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 remember: we in relax never manipulate 
   our charts like another magazine !   
 (1). talent & ikari                    
  (2). illusion                         
   (3). dcs                             
    (4). 711                            
     (5). action                        
      (6). contex                       
       (7). dominators                  
        (8). nato                       
         (9). nec                       
          (0). genesis project          
 (1). blackmail                         
  (2). contex                           
   (3). megastyle inc.                  
    (4). nato                           
     (5). ruling company                
      (6). poltergeist                  
       (7). x-ample                     
        (8). horizon                    
         (9). master design group       
          (0). atg                      
 demo of the month!                     
 the 4th dimension from poltergeist!    
 best three musicans!                   
 (1). markus schneider /x-ample         
  (2). maniacs of noise                 
   (3). 20cc /amok                      
 and again our votes aren't manipulated 

news & rumours

 news and rumours!                      
- rhytm is a new group with ex-members  
  of sharp                              
- merlin changed again and is now in    
- bonzai is dead! trap and sonny joined 
- members of life/riffs and unibit      
  joined scoop! a demo will be released 
  at the next venlo-party!              
- cosmos is dead!!! big ben and         
  antitrack joined 711!                 
- beetlejuice and long john are kicked  
  out of sodom cause of lameness        
- the swiss 'act 501' member are now in 
  genesis project                       
- moskwa tv released a nazi game under  
  another pseudonyme                    
- act 501 is dead                       
- the cfa introduced another disk-mag   
  called 'immortal flash'               
- ubix is dead                          
- there is another dutch disc-mag       
  called 'remark'!                      
- the riddler of dynamix joined sodom!  
- a new australian mega-group is born!  
  they've 35 members in 8 sub-group!    
- rrr was kicked out of alpha flight    
  and joined paramount                  
- boy of yankees joined sodom           
- sting of alpha flight rejoined        
- call this new board:                  
  afl/the phantom guild: 718-459-2023   
- a new group is born called 'relax'!!! 
  the leader call himself tom (like one 
  of our editors!!) hey you fucking     
  pisser change your group name or we   
  will kick you!!!!                     
- some lamers from bottrop (frg) call   
  themself 'paninaro'!! lame,lame,lame  
- some rumours about alpha flight!      
  some lamers said that the alpha       
  flight members are lamer and had      
  stolen the group name!!               
  but this is a big lie! because some   
  amiga guys asked them if they wanna   
  start a comeback on the sixty four!!  
  relax: hey omg (or must we say        
  antichrist of genesis project!!!)     
  why do you ever tell lies?????        
- maniac was kicked out of paramount    
- mr. stack (ex galaxy) and paradroid   
  (ex online) joined paramount!         
- indiana jones (ex acid) joined        
- punch/exos want to build up a new     
- lady binaer is now in acid            
- chris, indiana jones, and alf were    
  kicked out of acid                    
- flash (ex array) joined atg           
- defcon 3/sodom was caught by police,  
  after this he changed his name into   
- madness is dead, they joined easy     
- hawkeye and rebel 1 (ex easy) joined  
- my-t-fast left ionix and joined amok  
- an ex shining 8 member joined ionix   
- the crazy board 'eternal paradise'    
  was taken down                        
- hok of action was caught by the police
- twp was kicked out of action          
- derek b., micro nix and tmb were      
  kicked out of success                 
- black mail wanna release the fli graph
  2 under the amok label!               
- snacky of gp has now a modem!!        
- tankard was kicked out of illusion!!  
- the whole reflex crew joined msi!     
- drax left nato and joined vibrants    
  after that he joined amok!!           
- about the rumours that spitfire of    
  action is a fucking 'trator'!!        
  but the true is that spitfire was last
  time caught by police in november '88.
  no adresses were founded, only the    
  sendings from the post box were       
  founded by the police (ex. roy of     
  dynamix). only cyco (he was no real   
  member of action!!) gave the police   
  some adresses!!!! if some guys think  
  that spitfire gave the police their   
  adresses, than look at the date when  
  your addy was founded first time!!    
  spitfire says: all guys can kick me,  
  but they'll never can kill me! i don't
  leave the scene!!                     
we don't know if all these informations 
                are true!               


remember: if you want to stand in the   
advertisment than send us votes or news 
if you wanna buy originals then write to
     XXXX XXX XXX XXX X                 
     XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX X               
       XXXX XXXXXXX                     
send me your phonenumber and i'll call  
you if i have a new original !          
the joker/fbr                           
XX XXXXX XXXXXXX                        
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
X.X.XXX XXX                             
XX-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
hector/zyrox inc.                       
XXXX XXXXXXXXX                          
XX-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
XXXXXXX XXXXXX                          
XXXX XXXXXXX                            
fbi crew hq                             
XXXXXXX XX                              
XXXX XXXXXXXX                           
XX XXX XX XXXXXX                        
XXXXX XXXXX                             
XXXXX XXXXXXX                           
XXXXX XXXXXX                            
XXX.:XX XX XX XX                        
chum/chaos #1                           
XX.XXX X                                
XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                         
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                         
sparky/big ones                         
X/XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXX X               
the joker crew                          
XXXXXXXXXX XXX.XX/X                     
XXXXX XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX                   
XXX:(X) XXXXXXX                         
remark/the new dutch magazine           
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X                      
XXXX XX XXXXXXX                         
XXX:XXXXX-XXXX (XXXX)                   
the double-dealers                      
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXXXXXX                          
ms 2000                                 
XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX                       
XXXX XXXXX XXX                          
executer/ex ubix                        
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXX X.XXXXXXXX                          
XXXXXXXXXX XX                           
XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                      
XXXXXXX XX                              
XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                      
XXX:+XX XXXX XXXXX (XXXXX)              
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXX X                            
maxell/mysterious arts                  
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXX X                            
XXXX XXX XX XXXX                        
XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX                 
XXXXXXXXXXXX XX                         
XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX                      
XXXX XXXXX                              
afl hq                                  
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                      
XXXXXXXXXX XX                           
XXXX XXXXXXXX                           
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXX X                            
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXX XX                           
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXX XX                           
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXX XX                           
the magazine 'rumours'                  
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXX XX                           
X, XX. XX X'XXXXX                       
XXXXX XXXXXXX.                          
dr. death/paramount                     
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX X                    
action hq                               
XXX XXXXXX X                            
XXXX XXXXXXX X                          

partie reports

party reports                          
 report from the transcom/fairlight     
 party in france (28-29 th. october)    
 on the invitation it was written 'the  
 best copy-party 89 in europe', so i was
 very happy to go there and meet my     
 friends. when we arrived (babygang),   
 there was about 40 persons in the room 
 and guess what? it were only french    
 lamers and two guys from x-rated, after
 two hours, none of transcom or flt     
 members showed up, and the room was    
 filled of french-amiga lamers. then    
 hermes (ex-cosmos) came with some other
 dudes (leaders, i think). then the     
 amiga which was to win at the demo-    
 competition arrived, it stays in the   
 hall and two hours later it have been  
 stolen by st-users. finally: only two  
 foreign groups were here: x-rated and  
 ex-cosmos and some french groups like: 
 yankees, poltergeist, atom, g*p (the   
 frenchs) and we (babygang). well in    
 conclusion, the best copyparty in      
 europe was as lame as transcom are     
 (they didn't come themself!) and there 
 was no prize for the demo-competition  
 which was ended like this:             
 1st: x-rated                           
 2nd: babygang                          
 3rd: yankees                           
 4st: g*p                               
 5st: cosmos                            
 6st: atom                              
 7st: squadron                          
 note to transcom: please, if you       
 organise another copyparty, don't write
 on the invitation: best copyparty in   
 europe, demos will be rewarded by many 
 prices, all the existing best groups   
 on 64, amiga and atari will come.      
 copyparty by transcom and fairlight    
 (none of you came!). thanks!           
 signing off: tagada/babygang           
 thanks for this cool report!!!         
 light triad (2-5/11 1989)              
 the party was in a little town called  
 'balsta' in sweden. the exact place    
 where 'fridegardskolan' a school in the
 center of the town.                    
 when we arrived in friday the party was
 full action (if i can call it action!!)
 well let's talk about the party:       
 there were around 200 guys there, just 
 two foreigners, they were from denmark.
 goblin of light threw out censordesigns
 because they tried to phone from the   
 school expidation and they tried to    
 steal some papers, also from the ex-   
 pedition. they leaved 02 am!!!! on     
 saturday a lot of people looked for a  
 shop, so they could buy something to   
 eat, but everything was closed! we     
 (i, stanz/dom, tracer/nuclear!) walked 
 to a petrolstation 3km from the party! 
 we left the party 07 pm on saturday,   
 because nobody released anything, and  
 a lot of others also left the party!   
 sorry light your party was boring!!!!! 
           gondor of zyrox              

next party

 next parties!                          
 giant and unitec 'celebration night'   
 it takes place from 2-3 december!      
 for invitations write to:              
 XXXXXX XXXX                            
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                     
 XXXX XXXXX                             
 or call: XXXXX/XXXXX (from 5pm - 20pm) 
 asked for XXXXXX!   


 today with mr. cursor                  
 m=mr. cursor                           
 r: how old are you?                    
 m: i'm 20 years old.                   
 r: how long do you have your computer? 
 m: i got my first c64 in 1985 and that 
    was my first contact with this kind 
    of technology.                      
 r: in witch groups you have been?      
 m: in the beginning of 1986 i found the
    group dca (just lamer cooperaton),  
    together with some friends of my    
    town. at that time i've learnt to   
    transfer games from tape to disk,   
    and to change an unwiedly original  
    into a more practicable version. as 
    demos came into fashion i started to
    do some experiments with the rater- 
    irq. in the course of time i got    
    deeper and deeper into the          
    mysterious secrets of the vic-chip! 
    at the end of 1986 i joined fcs (my 
    first contact with a real big group)
    three months later fcs splitted up, 
    because fantasy sold his computer   
    and bought a video (what an ideot!).
    after that i joined the wanderer    
    group (twg was in well reputed at   
    that time) and stayed for one year. 
 r: what to you learn at the moment?    
 m: at the moment i am a student of     
    business at the univerisity of      
 r: best groups?                        
 m: seven eleven and red sector.        
 r: the best painter and best musicians?
 m: best painters are: x-ample,dokk and 
    bob stevenson                       
    the best musicians are: los and mon 
 r: who are the best coders?            
 m: serious programming: mario van zeist
    and davis braben                    
    demo programming: solomon of beyond 
    force, exilon of horizon, delta of  
    red sector, me, myself and i.       
 r: how do you become so popular and    
 m: i'm not sure, but i think it's of   
    the first raster-intro i made for   
    fcs two years ago.                  
 r: do you go to venlo?                 
 m: only 2 or 3 times a year. venlo has 
    changes in the last months. it's    
    getting more and more a lamer       
 r: the best party (copy-party)?        
 m: fcs organized one of the best copy- 
    parties (it was my first one)!      
    radwar party v2.0 was the best disco
    party i saw.                        
 r: what do you think about cracker?    
 m: most of the crackers i know are     
    either freezer, reset-cracker, re-  
    cracker, refreezer or all four. i   
    got to say, that the scene has      
    changed rapidly in the last years.  
    speed is the only thing that counts 
    and therefore too much guys are     
    willing to replace their brain by a 
    cardridge. of course, there are     
    still some cracker left, who are    
    able to understand a protection and 
    to crack a game properly (like mr.  
    lee of seven eleven or mrp of red   
    sector). but most of them do not de-
    serve being called a cracker.       
 r: what will you do in the future?     
 m: i currently started writing a game  
    together with x-ample for system 3. 
    we are using a special routine to   
    scroll hires-gfx in any direction   
    (the same as in double density)!    
    unfortunately we had to find out,   
    that this routine isn't yet ready to
    be used in games. it crashes on to  
    many computers. if there is no way  
    to fix that bug, we'll stop this    
    project and continue on amiga.      
 r: do you have a girlfriend?           
 m: my last one have emigrated to the   
    usa - so at the moment i'm young,   
    free and single!!                   
 r: what do you hate?                   
 m: acid, commodore (for releasing to   
    many different verions of the c64), 
    traffic-jams and red traffic lights.
 r: what is your job in double density? 
 m: i'm not working for 2d, but for the 
    cp-publishing house (that's almost  
    thr same). my job is to control the 
    putting together of the disk-       
    magazines (magic disk, game on,     
    golden disk), to install the protec-
    tion and to make the ready for sale.
 r: what is your dream-car?             
 m: the bat-mobile.                     
 r: do you have a video?                
 m: yes.                                
 r: thanks for the cool interview.      


 disk and sticker competition!          
 (1). crazy                             
  (2). animation                        
   (3). the ruling company              
 (1). crazy      drawn by gotcha        
  (2). trc        drawn by gotcha       
   (3). fbr        drawn by the joker   
    (4). fbi crew   drawn by ???        
     (5). sphinx     drawn by ???       
 thanks to all dudes for all there cool 
       diskcovers and stickers !        


faclaug/yankees: fabulous mag-beautifull
                 -good informations     
tch of jds: keep going with your cool   
            mag - i like it!            
executor/ubix: relax is the best mag i  
remark/dutch mag: we like to have every 
                  number of relax!      
joker/joker crew: really cool           
fbi crew: relax is cool. never forget to
          send me your mag!             
acid of coolex: i really enjoyed yer mag
joker/fbr: fab mag                      
tyranny (australia): great mag          
maverick/opale: in my opinion relax is  
                the best mag.also sex'n 
                crime isn't bad, but    
                they manipulate the     
omg/sex and crime/amog/gp: all ideas    
stolen from the sex and crime - the     
editor can't speak/write english - you  
copy news from the sex and crime .      
thanks to all guys for there reactions  
also to that lamer called omg : we never
had stolen anything from your gp-mag.   
we don't like your mag and we don't like
you also we don't like to play with kids
like you so we will kick you if we meet 

about mag

 about this mag!                        
 remember we need your help to convite  
 a mag for you! so send us your votes   
 news and charts...                     
 send this to:                          
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                       
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX X                   
 or call us: (+XX) (X)XXX/XXXXXX        
 asked for XXXXXX!!!                    
             or write to:               
 marc/alpha flight 1970                 
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX X                   


 coding: sodom and alpha flight 1970    
 logo  : thomas heinrich of x-ample     
 char  : by a cool dude                 
 music : by defence                     
thanks to the following guys for all    
alpha flight   sodom   action   sphinx  
poltergeist   babygang   yankees   dom  
fbi crew   fbr   trc   crazy   animation
paramount   acid   transcom   ... .. .  
  and to all those guys who helped me   
 keeping my phoneline busy for 24 hours 

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