Hotshot 09 ch06 The Reviews

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      *    THE REVIEWS   ;;
      *                  ;;

on the top you'll find a silicon
logo which is a bit old styled.
under that you'll find some text
which says 'presents' in a 1x1
font. under that you'll find a
worldnews logo. some rasterlines
under you'll find this big
scroll. the font looks like a
military font and that's the
same style as in the logo above.
then you'll press space and find
a very cool loading part. in the
middle you find a rotating globe
which looks fucking cool. over
that you find a logo which says
'world' and under the globe you
will find a logo which says
'news'. this is really cool!
on the top you'll find the logo
which you could find in the
loading part but abit different
painted. on the logo there's
some sprites which tells you
which issue this is. under that
on the right side of the screen
there's a tv. in that tv you see
the text pages you can load.
beside the tv you can find two
discdrives and a computer. quite
cool. over those things you'll
find a silicon logo painted in
blood. over the logo a small
scroller is wondering around...
when you choose a page and when
it have loaded you're entering a
new screen. on the first 152
rasterlines you can find the
text area. under that some spr's
are changing between 'silicon'
and 'world news'. it's a simple
screen but it looks ok. there's
this cool function which can be
activated by pressing spacebar.
a picture shows up. the picture
shows a guys which is grabbing
a joystick (gfx from QUEDEX)
and under that some instructions
about how to use your joystick.
a good thing is that if you're
reading a page and by misstake
press the button so it jumps to
the menu again, you choose the
page again and in most of the
mags it starts to load up the
text again but not this one.
lotsa interviews and overall the
text is cool but as this mag is
not spreaded every month some
things might get old and that's
so boring to read about. so try
to release 1 issue/month instead
what i liked in this mag was
that it was a orginal one in a
way. i LOVED the 20 love tricks.
sure many people need these ones
but sure not me! i think that
most of the things in this mag
was good. but i did not like the
charts over all these real life
music groups. and above all, too
much old stuff, especially the
news. anyway, i enjoyed it.

music:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     60p
graphics+design:             78p
editorial job:               81p
overall:                     76p


on the top you'll find a two
screens logo waving. under that
some 2x2 text waving in both x
and y saying which number of smc
you've just loaded. and under
that a big scroller with some
crap text.
when entering the magazine you
will first find a smc logo at
the top. over and under the logo
there's a raster line which
marks the area of the logo. and
under that the 10 categories you
can read about. this looks abit
empty on the screen so please
fix that will ya. if you for an
example choose page 1 and press
button, the rest of the text
flashes away and after a while
it starts to load. if you first
loaded a page, then read it and
during your reading you press
joybutton by misstake. it jumps
back to the menu. you want to
continue to read the text and
you choose that page you were
reading. in usual mags the whole
shit loads the text again but
not in this mag(just like in
world news). i first loaded
groovy weapons and found it cool
and why don't you write sumthing
about teargas eh? i then loaded
the charts. they we're missing,
but i think they had a good
explination for that. i also
special enjoyed funny stories.
mainly this mag hasn't to do
with the scene, it's for you to
make nasty things and have a
great time with the tips, i
think. sham is doing a good job.
what i like was the text and
overall the whole magazine. what
i didn't like was that the same
tune was used in both the intro
and the main routine. sum of the
graphics was not good either.

music:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     50p
graphics+design:             45p
editorial job:               85p
overall:                     60p


first you see a ugly gloom logo
plus some text which tells you
that you've reading the monthly
news magazine. after that the
intro comes. on the top of the
screen you'll find a bigscroller
which have some nice outlines
but the filling could have been
better. under that you can find
a gloom logo. it waves in the
sideborder but when it reaches
the left side it bugs. under
that some text waving which says
which issue this is and the
release date.
on the top you'll find a 'montly
news' logo. and there's this
routine which makes it possible
to have two logos on the same
lines(understand?). on that some
bouncing animation sprite-balls
wondering around. a few lines
under comes the text area. under
that comes the textmenu on the
pages you can load. when placing
the little square on, for an ex,
the charts, the text starts to
rotate around it's own axis.
when you choose a page it takes
sometime but this is not problem
anyway. i first loaded the news
and found that the half of the
news were news about gloom. and
then the charts. this was the
third time they didn't have any
charts. shame on you! and then
the interview. there were no
interview either! he said he
forgot to do one. fucking bad
excuse! then i loaded the tests
and found that there's were just
short test like this:
code:   gfx:   music:   fun:
..and that was lame. ok if you
do some 'tests' like that but
not all of them. overall this is
one of these mags which should
give up the hope of producing
more issues. let me citate a few
lines. 'never start a magazin!
it's soo much work. puuuh!' so
i say this to the editor of
'montly news': give it up. this
mag is really lame and ugly.
music:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     45p
graphics+design:             25p
editorial job:               10p
overall:                     26p


this mag doesn't have a intro so
when running it, it jumps direct
into the main routine. on the
top of the screen you'll find a
nice recoil logo waving left and
right. on the bottom of the logo
on the right side there's a
flashing omega sign. under that
a text in 2x2 char says which
number this is and right under
that which page you're reading.
well, i think this is one of the
five best one filed disc mags.
it haves a nice outfit and maybe
looks like some other mags but
who gives a fuck anyway. i only
hope to see a interview in the
next issue which i suppose you
will put in. what i liked about
this mag was the music and
overall everything. what i did
not like was just some minor
things that i won't write here.

music:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     60p
graphics+design:             57p
editorial job:               55p
overall:                     57p


in the middle of the screen you
can find a flashing 2x2 scroll.
over and under that a logo which
waves in both x and y and it
also changes between blue and
green colours.
what you first see is this logo
which is placed on the top of
the screen. on each side of it
you can see two bounching green
aliens. on the the logo some
small sprites is showing which
issue this is. on the rest of
the screen there's the textarea.
you're supposed to change pages
by pressing + and -. i started
to read. i pressed +. and do you
know what? the routine goes
backwards like if i had pressed
-. so i thought: hmmm.. maybe if
i press - the text will go for-
wards but that tangent didn't
work at all! mega bug or what?
demolysis is just like triad's
gamers guide but demolysis only
reviews demos as gamers guide
only reviews games. and by the
way, triad was first with this
kind of magazine! remember that!

          REVIEW POINTS:
music:   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    56p
graphics+design:             35p
editorial job:               35p
overall:                     42p

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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