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           THE OWNER'S CORNER           
 seriously you are surprised that there 
 is one more issue of the one you liked 
  for the last two years and hopefully  
   still do in the new year of 1993!    
  most of you sure heard something of   
    the rumor that there will be no     
      emanuelle and no world news!      
  as you also know BLACK PRIEST joined  
        from cross to fairlight.        
   fact is that this will be the last   
  issue with my own coded main-menue!   
 anyway i improved and changed the code 
 again so that nobody can complain now? 
 i haven't done anything for emanuelle  
 the last 4 month and so i was not that 
much surprised as bacchus told me on the
camelot party in denmark that emanuelle 

 stopped kickin and so he wanted to put 
  black priest and me together to do a  
        new and better magazine.        
    but as i like the basic idea of     
 emanuelle and i want to keep it alive  
 i offered him to give me a chance and  
               so he did.               
    this issue of emanuelle will be     
compared with the mag which black priest
 is going to do and the better one will 
  i got a new co-editor whose name is   
            BULLDOG OF PADUA            
  together i think emanuelle can kick   
         again for the future!          
enough of this story, i think i've bored
          you enough for now.           

 for this issue the credits looks like  
 coding is completely done by AYATOLLAH 
 the graphix in the main-menue are done 
 by the master himself - OGAMI          
 the charset in the main-menue was      
 taken from a demo of THE LORDS         
 emanuelle logo in the text-output is   
 done by RANGER                         
 the music by JEFF of CAMELOT (thanx!)  
 and the charset for the text by SMB of 
 THE ANCIENT TEMPLE                     
 responsibility for the written text    
 will be taken by bulldog and ayatollah 
 this was it for the credits just to    
 keep you informed about everything!    

 the steering of the whole thing goes   
 like that                              
 in the MAIN part:                      
 joy #2 up and down to change chapter   
 joy #2 button to load the selected     
 in the TEXT part:                      
 joy #2 up and down to go a page back   
 or further!                            
 press '+' or '-' for the same as joy   
 up and down.                           
 press 'return' to go back to MAIN-part 
 not so difficult, isn't it??           

   this issue is one of the less ones   
  which is spread completely with the   
   votesheets and the special covers    
      please return the votesheets      
   you can write your articles on the   
        backside of the sheets!         
   and send everything which might be   
    of interest for the magazine to:    
         AYATOLLAH OF FAIRLIGHT         
             XXXXXX XXXXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXXXXX X             
            X - XXXX   XXXXX            
    or call: ++XX - XXXX  - XX X XX     

  a big thanx for helping me finishing  
    and getting some hot news to the    
    following guys listed down here     
          bacchus of fairlight          
          sledge of fairlight           
     3star of warriors of wasteland     
         action jackson of trc          
    and all the others who sent the     
   press return and enjoy reading the   
         rest of this magazine          
         emanuelle - issue #12          
    release date at 1st march 1993!     


         EVERYTHING NEW FOR YOU         
    i hope you can find something of    
  interest for you because i tried my   
       best to get some hot news!       
  i got a lot of help by 3star of wow   
          and FAIRLIGHT'S ehq           
            WAREZ AQUARIUM!             
 - there was a big meeting 2 weeks ago  
   in stockholm at the premiere of the  
   movie 'SNEAKERS'. 160 people showed  
   up and all old legendary hackers     
   were there (more in a report later   
   in this issue!)                      
 - rad joined the ruling company as a   
   coder, cracker and swapper. he is    
 - witty/wow joind lithium as 2nd group 

 - cure died. two members will do some  
   games the others left the scene.     
 - COLLECTOR/visual re-entered the scene
   and joined body-count. body count is 
   a new australian group.              
 - BETRAYER rebuild his old group       
   'xentrix' and released a new demo.   
 - CHIEF of padua was kicked out due to 
   his lazyness.                        
 - chris of xentrix (who made the music 
   for bubble dizzy) wasn't paid for his
   work from sonny graffits!            
 - BRAKERS/x-rated joind rsi!           
 - CEVIN/extacy joined vision           
 - culture is now a magazine from       

 - b-code is a new group built up by    
   3-star of wow. 888 (a slowenian guy) 
   and einstein already joined.         
   they are still searching for members 
 - WOLF of vision joined f4cg           
 - the reaper finally quitted so stop   
   sending to him! (only for VHS!!)     
 - AMAROK was kicked out of oxyron and  
   joined topaz.                        
 - dr. disc joined armageddon           
 - REMIX of clique joined crystal on the
   amiga. he wrote a pretty nice and    
   objective article in scene-talk 3    
   (an amiga magazine!) where he defends
   the 64 (right way, man!!)            
 - STRIDER of fairlight is living in the
   us for some time (or forever??)      

 - neodyne projects (gamesection of     
   rizing) just got game #3 called      
   'xpoise' sold to double density.     
   the first two games called           
   'patternia' and 'metdodos' were      
    pulished in the cp-verlag discmag   
   game on #12/92  and #01/93           
 - tsr and parallax (aussie) became     
   some kind of co-op but consists of   
   friendship and is not merged together
 - bitnapper of comic pirates sent a    
   gun to uptonogood of tsr. now        
   uptonogood has got heavy troubles    
   because the laws of guns in          
   australia are a bit strange and the  
   police thinks now he is doing some   
   kind of serious gunrunning!          
   he might get into prison (?)         
 - there is a new oz group called       
 - strobe/wow joined lithium too!       

 - deluxe/lithium has left lithium to   
   start his own group.                 


               THE CHARTS               
 due to the mess in my room and also to 
 my lazyness i don't think it would be  
  ok if i take some votesheets and put  
             in the charts!             
   if you want to get real objective    
    charts contact me or any other      
      dealer and he will send you       
        the new magazine called         
    press 'return' to get back again    


  since the last issue was released 3   
 months ago i can't guarantee that you  
    can find all addies i got here.     
 reason: my room looks terrible at the  
 moment and i can't find anymore papers 
       with written down addies.        
i anyway hope you will NOT be too angry 
      and just send it once more!       
  you have also got the possibility to  
 make some serious and comercial spots  
                in here.                
 anyway take a look in here and read it 
 carefully, there might be some addies  
       you wanted ever so long!!        

   ANTITRACKS modified version of the   
 darksqueezer got badly spreaded by a   
 unknown or known (?) guy and as it is  
  now impossible for him to earn money  
   with this real great tool he makes   
 an advertisement for all those who are 
using this incredible packer or want it!
 if you really apreciate his work send  
    him $10,-- to the adress below.     
    as he got really heavy financial    
 problems it would be cool to know that 
  there are still real FRIENDS in the   
           scene out there!!            
          ANTITRACK OF LEGEND           
           XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX            
          XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX          
               XXXX  XXXX               

   another comercial for you is from    
          BACCHUS of fairlight          
   i actually don't know if he still    
 needs what is coming downunder but it  
 is a week ago he was still searching!  
     if you have got an AT- or SCSI     
    harddisk for a reasonable price     
              call him at               
       this were two comercials!        
  i hope those two dudes get what they  
  want and we (emanuelle) helped a bit  
   supposed to come right now are the   
        normal contact adresses!        

 cruze/LITHIUM       - latest lithium   
 X XXXXXXXX XXXXXX                      
 master jog/EX-SUNRISE                  
 '2 live crew'       - also amiga       
 XXXXXXXXXXX         - latest 64!!      
 XXXX XXXXXXXX X                        
 XXXXXXX             - 100% reply       
 mj/MANIAX           - FRIENDSHIP       
 XXXXX XXXXX         - grafx/orries!    
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                  

 woise/MANIAX         - MIRACLE         
 XXXXXX XXXXXX        - long letters    
 XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XX  - elite prefered! 
 XXX XX XXXXXX                          
 riddler/ACRISE       - for swapping    
 XXXX XXXXX           - call:           
 XXXXXXX XX             ++XX/XXX/XXXXX  
 XXX XX XXXXX                           
 marvel/DEATH         - on envelope     
 XXXXXXXXX XXX        - swap and gfx!   
 XXX XX XXXXX X                         

 acidchild/INDIJENTS  - latest stuff    
                        (legal prefered)
 XXXXXXX XXXX         - beermates       
                      - techno, house   
 XXXX-XXXXX-XXX. XX     and acid-tapes  
 X-XXXX  XXXXXXX                        
 the syndrom/TIA                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX     - for swapping and
                        music orders!   
 XXXXXXXXXX. XX                         
 X-XXXX  XXXXXXX                        
 dense/RED SECTOR INC.                  
 rsi orie service     - fullprice $4    
 XXXXXXXXXXX          - budget $3       
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXX              - only 0 days old 

 uptonogood/TSR     - 64 swapping       
 XXXXX XXXXX        - 'the link'        
 XXX XXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXX    - t-shirts (euros)  
 XXX XXXXX XXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX     - friendship!       
 slayer/ORIGO DREAMLINE                 
 XXXXX XXX          - for amiga and 64! 
 XXXXXXXXXX X                           
 XXXXX XXXXXXX                          
 XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX  - goldrush hq       
 XXXXXXXXXXXX X/XX                      
 XX-XXX XXXXXXXX    - friendship        
                    - LONG LETTERS      

 XXXXXXX XX                             
 XXXX XXXXXXXX                          
                      - NO stampcheating
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 XXXXXXX XX, XXXXXX   - orries+releases 
 XXXX  XXXXXXX                          
 the torch/EPIC                         
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX       - 64 and amiga    
 XXXXXX. X                              
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX    - more contax!!   

 XXXX XXXXXXX         - 'nitro'         
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                    
 XXXX XX XXXXX (X)                      
 the doctor j/THE FORCE                 
 XXXXXXXX XX'X                          
 XXXXXXXX XXXXX       (ed. how can a    
 XXXXXX               guy from israel   
                      say MTV SUXX??)   
 XX XXXXXXX XX        - 'the link'      
 XXXXXXXX XXX                           
 XXXX XXXXXXXXX       - COOL friend!!   

 wolf/VISION      -  vhs/amiga/64       
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX   -  'coma!'            
 XXXX XXXXX                             
 XXXXXX XXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                 
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 daniel/S.C.S./THE FORCE/EPIC           
 X.X. XXX XXXXX   - musix for games     
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXX           - games orders (cheap)

 XXXXXXXXXXX X                          
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX  - only elite!!      
 XXXXXXXXX XX                           
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                      
 XX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX                 
 XXX XXX XXXXXXX                        

  this were the addies i found on the   
           floor of my room.            
   right now i can't guarantee that i   
haven't got everyone so please don't be 
           too angry at all!!           
 call the following:                    
 ++XX-XXX-XX X XX (warez aquarium)      
 ++XX-XXX-X-XXXX  (lost paradize)       
 ++X-XXX-XXX-XXXX (south of heaven)     
 ++X-XXX-XXX-XXXX (tunnel of wares)     
 ++1-614-pri-vate (planet aeris!)       
 -    press 'return' to get back!     - 

movie reviews!

   film review done by action-jackson   
  a special for emanuelle feb/mrt issue 
 this is action-jackson/trc on saturday 
 13 februar giving you this year's best 
 releases...    be prepared!            
 director:barry levinson                
 starring:robin williams,joan cusack..  
 in this bizarre hybrid of brazil and   
 willy wonka and the chocolate factory, 
 the hyperactive williams stars as les- 
 lie zevo, a toymaker trying to prevent 
 his demented uncle michael gambon from 
 converting the family toy factory into 
 an arms manufacturing plant. levinson, 
 who desperately needs a hit after the  
 twin disapppointments of avalon and    
 bugsy,has come bouncing back with this 
 wildly inventive,decidedly off-kilter  
 visual extravaganza that owes a huge   
 debt to tim burton.                    

 FOREVER YOUNG                          
 director:steve miner                   
 starring:mel gibson,jamie lee curtis   
 mel is the test pilot who,back in 1939 
 asks a scientist pal to cryogenically  
 freeze him after a car crash lands his 
 true love in a coma. 50 years later... 
 mel is defrosted by 2 pre-adolescents  
 who then help him track down the love  
 of his life. one for mel's fully paid- 
 up female fan club, complete with the  
 now obligatory butt shot, while miner  
 has obviously moved up in the world    
 since his special 3-d version of       
 friday the 13th part 3!                

 BODY OF EVIDENCE                       
 director:ulrich edel                   
 already dubbed basic instinct 2, this  
 hypercharged erotic thriller has ma-   
 donna getting her kit off yet again as 
 the woman accused of murdering her     
 lover through too much rumpo. dafoe is 
 the lawyer whose relationship with his 
 client takes a turn for the perverse   
 with the already infamous sequence     
 where madonna drips piping hot wax on  
 his chest during one of their many     
 torrid bedroom sessions. from contro-  
 versial edel, previously responsible   
 for last exit to brooklyn and          
 christaine f.                          

 director:renny harlin                  
 starring:sly stalone,janine turner e.m 
 in possibly the year's most expensive  
 movie, with a projected budget in ex-  
 cess of 75 million dollars, stalone    
 returns to the action-adventure arena  
 as the leader of a mountain rescue     
 team who loses his nerve after witnes- 
 sing a climber fall to her death and   
 is forced to overcome his fear when a  
 group of hi-tech fugitives take his ex 
 girlfriend hostage and head off into   
 the snowy peaks.                       

 INDECENT PROPOSAL                      
 director:adrian lyne                   
 starring:demi moore,robert redford and 
          woody harrelson.              
 this erotic thriller starring moore    
 and harrelson as the young couple in   
 vegas offered 1 million dollar by      
 powerful industrialist redford for     
 moore to sleep with him. moore could   
 do with a hit of her own,redfoYd is on 
 a roll after sneakers,while harrelson  
 needs most of all to prove that his    
 goofball cheers and white men can't    
 jump demeanour is really just an act!  

 yeah.. finally the end has come to dis 
 film corner! for more up-to-date news  
 about new releases and reviews on hot  
 movies read frontpage from trc!        
 see ya,                                
                   of the               
               ruling company           


  he got interviewed at the party 1992  
  arranged by camelot in samso/denmark  
all questions are asked by LIGHT MEMBERS
f=flamingo of light!                    
l=light crew (the interviewers!)        
l:do you enjoy fist fucking ?           
l:what's your real name?                
f:oskar stal                            
l:well flamingo,who rulez the scene?    
f:spiron of light is my main idol. he   
  codes much better then me and i adore 
  him. you know, i got his autograf once
  cool eh?                              

l:when will you release your next demo? 
f:i have about 23 finished parts(no!)   
  that i will release tomorrow.         
  no,i won't release anything for       
  some months.                          
l:when did you enter the scene,in       
  witch groups have you been until now? 
f:i started the scene in late 1988.     
  i've been in micro service,triad      
  and light where i am still in!!       
l:do you think you will kick zodiacs    
f:well,it's up to you but i have never  
  been special suprised by his creations
  i think he is a good coder though!    
  but not half as good as me!!          

l:sure he is.. by the way how old are   
f:i'm 18 years old and i still adore    
l:are you actice on other systems?      
f:i've made some small routines but     
  i wouldn't call myself active.        
l:do you kick ass?                      
f:no,but spiron does!!                  
l:why do all other light members        
  dominate you? are you to lazy or      
  offend them or simply a nice guy?     
f:they don't protect me i could get     
  heat by some evil mag editors!!!      

l:do you also work for companys to      
  get money or just 4 fun(light)??      
f:i don't work for any companys since   
  i'm to lazy.the hours i spend with    
  my computer per year wouldn't give    
  any money. so i just do it for fun.   
l:that's cool! do you think that the    
  c64 will still rule in the future     
  or will he go down like spectrum,     
  c16 etc.??                            
f:yes,it will probably go down sometime 
  but the c64 will always stay in our   
  minds as the worlds best friend !!!   
  (ed.you are right dude!!)             
l:hopefully! a question about your      
  history(again?):when did you start on 
  the c64? and why didn't you become a  
  swapper nor grafuckan?                

f:i started on the c64.i have swapped   
  but i have been to lazy for it!       
  it's so boring to send out disks!     
  paint gfx is just for guys who        
  haven't brain enuff to code(he he)    
  i leave things like painting to others
l:well,as we talked about this biiig    
  sweedish flag on the wall,what do     
  you think of this upcomming           
  natzionalism,nazism in europe???      
f:it's bad that this things has happend 
  but think it's just on temporcry      
l:yes! a question about your way of     
  living.do you do anything else than   
  computing? what?                      
f:i don't do anything serious (go to    
  school) mostly i spend time with      
  friends or my girlfriend. sometimes i 
  have to study but mostly i'm too lazy 
  for that aswell.                      

l:well as a dawn instinct is forcing    
  me to search for a toilet it's now    
  your chance to greet your dog,fish,   
  girlfriend(s) or anyone else and      
  thank you for this nice (and funny)   
  interview!!(should i print spirous    
  answers too?)                         
f:i would just like to great all my     
  cool friends in light and ofcourse    
  also my girlfriend is sitting at home 
  in stockholm waiting for me!!         
  see you all dudes and rule on the c64 
 i hope you had as much fun reading it  
         as we had making it!!          


         PRINCIPIES OF PACKERS          
  here you can find a pretty good and   
  detailed information how to program   
packers and crunchers by yourself. next 
    part can be read in issue #13!!     
 it was written by BACCHUS of FAIRLIGHT 
compression is something everyone in the
 scene knows at least something about.  
one of the things that pisses me off is 
the lack of standardization in the names
choosen for the method of compression.  
this time i'll explain everything you   
should know about                       
or char packing for short!              
examples on this category show a vast   
range of names:                         

ebc (equal byte compressor), zipper     
beeftrucker, charblaster, denser,       
rowcruncher, nsu cruncher, byg-compacker
xtc-packer and our own x-terminator, to 
name but a few.                         
some feature an option tto merge parts  
into one big file by packing them as    
examples here are:                      
psq-link, blockbuster, link & crunch,   
crosslink and sledgehammer.             
these are really lousy packers and      
shouldn't be used unless you TRULY have 
nothing else to use!                    
charpacking is a way to pack long rows  
of equal bytes into a short sequence,   
that will start signaling to the        
deppacker that it is a sequence to be   
interpreted, rather than part of the    

well, before this i'll explain the basic
principies. the simple charpacker       
selects a controlcode for use. this     
controlbyte is then used as a signal to 
the depakcer to interpret what comes    
afterwards as data for depacking.       
take for example the row in memory that 
looks like this:                        
say the packer than always use the $f9  
byte as controlcode. it will be the     
substitute of the rows of zeros (or any 
other byte) with the sequence           
$f9,$xx,$yy where $f9 is the signal to  
the depacker, $xx is the byte and $yy is
the number of bytes.                    
the row above would then become somethin

the depacker is linked as start of the  
file, and when run, automatically       
creates seven zeros from the sequence,  
without you even thinking of it.        
the problem is that $f9 might be present
in the memory but is then supposed to be
placed into memory, without beeing      
treated as a signal to the depacker.    
the answer is that it can't.            
most packers therefore use the          
combination $f9,$01,$f9 for representing
$f9 by itself. you noticed that this    
sequence was actually longer that the   
single $f9.                             
what kind of compression is that??      
well, the point is that you are supposed
to win more on the winning parts of the 
packer, that you loose or               

'error representation' where you loose  
this was the really simple theory to    
build on! the first thing we do is not  
to pick a standard byte but to select   
the least frequent byte, so that it will
be error represented as few times as    
we therefore scan the file for this byte
it is likely to be one of a small range 
that is less frequent, but scanning     
optimizes the choice! a rather new      
theory in this field is from            
he thought of only counting the first   
controlbyte if there were more of them  
in a row.                               
the sequence $f9,$f9,$f9 contains three 
bytes to be error represented.          
the answer is NOT, as all three will be 

replaced with only one error            
represenation! smart jan!               
the next thing is to opimize control    
bytes. why have only one controlbyte??? 
if we select another one, we could have 
one specialized for representing zeros. 
lots of zeros in a row like the above.  
the represnetation for 7 zeros would    
then be CB,$07 (where CB from now on is 
this way of optimizing the row of zeros 
makes a packer more efficient by        
representing a sequence with fewer bytes
but you also have to pay by beeing      
forced to error represent more times.   
the number of controlcodes that will be 
efficient, will be the number that can  
produce a plus compared to THe number   
of times it mus be error represented.   

if you win $80 bytes on cb number 5, but
you loose $90 bytes error representing  
it, you'd live hapilly without it!      
for choosing the best controlbytes      
functions, you must analyze a large     
number of file with some kind of        
statistic program to generate a kind of 
database for finding the most efficient 
function controlbytes.                  
            EXAMPLES FOR USE            
cb, byte, lo, high  - for representing  
more than 256 bytes with one controlbyte
byg compacker uses this!!               
cb1, cbx - this is an example on how you
could do to remove the normal error     
representation, with a new one that only
uses two bytes rather than three. this  
takes for granted that cbx is to be     
represented only once. the effect on    
this one and qed's improvement go in the
same direction and are less efficient if

the other is also present!              
cb, byte - this one for representing    
three byte with only two. three byte    
sequences are rather common, and will   
produce a far better result that you    
first imagine.                          
some packers have compression methods   
that is not actual equalbyte compression
byg compacker features something called 
equal steps (or something like that, i  
don't have a version with the docspages 
on left...).                            
i guess this is something like:         
cb, start, steps - for cb, startvalue   
(say $02), $08 for covering             
2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,$a. i don't know this,  
as i didn't dig into this packer, but i 
suppose this is the case.               

charpackers produces a result that is   
fairly uninteresting, as almost all of  
the files are supposed to be sequence   
crunched afterwards. a sequence cruncher
works in a totally different way, that i
intend to cover in a followup to this   
article. some packers seem to produce a 
result that can be called plain garbage 
(like the ebc) but after crunching, they
come strong.                            
certain packers work well with certain  
crunchers, and there is really no easy  
way to foresee this, but by testing.    
the ebc is especially good with the     
darksqueezer and zipper is best with    
cruelcrunch. the xtc-packer and illusion
packer seem great when you see the      
result they produce but they loos big   
after crunching, no matter which        
cruncher you use!                       
the only one that works great with all  
cruncher is FAIRLIGHT'S own             

X-TERMINATOR packer, which might be     
released to pulic rather soon!          
you now know most of what is important  
to know if you intend to make           
              THE ULTIMATE              
charpacker, that will stun the world.   
the only way to learn more is to dig    
into packers by others, and check out   
the smart things in them, as well as    
experimenting with your own ideas!      
good luck, and remember to send me a    
result if your efforts succeed!         

talking readers

  this is an article which was kindly   
 written by BACCHUS about a meeting in  
   sweden last week when SNEAKERS had   
   premiere and all old hackers met!    
   read and ejnoy this cool report!!    
             howdy hackers!             
'RE UNIONS' is something you often come 
across when you passed your teens.      
old classes, sportteams and the lot,    
want to meet  you again.                
if you've been on one, you know that you
have stuff  to talk about for half an   
hour ('what are you doing these days?') 
and then for the next hour you gossip   
about the persons, who didn't show up   
(which is the only good reason to go in 
the first place!)                       

then they get really boring.            
'RE UNIONS' for hackers has never been  
seen before but now it has, and this one
was pure fun!!                          
NATAS of HORIZON, for years on the mac  
and also one behind the organizers of   
the VAARBY party near stockholm, thought
that the premiere of 'SNEAKERS' would be
a good occasion to gather a few good    
friends from the old days.              
the thing grew, and he dug through his  
old contact books and suddenly he had   
170 names registered on his list for    
those who wanted to come!               
WHO WHERE THERE?                        
a lot of the really famous guys from the
old days were there.                    

amongst those:                          
 - the guys from the REAL triad were    
   present: IXION (the old leader before
   jerry took over!)                    
   united crackers                      
   ROWDY (now in fairlight!)            
 and the one and only:                  
  MR. Z (you could hear the buzz of the 
  crowd and saw lots of fingers pointing
  at him when he was recognized by the  
  rest of us.                           
 - W.A.S.P. (the first real group i came
   across when i started 'we against    
   software protection!'                
   nobody and sir galahad showed up.    
   sir galahad then went to WCC (west   
   coast crackers) and at the breakup   

   of this group he was one of the      
   formers of fairlight, now under the  
   handle 'black shadow!'               
 - FAIRLIGHT  i (bacchus), who took over
   the leadership after strider         
   concentrated his efforts 100% on the 
   amiga section in 1989.               
   the alchemist (who took over the     
   responibility to be the main cracker 
   after gollum!) and rowdy plus        
   black shadow, as mentioned above.    
 - AGILE  elric, who is now a           
   modemtrader for quartex on the amiga!
   karl 12 or k12, as he wants to put it
   nowadays, was also present with some 
   weird friends (as usual!)            
   i might misplace leader, if i put him
   among the guys who have been in agile
   but he was also there.               
 - PARAGON a few dudes from paragon;    
   amongst those necromancer (who's     
   stupid and a great nerd!)            

   hellraiser and a fev others. i think 
   they are all in other groups, but    
   they were all talking about pc these 
 - SHA  swedish hacking association are 
   a bunch of real hackers who hack into
   boards. they got pretty famous some  
   half a year ago, when they had hacked
   into a board that belonged to a      
   company that sells 'safe logg on     
   systems!' sha downloaded all         
   documentations to backdoors Yn the   
   system the company has installed.    
   they then went to the papers offering
   to sell access to all boards!        
 - HORIZON  zagor and badger are twins  
   and one of them had his girlfriend   
   with him. also mastermind and kjer   
   were present!                        
 - THUNDERCATS  sony(who is the elder   
   brother of mastermind/horizon) was   
   there. he left the scene as a member 

    of triad but has also been in       
    horizon. he brought his girlfriend  
  - SCIENCE 451  gaunt who then went to 
    fairlight and named after his real  
    family name; danko. now in censor   
    (if they still can be seen as a     
    living group!)                      
 also worth mentioning are the ones who 
 had paid, but who didn't show up:      
 3d/triad,scc (swedish cracking crew)   
 ale and phs/ccs (computerbrain cracking
 service!) phs was the author of the    
 renown ccs-mon that all crackers used  
 in the 80's, mr. pinge/relax, strider  
 of fairlight, janitor/triad (both      
 janitor and strider now live in the us)
 and a few others we would have wanted  
 Also some newer9guys, who might be well
 known now,but who wasn't in the late   
 80's were: creeper/fhi, spirou/light   

 (who showed up without knowing that    
 there would be lots of others there!)  
 jordan/antic, the twins ratpoison/noice
 and decoder/censor, goblin & flamingo  
 of light, motley/genesis               
 after the whole event we all decided to
 go to a pub called 'EAST'.             
 the younger guys leaved there because  
 the age limit there is 23 and so some  
 guys weren't allowed to enter.         
this event was worth going to stockholm 
and i enjoyed it very much, indeed!!    

    the next article was written by     
    3star of warriors of wastelands     
it contains a report about the scene in 
his country which seems 2 be pretty lame
           ABOUt COMPUTING IN           
              SLOVENIA !!!              
here in my country is really no scene or
any group and demo activity. all the    
guys who owe a c-64 are game players and
only one guy buys games from ex-hotline 
and sell them to people.i think in my   
country are about 20.000 c-64's and it  
seems pretty lame to me that all those  
guys just playin games. anyway more than
half of them are still using datasettes 
depending on the money. on the other    
hand it's no suprise that those people, 
who have got a bit more money,simply    
buy an amiga for game laming! i'm not   
sure for amiga and pc but as far as i   
know there are no groups down here. just
some lamers calling themselves !!!      

yes there are bbs's for amiga and pc but
what you could find there is like they  
never saw a real bbs.                   
i don't know why is it that lame because
if you take a look at other eastern     
countries like poland and checholowakia 
then i really admire them. could u      
imagine that i (3star) and my friend    
888 are only "active" guys on c-64. we  
are not so economical behind other est. 
countries but where the hell are we? now
maybe it will move something from the   
dead line when i'll release the 1st C64 
COMPUTER MAGAZINE in slovenia. i will   
show a bunch of cool gfx and musics and 
ask people if they can code,draw or     
make musics, to send examples to me.    
i hope (i really do!) that it will be   
successful and some guys will send      
and show what they could do. otherwise  
it would be best to throw my computer   
out of the window!                      
some time ago i contacted a man who is  
responsible for the articles in a paper 
computer magazine, and asked him if he  

could arrange me some place for text    
about 64 in his magazine.here is what he
said:'if i'd start writing text about 64
then all the salesmen and shops who are 
still selling commodore will again say  
that c-64 is the best computer and then 
other computers like amiga,atari or pc  
have no chance to breakthrough'.i lost  
the phone and had no breath for about 10
seconds. so if somebody who is there to 
make users of all kinds of computers    
happy and satisfied talking that kind   
of shit then to who should i turn to??? 
that was one of the biggest dissapoint- 
ments of my life so i think it's the    
right thing what i have decided-to make 
an independet computer magazine.maybe   
all the work will be for nothing but i  
could never excuse myself if i didn't   
try it. someone of you will say why the 
fuck do you care about them. i do it at 
least because everyone have the right to
see how much fun a c-64 could give. i   
think that no computer will never be so 
'friendly' and creative. why else       

it's so much harder to make a picture,  
music or code on c-64. you simply don't 
have the hardware ailities an amiga can 
offer you. you have to be creative to do
a good picture on 64.you are forced to  
put 10 more times to finish it. and why 
the hell we simply don't say:'why do we 
spend so much time on the c64?' it's up 
to you to decide!                       
so we'll see maybe at the end of this   
year their might be a good demo or group
coming from slovenia.  at least i hope  
i hope you enjoyed this little article  
which was done by 3star of wow.         
it came directly from heart and think   
about those guys who don't even get a   
final cartridge in a normal computer    
crazy, isn't it??                       

 you won't believe it but there is one  
         more article to come!          
    this was written by alligator of    
   unitrax & fairlight(s-nes & amiga)   
and remember i don't take responsibility
about anything which is written in here!
            SPEACKING PUSSY             
beware of this dude... if you know this 
text was typed by alligator of the      
mighty fairlight in some drunken hours. 
you know this what you are reading can't
be usefull, entertaining or meaningfull 
in any way! all in all this text is the 
most uninteressting you have ever seen  
in all that cool (ed. ??) emanuelle     
just chat about a total confused guyz   

thinking they can code some demos, games
intros and so on, on the super nintendo!
without keyboard??                      
with the joypad or what?? you and me    
know... confusing can't be stronger! and
the other ones?? regular using their    
talking vagina?                         
stick their dick into that dirty and    
stinking piece of rubber! oh men out    
there! what happens to us?              
look at ANTIDICK! a BOSS a few years ago
on the sixtyfour. now a legend and a few
years later another confused talking    
vagina user. i think this is what all   
that great groups there in the scene    
, like varsity, means with lameness!    
but one thing they haven't checked yet! 
varsity is another, a bit extremilier   
word for lameness!                      

yo charly! trust your eyes! why do you  
think your girlfriend if fucking around 
all that cool and humid parties (like   
the cosmos). i say licking like hell and
just a nice com-eating girl! and what's 
your answer? yes your atari can make you
the same feeling while splashing cum    
into the keyboard, or just using your   
occupied talking rubber vagina! - but i 
can only say it's good to have a girl to
talk about all problems and to do some  
things you can never do with all that   
rubber vaginas, anal intruders and that 
crap here on this planet filled up with 
varsity (lameness*2) guyz! notice that  
with varsity is just ment the guy marked
with a big sign shaved in his head      
meaning lameness*2!!                    
keep on using your talking rubber vagina
as long as your dick is on!! but do not 
forget to stow your dick away on gauze  
because this lepra!                     

okey! forget this lame people there and 
enjoy this one:                         
if you have the aim to be cool and have 
the same cool machine instead of your 64
without to be a 68000 lamer then read   
otherwise press now the reset button    
and format this disc with the fastest   
speed formatter out there! (ed. don't   
take it too serious!)                   
if you want to buy a multi-game-hunter, 
the copier station for super-nintendo   
and the genesis (megadrive!) at once    
you have to dial this number and hold   
DM 749,-- ready:                        
(ed. you can also contact me for them!!)

but if you want the talking vagina, the 
hot and sexy female voices will         
guarantee to arouse you to your fullest 
sexual ectasy, it vibrates and emits the
most sensational female voices, you have
to hold DM 150,-- and call the number   
like above!!                            
and if you have some questions to the   
lameness*2 just call the varsity lame-  
ness*2 hotline at ++XX-XXX-XXXXXXX!!    
some greets out there to all that cool  
fairlight people around the globe and   
especially to this girl with that cool  
fuck on the cosmos/energy party in      
austria!! lick lick lick!!              
(ed. i tell you again that i have nothin
to do with that article, i just print it
if you don't agree call him at the      
number you have read for the mgh's!!)   

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