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facing the reality

welcome to issue nine!what occured since
last time? well censor had a party on   
halloween in gothenburg. i thought the  
party was great! read more about it in  
reviews! EXORY tried to be the coolie of
the month by slagging on OMG. it doesn't
matter what you write, because you are  
always going to be a looser. it will not
help you by changing your handle to     
DYSTAN. you said that your not the guy  
by the name LEECH/COLDCUT, well for your
information i'll just tell you that many
guys have given me enough evidence to   
prove it's you! leave the scene, lamer! 
to all decent members of holocaust,leave
holocaust and join a decent group! next!
this issue was delayeed because of me   
moving to a new house! the new adress to
XXXXXXXXXXX, still in sweden! many guys 
reacted on how we have it here in sweden
here you'll get a new example of this   
corrupted land. here you'll get a story:
a thief comes to a house and starts to  
take everything of value,the owner wakes
up, he hits the thief so he breaks his  
his arm or something. if this happeneds 
the owner will have to pay the thiefs   
insurance! tell me, isn't this crazy?   
if the thief falls when he is entering  
your house (maybe because the stairs are
broken, or something else!) you'll have 
to pay his insurance, who invented those
fucking rules? god bless us! now let's  
forget about our shitty system! slaygon 
of censor is going to engage himself ,  
with his TRUE LOVE!(good luck kenneth!  
i wish you the best in the future!). so 
why don't you send him a greetings card?
send it to fatal news and we'll send    
your greetings to him! the NICEST card  
will win 40 disks! the MISS c64 queen   
competition is going very low, so the   
rules have been changed, you can send   
photos of your FRIENDS girlfriend! send 
many photos and be happy! prices are not
decided yet! some new charts for this   
issue, they are: 5 single euro importers
,5 euro-importing groups, 5 us-importing
groups and 5 single swappers. it's nice 
to see that mamba and sex'n'crime also  
banned holocaust from the charts! is    
there more to say? only that you'll have
to come to horizons easter party 91!    
the adress again:                       
FATAL NEWS                              

abnormal life

welcome to abnormal life ! here i'll    
take up personal problem ! first the    
problems then the reactions!            
problem nr 1:"i was watching the movie  
pretty woman with a girl that i love !  
suddenly in the middle of the film i    
falled a sleep ! i don't know if she    
noticed but after the film she was      
colder then ice ! what would you do in  
my situation ? "                        
                  euzkera/censor design 
this is the problem most people have    
reacted on. i belive many dudes have had
the same experience!                    
                     now some answers!  
reaction 1 on 1:"take your girl to see  
the sea by night, i managed, do it and  
you'll also be happy!(don't go to watch 
such a boring movie as 'pretty woman',  
it's better to watch a porno with her!)"
reaction 2 on 1:"explain to her that you
falled asleep because of the boredom of 
the movie. if she is a smart girl she'll
understand you!(anyway if i would have  
been you, i wouldn't have seen such a   
crap movie as pretty woman!)            
here follows three questions! you have  
three alternatives to answer on them.   
when you send your answers then write   
A,B or C. answer on them!               
1. if you take up your dream girl on    
   your room to fuck her and find out   
   that she is a man, what would you    
   have done?                           
   'A'.run away directly!               
   'B' beat him up, with the risk to get
   'C' call the police because the man  
       is sick!                         
question nr 2: if you would get raped by
a man, who would you tell it to?        
    'A'.the police.                     
    'B'.your parents.                   
    'C'.your friends.                   
3. if you find your girl in the bed with
another girl, what would you do?        
    'A'.beat her up!                    
    'B'.join them!                      
    'C'.find a new girlfriend!          
send your answers to fatal news, this   
is meant to be honest! choose the letter
that fits personality!                  
send them to:                           
            FATAL NEWS                  
* waiting for your answers! have fun    
till issue nine!                        


reactions on issue eight!               
* first some single opinions!          *
*i really appreciate the mag! allthough 
 there are a few news!. the musics used 
 in issue 8 were really good!the mag has
 also a high level of language, compared
 to others! this makes the mak worth to 
 be read (and spread!).                 
                               MAIK JOST
- thanx for your nice words about fatal 
  news. yes, you'll get a copy off this 
  issue! keep on reading and spreading! 
* congratulations for a good mag!       
                 THE HEAVY WEIGHT/MYSTIC
- thank you for the comic you sent me!  
* keep it up dude! it will soon probably
  be at the constant spot of number 3!  
- thank you! send more times!           
* nice mag, but to less news!           
- well, i'll try to improve on that!    
* i didn't join paramount i joined the  
  guys in dynamix!                      
- i'm sorry! i got the news that you had
  joined dynamix, but somehow i wrote   
  that you joined paramount! i noticed  
  it after spreading it!                
then i've got some reactions from some  
others! most of the guys like the mag,  
not for the news but for the rest! try  
to get more active and send more stuff! 
send anything! now an explanation by roy
of dynamix of their member status.      
some corrections are made by me, but    
the rest is written by roy/dynamix!     
after that tracer+stanz had joined us,  
stanz began to act like the leader of   
dynamix. we GAINED new members that we  
never wanted in our group. after a while
we lost control and the chaos was a fact
. to clear things up i made a list of   
the dynamix member status, i also warned
stanz. he promised that he would shut   
his big mouth and behave. but once again
he started to MESS around. he started to
make up lies in the group so people in  
dynamix started to hate each other. he  
also started to fight with other groups,
and this made dynamix look really BAD.  
we found only one solution to our big   
problem, stanz was kicked out. in return
he started to spread all dynamix tools, 
lame! so these following guys have never
been in dynamix, sledge,tron,terrax nor 
pimpernell. thanx for reading this!     
                       YOURS roy/dynamix
 (ED. hope you don't mind my changes !) 
if you want to react on something like  
this in public, then just send a letter 
to fatal news, adress on next page!     
*   we guide the future of the scene   *
*                                      *
*    FOR      FATAL NEWS      AND      *
*            XXXXXXXXXXXX              *
*               XXXXXX                 *
*                                      *
*                                      *
* abnormal life, the slaygon- and miss *
* c64 competition! reactions and votes!*
* try to invent a rad competition and  *
* i'll make it!                        *
*                                      *
*                                      *
*                           yours JOHN *

news n rumours

here are the latest news since issue 8 !
* g*p got some new members, testament,  
  punisher, dawsy and rimtrix!          
* r.h/blackmail stopped trading, ion    
  took over his old contacts!           
* ghost(ex-manowar,ex-fairlight) left   
  crusade and joined paramount!         
* falco paul/20cc joined blackmail!     
  edwin van santen might follow him!    
* motley was kicked out of triumph!     
* pimpernell joined triumph, this means 
  that terminal state is triumph's euro 
* backdoor is now s451's and triumph's  
  world hq!                             
* yeyus left criminal syndicate and     
  joined the blasters!                  
* mr.perfect left akrak and joined the  
  blasters too!                         
* sts+hellraiser of crusade. left and   
  joined the ruling company!            
* fox/bonzai left to join dominators!   
* freestyle/fresh changed handle to     
  thomas and left to join talent!       
* scortia left the sinking x-factor to  
  join the guys in bonzai!              
* macro nit/nato left and rejoined his  
  old group dominators. dogfriend might 
  leave dominators as he and macro nit  
  ain't so good friends!                
* twp/class left and joined x-ray! at   
  the same time x-ray kicked out their  
  main-swapper majesty! he was kicked   
  out because of some personal problems 
  with some dudes in paramount!         
* slasher was also kicked our of x-ray! 
* midas and baal were kicked out of     
* razy/depredators joined the coop of   
  ikari and talent as their main swapper
* extasy also got a new main swapper.   
  he is called ventor!                  
* paramount got three new members,      
  their handles are, jinx, lloyd and    
* brainkiller left paramount and joined 
* sky and jalt are now a duo , they call
  them selves domino!                   
* dwarf/holocaust wanted to join the    
  guys in genesis*projekt , but they    
  refused him ! he's out of holocaust!  
* slide and chris left holocaust and    
  joined tristar!                       
* dense left holocaust and joined the   
  dudes in ruthless!                    
* exory/holocaust tried once again to   
  quit and return under a new handle,   
  his new handle is DYSTAN!             
* mr.smart and infocomie of nato tried  
  to join extasy but they were refused! 
* dave/fresh joined talent!             
* twist was kicked out of paramount!    
* tang&cash left paramount and rejoined 
  their old group cross!                
* murphy, a french guy joined genesis   
  projekt as a swapper!                 
* brego was kicked out of atg, he joined
* dom v.2 seems to take place at easter!
* transcoms original supplier joined    
* thunder/tonic joined the dudes in     
* daw/triad left on the censor party    
  to join censor design!                
* chorus also left triad and joined     
  the guys in flash inc!                
*                                      *
*            DID YOU KNOW!             *
*                                      *
* did you know that garfield/illusion   
  looks like an owl!                    
* ...that a girl from gothenburg sends  
     pervert letters to masterjam/s451! 
* ...that slaygon/censor engaged himself
     with a girl that he learnt to know 
     at the gothenburg party!           
* ...that jerry/triad is around 50 years
* ...that tiger/nato always wear his    
     tiger slippers on the copy parties!
* ...that gadget/action's nose is bigger
     than garfield illusion's!          
* ...that novatec/culture had to spend  
     one night in jail and do 100 hours 
     of social work for fighting on the 
     match between fc twente/holland and
     bayer leverkusen/germany!          
* ...that bob/censor never has been the 
     same since he took that x-ray drink
     at the dominators party '89' !     
* ...that masterjam/s451 had to pay a   
     fine on 400 kr for not paying his  
     busticket on the way back from     
* ...that stanz, 14, is half colombian  
     and half russiam, but looks like   
     a chinese!                         
* ...that those that have cars in sweden
     can't afford to use them!          
* ...that an amiga lamer on the censor  
     party in gothenburg had to go on   
     his knees and excuse himself to    
if you have some did you knows then just

charts of the month

the top 14 CODING groups of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.CREST            01   162  germany   
02.bonzai           02   133  denmark   
03.horizon          08   101  sweden    
04.origo            06   099  finland   
05.panoramic design 10   074  norway    
06.flash inc        03   055  sweden    
07.cosmos design    04   052  austria   
08.megastyle inc    10   051  norway    
09.the voice        05   049  austria   
10.light            12   042  sweden    
11.vision           NEW  032  sweden    
==.triad            13   032  sweden    
13.beyond force     06   026  finland   
14.nato             new  020  denmark   
the top 14 CRACKING groups of the MONTH 
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.IKARI+TALENT     01   258  dk+england
02.dominators       02   239  denmark+uk
03.legend           03   204  belgium   
04.illusion         04   184  norway    
05.genesis*projekt  05   154  germany   
06.extasy           07   130  finland+dk
07.paramount        06   108  germany   
08.crazy            08   089  germany   
09.x-ray            10   071  germany   
10.f4cg             10   057  belg+italy
11.transcom         10   052  france    
12.class            09   041  denmark   
13.action           14   028  germany   
14.dynamix          NEW  026  germany   
top 14 SINGLE CRACKERS of the MONTH     
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.doc/ikari        04   057  denmark   
02.sauron/illusion  NEW  054  norway    
03.snacky/g*p       03   053  germany   
04.pwp/legend       01   045  belgium   
05.rockstar/extasy  05   043  finland   
06.jade/dominators  02   036  england   
07.arrogance/x-ray  new  030  germany   
==.antitrack/legend new  030  austria   
==.dogfriend/dom    new  030  denmark   
10.bod/talent       new  022  england   
11.parallax/pmount  new  017  germany   
12.weasel/crazy     new  014  germany   
==.unknown/transcom new  014  belgium   
14.injun inc/light  new  011  sweden    
the top 5 MAGASINES                     
mag'n'groupname    pli   PTS   country  
01.MAMBA/CRAZY      01   075  germany   
02.corruption/pmnt  02   056  germany   
03.sex'n'crime/amok 03   041  germany   
04.headlines/ils    NEW  022  norway    
05.remark/ruthless  04   014  holland   
the top 5 TRADING groups of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.PARAMOUNT        01   045  germany+nl
02.genesis*projekt  05   032  germany   
03.legend           04   028  belgium   
04.x-ray            NEW  027  germany   
05.dominators       02   023  uk+denmark
the top 5 SINGLE CODERS of the MONTH    
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.crossbow/crest   03   080  germany   
02.kjer/horizon     05   056  sweden    
03.clf/origo        01   032  finland   
04.walt bonzai      NEW  028  denmark   
05.maduplec/nato    new  025  denmark   
the top 5 SINGLE SWAPPERS of the MONTH  
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.mr.smart/nato    NEW  015  denmark   
02.jalt/paramount   new  013  holland   
==.majesty/ex-ray   new  013  germany   
04.tmb/extasy       new  011  finland   
==.parallax/pmount  new  011  germany   
the top 5 GRAPHICIANS of the MONTH      
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.GOTCHA/CRAZY     01   046  holland   
02.di-art/bml       NEW  037  holland   
03.fox/dominators   05   032  denmark   
04.gbf/crest        new  028  germany   
05.bizzmo/g*p       new  017  england   
the top 5 COMPOSERS of the MONTH        
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.JCH/VIBRANTS     01   074  denmark   
02.drax/vib/bonzai  03   055  denmark   
03.link/vibrants    02   037  denmark   
04.jeroen tel       04   035  holland   
05.e.v.s./20cc      NEW  027  holland   
the top 5 IMPORTERS of the MONTH (EURO) 
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.skater/culture   NEW  013  holland   
02.pyle/crazy       new  012  germany   
03.excell/ikari     new  009  denmark   
==.rockstar/extasy  new  009  finland   
05.goldfish/legend  new  007  belgium   
top 5 IMPORTING groups of the MONTH(USA)
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.exodus           NEW  028    usa     
02.nei              new  027    usa     
03.random           new  021    usa     
04.destiny          new  009    usa     
05.demonix          new  006    usa     
top 5 IMPORTING groups of the MONTH(EUR)
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.culture          NEW  024  holland   
02.crazy            new  021  germany   
03.extasy           new  017  finland+dk
04.ikari+talent     new  009  denmark+uk
==.paramount        new  009  germany   
top 5 MOST popular BOARDS in the states 
boardname          pli   PTS   sysops   
01.SECOND TO NONE   01   018  dominant 1
02.channel zero     NEW  012  crumbsuck.
03.forum            new  010  pudwerx   
04.wild wares       new  009  gazoo     
==.mystic cavern    new  009  sorceress 
here are some versions of:              
MONTY PYTHON!                           
cracked by      date   number    number 
 in date                 of        of   
  ORDER                BLOCKS   TRAINERS
01.extasy       18/10   284           ++
02.censor       22/10   280            +
03.bonzai       30/10   281            +
04.fairlight    10/11   266       ++++++
05.paramount    --/--   267   HI     +++
06.dynamix      --/--   270          +++
07.trc+blasters --/--   276           ++
08.brainbombs   --/--   278            +
09.x-ray        --/--   280           ++
10.lazer        --/--   292   HI    ++++
11.f4cg         --/--   299           ++
if you know that one of these versions  
doesn't work then mail me a letter and  
i'll test their version! ok!            
there are some new charts in this issue,
so, vote for them too!                  
in the miss c64 queen competition are   
for the moment,danko/censor, bob/censor,
crt/censor, euzkera/censor, slaygon/----
censor and sensei/censor!  MISS FATAL   
will get a medal for her good looks!    
get honored by letting your girl win the
competition! send your votes,news and   


*                                      *
*   A REPORT from the censor party !   *
*                                      *
*         DATE 2/11-3/11 1990!         *
the party started on 2/11 at 12.00 am!  
at the entrance we had the ONE on ONE   
system, one person at the time! at the  
entrance they had to pay 100 kr, 80 for 
entering the party place and 20kr for   
SECURITY cost!after each person had paid
their entrance they had to give personal
information, this was needed so no one  
could escape if they destroyed something
this created the perfect order at the   
party! only about 200 people came to the
party. but what can you expect after    
only three weeks of information. on the 
first day all were tired and sat quiet  
in their rooms, especially when CENSOR  
came to make a entrance check. dr. cool,
euzkera, redcuz and 'MANGE' checked if  
people had paid their entrance fee, they
also checked if there was any booze at  
the party. all BOOZE confiscated made   
those guys really look bad, but rules   
are rules. the only strange thing was   
that they were first to get drunk. this 
made them to be harder if anyone broke  
any rules. what followed then was that  
aaron/fairlight had the responsibility  
for some notes. if those notes would've 
been teared down he would be the guilty 
guy. well but what did they say? they   
said 'CENSOR SWEDENS NR 1'. somehow he  
seemed to manage fine, so my conclusion 
is that no one teared them down. that   
night some guys went out, they were :   
     geggin/censor, slaygon/censor,     
blues/vision, jedi/triumph, bob/censor, 
euzkera/censor, whitelion/racoon and    
dankos girlfriend 'tarja' together with 
her friend katja. wonder WHY danko      
didn't go? well he didn't feel so well, 
so he didn't feel like going out! (ED.  
that's what i heard.) when we returned  
to the party we were happy because we   
had had a lot of fun. slaygon didn't    
return that night, he met a GIRL with   
whom he slept with that night. bob also 
found himself a girl but he returned the
same night. when we entered the party   
place a lamer came runing and said that 
dr.cool/censor had beaten aaron/flt. we 
thought, BLOOD, and ran towards censor's
room, the only thing we saw was dr.cool 
being raised for his action's, he had   
turned into the hero of the day. later  
on that night, dr.cool got in trouble   
with an amiga lamer, seems like he did  
not get enough pleasure out of his fight
with aaron/fairlight, so he had to beat 
up another guy too! this FIGHT didn't   
last so long because of security rules. 
we had to lock him up in our room, he   
was WILD! after an hour we thought that 
we could let him out, but we were wrong.
he got really furious. the amiga lamer  
had to lock his room so that dr.cool    
couldn't come in! after this all calmed 
down and people went to sleep!(ED. even 
me!) next day was a boring day, all had 
hangovers! it was a CHILLY morning. some
more dudes came, to be exact, only two. 
the second day was quite boring, except 
for all dudes leaving bacause of the    
fight the day before, dr.cool had got   
the AMIGA LAMER on his knees begging for
mercy, i was shocked to hear that he had
been on his knees for about 7 minutes.  
the day continued with fee checkings and
booze checkings. the day went on and    
everyone just seemed to be WAITING for  
the night. on friday night some cool    
dudes had come like, excell/i+t, dexter 
/x-factor, jch/vibrants and scortia/now 
in bonzai+some others. everyone seemed  
to be coding on their demos so the      
school was QUIET. the night came and    
some guys went out as the day before.   
this time they were:   bob/censor,      
slaygon/censor (ED. he returned at 18.00
   the next day(remember friday!)),     
zth/panoramic, master jam/science 451   
, zike/angels(amiga) and euzkera/censor.
they also seemed to have had a lot of   
fun, because when we returned, we had   
walked from central gothenburg to the   
school(5km!). the first thing i saw was 
dragon/censor running outside screaming 
'ERGI', and as it was snowing,i drew the
conclusion that he was drunk. but one   
thing made me think, from were did they 
get the booze? after some interrogation,
we found out that some danes had come   
and started to deal beer(cheap!). we    
entered the PRINCIPALS OFFICE, where we 
slept, and found all dudes drunk as hell
, for example psycho was dancing HIP-HOP
on a table! it crashed after a minute.  
at this point the party was a disaster  
for all computer friends, not for the   
party freaks! this ended as all days do,
all went to SLEEP. at the morning we had
the demo competition, in where only 7   
groups participated. the competiton     
ended like this:                        
*                1.FLASH INC           *
*                2.VISION              *
*                3.CENSOR DESIGN       *
the last thing that happened was that   
aaron/fairlight had to give back all    
calculators he had been stealing.dr.cool
acted as a POLICE and made aaron to give
them back. a computer and a discdrive   
were stolen too, maybe it was aaron?    
some party greets to:                   
epsilon/flash inc                       
all CENSOR DUDES:                       
psycho, mange and daw!                  
whitelion+the rest of racoon            
and the other coolies at the party!     
*                                      *
* PARTY REPORT                         *
*             done by                  *
*                                      *
*                    euzkera/censor    *
*                  and john/fatal news *
*                                      *
*                                  JOHN*


       here is an interview with:       
 interview made by REDCUZ/censor design 
 first some facts about masterjam/s451! 
first group:science 451                 
age: 18                                 
favouritemovie: bad taste               
favourite comic: calvin'n'hobbes        
favourite food : hamburgers             
favourite demogroup(ever): don't know!  
favourite demogroup(today):crest        
favourite crackers(ever): dynamic duo   
favourite crackers(today): legend       
'r/c' tell us a little about yourself ! 
'M/S' when i'm drunk i got a very bad   
      taste for girls. i live with my   
      parents and my sister is a punky  
'r/c' how did your computercareer start?
'M/S' can't remember, booze blows your  
      brain cells! i started around 88! 
'r/c' what is your major task in s451?  
'M/S' i'm a swapper and modem trader!   
      i'm also a party freak, pr!       
'r/c' what do you think about the scene 
      of today?                         
'M/S' it's boring! all dudes just sit   
      infront of their computers on the 
      parties, and no one is boozing!   
'r/c' how can the scene be changed?     
'M/S' all should booze on the parties,  
      and have a lot of fun! all lamers 
      must learn to have respect and go 
      on their knees for the elites!    
'r/c' what do you think of the us-scene?
'M/S' too many lamers!                  
'r/c' your best friends in the scene?   
'M/S' the other s451 members, censor,   
      jedi/triumph, zoolook/crest,      
      tiger/nato and the sysops on the  
      board backdoor!                   
'r/c' your future plans?                
'M/S' booze more, and to watch out for  
      those ugly girls!(ed. gothenburg!)
'r/c' any other criminal record?        
'M/S' i've been busted for boozing. and 
      for not paying my bus ticket!     
'r/c' who do you hate most in the scene?
'M/S' stanz and squad/rizing!           
'r/c' what do you think of the discmags?
'M/S  too many! the best are:   mamba,  
      headlines and fatal news(ed.THANX)
'r/c' how can they be improved?         
'M/S' write more about different types  
      of beers!                         
'r/c' what do you do on your spare time?
'M/S' go to discos, booze every weekend,
      and drink coffe the morning after!
'r/c' which music do you listen to?     
'M/S' rap music!                        
*     now some yes/no questions!       *
'r/c' have you been a lamer?            
'M/S' yes!                              
'r/c' do you like girls?                
'M/S' yes!                              
'r/c' do you have a girlfriend?         
'M/S' no!                               
'r/c' have you ever fucked a girl?      
'M/S' yes!                              
'r/c' are you good in school?           
'M/S' no!                               
'r/c' have you ever used drugs?         
'M/S' no!                               
'r/c' is fairlight swedens nr #1?       
'M/S' no!                               
and finally,                            
'r/c' do you want to say something else?
'M/S' yepp, fuck anna in gothenburg!    
      (ed.he meet her at the censor     
      party in gothenburg)              
'r/c' bye! KLICK!                       
'M/S' is he gone????(ed. hahaha!)       

yellow pages

some new addys! you may only publish    
your addy if you support the mag with   
something. voting and etc!              
*  only elite, no handle on envelope   *
* BACKDOOR/s451 hq/triumph hq          *
baud        sysop:desperado             
rate      cosysop:masterjam/s451        
*     for swapping hot c64 stuff!      *
*   for the hottest trading, ELITE!    *
*       for the coolest trading.       *
*  wanna swap with someone downunder?  *
         THE HEAVY WEIGHT/MYSTIC        
*wanna get in touch with god? last time*
*   i gave you wrong adress, sorry!    *
 both in                       germany! 
* for hot trading, no handle on letter *
*   wanna get in touch with dynamix?   *
*     elite swapping+vhs swapping!     *
*  we need more contacts, only elite!  *
*       for hot swapping, elite!       *
        GABRIEL+XIMOX/ THE FORCE        
*      vhs'n'amiga'n'c64 trading!      *
             WOODIE/TRANS X             
*      need a new dutch contact ?      *
*        to get immortal flash!        *
*   for hot trading under your feet!   *
*   do you need a danish connection?   *
           GLAFF/ATOMIC WASTE           
*         for hot c64 trading!         *
* wanna trade with a gut from norway ? *
*       to get the latest issue!       *
           COOLFACE MAGASINE            
*   contact me for hot c64 swapping!   *
*      no handle on the envelope!      *
these were all advertisements for this  
month! if you want your addy in yellow  
pages, then send letters to: FATAL NEWS,
send everything from comics to money!   
vote, react, answer on abnormal life    
and/or send news and rumours!           
**            the mailbox!            **
* *                                  * *
*  **********************************  *
*  *              JOHN              *  *
*  **********************************  *
* *       open for everything!       * *
**                                    **
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