Reformation Recycletion

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Reformation Recycletion


Tales from the Editor        [Editorial]                                             

The History				Page 2
Some Diddies				Page 3
The Regards				Page 4

Reformation #11, out at Tribute´94!
         - The Best of Reformation!         

The History [Enduro]

 "There is NOTHING,
that can replace HARD work!"

				  - Tomas Edison

 This is it, The Celebrate Edition of your favorite magazine! Made 
by some hard-working FLT´ers in the middle of October´94! We all
hope that this will bring some light for you in the dark autumn 
nights... This edition is NOT a regular one, but a "Best Of.." one 
with over 800 blocks of unforgetable text, collected from our 
first ten issues (april´93 - oct´94)!

 We call it history, you call it amazing!
The History (short version):

 Reformation was the result of mergering the two magazines call-
ed: Emanuelle/FLT and World News/Cross! The reason for this 
fusion was that both editors (Ayatollah/FLT and Black Priest/
Cross) were tired of their magazines, both wanted a new outfit, 
more help from co-editors, lived in Austria and so on! But the 
idea did come from me (Enduro). I was at that time the co-editor 
of World News and a member of FairLight!

 I and Black Priest released the last issue of World News (#20) 
after the Party II (jan´93) and Ayatollah let his mag die! Tron 
started to code the new outfit, Creeper/Antic fixed the logo and 
Red Devil made a specialtune for the new creation, named Re-
formation (by Black Priest)!

 The first issue should be out in February, but Tron got delayed, 
so we´d to wait til the late April. But the first issue was very 
much looking like the old concept of World News, Ayatollah had 
left the scene some weeks before the releasedate, therefor a 
rather weak edition, but the readers did like the magazine any-
way, strange!

 Issue two and three were released at regular, but in the middle 
of June, I had to join the Swedish Army and a period of inactivity
started, Black Priest didn´t want to edit the whole magazine 
alone! The fourth and fifth issue were released at the Autumn of 
1993, nothing special with them, just a normal magazine, but the 
real mistake was when Black Priest and Lexi (one week old mem-
ber of FLT at that time) released issue Six at the Party III, the 
amount of text was under 150 blocks and the edition was very
bad! One of the reasons was ofcourse that all of us in the staff 
were busy with our "civil" activities and couldn´t afford the time 
that a good magazine takes! 

 But after christmas, I was placed only a few miles from my 
home, and could therefor produce much more work than before, 
Black Priest left us and Lexi promised to help me, the staff was 
from now on me and Lexi.
        Reformation - 1 1/2 years old!       

 We released the 7th issue just two weeks after the last one and 
three weeks later, we gave the readers another issue! But at this 
time, we´d released eigth editions with almost the same outfit and
main-concept, it was time for something new! 

 But all got messed up, Lexi left the scene and Tron didn´t have 
time as he was stuck in the school-business! The mag was near 
the end, but I got a perfect job for the summer and could edit a 
giant edition in the heat! New in the staff were Bacchus and 

 After this summer, we´ve released two more issues and the next 
one will be ready for the masses at the Tribute´94 party, with an
upgraded outfit! But if you don´t know, it takes a hell of work to 
edit a magazine, puh!

         - The Best of Reformation!         

Some Diddies [Enduro]

Did YOU know THAT...

...the amount of text was in issue:	Four	236 blocks
					Five	254 -"-
					Six	134 -"-
					Seven	297 -"-
					Eight	446 -"-
					Nine	712 -"-
					Ten	817 -"-

 as you easily can see, the amount of text has increased a lot since
the sixth issue, there are two mainreasons, more work from the 
staff and much more support from the readers, thanks!
-------------------------------------------------- the beginning, only Black Priest and Enduro spread the mag, 
  today we´ve got seven real spreaders plus Tabasco, who spreads 
  the mag to over 150 contacts!!
...only one group has released this type of edition before, namely 
  Clique with a Best of Script-edition!
...this magazine got three boards right now, all situated in Sweden!
...the name Reformation means transforming, ameliorate, i.e the
  change for the better. 
...the years of total scene-experience that the three editors got is 
  25 years, (together ofcourse!)
...the next issue of Reformation will have new outfit-colours plus
  some more suprises, the releasedate is set to: The Tribuye´94 
...Enduro was the inventor of MegaCharts, and have collected 
  points for them since the first issue, that is 18 months now!
...we´ve got two sponsors? One is a Swesish-movie copmany called
  UIP, and the other one is Surfer/Active, who donates prices for
  the compos!
...The Wild Side and the charts are the two most popular chapt-
...without the support from Enduro´s girlfriend, the magazine 
  would have died at the end of 1993! Thanks Liv, I love you!
...the intro for issue ten, was NOT coded by Bacchus, but by a girl 
  named Andrea Pompili! Bacchus adapted the intro and changed 
  the text in the upscroller. The intro is from the beginning, an 
  end-sequence from Andrea´s game called: Apocalypse Now.
...I could write about 353 more things, but I won´t as I want you to
  read the other chapters instead of this one! Bye!

         - The Best of Reformation!         

The Regards [Enduro]

BIG THANKS TO (in a-z order):

	Airwolf/Genesis Project

	Bacchus (good luck with yer Jr.)
	Biazrre/Alpha Flight (still my contact?)
	Black Priest/Antic (in the army now?)

	Calypso/Amnesia+Silicon Ltd.
	Chief/Padua (great help!)
	Count Zero/Talent
	Crossfire/Motiv 8 (nice little war we had!)
	Cruzer/Camelot (send soon!)

	Depeh/Antic (nice artikles,eh?)
	Derbyshire Ram/Avantgarde
	DMC/Genetix (nice work on Amiga!)
	Dr.Pain/Palace (when is Infection out,haha!)
	Duke/x-Regina (I guess we won!)

	Ed/Wrath Design




	Incubus/Antic (Alive, yes I know!)

	Joe/Wrath Design

	Lexi/FLT (S-Nes)
	Lord Crucifier/W.O.W?

	Midnight Mover/Triad (party´on!)

	Newscopy/Genesis Project

	Ogami (the laziest of ´em all!)
	Oxidy/Wrath Design (haelsa syrran!)

	Red Devil 
	Revenge/A.W.T (greet Ruby!)

	Scapegoat/Topaz Beerline
	Sledge (our great Sysop!)
	Spirou (MUCK!!)
	Stablizer/Demonix (nice fix!?)
	Stash/Wrath+Alpha Flight (dead?)
	Surfer/Active (still dateless?)

	Tabasco (the 24hrs swapper!,hehe)
	Total Chaos/Noice
	Trasher/Active (lappj-vel!)
	Tricket/Motiv 8?
	Tron (army!)

	Unifier/Spirit (alive?)

	VDK (ciao Vasteraas!)

	Walker/Genesis Project

* Our friends!
* The forgotten ones!
* All readers out there!
* My lovely girlfriend, Liv!
* All Helpful guys through the years

See you all in the next issue!

         - The Best of Reformation!         


THE DEBATES               [The Scene]                                             
When Quality Counts/Watchm.			Page2
The Second Group/Bacchus			Page3
BlueBoxing/Harlekin				Page4
MagaScene/Depeh					Page6
SwapMania/Bacchus				Page7
          - The Best of Word Zone -          

When Quality Counts [Watchman]

 The C64 scene has matured over the years and now, at the
summer of its life span, the scene has become a very professional
one in many aspects. Demos like TRIANGLE´s ´Road of Excess´ are
remembered not only for the great demoparts with fantastic code
and style, but also for a great loader and nurturing of all prob-
lems the user/watcher might get when running the program. The
result is logically getting it´s fair share of credit in democharts 
and competitions. When it comes to the Cracks, the story is very 
much different.

 Speed started to become an issue way back when modem trading
took off and when the export/import business started, the hyst-
eria about speed became the main factor for crediting a crackers
work. I´m not saying that I don´t think that speed matters at all, 
but I do say that when you look at charts, many good crackers 
doesn´t get their fair credit for their good work. This issue have 
also been adressed as early as 1987 (I think) by the legendary 
Janitor/TRIAD, who also believed that quality should count. 
Persons like Injun Inc. in TRIAD agreed on this and therefor 
came up with the idea that turned into the ´Gamers Guide´ 
magazine. This magazine have tried to push for the quality aspect
of a crack. The result haven´t been a total success. Still fast 
cracks are, as far as I find by looking at charts, considered as
better ones, than the ones that are a bit older, but shorter, better
trained and with bugs fixed. This problem isn´t constrained to the
C64 either. If you look at the Amiga scene, you will find that 
speed is almost everything there.

 So what´s the problem? Well, the main idea of a crack is that 
many people as possibly shall be able to play the game, and by 
using trainers, fixes and other extras done by the cracker, enjoy 
the game as much as possible. Loads of groups release their ver-
sion of a game and everybody tries to make the best version poss-
ible, and since there are so many ways to go about when fixing a 
game, all versions are more or less different. This is the reason 
why we crack games, and why so many versions are released, be-
sides releasing loads of stuff as a group, naturally.

 The bottom line is that I believe that a group and cracker releas-
ing a first release should be awarded his fair dues, but more atte-
ntion should be given to the crackers that delivers good versions 
and often reliably. If this is combined with speed then it´s just 
even better!

 I know I´m not a very fast cracker. I don´t even crack games re-
gulary, mainly bacause I´m having too much else to do besides 
computing. I also know that I have done bad cracks too, but I 
don´t see why this should disqualify me from bringing up this 
issue. Speed isn´t the big problem, but speed instead of quality is. 
I don´t see why the same thing counts in other productions 
- quality - shouldn´t count when it comes to cracks. Both speed 
and quality can be combined, it just takes a bit harder work... and
that work should the cracker be credited for.

 I´m sure quite a few of you out there reacted when you read this,
so come on, write´em down, send them to us and we´ll publish it 
here, the next issue!

          - The Best of Word Zone -          

The Second Group [Bacchus]

Howdy Hackers!

 This time I´d like to bring up a subject: The second group thing. 
On the C64 we have for a long time stayed faithful to one group, 
but this is beginning to look like a thing of the passed. So many of
the persons I see advertising in the magazines are members of 
more than one group.


 The original group is the place where you have the best pals, and
it is shaped of people of different skills to be a complete unity. 
The group is the perfect community to work on the scene in! The
ONLY reason for being a member of a second group is that you 
cannot fulfill your wishes inside the group, which means that the
group isn´t enough balanced or not quite perfect in some respect.

 Being a member is accepting the fact that one shall deliver a 
certain amount of work on a regular basis, to stay in. The amount
depends on the person and the group, but generally this is the 
common demand. If you don´t deliver, you get kicked out... The one
being a member of more than one group, proves that he has so 
much capacity that he can do the required work for more than
one group. My principle point of view is that if someone wants to
be member of a second group, than they aren´t completly happy 
in your group. I do have some "second groups" I can understand:

 First of all let me count away the guys being in a group they pro-
duce games with. To me the original scene group would be the 
ideal unity to do such a thing in, but some of you form "game lab-
els". Most of these groups are just parts of bigger groups, and it is
wise to limit the number of participants as if it turns up to be 
money involved. Money might be hard to split if there are too 
many involved. Also, if you like to use a free-lance person of any 
skill, this type of second group is OK with me!

 Secondly I can accept the specialized second groups like TIA, 
consisting of f.ex only musicians. The musicians then have their 
original group as the first place they belong, but can then also 
share the community with "people of their own kind". This as long
as the original group cannot use all the material the guys pro-

 If you are a swapper in a smaller group, that don´t produce stuff
of their own often enough, you might want to ensure you get 
stuff from more groups to keep up the swapping. On the other 
hand, why do you have to be a member of the group, to get the 
stuff? I guess most groups are rreally happy if some friends of 
their would spread their stuff. Having the latter solution puts no 
demands on the potential spreader.

 Still this whole thing is built on one thing. You always have to 
"pay" with membership to get things done for you. We have 
"free-lance" musicians and graphicians and that works well. I 
can´t see no reason why Creeper in ANTIC and Kristian Rostoen 
in BLUESMUZ couldn´t do things they can have spread in our 
productions. The only difference is that they cannot be kicked if 
they don´t do it fast and good enough. I wouldn´t mind if our 
musicians or graphicians made some work for other groups, but I
wouldn´t want them to be members of other groups.

Although I accept certain thing here I still don´t like the pricipal 
idea of multimembership. Can you REALLY do the required work
for more than one group??

          - The Best of Word Zone -          

Understanding BlueBoxing[Harlekin]

 In old switchingsystems, the central offices exchanged infor-
mation by sending tones to eachother. These tones are transmitted
in the same trunks as the one you speak on. To indicate that a 
trunk between two centrals is idle, the centrals send a 2600Hz 
signal to eachother (both directions). When a trunk is busy the 
tone will be removed. The 2600Hz is therefor known as a super-
visory signal, because it indicates the status of a trunk. Note that 
the 2600Hz signaling is "inband", within the band of frequencies 
(400 - 3400Hz) that can be transmitted over the normal tele-
phonelines. Some switching equipment uses frequencies over 
3700Hz between the centrals, and these can´t be used by us,"out-

 Now an example. You are making a call to a friend in Nigeria. 
Your local central office would recognize that this is an inter-
national call, and route your call to the central that serves inter-
national calls. From here your call is routed to the international 
central serving your friend, and from there to your friends cen-
tral office. (We suppose that the call is routed through modern 
switching equipment til it reaches Nigeria.) When you have fin-
ished talking, you normaly hang up the phone, but now you send a
2600Hz signal down the line. Your friends central office detects 
this tone and thinks this tone is orginating from the equipment in
your end, indicating that you have hung up, and the trunks once 
again is idle. Your call has now been disconnected between the 
international central, and the local central in Nigeria. When you 
stop sending the 2600Hz signal (after a second or so) the remote 
central office thinks there is another call coming in on this line. 
The remote central sends some tones to indicate that it is ready to
recieve information from the other station. This normally sounds 
like a "beep" followed by "kerchunk". Once this happends, you are
connected to the remote station, which will obey your every com-
mand. Now you "only" need to know how to simulate the signaling
used by operators and automatic toll-dialing equipment. Multi 
Frequency is the most common signaling in the networks, known 
as the CCITT #5 system. MF signaling consists of seven frequen-
cies, beginning with 700Hz and seperated by 200Hz. A combi-
nation of two out of these seven represent the digits 0 thru 9, 
plus five additional keys. Combinations as follows:

	Frequences		Domestic	International

	  700+900	     	1		1
	  700+1100	     	2		2
	  900+1100	     	3		3
	  700+1300	     	4		4
	  900+1300	     	5		5
	 1100+1300	     	6		6
	  700+1500	     	7		7
	  900+1500	     	8		8
	 1100+1500	     	9		9
	 1300+1500	     	0		0
	  700+1700	   	ST3p		Code 11
	  900+1700	   	STp		Code 12
	 1100+1700	   	KP		KP 1
	 1300+1700	   	ST2p		KP 2
	 1500+1700	   	ST		ST

 The duration of the pulses are all 60ms, except for KP, which 
should have 100ms. There should also be a 60ms pause between 
the digits. So...How to use these special ST, KP to route our call? 
Not to difficult. A standard call could look like this:

	* Dial 020-79 56 11 (freenumber from SWE to US)

	* Wait for a call-progress indication (ring,busy etc...)

	* Send 2600Hz for about 1 sec.

	* Wait about 2 sec.

	* Send KP+806-555-1234+ST

How come you don´t get billed for these calls? As a matter of fact
you GET billed, but only to the number you first connected to (in 
this case 020-79 56 11). So when searching for new boxable 
trunks, try to find a free number to box on.

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          - The Best of Word Zone -          

Understanding BlueBoxing[Harlekin]

But as the telecom companies change their older systems to new-
er, there are less and less numbers that can be used for boxing. 
Nowadays there are only the old communistcountries and some in
Africa that have switchingsystems with "easy to crack" inband
signalling. The latest rumour say that Nigeria is almost bankrupt 
caused by all phreakers using the system.

 There are also major risks in BlueBoxing nowadays. If you, as 
here in Sweden, are connected to a modern Digital Central (AXE 
etc.) all calls are logged. This is not only to catch phreakers, but 
give the "normal" subscribers the service to see where they have
called. And it´s also possible the other way around, to see who has 
dialed a certain number. It could be a bit suspicius to call the 
operator in Ghana over and over again!

Beware Phreakers!

          - The Best of Word Zone -          

MagaScene [Depeh]

Hello scenefolks! I want you all to read this article and wake up 
and smell the reality!

This scene is right now being destroyed by all these fucking 
magazines around. Why does every fucking group got to have a 
magazine? I don´t think it´s so very fun to get a sending with 2 or 
3 magz on and nothing else...

I don´t think is is so very stimulating to read the same charts,
same news, same reactions in every single mag. I think that you 
mag-editors should learn how to code or draw graphics or make 
music and you should start to make demos instead.

We all don´t want a scene with only magazines,do we?? No,ofcoz

Mark my words when I´m saying that this scene is turning into a 

Why can´t two or three magazines go together into one bigger,
more fair, better mag or best of all, why not just have one disc-
mag were for exaple the 10-20th best magz have joined forces 
and created a super mag, this would do a mag more objective, 
more fair in charts, more text each issue!

Think about this idea and hopefully some of you will go together
to create a supermag, but sadly enough, I think that you out 
there are far too egoistic to do this...

But I can promise you that we would get a far much better scene
with more DEMOS around...

Well as I AM a mag-editor, I think i could give Depeh an answer.
First of all, the amount of magazines haven´t grown but have de-
creased! But why you feel like it only excist magz is becoz there
nearly aren´t any demos produced anymore, only a few each 
month. Not like the old days when there were plenty of demos 
around, but why aren´t there any demos? The answer is splitted,
but my own opinion is following:

1.In the past it took one week to create a demo, it was one filed
  ones with quite simple code,but scrollers!
  Nowdays it takes month to create those 1 disc demos with lots of
  new scene records and design, if anyone releases a smalll demo, 
  nobody likes it, the time has changed! We want big demos in
  these days which are Amigainspirated (TowerPower), not those 
  small demos from three letter groups like we wanted 1990!

2.The amount of coders have decreased the last year which is 
  naturally as many have left for the Amiga and PC scene. They
  which not left, are sometimes not qualified to create a BIG 
  superdemo with 15 parts,but can easily code an outfit for a 

Well, got it, and further on with your thoughts of a Supermag.
That idea is only going to work in the ways of theory,coz the
sceners live too far away from each others and would have
problems to communicate,even if all got modems!

But if it would work, i surely agree with you Depeh!

          - The Best of Word Zone -          

SwapMania [Bacchus]

Howdy hackers!

I´d like to discuss swapping.

Why swapping???

I take that swapping may have two purposes; For bigger groups
that produce lots of materials of their own, it´s a way of spreading
the stuff to a wider audience. Hopefully some of the persons who
get the disk will pass it on further.

The other alternative is that you want programs someone else has
so you send stuff to trade with in order to get the stuff.

In both cases there must be an obvious point in having the data
on the disk intact. If files on the disk are broken, then there was
no point in sending that file at all.

And yet, every week I get a few packs with disks that seem like
they passed hell and returned. They have opended sleves, no
cover sleves, visible defects on the media and so on...

Obviously these disks don´t work, or only work partially. Please
tell me the reason to send one of those.

When I started computing in 85, I spent the same amount of
money, buying one disk as I now pay for ten. Also the quality is so
much better. Even the highest quality of disks could freak out and
be useless to the reciever.

So, if disks are so cheap, and the need to pass on the data is the
primaty target, why do people send these disks???

I´ll tell you a secret: All copy program I know of have a feature
called verify. This function makes the program tell you when it
didn´t manage to put the data safely on the disk! Turning verify
OFF is saving a time, but the cost in the other end is obvious: You
cannot trust the output from your system!

I discussed the subject with Surfer/Active, and his opinion was
that he only sent the disks, so that the receiver got a look on
what Active had produced. As most of them don´t pass the
programs on, he could see no use in sending working programs.
I guess Surfer could just as well swapp printouts of the directory,
which wouldn´t be as wulnerable as the disks.

I think this is idiotic!


* Send -working- disks
* Use verify while copying
* Use some sort of hard paper to protect the disks
* Always send back the stamps!

If you cannot fulfill these demands, then don´t bother sending to
me. That´s for sure!

          - The Best of Word Zone -          


PARTY REPORTS               [Events]                                              

TCC					Page 2
TCC Results				Page 4
Party III				Page 5
Party III Results			Page 7

             -The Celebrate Edition-         

The Computer Crossroad´93 report

 Well, after the christmas party it was time to be present at a 
mega party again. This time at 29-31 May in Goeteborg, Sweden!

 The party was held in one very big hall and there was space for 
over 3000 visitors but only 1700 showed up all in all (Amiga+C64+

 Near the hall there was a big amusement park with many cool 
attractions (Hey got stuck Aaron!?) this was the real cool thing
about the party, not the party itself! Many discos and so on was
also in the neighourhood so no problems to enjoy ourselves, hehe!
But those who actually stayed at the party all time, can I under-
stand why they didn´t have the time of their life...

 KYD/BALLE held their second concert and it was much better 
than the one in Aars! After that, there were some movies shown 
at the big screen, but most of them were very old! In opposite to 
Aars, you were allowed to sleep in the party hall, but for the 
youngest, there were also a special "sleep hall"! Also a cafeteria
was found with the hottest "Hackerburgers" around!

 The deadlines appeared on the second day and there were some
problems for ANTIC to hold them, but did manage it anyway, 
hmm! At 13.00 the GFX-compo was on and the piccies held a very
high standart!
Compeditors like Ogami,Joe,Creeper,Dragon,Electric,Death and 
the last years winner TMT were in! Great art from everyone!

 Later the music-compo started, also here some cool musics, and 
Ed,Creeper and Joe shocked us with amazing digisounds!

 The great event started at 21.00, the demo-compo! After rather  
low quality in Aars, this compo amazed even the PC+Amiga 
owners! Groups like Censor,Antic,Oxyron,Booze Design,Noice 
thrilled us all and great apploudes were heard all over the place!
(The FLT-demo called "Runemania" got the most,or?)

The last day was a standardday with the usual copying of discs and
so on.. At 15.00 the price celebration was held, and the funny 
thing was that Ed/Wrath Designs didn´t want to accept his victory
in the music-compo, but wanted to give his money to Pri/Oxyron
who didn´t place himself anywhere! Neither Pri wanted the money
so at last Ed took´em...
(strange world eh!?)

After the celebration, the party ended quite and peacefully...

Party-Rating (just TCC)				: 40%
Party-Rating (all in all)			: 80%

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

The Computer Crossroad´93 report

More facts about the party:

- There were about 150 C-64 guys which is the lowest score ever!
   Does this mean that the scene is nearly dead, or?

- In one of the attractions called "Flumeride" (A waterype roller-
   coaster), Aaron/FLT got stuck and two workers had to pull him
   out of there! He was too heavy because of all water, right 

- Creeper/Antic surprised us all, because he wasn´t ill this time, 
   but ANTIC kept the honour because Joe puked twice!

- An enormus guy showed up and everyone thought it was Air-
   wolf, but not! Right behind Airwolf came withat least 100  
   pounds lighter weight! Good work, Norman!

- Some Neonazis explained their ideas of a new Sweden, but were
   thrown outside till they changed their minds!

- Surfer/ACTIVE had a girlcompo with the masterhunter 
   Enduro (me) and thought he won after talked to a four years
   younger virgin! (Unfair play, I say) Surfer did also bribe some
   friends with pictures of his idol "Rosanne Barr" (Wonder why?)
   but that gave him a bad influence, hehe!
   The result isn´t yet ready because of all minus points scored by

- The coolest group at the party was "Fairlight-Amiga" because 
   with their nice temper, everyone sang "Halleluja". 

- The most scared guy was Black Samurai/CAMELOT after re-
   ceving a message with the words: "You´re mine!" (Mr.Mister 
   was it you??)

- Hmm, TDK/LEGEND and Jive/MANIAX should have went 
   with Airwolf´s car to the party but didn´t show up!

- Someone got his A1200 with equipment stolen, return it to the
   party team please!

- A funny thing is that Joe/ANTIC and Ed/WRATH are "Twins"!
   This is a historical moment, don´t you think? Congratulations 
   ruling twins!

Groups which showed up:

Active, Fairlight, Light, Booze Designs, Censor Design, Antic, Jam
Noice, Maniax, G*P, Twilight, Camelot, Oxyron, Extend, Topaz,
Trance, Deicide, Wrath Design, Flash, Crest, Illusion, Triad, RSI,
Digital Design, TEG, Rebels, Gothic, Xakk, Triangle, Sharks,
Hoaxers m.m.

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

The Computer Crossroad´93 report

Competition Results:


2. Booze Design			Total Stoned 2		(Sweden)
3. Antic			Lunacy 7		(Sweden)


1. JOE				ANTIC			(Sweden)
2. Creeper			ANTIC			(Sweden)
3. Electric			EXTEND			(Finland)


1. ED				WRATH DESIGNS		(Sweden)
2. Ratpoison			Noice			(Sweden)
3. Fozzie			Gothic Design		(Sweden)

             -The Celebrate Edition-         

The Party III Report [Bacchus]

Howdy hackers!

 This time I´ll bring you sum of the happenings at THE party of
the passed year. The Party III, with 2682 paying visitors, was the
biggest party EVER held. So hold on for more:


The party was held from 10:00 on the 27/12 to 15:00 the 29/12 1993
Entrance cost: 150Dkr.

The Party Place:

 Last years Danish party was held in Aars, in a huge conferess
center. As the arrangers estimated that this wouldn´t room all the
guys this time, they moved the show to Herning, which holds
Denmark´s biggest "Messecenter". All the guys who reserved pla-
ces , got a spot for their own in the main hall, which was BIG! The
other poor fellows got stuck in a smaller hall. Both contained the
screens we now expect from all decent parties. (The one in the
big hall was a bit unsharp, so all plotter shown got lost in the
blurr.) You were allowed to sleep anywhere you could, but there
were sleeping halls available. They contained white screens (kind
of chinese walls) so you could easily find your own corner to sneak
into. But who wants to sleep on parties? (I still remember the
squares Tron got in his forehead, after sleeping on the keyboard in


 For once, there were showers to be used. The hot water run out
the first hour, but you could get water out of the system, and
that´s what counts! (Too bad, I didn´t bring a towel. You learn to
live with the smell!)

A 24 hour cafeteria and a resturant was open when you needed
it, provided good food for decent prices. (30 Dkr for a plate of half
a chicken and a massive bunch of fries is OK pricing to me!)
I heard people complaining at the prices, but I assume they
expected free food for the entrance cost! (Irony)

 The toilets tend to be OK the first hours, but then turn into
places you rather shit in your pants than enter. The cleaning
staff did an excellent job, to prevent this from happening at this

 For the ones who didn´t have anything to do, there was a major
hall on the second floor which was used as a moviehall. Some of
the latest movies on laserdisc were shown. Commodore held their
symposiums in between the moviesessions.


 While registrating at the entrance, you got a pink bracelet to
indicate that you had paid, and also a votedisk. This was an
Amiga formatted disk with a voting program on. Voting could be
done on any Amiga, and then you just left the disk to the arr-
angers. Really kewl system.

 You voted for the number that corresponded to the contribution
you voted for. This became a mess in the graphicscompetition, as
they managed to provide two different screens telling which
number each person had. If you find a person considerably lower
or higher than expected, then this might be one of the reasons!

 At the democompetition Focus had our votes course the mistake
with numbers at votings. Well Focus: Congratulations for a place
on the stands. You got it, but the only reason was that you were
number three, and we number four. We would easily have passed
you, and would even be close to Censor, if the votes had been put
on the INTENDED demo!

 Also cheating appeared as Scat/RSI traded with a lot of dudes to
win the gfx-compo, but the arrangers found it all out and he got
"only" a 10th place with a UGLY-piccy! So people, don´t take this
compo too serious,please!

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

The Party III Report [Bacchus]


 Personally I did arive at 15:00, some five hours after the actual
start of the party, but I´ve been told they had a Kyd&Balle show
and also a "rope pulling contest" during this time.

 What I saw was the "diskthrowing contest" and the "karoke
contest". The latter took so long than the arrangers time list blew
up, fucking the shedule for the rest of the party. It was a pathetic
sight, seeing the yelling nerds on stage. I can´t imagine how one
can make such a fool of oneself for the change of winning a CD32.

 Also on the party were some danish dealers with stands selling
accessories for the Amiga and PC. You could buy lots of decently
priced 3.5" discs, but no sight of 5.25" ones!

 Commodore was sponsoring the party. This hasn´t happened
before, as I recall. They held symposiums in the moviehall, as said
before. Subjects were CD32 (with the Full Motion Video (FMV)
module to it), system programming and more. The audience could
ask the scandinavian direction any question they liked.
It,s rather new that CBM staff are this open to their buyers!
Funny things at the party:

* Legoland 3 was released, but how it´s way to Herning was is a
  knowledge! Tron wasn´t at the party so we had to DL the demo to
  the party, but how? Later on we got in contact with a dude call-
  ed Helloween/Bronx, he said that he could borrow his home
  with full c-64 equipment to us. We went to his home and DL the
  demo, but when we left him again, Bacchus had his C-64 withhim
  too!! Opps! But later at the party again, Helloween got his comp-
  uter back again, he didn´t knew that he lost it...

* At night Spirou/Flt and Creeper/Antic were tired and wanted
  to rest for a while, but their sleep were short, coz suddenly
  there flew massess of 3.5" disks against them, when Spirou asked
  what´s going on, he got the answer: Diskthrowingcompo!! Ouch!

* The was a fight between Crossfire and Dishy, it all ended with
  X-fire leaving the party and Dishy as a champion!

* Creeper/Antic suprised us all, becourse he wasn´t ill at the
  party as he usually is,yum!

* Did someone see that car which drove 1.5m up on a little snow-
  mountain? Get the picture!

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

The Party III Report [Bacchus]

The Compos:

 The arranging groups (Silents,Lemon and  Spaceballs) are all on
the Amiga. So for this reason the C64 and the PC compos were
second interest. We all know the prices for the C64 compo sucked
major dokey dick, but the set two hours for the compo were re-
duced to one. One of the reasons was the "awesome" (NOT!)
karokeshow. For this reason, Camelot (arranging the compo on
the C64) took out a jury to select the 10 best demos of the 19
available. This could easily be done as there were the mature pic-
tures screaming "Fuck PC and Amiga" (Hi Regina) and other junk
products to be directed to the garbage can instantly...
The Results:

		(10 choosen competiors of 19 available)

2.Spasmolytic/Censor 		1328p.
3.Visual Delight/Focus 		1044p.
4.Legoland 3/FairLight 		704p.
5.ComaLight 11/Oxyron 		400p.
6.Arla/Dual Crew 		224p.
7.Point Zero/Silicon 		168p.
8.Tales of Myster/Spirit 	96p.
9.Beyond Imagination/Antic 	96p.
10.WoW Story 3/WoW 48p.

Comments: All demos had high-standard except the WoWone!
		(23 competitors)

1.RED DEVIL/FLT 	1000p.
2.K.Roesten/BM 		488p.
3.Zyron/Antic 		384p.
4.Odysseus/Eastgang 	320p.
5.Amadeus/MekaDesign 	308p.

Comments: The tune you are now listening is the one which one!!!
Flops: Syndrom/Crest 20p., P.R.I/Oxyron 0p.!, Danko/Censor 56p.
		(34 competitors)

2.Dane/Triad 			604p.
3.Deekay/Crest 			320p.
4.Mad/Padua 			288p.
5.Creeper/Antic 		224p.
Comments: Lots of supergrafics here, again FLT rules,hehe!
Flops: Mirage/Focus 140p., Hein Holt/Focus 52p.!, Wave/Camelot
40p., Eletric/Extend 76p.

             -The Celebrate Edition-         


INTERVIEWS (part I)      [issue 1-3]                                             

Adolf/Censor				Page 2
Antitrack/Legend			Page 3
Airwolf/Success				Page 5
Crossfire/Epic				Page 6

           -The Celebrate Edition-            

Adolf/Censor [Black Priest]

TR = Reformation (# 1,apr´93)
A = Adolf/CENSOR

TR: Hello Mirko! At first some (few) facts please as I know that  
you don´t like to tell the society all about you.

A: Sure, I´m 17 years old, I´m a patriot (Nationalist if you want).  
I´m right now an ex-Skinhead, but that´ll probably change soon...
My real name is Mirko and I´m a short tempered person. I 
usually wear a green bomber jacket and killer boots...
(red. haha that´s cool, so there is no way to miss you at the Light 
party!) At the time I have no girlfriend.

TR: Well as far I know you and Bob are working on an game so 
what´s up with that project?

A: Yes, well, it´s gonna be a fun game for sure and you should go 
buy it when it comes (because cracking it probably won´t be easy,
I hope). Anyway, I´m doing the GFX and Bob does the coding, I´m 
afraid that´s all I can say right now...

TR: Hmm, as you are a quite wellknown SysOp tell us something 
general about the modemscene and some Infos about your board,
3rd Reich.

A: I´m well known as SysOp? OK, I buy that. General about the 
modem scene? Hmm, it´s alot cooler than the "mail" scene for 
sure. Faster wares and contact with others in the scene. What else
can I say?

OK, about 3rd Reich.. 1st, it´s not a Nazi or Racist board as many 
believe... It´s a cool name for a cool board. Sure, everyone knows  
I don´t like Immigrants, but I think having your own opinion isn´t
illegal and therefore I try to let my own opinions affect the way I

TR: And what in your opinion is the difference between the US  
and euro boards? Why are the most elite guys on US boards?

A: Hmm, it´s probably because of the AT&T´s and the MCI´s.. 
people weren´t able to bluebox before so that´s why the scene 
grew alot better in the states..

TR: What´s going up in CENSOR? Quite silent at the ´mom, but I 
heart something about Wonderland 10!

A: Actually CENSOR is quite unactive on the 64. It´s only when 
they get the time and feel like doing something on the 64 that 
anything happens. But the "WL 10" will be released.. Probably 
after the game is finished, but it will come.

TR: Do you think it will hurt CENSOR that Mirage and Skater 

A: No, I don´t think so, as I said the CENSOR guys are very lazy 

TR: Some words about mags? Useful?,best,World News,...

A: Uhh, mags? Well, I haven´t seen a mag since the last Mamba 
and the 1st Shock on disc...

TR: Hmm, are you a racist?

A: Haha, well, not a racist, but I am a patriot, which means that 
believe in what I think is the best for my country, and I know 
that immigrants are no good, especially in these times...

TR: What do you think about this new german board called "God 
Land"? which wants to get #1 in europe?

A: I doubt it will be #1, but if you say so.. I don´t know anything 
about it anyway since I rarely even call any local boards...

TR: At last how do you feelnow? Haha just kidding. Can you tell 
us some facts about the Bob vs. Psycho conflict?

A: Uh? Haven´t heart anything about a Bob vs. Psycho conflict...  
As far as I know they´re good friends, else Bob wouldn´t be at 
Psycho´s place as often as he is...
(red. Hmm, am I wrong? I heart something looong time ago.)

TR: Well, thanks for spending time to answer these useless 
Keep 3rd Reich ruling....! ....?

A: Is this where I advertize my board?

OK, Call 3rd Reich at +XX-X-XXXXXX

Great GFX and the mightiest Sysop you´ll ever know...

			Black Priest/FLT
           -The Celebrate Edition-            

Antitrack/Legend [Black Priest]

TR = The Reformation

A = Antitrack/LEGEND

TR: Salute Alex! Everyone knows you but anyway some details 
      about you would be nice.

A: In christmas 1982 a little boy called Alex happend to find a 
     Commodore 64 under the tree and guess what, he´s still using 
     the same computer till now!
     (Even the keyboard is the same... lovely.... ergh!!!!!)

     Now, this guy is a bit older orcourse (23 years to be precise...)
     and, he´s better known under his pseudo "ANTITRACK of
     LEGEND", and he still knows how to handle this little 

TR: You are quite inactive at the time. What´s up? A girlfriend?

A: Oh no, I´m not that inactive at all, but you guys just don´t see 
     what I´m doing, because it´s not a crack and I don´t release it.  
     In other words, I´m frequently programming little tools and 
     routines for myself, and I´m also the only one who can handle 
     them, so it´s useless to release stuff like that.

     But don´t worry, every now and then, there is an original that 
     is supposed to be difficult or a lot of work, so then I´m there 
     Girls are still allowed to send their proposal of marriage to my
     P.O. Box hahaha....

TR: You was the one who made COSMOS strong. You was the one
      who made Austria famous. Many guys says that you are the 
      best cracker ever! You are a legend! So why don´t you make
      money with your great abilities? Like Snacky/GP with crack
      protections or something like that...

A: I was the one who made COSMOS strong? Oh no, that must be 
     a mistake! I rather believe that SSD/COSMOS was the most  
     active guy. Cracking has never been a problem (at least not 
     for me), but getting the originals, megaswapping and modem 
     and having all the important connections was rather SSD´s job

     So far about COSMOS...

     About the money, I can happily tell you that my first game, 
     "Five a row", already was sold to GAME ON and I made a 
     profit of $580 for that one.
     Actually it was sold for $1340, but the music costed $80, the 
     travel to Germany to fetch the money costed $80 aswell, and
     the guy who made the graphics, who sold the game to 
     MAGIC DISK, who had the game concept also wanted to earn 
     ...ehm... $600, if I not mistaken. Well, and we´ll start another
     game soon. (But don´t hold your breath, I´m a kinda slow 
     during programming...)

TR: McSprite told me that you need 8 min for a cartridge crack! 
      Is that right or just a rumour?

A: Well, I suppose I´ve been misunderstood. The whole crack of
     "SHADOW OF THE BEAST" took an afternoon ofcourse. You 
     know, loading, crunching and saving and linking all the files 
     and playtesting took this time. What those 8 min were about:
     It was the time to study how the cartridges is constructed and 
     to choose a strategy to crack it. All the other time was only 
     executing my strategy and in this phase, no more surprises 
     showed up ofcourse.

     In general, when people ask me how long it took me to crack  
     something, I usually tell them how long I had to study the 
     protection in order to choose a strategy to crack it. I do not 
     consider all the loading,saving, crunching, testing etc.  
     As a real "WORK". Everyone knows how to handle "DARK  
     SQUEEZEER" so crunching, for example, is Darksqueezer´s
     work, not the cracker´s one!

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           -The Celebrate Edition-            

Antitrack/Legend [Black Priest]

TR: Who is in your opinion the best cracker ever?

A: That´s difficult. On the 64, I was more impressed by the old 
     guys´ works around 1985-1988, (Mister Zeropage, Teenside 
     Cracking Service, Jedi, etc...), and nowadays? Well, 
     Rockstar or Horizon/NEI are brilliant as always, but I 
     suppose the best cracker moved away from the C64 quite a 
     while ago and is rather being found on Amiga, guys like H.Q.C.
     I do know some bright local Amiga people and they do rather 
     fit in the best cracker ever category. (e.g. King Georg/ex-
     SUBWAY or in whichever group he is now).
     Far be me, however, to judge people! I like everyone who´s 
     doing great work, not "just" cracking, but making music,
     graphics, demos, games and tools.

TR: What´s your opinion to the lame little 20-100 blocks long self-
      written games by some coder who wanna just earn some 
      quick money?

A: Oh well, as my own game is 83 Blocks it does fit into this 
     category! Ofcourse I always delete games like that (my one  
     too.... oooops!) But if a game is particluarily very bad and it´s
     not the fault of the guy who sells it, but the fault of the guy 
     who buys this crap!

     (Walter Konrad, you´re free to guilty now! (Grin!))

TR: Has anyone teached you how to crack?

A: Nope, I found out everything by myself. Which took quite 
     some time.

TR: Who was the original supplier in glory COSMOS days? And 
      who is it now?

A: In COSMOS, SSD was responsible to get the originals, and I 
     can vaguely remember he had 4 guys in England who bought 
     them for us.

     Nowadays, my fellow LEGEND members (any of them) might
     send me something that is supposed to be lots of work. I really
     don´t like to work on simple or non-existant copy protections,
     you know.

TR: Well, let´s stop here with all this shit. Keep Austria ruling... 
      Bye friend...

A: It wasn´t shit. So long....

TR: Yeah! Sure it wasn´t! Thanks for the interview..

			Black Priest/FLT
           -The Celebrate Edition-            

Airwolf/Success [Black Priest]

Yes, now we can present you the promised interview with 
Norman. Yes enjoy it.

TR = The Reformation
A = Airwolf / Success

TR: Salute Norman! First of all tell us some personal facts about 
      yourself please.

A: Ok man, I´m one of the big old guys on C-64, and you can see 
     some facts about me on the LIGHT party !!!!

TR: Well, nowadys quite much SUCCESS stuff is spreaded. So how
      would you describe the organistation in SUCCESS?

A: I think the organisation is not so bad but I have some 
     problems to get all SUCCESS warez fast, but now I go to some
     friends here in my city to get the warez from the modem!

TR: So have you known that Defjay/SCS quitted?

A: Defjay quitted?? I don´t know !? When some members (SCS) 
     send me some SCS warez and on the disc the note of the this
     SCS members I have not see that Defjay have quitted!

TR: OK, many guys says that you´re the megaswapper #1. What´s 
      your secret and how long does it need to get so famous as 

A: I think that you must send cool, you must send letters (hehe)
     and you must send not 1 sending in 1 month! I think that I´m
     a good megaswapper but I think myself that I´m not the best!

TR: Does you fear the post or cops with so many contacts?

A: This time I think no! My problems with the cops are over!

TR: Are there some interesting insider facts about SUCCESS?

A: No but "Sackers to the wall"!

TR: What´s up with the promised mag from you and L.A.Style?

A: Oh we have this time some problems, but I must spread fast,
     faster sendings to my contacts and LA Style had some
     problems with his board! The coding, GFX, music are ready,  
     but I hope we can release our first issue on the LIGHT party!

TR: What do you think about the coming SUPER NITENDO scene?

A: SUPER NES rules !!! S.NES is this time the best, like the GFX, 
     crack, Intros, demos, and next will come a magazine on S.NES 
     and SEGA!
     I think all guys on the (L)Amiga have a S.NES+copystation and
     I think that the SUPER NES will come to the C64 too!

TR: Well, as you are an infamous party mover, please tell us who
      must not be absent in an ultimate party?

A: Aslive, TBB, Idol, Baze, Surfer, Majesty, Street Tuff, Walker, 
     Chotaire, Double-T and the SUCCESS gang!

TR: Do you think the scene has a living "legend" which will be 
      known in 3996 too?

A: No !

TR: Some words about our new mag please.

A: I think when the new GFX come the mag is perfect. (You have
     my vote)

TR: Thanks for all these letters you typed for this interview!
      Keep improving your swapping activities aaaaand.... bye..... ..! .?

A: Thanks... I hope we can meet us on the Light party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

			Black Priest/FLT
           -The Celebrate Edition-            

Crossfire/EPIC [Black Priest]

Well Guys, as again many rumours are spreaded about Crossfire 
he asked ous to interview him and so we gave him the chance to 
clear these rumours with this interview.
Besides I guess it´s a quite interresting interview!

TR = The Reformation
C = Crossfire / EPIC

TR: Salute Kim! First some personal facts please.

C: Well, my real name is, as you can read above, Kim Andersen.
    I´m 19 years old, 20 on 13/06, I´m 1.80m tall, weight is about  
    80kgs.,which is a bit too much, but I work out alot.. My daily 
    work is at a army-base 350km away from my home, I work 
    there as an "Konstabelf" which is abit like the american cor-
    poral I guess..

TR: What´s your opinion to co-op´s? Now some fanatics also did 
       triple ones.

C: Well, I guess a co-op is OK, aslong as people in it can go on  
    with it without disputes.. You all know , that we in EPIC were
    in co-op with DEVICE recently, I think it worked out pretty
    well, though it lasted for such a short time..
    back in my old "cool" group HOLOCAUST we were also in co-
    op with a group which was called FRESH for a brief moment,
    so I guess you say I have my experience with co-op´s..

    Still, I find triple co-op´s abit exacturated.. or am I wrong?

TR: Do you think that anyone can find an uncrackable pro-
       tection? "Toki" almost made it.

C: Hmm.. tricky question.. I truly don´t know.. I´ve never meet a 
    game I couldn´t handle if I just gave myself the time it needed,
    but then again I´ve never had any of the legendary "hard" ones
    like for instance "Toki" like you mentioned!

TR: Would it be exciting if you would join an absolute unknown 
      group, which you make to an elite one?

C: Hmm.. ask yourself the question, could I do it.. Hmm.. actually,
    the day EPIC was formed I swore to god it would be my last 
    group, so would I leave someday I would leave the scene 
    together with it.. it sounds like a fun idea, but naahh.. not for 
    me thanks anyway..

TR: OK, tell us your opinion to ...

      ... the reproaches of Jack Alien about your cracks.

C: Haha.. first of all, I have to say I´ve always had a hard time 
    taking that guy seriously.. I guess the whole reason he´s pissed 
    with me, was the fact that he got kicked out of IMAGE almost 
    a year ago.. I don´t know, also I don´t give a shit about the  
    things he rattles off, but I really don´t care about him, it seems
    the hardest attack he can make towards me is to write a anti-
    note.. Now, yoy gotta agree with me, that´s pretty weak, isn´t 

    Still, alot of people acts big in my face.. take for instance a guy
    called Oxidy/Fairlight.. Now, personally, I´ve got nothing  
    against this guy at all.. I spoke to him briefly in Aars with a 
    huge hangover while I was arguing with DMI/ACRISE, so I   
    said something to him, can´t exactly remember what, just to 
    get him off me till I was finished talking to DMI. Perhaps I was
    pretty rude, but I made several attempts getting in touch with
    him both under and after the party, and nothing happend, 
    until I called "Warez Aquarium" lately and saw a pretty nasty 
    comment about me..

    Then, finally  there is Satan/GP, who, according to himself, 
    owns the scene.. attacking me all the time, no reason, I hardly 
    know the guy, but in my eyes he is even too stupid to put 
    ordinary human-sense in the head off.. Heck, he finds it 
    amusing to call me up in the middle of the night and hang up 
    the phone, when I take it.. pretty childish, isn´t it? Who can 
    have the slightest bit of respect for such a guy!

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           -The Celebrate Edition-            

Crossfire/EPIC [Black Priest]

    Infact, people who don´t like me, I don´t give a shit about..
    Indeed, why should I?

TR: ... the current modem scene?

C: Wowsers, I never regretted buying a modem.. I started out with
    a 1200-Bauders, but just got a 2400-Bauder the very day I´m
    giving this interview as a matter of fact!
    The modemscene is cool, after I started out here I can´t under-
    stand that I found the mail-scene so good before.. These days
    I couldn´t survive without a modem.. that´s one thing which is

    But talking about the modem-scene. I would like to make a 
    short advert, if you don´t mind..
    I´ve opend a board myelf now... It´s called "The gateway" and
    runs on Aktie-Modded C-Base.. only 5 days after I opened it,  
    nearly 20 had locked on, and about 85% of them are top-elite..
    so if you´re another one of this kind, please don´t hestigate to 

    The Gateway

    ask me or my two co-sysops Loyality/EPIC or Decade/EPIC 
    for access.. there´s a special sub for special friends of ours, so it
    is a shame to miss.. Call right now!!!

TR: ... the Super Nitendo scene?

C: Beats me.. haven´t tried it out yet.. I´ve simply been too busy.. 

TR: ... the difference between Amiga and C64 boards?

C: Hmm.. I never called any Amiga (or PC for that matter!) boards
    so I can´t tell.. But I find C64-boards cool, in europe, aswell as  
    in the states..

TR: ... the so called "Elite groups"?

C: Well, elite.. hard to answer, cause in my eyes there are only 
    very few elite-groups around.. -LEGEND- is elite with all their
    full -pricer- releases, infact I was glad to see them back.. 
    -ILLUSION- is cool as always.. -TALENT- is starting to get 
    back now, another great thing..  
    Hmm.. I don´t like the word and the whole elite-concept, but 
    some are for sure: Legend, Illusion, RSI, Chromance, Success,
    F4CG.. coming to think about it, I haven´t seen anything from  
    any other groups for quite a long time..

TR: ... your enemies?

C: Well, as I said before, when I think of my enemies, people like 
    Satan/GENESIS, Oxidy/FLT(?), Jerk Alien+Cunt Zero, I can´t 
    really get myself to dislike them, cause they all act like spoiled
    kids who, for the first time in their life, did not get their   

TR: ... our mag?

C: I was positively surprised when I saw the first issue of your 
    mag.. I think it´s very cool, nice and different outfit and so on,  
    only you should get more news, etc. But I know it´ll come in the
    near future..  
    (red.: Just read the Editorial and that will be cleared!)

TR: ... the HOLOCAUST times?

C: Haha, oh well.. everybody knows "Exory/Holocaust" don´t they?
    Well, I regret those times for sure, they sure as hell destroyed 
    alot of things for me when I returned to the scene 8 months 
    later! Still, I think the only reason who bothers to tell this 
    thing as a secret is Satan/GP. This jerk still haven´t realized
    that I told it to the scene myself over a half a year ago. (The 
    note "Exory´ here!")..

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           -The Celebrate Edition-            

Crossfire/EPIC [Black Priest]

TR: Well, so much about your opinions. How was the troubles
       with Mason?

C: Hmm.. no trouble.. Well, he got booted from EPIC shortly after
    the birth because of reasons I´d rather not goo into now, but I 
    talk to him often, and as far as I know, we are good friends..
    Hard to tell, cause people backstabs each. Others daily, so who 

TR: How would you describe the organistation in EPIC?

C: We all work side by side.. The members are: Cruel and Clive 
    in Belgium, Merlin in Holland, Sonic in Germany, The Torch in
    Sweden, TG-ACME in Norway, here in Denmark we have 
    Decane,Flower,Jason,Marie and Loyalty, not to forget our 
    american member Dutchman who runs our WHQ "Power
    Surge - XXX XXX XXXX)..
    and finally ofcourse myself in DK! 

TR: Who are you original suppliers?

C: Alot of different people.. some I get from our members,  
    others I buy from Distribution Companies, etc.

TR: At last I give you the change for some words to the scene
       outside about your disputed cracks.

C: About the bugged cracks.. I never claimed to be perfect, so I  
    won´t deny the fact that I may have release some cracks that 
    bugs somewhere, I must admit I don´t always have the time to 
    do a 100% check, but I doubt it´s as many as Jerk Alien talked 
    about.. He just wanna make it look worse that it is..

TR: Ok, and finally, wanna say hello to any of your friends..

C: Yeah, all in EPIC, Lexi/LEGEND, Atmos/ILL, Tricket/DOM,
    Equinox/EMPIRE,Ice Breaker/DWI, Swan Song/DEMONIX, 
    and whoever else I´ve learnd to know pretty good since I 
    started calling out..

TR: OK, then.. let´s say "Thanks Kim" for your work..

C: Hey, you´re welcome any time, Gerald..
    (red.: Nice to hear that...)

			Black Priest/FLT
           -The Celebrate Edition-            


INTERVIEWS (part II)   [issue 5-10]                                             

Tricket/Visual Reality			Page 2
Count Zero/TRSI				Page 4
CycleBurner/MegaStyle			Page 5
Bob/Censor				Page 7

             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Tricket/Visual Reality [Black Priest]

TR = The Reformation (# 5, nov´93)

TR: Salute Tricket! Like always some short infos about you...

T: My Real name is Jesper. I´m soon 22 Years old. I´m currenly
    doing my DUTY in the danish army. I´m happily in love with 
    my Girlfriend TANJA. I´m the "PR" man for Visual Reality. 
    I´m running the VR Whq named "DOMINIC".

TR: Well, as we all know you opend a board called "Dominic" some
       times ago. In my eyes it´s a quite fine one but now some 
       rumours said something that the board will get private. 
       What´s the truth?

T: Well, Its true I had it in mind, But "NO" I´m keep it open for
    the public. 

TR: Let´s stay by the board problem. In europe many boards 
       closed while others opend. So which new board will be a 
       great one in future?

T: I´m Doing everything to keep DOMINIC special for my users,
    Maybe thats why my users loves it. But I Really don´t know.
    There are alot of good boards around in Europe. But most 
    boards has the same problem. A lack of active users and action.
    I´m glad I don´t have such probelms, YET!

TR: As you use your modem for a long time now. Which board 
       was in your opinion the absolute best (from the closed

T: A system I loved was DREAM PARK. Nowadays I really love
    In Living Color!

TR: OK, let give us some closer informations about the future 
       plans of Visual Reality.

T: We´re are currenly working with DOMINIC, and as soon as we
    are done with that, we´ll release some more demos. We will
    come back, and show the public, our newest stunning ideas. 
    with some stunning graphics, and coding.

TR: Do you know some further infos why Dominators died?

T: Sure, As 30% of DOM´s members joined the ARMY, all
our activities dropped to "0". Our plans was to crack like hell for
just 1 month, and then annonce ourself as dead, but we all was too
fucking tired in the weekends because of the army. Most of the
members lost all their interest in the 64, and decided to join the
PC scene instead. Thats what happend. The Dominators has moved
to the PC now, Where they are doing pretty AMAZING. I´ll join
up aswell. I won´t drop the 64, But stay in VR at the 64, And
Keep DOMINIC alive, while I´ll be in DOM at the PC aswell.

TR: Who are the best callers on your board?

T:HARD Question..My Best callers? Guys like: DEFF, Jack Daniels
   Peacemaker/Chromance, Crossfire/Epic, Majesty/Talent.
   I get approx 20 calls aday all in all.

TR: What´s your opinion to the US boards? What´s the diffrence 
       and why does most of the elite call these boards?

T: Its a pretty easy question, Its hard to call the European boards
   with credit cards, as the card dies faster by calling Europe than
   calling the states. Its hard for the phreakers to get good lasting 
   codes nowadays.k Sharp" was so great, but I can´t
   understand why... Besides, it only got a fifth place at the party it
   was released.
   I was more satisfied with "Youthquake", but it was "only" third.
   "Top priority" is probably the one I put most work into(and it
   has the most parts too.)

   We could have done a lot of great work in MegaStyle, but
   school took too much time for all of us. They actually asked me
   to join already when I was in Contex, but I chose to stay in Con-
   tex. Who knows, maybe we would have done something even
   greater if I had joined Megastyle earlier. Rune "Sparkler" Spans
   is an outstanding artist, and I´m glad he´s doing the graphics for
   my game now.

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Tricket/Visual Reality [Black Priest]

TR: What´s your opinion to mags?

T: HAHA..Plenty of mags, Less good mags. I hardly never read the
    mags, but okay..Sometimes I do take myself in reading one or 
    2 magazines once in a while.

TR: Wanna tell the scene something?
T: Sure, Grab a pen and write down the # for my system, its 
    where the action happens in Europe.
    +XX/XXXX-XXXX, Running Cyborg with Special VR Modds.
    Greetings to my pals like : All VR members, Deff, Jack 

TR: So thanks for the interview...

			Black Priest/FLT
             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Count Zero/TRSI [Lexi]

[L]=Lexi (# 7, jan´94)
[C]=Count 0/TRSI

[L]:Ok, well what is your Status in TRSI ?

[C]:Cracker, Modemtrader, Fixer, Organizer, Cosysop

[L]:When did you start in the C64 Scene and what was your 1st 
     Group you ever joined ?

[C]:I started in 1986, and my 1st Group was named Bloedisoft.
    We translated "Destroyer" to German and made it full of
    Shit....Man that was a fuckin´ kewl Time.
    Our slogan was : The Time of beeing Proud, of beeing a Bloedy, 
    has just begun....
    The Group died as i got Busted for the 1st Time.

[L]:Hahah yeah o remember the 1st Times, my Group was named
    Fuck for Copyright....Haha
    Well, According to the actual things that happen in your Group
    Ishould ask you what do you think about the new things in 
    TSRI for you ?

[C]:Well 1st of all we are just keeping the Group alive to
    show People like Alpha Flight their Limits and to kick
    some Major Ass like ever.
    We don´t release any Low Budget Games.
    Therefor we Killed "Ultimate".
    We allow AFL to release that kinda Ultimate Stuff.

[L]:Errmm, Well yeah...ahem...You know that i´m not good in doing
    Interviews , especially when i have you on the Line right now
    Asking Spontanous Questions...Hehe
    Typing and Asking questions isn´t my thing ...
    Let´s have some Braainstroming questions to ya to test
    if your IQ is that big like your Mouth hehe..
    Here we go:

Alpha Flight : Australians feeling Lame = AFL
               Aids for Live
               All fuckin´ Lame

C64                      : Rulez !!!

Amiga 1200          : Sucks....but i didn´t pay it so....

Euro Boards         : Mostly Lame

Chaotic Factor    : Cyborg Sucks

Radar/Lagerfeld : Nazi Power

Cavron/TRC       : No Comment

Yoguslavian War : Let Croatia Rule

Cable TV             : ARD

Radwar Party     : Drunken Irata

[L]:What will you take with you to an lonesome Island ?

[C]:Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, D1 Telephone, 
    The Pill (for Women) for 25 Years, and Communist.

[L]:What is your Favourite:

Food        :Pizza, Kebab, Pita Gyros
Drink      :Cola Whiskey, Beer, Coca Cola
Movie     :Spaceballs
Board      :Forplay
Friend     :Check the Greetinx
Computer:C64, Amiga, SNES, PC
Joystick   :Competition Pro
Girl         :Majesty´s Maren
Music:Depends on my Mood, Extreme Leftwinged German Punk,
      Normal Punk, Heavy Metal, Rock´n Roll
Group:Cyberpunx, next to TRSI it is TALENT.

[L]:What is the highest Phonebill you ever got:

[C]:About DM 700.- and i´m proud of it.

[L]:Pah, Lamer, mine was about DM 1059.- Ahem...
    and mostly i waste this Money to call People like you.

[C]:Looks like i´m really worth something to you.

[L]:Smack Smack.....(Stop kissing my Feets Jutta)

[L]:Seems that we (finally) reached the end of this anoiing 
    Interview....Well What about some last Words ?!

[C]:1st of all i want to thank AFL and Coderz for their 
    excellent Lame behaviour which made me continuing the 
    Scene and Cracking and i hope they will go on like this
    So i can have some more Fun.

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Count Zero/TRSI [Lexi]


    2nd, Iwant to greet some of the best Crackers around namely :
    Bacchus of Fairlight, Antitrack of Legend & F4CG,
    Crisp of TRSI, HOK of TRSI, Mr.President Ex-Red Sector Inc.
    (Hi and thanx for your Help Michael).

    Following with i would like to send some special overseas to
    Unholy and Side Sector of Demonix, Massive Onslaught,
    Night Writer, Swan  Song/DMX, Rich/Empire, 
    Vizz & Booze/Empire, Villain/TRC (gimme a Call),
    Tristan/Empire, and a big Fuck you to Carc-ass, 
    Now let´s continue with some Euro Stuff and Greets Including
    all RSI Members i forgot so far, especially Image 
    (who i even forgot to mention on Forplay...SOOOORY)
    Majesty & Bod/Talent, Solar/F4CG, whole SCS and TRC,
    Lexi of Fairlight (Ed. Eh that´s me!!), all my Group mates in 
    the Group Laser, fuckin´ Padua Wankers 
    (smile...hi Anno...Warm Ketchup), Toxyc/IMP.

[L]:Ok, well thanks for yer time, see ya!!

[C]:No problem!

CycleBurner/MegaStyle   [Watchman]                                          

[Q] Watchman/FLT (# 10, oct´94)
[A] Cycleburner/MegaStyle

[Q]Hi and welcome to the "Hot Terminal" Mr Cycleburner!

[A]Thank U!My pleasure.

[Q]When did you start out, and when did you join your first group?

[A]I got my first computer in 1983,and in 1987 I joined the first
   real demo group.

[Q]What groups have you been in during the years?

[A]Groups I´ve been a member are The Black Knights, which be-
   came Weird Science, and then I joined Contex when Weird split
   up, and finally I joined Megastyle when Contex split up!

[Q]How did you start on the scene?

[A]I joined "The Black Knights" after seeing their adress in
   a demo. We then changed name a few times, before we and
   some famous group I can´t remember the name of (The Flash-
   boys??Not quite, but something like that;) formed Weird
   Science 2662.(By the way, this part of Weird formed later Tridon
   which was prehaps rather unknown, but they were very good.)

[Q]What aliases have you been using?

[A]In my first demos I used the name "NOP" (No Ordinary Prog-
   grammer), and when I joined Contex, I changed to Cycleburner.

[Q]When did you start making demos, and when did you start com-
   peting in demo competitions with them?

[A]I guess I started making demos 1987 or so, and I think it was
   my second demo that won the first prize at a party in Askim. (I
   even beat Rawhead and Omega Supreme wasn´t too happy
   about not winning...)

[Q]What is your most famous oroduction so far?

[A]The most successful demo I made in Weird Science, was prob-
   ably "Sign´o´the Times (won in Askim).

   But I guess I´m best known for,are the ones I made in Contex.
   Everyone keeps saying "Look Sharp" was so great, but I can´t
   understand why... Besides, it only got a fifth place at the party it
   was released.
   I was more satisfied with "Youthquake", but it was "only" third.
   "Top priority" is probably the one I put most work into(and it
   has the most parts too.)

   We could have done a lot of great work in MegaStyle, but
   school took too much time for all of us. They actually asked me
   to join already when I was in Contex, but I chose to stay in Con-
   tex. Who knows, maybe we would have done something even
   greater if I had joined Megastyle earlier. Rune "Sparkler" Spans
   is an outstanding artist, and I´m glad he´s doing the graphics for
   my game now.

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

CycleBurner/MegaStyle [Watchman]

[Q]What is your coding philosopphy,i.e what do you find im-

[A]My"coding pilosophy" is that I don´t care much about tricks
   that are hard to code. Design is everything. But if you can incor-
   porate some clever coding tricks into a great looking demo, then
   that´s ideal. Futhermore, I don´t like effects that aren´t updated
   50 times per second (or 60 times per second on NTSC).

[Q]Do you try to find a use  for a new routine, or do you make up
   the "story" first and then figure out which routines to use?

[A]In most of the demos I´ve made on the C64, I´ve sampled some
   music, and then I´ve let the music inspire the rest of the demo.
   Sometimes I have made a routine first, but that´s not usually
   how  I work. It tends to get boring that way...

[Q]Do you like just technial demos, or do you think that people
   should work on more design?

[A]I hate technial demos, unless they contain something amazing.
   The first demos with sprites on the border were pretty shock-
   ing to me, although the design could have been better.
   I´m amazed by effects tht previously were thought of as imp-
   ossible, but 4000 dots or 500 scrollers is too boring.

[Q]What are your tools of the trade?

[A]The assembler I use was infact made by my father!

[Q]What are your views on the different scenes? You told us that
   you are working on a game for the Amiga,is that your new

[A]Yes,I´ll be working on my own game for Amiga for some
   while,and if it turns out like I hope it will,I´ll continue making
   games for the Amiga too.

[Q]Can you tell us about any weird experience you have had when
   attending a party?

[A]Now,about weird or funny things that have happened at part-
   ies,I only seems to remember the bad parts,like my power
   supply failing to work,my screen not surviving the transport,
   cop.prices being withdrawn or cops cancelling the whole party!
   Maybe I´M just very unlucky,or maybe I´M suffering from
   But atleast I´ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting
   people at the parties!

[Q]Thanks for the chat, live long and prosper!

[A]And may the force be with you.


             -The Celebrate Edition-         

BoB/Censor [Enduro]

[Q] REFORMATION (# 9, aug´94)

[Q]	Please, give the readers some personalfacts about the
	person behind the handle Bob...

[B]	A bounced crazyness formed in one explosive energetic
	mass with a beastfull passion to all kind of beaty and art and
	love to create things that noone never done before...
	Between, my real name is Robert and I´m 22 years old!

[Q]	When did you start your career on the C64?

[B]	1986 I bought my cpu - lame playings
	1987 Started to learn the C64 a bit...
	1988 Formed a group called YANKEES (not the french! 
	yankees!), a quit lame local group, I just learned to code 
	some demos (Lame mega lame demos which we where quite
	proud of that time) L8r on I joined Agile then moi, Goblin
	and Shark founded LIGHT, after a couple of month again
	some joined TRIAD -> from TRIAD to CENSOR!
Is Bob named after BoB/Twin Peaks?                                            
[Q]	Why and when did you start to call yourself BOB?

[B]	I was seven years old I think, there were some Englishboys
	which were calling me Bob instead of Robert when I was
	on holiday in England. Bob = Robert in english and at that
	time, all the arcade games only had a three letters long high-
	score name. B-O-B, easy!

[Q]	Well, you´re a specialtype of the coderclan, the one who
	suprises us all with stunning design in every new demo, 
	where do you get all ideas from? Why design? How do you do
	to make the ideas come true?

[B]	Hmm, I have unlimited awesome ideas which I would like
	to make, but there is one problem, I don´t have much time
	to do these things, but I´ll give the ideas to the other
	CENSOR members like Swallow and Staigar which make my fan-
	tasies come true!

	Hmm, where I got my ideas from, they just grows in my mind
	and getting more and more nastier. I love to think! I can
	sometimes think of awesome crazy fantasies which seems to
	be impossible to solve, but in the end, all got it´s solution.

	Why design? A demo should be something you would like to 
	watch forever, it´s something of a very sophisticated art,
	it´s simply beatyful artistic creation, it should penetrate 
	all your feelings like your eyes for seeing very nice things
	which will higher the impression of the art (design), your
	ears for hearing lovely harmony which you could listen for-
	ever. VERY IMPORTANT! A nice demo without good music
	or sound will lower the overall impression too much! All
	these categories should/must be in balance and the FX must
	be something unexpected! It´s not just the code who makes a
	demo good, and breaking worldrecords with routines which
	people already have seen 1000 times isn´t of any importance
	an artistic creation, there´s nothing unexpected at all!
	I can´t see any pleasure doing a demo like that!
A Demo Is Pure Art To Pleasure!                                                  

[Q]	How much do the other CENSOR-members mean to you, 
	(taste that Bob!)?

[B]	CENSOR is a family, we are at private bestfriends and
	will be that for the rest of the life! Satisfied?

[Q]	Why do you only code for party-demos?

[B]	Hehe, 1-2 month before a party I do spend a lot of time
	in front of the C64, otherwise I don´t use it much! "KTH"
	takes a lot of time, poor C64, but I DO call Future Zone
	twice a month (ed.posting weird messages!!)

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

BoB/Censor [Enduro]

[Q]	Why did you enter the console-scene?

[B]	The future is there, money makes the world go around!
	Well, the CENSOR-team is on the both categories, cool and
Is Al Capone BoB´s father?                                                            

[Q]	What´s your favorite:

	Book	Beta mathbook,ehh?!
	Movie	The Godfather
	Game	Bridge Racer (arcade 3D...)
	CopyParty	The Dominator&Uppfront (brilliant!)
	Porno Actress	Victoria Paris, Gunnar Johansson

	Girl	Anna-Nicole Smith ( unexpected!)
	Musicstyle	Cyberpunk (ed.Skinny Puppy,argh!)
	Drink	Coctails (hmm, hallonsaft?)
	Coder	Me,I,Bob,myself (ed.BoB=ego!)
	Scener	Censor (ed.Bob wrote it 22 times!!)

	Demo	Wonderland IX and X, Spasmolythic
	Board	Future Zone
	Sex	Censur!! (ed.some words were NO KIDS!!)
	Joke	Hahaha, that was a good one!!
	Magazine	My babes diary!

[Q]	Is there any group you´d join instead of CENSOR?

[B]	Hahahahaha, what a joke Enduro, hahahaha, we´re not just
	a hacker-group! (ed, yes you got intern orgies, cybermothers
	and free entrance to Skansen!)

[Q]	Do you want someone to re-enter the scene?

[B]	Xakk, Contex and MegaStyle!

[Q]	How´ll you describe the memory from the C64 scene 2020?

[B]	Wild livings, cool, flipped out creations, fantasyworld and
	so on (ed.not Censor,Censor x 1000??)

[Q]	Tell us about the worst thing you ever done in the scene?

[B]	Me, never do ANY bad things...
Is BoB short for Bobby/Dallas?                                                     

[Q]	Which ones are worth to mentioned as BoB´s pals?

[B]	Censor Design, PD, Euzkera, Chromance, Success (new team
	and old team) and many many more, too many!!

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

BoB/Censor [Enduro]

[Q]	What´s the full CENSOR-memberstatus?

[B]	The same as C64! (ed.ehh!)

[Q]	Why dropping:	   (a)Cracking
		   (b)Sh0ck Magazine

[B]	(a)Is there anything worth to crack on C64?
	(b)We haven´t dropped Sh0ck, it´s on S-NES!
	(c)We don´t produce so many things nowadays, not funny!
	(d)WE BOOZE! We drop booze = we drop dead!!

[Q]	What about your party-activities?

[B]	Well, there´ll be further releases with new stuff, don´t
	you worry all. Partys we will show up on (if it is cool
	enough) will be the ones in Denmark and Sweden!

[Q]	What´s your future plans?

[B]	Too many! Look out for the awesome demo from us on the 
	S-NES with 180 C64 sid-songs!! (´s released now and
	it kicks major ass!!)

ALL AGAINST AARON!!!                                                              

[Q]	Got any real wars through the years?

[B]	HA HA HA HA, haaaah, nice!! (ed.Bob means the war be-
	tween Aaron/FLT and the CENSOR-crew some years ago, 
	CENSOR created an anti-Aaron team, namely All Against
	Aaron, AAAA...)

[Q]	Have CENSOR reach it´s top yet?

[B]	Nope, not yet...
 Well, again a big thanks to Bob for this great interview, the vic-
tim for the coming issue is still a BIG secret, hold on and wait for 

             -The Celebrate Edition-         


THE LESSIONS OF INTERNET                                                      
Preface					Page 2
Connection Problems			Page 3
Internet Access in Sweden		Page 4
FidoNet					Page 5
What is FSP?				Page 7
What is FTP?                            Page 8
             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Preface [Watchman]

 What computer network spans the world, offers faster inter-
continental transmissions than normal modems, contains giga-
bytes of software and is legal? The answer is:


A network built around universities and schools around the world
The network is available in just about all cities in Europe, 
Scandanavia, North and South America, Asia and Africa. In fact,
if you´ve been able to see through all the hype about Cyberspace, 
but still believe that a global computer network is a kewl idea, 
this is the real life version you want... And it´s mighty kewl!

The things you can get hold of on internet is just about everything
you might think of, and some things you don´t think of, too! The 
services available on Internet are divided into several groups:

File Transfer: 	Normally via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) You can 
	log onto sites that keep all goodies in directories, 
	and you can download it for free. Much like normal
	BBS systems... There are illegal FTP sites too!

Multichat:	IRC is a system which let people log on and chat 
	with eachother, usually in subgroups such as 
	"hackers", "Elite dudes" or "hen-lovers" Serveral 
	kewl dudes from the PC and AMIGA scenes are 
	regulary chatting on IRC.

News:	A system of spreading news around the globe. The news 
	are divided into topics, for example comp.sys.amiga.hard-
	ware and comp.sys.cbm, where dudes like Antitrack and 
	The Chief from the scene write about there ideas and 
	problems. If you need information, and believe somebody 
	knows the answer, just post a question on news. 
	Latests News: there will be a comp.sys.cbm.binaries section
	where new C64 stuff will be available for downloading!

System resources:		By using TELNET you can log on to other 
		computers around the globe and run public
		programs such as file search systems, which 
		let you search for a file around the world, or
		search for books, by logging into the library 
		of congress.

E-Mail:	   This is a big service, Almost 10 million people are con-
	   nected to e-mail (nobody knows exactly how many!) for 
	   example Bacchus, Tron, Watchman, Antitrack, 
	   The Chief, most dudes in Triangle and many, many 
	   others (President Bill Clinton have e-mail!). The big catch
	   is this: If you only can get e-mail, you can use resources 
	   so that the library of congress.

How do you get internet access?

As said before, almost all cities have a local connection, even 
though it might only be 2400 Baud to the local computer, the rest
of the transfer around the world might reach Mbit speed! If you
don´t have the phone#, or haven´t internet access at school, you 
can always talk to the sysop at the nearest College or University,
it shouldn´t be impossible to at least get an e-mail adress.

You might have to pay a monthly fee, but then you can use it as 
much as you want. The big saving is the time to transfer files, and
that you usually only have to pay the local area phone toll. I, 
myself will probably have to pay 150SEK/month for my internet
connection at home, but then I´ll have 2 Mbit transfer directly
onto my harddisk! It won´t take long to save that money by 
cutting down on my phone usuage!
             -The Celebrate Edition-         


Connection Problems [Watchman]

Now over to the connection problem. Most people get their 
access at their school or university, so find out if there in any 
internet e-mail available at your school, and if you can get an 
account. Even if you can´t get ftp, news, telnet, irc or the other 
services, an e-mail account will give you access to these services 
inderectly, I will talk about how that is possible later on. If you 
can´t get e-mail at the school, instution or at work, then you can 
get an account at a commercial dial-up centre. I only know of 
such laces in germany at the moment (supplied by Tony) so here
it comes:


Name:		Individual Network e.V. (IN)
Dialup:	Contact for number
Area code:	+49
Local access:	Almost whole Germany
Long distance:	Provided by user
Services:	E-mail,usenet feeds,UUCP,SLIP,ISDN,shell,ftp,telnet,
Fees:		15-30DM/month 

Voice:		+XX-XXXX-XXXXX (Andreas Baess)
Ftp info:

Name:		Individual Network - Rhein-Main
Area codes:	+XX XXX
Local Acc.:	Frankfurt/Offenbach, Germany
Long Distance:	Provided by user
Services:	Shell(Unix),ftp,telnet,irc,gopher,uucp feeds
Fees:		Slip.ppp.isdn: 40DM, 4DM/Mb

Ftp info:	n/a

Name:		INS - Inter Networking Systems
Dialup:	contact for number
Area codes:	+49 23
Local acc.:	Ruhr-area, Germany
Long distance:	provided by user
Services:	e-mail,uucp,usenet,slip,ppp,isdn-tcp/IP
Fees:		fees for commercial institutions and any others:
		ip:$290/month minimum

Ftp info:	n/a

Dialup:	contact for numbers
Area code:	+49 089
Local access:	Munich/Bavaria, Germany
Long distance:	provided by user
Services:	mail,news,ftp,telnet,irc,gopher,slip/ppp/uucp
Fees:		from DM 20 (mail only) up to DM 65,full Account with PPP

Voice:	n/a
Ftp info:*
             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Internet Access in Sweden[Watchman]

 InterNet access in Sweden is primarily gained in much the same 
way as in all other countries, (except Senegal I guess). The easiest
and cheapest way is if you attend a school that have a connection 
to some sort of network with gateways to larger networks. Two 
such networks in Sweden are SWENET and NORDUNET, the lat-
ter connect schools in Scandinavia. Since these networks have 
bridges to InterNet, you can usually send and receive e-mail from
persons and services on InterNet. If your school have a real hook-
up then it´s even easier, you just continue to the next step, to get
an account.

 If you are a student at a highschool that have access like above, 
the most students can get an account simply by asking the sysop. 
If you are going to an University and are taking Computer related
courses you usually get an account automatically. If you don´t take
such courses you might be able to get an account anyway. Talk to 
your councellor and tell him/her that you believe it will help you
broaden your views by getting in contact with other students, or
something else that sounds like a good reason. This will hopefully
do the trick.

 But what if you DON´T attend a school, or a school without an 
access? Well, in most larger cities there are BBS bases that you 
can gain access to the beloved network. This is not a free solu-
tion, but could cut your telebill anyway. I´m certain that there 
are direct access numbers to InterNet like the ones in Germany I
wrote about in the last issue. 

 One access in Sweden and most other counties are COMPU-
SERVE. This very large network has become a network that sits 
on the bigger InterNet too, and you can get all services normally 
available on InterNet via Compuserve too... and Compuserve have
some to offer too! It´s expensive but if you are a user of it al-
ready, then don´t hesitate to use InterNet too.

 Here´s two boards in the area of Stockholm that gives the user 
access to InterNet via gateways:

USERMODES:		Terminal, Point
GATEWAYS:		Fidonet,BadNet,AmigaNet
BAUDRATES:		300-16800
CHARGE:			Free

SITENAME:		Prime Time
USERMODES:		Terminal, Point
GATEWAYS:		Fidonet m.m.
CHARGE:			Free

             -The Celebrate Edition-         

FidoNet [Bacchus]

Howdy hackers!

 The thing we have discussed so far is the InterNet, which is a 
global network between universities and specially connected sit-
es. Mind that this net is run on their own cabels and in real time. 
You can chat in real time with your pals worldwide, if you have a
normal InterNet account. What I intended to discuss is the other 
networks like FidoNet, AmigaNet, SexNet and lots of others.

 The other ones are private ones in hierarcic organization. On the
top level you have hosts, followed by hubs and nodes. Nodes are 
the normal boards you can call much like any other board you 
run. The main difference is that the mail from the node floats up-
wards in the organization as well as it spreads downwards. This 
way, a post you make, spreads around the globe in a few days. 
These boards do not have an on-line connection with their super-
ior, but they call a few times a day (that is very mush up to the 
sysop I guess) to leave and collect mail in compressed "packages". 
Your node sysop decides what areas to subscribe to from the hubs
he fetches data from. So there is no need to get ALL the data 
written worldwide. For a normal node the telephone costs are not
that high, as the compressed packages only takes a few minutes to
pass on and fetch, but still the system is built on systems calling 
from the bottom sharing the data. Only the hosts have to share 
the data cross country.

 FidoNet is the biggest independent system, created in 1984 by Tom
Jennings and along with John Madwil he constructed a mailing 
system. The system was named after Tom´s dog, Fido. The number
of connected BBS:es are estimated to 27000, with an uncountable 
number of areas. Most of them are local ones, echoed in only the 
religion or the country, but some are international ones, with 
which you can reach the world!

 The Fido adress is interpreted this way:


 The first 2 (before the colon) is the ZoneNumber, in this case Eu-
rope. The next part is the net number, where 20 is Sweden and 
the succeeding 1 means it´s Stockholm. The 411 in the example is 
the nodenumber. The node in this case is the board ANet in 

 There is also another optional sublevel called poins:


 Here the node number is succeeded by a point (hence the name)
and a pointnumber, in this case my pointnumber; 71! A point is a
"slave board" to a node. In this releationship the node is called 
"boss". As often as you like you can ask the point to call the boss 
and fetch new mail. Then you have a mailtosser, i.e a program 
that depacks the packages and lets you reply them and everything
off-line, saving you a good deal of phonebill-money. It then packs
the text for you in the format your boss wants them, and then 
you exchange the texts for the new ones the next time you call. It
is very much like a highly complex off-line reader.

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

FidoNet [Bacchus]

A lot of boards have several networks that they are connected to.
ANet, for example features both AmigaNet and BadNet as well as
Fido. Through BadNet I can also access InterNet, as it features a 
gateway to InterNet. I´d like to clear out some of the mess Mason/
MOTIV 8 made trying to explain this in PULSE-march issue:

 A gateway is here some kind of interface between the two 
systems. They don´t have the same data packages and so on, so 
these are converted and then able to pass messages transparently
to and from the two system. As you well understand, there is no 
possibility to do the features of InterNet, but the ability to mail 
most students worldwide is just something special!

 To mail from Fido to InterNet you just adress the post to the 
gateway. I send my letters to "InterNet Gateway" at 92:901/1.0. 
This is the process in the host system that understands that the 
post is intended for the InterNet, as there is no physical user with
this name. You can name the errand anything you like, just if you
keep in mind that the letter text itself must start with the words
"to:" followed by the E-mail adress you wish to mail; f.ex "To:
Grendel[]" if you want to mail the old stud Grendel 
of Byterapers.

I hope this clears the mess in The Pulse Magazine!

To mail me and my point, do pass letters to:

             -The Celebrate Edition-         

What is FSP? [Watchman]

 FSP is a program that lets you send and receive files at to and
from specific directories. This means that you can access a certain
file that belongs to a user somewhere in network. This is used for
transfer of files that, for some reason, isn´t very popular to have
available at a public FTP site. Fsp is also used when the site can´t 
deliver the power needed to sustain the bandwidth that FTP 
needs. The fsp address is made up of two figures: the IP address 
and the PORT number. You access the directory by issuing the fsp
<IP address><PORT number> command. Most systmes doesn´t 
have the fsp program available as a command and you will there-
for get a copy of the program from an ftp site or so. The address 
to an fsp site might be hard to get and are treated a bit like call-
ing card numbers. One reason for this is that some of these sites 
carry commersial stuff and when the sysop finds out, the site is 
shut down, so a site might not last very long. Enough about that, 
let´s perform a fsp session instead!

jota21:/u2/d91/jsn/ftp>fsp 5300

Comment:	 This is the command call with the IP number and
	 PORT address. has older revision than expected
8. Shell command failed: No such file or directory

Comment:	This is a standard ERROR message that you get when 
	accessing an FSP site, funny isn´t it?

total 260

drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	5632 Mar 17	16:16 Bunny
drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	512 Nov 30	14:17 Bunsi.t.Sun
drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	2048 Mar 9	14:41 Paulina
drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	512 Mar 9	14:41 Savanna

Comment:	Here are the directories in standard UNIX fashion,
	the ´d´ means directory.

fsp>cd savanna
	owner:no	delete:no	add:no
	mkdir:no	read:yes

Comment:	O.k we change directory to the ´savanna´ directory.

total 365

-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	65171 Aug 2	1993 Savanna2.jpeg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	43427 Aug 2	1993 Savanna1.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	38205 Aug 2	1993 Savanna2.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	60998 Aug 2	1993 Savanna3.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	57866 Aug 2	1993 Savanna4.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	40059 Aug 2	1993 Savanna5.jpg

Comment:	This is the contens of the directory ´savanna´.
	As you might notice it contains several jpeg pictures.

fsp>get savanna 2.jpg

Comment	Let´s get the picture ´savanna2.jpg´.

downloading ´savanna2.jpg´ (38205 bytes)
done 38205 bytes in 20.6 seconds (1.81K/sec)
cummulative round trip time = 491.6 msec; 47/100 packets (47 %)
current round trip time = 480.8 msec; 47/100 packets (47 %)

Comment:	The file is transmitted to our home directory. 
	The ´#´ sign just shows that the transfer is in progress


Comment:	We end the session.

You can always type ´help´ within the fsp system to get a list of 
the commands available and a description of to use´em!

             -The Celebrate Edition-         

 There are also major risks in BlueBoxing nowadays. If you,

What is FTP? [Watchman]

 FTP, or File Transfer Protocol is just like FSP a program that
lets the user transfer files easily around the network. The big
difference between FSP and FTP is that almost all servers on the
net accepts FTP, that it uses a much higher bandwidth and thus a
higher transfer rate, and that is (usually) is legal stuff that is
beeing transfered. The address given to the system is a name on a
server and several lists of such addresses are available at most
sites, foe the one we log into below, let´s go:

Comment: Here is the UNIX command that start our FTP 
                 session with the FTP site "".

Connected to
220-Hello user at
220-Welcome to the FUNET archive. Please login as "ano-
220-nymous" with you E-mail address as the password to
220-access the archive.

Name: anonymous

331-Guest login ok, give your E-mail address for password


230-Guest "d91-jsn[]" login ok.
230-Finnish University and Research network FUNET
230-              Archive FTP.FUNET.FI
230-Most important file name suffixes are described at 
230-News about this system can be looked at 
Comment: In the section above you´ll see a standard 
           message that contains some information about
           the site you have connected to. As you see I 
           log in with the name "anonymous" and sends 
           my E-mail address as a password.


200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for;

-rw-r--r--	2mea	funstaff	26810 Mar 3 21;51 README
drwxrwsr	2mea	funstaff	1024 Feb 11 17;09 pub
drwxrwsr	4mea	ftp	1024 Feb 11 17;09 staff-docs

226 Transfer complete
1197 bytes received in 0.19 seconds (6.2 Kbytes/s)
Comment; Here is the root directory for the site. The stuff
                 you normally is looking for when FTP´ing is loc-
                 ated in the "pub" directory.

ftp>cd pub

200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for:

lrwxrwxrwx	1man	funstaff	3 Oct 20 18;20 CBM->cbm
drwxrwxr-x	14ojal	ftp	512 Feb 24 11;56 NeXT
drwxrwxr-x	15arl	ftp	512 Mar 26 19;22 OS

226 Transfer complete
896 bytes received in 0.06 seconds (60.4 Kbytes/s)
Comment: This is a sample of the contents od the "pub" 
                 directory. Let´s check out the "cbm" dir.!

ftp>cd cmb

250-This subdirectory is for Commodore 8-bit machines.
250-like Vic 20, C-64 and C-128.
250-Amiga stuff is in /pub/amiga.
Comment: The message above tells us what the directory
                 is for.


200 PORT command successful
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for:

drwxrwxr-x	2msmakela	ftp	512 Jan 20 20;07 archiving
drwxrwxr-x	13msmakela	ftp	512 Jan 20 20;07 c128
drwxrwxr-x	15msmakela	ftp	512 Jan 20 20;07 c64
drwxrwxr-x	2msmakela	ftp	512 Feb 5 17;57 c-hacking

226 Transfer complete.
1344 bytes received in 0.39 seconds (3.4 Kbytes/s)
Comment: Here is the contents of the "cbm" directory. If 
                 we want the C-hacking magazine we enter 
                 that directory.

--> TURN THE PAGE! -->
             -The Celebrate Edition-         

What is FTP? [Watchman]

ftp>cd c-hacking

250 CWD command successful


200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for:

-rw-rw-r--	1 albert	ftp	501 Feb 5 17;57 00INDEX
-rw-rw-r--	1 msmakela	ftp	19035 Sep 11 1992 c-hack1.gz
-rw-rw-r--	1 msmakela	ftp	1905 Jul 27 1992 c-hack2.gz
-rw-rw-r--	1 msmakela	ftp	19035 Dec 1 1992 c-hack3.gz

226 Transfer complete
638 bytes received in 1 seconds (0.61 Kbytes/s)
Comment: Here are the files that contains the issues of 
                 C-Hacking that has been released so far. Let´s 
                 get the last one...

ftp>mget C-Hack3

mget C-Hack.gz? yes

200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /pub/cbm/
      c-hacking/c-hack3.gz (19035 bytes)
226 Transfer complete

local; C-hack3.gz remote; Chack3.gz
19200 bytes received in 0.6 seconds (34 Kbytes/s)
Comment; We issue the mget command which is a multi-
                 get command that let us use wildcards when 
                 selecting files to transfer, the system now 
                 sends a filename to us and by pressing ´y´ 
                 (yes), I tell the system which file to get I want

                 The system transfers the file to us and dis-
                 plays transfer statistics... What about speed?


221-Goodbye, and thank you for using the FUNET archive.
221-You transferred 19 KBytes during this session.
Comment: We end this session.
Remember: Just like in FSP, you can always type ´help´ to
                   get a command description.

             -The Celebrate Edition-         


THE GROUP STORIES          [Saga]                                                

Chromance Story				Page 2
The Antic Saga				Page 5

(# 11, out at the Tribute-party!)

             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Chromance Story [Lord Crucifier]

 Chromance is, in my opinion,a  group which everyone likes one
way or another. They are entitled as one of the few groups who
made it to the top, but who not really look down on others. They
have friends ranging from members from top groups ´til group-
less people who just entered the scene. The first time I really got
in touch with Chromance, was when I helped my friend Atomicro
to get in the scene. He coded a couple of intros and send them to
Chromance, with the  question if the liked them, and prehaps he
could join. And they accepted him. That was when I decided for
myself that Chromance was special. They don´t look at your back-
ground first, and then you prehaps could do for the group. I think
it wouldn´t mattared if Atomicro came straight from Legend to
Chromance or just like then, new in the scene, because they
would have taken him on his abilities, and not his background.

How goes the Chromance-story?

 Chromance began life as a root of the F.B.I Crew in summer 1990.
Mr.Wax, at that time leader of F.B.I, was fed up with the chaos in
the group, and decided to start a new one. From the F.B.I
members, they picked the best and most active members, to form
a group with a name comming from the ´Gridpoint Observer´
editor. (Guess who?,ed anm) Also some other members from diff-
erent groups and countries joined, but they are already out or left
the scene by now. To promote Chromance a bit, the went to the
Transcom party. "The biggest flop ever" says Mr.Wax about this
party. Their big breakthrough was when they started to crack
seriously, and when they origanized their own party,the
Chromance Party V2 in Budapest, back in 1991.

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Chromance Story [Lord Crucifier]

Who rule among the rulers?

 Instead of leaders as in the F.B.I  Crew, they took organizers,
which are Mr.Wax and Jinx. Chromance never died and is never
rebuild becoz of that, they have never been in co-op, although
there have been a few little co-op contact demo´s. Besides their
cracks, among them, several first releases from Hungarian soft-
ware teams, they also release a small demo once in a while (like
Bad Habbit) and their "Gamers Guide"-clone "Are We The Best?".
They have stopped their activities for this magazine, and are
waiting for another person to continue its release. Chromance
future plans are just some improvments of what they are doing
now. They do still concentrate on cracking, and tries to get more
involved in the modemscene (with Armageddon for example).
They do also have a party once in a while (last one was a month
ago with Faces: the X-mas Paddy!)

Quality leads to the top!

 There are only a few "elite" groups, and the struggle for the
number one place by releasing the best cracks is hard.
Chromance see themselves striking with quality-cracks and many
first releases. But this is also where some people have critics on
Chromance. Some say that most first releases are budgetgames
from Hungarian teams, and most games arren´t worth playing.
But, this slight minor is covered up by some nice "normal"
cracks, and sometimes they even made a real masterpiece. I think
that that´s also a very important factor which helped them to the
top. After all, the WANTS quality instead of speed... (Hmm,start
voting for Bacchus/FLT

Some thoughts about charts!

 Mr.Wax has a very good opinion here and the position of some
groups. He says "In my opinion, most charts are bullshit. No off-
ence of groups, but how comes it that inactive groups are placed
so high in charts? Think before voting! And also stop voting for
dead groups, give the chance for the real active people instead!!"

Some finalwords from Mr.Wax

 "Most of us are friendly people, don´t like to rag and so on. We´re
trying to have some fun in this scene and we always look on the
bright side of life. Peace to everybody and remember: You´re liv-
ing only once, don´t take computing to seriously. If you do, you´ll
surely regret it a few years later!".

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         

Chromance Story [Lord Crucifier]

Chromance memberstatus:

Name:	Type:			Age,Civil:

Mr.Wax     	Swap, Crack, Org.,Modem			20, studying                
Jinx       	Code, Crack, Modemtrade			19, civil service           
Painkiller 	Code, Crack, Swap      			19, studying                
Griff      	Code, Music            			19, working
Alex       	Code, Crack, Swap      			19, studying                
Jazzy D    	Code, Crack, Swap,Modem			19, studying
Redax      	Code, Phonephreak      			20, working in a phonecomp.!
Cryptodanc.	Swap, a bit graphics   			18, studying                
Blockbuster	Swap, Crack, Modem     			19, studying                
Mike D     	Graphics, Modem        			20, army (married)       
Joyride    	Sysop EHQ "Highway"    			17, studying                
Alagami    	Editor "Imagination"   			18, studying                
Mac 2      	Music                  			??, studying                
Floris     	Graphics               			??, army?                   

		Lord Crucifier/Sacred

 This article is now over one year old, and ofcourse some guys 
aren´t members anymore and some are but not listed, like:
AMC, Titanic, Woazio, Splatterhead, Syco, Druid and Sailor..., we 
hope you´ll understand this "error"!
             -The Celebrate Edition-         


 Antic was formed by DEPEH,XOR,SPIROU and BOM in may 1990.
SPIROU came from ZYROX(sounds like zyron???).
DEPEH,XOR & BOM came from CICEN.We also formed a special 
mag-producing sub-group to antic called THE MOB and we 
released our first issue of the Explorer Magazine.After some 
weeks we released our first demo entirely coded by depeh and
almost entirely graphixed by depeh too.ETHIC was the first demo
from ANTIC!Later on THE MOB changed name to ANTIC.A new
DEMO , CRACKING , SWAPPER , BBS group had finaly seen the 
light. If you are somewhat good at mathematics you can figure 
out that ANTIC soon is 4 years old...

 Antic have been or is active in all the things that is possible to do
on the c64.Here´s a little presentation of all the different 
activities we have done or is doing...

 Antic is probably most known for all the demos we release.And 
our coders behind all theese have been few.Most of the code from
antic was and is performed by depeh who´s the only coder left in 
antic.JORDAN also did a few parts(aprox. one for each demo )then 
we have had coders who just coded 1 or 2 parts for us (with low 
quality...) worth mentioning can be HCL, TRASH, SKY, BAGZY, 
 Our demos have certainly maintained its high standard thanks to 
the top graphicians we have had during theese years.such as ofcoz
our best (and the worlds?) graphician CREEPER!other great gfx-
SKYWIZE, INDY & STRANGER(If i´ve forgot any then sorry.But 
i´ve lost some memberlists.)
We have only had one real musician and he is a real talent,ofcoz
it´s ZYRON that i´m talking about.Other guys who have made 1 or 
All theese ingredients have probably made us this famous and 
amongst the 10 best on the charts

Antic have also been quite active in the cracking scene but is now
STRICTLY LEGAL!Our best and most active crackers was EXALT
PROBE, SPIROU, JASON and we also managed to reach the top 20
in some crackercharts.But for about a year ago we decided that 
cracking is KILLING the scene so we dropped our illegal
activities and renamed to ANTIC PRODUCTIONS just to avoid
confusions with our ILLEGAL past.

Phreaking & Modemscene:
Some of our members have spent their sparetime calling boards  
and some still do.We have had a number of great boards sume
time ago but nowadays the callers have got fewer and so all our 
boards are down.Our first board was THE FUTURE ZONE which 
was put up by spirou(who later joined triad,light and now
Fairlight).This base is one of the most known board in scandinavia
Other boards have been WAREZ STATION by EXALT and 
THE SUBWAY by JORDAN which was going pretty well.We have
also had a board in the states and it was called
SILICON CHAOS.Other boards that more or less was opened at
some occations was THE DECADENCE(Beachtiger was co-sysop 
but since I haven´t heard anything from him for a year then i
presume this he left the scene) - THE GOLDEN GNOME
(MR Walker(Aint that the Phantom???)) - WONDERLAND(Flood)
Our most known Phreakerz during theese years have been :         
Creeper(People thought that he had a big mouth on the boards 
when he wasn´t that famous) XOR (He is still active calling the few
boards in Sweden around and he has always been calling around 
as long as he has been in the scene.) TURN PAGE! -->-->-->-->

--> TURN THE PAGE! -->
             -The Celebrate Edition-         


 We have also had (and have) some very active swappers, worht 
mentioning can be Incubus, Beachtiger, Stormlord, Zyron, Star, 
Exalt, Dirty C, Xor and so on. Ofcourse other members have also 
been swapping a bit, but not with more than 20-30 contacts.

Party Activities:
 Since Antic was born we have always showed up on ALL major 
parties atleast in Sweden and Denmark. Our most faithful party-
freaks have been: Creeper, Depeh, Zyron, Exalt, Incubus, Star, 
Jordan, Probe, Xor. We try to release our demos on party coz it´s
very nice to actually experience other people´s reaction about our
It´s also gives you a special feeling to see all the great demos on a 
big screen with super HIFI-Stereos attached to it!

 Our only so called WAR was after the LUNDSBRUNN party
arranged by a group consisting of farmers only - J.A.M - The 
population of LUNDSBRUNN(Jams hometown) is below 1500
Farmers(haha).But anyway after this LAME party jam started to
accuse Creeper(when he was in FLASH)the he had stolen lots of
disks from TJOST(Geos and stuff he said).And we thought - Who
the fuck are they to ACCUSE creeper when they had no fucking
proof what so ever? A little war was started and everybody wrote
shit about JAM in the Swedish boards .And even on partys we
made the life a living hell for them.LIGHT,ANTIC,FLASH and
FAIRLIGHT was againts their lameasses.But anyway later on we
just quit coz we felt sorry for the poor farmer-kids-on-the-JAM
(F.K.O.T.J) so we dropped the whole shit...
War is lame...Friendship Rulez...

Antic Memberlist 14/6 1994:                                                         

Code,Graphics,Swap,Lead  Real Name:Goeran Johansson
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Skoevde/Sweden
Graphics,Code  Real Name:Kim Nordstroem
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Sundbyberg/Sweden
Music,Swap,Code  Real Name:Johan Aastrand
Born in the year of 1973 - Lives in Karlsborg/Sweden
Organizer,Explorer  Real Name:Daniel Faernstroem
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Sundsvall/Sweden
Swap  Real Name:Robin Forsberg
Born in the year of 1974 - Lives in Soederhamn/Sweden
Graphics,Swap  Real Name:Daniel Sczedansky
Born in the year of 197? - Lives in Chemnitz/Germany
Explorer,Sysop  Real Name:Gerald Weissenstein
Born in the year of 1974 - Lives in Hoheneich/Austria
Swap,Explorer  Real Name:Jonas Kjellin
Born in the year of 1974 - Lives in Linkoeping/Sweden
Graphics,Swap  Real Name:Oerjan Larsson
Born in the year of 1971 - Lives in Karlsborg/Sweden
MegaSwap Real Name:David Van Dromme
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Rijmenam/Belgium

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             -The Celebrate Edition-         


Demos made by Antic Production:                                                 
Ethic				Juli 1990
Athmosphere			August 1990
Lunacy 1			October 1990
Lunacy 2			December 1990
Up The Limits			March 1991(Easter HZ party)
Lunacy 3			May 1991
Up The Limits 2			July 1991(Our one year demo)

Lunacy 4			September 1991
Beyond Imagination		November/December 1991
Lunacy 5			March 1992(Easter Light party)
Lunacy 7			May 1993(Light party)
Beyond Imagination 2		January 1994(Camelot X-mas party)
Lunacy 6 (The lost Sequel)	July/August 1994

and Hopefully more productions will come...
We are still lookking for kewl members,so if you think you are
good enough then contact Depeh:


If their is some demo that you dont have then contact Zyron 
send $2 or 20 skr or 2 disks for copying cost to:


Ok,time to go out in the world and live your life...
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