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             THE INTERVIEW

 we here at the hotshot staff are proud
  to present another interview, with
 another cool guy. attraction / pandora
   has been forced to the wall. a good
  reason to interview him is that his
   group pandora will soon reach the
  top and therefore we need some info
 about it all. here we go...

 *: hello there man. please tell us
 something about yourself.
 a: my real name is andy, i'm just 16
 years of age, 1.75 tall, dark hair,
 brown eyes. i love phreaking, calling
 americans and i also like sports and
 ofcourse girls..

 *: when and how did you get your name?
 a: i just picked it out of nowhere. no
 reason really, maybe because i am
 attractive (ed. hmmm..) .

 *: what's your job in pandora ?
 a: well, you can say that i'm the
 leader. i also modem trade, swap and
 i'm also the original supplier.

 *: why was pandora re-built?
 a: because i didn't like my old group.
 also because i wanted to start a group
 with all my old friends and to start
 a new successful group.

 *: what's going on in pandora at the
 very moment?
 a: quite much. some was kicked and we
 also got some new members and they are
 white lion and pimpernel.
 our first demo will be out soon, also
 a new magazine and we're still crackin
 as always...

 *: how does your computer career looks
 like right now?
 a: it all started 2 years ago. first i
 had my own group exotic . then later i
 joined genesis as original supplier.
 and now i'm in pandora..

 *: what's your plans for the future?
 a: my plans are to keep pandora up at
 the top and to kick all my enemies in
 their ass.

 *: who's your favourite graphixer,
 musician, coder and cracker?
 a: my favourite graphixer must be
 ogami of flt, musician jch, coder is
 crossbow and cracker powerplant.
 he really kicks..

 *: you sure know there's alot of mags
 around. what's your favourite one and
 a: shock ! and why? simple.. the mag
 only includes elite stuff, alot of the
 american scene, modem stuff,the charts
 is always fair and the outfit is real

 *: and about the mega mighty hotshot
 a: it's one of the best, really. the
 outfit is really nice but you need
 more hot and cool news. also something
 about the american scene.

 *: is the scene going down, and what's
 the reason for it you think?
 a: yes, it's going down. i think it
 will hold for about one more year. the
 reason is that alot of guys leaves the
 c64 to other systems and it's probably
 too many crackers around.

 *: what's a lamer to you? (name!)
 a: parson is a guy which is not able
 to do something himself. also the shit
 things maniac did (shit-talking and
 some lame versions of some games)...

 *: you're blue-boxing. please tell me
 something about it.
 a: well, it's quite simple to use. but
 nowadays it's easier to get caught by
 the cops. you should not talk so long
 each time you call because that is one
 of the reasons you can get caught very

 *: are you calling out to boards?
 a: yes, but only the elite ones like
 second to none, mystic cavern, and
 shaolin temple. i also call some of
 the euro boards.

 *: are you a true visitor of all these
 copy parties?
 a: it's nothing special really. i do
 visit venlo meeting but nothing more.

 *: now over to something completely
 different. what's your favoutite: mag,
 girl, country (not your own), board,
 demo group and cracker group?
 a: the daily newspaper(?), a beautiful
 girl is kim basinger, america must be
 it, underground and second to none,
 crest horizon and flash kicks and the
 best cracking group must be legend .

 *: what makes you really happy ?
 a: talk on the phone, meet friends,
 to see a pandora first release on a
 american board and also to make my
 enemies mad. real mad.

 *: and angry ?
 a: to see somebody writing shit on a
 board, to be caught by cops because of
 blue boxing, unfair mags that forgets
 alot of releases(cracks), recrackers
 and so on...

 *: any friends you want to name here?
 a: yees!! here's the list..
 3dk, jack daniels, derbyshire ram/dom
 steamhammer, antichrist/genesis
 weasel, hero/enigma
 b-wyze, god/victims
 narc, powerplant/legend
 morpheus/flash inc
 airwolf, jihad/action
 jerry, tranziie/triad
 horizon, murdoc/nei
 extermist, tri/empire
 ...and to all the pandora members,
 voters, fans, copy slaves and so on...

 *: and at last, do you want to say
 something to the public?
 a: vote for pandora! and keep the c64
 alive forever!!
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