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      *   DEMO REVIEWS   ;;
      *                  ;;

again censor made it!
3 parts was coded by bob and one
part coded by contring..  and
3 marvellous pictures by dragon.
           FIRST PART
cool fli-picture(but used bfore)
moving in x-direction and music
with samplings!
part coded by:BOB and the fli
picture by:DRAGON..
          SECOND PART
5 screens high hires picture
moving in x and y-directions...
realy great code by:BOB!
and the picture is just to great
and it was made by:DRAGON!
          THIRD PART
another fli part with lotsa fli!
fli-picture moving in x and y
directions and a fli-logo moving
in x-direction and couple of
scrollers.... and the music was
great! code by BOB
and cool fli picture by DRAGON.
         THE LAST PART
vector and music with samplings!
the music is really suberb! the
coding was done by CONTRING and
the music was done by SWALLOW.

code: 92%

design+gfx: 93%     overall: 90%

music: 88%

this must the best demo from
vision ever! ok, let us start!
          FIRST PART
tech-tech scroll,cool but hard
to read....coded by GLASNOST!!
          SECOND PART
plastma world...realy a cool
effect coded by GLASNOST with
graphics from SCOOBY....
          THIRD PART
vector bobs with lotsa different
objects and the rest of the part
is also great.......
coded by GLASNOST.....
          FOURTH PART
vectorplotter with 4 different
objects....and you can change
x,y and z-adc with your joytoy..
and it's coded by GLASNOST!!.
          FIFTH PART
a big filled vector and it's
fast(i wonder if it's animated
hm hmmhmmmm...)
coded by YABBA....
          SIXTH PART code
but not that nice font!!!...
coded by YABBA.....
hires logo-pic in sideborders..
nothing special.....
         THE LAST PART
a vector scroll which goes(like
a circle) around a mountain....
cool code by SPHINX!


code: 90%

design+gfx: 67%     overall: 67%

music: 81%

this demo includes some nice
graphics by GOTCHA! first comes
THE INTRO as allways but it
wasn't anything special at all.
and then comes the loading
screen...with a nice piccy by
after that it comes yet an intro
with a graphic-scroll.....
then comes a real parts......
          FIRST PART
5 screened hires logo-pic moving
in x-direction really cool code
done by mr MAGIC MAN!
and the big logo-pic by:GOTCHA!
    and it sure looks nice!
          SECOND PART
moving fli-picture in x and y-
directions and after a while
the picture change so totally
you see 3 pictures...but not in
the same time...
      coded by:MAGIC MAN!
   3 fli-pictures by:GOTCHA!
one of those picture looks like
michael jackson(joke picture)..
and it sure was cooooooooool...
          LAST PART
a comic part!!!!
first comes some text and then
comes a jungle picture and the
music sounds like jungle music
with affru drums....
after a while tarzan's failed
son comes swinging with a rope,
smashing intro a tree! NICE!


code: 85%

design+gfx: 94%     overall: 86%

music: 83%

      first of all a note!
this demo was made by DAW and
CHORUS when they still were in
triad. i will judge the demo as
if they were still in triad! ok?

           THE INTRO
first you see this really simple
intro. two logos waving in the
sideborder + a scroller + some
rasters. it was done by JADAWIN
and POWPIN when they still were
members of triad. music score by
evony+quan of rizing.
           FIRST PART
ahh! a vector! really cool and
really good looking too. too bad
the vector didn't go in both X
and Y. really COOL objects too.
in the part there's also a mega
2 screens hires logo on the top
of the screen.
          SECOND PART
first you will see a horrified
dude. then a dysp over the whole
screen with samples(it's maybe
good but it looks so damn ugly).
and then SUNE-the mobbing pacman
enters the screen. suddenly some
ghosts shows up, chasing sune.
sune get's angry and gets his
big bother, STARKE ARNE.
later comes a strange looking
girl. nice forms but the rest..
yuch! and these things comes in
a row but it self so you don't
have to do a thing. just watch!
          THE LAST PART
first comes some daw sprites.
and then the great painted dude,
SPACE MAN + a cool 8x8 scroller.
after a while the triad sign
shows up dancing over the screen
           THE END
  credits for the entire demo:
       code+music by DAW
   nearly all gfx by CHORUS

code: 79%

design+gfx: 87%     overall: 75%

music: 58%

           THE INTRO
it's really cool. nice effect
with the hires logo!
          FIRST PART
this part starts with a logo +
an 1x1 scroller which disappears
after a while. and then this
UGLY plot scroller comes. yuch!
           SECOND PART
this parts meets u with a quite
boring tune and some text. after
some seconds there comes up a
circle dycper which bounch in
all directions + a Z movement.
we've seen wot done that before
(except the Z move).
          THIRD PART
first the programmer of this
part decided to put a quite nice
logo on the bottom of the screen
and then.. NO! lines.. boring
lines.. it was made ages ago.
anyway, a nice tune!
          FOURTH PART
wow! a really nice part! lotsa
COOOOOL plots. really cool move-
ments too. i LOVE this part!
           FIFTH PART
yah! a chromance logo goin round
like the plot scroller but alot
bigger + it's bouncing like the
twist scroller. nice indeed!
          SIXTH PART
a vector. not fast at all. it
reminds me about censor's vector
but censor's included samples.
you can stear the vector with
joystick but that's a MISSTAKE!
          SEVENTH PART
bobs! not a record but cool! a
really nice looking logo + nice
music makes this part cool!
          EIGHTH PART
another bob part. this time more
plots, but they're in SINGLE
COLOUR.  a part with ok graphix
and music !
         THE LAST PART
wow! a really damn cool logo,
and a suberb, shall i say, a
ricket blowup routine. it's soo
nice. you can also see it in a
red sector demo on AMIGA.
i think the end part in the best
part of the entire demo!

     credits for the demo:
   coders:   CPU, LUPUS & ALEX
   graphics: sangfroid, lupus,
             alex & gabriel.
   music:    GRIFF

code: 79%

design+gfx: 61%     overall: 71%

music: 73%

        NATO 'TRIPLER'
same ol' boring intro! change it
            FIRST PART
at first maduplec tells you bout
all his earlier releases named,
and now TRIPLER! really nice
beacuse the colours in the logos
are changing so fast. and at the
bottom you see a fld 1x1 scroll.
after that a nato logo shows up.
and then the tripler sign and
a maduplec sign shows up.
and then the real first demopart
begins. it includes a splitt-
scroller+a nice 'SPRITE SCROLL',
all bouncing over the screen.
         SECOND PART
on the top of the screen you'll
see a night'n day hires logo
with a slogan 'night or day,
we don't pray'. cool! under that
there's a 1x1 scroller and under
that there's a cool 2X2 BITMAP
DYCP'+this 'SPR SCROLLER' again.
a really nice part!
         THE LAST PART
first you'll see a nato/tripler
logo and a scroller. after some
text, a vector shows up! it
looks abit strange to me. really
cool objects. my favourites were
the keyboard, rocket, c64 and
the tennis court. this is NO
REALTIME vector. the objects are
calculating when you real the
scroll text!
           THE END
  another successful demo from
 mad MADUPLEC. i really thought
this demo had something special
 (could it be that he made all
things himself?). as maduplec
been my favourite coder though
all times i think he did a real
suberb job!

code: 87%

design+gfx: 87%     overall: 87%

music: 86%

       *<<<*  *<<;*<<<*  ;
       *   *  *  ;*   *  ;
       *<< *  *<<;><<;*<<;
       *   *  *  ;   ;*  ;
       *   *     ;   ;*  ;
       *   ><<<< ;<<<_   ;
       *         ;       ;

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