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Through an example:<br/>
Through an example:<br/>
''[[Híradó 05 Bevezető|Bevezető]]&lt;br/&gt;<br/>''
<pre>''[[Híradó 05 Bevezető|Bevezető]]&lt;br/&gt;<br/>''<pre/>
''[[Híradó 05 Hírek|Hírek]]&lt;br/&gt;<br/>''
''[[Híradó 05 Hírek|Hírek]]&lt;br/&gt;<br/>''

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Steps to add quickly a magazine

Create the converter, and convert it to a preformated text.

Conversion means, that <pre> tags are at the start and </pre>at the end of the page, and all the non standard ASCII chars are escaped. For example accented Á is replaced with the &Aacute;.

Create the Magazine article

You enter the name into the search box, then if the page does not exists, click on the create this page link.

Through an example:
When I added Híradó (Hungarian disc magazine), I enter it into the search box then clicked on the link.

Add the Issues to the Magazine page

Add all the issues of that magazine, in the following format: [[<magazine number|magazine #number>]]<br/>

Through an example:
[[<Híradó 01|Híradó #01]]<br/>
[[<Híradó 02|Híradó #02]]<br/>

Add the Articles to the Issue page

After you added the Magazine issues, click on one of the Issues, then on that empty page click on the create this page link.
Add all the Articles of that Issue, in the following format: [[<magazine number article|article>]]<br/>

Through an example:

''[[Híradó 05 Bevezető|Bevezető]]<br/><br/>''<pre/>
''[[Híradó 05 Hírek|Hírek]]<br/><br/>''
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