Mamba 14 ch01 News and Rumours

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  news & rumours

  again we have to say that it's
  impossible for us to check if all
  news are 100% true, but we usually
  get the news from reliable people !

  if you discover a wrong information
  among the following pages, then
  correct us by sending a letter to


  ^ the american bbs, wild wares,
    is down! the sysop decided to quit
    c64 and might go amiga.
    exodus already found a new hq, the
    disk shoppe ! disk shoppe is now a
    nec/exodus/lords and crazy hq.

  ^ gigolo of nfl put his 201-vmb-
    system down, but said to re-install
    it in january.

  ^ the lords hq 'krackhouz' is also
    a crest hq now as some crest
    members began to call out.
    number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  ^ upcoming rumours reported about
    nei's death on account of horizon
    and murdock joining exodus.
    but, however, they decided to keep
    north east importers alive;
    one reason could be that legend
    announced they would never trade
    with exodus.

  ^ the sysop of channel 0 also decided
    to put his bbs down for good,
    because of a lack of time.
    fantasy is officially dead,
    although some x-fantasy guys keep
    on calling out once in a while.

  ^ at&t installed a tracer in belgium,
    many belgium phreakers stopped
    using at&t,especially amiga-freaks.

    rumours about at&t also tracing in
    germany could not be confirmed yet.

  ^ gotcha of crazy joined the legal
    programmer team 'byteriders'.(crime
    time) he quit crazy because of a
    lack of time, but will keep on
    supporting mamba. further he is
    absolutely legal now.

  ^ parson left dcs and joined x-ray.

  ^ odin of tsm quit the scene.

  ^ the sysop of mad mad world, which
    was the dominators hq all the time,
    decided to kick them off.

  ^ gene left illusion, because he
    didn't want to pay money for buying
    originals to the english members.
    he built up a new group.

  ^ mr smart and infocomie left nato
    and joined bonzai. nato consists
    of 3 members now, 2 from denmark
    and one from ireland.

  ^ topper left excalibur and joined

  ^ daniel was kicked out of culture.

  ^ steamhammer is genesis's latest

  ^ scarface, the sysop of 'banned in
    the usa' joined brainbombs.

  ^ the american at&t hacker skandle
    was kicked out of extasy and joined

  ^ the fiberoptic hell, former napalm
    hq, is now an extasy bbs.

  ^ design left tristar and joined

  ^ tamtrax, rooster and challanger
    left bonzai due to school, amiga
    etc. the magazine slowpoke won't
    be produced anylonger.
    bonzai already started to release
    lethal news again.
    this time it's a one-file magazine
    in the s'n'c-style.

  ^ jade of dominators takes a break
    from the computer-scene for one

  ^ bones returned to the c64 scene,
    they soon want to release a new

  ^ black mail finally released their
    long awaited demo together with
    cosmos designs.
    have a look at the end of the
    charts for a little review.

  ^ yeyus left criminal syndicate and
    joined the blasters inc. (spain)

  ^ legend plans to release a papermag
    called 'the observer' at the
    december venlo-meeting. (22nd)

  ^ paramount's cracked and translated
    version of starbyte's latest
    production 'invest' doesn't work
    100%. after the programmer checked
    the game he came to the conclusion
    that the game bugs after a couple
    of play-time.

  ^ the anarchist, sysop of dynamix's
    usa hq 'beyond', took his board
    down, because he got phonecalls
    from the f.b.i.

  ^ the scandinavian demo group
    'knickers' is dead.

  ^ trauma, exory's new group, already
    continued their usual work :
    they re-cracked 'e-swat',
    originally cracked by i+t.
    as a consequnce they are also
    banned from the mamba-charts.

  ^ mad hatter, who wrote a bold letter
    to mamba<,apologized for his words
    towards nec and all disagreements
    are solved now.

  ^ next month coming more hot news...
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