or should I better say the handles
only appeared in the basic-lines.

And then somebody had the idea to code something
like a presentation in front of the cracks. These
intros had more similarities with text-pages not with
intros. Even todays trainer-menues are more effect-
full, but that didn't count.

With these intros the era of the 64-piracy really

Soon the first scrolltext showed up in intros. The
basic idea of informing and greeting people in a very
effective way. The idea of scrolltext was content
of every computer generation. Routines were im-
proved, scrolltexts were varied into upscreen-
scrollers etc. But untill now the simple bottom
scroller has come to stay.

The scene growed and growed. In the beginning phase
there were only a few ones practising our hobby.
More and more joined us. Whether for fun or just for
fun and business.
Today we can say that the 64-pirates were the
pioneers of commodores success story. Nobody
would have bought a computer without the 
assurance to get a great amount of software for

In fact without the 64-cracking scene there wouldn't
be any other scene at all!

We from the 64 were the first who used the possibil-
ities to spread datas by phone with modems.
Not that the usual mailtrading wasn't fast enough, it
was just a real prove to for a group that they got
a game first all over the world!

Sometimes it was just a matter of hours to be # 1 
worldwide or to be nothing. Only the releases counted
(of course only fixed ones!).

Soon there was a specialising of computer groups. 
Some concentrated on importing and some put all
their power in their cracking abilities. The develop-
ment on the european software-market was the
reason why there were more cracks eurowise than
statewise. This fact forced the us-scene to change

The us-importers tried to get as many major-
cracking groups for an exclusive deal as possible.
The more more real good groups they were
exclusive with, the more releases the importers had

You can imagine that they had a concern to keep in
good relation with the european elite. I can't
remember any european cracker who had card
problems at that time. Even alliance PBXes were as
usual as Calling Cards and nothing special at all.

If you compare the present scene situation with the
older days, you'll notice that it totally changed into
the difference. All that is left is the love for our
8-bit brother.

It's just like the love for oldtimers.

They're old and slow, but you still have to love them!
They're the base for every produced sportscar!

                   Do not disappoint your 64!!!

Unfortunately I have to stop know because of a lack
of memory (Yeah, we love our 64!)

Yours faithfully   MAX of Alpha Flight........
Next issue: The legendary VENLO-MEETING!

Board Charts

                    * THE BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  The  Relax  is  the  only  magazine so far
offering  seperate  board and mail charts in order to
show  the charts from two different worlds in the be-
loved CBM 64 scene since modem traders do not have
the time or possibility to fill votesheets.

In  order  to  guarantee  those charts we already in-
stalled  a vote booth at THE EVIL ISLAND, the RELAX
WHQ. Furthermore we have planned to install a similar
system on THE ESCAPADE, RELAX EHQ. Just continue
to call the boards in order to influence those charts
and to see your favourite charts in here.
                    Top Ten Demo Charts
Rank   Last     Group                   Points
01.     (2)        Oxyron                 85
02.     (1)        Camelot                84
03.     (4)        Fairlight              79
04.     (5)        Censor Design          76
05.     (6)        Byterapers             75
06.     (3)        Triad                  69
07.     (7)        Antic                  61
08.     (8)        Elysium                57
09.     (10)       Focus                  43
10.     (9)        Style                  22
                       Top Ten Single Coder
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.     (1)        Mr. Sex/Byterapers    87
02.     (2)        Slammer/Camelot       86
03.     (4)        TTS/Oxyron            85
04.     (3)        Crossbow/Crest        76
05.     (6)        Brush/Elysium         70
06.     (5)        Glasnost/Camelot      69
07.     (9)        MMS/Taboo             63
08.     (7)        Depeh/Antic           59
09.     (10)       Sat/Camelot           33
10.     (9)        Thunder               21
                    Top Ten Cracking Groups
Rank  Last      Group                   Points
01.     (3)        F4CG                   82
02.     (1)        Avantgarde             79
03.     (2)        Alpha Flight           77
04.     (5)        SCS & TRC              75
05.     (4)        Chromance              72
06.     (6)        Talent                 66
07.     (7)        Legend                 59
08.     (9)        Motiv 8                43
09.     (10)       Fairlight              22
10.     (/)        Onslaught              12
                      Top Ten Single Cracker
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.     (1)        Burglar/SCS              82
02.     (2)        Powerplant/Legend        79
03.     (4)        Antitrack/F4CG           76
04.     (3)        Rockstar/Talent          72
05.     (8)        Jack Alien/Avt           68
06.     (5)        Bacchus/Fairlight        65
07.     (6)        DOC/Legend               54
08.     (7)        Skinhead/Avt             32
09.     (9)        Moren/SCS                26
10.     (/)        Kirby/Atlantis           20
                     Top Ten Graphic Artists
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.     (1)        Electric/Extend          86
02.     (2)        Cruise/Elysium           82
03.     (3)        Ogami/Fairlight          78
04.     (6)        Rob/Camelot              73
05.     (5)        RRR/Oxyron               65
06.     (10)       Mirage/Focus             63
07.     (9)        Scope/F4CG               54
08.     (8)        Carrion/Elysium          49
08.     (4)        Dragon/Censor            38
10.     (7)        Biz-Kid/Camelot          23
                      Top Ten Music Composer
Rank  Last      Alias                          Points
01.     (1)        PRI/TIA/Oxyron              82
02.     (4)        Danko/Censor                80
03.     (5)        EVS/20CC                    75
04.     (2)        Jeroen Tel                  73
05.     (3)        Syndrom/TIA/Crest           70
06.     (8)        Jeff/CZP/Camelot            63
07.     (6)        Shogoon/Taboo/Agony         59
08.     (7)        Reyn Ouwehand               48
09.     (9)        Arne/Afl                    32
10.    (10)        A-Man/Avt                   27
*                    Top Ten Fixing Groups
Rank  Last      Magazine                 Points
01.     (2)        Empire                  82
02.     (5)        Alpha Flight            76
03.     (1)        Demonix                 73
04.     (3)        Avantgarde              69
05.     (6)        SCS & TRC               52
06.     (8)        Glory                   49
07.     (4)        Aristocracy             32
08.     (/)        Byronic                 28
09.     (7)        TSM                     13
10.     (/)        ./.                     ./.
                     Top Ten Single Fixers
Rank  Last      Magazine                 Points
01.     (1)        Booze/Empire           81
02.     (5)        Peacemaker/Afl         79
03.     (6)        CBA/TRC                72
04.     (2)        Pudwerx/ex-Avt         68
05.     (4)        Sidekick/Demonix       65
06.     (3)        Vizz/Empire            56
07.     (7)        Mercenary/Empire       38
08.     (8)        Rockstar/Talent        33
09.     (9)        Massive Onslaught      23
10.     (/)        Count Zero/Talent      20
Oxyron  took  over  the top position from Camelot but
we expect Byterapers climbing a lot in the next weeks
while Focus seems to raise, too.

Not much news in the coder charts as Mr. Sex is still
leading  with  Slammer  on his neck. TTS jumped to the
third position.

F4CG  took over the leadership in the cracking busi-
ness after the mass of releases being spread board-
wise.  Avantgarde  and  Alpha  Flight are fighthing for
the  following  position and Onslaught entered the top
ten for the first time who replaced the dead group
GP in the charts.

The top protection remover are still Burglar, Power-
plant  and  Antitrack  who  changed  the  position with
Rockstar.  Jack  Alien  jumped  from  eight to five and
Kirby  entered  the charts for the first time. It seems
that the modem scene has detected some of his brilli-
ant versions yet.

There have been some decent changes in the graphic
charts.  Still  top artists are Electric, Cruise and of-
cause  Ogami.  Biz-Kid  and  Dragon  lost some places
while Mirage, Rob and Scope climbed the charts.

Most  liked  composers are still PRI, who defended his
position,  Danko and Edvin van Santen. Jeff and Syn-
drom are steady climbers while A-Man felt down some

Empire took over the top position from Demonix who
have fallen down to three. Alpha Flight deserve their
second position due to the mass of well working NTSC
versions. A new entry has been observed with Byro-
nic, an european fixer group.

Booze still can be stopped at the top with two new fa-
ces hunting for the top spot, namely Peacemaker and
CBA. Skid Row left the charts (he left the scene) and
got replaced by Count Zero, who seems to get active

If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  these  results do not
even think about starting to complain. Just call the
boards and start voting on the voting booth on your
favourite board THE EVIL ISLAND.
Furthermore  it  is  possible  to  vote  on  Holiday  Inn
Cambodia,  Escapade and Mystical Paradize, too. Just
leave an E-Mail with your personal votes to Marc/Afl
and  it  is  going  to  be taken into consideration while
creating these original board charts.

Best regards,

Marc/Afl & RRR/Oxyron

Mail Charts

                    * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  It  is the area to find out who is TOP and
who  is NOT. These charts do not reflect only the vo-
tes  collected  from  the  Relax votesheets but aswell
the official charts from the following magazines com-
piled to become the official MEGACHARTS:

DOMINATION 03                  (spread in January 1995)
VANDALISM NEWS 19              (spread in February 1995)
MENDIP 07                      (spread in February 1995)
INSIDER 05                     (spread in January 1995)

These  actual issues have been taken into considera-
in  order  to guarantee new charts that even reflect
the latest opinions from those who fill the votesheets
in order to support this chapter.

If  you  do  not agree with the content of this chapter
do not start complain but grab a pen and a votesheet
(or  a  piece  of  paper  to note your votes on it) and
send it to its' destination.

Remember  to vote for ACTIVE which are indeed still a
part  of  this  scene and try to vote objective. It does
not  make  any sense to vote for guys who have defi-
nately  left the scene years ago as i.e. the actual mu-
sic charts are filled with actual interpretes and titles
aswell in order not to become too boring.
                    Top Ten Demo Charts
Rank   Last     Group                   Points
01.     (2)        Oxyron                 490
02.     (1)        Camelot                440
03.     (5)        Crest                  350
04.     (3)        Fairlight              330
05.     (4)        Censor Design          270
06.     (6)        Triad                  210
07.     (7)        Antic                  190
08.     (8)        Taboo                  140
09.     (/)         Agony                 100
10.     (/)        Byterapers              80
                       Top Ten Single Coder
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.     (1)        TTS/Oxyron                 480
02.     (2)        Slammer/Camelot            430
03.     (3)        Crossbow/Crest             410
04.     (4)        Tron/Fairlight             330
05.     (5)        MMS/Taboo                  240
06.     (6)        Bob/Censor                 230
07.     (7)        Zodiac/Flash Inc.          150
08.     (/)        Mr. Sex/Byterapers         140
09.     (/)        Axis/Oxyron                100
10.     (9)        Glasnost/Camelot            80
                    Top Ten Cracking Groups
Rank  Last      Group                   Points
01.     (1)        SCS+TRC                    470
02.     (2)        Avantgarde                 440
03.     (3)        Alpha Flight               390
04.     (4)        Chromance                  380
05.     (6)        Talent                     220
06.     (9)        Excess                     170
07.     (8)        F4CG                       140
08.     (5)        Dytec                      130
09.     (7)        Motiv8                     100
10.    (10)        Triad                       90
                      Top Ten Single Cracker
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.     (1)        Burglar/Scs              480
02.     (2)        Jack Alien/Avt           450
03.     (3)        Hain/F4CG                390
04.     (6)        Derbyshire Ram/Avt       280
05.     (4)        Powerplant/Legend        250
06.     (7)        Count Zero/Talent        210
07.     (5)        Bacchus/Fairlight        180
08.     (/)        Mr. Wax/Chromance        120
09.     (9)        Skinhead/Avt              70
10.     (8)        Crossfire/Motiv8          50
                     Top Ten Graphic Artists
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.     (2)        Creeper/Antic            480
02.     (1)        Electric/Extend          470
03.     (3)        Ogami/Fairlight          380
04.     (4)        Joe/Wrath D.             330
05.     (5)        Cruise/Elysium           320
06.     (8)        Rob/Camelot              180
07.     (9)        Fazee/Taboo              120
08.     (6)        Carrion/Elysium           90
08.     (7)        Hein Holt/Focus           90
10.     (8)        Mirage/Focus              60
                      Top Ten Music Composer
Rank  Last      Alias                          Points
01.     (1)        Syndrom/TIA/Crest            490
02.     (4)        PRI/TIA/Oxyron               420
03.     (5)        Jeff/CZP/Camelot             360
04.     (2)        Jeroen Tel                   310
04.     (3)        Drax/Vibrants/Crest          310
06.     (8)        Zyron/Antic/SWE/TR           240
07.     (6)        Red Devil/FLT/SWE            230
08.     (7)        Shogoon/Taboo/Agony          130
09.     (9)        Danko/Censor                  60
09.     (10)       Compod/Agony/AMP              60
                      Top Ten Single Swapper
Rank  Last      Alias                         Points
01.     (1)        Calypso/Afl                480
02.     (3)        Spermbird/Excess           360
03.     (2)        Tabasco/Fairlight          330
04.     (6)        Derbyshire Ram/Avt         310
05.     (4)        Splatterhead/Trc           290
06.     (/)        Intruder/Avt               230
07.     (5)        Nightshade/Scs             200
08.     (7)        Sebaloz/KA/Lepsi           180
09.     (10)       Styx/Afl                   150
10.     (/)        Starlight/XTC/TPY           90
                       Top Ten Magazines
Rank  Last      Magazine                 Points
01.     (2)        Nitro                   470
02.     (4)        Skyhigh                 440
03.     (5)        Ingenious Brain (+)     370
04.     (4)        Reformation (+)         320
05.     (3)        Revealed                290
06.     (6)        Jamaica                 240
07.     (9)        Splash                  130
08.     (8)        Insider                 100
09.     (7)        Update                   70
10.     (10)       Newspress                60
Oxyron  took  over the top shot again but it seems to
become  a  steady competitor with Camelot at the mo-
ment.  Agony  and  Byterapers  have  entered the top
ten  and  will  raise  again in the future. Spirit and the
dutch pride Focus had to leave the charts.

The coder charts did not move too much since the top
seven  remains  unchanged! Mr. Sex and Axis entered
and are supposed to continue climbing the charts.

SCS&TRC still leads the bunch of cracking group with
Avantgarde as a steady competitor on their neck.
Excess climbed from nine to six!

The best protection killer seems to be Burglar in the
eyes  of the voters while Jack Alien is still waiting for
his  chance  to  take over the top position. New entry
this  time  is  Mr.  Wax  who is actually in the army and
does not have too much time left for computers. Just
curious.  Kirby/Atlantis,  one  of  the  best  crackers
these  days, is still missing here while Chrysagon/(O)
had to leave the top ten.

Creeper  and  Electric changed their positions at the
top.  Fazee  climbed  from  nine  to  six and we expect
the  Focus  artists  climbing  after  releasing "Visual
Delight 2".

Syndrom was voted once again as the best composer
these  days  and PRI climbed from position four up to
the  second place. A-Man is close to the top ten with-
out  having  released  a  tune  for  ages. Furthemore
Fanta and Doxx are claimbing the charts by storm so
be prepared to find them here in the near future, too

Calypso,  Tabasco  and Spermbird are still leading the
swapper charts. Acidchild and Sailor had to leave the
charts  in  order  to  replaced with Intruder, who re-
started  his  computer  activities  in  early  1994. With
Starlight, for the first time in the history of the Relax
a  girl  entered  the scene and would like to see more
females to follow her example.

Nitro is still a step ahead in comparison with Skyhigh.
Ingenious  Brain and Reformation merged into SHOUT.
Vandalism  is  very  close  to  the  top ten after their
great  "comeback".  We  personally miss Domination in
here, too.

In  order  to  "manipulate" the charts just grap a pen
and  fill the votesheets spread around. It is up to you
to  become a part of the control medium and to be re-
sponsible  for the chart positions published here and
in  the  concurence  magazines. Remember to vote for
active persons in the present and not for old legends
being not active for ages.

Load in the second chart chapter in order to see the
results  from  the  board  related  scene, which is of-
cause more interested in illegal activities.


In interview:
                    Deff of Avaltgarde

* Hello Mario! Please introduce yourself to our

:) Well, my real name is Mario but friends always call
me Pito which is an abbreviation for my surname.
I'm 22 years old, I'm half italien and half german. I've
got a girl-friend called Beate since over 5 (!) years
and I fear we'll marry one day, have a child etc.
Right now I'm still some kind of trainee at an ensur-
ance company. I'll have my final and last exams in a
couple(of months but after that I'll continue with
something completly different. I've got 2 choices...
I'll either start to work for Roadrunner Records
(the music lable of e.g. Biohazard, Sepultura, Dog
Eat Doo etc.) or I'll join some special university for
television (promotion, organisation etc.)! As you
probably figured out by yourself I don't like the en-
surance business too much.

* You have been in the scene for a long time now. In
that time you've been in some of the biggest and
best groups ever. Please tell us about your scene
history from the beginning to the end, include how
you got your handle.

:) In the very beginning i used to call myself
Strangmr but after a short time I disliked this handle
First I wanted to change it to Def Jam but then again
I didn't want to call myself after a music lable. Def
was too short, Jam too stupid so I just added one F
to Def! That's it, no big background story or some-
thing. My first group was called The Future Team
(TFT). At that time groups such as Fantasy0Crack-
ing Service, Flash Cracking Service (Mario van
Zeist) and German Cracking Service etc. were still
around. Then i got busted for the first time and build
up a new group after some time...Gods of War! G.O.W.
was born and joined Powerrun as a sub group after
2 weeks. Later G.O.W. split up but I stayed in PWR as
a 'normal' member. Now I got busted for the 2nd time
and again after a short break I build up my own legal
group called Alabama. ALB has had e.g. a coop-
release with Agile and groups like Abnormal and Asia
wanted to release a coop-demo with us but we were
too lazy at that time. One day I got busted for the
3rd time and ALB split up. Frank (Shine) and me
joined Crazy, Kwon renamed to Cyco and teamed up
with Action and the others joined Beastie Boys and
World of Wonders (Amiga). In Crazy I used to be one
of the editors for Mamba. Pyle left Legend and
joined Crzy and we both got good friends at that
time... if not the best friends at all. After 1.5 years
we both got asked to join Illusion and so we did. ILS
then died for the 1st time after half a year and
mostly Crazy and Illusion build up Enigma. I stayed in
ENI for another half a year when Dominators
asked me to join. I teamed up with DOM and did Cor-
ruption along with Jack Daniels. One day JD and me
left DOM as we didn't get any support from DOM
denmark anymore. it were JD and me only who kept
DOM going at that time. With our help BBSes like
Dream Park and Divine Ultimatum made it to the top
5 boards in the states out of nothing. Well, I stayed
out o? the scene for nearly one year when all of a
sudden an old friend of mine (Amiga) supplied me with
some ?alling cards again. I just wanted to call some
old BBSes again and what did I see? Red Sector was
the major group these day. 'Wow, good old RSI is
back',(I thought, leeched some of their wares and
what did I see? Hysteric changed their group-name
to RSI) I couldn't believe it and JD, Freestyle and me
build up Avantgarde. It's all Hysteric's fault. Hahaha

* Give us some further information about your job in

:) I'm the main organisator of AVT. I guess that
speaks for itself! I'm also responsible for a small
Avantgarde Intern paper magazine. By now I also
provided a lot of originals for AVT and that's what I
would call my 2nd main job in AVT. If you have a look
at what I provided for AVT by now I even could call
myself germany's best original supplier these days.
Besides I also try to help all AVT members in every
possible way.
* What do you enjoy in real-life. as it would be im-
possible for only computer to be running your life?

:) In real life I mostly enjoy hanging out with my girl-
friend and my friends. I like to have a beer or two
or even more, to smoke some weed from time to time,
to go to a hell of concerts and all that stuff. Beate
forces me to go to the movies at least once a month
I had to stop playing soccer due to my knees but
after nearly 2 years I'm about to start again. What I
enjoy most is parachute jumping. Christ, I do a lot of
weird stuff, too much to tell you.

*What are your favourite...

Cracking groups!  past: Eagle Soft Inc, Triad, Hotline
                                   Illusion, 711, Fusion

                           present: Avantgarde

Demo-groups!       past: Ash+Dave, Ian+Mic, Scoop,

                           present: Byterapers, Focus

Coder!                  past: Bob, Mario van Zeist

                           present: Bob, Mr. Sex

Graphicians!  past: Gotcha, The Sarge, Hobbit, Orc

                    present: Mirage, Hein Design

Musicians!     past: Tim & Geoff Follin, Metal

                    present: Metal

Swappers!     past: Derbyshire Ram

                    present: Derbyshire Ram, Intruder,

Crackers!     past: Mr. Zeropage, Doc, Antirtrack,
                            Mr. Lee
                present: Jack Alien, Burglar

Magazine!  past: Mamba, Corruption, Shock, Pulse

                present: Propaganda, The Pulse

* If you had to make the perfect group and you
could choose from anyone in the active scene, who
would you choose to join? Why?

:) Coder:   Bob (simply have a look at the Wonderland
   Gfx'ers: Mirage & Hein Design (they both got their
               own great style!)

Musician  : Metal (if he is still active! I love his tunes)

Crackers: Jack Alien and Burglar (today's best

Swappers: Derbyshire Ram & Intruder (simply mega!)

Ntsc fixer: Peacemaker (the best Ntsc fixer left
                these days!)

Mag Editor: Peter (ex-Mamba), Newscopy (Propag.)
                 Solar (Pirates)

Boards    : Terminal Obsession (best UCBBS board
                 beside s The Forum) and Dream Park
(the name Cyborg speaks for itself!)

* In your opinion, who would you class as the true
elite in the scene, past and present? Why is this
your answer?

:) In my opinion the true elite of this scene are those
people who started everything. For example Steve/
ex-Zenith/ex-AVT is true elite in my eyes as he was
one of the very first 64 dudes to start calling ameri-
can boards for free. True elite is for example also a
group such as M.O.N. as they earned a hell of money
with something they did anyway. First they did tunes
for demos and later on for games and got money for
it. In my eyes everybody who contributed something
decent to this scene is elite. Today there's nearly
nobody left who can contribute something outstand-
ing/new to this scene (besides the demo scene).

* What is your honest opinion of this magazine? Why
do you hold this opinion?

:) I like Relax a lot, well, I liked the last issue a lot. I
wish you guys would release it a bit more regular,
without such major delays!

* If you had to re-enter the scene again and you
could become anything, what would you become?

:) I would become a Ntsc-fixer! That's what the scene
needs most these days. I know so many games that
never got released Pal/Ntsc. If Pudwerz would call
me today and would tell me he wants to start fixing
again I easily could give him 15-20 games.

* What have been the best and the worst times for
you in the scene and why?

:) The worst times were those when I got busted by
the cops. But I always got out of it very easy. No-
thing [eriously happend to me as they never could
prove me wrong. The best times I have ever had
were e^ents like the ETCS show in London last year
and the Tribute party 1994. It's great to sit there
with scene people you know since years but never
met before. You meet them for the first time in
your life, have some beers with them, smoke some
weed and all of a sudden e.g. Newscopy and me grab
2 guitars and start playing some weird stuff. The
others sing along and create own texts. It's very
hard to explain a situation like this... it's so strange..
you know those people for years and years and now
you mets them for the first time in your life. Lately
Motley called the BBSes again after a short break
and posted something like this..'Hi Deff.. Hi Freestyle
I love you!' I know it sounds stupid but thtat's the
way it(is. It's great to have real friends in this
scene and not only group mates or contacts. That's
maybe one of the big secrets (?) of Avantgarde.
AVT is a group of friends and not only a group of
computer addicts.

* What parties have you made your presence felt

:) The very first real party I attended was the
Powerrun and Xades Society party where the police
showed up. No, I guess  it must have been the Fant-
asy Cracking Service party. Whatever... later on I
showed up at the monthly Venlo meeting from time to
time. Most likely to spread the new issue of Mamba.
Well, I also have been to a Radwar party and a lame
G*P party. Last year I went to London to the ECTS
show in London and to Sweden to Tribute 1994. This
year you can meet me at the TRC+SCS+Focus party
and if money allows me I will also travel to London
again in September 1995.

* What is next on the table of contents for AVT and
what can we expect from you personally?

:) Avantgarde won't improve much. At least we don't
plan somehting special right now. We already order-
ed a Ntsc commie for Jack Alien and Suicide of AVT
which we maybe already received when you read
this. We are also planning to release one demo but
till now never had the time for it. One day you'll see
an AVT demo, I'm sure.

End of part1! Please load the 2nd chapter!!

Interview Part 2

    Part 2 of the interview with Deff af Avantgarde
* How could the Relax be improved as a magazine?

:) You could at least release it every 3 months!

* Do you own any other computer system? What do
you think about other computer systems?

:) When you read this I already should have recieved
the Super NES I ordered. I don't know if that's my
future. We will see... but for sure I will stick to the
good old 64 till its bitter end.

* Did you ever have remarkable quarrels in your
64 career?

:) I once had some small quarrels with Syndicate. I
got interviewed in german TV along with Mario van
Zeist and we both spoke against Nazi software.
Syndicate surely didn't like what I said, called me up
and wanted to beat me up. Well, that was the first
and last time he ever spoke to me.

* Well, thanks for your time Mario and I know you
are busy so I will let you go now, any last words?

:) Well, nope. I just want to greet all my friends in
this scene. You know who you are...
* Thanks for the interesting interview, thanks.

         Interview by Marc of Alpha Flight

Demo Reviews

                      * Demo Reviews *
Atleast we would like to present the reviews from the
demoes  released  at  "The Party IV", held once again
in  the  cold  Denmark  and  to  be more precise, once
again in the Messecentre of Herning.

The  pBM  64  demo scene seems to slow down rapidly,
more  rapidly  as  we  like to see that. Furthermore a
lot of people seem to prefer fake productions instead
of trying their best to present a remarkable demo.
Hopefully the spirits of innovation and inspiration will
return  to  the  major  programmers of the currently
top  ranked teams. Atleast it is up to you if there will
be  another competition for the CBM 64 at "The Party
IV"  or  only for the 16/32 bit machines like the Amiga
or  the  PC  (Intel outside!). Both systems seems to be
cool,  but  the  best  scene  can be still offered to the
CBM  64  owners,  evenHif it is not that cool like in th
good old past and lost of lot of its magic.

Anyway, let us start over with the reviews instead of
wasting more bytes with useless small talk:

Access denied/Reflex
Last  year the jury did not accept Reflex's contribu-
tion  for  "The  Party III" called "Cafe Odd". This year
they  returned  to get their well deserved revenge, a
demonstration called "Access denied".
The  programming  got  preformed by Guru, Quiss and
Zorc  while  Mistadobalina  wrote the load-routine for
the demo.
They  presented  everything that has to be a part of
an  upper  quality demo like Cursor mutation, realtime
grid, morphing vectorbobs, rotating interlace zoomer
complex  plasma,  1001 bobchars, metamorphosis, gra-
vity  bobs,  complex  fullscreen vector, textured vec-
tor, rotating landscape and exoterristic plotter rou-
tines in  order to impress the audience at the party!
Rating: 90%

The  graphics  were  drawn  by Felidae, Warp and PVT
using  all  the current graphic formats (modes) avail-
able  these  days. The most impressing picture can be
found  in the end part with an excellent graffitystyled
Reflex logo and some dolphins.
Rating: 85%

The  soundtrack  was  composed  by  PVCF,  who  has
shown  all  his variations while using a lot of different
modes.  The  digitized  introduction music remembered
me on the marvellous Cycleburner tracks.
Rating: 82%

Summary: Reflex provided another nice trackmo com-
bined  with great coding and nice graphics and musics
Without  any  doubts  this demonstration is one of the
highlights  of 1994, together with the "World of Code"
series  from  Byterapers  and  "Coma Light 12"  from

Year of the Ankh/Focus
The  dutch  pride  returned with a small graphic-show
to remember the audience that they are still alive and
to  make  some  advertisement for their soon cooming
and mega-delayed demo called Visual Delight II.

The  programming  got performed by X-Byte. There is
nothing special shown so there is nothing to be talked
Rating: 70%

The  graphics were drawn by Compyx, the absolute no
one  in  the  logo and charset business in my opinion.
Just have a look at his art.
Rating: 85%

The music was composed by MCA as an audial support
for the slideshow using a normal player.
Rating: 74%

Summary:  Focus  is  still  alive  and  kicking. There is
something  to expect from this talented team. Be sure
to  visit  their  party in April 1995, held in Utrecht. My
regards must be sent to Mirage as I had the pleasure
to  see  some  paper art from him. He is definately the
best  artist  I  have met so far, and I have present at
the  major  conventions  for  the  CBM 64 the last two

Bla Bla/Censor
There is no need to introduce Censor. Censor always
stands  for  cool  demoes, nice effects, cool graphics
and excellent musics.

The coding got performed by (moi) BOB. He presented
the  third  varification of his bitmap manipulation rou-
tine.  It looks quite nice but Tough presented a similar
scene  some months ago while Bob's routine looks de-
finately more smooth.
Rating: 87%

The  soundtrack was composed by Swallow and is, like
usual,  an  8-bit digi sample. After having heard it for
some minutes it is getting more and more boring.
Rating: 78%

Summary:  Censor  used  this file as a kind of preview
for  their upcoming demo called "Spasmolytic No. 02".
Releasing  that  part  as  a  kind of preview makes me
getting  more  and  more nervous as there must come
something outstanding in the future.

Brutal Comeback/Light
After  the  success  from Brutality there was nothing
but  silence  from the swedish legend. Light surprised
the audience with some old, but still stunning parts.

The  programming  got  performed  by  Flamingo, Waco
and  Yabba.  They  presented,  next  to  the standart
intro, a raytraced scroller with a moving chessboard
which  looked  quite  impressing  for the fact that the
routine  (part)  is  said tp be two years old. Further-
more  they  have  shown  that they are able to handle
transforming  vector  routines  and  the  highlight  of
the  demonstration  was for sure their Doom-clone. It
was for sure the best version I have seen so far.
Rating: 89%

The graphics were drawn by Goblin, Scooby and Yab-
ba. To be honest, none of the graphics came up to the
actual standart but look quite nice for 1992.
Rating: 67%

The soundtrack was arranged by Bappalander, Danko
M. Galway and R. Hubbard. There was no exclusive tu-
nes used, most of the are ancient but still cool!
Rating: 81%

Summary:  It  is nice to see them returning to the CBM
64. The proved that their coders are still able to com
pete with today's top programmers while their artists
(and  composers) should improve a little bit when they
are  still  around  because most of the graphics have
been used in previous demoes some years ago.

Dein Zycrex/Antic
Antic  improved  a lot in their latest productions. This
is another example for their risen standart after the
demo "Lunacy 6 - the lost sequal".

The programming was performed, as usual, by Depeh,
containing an intro and the main part, the Doom-clone
The  Doom-clone  was realised in FLI using 16 colours
and it, according to the authors, realtime.
Rating: 85%

The  graphics were drawn by Creeper and he deser-
ves  it  to  be  called  one  of the best artists around
these  days.  There  was only one picture in standart
bitmap format, but what to you see is high quality.
Rating: 83%

The  soundtrack  was arranged by Zyron. It is nice to
see  how he improved all over the years and the pro-
gress can be heard in this production, too.
Rating: 82%

Summary:  The  intr<  and the main routine looks quite
promising,  unfortunately  the  movement in the Doom-
clone  is  getting  very boring after some seconds as
everything looks equal and the audience might get the
feeling that they are watching always the same.  All in
all I prefer the Light routine while this one offers for
sure much more colours.
Courtesy of Soviet/Wrath
Wrath  Design  are  well  known  for  nice demoes with
nice  effects,  graphics and musics. This demo proves
it once again in an impressing way.

The  coding was performed by Ed, the twin brother of
Joe.  There  are only a few remarkable effects worth
being  mentioned,  like  Landscape  fractals, big balls,
fractal generated flowers, lightsource/shade effects
and the picture rotator routine. 
Rating: 75%

The graphics were drawn or manufactured from Joe,
Black  Droid  and  TMT.  The graphics are responsible
for  this  demo  being  something  special. Just have a
look  on  the dozens of quality graphics, even if there
are  sometimes some really weird colour combinations
Rating: 91%

The  soundtrack  was  arranged  by PRI/Tia/Oxyron.
It  has  the  very  own PRI-style and you have to love
or  to  hate  it. The majority loves it, we do , and hope
to  hear  a  lot  of outstanding tunes from him in 1995
Rating: 89%

Summary:  It  is  a  demo with some nice graphics or is
it  a  slideshow  with  coding  elements?  Nevertheless
WD calls their production a Chill-mo, something to re-
lax and to enjoy.

The Masque/Oxyron
Some  magazines reported about the death of this top
demo  group  but  Oxyron  proved  them  to  be wrong

The  coding  was performed by Graham. He impressed
the  audience  with another fire-effect, the best rea-
lised  so  far  on  the  CBM 64. Further an impressive
rotzoomer and the fast linevector routine on the CBM
64 was shown.
Rating: 78%
The  graphics were drawn by Biz-Kid, Cruise and RRR
Biz-Kid  did  a  standart logo, Cruise an average logo
an  outstanding  interlace picture and a big font while
RRR  was responsible for the 1x2 charset in the intro
and the expanded 1x1 charset in the interlace picture
Rating: 72%

The  soundtrack was, unusual for Oxyron, not arran-
ged  by  PRI but from Lords of Sonic and A-Man/Avt.
Both tracks are old but still cool.
Rating: 71%

Summary:  The  only  reason  for  the  release  of the
demo was to show that Oxyron is still alive. They pro-
duced  once  again  some  impressing routines even if
the  length  of  the  demo  and the missing own sound-
track  could be improved in the upcoming productions

Last  but  not least I would like to present the results
of the competition of "The Party IV" here:
1. Reflex "Access denied"
2. Light  "Brutal Comeback"
3. Wrath "Courtesy of Soviet"

Be sure to reload this chapter in the next issue, too.

Best regards,

Party Report

                         * Partyreport *
Every   year's  highlight  is  ofcause  the  traditional
christmas  party held in Herning/Denmark. Each year
around 2.500  computer and mainly scene freaks fol-
lowed  the  invitation and travelled to the partyplace,
packed  their  computer  equipment  and other useful
things to guarantee another successful convention.

We  decided  to  review  the party from the sight of a
normal  CBM  64  user and decided to cover our sym-
pathy  for  the Amiga. We have to report that there is
a lack of support for the little Commodore these days
not only from the organisers' side but aswell from the
small amount of CBM 64
Another   disappointing  result,  comparable  with  the
amount  of  visitors  of THE TRIBUTE in Sweden, let us
count  around  174 more or less well known sceners.
Having  the  lack  of visitors in mind one question has
to  come up - will there be another CBM 64 supported
christmas  party next year? We hope the best as it is
always  a  big  fun  and  a chance to communicate with
your friends, contacts, idols or enemies.

                       * The Organisation *
Once  again  Camelot  accepted the challenge and was
the  official  CBM 64 arranger of The Party IV. Origi-
nally  there was an independent CBM 64 and PC party
planned  but  due  to the fact that the sponsors deci-
ded  to  skip  their  plans  and  to  invest their money
somewhere  else  Camelot  and Bonzai (PC) teamed up
with  the Amiga arrangers to guarantee another huge

Camelot has not put much effort into the organisation
based  on last year's bad experiences with the Amiga
organisers.  This caused that most of the CBM 64 re-
servations  were  not  accepted  nor  archived at the
party  registration  so  most  of  the commodore sup-
porting  visitors  had  to search a place on their own
risk  to  argue  with the guys having reservations or
had  to  accept  a  table  in  the second hall, far away
from the party action and the big screen.

The  washing  facilities  (showers)  and  toilets had an
acceptable  standart  and  the  clean-up  service  did
always  a  very  good job. Furthermore no detectable
electricy problems have been discovered.
The  prices  for  food were alright but the prices for
softdrinks  like  i.e.  Coca  Cola  have been definately
much  too  high  as  $5,00 for 1.5 litres is not what we
understand as cheap.

The competitions for the 16/32 bit machines had a lot
of  interferences based on technical failures. The PC
demo competition and an Amiga competition had to be
shown twice to guarantee working contributions while
the  CBM 64 demoes were recorded onto a VHS video
tape what destroyed i.e. the sound in the Padua demo
All  in  all  the  organisation  was  average and no one
started to wear stickers like "Shoot the organisers"
like in 1992.
The  Messecenter  Herning  is a very confortable and
new  building, so there is no doubt that it is a perfect
place and the biggest center in Skandinavia. When the
organisers  are able to guarantee cheaper softdrink
prices and to fix their equipment there is nothing left
to blame.

               * The Competitions (CBM 64) *
Officially there was only a demo competition for the
CBM 64 but Genesis (the remaining rest?) arranged
both, a music and graphic competition.
The  demo  competition was at an acceptable standart
but  last  year's  competition  was  much  better in my
opinion, even if some glory names like Padua, Censor,
Reflex,  Antic,  Light  and Wrath put in their contribu-
It  was  sad  to see some fakedemoes competing there
once  again.  Big  parties  that show all demoes on the
big  screen  offer  the  possibility  to  impress  other
computer  system fans but those kind of demoes make
them laughing about this old but still beloved machine.

Reflex was a worthy winner presenting the best demo
over  there  (for more details please read the review
chapter) and Light had a successful comeback.
The results of the competition looks like:
                      * Demo Competition *
1. Reflex "Access denied"
2. Light  "Brutal Comback"
3. Wrath "Courtesy of Soviet"

* Graphic Competition *             * Music Competition *
1. PVT/Reflex                         1. Fanta/Plush/Bass
2. Scope/F4CG                         2. PVCF/Reflex
3. Sinister/Extacy                    3. Zyron/Antic/TR

Hopefully  next time more well known demo groups will
compete,  otherwise there is no hope left for the CBM
64 in our opinion.
                         * The Audience *
Even  if  the quantity was not so big the quality of the
visitors  have meet the approval. We have meet Trap/
Bonzai  there,  Mirage  and  TDJ/Focus,  CBA,  Night-
shade, Specatator and Splatterhead/Scs&TRC, Syco/
Chromance,  Lemming,  Styx  and  Ream/Alpha  Flight,
Jack   Alien  and  Intruder/Avantgarde,  Jeff,  Kring,
Neptune  and  Slammer/Camelot,  Flamingo and Goblin/
Light,   Syndrom/TIA/Crest,  Asmodis,  Graham,  RRR,
Slide and TTS/Oxyron, Ramirez/Hardcore, Mr. Friese
and Stan/Equinoxe, Caprice Design and Fanta/Plush,
Anonym  and Creat/Padua, BOB and Swallow/Censor,
Ed/Wrath,  Fatman/Dytec,  Avanlance/Atlantis,  Acid-
child/Taboo,  Felidae,  PVCF,  PVT  and Quiss/Reflex,
Newscopy  and Scope/F4CG, Calypso (in Alpha Flight,
too)  and  Seal/Amnesia  aswell as Airwolf, Aslive and
Mr. Mister  who  got  kicked out of the party from the
organisers  as  boozing  was  stricly forbidden at the
For sure a lot of other folks has been present there
but  these few are the most important persons and to
be  honest,  the  only ones we remember to have meet
there.                         -------

                              * Summary *
Well, discussing the positive and negative aspects we
came to the result that it was a cool party. We have
meet some of our best friends and had a lot of fun
while  we  have  filled  our  floppy  disks and harddisk
with  really great productions from the major compu-
ter  systems  these  days (Amiga, PC and CBM 64). Be
sure  to  visit  this  party  in 1995 to guarantee some
more support for the CBM 64.

The  next  promising  party  is  going to be held in the
Netherlands  by Success & TRC and Focus in April'95
to  be  more exactly the date was setted on 22nd and
23rd in Utrecht.
Following please find the digital version of the actual
flyer being spread by SCS&TRC and Focus.

Since  it  is  a  CBM 64 and PC party only we expect a
major commodore party.
                               * X-95 *
            A party by Success, TRC and Focus
                              PC and C64

Another  party  brought  to you by the organisers of
the first Silicon parties. W have the same place to our
exposal  so  you  know  what  to expect. The entrance
fee  will  amount  25 guilders  (Dutch  money only). We
are  opened from Saturday 13.00 (01.00 p.m.) to 17.00
(05.00 p.m.) Sunday hours.
This  flyer  is  not  the final version of the note since
some  things  have not been arranged yet. That's also
the  reason  why  we  can't tell you how high the demo
prices  will  be.  The  best  thing  to  do is wait for the
official party invitation which will be released on both
PC and C64 soon.

This party will feature:
a demo competition for PC and C64
a performance by Jeroen Tel
a lot of C64 celebrities from the past
a cosy partyplace
a place to watch video
a sleeping area
and a lot more

Competition rules
A demo for the PC and C64 may not exceed 5 minutes
Every  group  can  participate with as many demos as
they want but only one per coder. This demo must not
be released yet.

You  must  make reservations as the party place will
gives  room to about 300 persons. You must send (or
upload)  your  name, handle, group, place and country
to the following addresses:

E-Mail             XXX*XXXXXX.XX (* = $00, alphazero sign)

Boards             Kaoz Landz (PC): XXXXX-XXXXX
                   The Lost Empire (C64): XXXXX-XXXXX

or send a letter to: XXX
                     XXXXXXXX XX
                     XXXX XX XXXXXXX

Or  call  the  partyplace  itself  on  friday from 20.00
(08.00 p.m.) till 24.00 (12.00 p.m.) CET on
for  more  information  (do  NOT call on any other day
or time specified!).
More  info  will  be found in and the C64 note
which will be released soon.

Best regards,
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