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           |FATHER SPEAKING|
___________|FATHER SPEAKING|____________

           F L A S H B A C K

Guees who?

It has been 12 long issues, or shall I
say almost 4 years since I produced any
material for this great magazine. God
how time flies! Looking at what has
happened to the magazine, I can only
say I'm damn proud of what it has turned
out to become - a channel of intriguing
and intelligent opinions and thoughts.

I still want you to know that PROPAGANDA
is an outgrowth of SEX N'CRIME, a mag-
azine I created with a lot of hard work.
only a source of information. It is a
channel in where you investigate, oppose
and most importantly offend. Write the
naked truth, scandal or not. That my
friends, is journalism.

You are so lame. Jump on the bandwagon
and demand so little. I look at PROPA-
GANDA today and I see lots of new people
and groups. ONSLAUGHT, MOTIV8 and HARD-
CORE. In the grand old days these people
never would have been accepted on the
BBS'es. I'd say you have lost track of
what's good, bad and quality. I can't
access a 64 any longer (blame Debbie
for that!! Hoho!), but I get my very

own issue of Propaganda dumped on paper
from Per. Every issue I read as a very
special moment with curiosity. I think
the scene has changed for better or for
worse. Respect is not the keyword any-
more and everybody is buddy-buddy with
the the scene!! La-la-la-lame!

New groups jump up and have no class
whatsoever. Some of the old people still
hang around. I'm not saying the new
guys can't do anything, coz I'm sure
they can.

In many ways I wish I was still an act-
ive part of the scene. As seen in
"Europe's No.1/GP", our official fare-
well, I am working with cartoons and
freelancing. I had the luck of meeting
some very famous artist who helped me

into the Syndicate press. I also free-
lance for a German newspaper that only
gets released to German people in the
USA. Believe me, we are quite many over
here!! Yup..My career is on what you
might call a scene as well.

My marriage is a very important matter
to my life and I hope to have some
Junior Antichrists running around the
house some day. Bringing them up in true
G*P and Propaganda spirit would be ideal
but unfortunately by the time they will
be ready to punch space, people will
probably sit around in front of their
virtual reality-machines.

Anyway, to the issue again. Why am I
here? I'm here to celebrate a historic
anniversary! Propaganda offends and

speaks honestly for the 2Oth time. I
spend my deepest regards to NEWSCOPY for
making the magazine the coolest there
could ever be! (You pulled through mak-
ing it tons better than the original,
Per!) Frankly, I do not understand why
people vote for another magazine (not
that I read them, but they appear to be
pale duplicates of the original!)

I heard that PROPAGANDA is growing to
other formats, the Internet and various
specialized editions. When I left for
New York, I couldn't for my wildest
dreams imagine my creations would con-
tinue. Who knows, maybe I should free-
lance in PROPAGANDA and share my mem-
orable moments from the scene. I have
plenty to choose from. Who knows?
Perhaps you will see me every now and

then on your screens. You know, I'm
that painful stain that won't go away.

                  SINCERE REGARDS,


                  CREATOR OF SEX N'CRIME
                   CREATOR OF PROPAGANDA


NEWSCOPY (Still prince charming, Per!
Nobody does a mag like you! I am
glad to see the spirit of G*P remains
in the mag like it always should. One
day, I wish we could be on our own label
again. Debbie sends her love!
JIHAD (You old fart! Returning to the
64 again, eh? I hope to visit Germany
and my parents in June.),
MAJESTY (Marco!!!!! People say you're
jail! Why doesn't that surprise me, ha
haha? A shame you left TALENT for that
(ACTIVE), BOD (Darren is still hooked
on profound happiness!) and all at the

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