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Steps to add quickly a magazine

1. Create the converter, and convert it to a preformated text.
Conversion means, that <pre> tags are at the start and </pre>at the end of the page, and all the non standard ASCII chars are escaped. For example accented Á is replaced with the &Aacute;.

2. Create the Magazine article
ou enter the name into the search box, then if the page does not exists, click on the create this page link.

Trough an example:
When I added Híradó (hungarian disc magazine), I enter it into the search box then clicked on the link.

3. Add the Issues
Add all the issues of that magazine.

[[<magazine number|magazine #number>]]<br/>

Trough an example:
[[<Híradó 01|Híradó #01]]<br/> [[<Híradó 02|Híradó #02]]<br/>

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