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             THE INTERVIEW

 this time, the hotshot staff are proud
 to present the first part of a major
 group-interview with several members
 of enigma ... this time we'll get to
 see deff answering all of our tricky

 *: hi there. please tell us your real
 d: my real name is mario. well, i'm
 half italian and half german.

 *: how old are you?
 d: i'm 19 years old (16.7.72).

 *: what's your job in your group?
 d: i'm the one and only main spreader
 in enigma and i do a little work for
 mamba. if my dad wouldn't be so stupid
 i could use my modem,too. nowadays
 frank/enigma is calling the boards
 with it.

 *: how many groups have you been in,
 and what were/are their names?
 d: as far as i can remember i have
 been in 6 groups: powerrun, huge,
 alabama, crazy, illusion and now

 *: how many members are there in your
 group, and what's their handles?
 d: members of enigma are in...
 - uk:      richie
 - belgium: ninja (sysop of ultimate
 - norway:  fist,hero,rocky,sauron
 - usa:     pudwerx (sysop of the
             forum) and wrath child
            (sysop of gee-spot)
 - germany: deff, dj, frank, joe cool,
            magic man, peter, rygar,
            sebio, sting and weasel.

 *: who came up with the name of your
 d: hm... better ask aycee! hehe...
 (hey peter! it's a joke !)

 *: when did you buy your commodore 64?
 d: well, i guess it was back in 1985.

 *: what are your future plans?
 d: i'll stay in the c64 scene until
 its damn end. sometimes i lend an
 amiga from a friend of mine.

 *: who are your best pals in the
 d: all in enigma, mostly all my con-
 tacts, and some others like oliver
 stiller, mario van zeist and carsten

 *: who are the best coders, graphics-
 makers and musicians in your opinion?
 d: coders: crossbow, scroll, flamingo,
            walt, unifier
    gfx:    gotcha, hobbit, bizzmo,
            dragon, sparkler, ogami
    music:  jch, jeroen tel, evs/20cc,
            xayne, metal, tim follin

 *: how many hours a day do you spend
 infront of your computer?
 d: sometimes the whole night and some
 days not a single minute.

 *: what do you think about cracking
 and crackergroups?
 d: no risk - no fun.

 *: what do you think about the amiga?
 d: it's good for playing games and
 watching demos but the scene stinks.

 *: are your group going to do a
 d: don't you know mamba?
 (ed: well.. these things happens while
 using the same interview sheets for
 several interviews!)

 *: in your opinion, which are the best
 d: shock, hotshot, frontpage, corrup-
 tion and certainly mamba i like most.

 *: what do you think about hotshot?
 d: look above! (ed: ehum..) as said
 before it's one of those i like most.

 *: please describe a lamer.
 d: a lamer spells "girl" with a b !!

 *: do you often go to copyparties?
 d: no, not regular. i only have been
 to venlo some times and to some other
 german parties!

 *: do you have any idols in the scene?
 d: hm... let him be karl xii / groovy
 bits. don't ask me why!

 *: why?
 d: haha...

 *: do you want to change something in
 the scene?
 d: i want the wanderer group back.

 *: what are you doing in your spare-
 d: mostly i spend my sparetime with my
 girlfriend but i also like to go to
 discos, booze with my friends, watch
 vhs etc.

 *: do you have a girlfriend?
 d: yes, since 11.11.1989. she's called
 beate and she's 18 years old (hey
 bismarck - she's mine!)

 * list some of your favourites in the
 following cathegories.
 * (food)
 d: all italian food
 * (movie)
 d: naked gun 1 + 2 1/2 , total recall,
 quadrophenia, blues brothers etc.
 * (country)
 d: usa and uk
 * (magazine)
 d: tempo
 * (game)
 d: hawkeye, giana sisters, turricane 1
 and 2
 * (music group)
 d: led zeppelin, public enemy, n.w.a.,
 the who, the clash
 * (sport)
 d: football, basketball, ice-hockey
 * (animal)
 d: i'm a dogfriend but i hate cats.

 *: what makes you happy or angry?
 d: happy ... bad news and propaganda.
 it's always funny to read those mags.
    angry ... stupid fascisms, non-
             working discs, school work

 *: do you have any enemies?
 d: hm... i don't think so.

 *: name 3 things you would bring with
 you on a desert island.
 d: beate, motor boat, beer (a lot of

 *: and finally, do you want to say
 something to the public?
 d: let the good times rule and party


 thanks to deff of enigma for this
 crewl interview. the next part of this
 enigma groupinterview is coming up
 soon (in the next issue?).
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