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             the interviews

  yeah! we managed it again to get two
  persons to the interview!
  i'm sorry, there is no american been
  interviewed, maybe next time two...
  this time you can read some personals
  about edwin van santen, and he proves
  he is not that mean, some people in
  amok insulted him for.
  the second interview-partner is
  the already wellknown bizzmo.the guy
  from england gives a short review of
  his shooting-career, enjoy both of
  the interviews...
                            (press +)
 m : hello edwin, can you give a short
     introduction about your person,age
     activities on computer etc..?

 > : ok, my name is edwin van santen,
     my age is 17 and i live in a town
     near utrecht/holland called
     montfoort. my main activity on
     computer is making music and i
     also do some coding. lately it's
     very hard for me to find some
     spare time, cause i am doing two
     school-years in only 1 year...
     that's the main reason why i did
     not produce any music for a few
     months, but now i am back to hit
     the charts again...
 m : in which group are you at the
     moment, how did it all start and
     what is your task ?

 > : i'm not in any group for a long
     time now, because i went 100%
     legal over a year ago...
     what i do is making music in falco
     paul's player under the name 20cc
     (20th century composers) or just
     evs production... the start of
     20cc was actually more than years
     ago, the 17th of july 1988...
     that's when i met falco. at that
     time he was still a madsquad
     member and busy coding a little
     player. i started making some
     tunes and from that moment, 20cc
     was alive.

 m : what were your former groups ??

 > : well, let's start at the early
     days when i just got my c64...
     together with 2 locals i started a
     little group called 'sec'. the
     only thing we did was recracking
     and using demomakers, as most
     beginners do...a month ot 2 l8r,
     another group joined and together
     we formed 'the fourth dimension'.
     that must have been around sept.
     1987. me and another guy from tfd
     joined the already better micronet
     (former members of fire-eagle and
     for example abs 3001). when micro-
     net died, 3 joined the madsquad
     and i met falco,paco and the other
     guys. madsquad became bros and
     that was when i met bambam (former
     hotline-member). when bros died,
     falco and i went legal and the
     others continued with paninaro...

 m : i think your music-group was built
     when there was only one other
     music-group, the maniacs of noise!
     what do you think about them and
     other upcoming music groups like
     vibrants, reyn o., laxity, scs,
     x-ample and others...
 > : as you all know, maniacs of noise
     don't produce any music on compu-
     ters anymore since october 31st.
     i mostly liked their music,
     especially in the beginning. i
     like reyn ouwehand's music very
     much but reyn seems to have some-
     thing against me and i don't know
     why! to be honest i never heard
     many laxity music, but i guess he
     is ok. vibrants aren't that bad
     too, but i like drax best from all
     vibrants members.
     the sidchip scratchers is a dif-
     ferent story. i hate their noise
     and that bozo 'guy shavitt' stole
     falco's player and calls it his!
 > : that's what i call lame!!!
     about the x-ample sound dep.: send
     me some x-amples of their work if
     you have any... i don't have any
     of'em yet!!!
     an other guy i'd like to mention
     is deek/g*p... about a year ago
     (maybe longer) he sent me some of
     his music, that was real shit, but
     he improved very much and nowadays
     he produces some real good work.
     keep on going, richard! send me
     some of your new work please!

 m : it is said you do the best conver-
     sations and echo-effects, but the
     real breakthru, concerning games
 m : didn't take place till now?! why?
     is your price too high..? can
     people expect your music in any
     games soon?

 > : that's a good question because un-
     til now my music has only been in
     3 games; dolphin force,no mercy
     and city survivor... but at this
     moment i'm busy making tunes for
     some big disc-mags and 2 games
     about the prices; i don't want
     that much money for music as most
     people think...
     there's always a possibility for
     almost every budget! of course you
 > : get the best and highest quality
     music high-budget games!
     if you out there are busy coding
     a game and you need some high-
     quality music then don't be
     affraid to contact me... my adress
     will follow later...

 m : imagine a guy would approach you
     and would ask for music. what
     should he offer you to get it for

 > : well if he offers me something it
     is not for free anymore, hehehe,
     but seriously...
     if he/she is friendly to me and
 > : the music will be in a program
     that's worth it, just send a pre-
     view and a letter to me and every-
     thing will work out...
     some groups that could be able to
     get some cool music for free are
     (of coz) black mail - horizon -
     cosmos design - hotline (hi side!)
     - bonzai - etc,etc...
     i'm also willing to make some mu-
     sic for cool mags (like this one
     for example) so gotcha, if you
     need a tune, let me know! (i guess
     that's what you were pointing at,
     (ed: no, no, it was said you are
     difficult to get to the interview
     and that's why i tried it,but feel
     free do do one if you are good at
     making 5-7 minute long tunes,...)

 m : would you join a company that
     offers you a job as a musician and
     would you leave the scene?

 > : if it's an attractive offer, of
     course! i already got an offer
     from a canadian company, but then
     they want me to come over and i'm
     not ready for that(yet!).

 m : respect! ahm, you do the most mu-
     sic, falco does only a little. is
     he lazy or are you more talented?
 > : it's not my position to give an
     opinion about that, but i can say
     that falco makes better stuff now
     than in the beginning...

 m : what do you think about disc ma-
     gazines and especially about the
     charts? do you think you are on
     the right place?

 > : i mostly like disc magazines, but
     this except for most of the news.
     in the news you find always things
     like "..." left a group and joined
     "...". i hate that stuff. who
     cares about it!!??!!

 > : about the charts: i don't think
     any charts are correct. be serious
     it's sooo easy to get in. if only
     3 guys give you 8 points, you are
     in the charts! and then 3 out of
     all thousands of people in compu-
     ter-land make objective charts???
     look in the lamer-charts for
     example! hahaha...
     i'm proud of being voted there by
     real lamers!
     i know who they are now and there-
     for i don't care. the only thing i
     can do about this, is laughing at!
     (same people know better...)

 m : who are your friends in the scene,
     who are your enemies? are you
     looking up to someone?

 > : well, of coz falco paul and i also
     know the black mail members
     pretty well, like ion-thunder-alf-
     gaap-diart-buzz... they live only
     30 miles away so that is not such
     a problem too! also i still talk
     to paco and bambam a lot and we go
     out together. i also talk to some
     dynamix-members and many many
     americans, like rich/napalm, sonny
     and cooky of mirage, etc etc...
     about enemies: i don't care any-
 > : i won't say any bad words about
     anyone anymore, since it's no use
     at all ... so if you out there are
     one of my enemies: let's shake
     hands and forget (amok,crest).

 m : what do you think about the ille-
     gal scene? why aren't you illegal?
     i know falco was once in paninaro,
     were you a member too?

 > : easy question, without the illegal
     scene there wouldn't be any other
     scene on 64 at all.
     64 will live as long as there will
     exist an illegal scene!

 > : why i'm not illegal?? well because
     i'm working for companies now and
     i don't like swapping and cracking
     games at all!
     nope, i wasn't in paninaro, and
     neither was falco. he was in the
     member status, but never supported
     the group, cause he went legal

 m : do you have a fvorite tune from
     your group? what was the most
     difficult,-best one you composed?

 > : i personally like "paradise" which
     is just released. i guess there's
     always a progress in my music,
 > : so i mostly like my newest tunes
     best. all tunes were taking about
     the same time to make, so i can't
     say any music was difficult to

 m : what real music do you listen to?

 > : nearly everything, i'm pretty open
     minded to all music styles and i
     think that is very important for
     a musician.

 m : what are your hobbies beside com-

 > : i like going out with friends, to
     amsterdam or utrecht for example.

 m : the 'amok-scandal' lies far back,
     are you mad about it anymore?

 > : as i said before, i don't mind
     anymore for what lies back. make
     love, not war.

 m : what do you think about parties,

 > : i love 'em! probably we will hit
     for the denmark party in december
     (dexion's) like we did last year!
     (ed:look reports)
 m : if you could change the scene or
     computer-live (64),would ya?

 > : yes, i would make software-compa-
     nies put out more games again and
     i would destroy all player zipping

 m : thank you, a last word...

 > : i only want to send some greetings
     to: all in black mail, falco, paco
         ernst, j-w, ewin, bambam, judy
         roland, sonja, hester, jeroen,
         roy and all in dynamix, napalm
         and members, the vibrants,deek
 > : if you need music, send a letter
     and disc with preview to:

           (edwin van santen)
            evs productions


 m : i changed only some words i got
     stucked with and tried to find
     the better word, the sense is
     of coz not changed, ok
     see ya eddy!

  ...our second interview, with bizzmo
     of genesis project...

  m : mamba
  > : bizzmo

  let's start...

  m : hi bizz, ok, at first i wanna
      know what kind of person you are.

  > : my name is douglas roberts, i'm
      19 years old and i live in sou-
      thern england. i have a full-time
      job as a computer manager for a
      civil engineering company. i've
      two cats and a bucket full of
  > : assorted tropical fishes (pets!).

  m : did you ever have this talent to
      draw? can you also draw on paper?
      how did it all start and how did
      you came into scene 64?

  > : yes i've always been artistically
      inclined. i can draw on paper,but
      not as well as i can on computer.
      64 life, and my interest in com-
      puter art started quite a few
      years back when i joined compunet
      and seen the art that was being
      uploaded by people like dokk,
      hugh riley and bob stevenson. i
      was impressed and thought i'd
  > : have a go!

  m : do you look up to anyone?
      do you have any favorite drawers/
      painters (paper/64/amiga/else..)?

  > : i admire dokk's graphics on c64
      and also bob stevenson's.
      on paper i like fantasy artists
      like boris vallejo and tim white.

  m : why/how did you join gp? what is
      your former existing like? is it
      true gp made you famous?

  > : when compunet seemed to be dying
      off, the european scene was still
  > : pretty active. at this time scrap
      of genesis project asked deek if
      he, tdm and i would join. joining
      gp gave me a lot more exposure
      on the european scene.

  m : what do you think about other
      people using your graphics in

  > : i don't mind as long as they
      don't get completely mutilated.
      i also like to be credited.

  m : for which games have you drawn?
      what do you usually draw for a
      game? have you earned something?
  > : as i work full-time, i have no
      time for doing graphics for a

  m : do you copy from other paintings
      (on paper) or is anything you've
      drawn out of your mind?

  > : mostly my pictures are inspired
      by the aforementioned fantasy
      artists, although some are com-
      pletely original.

  m : what hobbies do you have beside
      computing? girlfriend?

  > : nothing worth mentioning.
  m : who is your friend in the scene?
      have you enemies? whom would you
      like to know?

  > : my closest friends are deek, tdm,
      falcon, gez. i have no enemies
      yet. i'd like to know dokk.

  m : a good graphic-artist asks you to
      build up a graphix-group to give
      di-art a kick into their ass,
      would you agree or would you stay

  > : i'd stay single.

  m : were there people who said once:
      "hey doug, you can't draw, give
      it up!"? were they only jealous?
      how did you react? or do you know
      that feeling when people said:
      "hey that's ridiculous, a wonder"
      and you just thought, it would be
      a daily picture...

  > : i've never been criticised by
      anyone that i know of...

  m : what do you think about your

  > : ok, i suppose, but i schouldn't
      have to compete against groups
  > : of artists when i'm only one

  m : what are your favourites ?

  > : - food     : pizza
      - drink    : dr. pepper
      - demo     : too many to mention
      - game     : supremacy (amiga)
      - movie    : the thing
      - girl-type: human
      - others   : ?!?!

  m : in which routine do you draw?
      what do you draw?

  > : i use artist 64 for my bitmap
      pics, sprite processor for
      sprites, logo-editor for logos,
      and 3 in 1 editor if i'm doing

  m : imagine, deek or/and tdm would
      quit the scene! what would be yar
      step? would you continue?

  > : probably not!

  m : what are your further plans?

  > : to release a demo.

  m : ok, thank you doug, some last
      words/greetings from you to other

  > : hi to deek, tdm, falcon, gez,
      the others in system 6581, crest,
      bjorn rostoen, amok, jch, raist-
      lin, telemachus and the other
      genesis project members...

  m : yo! keep the stuff going, see
      ya doug...

                        -press return-
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