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 just one of these very normal intros.
 nothing to really like, nothing to
 really dislike..

 code....tch/brutal           rating:
 gfx.....trax/trc              3 out
 music...jch/vibrants          of 5.

 well, this outfit is coded in a rather
 cool way, with lots of extra options
 to make your textreading as pleasant
 as possible. you can select between 2
 different tunes, both of them are
 really good and fits well into the
 mag. there aren't very much graphics
 on the screen and the graphics that
 exist are sort of average, just some
 borders for the specials/chapters
 menues and some sprites moving in the
 the chapters are being loaded with a
 fast irq-loader.

 code....tch/brutal  rating: 4 out of 5
 music...tbb/side b,page/deathsector

 this is really this mag's strongest
 point! this issue consists of 26 (!)
 chapters (although several pieces of
 texts, like advertisements and board-
 lists, have been splitted to more than
 one chapter) and all those different
 chapters are always packed with lots
 of stuff (lots of news in the news-
 section, lots of people voted for the
 charts etc.).
 they're trying to cover up all the
 different parts of the scene (us/euro,
 cracker/demogroups), and they have got
 some unusual chapters too.

 text written by r.c.s./legend and tch/
 brutal..  rating: 4.5 out of 5.

 some of the boards listed in their
 "are you board"-section have been down
 for several months (like eagle's nest,
 for example). if they really wish to
 inform the readers about the boards
 and the us-scene, i think they should
 try and get some extra editor for
 board lists and us news.
 and i've never liked to see "video
 reviews" in diskmags.. (almost as un-
 necessary as "music scene news" that
 some mags publish! if you want that,
 buy 'melody maker' or some other music
 mag instead.)

 well, this is obviously a serious mag,
 that the editors have spent a lot of
 time writing (unlike some not-so-
 famous mags from some not-so-famous
 groups ... no names!), and it features
 lots of texts. if you're interested in
 reading mags to keep up with what's
 happening in the scene,try to get each
 issue of "brutal recall".



 we're sorry to announce that this was
 the only review we could offer you in
 this issue!

 some really cool demos that we think
 you should check out:

 * "spiritual dreams" from spirit
   (the best demo at the aars party, no
   doubt! it would have been #1 if it
   was released by a more famous group,
   but i hope spirit will climb the
   charts now.)

 * "dutch breeze" from blackmail
   (an amazing gfx/design-demo with
   some cool code, too.. the graphics
   are so fucking perfect! check out
   the first part on side 2, called
   "the collection", for example....)

 * "the royal scam" from pretzel logic
   (after 18 months, their first multi-
   load demo was finished!! and their
   new one is delayed too..)

 and several other demos...

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