Hotshot 11 ch02 News and Rumors

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      *  NEWS'N RUMOURS  ;;
      *                  ;;

Ö the us group LONGSHOT will
import and ntsc-fix all the new
flash inc releases from now on!
the us board DIGITAL FANTASY is
now a board for both longshot &
flash inc.

Ö JUDGE of DANIAX joined xfactor
as an artist and a swapper.

Ö legend which was kicked out of
noice joined SILICON. observ
that it's NOT silicon ltd.

Ö DAWN joined paragon while
modesty and jerker was kicked!

Ö S.E.S. of genesis is in two
groups now, as he's still a
member of sunrise. strange!

Ö at the HORIZON party, GOTCHA
lost loadsa graphics to his game
called BRUBAKER. the guy(s) that
stole it, should not spread it,
because gotcha might go to court

Ö TYCHOON left light and joined
censor design.

Ö HERO left triad to join LIGHT
while AKAY and METAL MANIAC left
to join science 451. spirou
left to join LIGHT crew aswell.

Ö s.s. SATANS SONS is a new kewl
hacking crew which consists of
old members from zone 45, pal,
redline and some more. fullround
memberlist next time.

Ö SLIME(ball) is the newest
member in BRUTAL.

Ö GLERIC was kick out of triad,
and to make a revenge, he's just
talking shit and lies about the
kewl triad.

Ö the turkish devision of BRONX
left to built up their own group
called CLIQUE. they also took
their mag, cemetery news with
them, but as the founder of it
didn't want to let'em to use the
name, they simply renamed it
into SCRIPT.

Ö RUTHLESS died. scorp, curse,
fp, alfatech, ice, probe and
henry joined forces of HITMEN.
ronn, svg, duck-d, rodney and
softmaster went legal, and ofcoz
audial arts is still alive.

Ö STING, MANIAC and some friends
of them joined ikari+talent when
paramount DIED.

Ö if you're making a game, don't
send it to double density or to
system 3. they can't afford to
publish games from others. send

Ö the cooperation between X-RAY
and transcom splitted up, becoz'
transcom released a faked issue
of BAD NEWS, under genesis name.

Ö RADIUS has been rebuilt and
they just released their oneyear
demo called 'one year radius'.

Ö the PADUA crew stopped all
their demo making. torture two
will never be released. they
will only code games and tools
in the future. but they're still
swapping and they also gonna
release GOSSIP as planned.

Ö the turkish devision of DUALIS
left to join ACCURACY. also some
guys from other groups will join
forces soon. the members so far
are: falcon, boss, wollo and
donald on the 64.

Ö PARIAH of focus wanted to join
triad but they refused. only
swedish guys is able to join...

Ö CRUISER was kicked out from
origo because he did some stupid
things at the horizon party.
SLAYER(ex-topaz) joined origo.

Ö COAZ of TOPAZ was killed in a
train accident.

Ö YEAMON of depredators was
caught by the police because he
cheated with the stamps.

Ö hoaxers and panoramic will
arrange a party this summer, but
it will probably be a big flopp
as last year. only 250 persons
showed up. (hz=750!)

Ö the swedish demogroup MOCEAN
have sold their computers, but
we'll eventhough see some more
demos from them because they've
got some OLD parts lying around
that they want to spread.

Ö flash inc's euro board, THE
PARADIZE, has now got a module
with an electronic voting system
for HOTSHOT and dynamixs COOCOC.

Ö LTH left x-ray to join BONZAI.

Ö DR. COOL was kicked out of the
horizon party for stealing loads
of stuff like discs, drives,
cartridges, amigas etc. after
that he was kicked out from
CENSOR. his friend adolf joined
him as they started a new group
called VICTIMS. they say to have
some real good crackers.

Ö TWILIGHT left crusade to join
the guys in f four cg.

Ö WHITE LION changed his name
into master race when he joined
censor, but after some weeks he
changed back to white lion.

Ö DANKO released his last work
at the HZ party, and that means
that he quitted the scene. his
board, AUDIAL SOURCES, is down

Ö all the ex members of warriors
of time joined SHAPE. but they
left to built up a new group
called OFFENCE. nowadays shape
only consists of old full force

Ö RADIUS will strike back hard
after their break. they will
release more demos but also a
mag called INDEPENDENT.

Ö R.C.S. was kicked out of
bonzai and joined IKARI+TALENT.
instead bonzai got a new mega
swapper from x-ray called THE

Ö TECON is the new editor of
lethal news.

Ö ZORLAC of ex-THE CFA joined GP
to take over kampftrinker's job
as he decided to stop computing.

Ö the whole LEVEL 11 crew did
not join flash inc, only SODAPOP
and MACHO did.

Ö authentic arts which was in
brainbombs before, joined ORIGO
and so did SCORPION of ex-ald.

Ö GOLLUM is back on the scene.
he recently cracked the last
ninja 3. he's also doing a game
with THE SARGE called RUBICON.
the game will be published by

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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