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well,it's almost 2:30 and finally i got 
expansion iffl working(yeeeeah???)anyway
we're back on the road with expansion   
issue 3 (all happy people cheer!!!)     
in a few moments the almighty leader of 
the ever lasting warriors of wasteland  
will speak to all you hungry freaks!    
but before einstein will speak to you   
you'll have to stick with me,topic!     
so i'll give you the usual crap first!  
(oh noooo!creditz!)                     
credits for 'expansion' go to:          
coding,gfx+chars : TOPIC/WOW            
music by COAX/TOPAZ!!                   
the music in the intro was done by DA-1 
of VERDICT!                             
so much for the creditz,hereare the     
addresses you should send your demos,   
cracks and addy's to:                   
(TOPIC/WOW)           (BULLSEYE/WOW)    
and now the great moment arrived!all    
rise for the true prophet and leader of 
yo,take da kiezzzzz dude....            
well, be again happy to see this lovely 
mag released under the WOW label!...    
much (stupid) rumours have been going   
around about the wow but we're back and 
we'll rise and kick (he topic?).        
anyway, i've said it before and i'll    
say it again:'WOW bussiness are OUR     
anyway, i'm this on a lonely hot summer 
morning... at the silicon party!...     
it's quite nice in here but the energy  
has been fading away after the strip-   
tease came...(all jerking off in the    
anyway, i'm surrounded by alien animals 
who forced me into typing this so what  
can i do?                               
well, if everything works out we'll be  
able to show more (and not so delayed   
ones) demos in the near future!...      
anyway, no promises because they mostly 
are broken!... so....                   
anyway, there once was a day that i     
loved to type these sorts of things but 
times change,people change,habits change
... in short: everything changes!...    
still: FRIENDSHIP rulez! no matter what 
some assholes say!....                  
shit, i'm tired!                        
i hope you all get our '3 years' demo...
which was elected first at the silicon  
party but after a lot of cheating we    
ended somewhere at the end!.... (lame!) 
the last thing i'll say is see you the  
next time and enjoy the king of kings   
who're now hitting the keys!.... c-u!   
wow!some cruel jokes there from einstein
!or is he just to tired to admit our    
3 years demo wasn't worth a first place?
(i told him we should pay them more!)   
anyway,i hope you enjoyed the words of  
our beloved(??) leader and that you'll  
understand his BELGIUM humour!          
(he he!)                                
patrick is nearly falling asleep now and
i guess he'll make up all kind of lame  
excuses for that!(i'm just kidding dude)
well,time to catch some more inspiration
by drinking some more beer!             
(belgium beers rule!!!)                 
dandy/heatwave is now crapping that     
bange broze blije bas broers is soooo   
tired that he wants to stop coding for  
their demo(which will be kick ass,i bet!
anyway,this text is getting lame so i'll
suck a point to it!....                 
there's a time to party and a time to   
rest!my time has come,but i'll be back  
in the next chapter,kicking in full     
effect,ruling your screen!              
press fire to return to main-menu,dude!!
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