Mamba 04 ch05 Hits and Flops

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  here are six reviews for you.
  remember that i give only my
  personal opinion here!
  your opinion about a game can be
  totally different.

    i reviewed the following games
    this months :

    1. chambers of shaolin
    2. world soccer
    3. mountain bike racer
    4. fast food
    5. after the war
    6. maze mania

      chambers of shaolin - thalion

  train your body to be prepared for
  the fight by absolving the 3 chambers
  of shaolin : the test of balance
               the test of speed
               the test of strenghts

  keep in equal balance by hopping on
  thin wooden pins to collect signs
  in a certain time.
  if you lose the balance you fall into
  in the second chamber you have to cut
  ropes which avoid the flood of the
  room. you manage that by hitting a

  ball, which slackens the water-
  shutting. you have to do it on 2
  sides. but look out, the ball can
  also hit yourself.
  a timelimit is set here, too.
  the third chamber comprises the test
  of strenghts.first you have to decide
  where your hand shall hit the board,
  then you have to collect strenghts by
  shaking your joystick.
  after each test your provisional
  result is shown to you.
  now you have to fight. your skill
  depends on your result of the
  training. musics and graphics are
  well done.            valuation : 83

      world soccer - zeppelin games

  world soccer is another soccer-
  simulation, but this time with nice
  graphics and effects.
  you are the trainer and manager of
  a club of your choice.
  so you are able to create an own team
  and to sell and buy new players.
  a reporter comments the whole game
  with your team. it is a live report.
  during the half-time you have the
  chance to change some options.
  on the whole it is just another
  soccer-manager, but with nice effects
  and graphics.        valuation : 73

  mountain bike racer - zeppelin games

  the second zeppelin game this month
  challanges you to solve a difficult
  course with your mountain bike.
  this game also contains some nice
  graphics and special options.
  you can, for example, buy further
  equipment to ease the race like
  an oil can, fat tyres or a time boost
  you gain the money for the shop by
  solving the course in a good time.
  the nice title-sound was made by
  adam gilmore! the game reminds me of
  kickstart, the fans of these oldies
  will enjoy it.      valuation : 69

         fast food - codemasters

  this game, produced by vision
  software, reminds me of a pacman-
  adulteration. you have to collect
  food (fast) by avoiding the contact
  with a ghost. you can collect
  different food which enables you to
  fight the ghost. after you have
  collected all the food you come to
  the following level.
  a level-selector allows you to select
  a level from one to twenty, but there
  are much more levels. the game
  consist of some nice can
  not demand more for this price. v:52

         after the war - dynamic

  this game consist of 2 parts. each
  part is divided into 3 levels. after
  the first part you get a code for
  the second part. (7781)
  you steer a fighter who owns no arm
  except his fists and feets.
  after each level a big enemy is
  already waiting for you.
  the second mission arises much fun;
  you now own a machine-gun with auto-
  fire. you can steer your weapon in
  all directions, you even can easily
  shoot your enemies above yourself.the
  mon-music sounds pretty good.  v: 86

          maze mania - hewson

  your task is to steer the hero called
  flippo through 16 labyrinths by
  changing the colours of the fields
  into one colour. the inhabitants of
  these labhyrinths try to catch you.
  the difficulty is, that you sometimes
  have to touch a field different times
  or from different ways to dye it.when
  all fields have the same colour you
  have to reach a certain field to come
  to the next level. you sometimes have
  to jump over holes which can suddenly
  appear. the graphics are well done,
  the music is average. valuation : 78

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