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  different things seem to happen all
  over the world...but it also seems
  that nobody wants to inform us about
  those events ?!

   send your report, story to


    in this column you'll find a
    board review and a couple of
    hot video-reviews made by deltar
    and excell, who also gathered some
    gossip on a flying visit of
    another hollywood party; while
    talking to tom cruise and kim
    basinger. we heard one turtle also
    showed up there...?!

  again we keep on reviewing boards
  all over the world, this time the
  'terminal obsession' hit the jackpot!

  board :    terminal obsession
  group(s) : nec/nei/censor
  sysop :    prodigy

  as usual here is first a little (?)
  introduction, kindly made by the
  sysop himself...

  terminal obsession was put up on
  2/1/91 (ed. 1.2 for the euros) with
  a lot of help and support from tdo
  who runs second to none and from
  pudwerx. the number was posted on
  2nd to none and forum and disk shoppe
  and we had 30 users in the first
  24 hours.
  the board is runned by prodigy and
  murdock mostly and spitfire is the
  co-sysop representing action.
  the board started out as nec+action
  headquarters, but then when tdo quit
  nec/nei, then terminal obsession also
  became an nei hq along with the disk

  at the moment there are ca. 80
  members, that are all considered to
  be among the best.
  the board was put up with the plans
  to have it for the best only; and
  we've done a good job of keeping it
  that way...we could have more users,
  but that would lower the standards of
  the board.

  the board started off with 1 41-drive
  for the subs and e-mail and 2 81-
  drives for the transfers, but quickly
  was brought up to 1 41 for the sys-
  drive and 4 81's. one for the subs

  and three for transfers.

  there are 5 subs :
  'type the talk' which is the general
  sub and also 'uploads' and 'give em
  hell'. later 'news and rumours' has
  been added, sub 5 is the action+nei

  terminal obsession went private the
  19th of april, at that time the user
  list has been weeded.

  terminal obsession changed to nec/nei
  and censor hq from 22nd april. check
  news for more information.

  calling the boards should be fun and
  i hope that it always stays the same.
  a lot of people chat with me to ask
  if they can download stuff. my reply
  is 'of course'. that's what it's here
  for! if you are good enough to be on
  here then you got n/a download
  credits. so if you want to get an
  account, then ask anyone who is
  already on this board and post, down-
  load and upload, write oneliners and
  graffity and vote. but most of all
  have fun. i don't play favourites and
  i run the board objectively and
  fairly !

  as the board-story was quite
  elaborated that there is nothing else
  to add except that there is a
  majority of europeans on the board,
  ca. 63% to be exact, while most of
  the other boards being reviewed here
  had usually an equalized rate...

  users             78%
  speed             89%
  sysop's character 91%
  subboards/posts   76%


  please note that the final judgement
  is the editor's own biased opinion.
  other users might have got a total
  different impression on all mentioned

         - dances with wolves -

 starring kevin costner - mary mcdonnel

 the film starts in the end of the u.s
 civil war, the ground is covered with
 dead and wounded soldiers, and the doc
 is just about to operate on a young
 officer, john dunbar, but needs a cup
 of coffee first. when the doc leaves
 the tent, the officer gets up, puts on
 his boots, and walks away... this is
 the start of a new life for a u.s army
 officer. john dunbar moves to the last
 outpost of the u.s army, and in the
 frontline of the territory of the clan
 of sioux indians. after having lived
 in the desert for a while, he gets a
 visit by some of the sioux warriors,
 they come to steal his horse, but are
 scared away when he shows no fear..
 by an accident a sioux woman is hurt,&
 john dunbar brings her to an indian
 village, just to be sent away again..
 but before long, he is slowly allowed
 to join the indians as a visitor, but
 after a heroic effort in a indian war,
 he is allowed to join the sioux tribe,
 and to select a wife.. he finds the
 young white women (kicking bird) and
 they fall in love, but by a fatal
 accident john dunbar is caught by the
 u.s army, who will shoot him as a
 traitor, because he is living with the
 indians, the enemy of the u.s army.
 but john dunbars feelings for the kind
 indians who took him in, is not to be
 betrayed.. when john dunbar is to be
 taken to the city for a shooting-
 platoon, the sioux indians plan a way
 to save their new brother known as:
 "dances with wolves"....
                        rating: ******

 a brilliant film that took no less
 than 7 oscar's in the 1991 oscars..

 the rating system goes from 1 to 6
 stars (*) and is measured like this:
 *  (bad, not worth the time'n'money)
 ****** (a must, not to be missed)  (+)
             - king ralph -

 starring john goodman - peter o'toole.

 by a horrible accident (weather,high-
 wires and a dumb photograph) the whole
 british royal family is killed in a
 huge flash!!   not only is the whole
 royal family killed, but what will not
 make it any better, is when it shows
 that the next in line for the throne
 is a over-weight pianoplayer called
 ralph jones from las vegas!
 ralph is shocked when he finds that
 the time with hawaiian shirts, drinks
 and fast-food is over, and the time
 for official dinners, problems and
 real challenges are awaiting him...
 lucky for ralph, he is apppointed a
 servant who turns out to be the
 perfect gentleman, a person that ralph
 could learn a l o t from.. the servant
 is played by peter o'toole, and is
 also a person that makes the movie
 worthwhile..the challenges are getting
 bigger when ralph meets the pretty
 striptease dancer, miranda, and a dumb
 aristocrate called lord graves is
 trying to overthrow him, and take
 claim of the throne..
                          rating: ****
 john goodman is known for his role in
 the movie "arachnophobia" and as the
 husband of "roseanne" in the series(+)
            - white palace -

 starring james spader - susan sarandon

 max & jenny have known each other for
 years in school, and after years of
 love they finally get married..this is
 supposed to be the happiest time of
 max's life, but all fades when jenny
 is killed in a car-accident.. max
 stops living his life and slowly he
 gets deeper and deeper into himself,
 until the day he meets nora.. nora is
 a 41 year old woman with a taste ofthe
 old life, she thought that her life
 would stop when she lost her only son,
 but together the 2 of them start a
 new life as lovers...but it's not an
 easy relationship when max is a
 young yuppie, and used to class and
 money, and nora is working in the
 local burger joint "white palace"
 but never the less, they fall in love
 but the people around them have a hard
 time to accept the 2 very different
 persons, and when nora is invited home
 for dinner at max's parents house, the
 story takes a turn...
                          rating: ***

 ok, now it's time to check out some of
 the new's and gossip from the wonders
 of hollywood...
 did you know that the million selling
 movie "silence of the lambs" could
 have looked very different... the role
 as "hannibal the cannibal" was first
 offered to gene hackman, but he turned
 down the role, then it was offered to
 robert duvall, but also he said no, so
 what we end up with is anthony hopkins
 and he is brilliant, and i have a hard
 time to see robert duvall play the
 smart, but sick cannibal.. also the
 role as the f.b.i rookie, which is now
 being played by jodie foster, but was
 first offered to michelle pfeiffer.
 funny how things get mixed up, but
 still ends up with one of the best
 movies of 1991.. so far!           (+)
 the follow up to "teenage mutant ninja
 turtles" is as no surprise called;
 "teenage mutant ninja turtles2"but got
 a subtitle called 'the secret of ooze'
 it's now the number one selling movie
 in the states, and is due to hit
 europe this summer..

 another long awaited return is also
 due for this summer, it's ofcourse
 "the naked gun 2 1/2" also that movie
 have a subtitle "the smell of fear"
 here we have frank drebin (leslie n.)
 fighting against pseudo-terrorists who
 is planning to destroy the solarenergy
 capability in the united states..
 also a delightful "hello baby" is
 going to the sexy prescilla presley
 who also appears in the sequel..

 look forward to the next issue of
 mamba, where we hope to bring you the
 review of "teenage turtles ii" and
 maybe even a quick "cutting table"
 review of "terminator ii - the judge-
 ment day" maybe 'the' movie for the
 summer of 1991.. so don't miss it, and
 remember, it's only in mamba...

    so untill next time, have fun!

                 (c) excell for mamba.

        april 1991 movie reviews

 the hard way - universal pictures

 nick lang(michael j. fox) is an actor
 that wants to play a cop. the cop that
 gets tapped for the job of showing all
 is not fun is john moss(james woods).
 moss is currently working on a serial
 murder case. having to drag lang with
 him while doing his job does not bode
 well! a form of comaradare seems to
 appear, but with explosive results. it
 never seems to fail that lang gets in
 the way of the investigation, which,
 of course, sets moss on edge even more
 the "party crasher" is the villan (+)
 of this movie within a movie. the best
 scene of this universal entry comes
 while moss is in a theatre looking for
 the party crasher. langs face comes on
 the screen, which is too much for moss
 and he breaks. lang is also in the
 same theatre, in the balcony section.
 lang spots the crasher and yells down
 to moss. the obvious chase ensues. at
 one point the crasher grabs a curtain
 rope and swings down, lang has to do
 the same, only he swings in to his own
 face which has just appeared on the
 screen in the theatre. (sight gag, but
 it works...) while lang is doing his
 tarzan bit, moss is having a shootout
 with the crasher & nails him...   (+)
 the ending is "corny" but fits the
 rest of the film...

 john badham(bird on a wire, saturday
 night fever) does an excellent job of
 putting these two together. there's a
 lot of profanity in this offering...

 this side of the pond gives it a * * *

 some quick reviews without all of the
 usual directors and star names. some
 may appreciate these moreso than the
 other, but deadlines must be met!
 warloc - julian sands plays the warloc
 lori singer plays kassandra, michael
 redendere plays the witch hunter.  the
 son of satan has been captured but is
 helped by ol' dad and transported to
 the '90s along with his persuer. one
 lands in one spot, the other elsewhere
 the gist of the movie is that there is
 a book that has been spread out over
 the world and centuries that once it
 is all put together gives that person
 the true name of god. once spoken, we
 see the end of life as we know it...
 be aware that there are two versions
 of this movie. one with gore(slight)
 and another more gruesome. get the one
 with the gore!                    (+)
 teenage mutant ninja turtles ii:the
 secret of the ooze. this really should
 have stayed in its shell. my daughters
 didn't even enjoy it(save for when ol'
 vanilla ice popped on screen, thrill.)
 not worth the effort of sitting thru..

 class action - a typical hackman film,
 but it shows that he's straining to do
 more films with a plot than with a lot
 of gun play. the dude needs a rest...

 that's it from this side, see ya next
 month reviewing "out of justice."


  the first reviews have been made by
  excell, 'the hard way' and the
  following ones were made by deltar...

  it seems both guys didn't coordinate
  their reviews, maybe they should try
  that for the next time, eh ?


  at last here is a little addendum to
  the venlo-april meeting...

  ...the only cool thing about it was
  that i entered the hall for free as
  i was coming quite late to the place!

  interesting people being present were
  georg bo-sky, scorpie, 3dk, jihad,
  max, airwolf and the titron-gang...

  greatest event was the visit of the
  snack-bar, as usual...

                     ...burn to return
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