Mamba 15 ch02 The Interview

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  our this month's interview partners
  were murdock of nec/nei and i would
  say the almost legendary conan of
  strike force/elite !
  although he is not active in the
  present pirate-scene it will be quite
  interesting to read the interview...

  but first we start with murdock...

  m : mamba

  > : murdock

  m : hi jason, tell us something about
      your person !

  > : ok, my name is jason,i'm 15 years
      old, 5 feet 11 and my weight is
      155 pounds. i have brown hair and
      blue eyes. i really like skate-
      boarding, right now i'm semi-
      sponsored, so i get all the
      equipment for free.

  m : how did you join the scene and
      what's about your computer
      career ?

  > : in april '90 i met flatliner/
      fantasy and we became good
      friends. i told him that i wanted
      to join a group and to get out of
      the hack/phreak scene.
      one day spitfire/action called me
      up and wanted me to join action
      as a card hacker. and so i did.
      a few days later i also joined
      fantasy. everything worked out
      fine, cos action was fan's main
      at the end of july '90 fantasy
      was having some group problems.
      one day tdo/nec+nei asked me to

      join nec+nei. i thought about it
      and quitted fantasy to join nec+
      nei. and that's the group i
      belong right now.

  m : what is your job in nec+nei ?

  > : well, my job in nec+nei is
      imorting, hacking and spreading
      all the nec+nei wares!

  m : hm now please tell us from where
      you got your handle !

  > : hmm, alot of my friends think

      that i'm pretty crazy, because
      of some things i do. so they gave
      me the nickname of murdock.
      i put 2 things together :
      1) murdock is a drug, which makes
      you to do crazy things.
      2) on the tv they show mc guyver
      and a-team.there are 2 characters
      named murdock and both of them
      are fucking crazy!
      then i think that the handle of
      a person doesn't matter, it's the
      person behind the handle who

  m : how did you get famous ?

  > : i got known as i joined fantasy,
      because i was a good hacker.

  m : please tell us something about
      your group !

  > : ok, the current memberstatus of
      nec/nei is horizon, tdo, archmage
      prodigy, defiance and myself
      murdock. (ed +technique & grim
      reaper) nec cracks all the games,
      which are coming out in the
      states. nei memberstatus : tdo,

      horizon and murdock. nei imports
      all the european games. (ed. ??)
      nei is trading with the following
      groups right now : legend, action
      and culture.

  m : how is it to be the #1 group in
      the states, are you overworked
      by all the releases you did
      lately ?

  > : of course, it feels good to be
      the #1 in cracking and imorting.
      sometimes i thought i was over-
      worked, but to be #1 takes a lot
      of work.

  m : what do you think about the scene
      nowadays ?

  > : i think that there are a very few
      american elites left in the scene
      but i think it's ok right now.

  m : do you have any wishes for the
      future ?

  > : no, i don't have any wishes,(ed.
      you are the 8th wonder!!!)
      just to continue having fun in

  m : did you ever regret the years on
      c64 ?

  > : ehm, yeah. i thought about it
      sometimes. whenever an euro wakes
      me up in early morning and asks
      me for a card or that i have to
      import a game, coz nobody else
      is at home.
      that really pisses me off.

  m : what are you doing in your spare-
      time ?

  > : i like to skateboard, snowboard,

      listen to music, going out with
      friends and all that stuff.

  m : what are your favourites ?

  > : music : the misfits
      food : pizza
      computer : amiga
      sport : skateboarding
      drink : coke
      game : chase hq ii
      movie : another 48 hours

  m : at the end would you like to
      greet anybody ?

  > : yep, i'd like to greet...
      horizon, tdo, grim reaper,
      archmage, technique, pudwerx, tbb
      powerplant, goldfish, narc, kt,
      spitfire, pyle, krs#1, skater,
      richie and gene.

  m : and is there anyone you really
      dislike ?

  > : hm..yes, the people,who i dislike
      know who they are ! i'd like to
      say to them...fuck you, you suck!

  m : ok, thanx for the interview,
      jason !

  > : thanx for your time, marcus, it
      has been fun !

  ok, press the wellknow key for more..

 now we present an interview for you
 with conan/strike force, you may know
 him as norman/elite.interviewed by
 freestyle. m:mamba   n:norman
 f:tell me somthing about yourself?

 n:well, i'm 19 years old, 180 meters
   high and the colour of my hair is

 f:how did your career on the 64 start?

 n:everything started in 1985. after 2
   years of lameness and sliming i
   formed together with some friends
   strike force.
 n:we were not kicking ass from the
   very beginning, but after some time
   the result of our real hard work was
   satisfying. we got damned hot orgies
   and in this way we managed to reach
   the top. unfortuneately someone
   announced us to the police and so
   strike force died. some time later
   i decided to enter the scene again.
   together with the movers, zaz and
   speed cracker of twg and radwar, i
   built the successful legend called
   elite! after a great time we all
   slowly lost our interest in illegal
   activities. the movers built up
   starbyte and i coded the game
   leonardo for them.
 n:then i sold my c64, but now i got
   back another c64.

 f:are you coding again a game for the

 n:yes! right now i'm coding a game
   called exis. zaz and speed cracker
   (ex.twg), who recently built up a
   real music group called synthetic
   vortex, will make the sounds for it.

 f:great that you're still active on
   the c64. did you ever think of a
   comeback in the cracker scene?

 n:yes! nearly every day! i still get
   fucking fast originals. at the
   moment, i have not much time, but
   perhaps, one day suddenly i will be
   back. who knows??

 f:that would be the greatest thing
   that could happen to the c64 scene.
   a real renaissance would start!
   what hobbies do you have nowadays?

 n:my girlfriend, my car, going out
   with friends and computing(still!)

 f:describe your girl friend for me?

 n:she has long, blond waved hair. she
   looks like a model. she is 1.70 high
   and 19 years old, too!

 f:what music do you listen to?

 n:ohh, i like hip-house and marianne
   rosenberg, furhter i also listen to
   techno house (ed. rave!)

 f:you like exactly the same styles as
   i! what do you think of drugs?

 n:great!(ed. originally geit!), but i
   don't use them! i even don't smoke.

 f:and alcohol?
 n:a great deal of every kind.

 f:yes, i still remember the times when
   you won the drinking competition on
   the fairlight party!!

 n:(starts laughing like a fool!)
   i don't know why this is so public.
   to that time i wasn't able to bear 3
   glasses of beer. the others were
   pleased with this.

 f:what's your opinion of genesis?

 n:genesis was hated by nearly everyone
   to my time. antichrist/omg is a
   dirty asshole!
 n:snacky was the biggest slimer!!

 f:oh, hard words. do you want to greet
   anybody in the end ?

 n:greets to  tridos, speed cracker,
              zaz, radwar, 711? and of
              course ikari and talent!

 f:bye, thanks for the great interview.
   you are one of the coolest dudes i
   ever talked to(no sliming!) perhaps
   god brings us together one day?!?

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