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 some small stories about some country  
 scene. this time done by               
 aztec/wow      + THE ENGLISH SCENE +   
 einstein/wow   + THE BELGIAN SCENE +   
if you want to write some words about   
your countries' scene then please do    
write to the editorial!....             
if you're have another meaning of       
p.e. aztec about the english scene then 
do react at it by sending in a letter!  
but remember everybody has a right to   
speak and to express his own opinion!   
when you can't take that then i guess   
you're unlucky!...                      
we know these sort of things (scene-    
reviews) have been done already by      
several other magazines (recently in    
brutal recall) but this idea was only   
taken from 1 magazine namely:           
GRIDPOINT OBSERVER! which was one of    
the best papermags ever produced!       
this magazine is still for the people   
by the people so if you want to write   
something or have anything interesting  
everybody is allowed to send in some-   
thing!.... your letter (or whatever)    
will be analized by a team of nuts and  
will later on be published in this      
magazine!... we will not be held res-   
ponsible if we have offended someone!   
this magazine is there to please but    
sometimes also to grief the people!     
we hereby say goodbye to all guys who   
left the scene! but especially to three 
guys who really died! namely:           
* the ENGLISH scene written by aztec/wow
many people seem to think that england  
has a cool scene. yes, we have many     
elite guys living in this country but   
hardly any elite groups!...             
england has one well known elite group  
called XENTRIX. this group claims to be 
'britains number 1' that's only because 
they're the only english group in the   
scene! xentrix do have some members in  
the scene. xentrix do have     some mem 
norway but is still for 99 procent      
british! xentrix are mainly a demo group
 and have some good coders like flimbo, 
betrayer,case and mad. not to mention , 
chris (ex.tlf) whose also a composer and
is in the music company called: SONIC   
GRAFFITY (ed. graffity rulez!)          
apart from xentrix there's a new group  
who will kick ass! this group is called 
THE ELECTRIC BOYS. not many people have 
heard of them yet but they say that they
will rule!                              
members are: ironfist*trisect*moron (   
also in paradize!) and some others i can
not remember! TRISECT says he's the best
coder in england and that they had the  
first release of PLOTTING and that g*p  
recracked it!...                        
the electric boys should do well as they
have a lot of ambition and they claim   
to will become the number 1 in EUROPE   
CLIQUE is a turkish group but have just 
got an english section! joker was the   
in the beginning the only member but    
since al bundy and powerdrome left TLS  
to join clique they really have taken   
off! (ed. taken off to turkey?)         
england has a lot of groups who have    
some english members like: DOM (nme,dmc,
derbyshire ram,rebel) IKARI+TALENT (doc)
 ENIGMA (richie) NATO (joker,spuggy)    
BABYGANG (womble,kamikaze) GENESIS (deek
,dawsy,rimtrix,tdm) and of course WOW   
the english scene is not all that bad   
but i hope more ENGLISH groups are built
so we can really rule!                  
 thanx for reading this                 
and now a jolly jumper story by the     
one and only lucky luke! (einstein/wow) 
i'll give a small review of my countries
'scene!.... BELGIUM!                    
it's possible that this review is not at
all objective but i guess if you're     
talking about something personal its    
mostly subjective, but i'll try not to  
mix the facts too much!....             
the belgian scene in the beginning was  
quite cool for that time!... we had     
groups like: LEGEND - NFC - THE BAM -   
WOW - CFR.... later a lot of groups     
changed names and there were found some 
divisions of already existing groups!   
namely: STARDOM - ORION - .... we also  
had groups like B-ART,DYNAMIC SCIENCE,  
but the groups all died or almost died! 
... like legend,wow,etc...              
p.e. those 2 groups did nothing for     
about 2 years but then legend had a     
strong comeback and you see what legend 
is now!... wow did the same about 6     
months later. but new groups were found 
here too!....                           
those groups were:                      
of course every begin is quite difficult
but a lot of those new groups got a lot 
of reaction because they were (are)     
treated like lamers!...                 
tbp is already dead as some of their    
members quit the scene!... (one of them 
is lenin/x-f4cg).                       
control and fuel are fighting hard to   
become something!                       
and role has already proven to be a     
good competitor and a fighter when      
there are problems in the group!        
some verca members later built with     
members of MVFS (miami vice floppy      
service) the group: ACID CREW!          
this group later become acid as they    
cooperated with the german group        
ACID! this was quite an important       
group as midas/acid and the wim/f4cg    
were at that moment the best coders in  
belgium (the only ones too?).           
later some verca members joined LEGEND  
while others left the 64 scene and      
ALF left to join ROLE!                  
anyway, fuel is the only 100 procent    
belgian crew!...                        
all others have some members in foreign 
countries or are a division of a foreign
nowadays there are quite a lot of groups
in belgium but a lot of their members   
are sometimes lamers or little kids who 
pretend to be elite!...                 
the current groups are:                 
legend (powerplant,goldfish,brk,lyon,   
wave,thunderstruck,...) which is the bes
t group in belgium (in the world?).     
verca+china syndrome (???????)          
fuel (lars the knight,dennis the milk-  
man,lisa the beauty and kirk the brain) 
control (lobster,the outlaw,the judge,.)
role (cmr,darkangel,toy,scipio,,axe,...)
transcom (hobbit,reset,kickboxer,...)   
argus (speedy,lord joerix,the wim...)   
wow (b 'n b,chacke,humanoid,matt,vinzz, 
f4cg (scorpie,tornado,manx,solar,       
brutal (mmc)                            
enigma (ninja)                          
guardian angels (effy,lexi,tbg,....)    
as a lot of guys don't know some of     
these groups they just think that some  
divisions of some groups really rule    
belgium!... but nothing is more wrong   
then this as only LEGEND is for 100     
procent producing on their own!...      
this means they crack most of their     
releases in belgium!...                 
VERCA+CHINA SYNDROME aren't releasing   
very much but from time to time a       
crack! (rumours say they should be a    
subgroup of legend!... not confirmed!)  
FUEL is still in a grow-up process but  
this little group has some possibilities
as their members have a lot of ambition!
but sometimes there has to be more then 
just ambition!                          
CONTROL is a group which was started out
of nothing and has taken in members who 
were unknown to the rest!... anyway,    
i hope for them they'll make it!        
TRANSCOM has been quite a revolutionary 
group with much cool releases but after 
the co-op splitted amd lkj wrote a new  
issue of bad news and finally unknown   
left the scene the group began to go    
downhill again!... anyway, they have    
a lot of groups against them but some-  
times their actions are justified!...   
the belgian guys of transcom are cool   
guys ... about the french i don't know  
a thing!... anyway, let's hope they'll  
be kicking again!...                    
ROLE, the group of rock'n role!...      
yes, r'n role has surely played quite   
an important role in their career but   
they've shown that they're full of plans
and are cracking also!... they've taken 
off on a bad way, but now it can only go
the good way!...                        
ARGUS is more like a coding group then  
a real scene group!... their members are
coders/gfx.... they're planning to make 
some games!... their members are mostly 
ex-f4cg members!                        
the we come to my own group!... WOW     
this group has one hell of a past (with 
x-members like:skin/f4cg,scorpie/f4cg, t
he wim/argus,...). but as i already said
before wow died almost but in 1990      
(april/summer) wow really broke through 
(with members like: brainkiller (now    
legend) - jones - divine - chacke -     
humanoid - einstein - hitch - tornado - 
shade designs! - etc...). we had about  
3 boards and we had quite a lot of      
first releases!... but then we lost our 
original supplier!... we had sunk right 
to the bottom of the ocean but then our 
group was enlighted with the joining of 
scorpie/crest! but the problems weren't 
solved with this!... but scorpie left   
and joined f4cg. anyway, we were still  
looking for a good original supplier!   
we found shelter by buying originals    
from legend but as this turned out to   
be a mistake we switched over to another
system!... now we're cracking again and 
finally released a demo too!...         
you can expect much more from us in the 
near future as we'll show that belgian  
produces more then good beer and a      
secure only has 1 member in belgium     
(the brother of manx/f4cg!)             
then we come to f4cg!...                
this group is one of the most well-     
known groups after legend in belgium!   
they have now quite a lot of belgian    
members again but in the past the       
belgian division was mainly for         
spreading the italian cracks!...        
they have a lot of good (old...very old 
he,scorpie!22,52?) members but they're  
quite inactive... anyway, they're       
probably quite active but they are more 
the output of the group then the input! 
the italian guys crack almost everything
and they really do a good job with this!
anyway, the belgian guys have deserved  
their place in f4cg but some of them    
still think that they're something      
because they are a member!...(he manx!) 
i really hope manx is better in cracking
then in telephone-terrorising!...(haha) 
this division is certainly very active  
in spreading the warez of their group!  
it's a pity that mao/fen1 and adf don't 
live in belgium coz then they would be  
a real threat in belgium!...            
BRUTAL... with only 1 member namely mmc 
also a phone-terrorist!... anyway,      
he seems to be a good swapper!...       
but butgenbach is full of good swappers!
ENIGMA(ultimate sin!)                   
GUARDIAN ANGELS is a group which is     
mainly belgian and is built by 2 big    
friends... now they're a team full of   
friends and although they don't release 
that much they always try to have cool  
releases!... friendship rulez in this   
group and that's why it's still alive!  
well, before i get a lot of reactions   
on this text i have to say this:        
or let me reframe it for you:           
NAME BUT BY PERSONALITY'                
and you can quote me on this!...        
anyway, this review is 100 procent      
an own opinion and of course it's       
possible that there are missing some    
big facts (or some minor details) but   
i guess you see how our scene is!...    
perhaps it hasn't delivered us a lot    
of price-winners like germany but at    
least the guys are cool enough to make  
sure we'll live through this 64-crisis! 
but the amiga scene has given us some   
price-winners!... you could say we're   
the mekka of the amiga scene!...        
well, i hope i've made you a bit        
wiser by writing this shit!...          
if you're interested in doing the same  
thing about your countries'scene then   
send it to the editorial addresses      
or call the hotlines!....               
we hereby say hello to these belgian    
scipio/role,alf/role,luke skywalker/    
f4cg,brk/legend and even goldfish and   
also a hello to: zod and divine who     
left the 64 scene!                      
by seeing this and comparing the        
fact and the lies which are going       
around i wish you (readers) to          
vote for each group which is            
in your own country!                    
this means that now the english         
and the belgian dudez can vote for      
other english and belgian groups!       
you only have to vote for 2 things      
namely for the group compared with      
other english/belgian groups and the    
group in overall! in case the group     
has foreign members or is a division!   
you can vote for 3 things:              
so let us see on the next pages         
the groups and the way to vote for!     
1) ENGLISH SCENE-GROUPS                 
 xentrix              the electric boys 
 clique               dominators        
 enigma               nato              
 ikari+talent         babygang          
 genesis              wow               
 now you vote for:                      
1) position compared with other         
    groups in england                   
 p.e. group x      or group y           
 -sympathy   7/10         10/10         
 -quality    4/10          4/10         
 -quantity  10/10         10/10         
 then you vote for a second subject     
2) overall position                     
   -the whole group (english+foreign    
    members) compared with their        
    english competitors!                
(repeat step in 1)                      
 *for the english groups only           
 only the inhabitants (scene-persons)   
 of the pointed country can vote!       
*  do this also for the belgian         
   groups! (only belgian scene guys     
   can vote!)                           
the groups to vote for are:             
role               transcom             
guardian angels    argus                
f4cg               wow                  
enigma             fuel                 
control            brutal               
   verca+china syndrome   legend        
 as you can see we have quite a lot     
 of groups represented here in          
 belgium!... it's up to you whether     
 to decide who you think is the best    
 in your country!....                   
 send in result to the editorial!       
* THE SILICON LTD. PARTY                
 a small SILICON LTD. partyreport!...   
 (ed. oh no not again!)                 
 it was saturday (7july) at about       
 9.26 a.m. that i had my train here     
 in ghent-st.pieters!... i took         
 it to go to antwerp and meet the rest  
 of my party!....                       
 no only me but also brezjnev sat on    
 my train!... later tornado/f4cg joined 
 in antwerp we met those following:     
 vinzz,matt and stormlord!...           
 we now only had to wait after          
 anyway, we bought our tickets          
 and began to fool around a bit!...     
 at the last minute sorex arrived!      
 anyway, happily for him i'd bought     
 a ticket for him!... so we sat on the  
 train to ROOSENDAAL.                   
 there we had to wait about 1 hour and  
 we went into a waiting room at the     
 perron!... anyway, it smelled awfull   
 and the room was filled with a cat-piss
 snell!... then a guy remind us we were 
 in holland and we all understood where 
 the smell came from!...                
 anyway, our next train arrived and     
 after switching over in ROTTERDAM      
 we took the train to utrecht!          
 we finally came in utrecht!...         
 we went to a bus and met:              
 designs!... anyway, tornado began      
 to fool around with mmc and we divided 
 into 2 little groups! (the real        
 belgians and the fake (german) belgians
 ...haha) anyway, we took a bus and     
 found the partyplace in the einstein-  
 dreef (what could go wrong with a name 
 like that?)                            
 after waiting for some minutes and     
 admiring the picture of sting/enigma   
 we stood in the entrance!...           
 then a dutch sucker asked us ...       
 what our names were... he also said... 
 all wow members who reserved are in,   
 so you CAN'T COME IN. we looked at     
 each other and asked ourselves if      
 they had hired a clown to amuse us?    
 anyway, we couldn't laugh about it     
 but the guy let us in after he saw     
 we were belgian!... (the belgian       
 nationality is almost as good as       
 the american one!).                    
 after coming by from the shock that    
 we couldn't enter we lived through     
 another shock as we net: topic/x-      
 wow now f4cg!... (haha.... just        
 kidding hilgo). anyway, we realised    
 we were pretty much represented at     
 this party. so we felt rather good!    
 anyway, we also saw the overlord/wow   
 ,ion/htl/bml,curse/silicon ltd.,       
 anyway, we messed around a bit and     
 later that evening we went out to eat  
 something!... topic said he knew a     
 snack-bar and we followed!...          
 we ate some 'oil-french-puke-fries'    
 but i and brezjnev couldn't ate'm all! 
 they were sooo bad!....                
 anyway, after matt had called out:     
 'the fries are bad,he?' we took off    
 in shame and went back to the party-   
 place!.... in the rooms it was fucking 
 hot and we sat some time outside where 
 we met airwolf/action again!...        
 he had his ghettoblaster with him and  
 let us hear some 'neggerinnenlein-     
 lieder'... it was quite cool!          
 anyway, we also had finnished off our  
 3 years demo and some of the members   
 wanted to let it compete in the        
 demo-competition!... anyway, the demo  
 wasn't all that special and after      
 seeing some competitors (pd,focus,     
 paradize,trc,...) we saw we had done   
 a little mistake... but we became 6th  
 and we were happy!... (of course we    
 didn't get a price!... typical dutch)  
 but we did get a present!... a         
 striptease!... this was probably the   
 only moment that i didn't think off    
 ny stomach which was groaning a lot!   
 the only thing which was a bit of a    
 dissapointment was that the girl       
 had blond hair!...                     
 i have nothing against black girls     
 but with blond hair... (bah!)...       
 anyway, she almost undressed 2 guys    
 and the party-people had fun with it!  
 we already left at 7 o'clock coz i     
 didn't feel very good anymore!...      
 well, after all the party was good     
 but it also had some desadvantages     
 namely: it was too hot, too litle      
 room and the entrance number sucked!   
 but i met some cool friends and that   
 makes it allright!....                 
 i've been to the horizon party in      
 sweden too and that party had a lot    
 of visitors too but the party in       
 utrecht was more enjoyable and         
 a lot cheaper!...                      
 and an extra strip number!...          
* AT'T RULES!                           
 let's talk now about something which   
 happened on monday the 5th august!...  
 because APOLLO was away and we wanted  
 to have a CONFERENCE call we called    
 up the cool dudez of the RTT which     
 is the belgian telephone company!...   
 we asked them to have a conference call
 and everything was allright!...        
 we had set the time at 10 o'clock      
 in the evening and were anxiously      
 waiting for chacke's voice!....        
 the ones who had to participate        
 were: chacke/sorex/bruno/einstein/     
 vinzz/matt/stormlord and humanoid!     
 (wow rulez... well, at least in our    
 minds!... and in manx')                
 well, some of those participants       
 had never been present on a conference 
 anyway, we waited and finally the      
 phone rang!.... it was a lamer from    
 the RTT itself!... who said:           
 conference call                        
 1 minute,please                        
 well, after waiting about 30 seconds   
 we could here the sqeeky voice of      
 chacke!... but all we heard was:       
 of course we all answered with ....    
 but nothing much happened!....         
 i myself began to call out words like  
 god damned,shit,assholes,etc.... but   
 mothing much happened!....             
 anyway, chacke didn't hear a thing     
 either and was calling our names:      
 really funny to hear but still lousy   
 when you can't tell a thing...         
 now we feel how a guy whose clinical   
 dead feels!... (when he can't talk     
 but still knows what's going on!)...   
 anyway, the cool conference call ended 
 with those few (lousy) excuses!...     
 sorry sir.... we can't get through to  
 you but please leave your name and     
 number and we'll get back to you...    
 or was it: sorry sir, it's impossible. 
 it's hopeless!... the line isn't good  
 later we found out that chacke had     
 answered to this sentence!....         
 it's not the line which is hopeless    
 it's the RTT itself!....               
 well, this lovely evening ended with   
  a bitter tone of depression for       
  some of the participants but we won't 
  grief for long as there will follow   
  more conference calls!...             
  perhaps the next one will be more     
  enlightning then this one...          
  as you might guess i'm trying hard    
  to fill this chapter because this     
  chapter is set at 69 pages!           
  this is the exact amount which the    
one file version had as a total         
amount!.... so this could mean          
we have over 680 pages every month      
but this is just a beginning!...        
next month we'll try to put some nice   
looking effect into this magazine and   
little by little we'll improve this     
magazine!... so send in your requests   
of how this magazine must look like     
coz the only reason for releasing this  
is because it's made BY the people,     
FOR the people!....                     
now some (stupid) did you knows in      
trying to end this chapter:             
 * did you know the holiday-places      
effy/guardian angels                    
COSTA BRAVA-SPAIN                       
SUN PARKS (northern sea-belgium)        
now some other did you knows:           
* chacke/wow is again leader!....       
* einstein/wow is his counsilor!....    
* cruel/wow looks like the bell-louder  
  of notre dame.                        
* mc quade/ga's will beat up infinity/  
  x-rated when he hasn't appologized!   
* the RTT is fucking lame!...           
* matt/wow will likely get his computer 
  back.(ed: aarrgh, i already have!)    
* wow is now 4 years                    
* the overlord/wow is back in school    
  since the first august and has had    
  a visit of the kripo lahnstein but    
  not for him but for his father!...    
  (ed. his father is NO criminal,but    
  a professor and you all know how      
  those are.... CRA... sorry ramy!)     
* vincent/wow is still busy and has     
  taken his c64 in the army!...         
* kid/f4cg and scipio/role have been    
  on the belgian television!...         
  not because they were arrested but    
  because they're both playing in a     
  (ed. america funniest home videos?)   
* kid/f4cg is a teacher in a real life! 
  (ed.i bet he doesn't think that school
* the collector/the force and hex/tera  
  both quit the scene!...               
* the 64 still rulez!...                
* that you've been reading 66 pages     
 -let's say this:                       
'next month,same time,same place ....'  
 bye and just press the buttom you      
 are supposed to press!....             
 thank you for reading this and let's   
 meet again!                            
             signing off chief editor 2!

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