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     --- INTERVIEW 1+2! ---


this time we have an exclusive
interview with OLAV M0RKRID of

+ = dexion / hotshot red.
- = olav m0rkrid of panoramic.

+ please tell me your real name.
- my real name is olav m0rkrid.
+ and your age is ?
- i'm 16 years old, 17 on the
25th of september ( PRESENTS are
welcome ! )
+ what is your job in your
group ?
- i'm the MAIN PROGRAMMER. i
also do a bit of MUSIC, which
bj0rn doesn't appreciate much.
i take most of the DECISIONS
concerning our group, in cooper-
ation with bj0rn.
+ in how many groups have you
been in, and what's their name ?
- i've been in THREE groups,
and now PANORAMIC DESIGNS. i was
once, in 1986, involved in some-
CRACKERS (unc), but that was to-
ally ROTTEN !
+ how many members are there in
panoramic designs ?
- i'm a bit unsure. around 15 i
+ who came up with the name of
your group ?
- ending up with the name pano-
ramic designs was a bit DIFFI-
CULT. we chose PANORAMA first,
but after some time, some GERMAN
SQUEREHEADS chose the same name
( after we had chosen ours! ),
something that wasn't good at
all. so we changed it to pano-
ramic designs, and that's some-
thing you NEWSPAPERS out there
should NOTICE. we are 'panoramic
designs', and we all use CIVIL
names, NOT computer names ! it's
so IRRITATING reading about
'omega supreme/panorama' all the
time. please write 'OLAV M0RKRID
+ when did you buy your c=64 ?
- on the 16th of september,1983.
+ when did you become famous ?
- bj0rn, who just had STARTED a
new group called THE SHADOWS,
wrote to me in december 1986,
and after some time, storm sha-
dow and i joined them. after
working some time in shadows,
we became POPULAR. i think my
breakthrough was a demo called
+ what are your future plans ?
- finishing my GAME, selling it,
and if the c=64 market DIES,i'll
have to code on my AMIGA 500.
+ who are your best pals on the
scene ?
- i've been at SEVEN parties
(ikari summer 88, rawhead winter
89, abnormal summer 89, shape
autumn 89, upfront christmas 89,
horizon easter 90 and bergen
summer 90.), and i've met quite
a LOT OF PEOPLE. i guess my
GROUPMATES are the ones i know
most well.
+ who is the BEST;
CODER: -einstein/uppfront
GRAPHICAN: -robin levy/cyberdyne
MUSICAN: -johannes bjerregaard,
but also living legends like rob
hubbard, martin galway and the
very, very original tim follin.
+ how many hours a day do you
spend on your computer ?
- depends. in the weekends,i may
sit ALL DAY, if i'm not out with
my friends. the rest of the week
i go to school, do my homework,
meet friends and spend the REST
of the time with my C=64 and
+ what do you think about the
scene nowadays ?
- AWFUL. the demoscene is ROTTEN
because everybody make demos
with sinuslogo, rasters, scroll-
ers, rasters and shit music,
except for a VERY FEW gGROUPS
which actually and luckily make
demos. the crackingscene is
STINKING, because somehow, all
crackers think that the MAIN
POINT with a crack is to make as
few files as possible, even if
it takes 10 MINUTES to load one
level, because of level optimiz-
ing, etc. i don't give a SHIT
about how many files there are !
are you STUPID ?! the things
that matter are: each level in a
separate file, crunched with a
levelpacker that gives access to
the DOS system being used in a
cartridge, a short version, lots
of trainers, INSTRUCTIONS for
the game and DECENT intros.
also, the releasedate is toally
UNIMPORTANT (really!). you
should start thinking about
using time to make the crack as
good as POSSIBLE. try to load
old TCS cracks, because they
always were the BEST.
+ what do you think about the
lamiga ?
- the AMIGA ISN'T so LAME after
all. except for viruses, guru
meditations and read/write
errors, the machine is FAB.
+ is your group going to do a
- yes, but that is to be kept a
SECRET until it's released.
+ in your opinion, which is the
BEST disk-magazine ?
+ what do you think about
HOTSHOT then ?
- haven't read it yet, but i
hope it'll turn out to be GOOD.
+ who are the BIGGEST ASSHOLES
in the scene ?
- there are MANY of those, but
i'd like to list out a few:
20CC and ARCHIE.
+ please describe a LAMER ?
- a lamer ? i HATE that word,
but ok: a lamer is a person who
LICKS everybody's feet,thinking
he is the COOLEST person on
earth,though he obviously isn't.
a lamer is absolutely not a
person whose abilities on a
computer are few, beause many of
these are very,very cool people.
+ do you often go to COPY-
- as often as my WALLET allows
me to. i hope i'll be able to go
to the BIGGEST computer meeting
+ do you have any IDOLS in the
scene ?
- not really, but i do ADMIRE a
few people, whose names are not
to be concealed. i've got some
dignity, though.
+ do you want to CHANGE some-
thing in the scene ?
- the CRACKING:read answer no.14
all you crackers out there...
+ what are you doing in your
- going out with friends, going
to the BEACH in the summer and
go slaloming in the winter.
+ do you have a GIRLFRIEND ?
- nope, i'm single and free.
+ what is your favourite;
FOOD:                    -pizza.
MOVIE:    -'back to the future'.
HORROR MOVIE: -'evil dead' i/ii.
COUNTRY:      -norway, ofcourse.
MAGAZINE:   -sex'n'crime ( i bet
you wanted me to write hotshot,
eh ?! ) ( red.: no! ).
ACTION GAME:          -armalyte.
STRATEGY GAME:          -tetris.
MUSIC GROUPS: -iron maiden, dire
straits, mezzoforte and 0ystein
SPORT:                  -slalom.
AMIMAL:       -pussies (he-he!).
+ what makes you happy/angry ?
- HAPPY: finishing a demo, get-
ting good ratings from mags,
getting good marks at school and
UP my day.
  ANGRY:lame cracks, lame demos,
miscrediting, uncrunching noise/
effects, bad marks at school and
+ do you have any ENEMIES ?
- i don't think so. MEGASTYLE
DISLIKE me, for an unstated
+ name 3 things which you would
bring with you on a DESERT
- FOOD and DRINK, and a good
looking GIRL !
+ do you want to say something
to the public ?
- yeah... i'm sorry about the
LAME party in bergen. we thought
that many more people would
come, but due to the fact that
DRITA FULL FORCE was too slow
with the invitations, only 300
people showed up. i'm also sorry
for talking too loud into the
mic under the demo-competition,
and you should know that i was
just told to INFORM you about
sideborders and fli, etc. by the
demomakers, since you couldn't
separate the screen from the
border on the big screen. and to
those who were IRRITATED by the
loudspeakers during the rest of
the copyparty, i do appologize
for that too, but it was impos-
sible to keep the mic away from
people like ALPHA/WOT and
others. at the end, to the
cracks, take my advices given in
question no.14. start a new
TREND, don't give a SHIT about
the others. to the DEMOMAKERS:
try to make something ORIGINAL,
will you ? stop making things we
have seen before. some PERSONAL
hellos to: war deal lamers (keep
on making 64 demos med norsk
tekst, ellers skal jeg faen meg
kj0re korketrekker'n inn i pikk-
h0let ditt, b0rna!), hoaxers,
megastyle, moz(ic)art, horizon,
upfront, johannes bjerregaard,
full force, triangle, vibrants,
beyond force (endra !! du er saa
l0yen !), and ofcourse to DEXION
of FLASH INC. for interviewing
+ well, thank you, olav... hope
to meet you at the ILLUSION and
RAZOR 1911 party in september.

   this 2nd interview is with
        CURLIN of VISION
+ = public enemy / hotshot red.
- = curlin / vision

+:ok,let's start ! tell me some-
  thing about yerself.
-:well,i'm 1.75 cm tall !
  i've got blue eyes and blond
+:what's yer real name ???
-:i'm supposed to be NICOLE !
+:well nicole how old are ya ?
-:i'm 16 years old !
+:what's yer job in vision ???
-:i'm play the leading role ya
  know and i'm also swapping,
  painting and cracking !
+:what are yer future plans ?
-:i would like to reach the top
  20 with vision coz we release
  many cool demos and many cool please start voting
  for us and remember i'm a
  swuit little girlie !!
+:who are yer best friends in
  scene ?
-:well,actually i haven't talked
  to anybody personally except
  ARROGANCE (join us !) so i
  do not have any real friends!
  in the scene ofcoz !!
+:what's the best mag ?
-:every mag which is interesting
  is cool.i hate mag which are
  only made to do propaganda for
  any group !!!
+:best group ???
-:VISION ofcoz (hehe),no eah
  let me think ! i say it's
  illusion for me !!
+:wanna greet somebody !
-:yes,hi richie/illusion !
  thanx for always sending yer
  latest cracks and imports to
  me... bye,bye ...

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