Hotshot 13 ch02 News and Rumours

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             NEWS & RUMOURS

 * jack daniels and 3dk were kicked out
 of genesis because omg/antichrist
 wanted to write more text than he did
 and he also wanted to put an antimamba
 intro infront of the mag. jack daniels
 and 3dk have now joined forces of the
 dominators. genesis will now release
 their own mag called propaganda using
 the main-routine that s.e.s. coded.

 * the independent magazine is not a
 radius release anymore. radius have a
 new mag called image . the editor is
 dean. the menu looks a little bit like
 the old corruption/atg outfit.

 * scott of radius changed his name in-
 to dean .

 * manx left joy division and rejoined
 f4cg after the little break-up.

 * rockstar of victims had to join the

 * either genesis nor triad is the
 oldest active group on the c64. afl
 have been in the scene for 6 years and
 is therefore the oldest!

 * sexton+crush (ex-transcom) and the
 whole sunrise gang joined afl . there
 are now 26 members in alpha flight.

 * x factor got a new board in the us
 called: split infinity . you can find
 the number in the advertisements.

 * trix (ex-bonzai), hawk (ex-bonzai)
 and laxity/vibrants joined the new
 group called conic . fox joined aswell
 but he is still in dominators.

 * nato and budbrain joined forces and
 now call themselves the nba which
 means: nato budbrain alliance.

 * touchstone left cfa and joined ics .

 * inxs joined joy division,while jihad
 left and joined his old group action.
 the actual member-list of jd looks:
 neon judgement, blade runner, brego,
 lth, mason, hungry hero, icon, inxs,
 newscopy and midnight mover.

 * heatwave is a new dutch demo group.
 the group consists of old members from
 internal affairs, ruthless and hitmen.
 their first demo will be avalible in
 a short time.

 * the paper mag, shock , is now also
 a disc mag. the first issue has just
 been released and it will probably be
 a success. the graphics are cool !

 * the old group elite is now back in
 the scene. most of the members is the
 old ones. their first demo will soon
 be out.

 * red sector inc have now got a c64
 devision. they are also in cooperation
 with tristar. the member-list looks:
 madman, run dmc, jayce, bip, redon mc,
 aztec, lno, tma, time and no more.

 * bonzai got a new mega-swapper. his
 name is janec and he will spread all
 bonzai's warez.

 * sony of radius has started a mega-
 connection between some groups. he
 wants the groups which are in this
 connection to make demoes and maybe
 games, together. if you want to join,
 look in advertisements for address.

 * attraction is the new original supp-
 lier in genesis project.

 * arrogance of x-ray has never been a
 member of victims. he asked to join,
 but they refused.

 * codemonster and the punisher left
 genesis and the scene aswell.

 * sweden's biggest game importer, hk
 electronics, is bankrupt. the biggest
 reason for the bankrupt is the low
 sale of games and they bought 1000
 lynx's when it was introduced in swe.
 they was said by atari to have sole in
 the whole sweden, but alot of other
 companies sold lynx and for a cheaper
 price aswell. vd heiki karbing has
 already started a new importercompany.

 * jeroen tel will soon go to usa and
 start to make music for nintendo and
 sega consoles.

 * falcon left the ruling company and
 joined verdict as a modemtrader and a
 cracker. curse (ex-hitmen) joined trc.
 xenon left trc and rejoined xentrix.
 trc is in war with house designs as
 house released trcs unsold game called

 * enforcer left powers of pain and
 changed his handle to the dominant and
 joined verdict. junebug and ventura
 have planned to start a legal group
 with the dominant as graphics maker.
 snarf and bumble bee joined. ixon left
 and the scene aswell.

 * francois prijt and ronny pasch of
 audial arts joined flash inc.

 * right after that illusion died, all
 members (including rocky) formed a new
 group called enigma . joe cool and
 peter and sting left i+t and joined.
 magic man also joined. deejay & weasel
 left crest and joined. rygar (not the
 swedish one but the german guy was in
 array and x-ray) also joined. mamba
 will now be released by enigma. gotcha
 was said to be a member aswell, but it
 seems he didn't join enigma after all.
 he will still be helping with mamba

 * rebels was built up by some x-hitmen
 members. (have we heard the name some-
 where before?) mayday left wow and
 joined rebels. after a while he left
 them too and joined genesis project.

 * merlin (ex-omega) joined propaganda.

 * steel joined padua as a musician.
 polonus finished his new musiceditor
 called "musicmixer v5".he will sell it
 to a software company soon.

 * atrix was rebuilt by exulans and
 zensonic and dagger (all ex-members of

 * jive was kicked out of noice after
 doing lame things like ripping the old
 "trashnews" main program.

 * cleric left s451 and joined paragon.
 he changed the name of his board from
 "infinity" to "wasteland" (that's the
 same name as platon (ex paragon) used
 on his board which is down now).
 dirty c was kicked out and joined the
 guys in zone 45.
 euzkera left and quitted the scene as
 he has joined the army. midnight mover
 (the sysop of "illusion of reality")
 left and joined joy division.pimpernel
 has put up his board "terminal state"

 * bionic was built up by ex-members of
 bronx and micromics.

 * status was kicked out of light.

 * starkkiller was kicked out of sense
 designs while beachtiger from wow
 joined them.

 * tranziie (ex-energy) and ravage (ex-
 center) and une (ex-inceria) and seal
 and ream (ex-hotline) joined triad .

 * censor is taking a summer break at
 the the autumn lots of their
 members will join the army. both their
 euro boards ("attraction" & "testure")
 are down. "attraction" will be back up
 again in august when shark comes home
 from his vacation.

 * sledge of fairlight has taken down
 his board "warez aquarium" . tron of
 fairlight might put up the board again
 later on.

 * flood of fairlight started a new
 disc-magazine called bbs chart which
 features text'bout the european boards
 (reviews charts etc). you can vote for
 it at flood's own board "wonderland" &
 soon at some other boards aswell.

 * pumkin left probex ( probex who !? )
 and joined paragon.

 * 2 graphicsmakers from visual delight
 joined focus .

 * slammer left paragon and went over
 to the amiga scene.

 * nightshade = nsd (x-hitmen) joined
 verdict. twf (x-hitmen) joined titron.

 * tom left ddt and joined hotline.
 stone of ddt is back in business after
 a break. godfather, skanarchist,slator
 and scarabee joined ddt.

 * rcs and razy were kicked out of i+t
 coz' of their lameness.

 * roy ex-victims joined ikari and tmb
 ex-victims joined talent.
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