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facing the reality

welcome to issue #7 ! much has happened 
since the last issue! today is a one of 
the sadest days in the swedish scene !  
today 14/9 walker/paragon got busted for
swapping! yes the first person in sweden
.this is the final step that will surely
destroy the swedish scene! we have much 
to learn from our german mates! don't   
turn in your friends nor your enemies!  
some guys in the swedish scene think    
they are very cool when they turn their 
enemies in! for example stanz/dynamix! a
anyway, life must go on! the scene is   
starting to roll again! some good games 
were cracked like:back to the future II 
and deliverance! and of course puffy's  
saga coded by the wim/f4cg! the scene is
probably going to be ass kicking after  
the pcw-show! many originals will come ,
hopefully! genesis seems to be the first
group to wake up after the warm holidays
.but this made the rest to realize that 
the summer is over and the computer is  
back in action! a special guy by the the
name 'aaron' is starting to get on my   
nerves! your soporific asshole! i tried 
to be nice and give you a try to prove  
you were cool! but instead you showed me
how incredibly lame you really are! the 
war is over but 'this doesn't  mean that
we have to like eachother' ! remember   
this? i do and i will follow your good  
advice! i hate you 'aaron' ! you're free
to give me your on thoughts but i'll    
only laugh! because you're just a big   
joke! kiss my ass! i won't waste more   
text on this lamer! i have been thinking
about all you voters out there! here's  
my point of view of the actual way of   
voting: first of all most of the lamers 
just take an old issue of a mag and look
at the charts! some just take a copy of 
them and others change them a bit! this 
is not the way to vote!you have to vote 
on the groups that have been the most   
active the month you intend to vote. you
can't vote on a group because they      
cracked a lot last year! you have to see
to their quality+speed+quantity!you have
to see to all these points! would you   
vote for a group that release a lot of  
cracks but none of them work? well i    
wouldn't and i don't! but sadly some    
guys do! think before you vote! this    
makes it easier to see who really is    
the best! remember this subject is meant
to be my own points of view,so here i'll
write exactly what crosses my heart!    
hope you enjoyed and will enjoy the rest
of the mag ! get active'n'reactive and  
get your mail directed to: FATAL NEWS   
                          yours sincerly

abnormal life

welcome to abnormal life ! here i'll    
take up personal problems ! the problems
are the same as in issue 6! react  !    
problem nr 1:"i was watching the movie  
pretty woman with a girl that i love !  
suddenly in the middle of the film i    
falled a sleep ! i don't know if she    
noticed but after the film she was      
colder then ice ! what would you do in  
my situation ? "                        
                  euzkera/censor design 
problem nr 2:"i was shot in the head by 
a friend of mine ! they took me to the  
hospital where they looked at it.  after
a while the police came and asked what  
had happened ! i lied and said that some
local guys had shot me ! what would you 
have said to the police ? "             
give me your way to react on this  !    
please send me your crazy life stories !
tell me about the crazy things that've  
happened in your life this summer   !   
nobody reacted last time so do it now ! 
write to :                              
         fatal news (abnormal life)     
        or call me on XXXXXXXXXXX (john)


*                                      *
*       THE REACTIONS ON ISSUE 6       *
*                                      *
issue 6 seems to have pleased a lot of  
people! i didn't get many letters, but i
can see that people have been voting for
fatal news! it took the 3rd place in the
mag COOCOC! it would please me a lot if 
you all sent me your opinion about the  
magasine!        FATAL NEWS             
anyway i would like to answer on one    
reaction i got from  a guy in vision!   
he didn't like the thing i wrote about  
*  i meant the old version that was made
   by ralph(ex-alphaflight).in his 'mag'
   you could read about invented sex    
   problems and get his answers! so i'll
   appologise but you (headslaughter)   
   must do the same because i also was  
   right! anyway thanx for voting! send 
   me your next issue of love'n'sex !   


here comes the latest news for you! hope
they come in handy! want your line open 
for fatal news? give me a call on this  
nr  XXXXXXXXXXX and ask for john! now   
let's get on with it!                   
* stanz was kicked out of triad so he   
  rejoined dynamix again!               
* antitrack and big ben, both ex-cosmos 
  joined legend!                        
* codex left the 64 scene for getting in
  to some serious hacking(ed.hope you'll
  back soon pal,you're welcome any time)
* danko and adolf(ex.toad)joined censor!
* walker/paragon was the first swede to 
  get busted for swapping.              
* rooster and tamtrax left warriors of  
  time and joined bonzai (ed. i'm not   
  100% sure about this!)                
* drax/vibrants joined bonzai. so he's  
  now in both the groups. kwon left     
  flash inc and joined bonzai too.      
* madman(ex-glenn/g*p(?))rebuilt tristar
  together with thargon(ex-old-tristar) 
  and design (ex-lazer hq germany).     
* laxity left maniacs of noise to join  
* viper and twilight left UA +joined the
  new built group 'occult'.viper changed
  handle to 'sacrilege'. other members  
  are: rap mc, hades and shinobi.       
* ninja left genesis*projekt and later  
  he decided to leave the c64 scene.    
* the board disintegration is up again! 
* wares tango will be up in two weeks.  
* genesis*projekt were kicked out from  
  the board diskshoppe,because of goblin
  doing to many leeches and not posting 
  any messages!                         
* the silver surfer/hotline is back in  
  the scene!                            
* sting/paramount got busted by the cops
* sledge(the sysop of wares aquarium)   
  joined dynamix! so wares aquarium is  
  now a dynamix board!                  
* unifier joined flash inc and released 
  his new demo!                         
* the censor hallowen party is cancelled
  .the reason was some that some amiga  
  guys were to lazy to fix the party    
the news were a few. but still ii think 
they were better than the last time!    
special thanx to pyle/crazy for the news
given on the conferance!                
send your news and rumours to  :        
     FATAL NEWS                         

charts of the month

the top 14 CODING groups of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.CREST            02   084  w-germany 
02.bonzai           --   055  denmark   
03.origo            --   050  finland   
04.megastyle inc    03   044  norway    
05.horizon          01   041  sweden    
06.panoramic design 14   038  norway    
07.cosmos design    07   030  austria   
08.flash inc        09   029  sweden    
09.light            11   022  sweden    
==.blackmail        04   022  holland   
11.knickers         --   014  w-germany 
12.beyond force     --   011  finland   
13.rising           --   010  sweden    
14.ruthless         --   009  holland   
the top 14 CRACKING groups of the MONTH 
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.DOMINATORS       05   079  denmark   
02.ikari+talent     01   076  england+dk
03.genesis*projekt  02   065  w-germany 
04.legend           03   059  belgium   
05.illusion+atc     04   055  norway+usa
06.crazy            --   038  w-germany 
==.paramount        --   038  w-germany 
08.extasy           06   034  finland+dk
09.f4cg             09   032  belg+italy
10.x-factor         --   017  denmark   
11.class            --   015  denmark   
12.holocaust        --   013  holland+dk
13.action           11   010  w-germany 
14.transcom         14   009  france    
the top 5 MAGASINES                     
mag'n'groupname    pli   PTS   country  
01.mamba/crazy      --   029  w-germany 
02.sex'n'crime/amok --   025  w-germany 
03.corruption/atg   --   019  holland   
04.slowpoke/wot     --   006  norway    
==.coococ/dynamix   --   006  w-germany 
the top 5 TRADING groups of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.genesis*projekt  --   035  w-germany 
==.dominators       --   035  denmark   
03.legend           --   026  belgium   
04.f4cg             --   024  belg+italy
05.x-factor         --   023  denmark   
the top 5 SINGLE CODERS of the MONTH    
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.kjer/horizon     --   022  sweden    
02.crossbow/crest   --   015  w-germany 
03.flamingo/light   --   008  sweden    
04.zodiac/flash     --   007  sweden    
==.mr.cursor        --   007  w-germany 
the top 5 SINGLE CRACKERS of the MONTH  
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.doc/ikari+talent --   017  denmark   
02.snacky/genesis   --   014  w-germany 
03.tycoon/light     --   009  sweden    
04.pwp/legend       --   006  belgium   
==.dogfriend/dom    --   006  denmark   
the top 5 GRAPHICIANS of the MONTH      
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.h.d./di-art/bml  --   011  holland   
==.bizzmo/g*p       --   011  w-germany 
03.vip/crest        --   008  w-germany 
04.orc/di-art/bml   --   007  holland   
05.kwon/bonzai      --   006  denmark   
the top 5 COMPOSERS of the MONTH        
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.drax/vibrants    --   023  denmark   
02.jch/vibrants     --   020  denmark   
03.laxity/vibrants  --   011  denmark   
04.link/vibrants    --   010  denmark   
==.deek/vibrants    --   010  england   
i also checked the versions of BACK to  
the FUTURE part 2! here they are:       
cracked by      date   number    number 
 in date                 of        of   
  ORDER                BLOCKS   TRAINERS
01.ikari+talent 31/8    642          +++
02.class        31/8    654             
03.legend       31/8    659          +++
04.genesis      31/8    662       ++++++
05.censor       06/9    652           ++
06.light        --/-    554         ++++
07.triad        --/-    615        +++++
08.x-factor     --/-    645         ++++
09.dominators   --/-    654          +++
10.f4cg         --/-    667          +++
11.transcom     --/-    680         ++++
best game of the previous month was:    
PUFFYS SAGA by ubi-soft.                
the most popular usa.bbs was:           
WARES CASTLE                            
best demo of the previous month was:    
TOUR DE FORCE coded by origo.           
only a few guys voted this time, but i  
still think the charts are quite fair ! 
some comments about the diffrent charts:
in the coding charts we got:the hotshots
this week are 02.bonzai and 03.origo.the
decadent groups this week are 05.horizon
and 09.blackmail. so keep on voting .   
in the cracker chart we got:the hotshots
are 06.paramount and 06.crazy, they are 
both in on sixth place after their coops
broke up! the highest normal climber was
01.dominators that entered from the 5th 
place. 07.nato,08.fairlight and 12.triad
didn't make it this month!              
PLI=  place last month                  
00.=  which position they have or had.  
PTS=  points                            
vote for the next issue. / FATAL NEWS / 


welcome to the reviews of this month!   
this time i'll review the following     
movies: another 48 hours, TOTAL RECALL  
and the teenage mutant ninja turtles.   
if you've seen a good movie then just   
make a review of it and send it to me!  
the adress is as always: FATAL NEWS,    
my phone line is also open for new and  
interesting ideas! just dial XXXXXXXXXXX
and ask for JOHN ! interested in having 
your phone line open for FATAL NEWS? if 
you are just give me a call! i'd like   
to the first review 'ANOTHER 48 HOURS' .
this movie was more like a TV FILM, the 
story wasn't that good! the movie is    
slow and you can guess yourself to the  
next incident! the only good part of the
film is     'EDDIE MURPHY'      with his
sick jokes! the story is about a police 
played by 'NICK NOLTE'. he's hunting a  
drug dealer by the name 'ICE-MAN'. After
a failed bust he finds out that there's 
a contract put on an ex-convict. this   
convict played by 'EDDIE MURPHY' hates  
'NICK',because he has been doing time   
for a thing he was inocent to.'EDDIE' is
still the only clue to 'ICE-MAN'........
                        FATAL RATING 37%
the second review is about the movie :  
a new wave of crime is striking all the 
streets of NEW YORK. the police are on  
the wrong track. what can save NEW YORK 
now? one day a helpless victim gets in  
the way. but she gets rescued by someone
or something.the only trace it leaves is
a small ninja sword! could this be the  
rescue of NEW YORK. this film is very   
cool and reminds a lot of the film      
HOWARD THE DUCK. it'smore like a comedy 
movie filled up with action. this film  
was made by the founder of the muppet   
show , you know KERMIT? god bless him as
he died this spring.                    
                        FATAL RATING 65%
the third review and last is about:     
           TOTAL RECALL                 
a man by the name DOUG QUAD is totally  
crazy about MARS.he hasn't normal dreams
about MARS,he has kinghtmares. one day  
when his on the way to work he hears an 
advertisement about RECALL 'that makes  
you go on your 'dream' vacation with out
have beeing their. something goes wrong 
and DOUG gets an attack and.............
this is ARNOLDS best movie so far!if you
love action,this movie is a must for you
. go and see it, you wont regret it! see
it on a cinema because it's a typical   
cinema movie:                           
                        FATAL RATING 91%
hope you liked the reviews this time.   
next issue i'll start reviewing demoes  
and games to. so if you make a demo just
send it to me. if you want to review a  
film you're welcome. just send it to :  
         /   FATAL NEWS   /             
        /   XXXXXXXXXXXX /              
       / XXXXXXXXXXXXXX /               


this interview is with dr.cool/censor!  
the interview was made over phone and   
written to english by me john !         
'j/f'=john/fatal news                   
'D/C'=dr.cool/censor design             
first some facts about dr.cool/censor!  
first group:triad                       
age: 18, 19 in december.                
favourite movie: the hitcher            
favourite comic: donald duck            
favourite food : lasagne                
favourite demogroup(ever): level 99 ind.
favourite demogroup(today):bonzai       
favourite crackers(ever): the papillons 
favourite crackers(today): hard to tell 
'j/f' how did your computer carer start?
'D/C' my father gave me a computer at   
      christmas. i didn't like computing
      but my father forced me to use it.
'j/f' what is your major task in censor?
'D/C' i'm a swapper. i'm also on modem. 
'j/f' what do you think about the scene?
'D/C' it's ok. but to little stuff. and 
      to few elites. and to many lamers!
'j/f' how do you want the scene to be ? 
'D/C' more stuff. more elites and more  
      old legends rejoining the scene ! 
'j/f' what do you think of the us.scene?
'D/C' to few wares. and to many lamers! 
'j/f' who are your best friends ?       
'D/C' all the censor members. and some  
      of my contacts.                   
'j/f' who do you hate most in the scene?
'D/C' stanz/dynamix or aaron/fairlight. 
'j/f' your future plans?                
'D/C' to survive the new laws coming the
      1th of october'n'get more girlies.
'j/f' are you really a skinhead?        
'D/C' yes, i am! a djug]rds skinhead.   
'j/f' so are you a nazi too?            
'D/C' no, but i love my country, sweden!
'j/f' what do you think of the discmags?
'D/C' some are just pure propaganda.    
      others are just made to be spread!
'j/f' how can they be changed?          
'D/C' copy fatal news! (ed. thanx!)     
'j/f' something more you would like to  
      say to our readers?               
'D/C' whatch out for 'crazy' censor on  
      the next denmark party!           
'j/f' bye!                              
'D/C' l8er                              

yellow pages

here are the yellow pages! some guys    
wanted their addy here!                 
      * only for elite groups! *        
     * for the hottest trading! *       
*  want to buy hot originals, intros,  *
* grafix and music?or simply just want *
*  to swap  with someone in RUTHLESS!  *
* for LEGAL swapping,for rap music and *
* hip hop music swap! also if you have *
* a cheap 2400  bauds modem to sell me *
      * for the hottest trading! *      
      * for the hottest trading! *      
  *  wares aquarium/dynamix 24h/day  *  
XXXXXXXXXXX    sysop:sledge/dynamix     
 2400 baud   cosysop:stanz/dynamix      
      * for the hottest trading! *      
 *  attraction/censor design 24h/day  * 
XXXXXXXXXXX    sysop:shark/censor       
 2400 baud   cosysop:---------          
  *  testure/censor  design 24h/day  *  
XXXXXXXXXXX    sysop:psycho/censor      
 2400 baud   cosysop:crt/censor         
this were all advertisements fatal news 
had to offer for this time. do you want 
your adress in the next issue? if then  
just send your votes and news, and you  
must answer on abnormal life! to this   
              FATAL NEWS                
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