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  if you wanna write party-reports or
  any kind of other reports simply
  write to: XXXXXXXXXXXX

  the venlo report (17.03.90)
  yeah! saturday the 17th of march!
  this time i (action jackson), choq
  hithouse and dj of the ruling company
  left our houses at 7.00 a.m. to
  travel by train to venlo again. druid
  of culture and shez of nuclear joined
  us.                               (+)
  we arrived at the party at 11.30 a.m.
  when i entered the big room, i saw
  so many lamers. this party sucks
  every month harder and deeper. the
  only things, which were released for
  e.g. security alert by crazy, culture
  stage and manowar. mamba no.5, s'n'c
  no.13, endemic no.3, frontpage no.4
  and a new magazine called 'corruption
  by atg.
  further we saw the 20cc crew back re-
  leasing some quite cool tunes.i asked
  marc/afl if relax was finished yet,
  but due to some lazyness it's delayed
  for a week. the cool groups, which
  were this month at venlo were: crazy,
  trc, afl, gp, amok, wwe, 20cc...  (+)
  ...scoop, mon, manowar, culture, atg,
  crest, matrix, bml, f4cg, lotus,
  legend. as most groups didn't release
  anything, i would say this party was
  really lame. some positives things
  were, that baal/f4cg released his
  papermag 'pirates'. i released out-
  break from afl/f4cg. we had enough
  fun talking with my best friends in
  the scene! for example: gotcha/crazy,
  goldrush/crest and macmagix. at
  16.00 p.m. the party was over. we
  went to mac donald's, tasted great
  of course. in the train back home, we
  met some (7) girls to enjoy ourselves
  further shez/house spread some invi-
  tations of the trc-baboons-crest... to all citizens in the cen-
  tre of venlo! that was fun. they did
  not understand the shit of it. at
  20.00 p.m. i was home again.
  next month no report from me, because
  i'm on holiday to spain visiting the
  blasters! i'll do a short report
  about the trc-blasters meeting for
  the next issue. see ya all later.

         signed action jackson of trc

 hi there, here's mike writing !
 at the mo' i'm not in any group, even
 if i'm a great fan of crazy !! i want
 to tell a true story to all guys, who
 are planning to make a short or more
 complex game to earn some money !!!
 it is quite a year ago when i started
 to design a game called "target" ( aaa
 aaah, that's him !!). it was quite
 finished, as some day a software-firm
 called me and asked for publishing my
 game thru the world and giving me lots
 of a fortune. i was thankful happy,
 that it was so easy to sell the rights
 (and the soul!) of my game and it all
 began so fantastic !
 i was said to be given 25% of the
 profit of the sold. after some months
 i got a preview of the package and the
 labels. they weren't bad (but even not
 good !) but i thought of nothing bad !
 after a year's work my game was ready
 and finally could be sold. i asked sum
 helpful guys for a good protection and
 they promised to do so. but one week
 before my game should be firstly at
 the shops i was called by a friend who
 told me:"hey mike, i saw your game,
 cracked by ??????(censored!)"and it
 was true, this bloody firm couldn't
 wait to sell my game and they sold two
 versions without any (!!) protection !

 they couldn't wait until my friends
 finnished the protection and spreaded
 the game to some crackers !! and so it
 came that "target" was spread thru
 europe in some days.  so the firm said
 :"no money, mike, because of the crax
 we didn't sell any of your games and
 so we can't give you any money!". and
 it is true, since today i didn't see
 any money of "target". this lamee and
 lazy firm is totally unable to sell
 the game the right way and it's me,
 who did his job for nothing!
 i can't do anything about it, because
 when they don't sell anything, i get
 25% of nothing, and that's not much!!

 so to all of you, who are innocent in
 coding and selling games: do not let
 yourself being payed on percentage,
 try do get one amount of money at one
 time, take care on the license agree-
 ment, watch the contract closely and
 sell it to any firm, but never to the
 firm called ........! (ask the author
 for detailed information!)
 a small note to mister spritzfresser
 or splitfire or however he is called :
 i am not angry with you in any way for
 cracking (or better"releasing")my game
 , because you did, what your are doing
 all the time: spreading; but ask the
 people, before your release their
 products !!!!
 i learnt my lesson and i wrote two new
 games, which are already sold for good
 money; and a little hint from my side:
 if you have got some short'n'easy game
 , try to ask magic disk 64, because
 there's always good money to earn !!
 if you have any personal questions or
 would like to contact me for graphics
 or professional coding, so write to
 the mamba's plk, or contact any crazy
 member !! they will help you !!!

          yours sincerely, mike

 party-report !!!
 start........10.00 h
 end..........23.00 h

 after we (michael, carsten, jorge
 (authentic arts) and me, pyle) arrived
 at the party at 11 o'clock in the mor-
 ning, the party room was quite full!
 the entrance was 5.-dm, but we entered
 for free!
 later on pompom (trc asked us to pay
 the money, but we didn't! so pompom
 sent one of his bodyguards to us,...
  ... who forced us to pay the money,
  (strange, eh?)!
  this times we met more cool groups at
  the party, than the last time.
  the following groups were present:
  authentic arts, legend, scs+x-ray,
  crazy+lotus, f4cg, cosmos designs,
  dynamix, blue chip, wot, megablast,
  tera, sphinx, sire, trc, baboons,
  crest of course and some more...
  all in all there was no 'action' on
  the party, but it was funny at all.
  many cool wares and demos were shown
  by all the present groups.
  at 8.00 o'clock the demo-competition
  started. the demos were shown on two
  big tv's and everybody was allowed...
  ... to vote.
  just the best joke was when we in
  success took part in the competition
  with our old demo 'trapped' and got
  on the third place.
  the demo-competition-results look
  like this:
  (1) cosmos design
  (2) sire
  (3) success (!)

  cosmos design won for their first
  place a 'freefuck' with a local bitch
  (ed. really?!)
  all in all the prices were very cool
  and funny!
  after the democompetition the ... was over and everybody moved
  in direction home.
  the next trc-party will be on the
  5.5.1990 and i hope that even more
  cool guys will show up, bcoz this
  party could be the venlo-party in

                  pyle / success+x-ray

  dear zombie boys,
  maybe turkey is a nice land, but for
  a party-place,...
  here in lichtenstein, doesn't exist
  any law for cracking, too.
  (lichtenstein is between austria and
  switzerland). i think, a party in
  turkey wouldn't have the success like
  in lichtenstein! the reason is: we
  got better girls (lechz!), it's more
  easier to come to lichtenstein,
  (central) and who would come to tur-
  if you wanna have information about
  lichtenstein write to: bla bla inc.
  hi guys,
  have you heard of a mag called
  c-news??? anyway, they wrote a story
  about me which they must have mixed
  up. they said that i worked for an
  australian telephone-company which is
  wrong coz i worked for an australian
  bank. they also said that i had to
  pay back 13,000 austr. dollar!
  this is another mix up!...
  i made 13,000 worth of illegal phone
  calls but i do not have to pay it
  they also claimed that i was boasting
  about making this calls which is not
  true in, in actual fact, if they
  bothered to read my scroll-texts,...
  ...they would realise that i always
  put myself down...

                     hex / tera '90

  a small horizon-party-report
  it was quite nice afterall,...always
  nice to meet lotsa cool guys and we
  got what we came for,... new vhs-
  one thing that happened outside the
  place was, that crt and got
  robbed off thair pizzas. three dudes
  with sticks and knifes attacked them.
  crt and couldn't do anything
  besides giving their pizzas away. ...
  ... later we went out looking after
  the dudes to beat 'em up, but they
  were gone.
  the place for a party like this was
  not good chosen, coz it was located
  in the ghettos outside stockholm,
  so there was more 'action' outside
  than inside of the party place.
  well, i'm looking forward to go down
  to denmark, coz it's lottsa more fun
  when you get beer, 24 hours a day in
  the shops around and not like here,
  when you go to a pub and have to pay
  8 dollar for it and you have to be
  20 years old...
                psycho / censor design
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