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    nato steals and sucks!
  an unobjective report by the ruling

  it all began when a guy called macro
  (sh)nit/nato visited his friend akira
  of trc during his lame-holidays!
  akira told him about a new game from
  trc called 'synex' and showed him the
  work. when akira went out to get some
  drinks, 'macro nit' stole
  how can ya steal a game from a friend
  macro nit? then you are lame! how un-
  fair can you be if you have nothing
  to release these days?! macro nit of
  nato showed it! we in the ruling com-
  pany are very angry about this! it's
  a scandal! have you imagined how long
  it takes for a good game?! and now we
  won't get a shit for it! no money,boy
  coz it's released by those fuckin'
  also destiny cracked 'synex'. of coz
  macro shit sold the game to destiny
  to earn money for it!
  now, to all other nato'ers: kick this
  lamer out of nato coz you don't de-
  serve a punishement he should get!
  macro nit, you'll be fucked by the
  entire world!
  fuck off and leave the scene, we do
  not need lamers like you!


         the ruling company

     the scene in poland
     by polonus of science 451

  hi friends! i think it was a quite
  useful decision to report about the
  scene in poland. as you probably no-
  ticed i'm a polish citizen,this is
  why you get these information out of
  first hand. sometimes when people
  contact me they ask stupid questions
  like: are there really computers in
  poland?? he,he...
  you have to know that here are a lot
  of computers and of course people who
  can use 'em.
  but it would be the same like they
  would not, i mean the computer-scene
  here in poland is very lame! (oh god,
  what a shame!).
  here some facts about the scene:

  - computer no.1 is the atari 800xl

  - second place would be zx-spectrum
    and c-64/c128

  why atari xl is first(!) is simple to
  be explained. you can't buy computers
  anywhere else than in pewex-shops.
  (pewex-shop: here you can buy goods
  only with a foreign currency).

  atari inc. sold a big number of the
  xl to the pewex-shops when the west
  started to hate the 8-bit atari-serie
  nowadays you can buy c-64's and ami-
  gas too but they are very expensive
  (c-64 - 255 dollar; amiga 500 - 660
  but let us start talking about the
  commodore scene:
  here is something about 30000 c-64
  users in poland...  an average user
  has got a 64 (mostly a new edition-
  modern look), drive or even tape and
  a cartridge (the polish copy of final
  cartridge 2,final 3 or even a working
  copy of ar 5!). fine, eh? but this
  'average' user is normally busy with
  playing and collecting games.
  'gielda' is the place where you can
  sell and buy cracked versions of
  games, not to be mistaken as a copy-
  party, no! the people who sell their
  cracks here earn a lot of money!
  sometimes they earn the same like
  three normal workers in only one
  month! but don't think they crack the
  games themselves, they have nothing
  to do with crackers! they use to
  freeze the games after the original
  cracker-intro and simply put a stolen
  intro from any demo infront of it and
  sell it to a client. you've guessed
  it already, there's no law against
  software-piracy in poland!
  it's hard to believe but these so-
  called 'gieldas' are absolutely legal
  and even the biggest of 'em all is
  sponsored by a legal computermag
  called 'bajtec'!
  ok, more about the people:
  i mean those suckers who freeze the
  cracked games, they do the same with
  your demo! they change the text, they
  use the whole demo as their own pro-
  duct by changing few things...(the
  spreading of original demos is nearly
  stopped by them!) the biggest of 'em
  are 'fiction' and 'wcf'(world crackin
  federation - bah ha ha!) as there are
  no cracking groups in poland at all
  they aint nothin' more than shit!
  and there're also no real demo-groups
  on 64 too. just only a few single co-
  ders like 7silver dream','mosquito'
  well the amiga scene looks better to
  me. we have several groups on amiga
  in poland, mostly they're demo-groups
  the biggest is quartet - my former
  group before i joined science 451.
  the names of others are: pyrrussians,
  joker team and g-crew.
  some people say there are 4000 amigas
  in private-hands in poland. an aver-
  age user has expanded 1 mega ram and
  very often additional 5.25 disc-drive
  but still only the rich people can
  buy amigas.
  (amigas cum mostly from west-germany)
  the price is compareable with 5 to 6
  salaries of an average worker in po-
  land. i had to do the same. anyway
  the price-barrier doesn't trouble
  real fans.
  we also have computer-clubs here in
  poland. the biggest is acc, (amiga-
  computer-club). they have members all
  over poland. the main function of
  this club is to spread new stuff all
  over poland as it is possible here...
  (ed:wow!) acc also publishes a mag
  every month, it's called acc-binletyn
  there you can find some announces of
  club-members, hardware-news and the
  main-part deals with reviews.
  copy-parties?! such things never hap-
  pen here, people are too lame to do
  something like this! joke team on the
  amiga tried it once, but...
  ok friends, i think that's nearly all
  i have to say, hope you got enough
  information about the polish scene.
  see ya somewhere...

              yours polonus/s451

  action-news party report

  date : 22.7
  place: bocholt
  time : 1 pm - ...

  the party took place in a public
  room, a little bit smaller than the
  venlo-hall ! only ca 80 people
  showed up, maybe because there has
  been the venlo-meeting one day
  before. the party itself was quite
  good as there were organized some
  things to entertain the crowds, for
  instance a demo-competetion, or a

  cracker-competition by markus
  wiederstein : mws gave some
  originals of a dia-show protected
  with the new timex v3.0 ! some
  (wanna-be?) crackers took part, mws
  decided to give 5 hours !
  after the deadline, nobody managed
  to crack the protection...

  some groups present at the party
  were x-ample, mdg, dualis, digital
  marketing, action, crime, paramount,
  binary and more...

  the demo-compettion won crime with
  their demo called goodbye, second
  was dualis with dualis-mega-demo,
  third was might with might-mega-demo,
  and last trans-x with an interlace-
  picture-show !

  some other positive aspects; a little
  bar was in the hall, x-ample showed
  some previous and graphix !

  after the computer party, from 8 pm,
  there was disco-time...

  (ed. party-facts by dualis!)

   ok, next time more...

     send your reports to

             mamba< staff
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