Hotshot 11 ch06 The Reviews

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      *    THE REVIEWS   ;;
      *                  ;;

this demo starts with a text-
screen with some text about the
demo. after pressing space, you
get to THE MENU which consists
of a picture by ego of gloom and
a flashing arrow which you can
move around (with a joystick in
the second joystickport) to 7
different boxes, each one repre-
senting one of the demoparts.
when you press fire the computer
starts to load the chosen part
but the diskturbo they've used
doesn't work on 1541-ii drives.
all demogroups, please check if
your diskturbo works on all
drives before linking - 'cause
it really gives a bad impression
of a demo when the loader bugs
so you have to load each part

PART 1 starts with a "let's do
it!" sample. after that, a 148
sprites multiplexer shows up.
this rout changes between dif-
ferent moves, but none of them
makes the sprites move in x and
y at the same time, only in
either x or y. on the left and
right side of this routine there
is some ugly graphics, and below
the sprites some textscreens are
being plotted out at the hires
screen with different colors.

PART 2 features a cool little
"demogame" where you should move
your sprite from the left side
of the playfield to the right
side without touching any of the
alien sprites or running out of
time. the game has got several
different levels, but you've
only got one life. the part has
also got 2 equalizers, a moving
logo, a 1x2 scroll with raster
colors in it, and some raster-
colors surrounding the screen in
the up- and downborder.

PART 3 gives you the opportunity
to watch some animations of a
cigarette packeting, rotating
from a front view to a position
where you see the left side of
the packet. below that is a
gloom logo with a techtech move
on it, and above the cigarette
packets you can find a rout that
switches between being a dycp
scroller and a dycp textshower
with different text falling down
to different lines.

PART 4 has got a ugly logo that
is interlaced in the x-direction
so it features 320 pixels in x,
even if it is multicolor. below
that is an even uglier 3 color-
picture moving in x-direction,
with a small single color earth
globe moving inside a square on
that picture. above all this is
a upscroller that is one char
wide and as high as the 3 color-
picture. around there is also an
arrow moving in the x direction,
and when it hits the scroller
the scroller will bounce with
the arrow.

PART 5 contains a ugly hires-
picture and a multiplex scroller
(one char in each sprite) which
is moving around in a circle.

PART 6 has got a plotter with
rather few plots, a moving logo
and a sprite scroller and the
maniacs of noise's DIGITUNE

PART 7 has got a fli-logo, an
unexpanded 2x2 scroll in the
sideborder, some moving tts-
sprites in the downborder and
one of those cheated "unlimited
bobs" routines. after a while,
the bob area is erased and that
rout starts over with another

code:   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     60p
graphics:                    35p
music:                       50p
overall:                     48p

this demo starts with a screen
with some white text on a blue
background and some music.if you
press space extremely carefully,
you get to see another textpage
and if you press space again (or
if you pressed space too fast
the first time!!), the drive
starts loading the intro.nowhere
in the demo is any diskturbo
installed so you'll have to
stand the normal slowload.

THE INTRO contains a big, nice-
looking hireslogo + an expanded
spritescroller with the built
in font + a routine that shows
a few animations of a small 3
color logo zooming in and out,
but the coder has only centered
the move in x - not in y - so
when the logo zooms out,it moves
towards the top of the logo area
as they're shrinking it in y and
haven't done any centering...
the music is a digi-tune.

PART 1 contains a picture with
some simple sprite arrows moving
over it. they've opened the down
border aswell to put an expanded
spritescroller with the built in
font down there... and that's
really all!!!! reminds me of
several old demos from 1986-87..

PART 2 has got 25 lightblue dycp
scrolls, each moving inside its
own charheight (like all other
groups made in 1989-90).. above
it is some ugly singlecolor
sinusmove thing in sprites. this
and the last part ruins this
demo's possibilities as a design
and graphicsdemo totally.

PART 3 features a "shaped up"
logo + some stars + a rotating
small "shape design" logo in
3 colors. it rotates in the z-
axis and moves into the screen
in z aswell. this effect is
built up by very few animations,
so it doesn't move smooth at
all!! they've probably drawn
each of those animations by hand
instead of calculating them, as
the middle point for the rota-
tion isn't fixed but jump around
the logo in a strange way.
sometimes the spacechecking rout
doesn't manage to switch off the
interrupt properly, and just
removes the "shaped up" logo and
the stars, leaving only the
rotating thing with a blue back-
ground - instead of actually
leaving the part and loading the
next one!

PART 4 is together with part 2
the parts that ruins this demo's
chances as a graphics and design
demo. without these ugly parts
the graphics rating for this
demo had probably been a bit
higher.. well this part contains
a ugly shapelogo which is ani-
mated to look like it is dypping
and above that is a small 3-
color picture moving around. on
the same area as the picture is
some sprites with credits. the
credits sprites are white, the
picture is grey, the logo is
blue and the border and back-
ground color is lightgrey ...
ugly as hell!

code    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     13p
graphics:                    45p
music:                       60p
overall:                     39p

THE INTRO consists of a big side
borderlogo, some presentation
text (with some colors that move
behind it) and a scroll.

PART 1 has got an plotting area
where some strange but cool pat-
terns are being plotted.when the
area is filled, the part erases
it and starts to show another
pattern. infront of this is also
a little multiplexer. in the up-
border, above this area, is a
'rtv' sign which is painted in
the same style and placed in the
same position on the screen as
the 'mtv' mark. below the plot
area is a 3-color ruthless logo
which is bigger than the screen
in x, and it's swinging in x to
show the whole logo. in the down
and sideborder is a spritescroll
(one character in each sprite).

PART 2 contains a plotter and
below it a controlarea with lots
of parameters that you are able
to change (like TAIL and such
functions). this screen looks a
bit empty. the demo is a bit
strange linked 'cause once in a
while the demo continues through
this part when you press space
in part 1, and you'll end up
directly in part 3.

PART 3 contains a ruthless logo
built up with some squares in
different colors. around it is a
chess pattern with rastercolors
in it.below that is a 2x2 scroll
and the 'rtv' sign again. after
a while the chess pattern starts
moving in the y direction. if
you wait some seconds more, each
square in the pattern will start
to zoom in and out...

          REVIEW POINTS:
code:    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    70p
graphics:                    63p
music:                       70p
overall:                     67p

THE INTRODUCTION shows a well-
animated single color man
(painted in the same style that
don martin uses) walking along
some road. for each step the man
makes, you hear a soundeffect.
after a short while, the man
meets the icecream salesman, and
stops to buy some icecream from
him. now the music starts, and
you get to choose from a menu
which demoparts you want to see
and in which order. one bad de-
tail is that once you have
selected a part you can't change
your mind and erase that selec-
tion. when you choose "that's
all" in the menu, you'll leave
the introduction and the parts
will be loaded in the order you
have chosen.

PART 1 - VANILLA ICE contains a
fli flexible pixel position(fpp)
rout without the usual empty
area on the leftmost part of the
screen (instead all 40 columns
are being used!)

a cool routine, that switches
between a hirespicture & single
color chars on the same raster-
line. in between the picture and
the textscreen is some moving
colors moving in a sinus (so the
'split'-position for the two
screens move along with those
colors). these 'split'-colors
change x-position over every
new charpointer line (after 8
rasterlines) so it hasn't got
the same position all over the

PART 3 - BANANA ICE contains a
highres screen and a 120 sprites
multiplexer in front of the pic-
ture and in the up- and down
border. there's no music in this
part and you have to press
restore to leave.

PART 4 - PINE APPLE ICE contains
an unexpanded 3x3 flexible pixel
position scroll in the side
border, showing many different
moves, such as: mirror scroll,
single pixel fld, stretchscroll,
two fld scrolls over each other
and a turning scroll.

PART 5 - ORANGE ICE contains a
7 picture (!) hardwarescroller
moving in the x-direction. the
pictures are ripped from "def.
of the crown".

PART 6 - APPLE ICE features a
multiplex rout with 16 sprites,
and each sprite has got all its
3 colors different from the
surrounding sprites. you can
control the speed of the sprite
movements with a joystick in
port 2. rather often, this part
bugs out totally instead of
starting properly.

PART 7 - PENUTS ICE contains an
unexpanded 2x2 scroll with some
different fonts, infront of a
hires picture.

PART 8 - ALMOND ICE features
some cheated "vertical rasters"
(8 moving over each other, with
different colors). each color-
pixel aren't as thick as in
megastyle's routine.

PART 9 - LEMON ICE has got a
ball moving in the upborder. on
it, there's a scroll moving with
different y-positions for the
different x-positions on the
scroll (but those y-positions
doesn't move, so it's not like
a dycp or so..). below it, you
will find a fli hardware scroll
that moves (rather fast..)
between 3 fli pictures in the
y direction.

PART 10 - PEACH ICE has got a
logo moving with fpp (flexible
pixel position) over some hires

answer to the so-called "290
sprites multiplexer" by s.e.s. !
this part features 600 small
characters in sprites on the
screen and in the up- and down-
border. each char has got a
different x-position. the music
in this part is the tune from
the game "cauldron ii" which
uses very little rastertime.
when the music is switched off,
you can move your joystick for a
few different functions, such as
x-expansion on/off, rastercolors
on/off, stop the x-moves.
if you switch on the rasterbars
and then turn on the music again
there'll appear some timing bugs
in the rasterbars.

a singlecolor bordermegadycp
over a multicolor borderlogo.
the dycp flickers a bit in the
right border.

PART 13 - CHERRY ICE contains a
fli-area with 40 "splits" (one
at each x charposition, so there
is no fli timing area..) and a
8 sprites scroll on it. below is
a logo, and some non-moving fli

          REVIEW POINTS:
code:    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    85p
graphics:                    82p
music:                       88p
overall:                     85p

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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