Mamba 24 ch08 Did You Know

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  did you know...

  ...that the recently returned conan
     of elite would tell most of the
     people on the phone that he did
     not return, on the other hand,
     to some people he would be honest.

  ...that triad and fairlight released
     a cooperation crack of turbo
     charge by system 3.

  ...that spitfire of action got an
     amiga again, thus neglecting his
     64'er a bit.

  did you know...

  ...that dogfriend's already calling
     out again, but since he still has
     a few problems with having an own
     phoneline he wouldn't be seen too
     often on american boards.

  ...that roy again threatened some
     people to beat them up in venlo
     december. thinking back he also
     did that with pyle/illusion, but
     that was only empty talk.
     spitfire announced to beat up
     anthrax of legend in venlo dec

  did you know...

  ...that rainman of tsm had a car
     accident, for some time he would
     look like a mummy. (ed. suits him
     probably more than his original

  ...that freestyle of talent finally
     got released from the swiss army.

  ...that crisp of action is recoding
     parts of the game 'another world'
     by double density, in order to
     make it available for americans.

  did you know...

  ...that spitfire and friends
     would go out at the german
     holiday 'sankt martin', going
     from house to house to collect
     some booze instead of sweets.

  ...that the ignorance of x-ray made a
     file-load version of 'another
     world'. x-ray is the group that
     got 'final chesscard', the
     supposedly uncrackable game.

  ...that grim reaper of nei probably
     would make an excellent bartender.

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