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     * GAMES : NEWS AND REVIEWS *       
* since the CHRISTMAS rush, the releases
on both 16 and 8 bit formats have been  
very sparse... one of the SLACKEST pe-  
riods for years.                        
PSYGNOSIS have just released LEMMINGS   
which could turn out to be the biggest  
computer release of the year.           
it was supposed to be released at christ
mas, then januari, and the official date
is now FEBRUARI 14 on all formats inclu-
ding PC.                                
one of the main reasons for the delay on
LEMMINGS is nothing to do with bugs but 
because more PARAMETERS have been placed
in to the programme.                    
this will enable it to be converted into
console without any changes. the other  
big news on LEMMINGS is that it is going
on ALL consoles, and i mean all:  LYNX, 
PC ENGINE, SEGA, ETC.                   
* the SIERRA graphic adventure KING'S   
QUEST V is just released and it's said  
that it's brilliant. sierra products    
will be available to amiga/st owners    
from LATE FEBRUARI.                     
* the first programme of the coders on  
will feature some really hot music by   
NATION 12. never heard of nation 12 ??  
well, one of them, john fox, used to be 
part of ULTRAVOX.                       
* the follow-up to MIDWINTER, one of    
MICROPROSE's biggest hits of 1990 is due
out on all formats in MAY or JUNE.      
continuing the "FLAMES OF FREEDOM" story
it sees the midwinter isle saved from   
the threat of invading horses some sixty
years ago, now facing an even more dan- 
gerous enemy, the eartg's climate.      
as the best atlantic federation agent,  
you must execute secret missions on each
of 41 islands, each task requiring you  
to use different physical, mental and   
psychological skills.                   
* a HOT tip from the recent show in LAS 
VEGAS for all SEGA MEGA DRIVE owners:   
SONIC THE HEDGEDOG. loking a bit like   
felix the cat, sonic gets himself out of
some really frantic action by rolling in
to a ball...                            
from EA. the graveyard sequence in this 
brilliant game could have come from the 
thriller vieo with hands coming out of  
the ground to grab you.                 
* the follow-up to ELVIRA by HORRORSOFT 
will be a thrilling combative interacti-
ve action adventure.                    
you are the leader of a squad of sol-   
diers in the barnese JUNGLE and have to 
use your own initiative to survive not  
only the rigours of the jungle but also 
a determined ENEMY!                     
the working title of this new adventure 
is MITCH.                               
* GRAFTGOLD's next release from MIRROR- 
SOFT will be FIRE AND ICE, a really cute
platform game featuring a rather large  
DOG with flapping ears who has been evic
ted from his artic homeland.            
the stork pays a visit and delivers a   
bunch of PUPPIES which muggle must lead 
to safety through a host of scenarios,  
including underwater scenes.            
what makes this game different are the  
LARGE SPRITES and the SIDE-ON presenta- 
expect to see this out in SEPTEMBER.    
* STELLA 7  also from SIERRA stella 7   
for PC woners is a futuristic arcade ga-
me combining strategy, hi-tech weaponry 
and 7 levels of action as players defend
earth from areturans.                   
* GAUNTLET  the first of three from US  
GOLD gauntlet 3d has wizards and mystery
as you explore an island looking for    
food that has not been poisoned.        
* CYBERCON III  a treat for sci-fans who
fight and puzzle their way throught 350 
* SUPER MONACO GRANDPRIX  converted from
the SEGA this will have more authentic  
tracks, scenery and car responses pro-  
grammed by ZZKJ who's credits included  
super hang on.                          
close attention has been paid to the    
AERODYNAMIC feel of the game and it     
responds like a dream. it has rear mir- 
ror viewing and features the 16 authen- 
tic formula one tracks. for all you     
techy fans, on 16-bit machines the back-
drops are only bitmapped and not vecto- 
red, but still it looks great.          
it will be released on ALL home computer
formats around EASTER.                  
* SWITCHBLADE II  GREMLIN have produced 
the sequel to the original switchblade  
in which hiro defeated havoc and saved  
the land.                               
two centuries have passed and havoc has 
risen again. the only person who can    
stand between him and victory is a      
distant relation of hiro.               
each of six levels have 100 screens, do-
zens of enemies and have a massive range
of weapons including machinegun, flame- 
thrower, shuriken and lazer.            
it's due out on amiga/st in march.      
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