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     *                   ;;

     *     GROUP STORY    ;
     *                    ;

     the PADUA group story
once upon a time there were two
lamer-groups in berlin. they
came together and formed a group
called TMF. some members left.
after some time they were asked
to join the BEASTIE BOYS (in
their good times) and so they
did. after one week they left BB
again and they and some other
guys formed X RATED. but after
awhile the people from berlin
left, because there were no
organisation at all! so they
formed ELECT. time passed and
some people left, but also some
joined. they started later a
cooperation with damage, but it
splitted up, because damage was
too lame. then the leader of
x rated told that the whole
organisation was changed, so
elect joined as a sub group.
when elect found that the
organisation was still bad, they
left and formed PADUA. one month
later they had a small success
with their first demo, DELUGE,
which was released at the hz
easter party. in october 1990
their second demo, TORTURE, was
released and many people liked
it! padua's next megademo will
be released at horizon's easter
party easter 1991. the complete
member status looks like this:
       roman, lubber, ano,
    steve, salem and tomahawk

     the BRUTAL group story
way back some months ago, TCH
and SLASH left atrix to built up
BRUTAL. some weeks later RAISE
and BLEZE left shape to join
brutal aswell. one days BAZE
got a call from rcs/bonzai and
asked if he wanna join brutal as
mega swapper. he left zyrox and
joined too. until now, brutal
have done about 50 productions.
the actual member status look
like this:
slash         (crack, code, gfx)
raise                (code, gfx)
bleze                (code, gfx)
baze     (megaswapper, orginals)
and please notice that there's
NO leader in brutal, no hq or
something like that. we are all
equal. no more to add here.

we thank ANO/PADUA for the story
about padua and BAZE/BRUTAL for
the story of brutal.

     *   MORPHEUS WORDS   ;
     *                    ;

hello there. this is MORPHEUS
writing some stuff for you. as
you see, we've removed the
interview this time and putted
in this instead. well, i will
tell you about some different
things which happening in the
scene these days. first of all
i appologize to TRIAD with all
my heart. i'm sorry that i was
so hard on you when i reviewed
PRAVDA. the things i wrote about
the graphics stays, but the rest
could have been nicer written.
i didn't really know what i was
doing when i wrote that review.
see you again some time.

as you all know panoramic wrote
so much shit about us and many
other groups. we wrote some kind
of 'defence' text in hotshot.
they returned by writing even
more shit in HOAXERS HOMONEWS.
it seems that you olav can't
read. we didn't ask for a war,
we asked if you wanted one! from
now on we don't care about these
childish guys anymore.
we also wonder why MEGASTYLE of
all groups, wrote shit about
zodiac in the note to their demo
'kalle kloakk'. are you trying
to lick PD's ass or what? we
don't want to become enemies
with you, but you wrote shit and
we want an explination!

let's change subject. i know
that there's alot of paper mags
around in the scene. but i don't
get any. i know that, for an ex,
culture, transcom and many
others are doing a papermag. i
was thinking about doing a nice
little review of those papermags
in the scene. so if you want to
see your mag reviewed in our mag
just send it to me, MORPHEUS.
if i get atleast 5 of them, i'll
review them for sure!

about parties.. i know horizon
gonna have a party this easter.
i also heard rumours that DOM
will have their 2nd party at the
same time. that's too bad 'cause
most of the german and dutch
freaks will probably go to DOMs.
i can assure you that the hz
party will be as fun as it was
last time. (we haven't got our
third prize yet!)

i hope you've read the letter
from DYSTAN-EXORY. this bloody
lamer should leave the scene.
in S'N C he appologized for
certain things, but he did not
tell the whole truth! please let
me know your opinion about this
guy and write a letter.

the shit talk goes.. i will now
declair the fact that former
and nothing else! rumours says:
- accu changed frequenly between
  action and flash. he later
  joined brainbombs. (he don't
  even know these guys.)
- accu and public enemy are not
  the same person.
- accu is still in action.
there's even more, but it would
be tough for me to write them
here. every rumour should be
forgotten! this is the truth,
because public enemy is a member

i got many reactions from guys
which want us to instal a print-
routine and stuff like that.
no we're not, cause we want to
avoid STEALING ideas from other
magazines. when talking about
mags, i want to congratulate
the editors of VINEWS for a fine
job! if you only put in more and
different texts, the mag will be
absolutley brilliant!

when reviewing the demos, i see
that many guys don't care of
writing the credits. especially
when you talk about the music.
many groups don't have their own
musican and RIPP the music from
other groups. that's ok to rip
and use someones tune, but to
not give the guy a credit would
be a rud thing to do. just think
that you're a musican. many
other groups uses you tunes, you
look after the credits, you dont
find them, i'm sure it would
make you pissed!

here in sweden we have this
computer paper magazine which is
called 'DATORMAGAZIN'. well,
this magazine was good 1 or 2
years ago but nova days there's
only crap. nothing about the
computer scene. well, we have
this expert DANIEL WILLBY! he's
my absolutley favourite. hell
no! he's responsible for the
'DEMO WORLD'. the only groups
he's writing about are his own,
his friends groups and some
other lame groups. he also wrote
that the censor party had been
cancelled, but that's a lie.
kick lamer daniel willby out of
datormagazin and relplace him
with another more informed guy.

and at last i want to say to all
of you which decides to send me
a disc, hoping that you and i
can swap. sure, but you see i'm
a legal swapper. so if you ever
want to see your disc again,
send cool demos & mags instead
of cracks. i swap with one guy
which sends me all the hot crax
around. as he's a member of GP
(antichrist hi!) he get's all
cracks from snacky & co. to send
to me. that's enough. GP is the
best cracking group these days!

 *<<<*  *<<;*<<<*  ;  * *<<;*<<
 *   *  *  ;*   *  ;  * *  ;*
 *<< *  *<<;><<;*<<;  * *  ;*
 *   *  *  ;   ;*  ;  * *  ;*
 *   *     ;   ;*  ;  * *  ;*
 *   ><<<< ;<<<_   ;       ;><<
 *         ;       ;

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