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  in this column you will certainly

     * a report on the 2d competition

     * another board review

     * the radwar-party announce

     * and a lot of new'n'hot video-

  the double density game-competition!

  some months ago 2d called out a
  competition, anybody calling himself
  a coder should send his game to
  double density, it was announced that
  the 10 best games would earn 50000 dm
  (ca. $35000) each !

  a few weeks ago the deadline passed
  and after examining a few hundred
  games on the whole, only a few were
  left to take into consideration.

  however, after having a survey on
  those games, the organizer, named
  christian geltenpoth, decided to cut
  down the estimates with the
  explanation that no new game-ideas
  have been developed, different to
  what the organizer had imagined

  the result was that only two games
  have got the promised amount of
  50000 dm, the one game by mario van
  zeist, the other one by joanis stagos
  for a kind of tetris-game.

  an offer of 20000 dm (ca. $12000)
  was made to ivo herzeg for his
  production, to most other high-
  quality games 12000 dm ($7000) have
  been offered.
  directly after geltenpoth announced
  his decision not to spend the
  promised amount of money on the
  games, (but maybe on his new software
  magazine 'playtime' instead ?), he
  went into holidays to greek in order
  to let the uncomfortable atmosphere
  in germany calm down...

  a lot of programmers being offered
  only little money for their efforts
  already announced not to accept
  double density's offer but try to
  sell their games to other companies
  instead ! comment...

  board review

  board   : channel 0
  group(s): action, empire
  sysop   : crumbsucker

  as usual, here is a little! intro-
  duction by the sysop himself...

  'i first put up a bbs in
   was called dark side bbs and ran on all the boards did at
   that time. it was just your average
   lame/local board. soon i switched
   to c-base and met up with a few guys
   in falcon...they got my board as new
   hq. it remained falcon hq until
   falcon broke up and culture was
   formed. late in 1989 fantasy needed
   a headquarter as they lost warez
   castle..i was friends with technique
   and he asked if my board could be
   the new fantasy hq...well, i guess
   that was history from that point on.

  i changed the board name to channel 0
  (because firstly there were too many
  lame boards with names like dark side
  dark dimension etcetc...and i think
  channel 0 is a bit more original).

  after that i had a dispute with
  culture and channel 0 became fantasy
  and action hq. it remained this way
  until december of 1990. at that point
  technique and i decided to kill off
  the group (fan)... i had too much
  other shit to do in my life and
  decided to take the board down.

  4 months later i was contacted by
  spitfire who asked me (begged really)
  to put the board back up. i was also
  always friends with tristan...seeing
  that empire needed a hq we talked and
  well... the rest is history! (again!

  user's info and such :

  there are 104 users on the board.
  about 60% europeans and the remaining
  40% americanos. only the 'top' elite
  will be validated, that has always
  been a rule on channel 0. you must

  at least be on 3 other major elite-
  boards to get access. i have never
  left e-amil to users on other boards
  telling them to call and apply to my
  bbs. those who want to be on, will
  call themselves.
  about 20% of the users (15-25 users)
  have n/a on the board.

  the two co-sysops are :
  spifire/action (who is a very
  competent co-sysop, contrary to what
  some people have said), and

  board info :

  the board is run on modified
  c-base 2.0 and i might update it to
  3.0 (when it is fully de-bugged)

  the transfer area consists of two
  drives totalling 7273 block.
  if there is ever a need for more
  space (like when a six-sider comes
  out or something) i have another
  1581 available that can be added on.

  the subs are made up of the following

  sub-0: general sub for any discussion
  new wares: self-explanatory
  story sub: self-explanatory
  real life: everything but the 64 talk

  the board gets between 20-30 calls
  daily (30-40 on a good day!). most
  people that call post without any
  problems. anything new that comes out
  i get within a day at the most...

  future plans :

  channel 0 will remain empire/action
  headquarter as long as both groups
  are alive and trading (ed. aha!)
  i might add another sub...which only
  few people would have access to.
  this will be the occult sub.
  (basicaly because i am very
  interested and involved in magic
  witchcraft, and the other occult
  (ed. that's probably why i always get
  kicked off the board without seeing
  any reasonable cause ?!)


  users              72%
  speed              84%
  sysops' character  87%
  subboards/posts    61% (hi roy!)


  please note that the final judgement
  is based on the editor's own biased
  opinion. other users might have got
  a total different impression on all
  mentioned points.

  the pleasure is ours to announce
  the final radwar party vi, again
  held in a disco in heinsberg/germany

  date : june 8th

  place: discothek 'chez renzo'
         am volkspark
         5138 heinsberg (oberbruch)

  time : 19.41

  * skaters will show their tricks
  * well-known dj serves at the stereo
  * omg/amok will show up
  * and much much more...

  for further informations call the

     radwar party line


           (2400 - 19200 bps)

    or write to



  again it were excell and deltar who
  didn't fear any pain only to get
  your favourite video reviews,
  hot off the press, (hollywood)
  relieving you of another difficult
  decision, that is, which movie to
  watch... excited! now !!

                           smack it...
   - teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 -

 as you would probably have guessed by
 now, this is the follow up to the mega
 selling "ninja turtles"..
 once again our 4 heroes in a 1/2 shell
 are back in the sewers of new york,but
 not for long, as their "home" is
 closed due to major problems.. another
 problem, that should have been dead,
 is the fact the the evil shredder is
 back in town!! yes, after a quick nose
 dive from a 20 storages building,being
 squeezed in a dustbin-van, the master
 shredder is back! this time the story
 is different, as a smart professor
 has discovered the secret about the
 ooze that transformed the four heros,
 from innocent little turtles, into the
 pizza eating ass-kickers from the
 sewers.. also shredder knows about the
 secret oozed,and is of course also out
 to get his hands on it. the shredder
 manages to kidnapp the professor and
 creates his own "mutants", 2 ugly
 monsters,dumb as a door-mat, but they
 obey shredder.. look's like our green
 friends have a 14 foot problem,but i'm
 sure that even 2 mutant monsters, 400
 hostile warriors, an unlimited arsenal
 of weapons and the desire to make
 turtle soup, is not a real challenge
 for the lean green turtles.. the real
 problem is when shredder is turned
 into a 12 feet tall "super-shredder"
 after drinking the secret ooze!!
 is this the end? or will we once again
 be dragged into the dark cinemas to
 watch the 3'rd film about the turtles?
 i would set my money on the 3'rn film
 in the row of:
   "the teenage mutant ninja turtles"

                        rating: ****

 1 star ; not worth the money
 6 stars; not to be missed!!!

                      hit the plus (+)
             - once around -
    richard dreyfuss - holly hunter

 renata (holly hunter) feels like it's
 time to get married, but her boyfriend
 doesnt exactly feel the same way, and
 dumbs her.. renata decides that it's
 time for a holyday, to forget and to
 start a new.. she travels to a small
 country in the caribien, where she
 plans to become a timeshare sales-
 women. it's here she meets the older
 and wery forward businessman sam sharp
 (played by richard dreyfuss),it's love
 at first sight, and renata decided to
 bring sam back to the family in boston
 renatas family almost goes into shock
 when they meet the older man. the rest
 of the family is both fascinated and
 repulted by the "man of the world",
 sam is a man who says and does what he
 likes, and that is something that is
 not easy to deal with in the somewhat
 yuppie family.. dont let all this text
 about marrige frighten you away from
 this movie, as it's really funny at
 places and deserves more than what i
 just gave it here...
                           rating: **

 well, as there wasn't really that many
 good new films this month, we will
 continue with the hollywood gossip (+)
 the follow-up to "terminator", also
 stars arnold schwarzenegger, and is
 called "terminator ii - the judgement
 day" it's the most expensive film
 e-v-e-r made in hollywod, the cost is
 so far 100 million u.s dollars!!!
 for the same amount you could make
 5 films in the style of "home alone"
 "dances with wolves".. kinda makes you
 wonder if it will be able to make just
 as much money as "home alone", wich
 cost 18 million $, but made 268 mill.

 the genre of "batman" is not dead yet,
 and the follow up to that movie is
 also in the works.. it's supposed to
 star eddie murphy or arsinio hall as
 the boy wonder... a black boy wonder
 will make us all wonder!!

 another cartoon hero that will also
 go into the movie world, is the guy
 some of us know as rocket ranger, in
 the world of movies, his new name will
 be "richoocket" a guy living in the
 yeat 1936, finds a rocket pack, put's
 it on his bag, and a new super hero is

 after only being on the silver-screen
 for 2 weeks, the film with sylvester
 stallone is number one.. the film is
 called "oscar" it's a comedy and is
 supposed to show sly as a funny man??
 the top 3 in the usa at the moment;

     1. oscar (sylvester)
     2. out for justice (steven segal)
     3. teenage mutant ninja turtles

 the 2'nd film is n-o-t about a guy who
 wanna get back on the old ikari legend

 ok, that's it for this months issue of
 mamba at the movies, but make sure you
 also get your next issue, as we will
 try to get some more gossip, hot news
 and even more new movies, so that you
 can decide what you wanna do with your
 last 5 bucks!  l8r, excell/flex video!
   deltars movie reviews of may 1991

 out for justice - rating - **1/2

 steven seagal offers his usual martial
 arts spree in this weak story. can you
 believe spending 1 hour and 20 minutes
 (the equivalent of 1 night) looking
 for the killer of an old neighbourhod
 chum?? that's it, and all for the sake
 of making it right...with whom? i'll
 leave that up to you.

 mortal thoughts - rating - ***

 more on this on the next page    (+)
 we have demi moore & glenne headly as
 friends(?) and moores hubby (bruce
 willis) at the beginning of the film.
 two remain at the end. an interesting
 scenario of seeing how good of a pal
 you really are. worth the time! c it!

 a kiss for dying - rating - ***

 this is a remake of a 1956 film, and
 even with age it doesn't improve much.
 matt dillon plays a very pleasing guy
 that has some strange thoughts on the
 opposite sex. just can't help killin'
 'em dead. sean young portrays twins &
 dillon loves 'em both...          (+)
 some quick peeks now of things to come
 soon to the local theatres:

 robin hood:prince of thieves(kostner)
 backdraft  (scott glenn, kurt russell)
 hudson hawk (bruce willis)
 f/x 2 (bryan brown, brian dennehy)
 switch (ellen barkin)
 the fisher king (r. williams/j.bridges
 oscar (sylvester stallone)
 zandalee (reinhold, cage, anderson!)
 stone cold (brian bosworth!)
 one good cop (michael keaton)

 let me know how you like/dislike the
 new review format.  deltar/tsm
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