Mamba 02 ch02 The Interview

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             interview with

                m: mamba
                e: excell

  m: yoo, first of all tell us some
     personal things of you...

  e: ok, my real name is brian and i'm
     23 years old.

  m: where do you live?

  e: i live in denmark.

  m: tell me what happened with ikari
     in the last couple of months.

  e: well, ikari have been stopped for
     a while, but now we are back in a
     co-operation with talent.

  m: great, what is your favourite
     movie, drink/food, mag?

  e: my favourite movie is:
     the hitcher. i like whiskey and
     a good steak to eat. my favourite
     magazine is 'mad'.

  m: ok, but now let's ask some
     questions about the computer.
     how did you join ikari?

  e: doc, fletch, gandalf and me were
     in jewels, but then we decided
     to join ikari all four of us.
     that was a couple of years ago.

  m: when was ikari formed?

  e: hmm, that's 3-4 years ago i

  m: how many members are in ikari

  e: just ice, fletch, doc and me.
     in talent it is bod and xxx.

  m: how did you get your handle?

  e: hmmm, i can't remember but i
     wanted something originally, not
     a name of an actor or a film.

  m: how did you become famous?

  e: am i famous? well that just
     happened while swapping and
     meeting people.

  m: ok, when did you get your first

  e: when it was fucking expensive!
     that was 6 years ago, i think.

  m: geez, who is the best cracker?

  e: doc/ikari.

  m: and the best group?

  e: there are a few good ones.

  m: what are your best friends in
     the scene?

  e: the ikari guys, bod and xxx of
     talent, and i also like guys like
     stingray/crazy, sauron/illusion.

  m: which is the best group ever?

  e: demos: scoop
     cracking: ikari

  m: what do you think about the
     64 scene?

  e: the c64 is has much better cracks
     and is also better organized than
     the amiga scene.

  m: hehe, that's why i also stay on
     the good old c64.
     do you like demos?

  e: that's quite fun to watch, and
     you might even get some ideas.

  m: ...and crackers?

  e: well, if it isn't a speedcrack
     then i mostly like the cracks.
     some are good, some are bad.

  m: did you ever get in troubles with
     the cops?

  e: no, never!

  m: why do you use your computer for
     illegal activities?

  e: haha, it's built for that, isn't

  m: what are your future plans, do
     you want to quit computer?

  e: let's wait and see, now we are
     starting again.

  m: do you like americans/europeans?

  e: euro's crack and code much better,
     but there are still some cool
     us-guys (hi dave!)

  m: are there any aim's you still
     want to reach?

  e: yeah, that we are going to become
     the number one again!
  m: if you could change the scene,
     what would you change?

  e: the amount of originals being
     released in denmark, hahaha!

  m: did you ever regret your years
     of computing?

  e: no never, i have been lot's of

  m: do you ever want to become legal?

  e: who knows!?!

  m: describe a lamer, please.

  e: i think that we all know a lamer,
     but as long as he knows that he
     is lame, it's ok!

  m: aha, do you want to send out some

  e: yeah, hi to all in ikari, talent,
     crazy, illusion, rampar, jch,
     rooze, dom, starion

  m: what are you doing in your spare

  e: partying, soccerplay, vhs-swapping
  m: what's your biggest wish?

  e: ha, that steve of zenith never
     returns to the scene! lamer!

  m: ok, something special you want to
     say to our readers?

  e: yeah, i'm also trading vhs tapes,
     so contact me for fast new movies,
     but only high quality films, no
     shitty copies!
     thanks for the opportunity of
     being interviewed!
     look out for us and stay cool
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