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              demo reviews              
only a few demos reached us this month  
and we'll review them for you here!since
we can't get any possible demo released 
YOU should send it to us if you want it 
reviewed inhere!send to:                
TOPIC/WOW            BULLSEYE/WOW       
please don't put any handle on the env.!
also ENCLOSE A STAMP if you want your   
disk savely returned!                   
the first demo i'll review here was done
by a very active group indeed!          
the intro is the usual one with that    
funny scroll.nothing special yet.       
than we get the introduction part with a
nice hires piccy of a cross.inside it a 
text is showed and the name of the demo 
comes on the screen later.nice music and
the FIRST PART contains a hires picture 
and joystick controlled sprites and big 
balls(BOBS??)a big single color scroller
pukes out some text and each char has   
it's own color.very nice indeed.and on  
we go!while loading you see a bouncing  
logo over a picture.again a very cool   
one!the music relaxes you and with good 
hope we wait till loading is finished!  
the SECOND PART is a 2 PLAYER GAME!some 
sprites over a background a zap your    
partner to bits!HURRAAAAY!(i bet he's   
gone crackers!ed.)                      
on the top of the screen as usual a cool
hires piccy and the tune on this part is
really amazing!                         
on the THIRD PART we find a 3 color logo
with a fli-sprite flying over it.below  
that we see 128 BOBS with a lot of cool 
animations!at the bottom we see some    
neat mountains.                         
PART 4 has 2 turning dypp(?) scrollers  
and ofcoz an hires picture.sometimes you
see a line following a char becoz it's  
to big(i guess...)anyway,the scrollers  
are hard to read but very cool indeed!! 
the LAST PART has a fullscreen picture  
with a spritescroll over it.it gives you
the credits,etc.                        
all in all the demo didn't bore for a   
moment and has some cool code,grafix and
music.if you don't get this demo soon   
you'll feel sad for the rest of your    
some PERSONALL marks:                   
           coding : 8                   
           grafix : 9                   
           music  : 10                  
           design : 8                   
           overall: 8.75                
the next demo we'll review is also from 
a dutch group.(who said that holland is 
lazy 'n' lame!)                         
this demo is only a grafix demo and un- 
fortunatly nothing more.                
the grafix by REBEL MC are of a very    
high standard and so is the music of    
DEFBEAT.too bad they used the demo to   
slag at FOCUS.i know they(focus) are big
boasters but that shouldn't be a reason 
to slag on them.anyway,the demo is cool 
and for people who like grafix demos it 
is a demo worth to have in your discbox!
i won't give points for it becoz the    
code would make this demo go below the  
high overall mark the gfx and music     
but luckily their next demo will be     
released in 2 or 3 months and i hope it 
will be a kick ass one!                 
in many magazines you can read that the 
australian scene is lame.ofcoz every    
scene has it's lamers and so has the    
land of oz.(funny,don't you think?that  
reminds me of this fairy tale...ehrm....
adventures in the dark?naaah....well,for
get it!ed.)                             
but now i have seen something so lame   
that i nearly got an heartattack by     
whaching it.it's a demo by a new ozzy   
group,FUTURE DIVISION and it's called   
NOT BAD.well,i think they chose a good  
name but they forgot to finish it.      
the correct name should have been:      
NOT BAD but extremly shitty and lame!   
the demo starts with a screen with some 
text swinging from left to right and    
changing colors.they used a big charset 
for the logos.then the 2nd part is load-
ed and again we see that charset.in the 
whole demo they've used THREE different 
charsets!and the amazing amount of(don'T
scare) one logo!!woooow!and than i have 
not even discussed the code!it is really
terrible.only the last part has someting
else then a normal scroll'n'logo part!  
it has a dypp!(done with sprites,i think
ed.)well,i'm feeling sick again so lets 
get the marks on the screen:            
           coding :2                    
           grafix :2                    
           music  :7                    
           design :2                    
the 4th and last demo reviewed this time
is made by SHADE DESIGN and is called:  
SONIC TEMPLE.this canadian demo is one  
of the best i've seen in a while from   
the overseas dudes.                     
THE INTRO starts with a 3color shadelogo
bouncing a few times on the screen.after
it's gone you see a cool hires picture  
of an explosion with the name of the    
demo infront of it.the picture was made 
by CHAOS,who made most of the gfx for   
this demo.on the top of the screen is a 
4x4 scroll with 6 colors.all is neatly  
designed and the music by REPLAY is very
cool indeed.                            
PART 1 contains a DYBP scroll and a low 
quality picture of a girl.the shade pic 
however is very colourfull indeed.the   
scroll goes a bit slow,but is good to   
read.and again the music was done by    
replay(yeah,ofcoz,you dummy!he made all 
the music for this demo!ed.)            
the 2ND. PART had a pleasant surprise!  
is of a very high quality!on the right  
side of the screen is a multicolored    
spritescroll which goes in a circle!    
in PART 3 we see 2 DYCPING logos(one at 
the top and one at the bottom).between  
them is a shade logo,which changes color
every now and then.under the shade logo 
is a 1x1 scroll and left of the logo is 
a dycping sprite upscroll.(with the same
1x1 char).                              
PART 4 shows a shade logo which expands 
in the X when the beat of the tune is   
used.below the logo a huge 3 colorscroll
with different speeds.                  
PART 5 has a plotter at the top of the  
screen.below that are two 2x2 scrollers 
(singlecolor) and at the bottome of the 
screen is a nice hires picture with some
sprites bouncing over it.the plotter can
be controlled with your joystick!       
THE END part shows a huge 3 color logo  
swinging at the top of the screen.a 1x2 
scroller below it can have different,   
with the joystick chosen,texts.         
the screen is a bit empty,but who carez!
all in all this is a cool demo,with some
HIGH QUALITY tunes from REPLAY.i think  
this demo is worth of your votes!!!!!   
the marks of this CANADIAN demo:        
             coding : 9                 
             grafix : 8                 
             music  : 8                 
             design : 7                 
             overall: 8.00              
the next demo i'll review for you is a  
cooperation demo from TDU and MYSTIC and
is called MUTILATION.                   
inspite of the earlier (and much lamer) 
reviewed ozzy demo this one isn't really
that bad.anyway,lets get going...       
THE INTRO has a tdu logo at the top and 
a mystic logo at the bottom.between the 
two logos is a dycp.the logos look a bit
lame,but who carez?                     
the 1ST.PART contains of a digi.on the  
screen is only some text and nothing    
else.i think that's because the digi is 
quite long.the digi was made by MAXELL  
and STASH and is a bit too fast made.   
the SECOND PART is another rather empty 
one.it has a FULLSCREEN single color    
scroll with some sprites flying over it.
the char looks like shit and so does    
this part!                              
the 3RD. and LAST part has a funny hires
picture and a cool single pixel f.l.d.  
scroller.there are a few tricks you can 
do with the scroll but due to the 1x1   
char it doesn't make this too cool to   
look at.                                
after looking at the demo i think that  
if they would have taken more time to   
fill the screens more this demo would   
have been much and much better.         
here are the marks....                  
             coding :6                  
             grafix :4                  
             music  :7 (cool digi!)     
             design :4                  
and on we go!                           
the next demo is BIGGER THAN LIFE-THE   
RETURN by the isrealy-section of THE    
it has been a long while since i had    
seen something from them,but enough crap
,lets get going!                        
THE INTRO has at the top a 'force' logo 
with 'the' in sprites swinging over it. 
below that is some text and two 1x1     
scrollers.the music is by SCS and is    
very nice indeed!                       
PART 1 is a changing vector part.some   
tekst is given and a nice tune is play- 
ing.this part looks a bit empty,but i   
guess thats becoz of the vectors.       
PART 2 has a 4x4 scroll at the top.below
that is a 'force' logo (in sprites?) and
behind it you can see mountains and some
planets swinging.the scroll is joystick 
controlled and different texts cab be   
put in it.nice tune by SCS again!       
PART 3 has at the top 3 split rasters   
and flying over them are some STRECHING 
sprites,which also go through all the   
borders!below that are 6 split rasters  
with an expanded spritescroll trough the
side border over it.as usual a cool tune
by the Sid Chip Scratchers!!            
PART 4,the end part.at the top of the   
screen a single pixel fld logo with     
behind it some changing text which gives
the credits,etc.below that are 2 4x4    
scrollers.i found this part the best!!! 
well,when you see the demo it sometimes 
looks a bit empty and fast made.thats   
too bad because the music is really cool
(vote for SCS,they deserve it!)         
o.k.here are my personall marks!        
             coding :  8                
             grafix :  7                
             music  : 10                
             design :  4                
             overall: 7.25              
and the last demo of this month is....  
no crap,here's the review straight away!
the INTRO has at the top a logo with a  
spritescroll over it.below this is a    
cool picture which they ripped from     
MYTH.there are some sprites going over  
the picture.at the bottom is a textout- 
put.(movieflasher,bangtext,whatever you 
call it.ed.)                            
after pressing space you get a irq-load-
er which means entertainment while wait-
ing for the next part.cool!             
PART 1 shows tubes at the top and at the
bottom of the screen.below the top tube 
is a 2x2 scroller and below that is a   
big,singlcolor cocktail logo with some  
sprite balls behind it.below the logo   
are three 1x1 scrollers and a line of   
text.(this part would have made a great 
intro!but as a demopart it's ....!ed.)  
PART 2 has a single pixel fld scroller  
with some nice effects.below the scroll 
is a 1x1 textoutput and at the bottom is
a cocktail logo.                        
PART 3 gives us at the top an ALCOHOLICS
logo with rasters in it,which moves     
horizontal.below that is text and 2 non-
scrolling dycp's which say 'alcoholics' 
flying over the text is a flisprite.    
at the bottom a big scroller with some  
rasters in it.(they try to make it look 
like FLI,but only lamers would believe  
PART 4 has a big mirror DYCP with some  
equilizers behind it.at the bottom of   
the screen is a COOL alc logo with 2    
heads.this part was my favorite!!       
cool grafix,by the way,by CRIME DE'SIGN!
PART 5 has at the top and at the bottom 
a dycp with 'cocktail' in sprites behind
them.between that is an alcoholics logo 
which flashes once in a while.the part  
is finished with a very cool(but also   
very often used)tune from JEROEN TEL.   
THE END part has at the top a logo and  
the rest of the screen is filled with   
an upscroller which gives you some credz
for the demo.                           
while watching the demo i sometimes got 
the idea it was great,and sometimes that
it was an introcollection.they should   
have left some parts out,but who am i   
to tell???                              
here are the marks...                   
            coding : 6                  
            grafix : 8                  
            music  : 7 (cool j.t. tune!)
            design : 6                  
            overall: 6.75               
well,this was(finally)the last demo i   
had to review.please notice that the    
marks given are my PERSONALL opinion and
that,if you don't agree,you can stuff it
in your ass!(ha!show 'em dude!ed.)      
anyway,we try our best to be as object- 
ive as possible,but we do have our own  
taste etc.                              
please send your demos and we'll review 
them!also remember to send your addy.   
sending is all you need to do to have   
it placed,so come on and send!!         
press fire....                          
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