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      *                  ;;

well, this magazine isn't good
looking at all! on the top of
the screen you see a outbreak
logo built up by a font. & under
that you'll find the different
chapters you can load, and under
that you'll see this font-logo
again. i think this outfit is
really UGLY! well, also the main
and the interview chapter was
empty. no fucking text at all!!
i don't think you should release
a issue with an empty chapter.
i also found a bug. if you first
load the news and rumours, and
then later on the voters, the
text from n'n r is still there
if you continue to move the joy
in that direction that changes
the old text to the new one. I
know & YOU guys know this is a
simple problem to solve so fix
it to the next issue. it's also
a pitty you can't go back one
chapter. you have to read thru
all the text to get back to this
chapter you really wanted to
read, and that you by misstake
moved past. well, i know this is
just the second issue, but thats
not a good excuse. as this isn't
my favourite magazine(now) i
can't see why these guys can't
come back with a cooler outfit
and really suprise me. come on
guys, don't EVER give up!
by the way, a nicely made intro!

the intro is their old cracking
intro. i think it's good for
games but when it comes to have
it to a demo or as in this case
to a mag i think you can give
much, much more.
well about the mag then...
first of all i would like to
declare that i HATE scrollers in
a magazine! i think it's just
another way to fill the screen.
what's good about this mag then?
well, i like most of the text.
my favourites are FACING THE
chapter signs is good aswell.
the charts were frustrating to
read. NO zodiac, NO moon or NO
hotshot we there(in issue 9).
the switch between turbo 8/9 is
not bad or good. for me it's
useless, for someothers it might
be very useful. this isn't my
favourite mag either. after so
long as fatal news have been in
the business i expected more.

when you load up the file & run
it you will nicely be met by a
nice piccy & some samples.
actually i think the samples
sounds like my little doggy. not
that it's bad i just got this
crazy idea when i first loaded
this mag. after pressing space
you'll enter the main routine.
and what do you see. a scroller!
YUCH! over the scroll, which
scrolls in the middle of the
screen, to the left you see the
text you've loaded and to the
right you see this nice little
viking nicely painted by THUNDER
under the scroller, you see this
ugly(the hotshot logo is ever
100 times better) VINEWS logo.
to the right of this logo you
see the different things you can
choose to read. you can only
read a few things. this is THE
FIRST mag i've seen both zodiac
and flash inc before crossbow &
crest on the charts. it was also
nice to see DRAGON/censor on the
graphic chart. he's eddie piccys
really blows my brain! by the
way, the design isn't too good.
i also found i think is a bug:
when you space through some chap
forward and then wan't to go
back and read the passing text
one or two chap backwards you
can simply forget it! the coder
made the routine so it jumps to
the beginning of the chap that
you are reading. this magazine
is to be expected more from in
the future. a fix in the design
and more text will do it!

wow! this magazine have really
improved. i know, it's just the
logo plus some minor things that
been changed, but it sure is
cool! the nicely drawn logo was
made by ORC of BLACKMAIL. a nice
tune too. quite fair charts. i
simply is addicted to the chap
called ILLEGAL STORY. this mag
haven't improved with code, but
with alot of STYLE! i like it!
why not put in a loader so you
can write more text about the
different chapters. well, this
is a good magazine! keep up the
nice work ROY! why not contact
me so we can swap mags'n stuff
together, ehh?

is it? is it really fair?
this is a coop mag which only
brings up the subject, CHARTS.
the charts is to me, strange.
this outfit really is cool, but
there's this fucking LAME scroll
again. what were you thinking of
making this code, gryzor? to go
back to the charts. to see the
mags, rock'n role & trashnews on
the top mag charts really makes
me puke! are they really better
than hotshot? the answer is NO!
i don't say hotshot is the very
best mag in the scene but it's
damn cooler than these two mags.
this is a quite successful mag,
as it only brings up the subject
THE CHARTS. i don't know, that's
maybe because they named this to
FAIR CHARTS. who really knows?

loading this mag really make me
wonder what i was doing at that
moment. i saw this mag 2nd issue
a long time ago, and i remember
their old, ugly outfit. it sure
made me feel sick! BUT! as i
runned the file, a sampled voice
hoped that you will enjoy IT.
and as the intro came, i under-
stood what the voice ment! this
intro looks nice, indeed. too
bad nothing but the code were
made by were made by CFA. coding
by DOC/THE CFA.       spacing...
when entering the mag i was sure
shocked! they have made a new
main routine and it's nice too.
on the top of the screen there's
this picture on a man waving on
a non-special cool logo. under
that you see the menu. they came
up with an idea which separated
two different menu's, the main
menu plus a sub menu. i really
like the beer test you made.
yeaah, FOSTERS SUCKS!! when you
load a chapter there comes up a
new screen, where snoppy, a ugly
(not bad painted) dragon and a
guy which looks like THE FOX of
ZONE 45 walking around all over
the screen. it's cool! what i
really get disturbed on is the
flashing text. i think the text
should flash and not behind it!
this magazine is much better, if
you compairs with the old main
routine which was SOOOOO UGLY!!
some details can be changed and
this mag really will take the
important step to reach the top
of all the mags in the scene.


one day i got a disc from COMPYX
from focus. actually i've never
heard of this group before. i
loaded up their demo, & i really
got a chock. this demo was cool.
here's the review of it.
the first impulse you get is the
nice graphics you can see. i
sure liked that scroller, but
note that this kind of scroller
have been done before. this is
a REAL NICE intro indeed.
            1ST PART
YEAH! this is really cool. yet
another part filled with nice &
good looking graphics. the dyclp
scroller is quite cool too.
a real nice tune by ROEL BOSCH.
            2ND PART
yes! yes! yes! another cool and
nice part. it seems that the
graphixers in focus really can
paint! on the bottom of the
screen you'll find a y-flipping
scroller. real nice. by pushing
the joystick left/right you can
choose between 8 different move-
ments. heavy stuff, man.
            3RD PART
another marvellous logo by CPX.
in this part, as all the others,
you can't find anything special
hard coded, but alot of nice
graphics and cool design. this
part is a typical one. on the
top you'll find a untouchable
logo and under that the coooool
logo. on the bottom of the
screen there is two dycps cross-
ing eachother. nothing special
            4TH PART
this part includes 2 real nice
logos. one by genius, one by
compyx. the logo by genius is a
three coloured tech-tech logo
which you can change some values
with a joystick plugged in joy
port 2. the logo by COMPYX is a
real nice hires logo with a nice
         THE END PART
at first you'll see a fli sprite
waving from side to side. after
the music have rocked a while, a
logo and a scroller comes up.
but there's a big space in the
middle of the screen. what for?
after a while this cool shape
shows up. it's damn hot! nicely
coded by KEYSYSTEM.
  credits for the entire demo:
CODERS: compyx, tdj & keysystem.
GRAFIX: compyx, atomrock, tdj,
        genius & vulcan.
MUSICS: the vibrants, metal/bz,
        rage/msi and roel bosch.

overall i give this demo 65p out
of 100. 60p on coding, 85p on
the graphics and 50p on the nice
music. it's a low percent unit
if we talk about the music, and
the reason is that all but one
of them were ripped.

            1ST PART
there's a old eddie picture
showing over the whole screen.
under the picture you'll find a
simple 1x1 scroller. right under
that there's the usual triad
sign, but in a smaller format.
you can also hear some samples.
this tune is shit. i hate it.
you better turn off the sound
before loading this part.
            2ND PART
oops! a D01B scroller on the top
of the screen. nothing special.
under that a 2x2 is scrolling.
on the bottom of the screen, KF
made a fli mover. it's ok but
the logo was ugly.
            3RD PART
this kind of part isn't my kind.
on the top there's alot of diff
sprites changing to the rythm of
the music. in the middle of the
screen there is a zoom routine.
the routine should have look a
bit better with some rad & cool
pictures and different colours.
hey, mawkish, why not do that
kind of zoom on a HIRES PICTURE?
and at last.. in the down border
there's a 'dyspscroller' placed.
it bugs like hell.
            4TH PART
this part meets you with this
well used eye from THE SENTINEL.
at first i thought: ahh, at last
a nice part but after a while
this 'dysp' comes up. REAL UGLY!
when it scrolls it goes so fast
you can't hardly read it. why
did you made it so fast? a bug?
seriousley... it's LAME!
          THE END PART
urrk! this is another lame part.
some bobs over a picture which
moves in different movements.
the bobs are in multi colour,
but they were painted as single
colour bobs, so this looks abit
strange. the bob and the picture
routine moves too slow, and that
make it look ugly. why didn't
you replace the 'triad 90' spr's
with something better. why didnt
you take away the sideborder so
you could get more rastertime to
get the whole shit faster?
  credits for the entire demo:
CODERS: mawkish, kf & verdun.
GRAFIX: wilson, kf & lizard.
MUSICS: moon, daw & tdm.

overall i give this demo 33p out
of 100. 40p for the coding, 30p
for the graphics + the design &
30p for the music. this isn't
the kind of demos that you want
to see these days. you want more
than TRIAD showed us this time.

now it's here the long awaited
demo from blackmail and cosmos
first comes a NOTE-SCREEN with a
pretty cool logo and some text!
i like this intro! cool hires-
logo by arny. 4x4 font and over
that a dycp with mirror effect
coded by mc.sprite and the cool
music is mad by mc.lord...
            1ST PART
real cool picture by hein design
and over that lotsa sprites cod-
ed by alf. the cool music by:
edwin van santen.
            2ND PART
this part is just a speakers
corner, where you can type text
which will be saved and you or
someone else can read it again.
            3RD PART
it's a fli-scroll built up by
4x4 fli-blocks and every char
has 16 blocks. really cool code
by panther, music by mc.lord and
fli-blocks by mc.sprite...
            4TH PART
the whole is filled with small
scrollers and over that a quite
cool sprite-picture.
code by alf, graphics by diart
and music by edwin van santen.
            5TH PART
a really big hires-scroller!!!!!
            6TH PART
100 sprites multiplexer coded by
mc.sprite (who else?) and a
quite cool picture by panther...
            7TH PART
118 multi-plexed sprites. behind
that a dycp with a cool sinus
and a 2 screens wide hires-logo
moving in x-direction. really
great code by mc.sprite, logo by
arny and the music by mc.lord...
            8TH PART
lame-test... code by thunder.
the graphics by diart and music
by jeroen koops...
           LAST NOTE!
well, it's simply a note...

    code: 91p
  design: 90p     overall: 91p
   music: 87p

  the 'p' stands for PERCENT.

       *<<<*  *<<;*<<<*  ;
       *   *  *  ;*   *  ;
       *<< *  *<<;><<;*<<;
       *   *  *  ;   ;*  ;
       *   *     ;   ;*  ;
       *   ><<<  ;<<<_   ;
       *         ;       ;

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