Mamba 09 ch01 News and Rumours

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  hello !
  i hope you enjoy the news and rumours
  i have collected in a long, arduous
  month !

  keep in your mind that it is
  difficult to get only 100% infos,
  but i always try to check the news
  before i print them.
  if you have any kind of news, then
  write to
            mamba staff

  - the cure/crazy also joined exodus,
    also his board changed to a
    crazy/exodus bbs.

  - arrogance(thorsten) has been kicked
    out of legend because he spent to
    much time on cracking logo.

  - excell of i+t founded the
    federation against omg/amok.
    excell wants omg to apology for
    the shit he wrote in s'n'c about
    all those groups in fao.
    the fao-memberstatus looks like
    this :

  illusion, legend, rebels, flt, afl
  1way, dynamix, paramount, s451, 20cc
  class, lotus, sharks, nato, bonzai
  dom, extasy, atrix and i+t of course.

  - a new us-importer-group has been
    members of destiny are the barber,
    asterix, phantasm, thor and the

  - matt/tera sold his c64 and bought
    an amiga.

  - awesome/fresh joined lotus

  - infocomie left class to join nato.
    also mr smart/extasy joined nato.

  - x-ray got some new members :
    colin, raze, major x.

  - tycoon (1way) joined censor, injun
    seems to be either in triad or in

  - rap and destroyer (x-scs) joined
    the sharks.

  - jedi has been kicked out of legend
    because he took his bbs down.

  - mortician/g*p is back in the scene.

  - 3030 left hotline and joined class.
    he calls himself rap x now.

  - pudwerx wrote an improved version
    of ucbbs 1.2 !
    the new version 1.3 is bug-free and
    contains some new commands.

  - the fbi-crew kicked all inactive
    members. they call themselves

  - animal of nato quitted the scene.

  - accu of action joined flash inc.
    he calls himself now public enemy.
    (this guy complained some weeks
     ago in cccp that we are skaters,
     now he calls himself pe.!)

  - the phantom (afl usa) quit the c64
    and bought an amiga, he didn't get

  - damien/gp quit his mag serious and
    wants to produce a papermag called
    stardust. he will be the editor for
    this s'n'c as omg has no time due
    to vacations.

  - the legendary author of the time-
    cruncher series, matchham, and some
    others from network joined ils.
    network is dead.

  - evil king/ils got caught for
    abusing XXXXXXXXXXXX

  - dogfriend/dom continues cracking,
    although his telephone got dis-

  - illusion and atc releases their
    first-releases under a coop label.

  - sonny left bonzai and joined dom,
    the lethal news is dead. trap of
    bonzai wants to produce a new mag
    called business.

  - three new us-magazines appeared in
    the scene.
    the 'elite euphorie' seems to be
    quite equal to chaos chronicle, but
    their authors are different.
    another mag called 'rags' often
    writes about the funny things in
    the scene, they often invent some
    funny rumours.
    the third mag is called point of

  - spitfire's magazine scene press
    won't be produced any longer as
    he can't sell his mag to 'game on'

  - scratcher and dr death has been
    kicked out of paramount due to
    some quarrels with sting.

  - deek/gp joined vibrants.

  - blitzie of cosmos joined conflict.

  - at the end of july sonny of dom
    wants to open a bbs.
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