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      *                  ;;

england is perhaps not the most
productive country within the
scene, indeed few people know of
much that goes on within the uk
scene as a whole. when you look
at the size of the country on a
map, and compare it to the size
of other countries within the
scene, who are more, productive
(say holland), then it really
ought to be expected to have
more than the few groups which
are about. the stange thing is
though, that despite the lack of
a thriving scene within in the
uk, a very large quantity of
games produced, are produced in
england, and indeed within the
whole of the uk. but there is
a lot software companies though.
here follows a quick run-down of
the groups in england, or those
ones who have english sections.
written by flimbo of xentrix!

some of gp's more well know
members come from the uk. the
main examples beeing bizzmo and
deek. other members include tdm,
raistlin, dawsy, rimtrix and the
punisher(ex-member of xentrix).
unfortunately, many of these
members don't seem to have done
much recently, although i do
believe that raistlin is working
on delirious 10, which should
be worth seeing.

again, some of the more notable
dominators members reside in
england. as far as i know, this
includes nme, derbyshire ram,
rebel and dmc. unfortunately,
many of the english guys fail to
see most of their cracks, apart
from derbyshire ram's. due to
the fact that they are pretty
much modem-trade only in england

consitsing of primarily bod. i
personally have not seen much
from ikari+talent recently, so
it would be unfair to comment on
them. the basic reason, as is
becoming more common, is down to
the fact that more of i+t's
cracks are mainly uploaded on
the us boards. this leads to
that the guys without modem is
unable to get their cracks.

just the one member at the mo'
in england. xenon has been
cracking quite steadily since he
quit xentrix to join trc.

well... we were the main english
only group up until some time
ago, but then of course some
members left to join gp, padua,
and trc. also three guys from
norway joined, so we've lost our
english-only tag. but still we
are a predominantly english
group. look out for our demoes!

after these groups there are
several others, either entirely
english groups or groups with
one or two members within in the
whole uk. some examples are:
the lost souls, tristar, akrak,
thundertronix, gax 777, cosine,
babygang and apex images. i do
not know too much about these
groups, so it would be unfair to
comment upon them. any other
groups are simply too lame to be

well, here is your chance to
gain fame and fortune for your-
self or for your group.
this competition is for all the
coders out in the scene that
thinks that he can beat the
others in making an intro that
really is the best !!
are you interested in making a
little contribution to this
compo and perhaps win a little
price? then read on...

ö the memory available for the
unpacked intro is 0000-3fff.
that is enough to make a real
cruel intro on!
ö the intro shouldn't be used in
any way earlier for your group
or any other.
ö each coder in a group can make
one contribution (e.g. if your
group has five coders, they will
be allowed to enter the compo
with one intro each).
ö everything in the intro must
be credited, otherwise you might
be disqualified.
ö we must have your contribution
before the 19th of july 1991.

all intros will be judged by a
fair jury that consists of
merlin and dip (ex OMEGA) and
a+p from PROPAGANDA.
we will give each intro points
from 0 to 20 in the following
categories: coding, graphics,
music and style/design.
then we'll add the points, and
the intro which gets most will
the TWENTY best intros will be
linked and spread with the

1st price:
an expert cartridge and 60 discs
2nd price:
40 discs and a handy discnotcher
3rd price:
20 discs

everyone who enters the compo
will get their discs back with
the released intro pack and the
results, and the 20 best will
get their intros spread through-
out the scene.

if you are interested in sending
an intro to this competition,
send the unpacked file on a disc
before the 19th of july to:


don't forget to enclose a note
with your addy and the start
address to the intro. ok, that
would be all the info that i had
to give you, so get on with the
coding. happy hacking!

          BOARD STUFF
this is a new cool chapter in
hotshot which will give you some
news from the boards around,
hack-phreak news, interviews
with cool sysops, reviews of
boards etc.

we start with some BOARD NEWS:
it's going down with MAD MAD
WORLD and HIT'N RUN after
loosing beeing the hq's of

SORCERESS, the sysop of MYSTIC
CAVERN has installed c-base 3.0
on her board again. she had it
installed some weeks ago, but
because of some technical
problems she had to remove it.
now it's back up again, and it
seems like it will work just
fine this time !

DIGITAL FANTASY is now us hq for
FLASH INC and ARCANE instead of
flash inc and longshot. this
board has got some more action
lately too!

UCBBS 1.4 will be out in a short
time !

many swedish boards are going
rather slow nowadays. for ex.
i heard that TERMINAL STATE/S451
haven't got more than 4 (!)
calls on 2 days. i have also
heard a rumour that both
going down.

the flash inc world hq PARADIZE
broke a new personal record with
36 (!) calls last saturday.

the c-base from METHALSOFT is
kicking ass in the states right
now. for example uses SHANGRALI/
CHANNEL ZERO this program right

there are much wars and ragging
going on on the us-boards right
now. some of the most hated and
most 'slagged-on-dudes' right

that's the news for this time.
it actually hasn't happened so
much around in the past month
but we hope there will happen
some cool things til next issue.

and now some HACK-PHREAK NEWS:
at&t seems to fix better and
better systems. they have big
propaganda right now where they
tell people NOT to give their
calling-cards away, but does it
make sense ?! it doesn't seems
like that as the cards still are
floating in. as some of you
already know they have also put
in a new system which makes that
if you call on at&t's from 2
different countries at the same
time, the card will immediately
get invalid. but as most big
hackers there are still no BIG
but, american dudes seems to
have harder times reaching
europe for ex. it seems like it
is getting more and more easy to
get busted if you phreak in the

a new thing seems to have
invaded us. the phenomen is
called BLUEBOX. a smart little
thing which make a fool out of
the american phone-system.
it can be dangerous to use from
some countries, but from (for
ex.) sweden it seems like there
are no problems. i guess we will
here more about this in the next

    this month boardreview:

the board is the hq of EMPIRE
of EMPIRE. it has got about 100
users. many of them are rather
inactive on the board, but it
has a large amount of elite-
users anyway.

the board was down for some
months, but some weeks ago it
got back again and there were no
big problems for it to be one of
the best again.

SUBS: channel 0 has got 4
different official subs, the
most original one is the STORY-
SUB where the users write a
little piece of a history each,
and together it makes a big
story. a + for that new cool
idea. the subs are goin rather
fast with quite a lot of posts
per day. the post are rather
good, including nice discussions
and so on. no problems there.

WAREZ: can sometimes be slow.
except when empire and action
release something ofcoz. but the
warez which are runned on the
other elite-boards around use to
be here the same day.

          REVIEW POINTS:
graphics:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    50p
users:                       80p
sysop:                       80p
posts:                       90p
warez:                       65p
total rating:                75p

CONCLUSION: a good board which
definitely is worth a call if
you're not already on it !!
  the number is: XXXXXXXXXXXX

hi! yar mag is really a cooool
one. there are far too many mags
in the scene and this one is my
number one. there have been
many complains about the waving
text. i think it looks cool, but
maybe a switch to turn it on and
off. ok? nothing more, keep it
going cool!

dear D'ARC,
thanks for your reaction! well,
i sure agree with you that there
are too many mags in the scene.
and many very lame too. well, i
must disapoint you by saying
that in the new main-routine we
have no waving text at all!

i think yer mag is one of the
best around, much colours and
movements is better than the
style they're using in mamba.
you could add a few charts like
best movie, best joystick or
whatever to get the magazine 100
percent cool!

dear JASON,
mucho gut you liked the flashing
and the movements because we do
too! about these 'special-chart'
with best movie etc.: maybe we
will, but we got to find out
something cooler than all the
things loadsa mags using, i.e.
we need your help with this !

hotshot is a fab mag, but please
remove some of the flashing
because i get myself a headache
when i'm reading the text
otherwise it's cool! keep up the
good work!

dear DEPEH,
as we've announced earlier, we
will release a new main-routine
in the near future so check that
out and see if you think some of
the flashing is gone there. i
can tell you that it's not and i
can also tell you that this new
outfit is much, much cooler than
this one. it's ofcourse coded by
zodiac, graphics slavery by
crept, some by me (morpheus),
music by moon + rodney balai and
ofcourse the editors will be
me and unifier. everything by
flash inc. by the way, thanx for
your reaction!

i got a shock today when i saw
the 11th issue of hotshot. i
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