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 P               R
 Propaganda 15 - Reader's Digest

Dear readers,

It may come as a surprise to you, but
fact is, you are sitting in front of
another issue of Propaganda. It is with
much pride and a jolly mood I can
announce ourselves being on steady
focus, and a production that speaks
on the monthly/6-weeks basis.

It is with a deep sigh I look back at
the autumn that has passed, knowing it
has been the stressiest of times. Of
course, I'm speaking of TRIBUTE, a show

brought on by the brave ones in GENESIS
and AVANTGARDE. We gave you a show, all

With 3OOO fliers, 35OO invitations, 3
public appearances in computer press,
Press Releases to over 1OO computer/
software-related companies and not to
mention the local newspapers, TRIBUTE
was a massive public relation stunt.
However, people betrayed, and did not
show up in masses. Nothing we could
affect. However, the ones who did show,
were a jolly crown that came to live
through their memories and meet with
their good friends. People that had,
and still have the best of times in the
scene. Old people, new people. For that

peculiar weekend we were all there to
share the friendship and joy with one
particular interest; the 64 and its
digital underground. Looking at it,
through that angle, TRIBUTE was an
enormous success. An opinion I share
with many. Sitting here, at my place,
with nothing but the memories, I can't
help thinking of seeing the show all
over again. A show without Amigas in
masses showing X-copy, like all the
other parties that appear nowadays. But
then again, If I was to bring on the
show all over again, say a TRIBUTE'95,
would you be there?

Maybe, just maybe, it is worth a
thought. Even two.

The demoscene is on decline! Something
I have feared for long. Long gone are
the days when demos were released by
the minute and tons of records were
broken daily. A demo of today consist
not only of highly advanced code, but
also design, a concept that brings on
new and demanding angles of producing
demos. A group can spend months, hell
even years on perfecting one single

Another trend that has grown fairly
usual is the big groups only releasing
demos at parties. Parties are fewer,
and so are the demos on the 8-bit
market. TRIBUTE was interesting out of

that point. Some groups pointed out that
not enough people had shown up to ensure
their immense success releasewise, and
instead decided to head their releases
for the Danish Christmas party. However,
what these stubborn morons did not see
through their fat fingers is that not
more people on the Commodore 64 will
come to the Danish Christmas party. I
don't know, but it is not with parti-
cular interest the other 29OO PC- and
Amiga-users follow the Commodore 64
results. Aren't you making productions
on the Commodore 64 for the Commodore-

And then people complain about a great
group like OXYRON, for their lack of

design. Hell, I say keep up the good
work OXYRON. Indeed they release a demo,
without no goddamn party, with no god-
damn occassion, without no goddamn
special reason. They just release a
demo. By mail. CAMELOT did the same a
few months ago with their splendid CAMEL

So coders out there. Maybe it is time
you stop thinking with your empty purse
for an embarassing amount of pricemoney.
Maybe it's time you start thinking of
what would really thrive the demo-scene.
People used to say that softwarepiracy
would kill itself, slowly. Today, almost
1995, the software market, and is on
steady rise on the Commodore 64, with

more games coming out all the time. And
while I claim a simple fact, the demo-
scene is on steady decline. And don't
tell me there's nothing left to do on
this machine codewise. Because I know
there is stuff to do. You just go figure
out what. Is that too much of a job?

Propaganda 15 more or less ends phase 2
in the Propaganda-era. Antihcrist saw to
it to bring on the first one, while I
gave you the second one. Today, we focus
to continue, and always making it better
by the minute. Our staff has expanded,
and as of next month, you will be able
to follow us through the pages on a

fairly changed design. However, we will
make sure to maintain the typical Prop-
agandesque image and style that has
been with us since the first days.

We do have a very tempting offer for
musicians out there as well. With the
release of Propaganda 16, a new concept
will be brought on. Each month, the
staff will choose a song that we want
converted for the Commodore 64. All the
musicians that are interested, can write
us and will within a few days receive a
tape with the song. The best conversion
will stand as mainsong for the issue,
while the next issue will continue with
yet another song. If interested in
taking part of the PROPASONGS, please

do, and there is more than just fame
included in the honour.

We welcome back GOT, who used to be out
there on the boards long ago, and re-
cently returned to the scene, taking
part of the notorious Propaganda-staff.
He's been put into work, and has gone
through everything I leeched from the
boards the past 3 years to catch up
with happenings on the scene.

We also welcome TRANZIEE, once a member
of TRIAD, but now an independant talent
with intentions to knock your socks off
with inspiring debates and articles.
This is writing as is gets juicy.
Journalism as we want it.

With the competent staff we have, our
aim is still to produce and give you
the best of magazines there is, a
reader's digest for the 8-bit culture.

You are more than welcome to comment
our work, but please do it to us on
the address written on the following
page. Or make sure to cover your public
relatios correctly. Remember, there is
nothing better for your group. And while
we are it, musicians, join up for the
Propasongs next month.

And by all means, A merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year! 1995 will make
new memories.

 MARC......[ALPHA FLIGHT]..Releaselist

             PROPAGANDA WHQ

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