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     welcome to the fifth issue of      
       \ THE TRIAD GAMERS GUIDE /       
 games are added to the GUIDE as soon   
 as you send them to us. they will stay 
 in THE GUIDE for up to three issues    
 giving all a chance to appear.         
 we want to inform you of all the good  
 and bad sides of all the different     
 versions brought out by all the groups 
 on the cracker scene. send your cracks 
 to your friendly TRIAD contact.        
         LEGEND where are you?          
 * joy in port 1 or 2 to scroll pages.  
 * shift-lock to pause logo scroll.     

            \ GAMERS GUIDE /            
 we can not test every level of every   
 game, but we sure try to. let us know  
 when you find a bug or if we miss a    
 nice aspect of a crack.                
 games appear in alphabetical order.    
 they are then sorted in order of their 
 length, shortest first.                
 games are supposed to be entertaining. 
 anything that adds to the play value   
 makes us happy. things that fuck up    
 and irritate us lessen the play value. 
 if a winner-crack is appointed, this   
 is based on the understanding of the   
 game and the play value.               

            \ GAMERS GUIDE /            
 cheat mode is there to give the player 
 a chance to try hard parts of a game.  
 sometimes it is realy valuable to have 
 a lot of different possibilities. at   
 other times a bundle of cheats are     
 just silly and destroys the game.      
 a short 100% crack is better than a    
 long 100% crack since this indicates   
 that the cracker had a deeper under-   
 standing of the game. we then talk of  
 a real difference, not a few blocks.   
 a high score saver adds a lot of play  
 value to some games. if the saver is   
 added by the cracker,we are impressed. 

            \ GAMERS GUIDE /            
        the well earned credits.        
 code    :   801 dc.                    
 music   :   the dungeon master.        
 graphics:   dynamic.                   
 code    :   hero.                      
 music   :   the dungeon master.        
 graphics:   otto von bismarck.         
 TEXT ED.:   rico of pretzel logic.     
 EDITOR  :   william godwin, jerry.     

            \ GAMERS GUIDE /            
 here are some rules we use.            
 separate pic, dox or other files are   
 not counted as part of the crack. when 
 they are left in the game, we note     
 this for fair comparison.              
 a highscore file or similar is not     
 counted as a separate file, but the    
 length is added to the crack.          
 highscore saver is noted as such but   
 not regarded as another '+'.           
 complaints we have on cracks are meant 
 as a help for you, not to make enemies 

 symbols used in the   \ GAMERS GUIDE / 
 GROUP / CRACKER  - no explanation..... 
 F                - number of files.... 
 L                - length in blocks... 
 C                - number of cheats... 
 P                - picture in file.... 
 #                - dox with the crack. 
 A                - alleged first ..... 
 H                - highscore saver.... 
                    added to the game.. 

           \ breathalyzer /             
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 omega     / ---           1    51  +2  
 the freaks/the duke       1    52  --- 
 x+t       /arrogance      1    89  +4:(
 :(double cheating                      

        \ bundesliga manager /          
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 x+t     /chrysargoon    A10   296  --- 
 dynamix /god             10   303  --- 
 these versions in german               

             \ combat zone /            
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 dominators/macronit      A1   172  --- 
 dominators had a little break now they 
 are back again to kick arse...         

             \ creatures /              
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 extasy  / rockstar      A12:( 546  +2  
 i+t     / doc             2   549  +7  
 illusion/ sauron         12   552  +6  
 action  / crisp+hok+spt  12   581 +10  
 culture / ---            12   597  +2  
 censor  / psycho        A12:( 617  +3  
 manowar / lover boy       -    1s  +3  
 :(well, now it has happened. two crews 
 claim to have been first to release    
 this game. let us know the truth!      

             \ crime time /             
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 PARAMOUNT/FANATIC        69   405  +1  
 crazy    /jinx           66   539  --- 
 g+p      /the goblin    A -:(  1s  --- 
 :(1 disk side by the goblin but a      
   first release it was.                

               \ cyrus /                
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 x+t     /arrogance        1h  130  +5:(
 :(double cheat                         

            \ double sphere /           
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 LIGHT     /INJUN          7h# 210  --- 
 triad     /king  fisher   7h# 279  --- 
 dynamix   /god          A 8h  364  --- 
 freaks    /maniac        10h  496  --- 
 paramount / ---         A10h  508  --- 
 x+        /hibird        10h# 510  --- 
 first release by paramount & dynamix!  
 many of the groups didn't crack the    
 loader on this game. they only linked  
 on their intro. lame!                  
 wiederstein loader sux!!               

            \ edd the duck /            
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 triumph    /prrobe        1   106  +1  
 CAMELOT    /GUARDIAN      1   114  +6:)
 x-factor   / ---          1   114  +2  
 brutal     /tch           1   116  +7  
 bonzai     /infocomie     1   116  +2  
 x-ray      /chrysagon     1   119  +3  
 dynamix    / ---          1   121  --- 
 dominators /derby.ram    A1   124  +1  
 ateam+army /dannie        1   133  --- 
 trc+tbi    /xenon         1   139  +2  
 :)no dubble cheating from guardian     
 making it a winner.                    
 first release by dominators.           

      \ european soccer challenge /     
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 ILLUSION   /RICHIE        1   67   --- 
 i+t        /xxx          A1   83   --- 
 trc+tbi    /cba           1   91   --- 
 first release by ikari talent.         

            \ exterminator /            
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 chromance/painkiller     29h  341  +4  
 triad    /hero           29h  347  +4  
 atrix/exulans            29h  347  +2  
 bonzai/crush             29h  360  +2  
 hitmen/jihad             29h  370  +3  
 x-rated/ ---             29h  389  +1  
 first release by action.               
 lame wiederstein loader on this game.  

              \ hugo /                  
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 dominators/rebel         31   485  +4  
 the oswald creators is back with hugo  
 dominators had a file with the maps.   
 ikari+talent had this cart-game for    
 some weaks ago, but didn't want to     
 crack it as first for the game is a    
 danish game and some friends to i+t.   
 yoo! jch...                            

          \ i play 3d soccer /          
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 triad     /king fisher    1   105  --- 
 omega     / ---           1   110  --- 
 bonzai    /enjoy          1:( 117  --- 
 trc+tbi   /cba            1   117  --- 
 bct       /king           1   122  --- 
 the freaks/the duke       1   123  --- 
 f4cg      / ---          A1   135  --- 
 paramount /sting+maniac   1   140  --- 
 a+a       /pe-a           1   143  +1  
 :(part of the protection in this game  
 is stopping the field and the players  
 to show up in 2 player mode. bonzai    
 and a+a missed this.                   

               \ invest /               
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 F4CG      /NEW STYLE      2:) 324  +5  
 paramount /jinx         A25   343  +7* 
 sunrise   /sentinel      25   369  +5  
 :)file copyable IFFL is good thinking. 
 the game was translated from german to 
 english by jinx... thanx!!             
 there's a timex loader on this one.    

             \ judge dredd /            
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 fairlight/bacchus         7#  305  +1  
 ACTION   /SPITFIRE        7#  308  +5  
 illusion /r+h+f & sauron  7   316  +3  
 i+t      /doc+fletch     A2   322  +3  
 both censor and ikari+talent claimed   
 to have first release and flt had the  
 2nd one.                               
 richie+hero+fist and sauron of ils.    

         \ kick box vigilante /         
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 BONZAI  /ENJOY            1   119  +2  
 x-factor/dexter           1   135  +2  
 i+t     /bod             A1   166  +2  
 first release by ikari & talent.       
 in dexters crack there's graphic bugs  
 on the last level.                     
                    check it!!          

             \ labyrinth /              
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 paramount  /sting+maniac   5h  183 +6  
 x-ray      /chrysargon     5h  186 +8  
 illusion   /rocky          5h  193 +2  
 nei/action /spitfire     A54h  336 +2  
 first release by action.               

              \ lettrix /               
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 paramount/fanatic         1   51   +2  
 action   /spitfire        1   67:( +2  
 HITMEN   /CURLIN        :)2h  70   +3  
 chromance/ ---            1   70   +1  
 first release by legend. send!         
 :)curlin made hi-score saver and       
 translated the game to english, 9      
 levelcodes includes too...             
 :(sorry for listing action's version   
 as beeing 167 blocks long last time.   

             \ moove out /              
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 the freaks/the duke       1    86  +1  
 dynamix   /god            1    93  +1  
 omega     / --            1   104  +1  

       \ never ending story ii /        
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 LIGHT    /TYCOON         7   512   +9  
 omega    /probe          7   512   +1  
 bonzai   /crush          7   523   +6  
 atrix    /exulans        7   526   +6  
 chromance/painkiller     7   532   +8  
 x-factor /dexter         7   543   +11 
 hurricane/giants        12   562   +7  
 pain     /burglar       12   563   +5:(
 nei/action/spitfire    A 2:( 568   +6  
 antimon  /condor        12   585   +2  
 ninja t. /infinity       5  1129   +1  
                          for comments  

       \ never ending story ii /        
 no version offers level select on this 
 game. here it would be  realy useful.  
 :(the nei/action version supplied with 
   the import intro and spread like     
   that in europe. also read our view   
   on their lame IFFL routine.          
 :(double cheat on the pain version it  
   is realy only +3                     

           \ project s.o.l. /           
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 x+t     /arrogance        1   117  +9:(
 :(double cheating i 3 cases. you can   
   get stuck to have to reset.          
   see also jerry's comment later       

             \ robocop  ii /            
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 EXTACY /ROCKSTAR          3:) 441  +2  
 legend /powerplant+tmbc A 2:( 475  +6  
 i+t    /fletch          A32:( 478  +2  
 hotline/custard+cesspool 32   506  +4  
 again a cartridge game...              
 :) IFFL but still fully file copyable  
    good thinking guys!                 
 :( first release both by:              
    legend + ikari & talent.            

              \ sarakon /               
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 PARAMOUNT /FANATIC      A 2   179  +4  
 dynamix   /god           42h  234  +2  
 first release and a jewel version by   
 fanatic of paramount. cool...          

               \ scumm /                
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 light    /shade         2h   83   +3:( 
 triad    /hero+bisse  :)2h   85   +3   
 TRIAD    /KING FISHER :)2h   85   +3:) 
 fsi   /master-x+capone  2h  105   +2   
 hitmen   /curlin        2h  108   +3*  
 dynamix  /the model     2h  108   +2   
 x-rated  /semmel v.     2h  115   +3   
 fairlight/wild 1        2h* 120   +1   
 ruthless /probe         2h* 122   +3   
 chromance/mr. wax       2 * 140   +2   
                          for comments  

               \ scumm /                
 :(light has a double cheat. it also    
   saves highscore even in cheatt mode. 
 :)TRIAD made 2 versions by misstake.   
   JERRY made the ranking based on the  
   10-fold level skip instead of having 
   to enter passwords.                  
 * 7 passwords by curlin of hitmen.     
 * intro included in versions from      
   fairlight, ruthless & chromance      
   no high score saver on chromance!    

    \ top cat in beverly hills cats /   
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 i+t  /xxx               A1     169 +2  
 first relase by ikari+talent           

            \ total recall /            
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 i+t     /excell          A6p#:)415  +3 
 transcom/unknow          A6  :)416  +3 
 G+P     /SNACKY           8p   490  +8 
 hotline /custard+cesspool 9p * 497  +5 
 f4cg    /fen1             9    517  +4 
 in snackys version there's 3 pictures  
 in the mainfile.                       
 excell got 1 picture in the mainfile   
 the rest ones can be loaded.           
 * hotline also saved the pix in game   
 :)first release by t-com & i+t.        

             \ tough guys /             
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 LIGHT     /SHADE         6   193   +2:)
 triad     /tracer       17   217   +2  
 dynamix   /god         A 6   252:( +3  
 paramount / ---        A16   283   +3  
 x+t       /arrogance    18   326   +2  
 sabian    / ---         18   395   --- 
 :(the game intro included, but you     
   can't get to the game from the intro 
 :)fixed cartridge bug.                 
 first release claimed by:              
 action, paramount and dynamix. anyone  
 thinx this looks ridiculous?           

             \ twin world /             
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 triad   /tracer          36   892  +4:)
 hotline /custard+cessp.  37   919  +5:)
 action  /hok+spitfire    38h# 937  +6:)
 extasy  /rockstar       A36  1317  +2  
 manowar /martin+chris    35  1385  +3  
 :)fastloader by hotline and highscore  
 saver+dox by action.                   
 :)when you die the game scrolls back   
 to the beginning again. tracer made a  
 cheat that you start were you died.    

            \ wacky dart /              
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 illusion/richie           1   152  +1- 

              \ welltris /              
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 triad    /bismarck        3h  130 +--  
 atrix    /exulans         3h  130 +--  
 light    /shade           3h  130 +--  
 trc+tbi  /cba             3h  137 +--  
 bonzai   /enjoy           3h  142 +--  
 g+p      /the goblin      3h  143 +--  
 dunex    /spikes          3h  145 +--  
 x-factor /dexter          3h  148 +--  
 bct      /king            3h  156 +--  
 chromance/mr. wax         3h  163 +--  
 first release by crazy...              

           \ western contest /          
 group / cracker           f.   l.   c. 
 the freaks/the duke       5   208  --- 
 hitmen    /curlin         5   214  --- 
 bonzai    /crush          2:( 246  +1  
 trc+tbi   /cba            6   262  --- 
 ddt       /blockbuster    6   276  --- 
 :(bonzai had the intro in the main     
   file and some time cheat.            
 first release by legend.               

 JERRY says:                            
            i am so sorry!              
     for some reason i wrote that       
           GADGET of ACTION             
       was a cracker in CRAZY!!         
 since I used to swop with GADGET i     
 know which group he is in. i can not   
 explain why i made that error. since i 
 also know GADGET's feelings about      
 CRAZY i understand the horror he must  
 have felt when he saw the text. hope   
 you have recovered by now. realy sorry 

            \ IFFL-LOADERS /            
 JERRY says:                            
 the new popular thing in cracking is   
 for short. i don't know who made the   
 first one or if i got the words right. 
 what it means is that several files,   
 usually game-levels, are interlaced or 
 chained into one long file or two.     
 there are two reasons for the IFFL     
 1.the crack looks smarter with just    
   one or two files for a big number    
   of levels.                    may save on blocks. the more     
   files, the more you save.            

            \ IFFL-LOADERS /            
 the first cracks where files were      
 collected into one file, were no true  
 IFFL. to load the next level the whole 
 file was loaded again to find the part 
 making the next level. it looked smart 
 but it was lame as hell. sometimes a   
 fast loader made it a bit less painful 
 later came the IKARY+TALENT IFFL. here 
 the program makes a fast scan of the   
 long, chained IFFL file to find the    
 start of the smaller files it is made  
 of. the very smart thing about this is 
 that the file can be filecopied to any 
 track and sector of the disk. the scan 
 finds the vital points.                

            \ IFFL-LOADERS /            
 the latest on the IFFL scene is the    
 routine used by NEI/NEC. apart from a  
 start file the rest is collected into  
 one huge file. in the NEI+ACTION       
 version of N.E.S. the IFFL file is     
 459 blocks long.                       
 if you think that this can be copied   
 using FILE HACK'M you are wrong. they  
 have placed the routine and the        
 pointers on track 18. this means that  
 the disk must be back up copied.       
 the idea of cracking is to remove all  
 copy protection. then why fuck up the  
 copyability with some other routine?   

            \ IFFL-LOADERS /            
 on the same disk from ACTION i got     
 LABYRINTH also labled a NEI+ACTION     
 crack. this game has 50 level files    
 that are 3 blocks long. a closer look  
 at the third block of each level file  
 shows that they all use only 7 of the  
 available 254 bytes. if those levels   
 had been interlaced into one file it   
 would have saved 48 blocks!            
 my conlusion is that those guys have   
 not understood a thing about IFFL. all 
 they want to do is to fuck up things.  
 please guys, stay away from stupid     
 routines. user friendly is better.     

            \ IFFL-LOADERS /            
 HERO/TRIAD says:                       
 horizon / nec & nei's IFFL v1.1 is not 
 that good at all. don't be impressed   
 every time you see an IFFL!            
 still there are some few good IFFL     
 routines on the scene like:hero/triad, 
 snacky/genesis project, crush/bonzai   
 and docs of ikari. we say: an IFFL     
 routine that don't allow file copying  
 or don't have a fast loader realy sux! 
 my own TRIAD-IFFL is developed in a    
 new, different way and it is possible  
 to file-copy !!!  I think it's the     
 fastest IFFL-LOADER on the scene !!    

            \ IFFL-LOADERS /            
 the TRIAD IFFL routine loads 202 blks  
 on 20 seconds...  pretty good for an   
 IFFL routine, don't you think? ok!     
 ( well, professional dos loads it in   
  3-4 seconds, says jerry with a yawn)  
 we won't go any deeper into this.if we 
 do, every single lamer will be tempted 
 to make up a useless IFFL rutine!      
 we'll close this chapter for now!!     

           \ ON CHEAT MODE /            
 JERRY says:                            
 if you get the following questions:    
     do you want eternall life? y/n     
     start with 99 lives?       y/n     
 i consider that to be the same thing   
 in all practicall situations. that is  
 double cheating only to get more '+'   
 on the crack.                          
 if the crack gives you the choise of   
 eternal life and at the same time lets 
 you restore the ammount of lives by    
 pressing a key when playing, then you  
 have eternal life in two ways. i call  

           \ ON CHEAT MODE /            
 that double cheating too, to get more  
 '+' on the game.                       
 another plus-hunter is to add a '+'    
 for the high score saver even when it  
 comes with the original game. this is  
 cheating on your friends in the        
 cracker community. i say LAME!         
 when eternal life or unlimited time    
 is offered as a game-cheat, the real   
 cracker checks the game to see if this 
 creates any traps. in some games you   
 get stuck with no possibility to die   
 to let you try again. the real cracker 
 gives you a suicide button unless it   

           \ ON CHEAT MODE /            
 can be solved in some other way.       
 in a game like TOUGH GUYS the real     
 cracker does not allow both players to 
 have invulnerability at the same time. 
 you can't practise if the opponent can 
 not be hurt. also you don't get on in  
 the game since you don't score.        
 an absolute NO-NO is for the crack to  
 allow you to save the high score even  
 if you have been playing in a cheat    
 i realize that sometimes it costs some 
 programming skills to add cheat mode   

           \ ON CHEAT MODE /            
 to a game. installing double cheat     
 also involves programming. however,    
 if you want to show your progamming    
 skils to the full, you should code a   
 nice tool or maybe a cool demo instead 
 well, my words should have told you    
 why we don't just count '+' on a crack 
 to select a winner. in the same way we 
 don't just coun't blocks.              
 enough of the serious business. get    
 over to the WALL and start praying!    

             \ THE WALL /               
 yes, if you want to improve the wall,  
 then help me with it and send in some  
 kewl news to me. ok?                   
 lame, lamer, lamest, lamestis ..enjoy! 
 as you already knew, leland palmer     
 killed laura palmer. ok?               
 again HORIZON strikes back with anoth- 
 er kewl party during easter.  B there! 
 KING FISHER/TRIAD  says: i'm the best! 

 do you know who was born in 1815 and   
 died 1898?                             
 UTOPIA, the new ball kicking demo from 
 TRIAD is on this disk unless your      
 contact is a lame duck.                
 LUCIFER once in TRIAD and in DIRTY     
 DOZEND has bought himself a 64 again.  
 rumours says that william godwins      
 sister makes this guide!  that's comp- 
 letly wrong.                           
 we are told that the german ELITE will 
 make a comback. does this mean that    
 old JEFF SMART will be back? does this 
 mean that ILLEGAL will be back?        

 roy isn't the model of dynamix.        
 i've talked to roy and we are sorry    
 for all lame jokes about you. ok!?     
 paramount claimed to have a first      
 release of sarakon. that's not true!   
 dynamix was the ones that released it  
 first. paramount apologized for that.  
 who knew that antichrist could crack?  
 snacky of genesis project seems to be  
 the #1 cracker, with his famous JEWEL- 
 versions and IFFL rutins.              
 but if every cracker spent that much   
 time on cracking one game that snacky  
 does, nearly everybody could get a     
 JEWEL version...                       

 probe (ex. royalty, triumph and omega) 
 joined ruthless.                       
 ruthless got 6 members in sweden now!  
 they will release a demo at hz's party 
 the second dominators party will be    
 arranged this summer, not at easter.   
 so you better move your arse to stock- 
 holm for the cool horizon easter party 
 cross with 'anyone better' claims that 
 triad stole their idea of this kind of 
 a magazin. that's bullshit, and we can 
 prove we had the idea long before!     
 contrary to rumours, WILD ONE and      
 WATCHMAN of FAIRLIGHT is not just one  
 and the same person. he told me so!!!! 

 pimpernell the owner of terminal state 
 is married to raheli azad. good luck!  
 viper stole wild ones cartridge at the 
 censor party.  'fair light' !!         
 what happend to my friend leroy of     
 dave (ex. raisers, holocaust) changed  
 name to painkiller... (oh another one) 
 he wanted to join triad but triad      
 call the 'terminal state' +XXXXXXXXXX  
 also call XXXXXXXXXXX #0001/vmb. TRIAD 
 probe says: ajm no lajmer, ju ar!      

 did you know that when JEFF SMART left 
 TRIAD, soon 3 years ago, he said that  
 TRIAD was dead? then he started trying 
 to kill us. we are still kicking.      
 friend hassan died in a car crash/rip. 
 razy/i+t didn't crack 'twin world'     
 he said that they will not crack it    
 for he couldn't get it to one disc     
 side.  why should they?                
 but custard and cesspool of hotline is 
 s451 tried to join probe from rutless  
 but he refused.                        

 stanze and his hip hop group made a    
 new ruling highlighter called...       
 'are you lame? i'm lame!' get it now!! 
 bismarck plays in a band called...     
 'svento rivers and the trissaboda      
 pb and caltenberg now on place one.    
 /beer & bier inc.                      
 rumours says that mastermind/horizon   
 got 200 crowns for shorting fairlights 
 old intro.                             
 rebels the swedens legends will never  
 rise again... pitty!!!                 

 curlin of hitmen isn't accu of action. 
 stone of depredators isn't myth from   
 trans-x. ok?                           
 did you know that x-ray released       
 bundesliga manager as first, altough   
 it's a basic game full of errors.      
 but who cares anyway... most of the    
 games are so fucking boring so who     
 really cares? you? not me.             
 action released some real quality crax 
 ex. twin world & creatures.. that's    
 cool... the scene got to change soon.  
 speed is lame and quality is fame! eh? 
 stanze kicked out his wife raheli azad 

 stanze joined the group hitmen.        
 now there's two hitmens in sweden.     
 1. stanze.. 2. mason...                
 the import group culture is dead!      
 probe burned his action replay 5.0 to  
 the 6.0 version, but of'cuz the shit   
 bugs... ha! ha! slow burnin.. .  .   . 
 i said:fuck the guy who calls him self 
 ixion, you better change name dude!    
 but there wasn't any ixion... it was a 
 misstake, it was only a guy called..   
 ixon of manowar... exuze me! /w.g.     
 fuck tango & cash the editor of 'any1  
 better' stop talking shit about TRIAD! 

 your mag is lame! ranks after cheats!! 
 ok. let's make dubblecheats and reach  
 the number one place before paramount  
 and others.   your mag sux  /w.g.      
 ikari & talent had a first release of  
 judge dredd.. and so had censor design 
 ..fairlight claimed to have the 2nd re 
 lease of that game.  isn't it strange? 
 there was a protection on 3d soccer.   
 chose 2 joysticks & see if the players 
 shows up! if not the protection hasn't 
 been removed. i've seen some lame crax 
 of that one, no names... no names...   
 just check it up man...                

 the cool cracker of bonzai is only 15  
 years old, his name is  'CRUSH'        
 nec/nei got a lame IFFL rutin.         
 whole-disc copy is needed.             
 the guys in bonzai are too lazy to re- 
 lease further issues of their magazin  
 LETHAL NEWS.                           
 the game ddominatorwas a re-release.   
 fairlight released an old crack from   
 rubicon from hewson was coded by       
 gollum of fairlight and graphix by     
 the sarge/fairlight (x-triad).         

 fairlight released a sarge show with   
 great pictures from the sarge. some of 
 them were made by him when he was in   
 glerc of science 451 left the scene.   
 tape & storm left dynamix.             
 excell left ikari for some problems    
 with bod of talent.                    
 enjoy didn' re-crack 'puzzelnoid' from 
 genesis project. he got the original   
 from antichrist of genesis p.          
 mamba is now an ikari+talent mag.      
 gotcha and peter joined talent.        

 there's no snow in denmark.            
 zodiac of flash and redstar of logic   
 will soon release a game. cooolt..     
 rumours says that maniac & sting was   
 parallax and now  fanatic/paramount.   
 visit denmark and watch swedish tele-  
 u.n. squadron first release by censor  
 and ikari+talent....                   
 weasel and dj joined crest.            
 alfaflight is dead, again...           

 max joined crazy.                      
 ninja (g*p) and pet (nato) joined      
 corruption now under the genesis label 
 jack daniels and 3dk left paramount.   
 new coops.. x-ray and transcom.        
             boms and chromance.        
             svedlala and bollmora.     
 skater, mirage and zarhan fastfive     
 from culture joined censor design.     
 the mag 'shock' now under the censor   
 label. danko left them.                
 krs#1 will form a new group.           

 daw (x-triad) and danko left censor..  
 maybe more will follow...              
 dynamic of triad will make a comback   
 on the 64..                            
 mason and stanze joined hitmen........ 
 bad taste released a new magazin...    
 called 'bad news'.                     
 ..many groups still thinks that        
 marcus wiedersteins loader is hard to  
 crack... lame one..                    
 king fisher was the only one who made  
 a 101% crack of last ninja 2 ze remix. 
 of'cuz cracking from cart is easy!!    

        \ THE CONTACT CORNER /          
 this is an anti saddam guide, ok?      
 if you wanna get your group into the   
 guide don't hesitate to contact us.    
 or call:                               
 XXXXXXXXXX #3000 /vmb-gamer guide.     
 XXXXXXXXXX #2000 /vmb-triad.           
 the right person for reactions, info   
 and articles is WILLIAM GODWIN         
 if you want to share an original too,  
 then both TRACER and WILLIAM GODWIN    
 will be right.                         
 JERRY is the demo freak for you if you 
 don't send only your hot cracks.    -> 

        \ THE CONTACT CORNER /          
 XXXXX XXXXXX XX                        
 XXX XX  XXXXXXX, XXXXXX.               
 +XX-XXX-XXXXX  'XXXXXX' 17.30 - 21.30  
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXX XX                            
 XXX XX XXXXXXX, XXXXXX                 
 XXX XX                                 
 XXX XX XXXX, XXXXXX                    

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