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Reformation #4 FairLight


Reformation #4                  FairLight

	What we´ve got here is
	failure to communicate.
	Some men you just can´t reach,
	so you get what, we had here
	last week!

Ha, fooled you! Sure we have again some real hot corkers which 
you won´t find in other mags than in ours. Well, guess that´s the 
different. Bah....

Well, first feel welcome to this issue. Maybe you got Emanuelle 
#13 where you could read the Fairlight still have 2 mags! 
Emanuelle and Reformation. Ayatollah the editor of Emanuelle 
also wrote that you should vote which mag should go and which 
one should stay. 

OK, I could guess that you were quite confused at that moment. 
Well, I called Roland (Ayatollah) up to clear that problems and he
told me that I can all forget as he finally lost his interests in C64
and also works on the consoles (SNES) yet. So finally the actual 
facts are that Reformation is the only mag in Fairlight!

So much to that object. Well, to be honest I´m not very proud of
this issue because it´s delayed a lot. That´s because of holidays,
parties, lazyness, girls, alcohol, and so on... you know. So please 
forgive me this bit small and delayed issue, but this time we´ve 
some real great articles!

Anyway what can you await from us in future.

... new GFX should come! Ha, Ranger began with some but later 
    quitted C64. Bah! But sooner or later we´ll surprise you for

... no more empty pages more.

... a new menue style! Uuh what a surprise that would be.

... a new music is in progress. Sure again by Red Devil...

Private message...

This message goes to a guy in the new elite group SECRET. 
Well, some time ago this guy called me and because I wasn´t at 
home he spoke some on my answering machine. Unfortunately 
this machine saves a message digital in a memory and therefore 
you just have quite few time to speak. OK, your message wasn´t 
completed but I guess I got the point of the reason for the

Well, you asked me for some news exchange and helpings for 
your and our mag. OK, I can tell you that I´m sorry but we don´t
need any help from anyone right now. Sure some more co-editors
would be fine but no freelancers! Because the news exchange:
I don´t swap them because it´s 

	a) Childnish to do it, every mag editor should have enough
	    contacts to get them.

	b) Through mail they would be too old, and hot news I 
	    wouldn´t tell anyone before I published it. Concurrence 
	    you know eh? 

Flying change to the ...

...Chapter Introductions

Editorial				Black Priest
News and Rumours			Tron, Black Priest, Enduro
Future News				Black Priest,Tron
Normal Charts				Black Priest
Mega Charts				Enduro
Reviews					Black Priest
The death of Remix			Tron
Sexual Disco chats			Black Priest
Hollywood fuckings			Black Priest
Saturne Amiga party			Black Priest

The truth about the Paramount Party	Enduro
How Wolf/F4CG got busted		Enduro
The truth of Jack Alien			Crossfire/Epic
The Reformation               FairLight


Programmings........................Mikael "Tron" Olsson

Concept.............................Mikael "Tron" Olsson
....................................Gerald "Black Priest" Weissensteiner

Graphicial works....................Kim "Creeper" Nordstroem

Acoustics...........................Emil "Red Devil" Helldin

Text-editors........................Gerald "Black Priest" Weissensteiner
....................................Martin "Enduro" Cedergren
....................................Tonny "TG-ACME" Gundersen

Outfit..............................Gerald "Black Priest" Weissensteiner

Headlines of this issue

- Remix/Clique quitted!
   Last issue of Script coming soon!

- Normal Charts! and Mega Charts!

- Facts about the soon coming SATURNE Amiga party

- Cosine/LETHARGY and Fuel/EQUINOX as demo tests

- Sexual Disco chats

- The news from Hollywood. (Hmm,..?)

- How Wolf/F4CG got busted!

- The truth about the Paramount Party

- The truth about Jack Alien
The Reformation               FairLight

How to reach us???

For any supply for this mag reach us on these ways:

Through Board:

Sysop: Sledge

Through phone:

	++XX/XXXXX-XXXXX 		(Gerald)
	++XX/XXXXX-XXX 			(Tonny)
	++XX/XXXXX-XXXX 		(Martin)

Through mail:

The Reformation HQ
Black Priest / FairLight


Enduro / FairLight


TG-ACME / Epic


Airwolf / Genesis * Project

The Reformation               FairLight

Respect this...

This magazine is a 100% Fairlight production. For any official 
use you have to ask Black Priest first! 
The Reformation               FairLight

News & Rumours


Well, as always we mark 100% correct news with a ">" sign, just
to mentioned. 

Btw, if you´ve or got hot news then post in on our board WAREZ
AQUARIUM under +XX/XXX-XXXXX in "Reformation" sub or mail
it to me (Black Priest).

In this chapter we can present:

Euro board news 				page 2
European News A-F				page 3
European News G-M				page 4
European News N-Z				page 5
Newsflash 					page 6
The Reformation               FairLight

Euro Board News and Rumours

In Living Colours/TRC

After the death of Galaxy High, TRC got In Living Colour as a new

Warez a la Carte/EPIC

It will probably switch to a recent CBASE soon. At the moment
they use UCBBS 1.3.
The Reformation               FairLight

European elite news A-M


Bumboo/JAM has spreaded the news that Surfer/ACTIVE had 
asked him to join but Bumboo refused!
This is a lie from Bumboo because Surfer never asked Bumboo to
join, he just asked how many contacts he had and if he is illegal! 


>Depeh got busted for stamps forgery!

	That happend as he used copies of swedish 2.90 SKR 
	The cops found his addy on an disc-protection and even 
	Creeper/ANTIC got a call from the cops but didn´t tell 
	that he knows a guy in Skovde (Depeh). 
	Anyway the cops found him and as he is meanwhile 18 
	years old he is got added in the police register and has to 
	pay at least 900 SKR. Besides he was mentioned in a local 
	news paper!

	What will Depeh do in Future?

	Goran don´t care much about that now and will even raise
	his swapping/scene activities!


They released their first issue of Shock on SNES! Great work!


Icarus never left the scene, he joined CHROMANCE as a mega-


>Remix left C64 for the amiga elite group "Crystal". This means 
  Script is dead! (red. More about this later in this issue)


>Lexi/Legend rejoined us as a SysOp and cracker...

>Dishy/Dominators joined with great promises of 1st releases for 
  us and having great swapping capacity.

>Finally also Black Priest got his own car! A neat OPEL Kadett 1.6.

Alchemist, the old legendary FLT cracker is back again, he is 
making some great utilities for the moment. 

Bacchus is making a 64-card for Amiga 2000,3000,4000 which 
should perfectly! Get it all Amiga suckers now!

Enduro is at the moment swedens #1 in swapping after Incubus 
quitted C64 for Amiga.

The Reformation               FairLight

European elite news G-M


As Grego heard that Legend kicked Darklord,Lexi,A-Man and 
Hok he immediately responded by kicking all other Legend 
members out of his board: "In-Living-Colour" in Houston/TX.


Darklord, Lexi, A-Man and Hok got kicked because Westbam 
who never did anything else than supplying 2 originals since he 
got in, got mad.

	Darklord will leave the 64 scene after his summer fun 
	party at a local camping place in the near of Frankfurt.
	An other rumour says that he´ll join RSI.

	A-Man´s future is not known.

	Hok is not joining any other group, he´ll stay independant.

	>Lexi already joined Fairlight.


Spirou (Sysop) left! The reason is that he´ll start to code games
from now on.
The Reformation               FairLight

European News N-Z


>Finally they are totally back and released already "Hackpack 3",
  which probably everyone got meanwhile.


After TTS lost intrest in Scene Observer his mag is dead now.


Also Spirit lost his interets in doing Bullet Proof so also his paper-
mag is dead now!

DOS/ADSR joined as musician.

Deathstralker joined too, so his BBS "The Decadence" is now the


Artix and Lifestyle got kicked out because of lazyness. Hmm, 
means that, that the promised demo "Raw guys" won´t released


Rockstar/DOM, X-Tro/TRINOMIC and Hunter/PARAMOUNT 


Action Jackson is thinking about leaving the scene as he has got 
himself a girlfriend.

Jack Alien get soon his 2400 baud modem back.

After Renegade/LEGACY finished his army works he joined as 
coder and graphician.


>Benno/TRANCE joined as coder. 


>Incubus quitted and is now active on Amiga

Alfatech didn´t leave for CENSOR DES. He just joined them on 
SNES and is still a Triad member on C64!
The Reformation               FairLight


Charlie/Varsity is dead! That happend through a car accident to 
a travel to the copyparty in Gotheburg this easter. The driver 
was Andrea/Varsity, his girl friend. She didn´t die but suffers 
from a shock for a long time!

Judging from the reactions on the boards, this guy will be missed 
by a great deal of people... Shit dying that young stinks.

Sure we could ask Andrea for more detail infos, but of course
we don´t do it, as it would open new pains for Andrea! So please
respect this!

>Corrosive, Witty, Roadkill and Silver have been kicked out of 

>Matt, Kingpin, Azzaro, Bocca, Chacke, Drakkar, THCM, vince
and Alive are moved to the inactive status and will no longer be 
listed as WOW-members. They can join WOW again if they get 
active again.

>Cliff/CULT (coder) and Morbid/REBELS (music,code) joined
WOW as a 2nd group. So they active memberstatus looks like that

Ispace, Morbid, Einstein, Sorex, Cliff, Tristar, Stormlord, Nantco
Wax, WHW-Design

>Stormlord will probably stop studying and start working as a 
postman. (red.: easy to get your sendings then eh? hehe)

Static/Gothic returned to the scene again, after a break of some
months. He released Moonlight also.

Dr.Disc is thinking about a comeback, but now he´s just using his 

X-Raffi and some other X-RATED members are still searching 
for a new group. If they find one, X-RATED is dead.

Mason hasn´t left the scene as we said in the last issue. Sorry for 
this mistake pal!
The Reformation               FairLight

Future News


Here you´ll find soon coming acts from:

Fairlight and Antic
The Reformation               FairLight

European Future News


Await soon their 2 new demos called:

Antique Parts
Beyond Imigation 2


The following is for sure 100% right as it comes from the coder 
itself, - Tron.

>Legoland III? Well it was due to be released at the Light party 
but as we lamed out again, we never finished it in time...
We´ll instead release 2 demos shortly... First a design-oriented 
demo from Oxidy and Ogami.. Superbly styled, but a bit less 
advanced, speaking of code.. (Dunno it´s name...) After that one, 
we´ll release Legoland III, which I´ve now improved as hell.. It 
has proven to be a real Amiga Killer...
The Reformation               FairLight

Normal Charts

European Charts                                

Finally after many month we return to the NORMAL CHARTS 
again! We took this decision because of sooo much complaints from
your side. Hope you are glad now.

Well, the count system is like the one we always used. Send us 
your Top 10 charts in:

European Cracking Groups
Single European Crackers
European Demo Groups
Single European Coder
Best European BSS

US Cracking Groups
Single US Crackers

The #1 got 10 points up to #10 which becomes 1 point. Easy or?

This time we haven´t got so much votes but the ones which voted
was mainly elite ones...

Well, btw we still collect the so called "elite votes" so that we
hopfully soon can present you the elite charts.

The Reformation               FairLight

European Cracking Groups

   1.	(-)LEGEND			75
   2.	(-)Red Sector Inc.		55
   3.	(-)Success			42
   4.	(-)Chromance			30
   5.	(-)Talent			28
   6.	(-)Triad			22
   7.	(-)Dominators			20
   8.	(-)Illusion			17
   9.	(-)Epic				16
  10.	(-)Vision			14
  11.	(-)F4CG				11
  12.	(-)Fairlight
     	(-)Genetix			10
  14.	(-)Trance			7
  15.	(-)X-Rated			3
The Reformation               FairLight

European Single Crackers

   1.	(-)The Burglar			62
   2.	(-)Powerplant			58
   3.	(-)Doc				52
   4.	(-)Bod				47
   5.	(-)Crossfire
     	(-)Derbyshire Ram		42
   7.	(-)Benson			33
   8.	(-)Antitrack			30
   9.	(-)Chrysagon			25
  10.	(-)XXX				21
  11.	(-)Jack Alien			15
  12.	(-)Bacchus			12
     	(-)Count Zero			7
  14.	(-)Sauron			5
  15.	(-)Watchman			1
The Reformation               FairLight

European Demo Groups

   1.	(-)OXYRON		88
   2.	(-)Crest			80
   3.	(-)Censor Design		77
   4.	(-)Noice			72
   5.	(-)Flash Incorporated		64
     	(-)Light			50
   7.	(-)Camelot			49
   8.	(-)Topaz Beerline		42
   9.	(-)Starion			39
  10.	(-)Visual Reality		33
  11.	(-)Antic			27
  12.	(-)Triad			25
  13.	(-)Fairlight			18
  14.	(-)Origo			15
  15.	(-)Faces			10
The Reformation               FairLight

European Single Coder

   1.	(-)TTS				82
   2.	(-)Zodiac			78
   3.	(-)Tron				77
   4.	(-)Bob				71
   5.	(-)D´Arc			65
     	(-)Flamingo			62
   7.	(-)Crossbow			55
   8.	(-)Cruzer			51
   9.	(-)RCC				47
  10.	(-)Glasnost			42
  11.	(-)Yup				34
  12.	(-)King Fisher			30
  13.	(-)Maduplec			22
  14.	(-)Swoffa			15
  15.	(-)Axis				7
The Reformation               FairLight


Bonus - Bonus - Bonus - Bonus - Bo

Yes, after the "normal charts" we also can present you Enduro´s

Megacharts July ´93!

Some facts:

	All types of groups have the change to enter the charst,
	not only demo- or crackergroups!

	All members in the groups on the charts are at least 
	registrated in one counted magazine.

	I count each point a member or a mag receives in the 
	selected disc-magz!

Mags rereleased this period were:

Miracle #08
Addybook #13
Impulse #04
Extacyland #01
Nitro #11

(As you can see there´s some changes of the selection, but don´t 
blame me, blame the editors which haven´t released their mags 
under this period like: Accuracy, WOW,...)

But the charts gives you a 100% fair view of the 20 strongest 
allround groups in the scene at the moment!


Euro Top 1-10

1. LEGEND (Europe)
Total: 15657

	Crackergroup			3796
	Demogroup			10
	Shock				2882
	Powerplant			2760
	XXX				1806
	Doc				1281
	Antitrack			739
	Fletch				217
	A-Man				2166
	Junebug				42

2. CREST (Germany)
Total: 12689

	Demogroup			3498
	Crossbow			28890
	Maduplec			213
	Vision				89
	Bizzmo				898
	GBF				65
	Drax				2276
	Syndrom				1589
	Deek				1589
	MSK				251
	Xayne				154

3. FLASH INC. (Sweden)
Total: 9246

	Demogroup			3627
	Hotshot				1005
	Zodiac				2869
	Crept				171
	Zoris				111
	Moon				1234
	Aslive				229

4. OXYRON (Germany)
Total: 9109

	Demogroup			3689
	Addybook			2025
	Pravda				34
	Skyhigh				134
	TTS				2498
	Axis				161
	Graham				91
	Pri				250
	Peace				24
	Andre (AS)			29
	RRR				62
	Kirk				87
	Amarok				16

5. FAIRLIGHT (Sweden)
Total: 6661

	Demogroup			1152
	Crackergroup			431
	Reformation			795
	Tron				925
	Bacchus				272
	Ogami				2813
	Oxidy				42
	Red Devil			46
	Enduro				142
	Dishy				43

6. ILLUSION (Europe)
Total: 6502

	Crackergroup			3260
	Immortal Flash			1213
	Sauron				993
	Derbyshire Ram			826
	Enemy				94
	Fist				10
	Baze				106

7. TRIAD (Sweden)
Total: 6134

	Crackergroup			1218
	Demogroup			2058
	Gamers Guide			219
	Alfatech			163
	JFK				347
	King Fisher			930
	Thunder				507
	TDK				470
	Wngo				85
	Mr. Ammo			35
	Arcon				102

8.SUCCESS (Europe)
Total: 5931

	Crackergroup			3130
	Burglar				1502
	Dannie				43
	Steel				179
	Chotaire			38
	TSS				119
	Nightshade			860
	Guzzler				60

Total: 5470

	Demogroup			1607
	Crackergroup			30
	Bob				528
	Dragon				1490
	Danko				1708
	Sensei				107

10. CAMELOT (Denmark)
Total: 5154

	Demogroup			1782
	Glasnost			1421
	Cruzer				429
	Slammer				67
	Metal				559
	Jeff				252
	Wave				644


Euro Top 11-20

11. TALENT (Europe)
Total: 5144

	Crackergroup			2202
	Bod				1801
	Chrysagon			1071
	Rockstar			70

12. BLACKMAIL (Holland)
Total: 4839

	Demogroup			1727
	Hein Holt			2993
	Orc				119

13. LIGHT (Sweden)
Total: 4616

	Demogroup			2382
	Smooth Criminal			34
	Flamingo			1853
	Goblin				90
	Bappalander			257

14. ANTIC (Sweden)
Total: 4243

	Demogroup			380
	Explorer			380
	Depeh				131
	Creeper				2730
	Joe				268
	Zyron				325
	Andre (AS)			29

15. TOPAZ (Finland)
Total: 3862

	Demogroup			1206
	Fresh´n Sticky			69
	D´Arc				1522
	Scapegoat			65
	Death				569
	AMJ				16
	Amarok				16
	Calypso				344
	Benno				19
	HTD				36

16. RED SECTOR INC. (Germany)
Total: 3463

	Crackergroup			2162
	Benson				774
	Double-T			117
	Mr. President			83
	Psychobilly			60
	Anarchy				114
	Dense				32
	Count Zero			121

17. PSYCICS (Belgium)
Total: 2921

	Jeroen Tel			2921

18. EPIC (Denmark)
Total: 2811

	Crackergroup			1654
	Ghoul				38
	Crossfire			1022
	Mason				97

19. SPIRIT (Germany)
Total: 1940

	Demogroup			234
	Crackergroup			13
	Impulse				557
	RCC				90
	Bulldog				71
	Unifier				302
	ANS				591
	Caine				50
	Dense				32

20. WOW (Europe)
Total: 1847

	Crackergroup			142
	Demogroup			41
	Internal			1577
	Nantco				87

Facts about charts

* Out of the charts:

	CLIQUE (dead)
	OFFENCE (1842)

It´s true, the No. 1 mag ´Script´ is dead and CLIQUE lost 99,4% of
it´s points...

* Near the charts:

	EXTEND (1621)
	FACES (1762)

Better luck next time, hehehe

OK, hope you´ve enjoyed yourself with this 12 hours of work by
Enduro of course.
The Reformation               FairLight



Hmm, last time much demos this time few ones. Seems that´s the
advantage of big parties - many demos!

Cosine/Lethargy				page 2
Fuel/Equinox				page 3
The Reformation               FairLight

Cosine/Lethargy (9) Rating 70%

Hmm, Lethargy shows us in that demo that also the U.K. guys 
have some possibilities in coding.

Guys who made this happend:






Odie, Skywave, TMR

Highlights of this demo:

	-nice graphics by TMR

	-IRQ loader installed

	-digitized interlace picture and logo
The Reformation               FairLight

Fuel/Equinox (12) Rating 68%

Well, big demo but just 3-5 parts are OK, so Equinox should think
about quality and not quantity!

Guys who made this happend:


Mr. Warp, AEG, Dasheele, Antifan


Mr. Warp, AEG, D-Signa/Maniax, Ivan & Kyle


The blue Ninja/DOS, Mace/Secure, Bad, Mr. Warp, R. Ouwehand
DJ/Vaganbonds, Kristian Rostoen, Benno/Topaz,Kyle, AEG
The Syndrom/Crest

Highlights of this demo:

	- improved interference 

	- "We´ll  rock you" sample. Long but avarage quality

	- "Enter Sandman" sample. Long but avarage quality

	- Hires FLI joy controlled!

	- XYZ moving FLI bars (chessboard effect)

	- New art of plasma. Well, no revolution anyway

	- 2x2 sideborder scroll over 7 splits (world record!)
The Reformation               FairLight

How Wolf/F4CG got busted

How Wolf/F4CG got busted!              

True story by Wolf/F4CG himself

Yep, guess it had to happand sooner or later... 
The date was the 17th of May... the weather was fucking great and
I was pretty happy as I got off really early from work...
I guess the clock must have been about 10:30 in the morning or 
so... I was on my way to access my house when a white car pulled 
in front of me... Two people went out of the car and asked if my 
name were --- (my real name)... Yes, I said.. Well, the two guys 
showed me their batches and they turned out to be cops... Nice...
Anyway, thet said they would like to have a little "chat" with me 
and my parents... and so we did...

Well, as it turns out I´ve been traced by the phone company when
I called a pretty large computer system owned by a well-
known firm called something like "Merrild Coffee" on their 
system I have been able to connect to some other phone lines 
owned by the company, so that I could make free calls world-
wide if I wanted to... I didn´t, however, use this too much as I 
thought it might be kinda risky... (and as it turns out I guess you 
can say I were right!) Well, the company (who ouhght to have an
aword for being the worse secure system I´ve ever ran across!!!) 
was "abit" upset with me being on their system... Especially they 
were upset because I knew a user-name called "XLR", and so the
system operator thought I had an inside contact in the company!
Obliviously the system operator forgot to read his own manual 
(app. 200 pages! All you´ve to do to get it is to type "HELP" as said 
on the screen!!!) As there´s a command called "SHOW USESRS"
which simply tells you who´s on the system at the present 
moment! But althought this command is probably the most known
command on a dec-server system the system operator (who 
controlls more than 100.000 $!!) didn´t know about it!! And worse of
all, if you wanna make free calls all you have to do is to logon to
the system (no password needed so far!) you may use whatever you
want as user name!) and type "connect modem. As indirectly said
in the online user manual!!) and you´ll have a free line where you
can make free calls to the whole world if you feel like it!!
(just remember to type "ATM 0" before you ATDT and # you 
wanna call or their modem will make some hell of a noice!!) Well, 
if I get billed/jailed too hard I´ll probably make a public 
statement to the press in which I´ll among other things tell about
this totally none-secure system... After this I guess it´s doubtful
if the fucking system operator will even find a job again as a 
security agent for any computer system world-wide!!

Well, in it self getting busted for accessing this system wouldn´t
have been so bad, if it wasn´t because the cops also had a god 
damn warrant, which all owed them to turn my room inside out 
in order to search for any illegal (or possible illegal) things 
concerning the subject of hacking... 

Well, this is were the real problem starts.. See, 99% of every-
thing I´ve ever done in the hacker business I had wrote down on 
some pieces of paper... Well, when the cops searched my room 
they found these papers and on these papers there were far 
beyond 1000 (!) numbers to danish computer system set up on 
charge-free #s and also some foreign computer systems set up on
them... of course there were also some login codes etc. to many of 
this system which totally barry me! Worst of all there were also
other #s.. numbers so big that I´ve only told a very few people 
about them... phone #s to some systems set up by the danish 
phone company (including logins to half of them) and phone #
to MCI´s unix system (which I were about to hack together with a
danish and a german hacker, who´s names shall remain untold),
but worse of all there was a certain #, which wasn´t even hacked 
by me, but which I had got though another danish hacker.. It was
the #+login codes to the largest bank in Denmark!!! - UNIBANK!

Now, because there have been some hackeers on this system they
are taken the hole god damn thing down and all it says when you 
dialup the # is something like: "Please, call  UNIBANK´s security 

Now I don´t know for sure, but word is that a guy by the handle
of Netrunner have been transfering pretty large amounts of 
money from other peoples accounts to his own!! This is something
no-one in the public knows about, because banks of the same size
as Unibank don´t like rumours about their customers loosing 
money to hackers being spread around! (Just think of what you 
would do if you had a bank account in a bank were people were
loosing money, because of someone stealing them over the phone
net by the help of a computer... Well, if it was me then I would 
stop using that bank damn fast!!). Anyway, the worse thing is that
the police now might think it was me who hacked thiss account 
(which I wasn´t!) and if they do so and I´m found guilty on this in
the court I´m dead meat to say it in a very light way!!

In my notes there were also a list of some american #s to pretty
big systems such as NASA, banks etc., but for some weird reason
the police did not take these lists... weird... very weird...
Also on the lists there were a bunch of AT&Ts, loop #s etc., but I
guess the police mostn´t have known about this and just thought
it were some legal stuff as there were also a few other legal print
outs among the notes... How embarrassing... I got busted by some 
fucking lamebrains! Hehe...

Nah, what a bad time to get busted... I had just started sort of a 
hacker co-op together with a really professional hacker here 
in Denmark and then this shit happends.. I could have been the
best... but now all it´s over just because of a fucking coffee firm 
who´s operator doesn´t even know how to use a computer! Argh... 
Well, at least it was fun as long as it lasted... No tears no fears!! I 
were up there together with the best, but now I´m going to be
executed (or at least economic executed!) All in the name of the 
law! But that´s life I guess... as one of my friends in the hacking 
"scene" once said: "Life is one ... You can choose  to live it and face
the risk or you can choose to try and hide from it in which case 
you might aswell be dead!"

I must admit that I had doubts whether I were going to stay in 
the C64 scene after this incident (after all it is quite hard to be 
aactive in anything illegal when the cops are all over your house
all the time!!), but I´ve come to the conclusion that I´ll probably 
stay in both the C64 and VHS and probably also in the Amiga 
scene... After all it makes no difference if they bust me for 
violation of the copy-right law as I´ll get such a high bill for 
hacking that there´s no way I´m going to be able to pay it anyway!
One thing is almost sure thought: My carrier as a hacker has 
come to an end! If they ever catch me hacking again they´ll 
probably lock me up for good and as I don´t feel like spending the 
rest of my life in prison this is it!! But hi.. that´s what have
happend to all really big hackers: Chaos Computeer Club, The
Inner Circle,414 etc..., they all got busted!! If you wanna be among
the best in the hacker business you´ll have to take certain 
chances and sooner or later you´ll get busted because of one of
these chances... But hi, that´s life! After Chaos Computer Club, 
The Inner Circle,414 etc. got busted they became martyrs/legends
(red. Ha for a pretty big price in my eyes!) 

The same thing might well happend to me... After all I did have 
the right reputation with the real prof. hackers..


The death of Remix/CLIQUE

Remix/Clique quitted!                        

A letter from Remix/Clique, the author of Script

I phoned Dense and asked him if he had a place in his car so that I
could drive with him to TCC. He said yes, so I decided to drive to 
the party with him. (Along with Argos/SUNRISE and probably 
Aslive, I am not sure..) We set the time to 1.00 pm and we were 
going to meet at the Koeln Railway station.

Dense told me that we would meet infront of Track No. 1 in 
the railway station.. I said no, and told him that it is better to 
meet infront of the Florist in the station. He said "Okay"..

On the day that we would meet, he called me up and told me that 
we had to meet 30 minutes before. (at 12.30). I told him that this is
IMPOSSIBLE for me to be there at 12.30, as I had prepared myself
for 1.00 pm, just like we talked before. (He called me at 12.00, and 
told me that we were to meet 30 minutes later..) I said: "I can´t be
there at 12.30, but I´ll try my best. I would be there between 12.30
and 1.00 o´clock.. I reminded him once more that we would meet 
infront of the florist. He said "Okay man, no problem.."

I was infront of the florist at exactly 1.00 pm. I waited there for 2
hours.. Nobody came..

I also had a portable car-phone with me. Dense knew the
number. I told him to call me up from that number if we have a 
problem and can´t meet.. He didn´t call..

He either wait until 1.00 (Which I think he should have done, as  
we set the time to 1.00 days earlier! He changed it to 12.30 only 
30 minutes before the meeting!)

OR... He waited infront of track no.1.. (I don´t think so, because I
reminded him of the florist a thousand times...)

Or they thought that they would miss the ferry if they waited for 
me until 1.00 pm.. So, instead of missing the ferry, they sacreficed
me.. (But it was THEIR idea to meet at 1.00 pm. If they wanted to 
meet at 6 o´clock in the morning, I would do it!)

The thing which hurted me the most, is that I told him thousands
went to germany only for the party.. And I couldn´t go to Sweden.
I´ve spent about 1000 DM for nothing now..

After I had understood that Dense and the other guys were gone, 
me and my cousin decided to drive to Kiel, to catch the ferry boat
to Gothenburg.. We travelled for 7 hours. There we learned that 
the ferry left 2 hours earlier.. The next ferry was 22 hours later..

ALL I WANTED WAS A PHONE CALL! We hadn´t waited for them
for 2 hours at the station, I might have caught the ferry..

I could have been there...

I am sorry, and I excuse to all you guys whom I promised to be 
there. I tried my best.. But I missed the chance of my life. That 
chance just went away infront of my eyes, I would have caught it

You should have seen me after the event.. I couldn´t talk to 
anybody for a long time. I was in a very bad, angry, and sorry 

I didn´t call Dense to ask why he wasn´t there.. Everything was 
gone.. The discussion wouldn´t bring back the memory of the
chances I missed..

I, Remix/CLIQUE have decided to leave the scene 100%.. I have 
thought about this when I was quite lonely in Germany.. I am not
kidding, and I guess you guys wont be able to convince me to get 
back.. I am leaving..

I may (and probably will) release a final issue of Script. This is for
all of the guys who liked Script.. I have got some great tunes and 
graphix from very talented guys (like Electric/Extend) and I 
want to use them.. Script #15 will be the very final issue..

The Reformation               FairLight

Sexual Disco chats

Sexual disco chats                               

Hello to another article by Black Priest. Well, yesterday 
(Saturday) when I was at my Disco we (I and a 2 friends) came up 
with an idea as the evening was getting boring. The idea was to
learn more about girls sexual dreams, so we went to some girls 
and asked some question to them like an interview and I´ll try to 
reprint there answers as original as they are in my brain. 

Maybe I should also tell you that we were affected by some,..
hmm many beers. (Just to mention that it was a hell of fun)

So let´s start with our journey into girl-dreams.

Btw, all we write now is 100% true!

First we went to 2 girls (both 18 years old) without a friend. 
Time: ca. 23.00 

BP = I (Black Priest)
F1 = Friend 1 (Alex alias "Alk")
F2 = Friend 2 (Martin alias "Sam")
G1 = Girl 1 (Margot, just avarage)
G2 = Girl 2 (Pamella, a beauty)

F1: What´s your opinion to "quickies"?

G1: "Quickies"? no,no,no,....

F1: Also if it is your friend or just a real dream boy? 

G1: Hmm, sure that would be erotic.

G2: But just with my friend.

BP: Won´t you say that I´m a dream boy?

G1: Should that mean that you want an quickie with me?

BP: Hmm, ah, oh? Why not but where would you say is the best 
      place for it?

G1: Best place for it?

F1: Yes, wanna do it in a closet, in a bed,...

BP: Here at the disco while dancing?

F2: Under the shower...

I nearly laughed me deadly as Sam said under the shower. I just 
told him to try to take a cleaning in a shower.... 

G2: I would think the most erotical one would when you do it 
      under the sky, with some stars on it.

BP: Bah fuck, no stars today just some clouds.

G1: hahahahahah 

Hm girls.... always the same. About the badest jokes they laugh 
them deadly.

BP: Well, o.k. let´s dream about a sky with stars. So in which way
      you would like to get fucked? Blow job? Anal?

G1: Sorry but that´s private and I won´t tell it you.

BP: When was your last fuck then? Hmmm?

G1: Hey get serious or search for an other girl!

BP: Hmm, I say nothing more then.

F1: Haha, btw which hair dress is the best to "turn you on"?

BP: Yes, wanna like long hair more than short ones? 

F2: To be honest I first look an boys with long hairs!

BP: Ohohohoooo.... (Well, as I told you before I drank some (many,
      to be exactly I guess the amount were 6)beers first)

Ok, so far to these two, my friends went home then, meanwhile it
was 1.30 am, but I decided to ask another one for some infos.

The next were 2 girls which were standing at the front door.

BP = I (Black Priest)
H = Girl 1 (Helena, a avarage beauty)
G2 = Girl 2 (I forgot his name)
          But she was a ugly bitch

Meanwhile the alcohol raised and I just asked.

BP: What do you think about quickies?

H: Sure why not.

G2: Yes of course.

BP: Halt wait, that wasn´t an offer. That is just an opinion poll for
      Austrias Sexual investigators!

H and G2: Uhhh really?

BP: Sure or do you think I lie.

That was it then because a ugly rambo guy pushed me to the wall
and wanted a fight as I guess so. I really haven´t know what he 
wanted, but a fight I tried to avoid as he was relly heavy looking,
and I guess he was also a bit older than I like so la la 24 years.
But after some "pushes you, pushes me" all was over.

OK, so far hope you´ve enjoyed this article maybe I´ll continue my
work in an other disco for issue 5. We´ll see....
The Reformation               FairLight

Hollywood fuckings

Who fucked whom in Hollywood?    

Article by Black Priest

I got these infos from an german porno mag and I guess it´s quite













					J.F.KENNEDY junior

ROB LOWE 		fucked with	GASSE Von Chynna PHILLIPS


The Reformation               FairLight

Saturne Amiga party

The SATURNE Amiga Party            

You dreamed of it ..... SATURNE did it!

This legal party, organized by the SATURNE group, sill be the 
biggest never realised party in France on Amiga. This party will
assemble people coming for all european countries.
One mega-competition will take place on Amiga 500 and for the 
first time on Amiga 1200!!!

Date: From Saturday Sept. 4th, 1993 up to Sunday at 20.00 p.m.
Place: At 20km at the east of Paris, easy access,important parking

Centre Culturel de Chelles
Place des Martyrs de Chateau-Briant
77500 Chelles

Infos about the party

The room can wellcome more than 1000 people; new construction
many advantes: WC, Lavatory, phone box near also...

RESTORING: A bar will be open all the time. You can find cheap

A drink will be offered at all people who come with their 
computer (Amiga+Screen)


for french: 80 FF (per person) if payment is done in advance
	        100 FF (per person) if payment is done at place

for foreigners: 80 FF (per person) 

Only french money accepted!

50% of the entrance price will be distributed for compeditions!



Demo on Amiga 500:

It must run on an Amiga 500 with 512 K of chip and 512 K of fast.
It must be competible with all versions from 1.2 to 2.0 included.

Demo on Amiga 1200:

It must run on an Amiga 1200 with 2 megs of Chip.

Intro on Amiga 500

Same conditions as for demonstration on Amiga 500 but limited to
64 KB.

Graphic on Amiga 500

All resolutions and mode on A500 version 1.3

Graphic on Amiga 1200

All resolutions, maximum 256 colours.


Module format Protracker or Octamed which can turn on an 
Amiga 500 with 512 K of Chip.

There will be 5 winners in each category. Each winner will 
receive money corresponding to the entrace tickets sold.

Productions must be presented before Saturday Midnight to be  
able to take part at compeditions!

GIANT screen to see everything + sound

Animations: Surroundings guaranteed !!!

No smocking, no alcohol!

Each person who make trouble will be immediately expelled!
A security service will be installed to avoid any problems.
The Reformation               FairLight

How to come?

By plane:

Arrival Airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle or Airport Orly, take 
bus to East Station (Paris) an take the train.

By train:

Arrival at East Station (Paris), take the train destination Chelles. 
At Chelles Station, follow the mileage or take the bus which stop 
near the meeting room.

By car

From Paris take the East Highroad (A4) direction Metz/Nancy, 
then go out direction Charles de Gaulle (A104) and go out at 
Chelles (the follow the indicator mileage)

We inform you that you are responsable of your material!

All illegal soft is forbidden!

For any information you can call:

+XX(X) XX XX XX XX (week end)
The Reformation               FairLight

The truth about the paramount party

The truth about the Paramountparty

Article by Hunter/Talent (ex-Paramount)

Here is Hunter of Talent speaking to all people about the so-
called fake party.

Imust begin much earlier to make no confusion here. I left WOW
in November 1992, as I had trouble with Matt/WOW, which 
already ended and joined Talent as a cracker and sysop. I opend 
my own BBS Dreamtime under Talent. I had some nice weeks in 
Talent and made a few nice releases. One day Majesty of Talent
phoned me and told, that Talent goes down. He said, I should 
better leave Talent and join a better group now. I thought what 
could I do. 1 week later, one of my earliest scenefriends Syndicate
phoned me and asked I asked him, if he has fun to rebuilt
Paramount with some more former members. Spitefire and 
Dynasty joined, when we built them up on 1.1.93.

I made some cracks of course with old intro´s and gave them to 
our members. I thought about a swapper and I let Bigfoot join, 
who was one of my best friends at that time. 
We got 3 first releases in January fixed by one not so famous 
fixercrew. I said to Bigfoot, ask Lynx/Hitmen to join as a 2nd 
cracker. But he asked nott only Lynx, he let join more guys. He 
let join the biggest lamers in the whole scene.

At first he gave D.R.I./CWD an offer. Who was known as 
Undertaker/Sodom. He built up ACTION on his own in ´92!!
Next he gave Exhibit/Madhouse an offer to join as megaswapper 
with only 3 contacts!!!

When Spitefire and Syndicate heard this, they left Paramount 
again after only 1 month. Bigfoot nerved mee to crack more first
releasees. Really lame!!! He made 14 own first releases with linked 
Armageddon-intros and showed them to his contacts with the 
words "We rule". By the way, we never traded with Armageddon! 

When he was fed up with declaring some fake fixes, I was fed up 
with Bigfoot. I told him, I´ll rejoin Talent soon. He told that he 
quits if I left Paramount. I broke the contact to Bigfoot on the
3.3.1993, when I got an invitation from Red Rock/Excess.

I don´t got it from Bigfoot earlier. I was shocked, because I know 
the party building. I phoned him, and he told me to shut up or 
gives my adress to Grafenreuths private adress. He also stole my 
2nd 2400-modem, as I had borrowed him thiis. He told, that he
will blame all so called lamergroups before he quits on C64!
I official left Paramount 1 week before the party and were 
groupless a short time.

I don´t visited the party, as I know, that Bigfoot wanted to push 
me out of the scene. The biggest sign that it was Bigfoot, who
made the party, and not me, is that he didn´t knew the street. If
I had written the sheet, I knew the street, as I live in this town.

Bigfoot only heard from a building, which will be removed soon,
in his local newspaper I town away. He is so lame!!!!!!!!!

The disco, which was explainedin the disc-note, was closed 1 year 
ago. Poor Bigfoot!!!!!

... (red. the rest are the normal embrassing words about Bigfoot,
so we drop it. The main point was shown already.)


The truth about Jack Alien

The truth about Jack Alien               

Exclusive Article by Crossfire/EPIC

Oh Boye...

I can´t believe I´M falling for this lame attempt by Jack Alien,
to get some attention, but heck, might aswell take part in the 
game, after all, it´s about me.. heh!

Just fo his latest "kool" note about the federation against 
Crossfire/EPIC, and I couldn´t help myself from laughing my off...

Wowserz!.. Heck!.. Federations against other people is quite an 
ancient thing to do, don´t you think? Heh, just goes to proove 
how stupid and lame you´re!

Oh well, it shouldn´t be the first time, and everybody now knows 
what a no-good sort of dude this Jerk Alien is!..

Too bad I can´t remember on exactly which board I put that post
you printed in your "rowdy" note, but nevermind, cause I wrote 
identical things most places, so exactly where this is from doesn´t 
really nag me much.. Heh!

Hmm, I agree, it´s lame to slag on someone where he´s got no 
chance of defending himself, but the post was made in a manner 
of explaining, and since I never spotted you on any board what
so ever, it was quite hard for me, and I knew for certain that  
somebody would tell you, which was exactly the meaning by it all
.. tststs!

You´re very intellegent, aren´t you? "Suck your dick and die" 
seems to be all your vocabulary offers your measly little brain, 
but I guess that´s how it is when your IQ doesn´t reach the height 
of your knees!.. How could I tell, I´ll leave that to you!

Hmm, so I didn´t stop swapping.. haha!

That surprises me alot, but I guess you must know about me 
sending out better than myself......... not!

Geez, man!... At first, when I accounced the fact that I had 
stopped swapping, I kept around 10 contacts in order to get 
everything worth getting, so I wasn´t forced to leech anything 
from the boards, but you could try and ask some of these people, 
exactly how much they´ve gotten from me lately.......

Nothing, peabrain, nothing!.. I think the last time I sent out,
unless ofcause you count sendings to the members, was around 
the time when we released Crazy Sue, around May that was I 

Tsts.. But I guess the reason why I didn´t keep you then either, 
was because you were way too lame!

Haha.. ofcause what was written in the interview of Reformation
#3 was all the truth, but who wants to admit having been kicked
from a group, and be sure you did not get an offer to join Epic,
cause I was fed up with you already at that particular time!

But now for the best of it all..

I take it, as a joke from your side, that you´re talking about the 
mag "Kneakebrot", or maybe not? Indeed, I do hope so, or else 
you´re really more or less the laughing stock of the intire scene
right now..

I know you´re incredibly dumb, but it should be obvious even to
you, that I had nothing to do with that magazine, heck atleast I 
would have spelled the name of the mag right, "Knaekbroed", it
would be then, but... again... Jack Alien knows what I do before I
know it myself!..

But seriously, anyone who have seen the mag knew from the 
beginning that it was a faker, and I got pretty good idea who it is..
......all in joke!..

Anyone could see it.......Except you!

Haha, just goes to show that your intellect isn´t worth a dime!..

Anyhow, this shit with you writing "Just write shit about me,
I don´t care can´t help making me laugh, cause obviously my 
words does nag you...
Pathetic! Seize the day, dork!

Oh, and that thing with you kicked me down if you ever meet me.

Oh Boy.... Let me put it like this, I´ve seen a picture of you in one 
of Incubus/TRIAD´s countless picture albums, so I had a hard 
time trying not to laugh, when I read it.. But believe me I tryed 
not to, just didn´t succeed!

And now for the ironical corner!

"I think I´m one of the best!"

Sure I am.. I´m #1!

True answer: 	This ispure bull, cause I´m in this scene for fun of it
	nothing else! I release what I get my hands on, I´m 
	not arrogant, nor do I have a reason to be!

"Most of my cracks doesn´t work!"

Ofcause not... Isn´t that the point of the scene?

True answer:	Confuses me alot, that you find all these bugs in my
	cracks, but that anyone rarely complains!.. Even 
	Gamers Guide who tests the shit to the bottum 
	rarely finds anything!

And the reason why I´m in all single cracker-charts is because I
can´t crack and I´ve cheated them all...

Not! Tsts.. I think you´ll have a hard time convincing people, but
what the hell..

"My so-called first releases are all re-releases!"

Sure.. that´s what´s so great about the scene, crack an old game, 
spread it as pal or get an american group to fix it and you got a
first release!

True answer:	Oh Boy.. Coming from you it´s pityfull! Really check:
	Who of you and I were first with ex.: "Flip"? and 
	who pulled an "110 percent" version althought
	nothing was changed, just to gain attention? Well, 
	I was first, you pulled the re-releases!

All in all, a game/prg is a re-release once it´s been spread on the 
boards, if it gets´s spread again, more or less it doesn´t matter how
big the time difference is, but I did release "Flip" on the boards  
over a month before you linked your intro infront of it, so don´t 
talk to me about re-releasing!

"I tell every dude lies and nothing else!"

Erm, yeah.. cause that´s the only way to put you down (hahah!  
Good one!)

True answer:	Weeeel, I wouldn´t exactly call your story of what 
	happend in case of the Image/EPIC merging the 
	truth, so be smartt, don´t be too loud on this point, 
	besides, I don´t lie to anyone, cause there´s no reason
	to do it! Only real lamers like you has to lie to be 
	known (ex.: this case!)

.. and I think I convered the "Knaekebrot", or however it was 
spelled, case earlier!?

Haha.. you hear only what you wanna hear, and your life and the 
scene is the same , unlike some people who manages to have a 
life besides the scene, but.. hell.. let´s have fun..

You claim I´ve re-cracked something..

Well, then!.. Let´s get some facts and some evidence on the table..

Errrh. What? Oh, you can´t do it? Well, sorry for bringing it up
that you even have to proove your bullshit now..

Yep, Michael jackson is probably the right kind of music for 
those who dislike me... fag music, but what the hell, only kids 
(especially true girly-boys!) listen to that faggot anyway! I hear 
you like him? Heh.. Ii bet!

Oh, and next time you wanna write an anti-note against me, 
please, do me the favour of getting someone to correct your lousy
english, cause it is quite embarrasing for anyone to read your 

Imbecile, I guess.. who cares anyway..

Btw, Faith is in 2000 AD on the Amiga, and is in no way more
active on the C64, but he probably did talk bullshit about you, 
but nothing he can say can be as offending as the truth.. Heh!

Queer? Real men doesn´t use that word, you know, real men call
that type you happend to mention "Fag", and not "Queer", cause
the last mentioned is too nice.. but I wonder why you got so much
to write about gay-people and so on, maybe you can´t really get 
your real life out of your head, so you´ve to blame it on someone
else or so, I don´t know - and I don´t care!

I got a girl-friend, I´ve had several before her, but you´ll never 
amount to get any unless you either pay for her (in which case 
you gotta find your big wallet!), you put a bag over your head, or
finally you´ll find someone as stupid as yourself..

I know what I´m talking about, cause I´ve seen you, but you´re 
unfortunately in no position to commentmy looks, cause you´ve 
never seen me... Tststs.. patheticness, the name is Jack Alien!

Oh Boy, and here we go mixing up english and german.. Jerk 
means something nice in german, probably yes, but in this case, 
let´s play with your last name too! Alien=alein (alone!) but no.. bad
excuse, maybe it comforts you, but hey, some day you´ll wake up 
and smell the coffee!..... I surely hope so, or else you´ll remain a 
chilf for the rest of your life!

Anyhow, I´m looking forward to know what pathetic kids that 
will be apart of your kool F.A.C.E organisation, probably noone 
cause everybody knows, except you - again, that federations is 
incredibly 80´ies and childish!

Oh well... Jacko!.. Seize the day, stop attaking people for fame, and
try to gain it the same way normal people does! I know I screwed 
up some years ago, and I´m still blamed for it, but I´ve learned to
live with it, and I practually don´t give a fuck, cause I´m getting 
older, aswell as anyone else , and I got more important things to 
worry about, such as final education, getting a good job etc. and 
some day you´ll learn too, Jacko, that you can´t sit infront of your
computer all day, there´s work to be done, so spend the time you 
got for the computer for something decent, not these lame anti-
notes, which by the way is so very pathetic!

I don´t know if this is the end of the struggle, but incase not, this 
will be the last words on the matter from me, cause I´ve got more
important things to worry about!


Signed the wiseman


(red.: Well, as this is a quite hard article here, of course we also 
give Jack Alien the possibility to defend him in this mag!)
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