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   welcome in the crack review part!    
i know this is a rip off of triads cool 
mag 'GAMERS GUIDE' so don't bother me   
with comments.this time i only have six 
games and few different versions but i  
hope you'll all send your cracks to me  
so you can see who's the best.if you do 
send a disk please ENCLOSE A STAMP so i 
can return your disk.(otherwise it'll be
to expensive for me!)                   
some explanations....                   
      ↑ means that you've done something
        good(4 example a fix)           
      ↓ means something bad!(4 example a
        double cheat)                   
the best version will be shown by using 
the nice COLOUR EFFECTS !               
well,nothing more to explain.lets have  
some gamez...                           
PARANOIMIA from double density          
cracker+group    blocks    trainers     
humanoid/wow     82        +2h          
ENJOY/BONZAI     84        +3h          
x-ray           111        +5h          
(the disc with the x-ray version was a  
 bit bugged so i don't know who cracked 
well,another game from the so-called    
lame on,magic shit and so on.if they are
so lame,why does everybody crack it ??  
STONE EDGE from twice effect            
cracker+group    blocks    trainers     
---/cross        169       +2           
TOPIC/WOW        196       +4           
CROSS had the FIRST release.cross also  
left out the instruction screen.that's  
why there is a 27 blocks difference.the 
instr.file in my version is 30 blocks so
at the moment this is the best version!!
(if you have complains,send your version
 to me!)                                
THE GILDED AGE from double density      
cracker+group   blocks trainers files   
mansell/classic 267    ---      9       
CRYSAGNON/X-RAY 269    +4↑      2(iffl) 
---/stash       289    +2       10      
↑ in x-ray's version you go back after  
  looking at the endsequence.           
  also the game was iffl packed.cool!!  
SKULL AND CROSSBONES from domark        
cracker+group    blocks trainers files  
rockstar/victims 305    ---      20     
M+C/ALPHAFLIGHT  324    +2       20     
although this game isn't worth training 
martin+crhis did it.if you don't want da
trainers,you can always skip 'em!(right?
i guess so!trainers are cool!)          
SCOOBY DOO 'N' SCRAPPY DOO from ....    
cracker+group    blocks trainers files  
crush/bonzai     208    +2       2(iffl)
XXX+STING/I+T    209    +4       2(iffl)
in the bonzai version the piccy was not 
included in the game.i counted becoz it 
IS part of the game.without the piccy da
lenght was 185 blocks.both versions have
iffl.cool!(can any of u readers SEND or 
SELL me an IFFL PACKER ??thanx!)        
WILDFIRE from mega industries           
cracker+group    blocks trainers files  
INFINITY/X-RATED 166    +7h      5      
wizvis/decade    170    +7h      5      
???/verdict      177    +6h      5      
VERDICT had the FIRST release on this 1!
as you all know by know we are talking  
about the REAL game,not the STOLEN pre- 
view from ANTICHRIST/GENESIS!!          
well,this was all in this chapter.i hope
you'll all send your versions to me.    
enclose a stamp if you want your disk   
back.these versions will stay 4 1 month!

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