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Reformation issue 7

Editorial Issue #7

The 64 is no status...´s an attitude!/Duke of Regina


... to the next generation!

You have entered the best magazine in the scene, feels good,eh?!
O.K let´s start to talk about all changes in this magazine:

Yes, what is a FLT product without our classic intros?
Changed to Red Devil winning tune from the Party,enjoy!
No bugs anymore in the pageswitchning,GREAT(right Walker)
New Staff:

Editor: ENDURO
	Bizarre,Calypso,NSD,Airwolf,Walker m.m.

Chapter Reviews:

	Editorial			Enduro
	Highlights			Lexi,Enduro
	Board Corner			Lexi,Enduro
	Megachart (sep-dec)		Enduro
	Best of 1993			Enduro
	Party III			Bacchus,Enduro
	Spotlights			Lexi,Watchman
	Group Profile			Lord Cruisifier
	Demo Hall of Fame 1993		Enduro

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Chapter introduction

What can we present in this issue?


This time we can present you infos about the following groups:

	Fairlight	Genesis * Project
	Motiv8		Red Sector Inc.
	Talent		Avantgarde
	Crest		Triad
		+++ many more +++
Board Corner

All happenings in Europe and the States...
Mega chart (sep-dec)

Top 20 overallgroups

Who´s on top? Crest,Oxyron or Legend??
Best of 1993 charts

All you need to know about the past year...
Who´s on top??
Party III report

The party in Herning was a success, all about it in this chapter!!

All about Count Zero/RSI and Cycleburner/Megastyle!!
Group profile

New idea by Enduro! Under the skin of Chromance...
Demo Hall of Fame 1993

The completer list of all reviewed demos 1993!!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight


Why all this changes??

Editor´s Word:

Yes,my first issue ever when I´m the boss and it feels great to be
it! I´ve wrote text to 7 issues of World News and founder of Re-
formation ofcourse...

My goal with this magazine is to be the best one around which I
personally allready think it is (beside the Pulse)
I´ve sorted away boring chapters like Contact Corner and other
unimportant chapters,but instead you can read all the cool happ-
enings around every issue! 

To make this mag takes alot of time, so had to end my swapping
some month ago, only 20 left now, but if you send disc to me I´ll
return them again (disc to magazine)

O.K now enjoy this mega piece of work and please, Do give critic
if there are something you like or not...


Red Devil will make a votesheet on paper, so til next issue we´ll
have some "normal charts" also, as many of you readers miss such

Send your sheet to someone in the staff before the 20th of each
month and we will count it, but no cheating!

You can also vote on ALL our boards, make a call now!!

Yes, we need all kind of stuff to make this mag kicking, so do send
reactions,news,articles or whatever to us and we´ll print it the
next comming issue,grab a pen NOW!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

How to reach us?


For any supply for this mag reach us on these ways:

Through boards:



Sysop: Lexi/FairLight

Euro biggest BBS! - 540 meggs!

Sysop: Sledge/FairLight

Fairlight WHQ!

Sysop: Spirou/FairLight

Fairlight EHQ!
Through phone:

SWE: 	   +XX/(X)XXX-XXXXX			 (Enduro)
GER: 	   +XX/(X)XXX-XXXXXXX			 (Lexi)
SWE: 	   +XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX			 (Oxidy)
SWE: 	   +XX/(X)XXX-XXXXXX			 (Watchman)
Through mail:

Enduro / FairLight


Everything about Reformation!!!
Lexi / FairLight

Oxidy / FairLight


Bacchus / FairLight


(Need orginals...)
The Reformation         (C) FairLight


... Hold on and wait!!

Next issue:

It will be released at the end of february,so keep on supporting
us like hell, all discs will be returner ofcourse!!
It´ll include the biggest demoreview ever with 19 demos, 500
blocks of text, new spotlights and anything else you want to read
in the #1 magazine...


Code: Tron

Music: Red Devil

Graphics: Creeper

Fixed: Demonix?

Text by: Enduro
Greetings to:

All FairLight fans out there and to all our friends worldwide...
Thank you all who made this issue come true!

The Reformation         (C) FairLight




...the hotspot!

Yes,a lot has happened since last time,just push it and find it all
out for yourself!!

Page Introduction

Page 2			Euro News (A-F)
Page 3			Euro News (G-P)
Page 4			Euro News (Q-Z)
Page 5			Last words...

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News A-F

January 1994


	* Icarus and Oxny left the new formed group, and will
	  never enter the scene again!
	* Eddie/x-Epic tried to join,but was refused!
	* Jack Daniels is thinking of opening a board in Germany!
Alpha  Flight

	* According to a member, they are planning to leave the
	  scene forever, but that´s probably just some rumours.

	* Incubus/x-Triad rejoined his old group again after being
	  in Triad for about one year.
	* Joe left the group at the Party 3 after seeing that the comp.
	  demo made by Depeh was too lousy, he joined his twin-
	  brother´s group Wrath Design.
	* Xor came home from the States again and are now active
	  again as a swapper.

	* Didn´t release their demo at the party, it´ll be
	  released next month instead...
	* Deekay stopped to calling out,as he got a skyhigh
	  bill and unlikes the rags on the boards...

	* Alfatech followed HCL and joined up!
	* Their board 3rd Reich is down and burried forever,
	  as Adolf left the scene...

	* Is dead, Crossfire decided to leave the group after
	  all struggle with Epic, (Hey Dishy) 
	  The most Epic-members weren´t informed but found out
	  on the boards, not a nice move Kim!
	* The very same day X-Fire and Tricket/x-V.R formed

	* A foreign cleanup was made, as Aaron, Ayatollah and
	  Black Priest got all fired, the reasons are that
	  they didn´t kept the FLT-Status anylonger...
	* Avalon rejoined after being in Wrath for a while.
	* Will arrange:
The Eastern Party (TCC)
Date: 1-3 April
Horizon and FairLight

	* Rumours said that Mirgae left for PC.
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News G-P

January 1994

Genesis Project

	* Lost their leader L.A Style, who left for the S-Nes
	  scene together with Snacky!

	* Crunchers new group have problem with 1st releases,
	  as Alpha Flight is 6 hours faster!
	* Frank/LoA joined but is thinking about leaving again
	  as Tonyx doesn´t like him...

	* This group was just a FAKE-ONE!It was made up by
	  Hunter, the sceneclown himself!
	* Master S is now groupless again!

	* New group founded by X-Fire/Epic and Tricker/V.R.
	* Most Epic members followed their leader and also
	  the Visioncrew joined and Vision died again!!
	* Dominic is EHQ now...

	* Atlast they released their demo called "Torture 3",
	  what an entrance, as it won the RadWar party!
	* Pommac/x-Hoaxers joined!
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Euro News Q-Z

January 1994

Red Sector

	* Dense got fired for massive unactivity!
	* Rumours says that Psychobilly will leave the scene,
	  and that Irata will overtake the leadership of the
	  c64 section! But this is BIG rumours!

	* Hain joined after being in both Success and Chromance
	  for awhile, let´s see how long this polish dude
	  will stay in here...

	* Lost Incubus (Antic) and Alfatech (Censor).
	* Kicked Arcon and TwoFlower becourse of lameness!
	* Will soon release a new demo...

	* Holy Moses left so Trance lost their EHQ BBS!
	* Also Mr.Mister left and is searching for a new
	  group to join,eh Kai?

	* Died for the 7th time now, as all members joined
Wrath Design

	* Joe/Antic and X-Flash joined, X-Flash will soon
	  open a board for them...
	* Got a WHQ called Fosie BBS,sysop Natas!

	* Edvin van Santed, the only remaining dude opened 
	  his board called Downtown, but seems to have great
	  problems with it coz it´s always down.
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

The Last Words...

... and Reformation HQ´s ...

Last Words:

Yes, not so much news this time, but the reason is simple, most
of the happening will you find in the Party Report instead...

Don´t forget to post news at:

Warez Aquarium




Future Zone

O.K see you all in another chapter...
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Board Corner


                    Some spotlights...
                    ...on the boards!!

And again its time to Inform you about the News in the BBS Scene
There have been some Changes in Hardware and Numbers for the
Boards in Europe and the USA.


The Epic Headquarter has gone Down for some Personal Problems
of Crossfire/Epic.
Idon´t know if he will put it back Online, but i´m sure he will
Inform the Reformation Staff as soon as Possible.

Twilight World:

Eric/Laser got a 40 Megabyte Harddisk and added it to the System
He is still running Deathlok Modded C*Base.


Finally also Running on a Harddisk again.
At the Moment only 40 Megs but soon it will run 540 Megs
when I get my Adaptor working.


Well, The Sysop, Holy Moses still didn´t find out that from his 38
Users, 20 are Fake Accounts from ERIC/LASER, CAVRON/TRC 
He Pretends to be the only Sysop who is running a Backdoor Free
Board with his own C*Base Mod (ed.which is buggin´ a lot).
He also stated that everybody who is running a C*Base Version
which is written by another Dude is absolutely Lame.
So i think he Offended the whole Scene he ?!

State of the Art:

Is the BBS with the Most Callers for Sure.
Cavron counted about 38 Calls a Day.
A Hard Concurrence to all the other Boards in Germany.

Power Engine:

Is a BBS which is not known by the most People.
That´s because it´s running in SWISS.
The ATLANTIS Headquarter features a lot of kewl Graphics
and also a 85 MB Harddisk connected to a RamLink.
Due to the Fact that i don´t have the Number Right now, you
have to get it Yourself.
Try to contact some oof the ATL Dudes.
The Sysop is AVALANCHE, who is an Excellent Graphician also.

Kingdoms Hall:

Might be the Laugh of the Year 1993.
The Sysop named "Mister Softcream" is one of the absolutely
Lamest people ever.
He can´t speak a single Word in English and his IQ seems to
be below 10 (ed. you need 11 to open a Banana)
The so Called "Board" is running on UCBBS (ed. Ahem) and is 
Connected to a Stockpile of 1541´s.
Non Speeded and filled up with very BAD Graphics it´s the lamest
Bulletin Board System ever Recognized in the Computer Scene.

Dark Star:

Well, this is a MAILBOX, Legal running on C*Base 3.o with 2 1581
Floppys and Jiffy Dos.
The GFX doesn´t look that nice and the biggest Part of the BBS is
mostly in German and with 99 percent LEGAL Users Only.
The Sysop, Stevie Magic had some Problems with the typical
Read/Write Errors of a 1581 Drive but finally got some Update 
Roms for his System.
Don´t dare to Upload Pirate Wares there.


Well, not Tested yet, but rumours say that it´s Online 24 Hrs Now
The Systm is running an older version of "Deathlok Modded".
The Sysop is Chrissie/Rebels who also names himself
Cool Coder Chrissie....
We´ll see if his BBS is also that Cool.


Well, I haven´t checked out this BBS but it shall run on 
CyborgModded (ed.not another one!!) C*Base with a Harddisk.
The Sysop is Frank/Impression.

The Decadence:

Well, for sure one of the oldest Boards in Germany.
The Sysop named "Deathstralker" is still the BIGGEST Board in 
Europe, His BBS is running on 320 Megs with Jiffy Dos.
There is not much Action since about 1 Year but i think that
this Depends to the Fact that the BBS is LEGAL Only.
You aren´t able to Upload any Pirate Wares there.
The BBS is running on TSS/SCS old Modification of C*Base.


The New Number of the Motiv8 EHQ is +XX.XXX.XXXXXXX
The BBS is still fast as Hell due to the Ramlink and the 170 Meg hd
The Reformation             (c)FairLight

More news...


Is back Online under the old Number.
Finally Tricket decided to put the BBS Online again running 
CyborgModded C*Base ( far as i know)
But now the BBS is running under the Flag of the new Group 
named "Motiv 8" founded by Crossfire/Epic and Tricket/VR

New nr.: +XX.XXXX.XXXX

Chaotic Factor:

Avantgarde will move their USHQ away from this board,coz it
crashes nearly everyday now!

Single news:

* Jack Daniels/Avantgarde is thinking about opening a board in

* L.A Style/G*P opened his Amiga BBS running Amiexpress 3.9
  with an Amiga 500/450 Mb/Zyxel E+ modem.
  The board is only open for Amiga and S-Nes users but connects
  with 2400 Bps is still allowed.

* 3rd Reich/Censor WHQ is down and will maybe not appear any-
  more as Adolf left the scene!

* There´s a new board in Sweden called: Fosie BBS!
  It´s the most funniest board ever made so give it a call and have
  a good laughter!
  The number is: +XX-(X)XX-XXXXXX
Make sure to post news at the Reformation subs at our boards!!
The Reformation             (c)FairLight

The BoardList:

State of the Art:
Ramlinked/No Harddisk
CyborgModded C*Base

Twilight World:
40 Megs/Jiffy Dos
Deathlok Cursor Modded C*Base

Ice Cream Castle:
2*1581/No Jiffy Dos
CyborgModded C*Base

40 Megabytes/Ramlinked
CyborgModded C*base

Kingdoms Hall:
2*1541/No Speeder
UCBBS Zaldron Mod

Unknown ammount of 1541´s
Old Deathlok Modded C*Base

Sysop:Edwin Van Santen/20CC
Unknown Drives
CyborgModded C*Base

Power Engine:
Tel.   :+41.Please give us the #
C*Base 3.o
85 Megabytes/Ramlinked

The Decadence:
TSS Modded C*Base 3.o
320 Megabyte Harddisk/Jiffy Dos

Moses Modded C*Base
FD 4ooo/Jiffy Dos

Power Surge:
CyborgModded C*Base
CMD 20 Meg HD/Jiffy Dos

Wares Aquarium:
RadarModded C*Base
120 Megs/Jiffy Dos

¨Make sure to post in the Reformation sub!¨

CyborgModded C*Base
4o Megabytes/Jiffy Dos

¨Make sure to post in the Reformation sub!¨

The Studio:


Tel.   :+XX.XXXXX

Future Zone:
Tel.   :+XX.X.XXXXXX

¨Make sure to post in the Reformation sub!¨

Illusion of Reality:
Sysop: Midnight Mover

Fosie BBS:
Tel.   :+XX.XXXXXX

If you want to take Part in this BBS List then leave Mail on the
Reformation Headquarter: The Cyberdome +49.2o2.716o781 FLT HQ
O.K that´s all, may the force be with you til next time,eh?
		Lexi and Enduro/FLT
The Reformation             (c)FairLight



SEP - DEC 1993

Some facts:

	All types of groups have the change to enter the charts,
	not only demo- or crackergroups!

	All members in the groups on the charts are at least 
	registrated in one counted magazine.

	I count each point a member or a mag receives in the 
	selected disc-magz!

Mags released this period were:
Earthquake #19
Explorer #20
Internal #18
Ing. Brain #03
Miracle #09
Skyhigh #07

(As you can see there´s some changes of the selection, but don´t 
blame me, blame the editors which haven´t released their mags 
under this period like: Accuracy, Trance...

But the charts gives you a 100% fair view of the 20 strongest 
allround groups in the scene at the moment!

What´s happend?

Many changes this time, unactive groups starts to fall like they
already should have done months ago! Also many changes inside
the groups are important for their place now.
O.K let´s see what´s happend...

The Reformation               FairLight

World Top 1-9 (Sep-Dec´93)

1.(2) OXYRON (Germany)
Total: 10613

	Demogroup			3545
	Addybook			1611
	Skyhigh				321
	TTS				3256
	Axis				375
	Graham				100
	RRR				133
	Bizkid				225
	PRI				823
	Peace				39
	Machine				105
	Amarok				80

	* Oxyron made it, grabbed the #1 spot from Legend which
	  had it for SIX issues (mar-aug).
	* Status: Active (ComaLight 11+Mags)
	* Future: Keep the thrown for a while now,eh?

2.(3) CREST (Germany)
Total: 10278

	Demogroup			3122
	Crossbow			3156
	Maduplec			265
	Vision				154
	Drax				1406
	Syndrom				1717
	Deek				230
	MSK				133
	Xayne				95

	* Crest climb one place, will maybe be a threat to Oxyron
	  next time,eh?
	* Status: MidActive (Syndrom+Deekay at Party´93)
	* Future: Release a new demo= #1...
3.(1) LEGEND (Europe)
Total: 9573

	Crackergroup			3101
	Powerplant			2577
	DOC				1560
	XXX				1534
	Fletch				61
	Antitrack			740

	* After being #1 for six issues, they fall down to place 3.
	  The reason is quite simple; they lost both A-Man and Sh0ck
	  magazine,which both were very successful with scoring!
	  Legend will have a ruff time now!
	* Status: Inactive (nothing released for months now!)
	* Future: This fall can be the begining of the end,uhh!!

4.(8) FAIRLIGHT (Sweden)
Total: 7745

	Crackergroup			825
	Demogroup			1017
	Reformation			909
	Tron				985
	Oxidy				42
	Bacchus				321
	Bappalander			292
	Red Devil			188
	Avalon				10
	Ogami				3156

	* What a climb, from 8 to 4. Ogami was the man who fixed
	  that with his Visual Orgasm show!
	  Even if Aaron,Ayatollah and Black Priest is kicked so will
	  FLT be a threat for place 3!
	* Status: Superactive (Legoland 3,Red Devil and Oxidy won
	          at Party´93, magz+utilities!!)
	  Future: Heading for place 3!
5.(6) SUCCESS (Europe)
Total: 6693

	Crackergroup			3462
	Burglar				2178
	TSS				143
	Steel				51
	Nightshade			859

	* For the sixth time they´re still moving forward!!Even if
	  Dannie and Guzzler didnt score this time.
	* Status: Active (many 1st releases)
	* Future: Take a rest at place 5!
6.(9) CENSOR (Sweden)
Total: 6561

	Crackergroup			11
	Demogroup			1704
	BOB				932
	HCL				121
	Alfatech			234
	Danko				1730
	Dragon				1622
	Sensei				207

	* 4!places up again, thanks to Wonderland X!
	* Status: PeriodActive (releases only on partys!)
	* Future: Maybe a bit higher b´coz of Spasmolytich!
7.(7) TRIAD (Sweden)
Total: 6368

	Crackergroup			1203
	Demogroup			2190
	Gamers Guide			396
	Arise				387
	King Fisher			1230
	JFK				172
	TDM				530
	Thunder				101
	Dane				89
	Wingo				70

	*They lost some people like Incubus,but they new
	 recruited guys from TWL are doing well!
	*Status: Active (Dane, Magz)
	*Future: Rest on place 7,eh?
8.(4) FLASH INC. (Sweden)
Total: 5960

	Demogroup			2441
	HotShot				514
	Zodiac				2099
	Moon				806
	Crept				100

	* The way down has started for this allmost dead group,
	  nothing really left in it...
	* Status: Inactive (nothing since nov.92!)
	* Future: Falling...
9.(5) +ILLUSION+ (Europe)
Total: 5494

	Crackergroup			3055
	Imm.Flash			602
	Sauron				792
	D.Ram				1045

	* Dead and gone next issue,
	* Status: DEAD
	* Future: Gone...
The Reformation               FairLight

World Top 10-20 (Sep-Dec´93)

10.(10) CAMELOT (Denmark)
Total: 4858

	Demogroup			1371
	Glasnost			1050
	Cruzer				184
	Slammer				13
	Raz				46
	Jeff				907
	Metal				386
	Rob(Wave)			901

	* Still on place 10, the new ones are doing very well(Jeff,
	* Status: Active (Towerpower won at Party´93,mag)
	* Future: Will rise for sure, worth to be at top 5 now!
11.(11) ANTIC (Sweden)
Total: 4693

	Demogroup			667
	Explorer			156
	Depeh				99
	Creeper				2990
	Zyron				462
	Incubus				316

	* Kept the place 11, lost Joe but Incubus rejoined!
	* Status: Active (Beyond Im.2, magz+music)
	* Future: Be around place 10.
12.(17) TALENT (Europe)
Total: 4541

	Crackergroup			1665
	BOD				1267
	Chrysagon			1360
	Rockstar			249


	* Going up 5 places, active again after being allmost dead
	  for 2 years!
	* Status: Active (many 1st-releases)
	* Future: Rest right here!
13.(12) RSI (Germany)
Total: 4054

	Crackergroup			2350
	Benson				580
	Double-T			653
	Count Zero			276
	Mr. President			41
	TBB				154

	* TBB joined, otherwise nothing new!
	* Status: VeryActive (lots of 1st´ies)
	* Future: Climb or fall one place!
14.(new) FOCUS (Holland)
Total: 3417

	Demogrouup			442
	Hein Holt			2085
	Mirage				774
	Compyx				22
	Sander				33
	JVD				61

	* What a blaster, BlackMail left and Focus did enter, all
	  b´coz of Hein Holt ofcoz!
	* Status: Active (Visual Delight,3 at Party´93,gfx)
	* Future: A sure climber!
15.(new) TRANCE (Germany)
Total: 3156

	Crackergroup			533
	A-Head				835
	MG				226
	Twist				22
	Luka				412
	Bizzare				1128

	* Bang in at place 15, much thanks to A-Head...
	* Status: Active (mag+cracks,good swappers)
	* Future: Unknown
16.(14) TOPAZ (Finland)
Total: 3121

	Demogroup			1228
	Fresh´n´Sticky			141
	D´Arc				1496
	Scapegoat			102
	AMJ				90
	HTD				59
	Amarok				5

	* A little fall, the reason is that Death left with Calypso.
	* Status: Active
	* Future: Stick around place 15
17.(19) +EPIC+ (Denmark)
Total: 2896

	Crackergroup			1456
	Crossfire			1168
	SMD				122
	Merlin				150

	* Dead, X-fire left for grounding Motiv 8!!
	* Status: Dead
	* Future: None
18.(new) ELYSIUM (Poland)
Total: 2878

	Crackergroup			214
	Demogroup			438
	Inquiry				387
	Brush				140
	Longhair			49
	Carrion				975
	Cruise				618
	Scow				57

	* First time ever a group from Poland enter this chart,
	* Status: Active (Carrion´s gfx)
	* Future: With the gfx=forward!!
19.(20) PSYCICS (Belgium)
Total: 2849

	Jeroen Tel			2849

	* He was near out last time,but made a stay!
	* Status: Unactive  (nothing for years now!!)
	* Future: Must go DOWN!!
20.(16) COMIC PIRATES (Germany)
Total: 2686

	Network				2197
	T.Error				200
	Leech				148
	Venice				141

	* Falling down, near to leave now,eh?
	* Status: Active (mag+good swappers)
	* Future: Everything can happen!!
The Reformation               FairLight

Facts about charts

* Out of the charts:			* Near the charts:

	LIGHT (2312)		EXTEND (2442)
	BML (1275)		SPIRIT (1772)
	ACCURACY (1933)		TABOO (1618)

Yes, LIGHT and BLACKMAIL left the charts after being there
since the beginning, both groups are allmost dead, so a reenter is
out of the question, GOOD BYE!

Next time will maybe groups like Avantgarde and Extend join, 
it´s up to the voters,not me...
World Top 20 Chart (Sep-Dec´93)               

(p)	(l)	(group)		(points)
---	---	-------		------
 01	02	OXYRON		10613
 02	03	CREST		10278
 03	01	LEGEND		9573
 04	08	FairLight	7745
 05	06	Success		6693
 06	09	Censor		6561
 07	07	Triad		6368
 08	04	Flash Inc.	5960
 09	05	+Illusion+	5494
 10	10	Camelot		4858

 11	11	Antic		4693
 12	17	Talent		4541
 13	12	RSI		4054
 14	--	Focus		3417
 15	--	Trance		3156
 16	14	Topaz		3121
 17	19	+Epic+		2896
 18	--	Elysium		2878
 19	20	Psycics		2849
 20	16	Comic Pirates	2686

 21	--	Extend		2442
 22	15	Light		2312
 23	18	Accuracy	1933
 24	--	Spirit		1772
 25	--	Taboo		1618
 26	13	BlackMail	1275
Yes, that´s it, I really hope you liked this 9 hours piece of work!!
Don´t forget to read Best of 1993 chapter, there will you find all
you need to know about 1993!!
The Reformation               FairLight

Best of 1993!


1993 Hall of Fame...

...all you need to know

Yes, it´s time to make a sumary of the past year,in this chapter
I´ll give you all the things worth to know about 1993!
My own opinion about this year is that it was alot better than
anyone could imagine, some said that the C-64 would die, but it
survived and got stronger!! Well done all sceners!

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Top 20 Worldchart			page2
Top 5 Crackergroups			page3
Top 5 Demogroups			page3
Top 7 Crackers				page3
Top 7 Coders				page3
Top 7 Graficans				page3
Top 7 Musicans				page3
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Fairlight - Prepares you for reality!

Top 20 WorldGroups´93

* The chart is fixed with all points each group have earned in
  the past year (issue 1-7)

* If a group died in july, it only got counted points til then, even
  if it appeared on charts after that,right!
Now enter the camber of supergroups...

(h.y.) - half year place  (#) - what issue of T.R  (+) - dead!

(p)	(h.y.)	Group		Score	#1  #2 #3  #4	#5  #7
 01	  01	LEGEND		85992	01  01 01  01	01  03
 02	  02	CREST		63105	03  03 02  02	03  02
 03	  03	FLASH INC.	58027	02  02 03  03	04  08
 04	  04	Oxyron		51489	06  04 04  04	02  01
 05	  07	FairLight	38997	09  06 06  05	08  04
 06	  05	Censor		38424	05  05 05  09	09  06
 07	  06	+Illusion+	37021	07  08 07  06	05  09
 08	  09	Triad		33309	13  09 09  07	07  07
 09	  08	Light		32393	04  07 08  13	15  --
 10	  10	Success		30956	17  11 10  08	06  05

 11	  12	Camelot		27433	16  12 11  10	10  10
 12	  13	Talent		26544	12  14 12  11	17  12
 13	  11	+BlackMail+	24017	11  13 14  12	13  --
 14	  14	+Clique+	18089	10  10 13  --	--  --
 15	  15	Psycics		16909	18  18 19  17	20  19
 16	  17	R.S.I		15669	--  19 16  16	12  13
 17	  18	Antic		15210	--  -- 15  14	11  11
 18	  16	+Brutal+	13026	08  15 --  --	--  --
 19	  20	Topaz		12152	--  -- 17  15	14  16
 20	  19	Offence		10241	20  17 18  --	--  --

LEGEND MADE IT!!Inbelivable!
They are the world #1 group of 1993!! Congratulations!

There´re four dead groups on the chart, all I can say to them is
that they did well in 1993 and good luck to the new groups the
former members are in now, please make 1994 as good as 1993

I can for sure tell you all that there´s absolutley NO cheating in
this chart, coz i really don´t understand why people do that,
what´s the fun to see yourself high placed but with no good spirit?
No, this chart is compiled with many,many hours of work,argh!!

Now, enter the pages with the best individual scorers the past
year, maybe there´re some suprises? Go ahead,now!

Fairlight - 8th Year of Glory (c) FLT

Single worldcharts´93

Now I´ll present the best of each cathegory, prepare yourself coz
here they come...

Top 5 Demogroups

1.CREST		(Germany) 	63105p.
2.OXYRON 	(Germany) 	51489p.
3.FAIRLIGHT 	(Sweden) 	38997p.
4.CENSOR 	(Sweden) 	38424p.
5.TRIAD 	(Sweden) 	33309p.

Well, only German and Swedish groups here, but is Crest worth
being at number one, shouldn´t Oxyron be that??
Top 5 Crackergroups

1.LEGEND	(Europe) 	85992p.
2.+ILLUSION+	(Europe) 	37021p.
3.SUCCESS 	(Europe) 	30956p.
4.TALENT 	(Europe) 	26544p.
5.RSI 		(Europe) 	15669p.

Legend is ofcourse the best crackergroup, they scored more
points than ILS and SCS together!!! 
Why haven´t RSI got more points??
Top 7 Coders

1.ZODIAC/FLASH INC.		15265p.
2.Crossbow/Crest 		15213p.
3.TTS/Oxyron 			13586p.
4.Flamingo/Light 		11280p.
5.Glasnost/Camelot 		8069p.
6.Tron/FairLight 		5643p.
7.Bob/Censor 			4360p.

Zodiac made it with 52p., but I think there´re atleast 4 persons
who don´t should be here but at the worldchart of 1991, guess
which persons I mean...
Top 7 Crackers

2.Bod/Talent 			9359p.
3.XXX/Legend 			7963p.
4.Doc/Legend 			7658p.
5.Burglar/Success 		7245p.
6.Chrysagon/Talent 		6857p.
7.Sauron/x-Illusion 		5636p.

Same here as in the coderchart, too many unactive people here,
vote better 1994...
Top 7 Graficans

1.HEIN HOLT/FOCUS 		16362p.
2.Ogami/FairLight 		16308p.
3.Creeper/Antic 		13541p.
4.Dragon/Censor 		9636p.
5.Eletric/Extend 		9312p.
6.D´Arc/Topaz 			6180p.
7.Joe/Wrath 			4890p.

What a struggle for the topspot, Hein grabbed it and joined Focus
too. Nice active chart too.
Top 7 Musicans

2.Drax/Crest 			12066p.
3.A-Man/x-Legend 		11993p.
4.Danko/Censor 			10949p.
5.+Guy Shavitt/SCS+ 		9967p.
6.Syndrom/Crest 		9869p.
7.Moon/Flash Inc. 		6880p.

Jeroen took it this year too, only JCH can show a better music-
career on the C-64, incredible!!
Top 5 Magazines

1.+SCRIPT/CLIQUE+ 		17249p.
2.+Sh0ck/Legend+ 		16892p.
3.AddyBook/Oxyron 		11239p.
4.+Brutal Recall/Brutal+ 	10120p.
5.Internal/WoW 			8419p.

Crazy chart this, guess it´ll be different 1994,eh?
Top 3 Swappers

5.Nightshade/Success 		4414p.
5.Incubus/Antic 		2838p.

Welldone Jose, atlast you grabbed the spot, 1993 was the year
when all megaswappers disappeared!!
If all individual sceners should compete against each other,how
does a top 30 look then?

Top 30 Individual´93

	01. Jeroen Tel/Psycics		(music)		17806p.
	02. Hein Holt/Focus		(grafic)	16362p.
	03. Ogami/FairLight		(grafic)	16362p.
	04. Powerplant/Legend		(cracker)	15980p.
	05. Zodiac/Flash Inc		(coder)		15265p.
	06. Crossbow/Crest		(coder)		15213p.
	07. TTS/Oxyron			(coder)		13586p.
	08. Creeper/Antic		(grafic)	13541p.
	09. Drax/Crest			(music)		12066p.
	10. A-Man/x-Legend		(music)		11993p.

	11. Flamingo/Light		(coder)		11280p.
	12. Danko/Censor		(music)		10949p.
	13. Guy Shavitt/SCS		(music)		9962p.
	14. Syndrom/Crest		(music)		9869p.
	15. Dragon/Censor		(grafic)	9636p.
	16. Bod/Talent			(cracker)	9359p.
	17. Eletric/Extend		(grafic)	9312p.
	18. Glasnost/Camelot		(coder)		8069p.
	19. XXX/Legend			(cracker)	7963p.
	20. Doc/Legend			(cracker)	7658p.

	21. Burglar/Success		(cracker)	7245p.
	22. Moon/Flash Inc.		(music)		6880p.
	23. Chrysagon/Talent		(cracker)	6857p.
	24. D´Arc/Topaz			(grafic)	6180p.
	25. Tron/FairLight		(coder)		5643p.
Fairlight - 8th Year of Glory (c) FLT

Chart Continued...

	26. Sauron/x-Illusion		(cracker)	5636p.
	27. Bizzare/Trance		(swapper)	5412p.
	28. Joe/Wrath			(grafic)	4890p.
	29. Nightshade/Success		(swapper)	4415p.
	30. Bob/Censor			(coder)		4360p.

Powerplant 	(cracker)
Zodiac 		(coder)
Jeroen Tel 	(musican)
Hein Holt 	(grafican)
Bizzare 	(swapper)
Script 		(magazine)

Wow, if this team would have excisted they would scored:
88074 points!!!
Try to beat that,eh?
Last words:
O.K guess that you are satisfied with all this data and are informed
about the past year heroes...
To all of you can I just say:

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Party III Report


               The P A R T Y  I I I

Page Instruction:

The Party´93 report				page 2
Funny things at the party			page 3
Compo results					page 4

Who was that damn redbearded man?

The Party III Report by Bacchus/FLT

Howdy hackers!

This time I´ll bring you sum of the happenings at THE party of
the passed year. The Party III, with 2682 paying visitors, was the
biggest party EVER held. So hold on for more:


The party was held from 10:00 on the 27/12 to 15:00 the 29/12 1993
Entrance cost: 150Dkr.

The Party Place:

Last years Danish party was held in Aars, in a huge conferess
center. As the arrangers estimated that this wouldn´t room all the
guys this time, they moved the show to Herning, which holds
Denmark´s biggest "Messecenter". All the guys who reserved pla-
ces , got a spot for their own in the main hall, which was BIG! The
other poor fellows got stuck in a smaller hall. Both contained the
screens we now expect from all decent parties. (The one in the
big hall was a bit unsharp, so all plotter shown got lost in the
blurr.) You were allowed to sleep anywhere you could, but there
were sleeping halls available. They contained white screens (kind
of chinese walls) so you could easily find your own corner to sneak
into. But who wants to sleep on parties? (I still remember the
squares Tron got in his forehead, after sleeping on the keyboard in


For once, there were showers to be used. The hot water run out
the first hour, but you could get water out of the system, and
that´s what counts! (Too bad, I didn´t bring a towel. You learn to
live with the smell!)

A 24 hour cafeteria and a resturant was open when you needed
it, provided good food for decent prices. (30 Dkr for a plate of half
a chicken and a massive bunch of fries is OK pricing to me!)
I heard people complaining at the prices, but I assume they
expected free food for the entrance cost! (Irony)

The toilets tend to be OK the first hours, but then turn into
places you rather shit in your pants than enter. The cleaning
staff did an excellent job, to prevent this from happening at this

For the ones who didn´t have anything to do, there was a major
hall on the second floor which was used as a moviehall. Some of
the latest movies on laserdisc were shown. Commodore held their
symposiums in between the moviesessions.


While registrating at the entrance, you got a pink bracelet to
indicate that you had paid, and also a votedisk. This was an
Amiga formatted disk with a voting program on. Voting could be
done on any Amiga, and then you just left the disk to the arr-
angers. Really kewl system.

You voted for the number that corresponded to the contribution
you voted for. This became a mess in the graphicscompetition, as
they managed to provide two different screens telling which
number each person had. If you find a person considerably lower
or higher than expected, then this might be one of the reasons!

At the democompetition Focus had our votes course the mistake
with numbers at votings. Well Focus: Congratulations for a place
on the stands. You got it, but the only reason was that you were
number three, and we number four. We would easily have passed
you, and would even be close to Censor, if the votes had been put
on the INTENDED demo!

Also cheating appeared as Scat/RSI traded with a lot of dudes to
win the gfx-compo, but the arrangers found it all out and he got
"only" a 10th place with a UGLY-piccy! So people, don´t take this
compo too serious,please!
Who was unshaved at the party???   


Personally I did arive at 15:00, some five hours after the actual
start of the party, but I´ve been told they had a Kyd&Balle show
and also a "rope pulling contest" during this time.

What I saw was the "diskthrowing contest" and the "karoke
contest". The latter took so long than the arrangers time list blew
up, fucking the shedule for the rest of the party. It was a pathetic
sight, seeing the yelling nerds on stage. I can´t imagine how one
can make such a fool of oneself for the change of winning a CD32.

Also on the party were some danish dealers with stands selling
accessories for the Amiga and PC. You could buy lots of decently
priced 3.5" discs, but no sight of 5.25" ones!

Commodore was sponsoring the party. This hasn´t happened
before, as I recall. They held symposiums in the moviehall, as said
before. Subjects were CD32 (with the Full Motion Video (FMV)
module to it), system programming and more. The audience could
ask the scandinavian direction any question they liked.
It,s rather new that CBM staff are this open to their buyers!
Funny things at the party:

* Legoland 3 was released, but how it´s way to Herning was is a
  knowledge! Tron wasn´t at the party so we had to DL the demo to
  the party, but how? Later on we got in contact with a dude call-
  ed Helloween/Bronx, he said that he could borrow his home
  with full c-64 equipment to us. We went to his home and DL the
  demo, but when we left him again, Bacchus had his C-64 withhim
  too!! Opps! But later at the party again, Helloween got his comp-
  uter back again, he didn´t knew that he lost it...

* At night Spirou/Flt and Creeper/Antic were tired and wanted
  to rest for a while, but their sleep were short, coz suddenly
  there flew massess of 3.5" disks against them, when Spirou asked
  what´s going on, he got the answer: Diskthrowingcompo!! Ouch!

* The was a fight between Crossfire and Dishy, it all ended with
  X-fire leaving the party and Dishy as a champion!

* Creeper/Antic suprised us all, becourse he wasn´t ill at the
  party as he usually is,yum!

* Did someone see that car which drove 1.5m up on a little snow-
  mountain? Get the picture!

* Who´s that red bearded man?
When will I be famous? Fosie BBS...

The Compos:

The arranging groups (Silents,Lemon and  Spaceballs) are all on
the Amiga. So for this reason the C64 and the PC compos were
second interest. We all know the prices for the C64 compo sucked
major dokey dick, but the set two hours for the compo were re-
duced to one. One of the reasons was the "awesome" (NOT!)
karokeshow. For this reason, Camelot (arranging the compo on
the C64) took out a jury to select the 10 best demos of the 19
available. This could easily be done as there were the mature pic-
tures screaming "Fuck PC and Amiga" (Hi Regina) and other junk
products to be directed to the garbage can instantly...
The Results:

		(10 choosen competiors of 19 available)

2.Spasmolytic/Censor 		1328p.
3.Visual Delight/Focus 		1044p.
4.Legoland 3/FairLight 		704p.
5.ComaLight 11/Oxyron 		400p.
6.Arla/Dual Crew 		224p.
7.Point Zero/Silicon 		168p.
8.Tales of Myster/Spirit 	96p.
9.Beyond Imagination/Antic 	96p.
10.WoW Story 3/WoW 		48p.

Comments: All demos had high-standard except the WoWone!
		(23 competitors)

1.RED DEVIL/FLT 	1000p.
2.K.Roesten/BM 		488p.
3.Zyron/Antic 		384p.
4.Odysseus/Eastgang 	320p.
5.Amadeus/MekaDesign 	308p.

Comments: The tune you are now listening is the one which one!!!
Flops: Syndrom/Crest 20p., P.R.I/Oxyron 0p.!, Danko/Censor 56p.
		(34 competitors)

2.Dane/Triad 		604p.
3.Deekay/Crest 		320p.
4.Mad/Padua 		288p.
5.Creeper/Antic 	224p.
Comments: Lots of supergrafics here, again FLT rules,hehe!
Flops: Mirage/Focus 140p., Hein Holt/Focus 52p.!, Wave/Camelot
40p., Eletric/Extend 76p.
Last words:

Yup, that´s it, I hope all groups which visited the party had fun
and see again at:

1-3 of April

		Bacchus and Enduro/FLT
Solution: The beardman was Bacchus!




Spotlights on:

Count Zero and Cycleburner

First out is Count 0 of Red Sector:

[C]=Count 0/TRSI

[L]:Ok, well what is your Status in TRSI ?

[C]:Cracker, Modemtrader, Fixer, Organizer, Cosysop

[L]:When did you start in the C64 Scene and what was your 1st 
     Group you ever joined ?

[C]:I started in 1986, and my 1st Group was named Bloedisoft.
    We translated "Destroyer" to German and made it full of
    Shit....Man that was a fuckin´ kewl Time.
    Our slogan was : The Time of beeing Proud, of beeing a Bloedy, 
    has just begun....
    The Group died as i got Busted for the 1st Time.

[L]:Hahah yeah o remember the 1st Times, my Group was named
    Fuck for Copyright....Haha
    Well, According to the actual things that happen in your Group
    Ishould ask you what do you think about the new things in 
    TSRI for you ?

[C]:Well 1st of all we are just keeping the Group alive to
    show People like Alpha Flight their Limits and to kick
    some Major Ass like ever.
    We don´t release any Low Budget Games.
    Therefor we Killed "Ultimate".
    We allow AFL to release that kinda Ultimate Stuff.

[L]:Errmm, Well yeah...ahem...You know that i´m not good in doing
    Interviews , especially when i have you on the Line right now
    Asking Spontanous Questions...Hehe
    Typing and Asking questions isn´t my thing ...
    Let´s have some Braainstroming questions to ya to test
    if your IQ is that big like your Mouth hehe..
    Here we go:

Alpha Flight : Australians feeling Lame = AFL
               Aids for Live
               All fuckin´ Lame

C64                      : Rulez !!!

Amiga 1200          : Sucks....but i didn´t pay it so....

Euro Boards         : Mostly Lame

Chaotic Factor    : Cyborg Sucks

Radar/Lagerfeld : Nazi Power

Cavron/TRC       : No Comment

Yoguslavian War : Let Croatia Rule

Cable TV             : ARD

Radwar Party     : Drunken Irata

[L]:What will you take with you to an lonesome Island ?

[C]:Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, D1 Telephone, 
    The Pill (for Women) for 25 Years, and Communist.

[L]:What is your Favourite:

Food        :Pizza, Kebab, Pita Gyros
Drink      :Cola Whiskey, Beer, Coca Cola
Movie     :Spaceballs
Board      :Forplay
Friend     :Check the Greetinx
Computer:C64, Amiga, SNES, PC
Joystick   :Competition Pro
Girl         :Majesty´s Maren
Music:Depends on my Mood, Extreme Leftwinged German Punk,
      Normal Punk, Heavy Metal, Rock´n Roll
Group:Cyberpunx, next to TRSI it is TALENT.

[L]:What is the highest Phonebill you ever got:

[C]:About DM 700.- and i´m proud of it.

[L]:Pah, Lamer, mine was about DM 1059.- Ahem...
    and mostly i waste this Money to call People like you.

[C]:Looks like i´m really worth something to you.

[L]:Smack Smack.....(Stop kissing my Feets Jutta)

[L]:Seems that we (finally) reached the end of this anoiing 
    Interview....Well What about some last Words ?!

[C]:1st of all i want to thank AFL and Coderz for their 
    excellent Lame behaviour which made me continuing the 
    Scene and Cracking and i hope they will go on like this
    So i can have some more Fun.
This is a shorted version,sorry Lexi!


    2nd, Iwant to greet some of the best Crackers around namely :
    Bacchus of Fairlight, Antitrack of Legend & F4CG,
    Crisp of TRSI, HOK of TRSI, Mr.President Ex-Red Sector Inc.
    (Hi and thanx for your Help Michael).

    Following with i would like to send some special overseas to
    Unholy and Side Sector of Demonix, Massive Onslaught,
    Night Writer, Swan  Song/DMX, Rich/Empire, 
    Vizz & Booze/Empire, Villain/TRC (gimme a Call),
    Tristan/Empire, and a big Fuck you to Carc-ass, 
    Now let´s continue with some Euro Stuff and Greets Including
    all RSI Members i forgot so far, especially Image 
    (who i even forgot to mention on Forplay...SOOOORY)
    Majesty & Bod/Talent, Solar/F4CG, whole SCS and TRC,
    Lexi of Fairlight (Ed. Eh that´s me!!), all my Group mates in 
    the Group Laser, fuckin´ Padua Wankers 
    (smile...hi Anno...Warm Ketchup), Toxyc/IMP.

[L]:Ok, well thanks for yer time, see ya!!

[C]:No problem!

Sorry Gerrit, but I really had to cut your interview down a bit, I
hope you´ll survive...
Next out is the famous coder called Cycleburner/Megastyle who
was very famous in the c-64 scene some years ago!

[Q] Watchman/FLT
[A] Cycleburner/MegaStyle

[Q]Hi and welcome to the "Hot Terminal" Mr Cycleburner!

[A]Thank U!My pleasure.

[Q]When did you start out, and when did you join your first group?

[A]I got my first computer in 1983,and in 1987 I joined the first
   real demo group.

[Q]What groups have you been in during the years?

[A]Groups I´ve been a member are The Black Knights, which be-
   came Weird Science, and then I joined Contex when Weird split
   up, and finally I joined Megastyle when Contex split up!

[Q]How did you start on the scene?

[A]I joined "The Black Knights" after seeing their adress in
   a demo. We then changed name a few times, before we and
   some famous group I can´t remember the name of (The Flash-
   boys??Not quite, but something like that;) formed Weird
   Science 2662.(By the way, this part of Weird formed later Tridon
   which was prehaps rather unknown, but they were very good.)

[Q]What aliases have you been using?

[A]In my first demos I used the name "NOP" (No Ordinary Prog-
   grammer), and when I joined Contex, I changed to Cycleburner.

[Q]When did you start making demos, and when did you start com-
   peting in demo competitions with them?

[A]I guess I started making demos 1987 or so, and I think it was
   my second demo that won the first prize at a party in Askim. (I
   even beat Rawhead and Omega Supreme wasn´t too happy
   about not winning...)

[Q]What is your most famous oroduction so far?

[A]The most successful demo I made in Weird Science, was prob-
   ably "Sign´o´the Times (won in Askim).

   But I guess I´m best known for,are the ones I made in Contex.
   Everyone keeps saying "Look Sharp" was so great, but I can´t
   understand why... Besides, it only got a fifth place at the party it
   was released.
   I was more satisfied with "Youthquake", but it was "only" third.
   "Top priority" is probably the one I put most work into(and it
   has the most parts too.)

   We could have done a lot of great work in MegaStyle, but
   school took too much time for all of us. They actually asked me
   to join already when I was in Contex, but I chose to stay in Con-
   tex. Who knows, maybe we would have done something even
   greater if I had joined Megastyle earlier. Rune "Sparkler" Spans
   is an outstanding artist, and I´m glad he´s doing the graphics for
   my game now.
FairLight                       FairLight


[Q]What is your coding philosopphy,i.e what do you find im-

[A]My"coding pilosophy" is that I don´t care much about tricks
   that are hard to code. Design is everything. But if you can incor-
   porate some clever coding tricks into a great looking demo, then
   that´s ideal. Futhermore, I don´t like effects that aren´t updated
   50 times per second (or 60 times per second on NTSC).

[Q]Do you try to find a use  for a new routine, or do you make up
   the "story" first and then figure out which routines to use?

[A]In most of the demos I´ve made on the C64, I´ve sampled some
   music, and then I´ve let the music inspire the rest of the demo.
   Sometimes I have made a routine first, but that´s not usually
   how  I work. It tends to get boring that way...

[Q]Do you like just technial demos, or do you think that people
   should work on more design?

[A]I hate technial demos, unless they contain something amazing.
   The first demos with sprites on the border were pretty shock-
   ing to me, although the design could have been better.
   I´m amazed by effects tht previously were thought of as imp-
   ossible, but 4000 dots or 500 scrollers is too boring.

[Q]What are your tools of the trade?

[A]The assembler I use was infact made by my father!

[Q]What are your views on the different scenes? You told us that
   you are working on a game for the Amiga,is that your new

[A]Yes,I´ll be working on my own game for Amiga for some
   while,and if it turns out like I hope it will,I´ll continue making
   games for the Amiga too.

[Q]Can you tell us about any weird experience you have had when
   attending a party?

[A]Now,about weird or funny things that have happened at part-
   ies,I only seems to remember the bad parts,like my power
   supply failing to work,my screen not surviving the transport,
   cop.prices being withdrawn or cops cancelling the whole party!
   Maybe I´M just very unlucky,or maybe I´M suffering from
   But atleast I´ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting
   people at the parties!

[Q]Thanks for the chat, live long and prosper!

[A]And may the force be with you.

In the next issue we´ll have spotlights on:
Radar and Bob
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Group Profile



...the group profile chapter

Yes, this is a new chapter in Reformation which will contain
some very interresting reading about famous groups profile and

First out is:


Chromance is, in my opinion,a  group which everyone likes one
way or another. They are entitled as one of the few groups who
made it to the top, but who not really look down on others. They
have friends ranging from members from top groups ´til group-
less people who just entered the scene. The first time I really got
in touch with Chromance, was when I helped my friend Atomicro
to get in the scene. He coded a couple of intros and send them to
Chromance, with the  question if the liked them, and prehaps he
could join. And they accepted him. That was when I decided for
myself that Chromance was special. They don´t look at your back-
ground first, and then you prehaps could do for the group. I think
it wouldn´t mattared if Atomicro came straight from Legend to
Chromance or just like then, new in the scene, because they
would have taken him on his abilities, and not his background.

How goes the Chromace-story?

Chromance began life as a root of the F.B.I Crew in summer 1990.
Mr.Wax, at that time leader of F.B.I, was fed up with the chaos in
the group, and decided to start a new one. From the F.B.I
members, they picked the best and most active members, to form
a group with a name comming from the ´Gridpoint Observer´
editor. (Guess who?,ed anm) Also some other members from diff-
erent groups and countries joined, but they are already out or left
the scene by now. To promote Chromance a bit, the went to the
Transcom party. "The biggest flop ever" says Mr.Wax about this
party. Their big breakthrough was when they started to crack
seriously, and when they origanized their own party,the
Chromance Party V2 in Budapest, back in 1991.
The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Who rule among the rulers?

Instead of leaders as in the F.B.I  Crew, they took organizers,
which are Mr.Wax and Jinx. Chromance never died and is never
rebuild becoz of that, they have never been in co-op, although
there have been a few little co-op contact demo´s. Besides their
cracks, among them, several first releases from Hungarian soft-
ware teams, they also release a small demo once in a while (like
Bad Habbit) and their "Gamers Guide"-clone "Are We The Best?".
They have stopped their activities for this magazine, and are
waiting for another person to continue its release. Chromance
future plans are just some improvments of what they are doing
now. They do still concentrate on cracking, and tries to get more
involved in the modemscene (with Armageddon for example).
They do also have a party once in a while (last one was a month
ago with Faces: the X-mas Paddy!)

Quality leads to the top!

There are only a few "elite" groups, and the struggle for the
number one place by releasing the best cracks is hard.
Chromance see themselves striking with quality-cracks and many
first releases. But this is also where some people have critics on
Chromance. Some say that most first releases are budgetgames
from Hungarian teams, and most games arren´t worth playing.
But, this slight minor is covered up by some nice "normal"
cracks, and sometimes they even made a real masterpiece. I think
that that´s also a very important factor which helped them to the
top. After all, the WANTS quality instead of speed... (Hmm,start
voting for Bacchus/FLT

Some thoughts about charts!

Mr.Wax has a very good opinion here and the position of some
groups. He says "In my opinion, most charts are bullshit. No off-
ence of groups, but how comes it that inactive groups are placed
so high in charts? Think before voting! And also stop voting for
dead groups, give the chance for the real active people instead!!"

Some finalwords from Mr.Wax

"Most of us are friendly people, don´t like to rag and so on. We´re
trying to have some fun in this scene and we always look on the
bright side of life. Peace to everybody and remember: You´re liv-
ing only once, don´t take computing to seriously. If you do, you´ll
surely regret it a few years later!".

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Chromance memberstatus

Finally, here is the most current list of the Chromance members:

Name:      	Jobs:                  			Age,Job:
----       	----                   			-------
Mr.Wax     	Swap, Crack, Org.,Modem			20, studying                
Jinx       	Code, Crack, Modemtrade			19, civil service           
Painkiller 	Code, Crack, Swap      			19, studying                
Griff      	Code, Music            			19, working
Alex       	Code, Crack, Swap      			19, studying                
Jazzy D    	Code, Crack, Swap,Modem			19, studying
Redax      	Code, Phonephreak      			20, working in a phonecomp.!
Cryptodanc.	Swap, a bit graphics   			18, studying                
Blockbuster	Swap, Crack, Modem     			19, studying                
Mike D     	Graphics, Modem        			20, army (married)       
Joyride    	Sysop EHQ "Highway"    			17, studying                
Alagami    	Editor "Imagination"   			18, studying                
Mac 2      	Music                  			??, studying                
Hain       	Crack, Modem, Swap     			??, studying?               
Floris     	Graphics               			??, army?                   

Yup, 16 at total, if I missed someone or wrote a deadone, please
let me know til the next issue!

		Lord Crucifier/Sacred

The Reformation         (C) FairLight

Demo Hall of Fame 1993


The Demo Hall of Fame

1 9 9 3

It´s time to show you the list of all reviewed demos here in the
Reformation the past year and which was the best one?


	* 53 demos was tested and that´s all the wellknow ones,that´s
	  13 lesser than 1992 but the average % is higher this year!
Let´s start with a recall from 1992...

The Demo Hall of Fame 1992:

	(p)	Name:		Group:		(%)
	---	-----		------		---
	 01	WonderLand 9	Censor		100
	 02	Elysium		Origo		99
	 03	3rd SFTH	Triad		99
	 04	ComaLight 8	Oxyron		99
	 05	Last Traktor 3	Horizon		98
	 06	Lunacy 5	Antic		97
	 07	Legoland 2	FairLight	97
	 08	Pod.k.Her	Camelot		97
	 09	Dutch Breeze	BlackMail	97
	 10	Brutality	Light		97
Will Censor grab it 1993 too with WonderLand X??
Let´s entet the cambers:

The Demo Hall of Fame:

	(p)	Name:		Group:		(%)
	---	-----		------		---
	 01	TowerPower	Camelot		95
	 02	WonderLand X	Censor		93
	 03	Legoland 3	FairLight	93
	 04	ComaLight 10	Oxyron		93
	 05	Spasmolytic	Censor		92
	 06	Wild		Crest		92
	 07	Visuality 3	V.R		92
	 08	Totally Stooned	Booze Des.	91
	 09	Lunacy 7	Antic		90
	 10	Imse Vimse Get	Noice		90

	 11	Visual Delight	Focus		89
	 12	Blaze of Glory	House		88
	 13	ComaLight 9	Oxyron		87
	 14	ComaLight SQR	Oxyron		86
	 15	ComaLight 11	Oxyron		86
	 16	GraveYard Blues3Topaz		86
	 17	Beer Factory	Trinomic	84
	 18	Problem Child	Topaz		83
	 19	ATFTH		Topaz		82
	 20	Beyond Reality	Focus		81

	 21	Obornik		Elysium		80
	 22	Fantasia 3	Oxyron		80
	 23	Mind Control	Triad		79
	 24	Point Zero	Silicon		79
	 25	Genesis		TwiLight	78
	 26	PartyDemo	Col+EB		77
	 27	AOTS 2		Beyond Force	77
	 28	D´n´D		Vision		75
	 29	Beyond Im. 2	Antic		74
	 30	Tales of MysterySpirit		74

	 31	Arla		Dual Crew	73
	 32	SLC Partydemo	Silicon		72
	 33	Four Years	Origo		71
	 34	Delicious 3	Trias		71
	 35	Hard Target	Paradize	69
	 36	The Awakening	Wrath		68
	 37	Fuel		Equinox		68
	 38	Cosine		Lethargy	68
	 39	Get a Life	Focus		66
	 40	Sex Slitro	Faces		65

	 41	Forbidden Fruit	WoW		64
	 42	The Culture	Cult		60
	 43	Jerkland	D.D		55
	 44	The LongWay	TEG		55
	 45	Unlimited Power	Silicon		52
	 46	Inner Satisf.	Focus		49
	 47	WoWstory 3	Wow		45
	 48	Human Machine	Jam		36
	 49	Milestone	Damage		30
	 50	Fruit o.t.Loom	Paralyze	20

	 51	Skychart 4	LCT		12
	 52	Zonk		LoA		10
Camelot MADE IT!!!

Yes, with two days left of the year,Camelot shocked us all at their
own party and released the best demo of the year,congratultaions

The Demo called "Europe"/Tough was disqulified coz all the rips
from Crest...

O.K let´s hope that 1994 will be as good as 1993 were,right?!
Here should a 200 block long review by Oxidy started but the
textfile is broken so you´ll have to wait til issue #8!!

The Reformation         (C) FairLight
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