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hello mates .... back again is einstein 
and i'm proud to present to you the     
first issue of 'INTERNAL : the next ge- 
neration' .... and i'll explain the ti- 
tle a little ... internal was the former
INSIDE magazine of ATRIX BD and later on
WOW but then we had a crazy idea to     
build a 'real' mag out of it ... and of-
course we knew that we again would have 
loads of CRITICS from the scene because 
there are TOO MUCH magazines but if you 
look at the real quality magazines you  
can count them on your hand (FINGERS)...
i was telling about the title ... well, 
the next generation stands for the fact 
that i just couldn't stop watching the  
old mag : 'ATROG' and yes i know it was 
not first class code but it had some-   
thing nice ... (perhaps it's because it 
was the FIRST belgian mag...)           
and of course we had to take the old but
very COOL music of atrog into the new   
mag !!                                  
i know that we''ll have some critics on 
probably 2 things : ANOTHER mag and the 
code or design isn't of the standard of 
modern CODING ... well, i can just say, 
i like the design and perhaps it's pri- 
mitive but we aren't exactly the megaco-
ders of the world, so give us a chance !
i know that we've got hard competition, 
but we aren't trying to outrun them all.
we just wanna play the same game and    
that's HAVING FUN and releasing some    
COOL WAREZ for the scene !! ....        
i can only say : 'read on, spread it and
give critics (which may be positive too,
a warm hello to all friends'n'contacts  
who made this possible !! also to divine
scorpie,prosonix (still alive?),etc.    
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