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      *  THE INTERVIEWS  ;;
      *                  ;;

 in this issue we got some real
 hot interviews with three guys
 in GENESIS namely: antichrist,
scrap and kampftrinker. in next
issue we will follow up with two
more interviews with some of the
 members in genesis. watch out!
       k = kampftrinker
       a = antichrist
       s = scrap

Ö ok. please tell me your real
name and your actual age.
K: sure, my name is mike and i'm
20 years of age.
A: frank and i'm 21 years old.
S: my name is oliver and i'm 19.

Ö what's your job in genesis?
K: i'm the main modem trader in
göp and that means that i import
and fix american games, spread
our warez on american bbs. i do
also hack at&t's, start confer-
ences. in other words i do
everything that has to do with
modem trading, phreaking and
A: i'm the leader of genesis and
sometimes i even crack games.
S: mainly graphics, swapping and
some code.

Ö in how many groups have you
been in, and what's their name?
K: genesis was my first group.
alot of guys are jealous coz i
succeded to join the best group.
A: i've only been in genesis.
S: first i was in genesis, then
i joined contex and now once
again genesis.

Ö how many members are there in
K: it's about 20 members but i
cannot remember their names.

Ö who found the name, GENESIS?
A: it was timelord(now omg). he
built genesis back in 1986.

Ö when did you guys buy your
K: i bought my first computer
about two years ago. it was a
commodore 64(yeah!).
A: 1984 or 1985.
S: back in 1985.

Ö now, tell us your plans for
the future.
A: suicide.
S: code, code, code, draw, draw
and again draw.

Ö who are your best friends in
the computer scene?
K: i have alot of good friends.
my best ones are the goblin,
antichrist, the punisher, cyber-
punk, zorlac, the maestro, pyro-
tech, stingray, ninja, murdock,
grim reaper, prodigy, infinity
and at last pathfinder.
A: all members of genesis and my
friends. you know who you are.
S: antichrist/omg, redstar,
alpha, compyx, sonny and some in

Ö who is the best coder, musican
and graphixer?
K: coder: ses and fgth
   musican: deek and jo/amok
   graphixer: bizzmo
S: coder: ses
   musican: deek
   graphixer: bizzmo

Ö how many hours per day do you
strain your eyes at your tv set?
K: between 5 minutes and 5 hour.
A: 2 to 3 hours.
S: 0 to 24 hours.

Ö what do you think about the
scene nowadays?
K: people take all this shit too
seriously. if you don't enjoy
what you are doing, you got the
wrong hobby.
A: well, i can't change it.
S: cool (without gotcha).

Ö what do you think about amiga?
K: i got an amiga, but i don't
use it very much. it's a real
expensive game machine.
A: i bought one two years ago,
but i don't like it.
S: lame scene, cool machine!

Ö so, which is the best disc mag
in the scene?
K: i liked sex'n crime best. now
it's corruption after amok
stopped to release s'n c.
A: bad news.
S: bad news.

Ö what about hotshot then?
K: not a bad mag, but i needs
some improvements...
A: very good.
S: nice! (where's my name on the
graphics chart?)

Ö who is the biggest jerk in the
A+S: gotcha! a ripper and a real

Ö please describe a lamer?
K: a lamer is someone who has to
rag on other people to become
famous or a person who always
writes stupid letters on bbs. i
simply don't take a look at such
stupid morons.
A: gotcha - the wannabe.

Ö do you often goes to these
fame copy parties?
K: if i have to honest, i have
never been at a party coz they
are boring. but i already met
alot of cool freaks.
A: no not very often. i was at
the powerrun party in 1987 and
in venlo twice in 1989.
S: sometimes i do.

Ö do you have any 'idols' or
guys that you look up to?
K: i respect all these oldie
groups such as radwar, strike
force and the old triad.
A: no, we rule! (hehe!)
S: gotcha for beeing a prototype
of a lamer!

Ö would you like to change some-
thing in the scene?
A: no, we rule.
S: teaching gotcha how to draw
or to bring him into suicide.

Ö what are you doing in your
K: i go out with my girlfriend.
i also play baseball and i like
to ski. this year i started how
to ride a snowboard. i also go
to hockey matches very often and
to take a trip with my car.
A: why do you ask? (what do you
think? red.)
S: i listen to music, booze and
read books and so on.

Ö do you have a girlfriend?
K: yup. we live together. she's
the best girl you can get.
A: yes! her name is manuela.
S: no.

Ö what's your favourite: food,
movie, country, magazine, game,
music group sport and animal?
K: it's pizza.
   gremlins 2, navy seals,
   highlander 2.
   usa, switzerland, england.
   mad, playboy.
   metallica, anthrax, st, gbh,
   sex pistols.
   pussy cat.
A: any junkfood, taste all like
   but it's fast at least.
   monthy python, return of the
   killer tomatoes etc.
   s'n c, corruption, hotshot,
   bad news, shock, pirates,
   bild zeitung, 64'er and the
   mag kowalski.
   creatures, ugh olympics,
   lemmings and archon.
   sisters of mercy, level 42,
   deacon blue, simple minds,
   u2, depeche mode, dan reed
   network and holly johnson.
   lion or eagle... (or igel!)
S: pizza, steak.
   es ist nicht leicht ein gott
   zu sein.
   germany, england.
   kowalski, mad, tv spielfilm.
   depeche mode. (yuch! red.)

Ö what makes you happy/angry?
K: i can become very angry when
people are spreading the wrong
rumours about me that i should
be stingray of ex-crazy. i'm
happy every second i spend with
my girlfriend.
A: i'm happy when people do what
i want,hehe! i'm angry when ever
i hear the bullshit from gotcha,
aaron or lkj. these three people
are a waste of human potential.
the should be executed at once.
S: happy - no work to do, good
music, good mood...
   angry - lamers, cardrivers
who cannot drive, teachers...

Ö name three things you'll bring
with you on a desert island?
K: my girl, cold beer, a phone.
A: bah! i hate these questions.
i guess a ring which could full-
fill all my wishes with magic.
S: a girl, a stereo, a boat.

Ö ok thanks guys. but there's
one more. would you like to say
something to the public?
K: people cannot stop spreading
the rumour that i should be
stingray. swiss fags wants me to
prove that i'm not stingray. but
why do i need to prove anything?
what would they do if someone
spread the rumour that they were
homosexuals? i'm sure they would
not prove the opposite. there's
so many guys that knows me and
stingray and they can confirm
that all this talk is bullshit.
if you don't stop it, i'll shut
your mouth, lamers!
A: thanks to all our friends for
their help, their trust and
their vote!
S: kiss my feet!

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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