Mamba 09 ch02 The Interview

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  the interview

  this time we present you two inter-
  both were held by gotcha and his in-
  terview-partners are warewolf of exo-
  dus and a short interview held with
  graphix-boy of fresh complaining a-
  bout some very interresting news...

  just enjoy my two articles...


  interview with  warewolf of exodus!
  i called warewolf on friday evening,
  around 19 o'clock european time.
  i forgot that we are already 10 hours
  ahead so i waked him up but he wasn't
  angry as he told me afterwards, be-
  cause i didn't imagine what time he
  had, i go on...

  m: mamba

  w: warewolf of exodus

  go on, press 'plus'...

  m: hi old buddy, long ago we talked,
     ok, let's start, gimme some per-
     sonal statements about you.

  w: ok, i'm known as warewolf of
     exodus, my real name is stan. i'm
     18 years old and i live in the
     us  in the sunshine-state califor-
     nia. that's area-code 714.
     i'm 6 feet tall, have long blond
     hair... you wanna know my weight?
     ok, it's 165 pounds, ahm, i have
     blue eyes, what else to say...

  m: are you a heavy metaler?

  w: yeah.

  m: urps, he,he, ok, how did you get
     into exodus? who was and is in the
     group now?

  w: wait, i can tell you the exact
     date. i joined exodus february
     1989. i was often talking to
     aggressor and i called his bbs;
     i got real friend with him and
     one fine day i joined exodus as
     a programmer. but soon i got quite
     good in importing and when colp,
     the former leader and main-impor-
     ter quitted i took over the main
     job. nowadays we have much more
     importers as you know. the group-
     members today are: gazoo,stormy,
     warewolf,grim reaper,skreemer and
     since two days the cure who is al-
     so a member of crazy and runs the
     board disintegration. today i do
     also the main-importing and i'm
     co-sysop of gazoo's bbs 'wild-

  m: how did you became famous and was
     exodus famous when they started?

  w: i didn't really became famous be-
     fore i joined exodus, but when i
     joined things ran well for me and
     even for the group.
     i won't say it's my credit that
     exodus is what it is nowadays.
     no, all the other cool members
     like stormbringer (main-coder)
     and gazoo did a great job.

  m: yol, by the way how did you get
     your cool handle, i think it's
     really original.

  w: oh, thank you. well,i just thought
     it was cool because it's my own
     idea and it's not taken from any
     musical song or whatever.i thought
     it was a nice invention to change
     the e to an a...

  m: when did you get your first com-

  w: i got my c64,... let me think,...
     oh shit,... i can't remember, i
     think it was '86 or '87, i don't
     know. but i'm bbsing aproximately
     since 3 1/2 years....

  m: have you ever got trouble with the

  w: thanx god, noo!! i don't compute
     in the illegal scene because of
     taking revenge on the phone-com-
     panies, i just do it for fun, i
     won't have trouble with them and
     i hope i will never get...

  m: who are your best friends in the

  w: uff, that's a tough one, well i
     list you up some but for sure i
     will forget some. i'm good friend
     with stormy, pudwerx, shark, mk,
     gazoo,... mh, yes i get the feel-
     ing i forgot some.
     but i like all the guys i know,
     they make me staying 64.

  m: so what is your opinion about the
     actual scene?

  w: compared to how it was, i'd say
     the scene has a lot more lamers
     as it used to be. the few elites
     like in former times have disa-
     peared, that's a pity,today every-
     one who was around for 6-8 months
     is called an oldtimer, bah...

  m: would you change the scene if you

  w: oh yeah! if i had the power i
     would restore the meaning of the
     word elite, today it is not hard
     to be elite! being elite isn't
     what it meant a couple of years
     ago, that's just what i want to
     say! but i can't change much, i
     just wanna keep exodus going and
     that's all i wanna do at the mo'.

  m: have you any future-plans? have
     you thought about quitting?

  w: my future plan, concerning compu-
     ter is first to buy an amiga soon,
     but staying 64 as long as it makes
     fun. maybe i quit sometime, but
     right now i'm not sure and haven't
     decided more yet.

  m: have you ever regret your years
     in this business?

  w: well, yes once i thought about it
     when i got some problems at school
     and maybe you know this: you
     wanna go out with your friends
     and a european calls you saying:
     noo, wait, i have a game you have
     to import, wait, hold on aaaahhh,
     but i do not regret at all, it's
     simply the cool people that get
     you going and that make this com-
     puter attractive.

  m: totally right stan, but tell me
     what you do when you do not sit
     infront of your computer and in
     the rest of your sparetime?

  w: i listen to music, go to the con-
     certs, hang around, get drunk
     (quite alot lately!), but i don't
     take drugs!!! but what else to say
     i just party and i call out...
     some days ago i talked to the
     executioner/ex exodus, he has an
     amiga now, i have still contact
     to guys who have quit as they are
     cool friends like image/nato, colp
     jimmy's e, colormage and so on..

  m: that's cool, i think we all remem-
     ber the cool interview we had with
     him in a former issue. tell me,
     what is your favorite drink?

  w: oh, i like coke classic much!
     and my favorite beer is miller
     genuine draft, tastes great!

  m: what do you read?

  w: i read discovery and a motor-mag
     called popular mechanics.

  m: well stan! time is money! you are
     one of the american distributors
     for this mag and i hope you will
     do a good job tomorrow in spread-
     ing this mag, do you wanna greet
     some friends in the end of this

  w: oh, yes ok, greetings to all con-
     tacts of exodus and all my friends
     in the scene. bye, see ya.

  m: thanx, later...

 short-interview with grafix-boy/fresh:

  i called up grafix-boy at 11 o'clock
  at spy's/fresh house. he has arrived
  there to join the trip to venlo the
  next day and as i heard by a friend
  of mine he had some new for the pub-
  lic that might interrest you...

  m: mamba

  g: grafix-boy of fresh

  m: hi dude! hey what have we heard...
     you have beaten up stingray on
     that fresh-party in switzerland?
     is it really true you knocked him?

  g: yeah, that's right.

  m: could you tell us some more de-
     tailed information...?

  g: i should start at the very beginn-
     ing when we were good contacts.
     we exchanged originals and talked
     often at the phone. when he left
     crazy we had nothing to deal with,
     (originals) and our contact calmed
     a little bit down.
     then came this party. he and
     martin showed up there and he
     played very cool. he talked about
     fresh in a bad way as he often
     did before not only on the boards,
     great job, man!
     now he approached me and said that
     i should give him the money for
     the last two originals that i
     owed him. i said i would owe him
     nothing and therefor i wouldn't
     give him the money he wanted from
     me! then he pushed me and started
     to argue like he better hadn't
     done. he insulted me. but i soon
     got rid of it and simply punshed
     him right behind the ear!
  m: oups, what did he do?

  g: well, he did nothing! he went out
     for a while and came back but he
     was very calm after that.
     i went on nagging him. i had a
     baseball-bat with me which i laid
     on his shoulder while telling shit
     martin came up to help him and
     some fresh-members have avoid that
     i would have killed him.he ignored
     me and sat down besides goblin to
     crack a game the loader of which
     took them about 2 hours to figure

  m: why didn't he react?
  g: well as i said before, he tried
     to ignore me, but the war went
     over till the end of the party!
     later on i went with martin to
     drink something. martin is a guy
     you can talk with.

  m: what happened after the party?

  g: well, the next morning stingray
     was drunken. after 4-5 beer, ole!
     and such a person calls himself
     'kampftrinker'?!? after all the
     party wasn't bad! but stingray
     afterwards told everyone that the
     party was a big flop!! he's lame!

  m: what will you do if you see him
     once again?

  g: i probably will beat him up a
     second time.

  m: hard words by fresh! i wonder
     what my old friend stingray gonna
     say to this interview, how could
     he keep this secret for so long?

     anyway, you reached the end of
     this topic, l8r gta

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