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                         *  Hack/Phreak + Anarchy *
Only if we could turn back the pages of time to the old
Phreaking itself was quite easy, calling cards were in
abundance aswell as meridian mails, devrtors, pbx'es,
credit cards and 1800 routing was a simplicity within
Now most groups struggle to call out internationally
and have to resort to the internet, which is as easy as
To make the burden easier on groups still with enough
inspiration, i will help with some companies and infos
that may be of very great use.
Also scattered here and there will be a normal
assortment of 'Anarchy' and special infos for the
ones wishing 'higher learning' 8)
Card companies and abusing them.
Welcome to the continued education in setting up and
correct use of calling cards.
It is quite popular these days to engineer an operator
into believing you to be a customer, and innocent
customer seeking quick service.
Setting up calling cards is not a new thing, but indeed
one that is far more popular now than it's ever been.
Take for example companies such as Sprint, World Link
Premier, Viacom, WorldPlus and quite a few more.
Most companies have their usual customer service
dialups, but what one should look for is the private
customer line.
Mci is the most frequent in this particular factor.
They have quite a few 'secret' little service lines.
The advantage of these is that the operators that
occupy these divisions don't get to many fraudulent
calls, and thus lacking the experience a regular
customer service operator would have.
Using authority in your voice it is then easy to set up
the cards.
Most companies can bill to most major credit cards,
(visa,master,amex) sometimes depending on the long
distance service, they reuire more than the normal
Some companies now, like World Link (in some cases)
require a fax of your driver's licence, which for some
is not impossible to obtain.
Others are more simple, just needing card number and
name and surname, some require the zip code of the
state or even more difficult things such as social
insurance numbers and date of birth.
You will find that the companies revolve their security
around numbers. I.e; Date Of Birth, zip code, etc..
So before actually setting up a card, first find out
what they need by a "dummy" call and get your card
perfectly ready!
Making the actual operator believe your for real is
actually quite easy, if you think a little about it.
Acting like your a new customer, worry about the
price rates and try get things the cheapest way.
Depending on where you call to and how long you want
it to last depends on the card company.
Using mci is easy, often though they cause a delay and
x-modem transfer is sometimes called for.
Mci is the most dominate in blacklisting to date and they
also (like at&t) have restricted countries.
Sprint is often the best company, no restrictions, no
blacklisting and if you feel a little unsafe just call
1800CALLATT and abuze some lame generated credit
card. But the more you call through, more the delay.
There is several ways to set up Sprint/Global One
calling cards these days (Global One - French and
German Telecom joined with Sprint).
Firstly the most best, but slowest way, is to order the
cards via snailmail. This takes several weeks, but with
a good drop point, the result is often good.
The other is through certain customer service lines,
some may not work in fraudulent areas such as New
York, Chicago, Poland and now, even Australia.
But if your in the right country that hasn't been fully
abuzed, it shouldn't pose as too much of a problem.
Money Cards better??
In some cases, yes.
Some long distance services allow you to raise the
limit of your "money card" once it is depleted.
But the problem with money cards is not neccessarily
the difficulty in rejuvinating the money amount for
calls, but the fact that most money cards such as
'Swifttel' only allow one caller on the card at a time.
Where as with setting up business network Mci cards
an infinite amount of people can use the card at any
time (until ofcourse the bill gets rediculous.
As explained in former editions, there is a good way of
using the card to make it last longer, so refresh your
memory and dig up some older issues for more
If any scener feels they need any of the customer
service dial-ups for ANY American company, feel
free to leave me an email on any C64 bbs.
* Recently a German cell phone hacker made it now
possible to program the Mobile phone to switch the
billing ESN pin to another without even breaking the
line, an instantaneous change from one billing number
to the next.
He was apparently in a trade with an American, where
he would go to the United States and sell a large
amount of these new Celluar phones for around $800-
$900 US$ each.
He made it to the States to find his contact a narc and
was locked into prison, before being extradited back
to Germany shortly afterwards. Life sucks huh?!
* To inform some sceners, area codes are changing
rapidly, for example former IL/Chicago 708 has split
into another being 847, Connetic from 203 to 860,
Florida from 813 to 941 and so on..
Apart from many changes in the usual area codes due
to lack of numbers there has been the inclusion of
other toll free and chargable numbers for pagers,
voicemail and such.
Introduced this year was the new 1888 number which
is the same as the normal 1800 numbers, apart from
the usual 900,800,700,500 Company numbers there is
also a new 300 number where it contains mainly fax &
answering machines aswell as quite a numerous amount
of pagers. Happy scanning!
Ever had the problem, where the police show up at
your house and you have illegal contents such as
illegal papers, drugs or even your handgun!
This may sound weird, but it has worked for many
people. Stick your hand in your toilet and bring it back
up into an area where there is no water, just air (until
the toilet is flushed anyway)
Wrap your 'goods' into tin foil to make a solid stick
object and wedge this up underwater into the air
pocket of your toilet.
Then with care, make it so its firmly inbetween both
walls so that if the toilet is flushed then the goods
won't flow away.
As far as i know, police are not familiar with this
hiding place and it's far better than putting your
drugs/goods in a secret slit-hole in your bed matress!
Into the net
H/p group, 'Phreedom' have now opened a new web site.
Phreedom Web Lounge
http: //'majestix
Here you can enjoy Phreedom - The Web H/P mag,
Phreedom Tavern - A real bbs, the support of a large
C64 page and many interesting h/p links.
Completly ran by Dominator (aka Chotaire/AFL)
Popular server, "" has changed
to another company.
For general enquires, call the customer line on:
(414)-688-2119 and connect at (715)-743-1600.
C-64 Ftp sites to connect to:
Grid Point: /EQX
InterPark:  /M8+F4CG
Mount Tokay: woland.iit.uni-miskolc.hun    /M8+Scs*Trc
The Digital Dungeon:  /SCS*TRC
Losing Control:   /PALACE
Gangsta's Paradise: /CHROMANCE
also connect to T'PAU's site:
Demo Site: /pub/mpython/cbm
Threshold Prod+Driven:
Now for all the REAL phreakers, try connecting to one
of the following bbs'es..
Holiday Inn Cambodia XXXXXXXXXXXXX Alphaflight WHQ
The Evil Island XXXXXXXXXXXXX Afl + Relax UsHQ
Deadzone XXXXXXXXXXXXX Onslaught+Vandalism UsHQ
Down By Law  XXXXXXXXXXXXX Onslaught+Dom WHQ
The Dungeon  XXXXXXXXXXXXX Scs*Trc+Hitmen WHQ
Fortress of Doom  XXXXXXXXXXXXX Atlantis WHQ
In Living Color XXXXXXXXXXXXX Motiv8 UsHQ
Never Ending Wares XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Dream Park XXXXXXXXXXXXX Avt+F4cg+Prop WHQ/down
Corrosion Of Conformity XXXXXXXXXXXXX Dmx+Style UHQ
Liquid Palace XXXXXXXXXXXXX Motiv8 + Style UsHQ
Edge Of Midnight XXXXXXXXXXXXX Chromance HQ/down
Bass Planet XXXXXXXXXXXXX Chromance+Pulse WHQ
Final Genocide XXXXXXXXXXXXX Chromance CHQ/down
Wares Aquarium XXXXXXXXXXXXX Flt + Hitmen HQ
Mystical Paradise XXXXXXXXXXXXX Hitmen+Scs*Trc EHQ
Escapade XXXXXXXXXXXXX Alphaflight EHQ
Sanitarium XXXXXXXXXXXXX Onslaught+VN+Dom EHQ
The Pirate Island XXXXXXXXXXXXX Alphaflight HQ
Coverage XXXXXXXXXXXXX Acrise & Excess+Nitro EHQ
County Jail XXXXXXXXXXXXX Chromance PHQ
Mount Olympus XXXXXXXXXXXXX Motiv8+Pulse EHQ
Ebes Support XXXXXXXXXXXXX (weekends only)
Highway XXXXXXXXXXXXX Noice WHQ (down)
Power Engine XXXXXXXXXXXXX Atlantis EHQ
Digital Wizard XXXXXXXXXXXXX Palace HQ
Fishbowl XXXXXXXXXXXXX Fairlight AHQ
The Hidden XXXXXXXXXXXXX Motiv8+Acrise+Excess hq
West Point XXXXXXXXXXXXX Onslaught HQ
Antidote XXXXXXXXXXXXX Triad & Driven HQ
Now there has to be something there for you, agree? }
Next issue we will have contributions from Kingfisher
of Triad and Chotaire of Alphaflight. They should have
appeared this issue, but other circumstances had to
be taken into consideration, so they will be delayed
until Edition eight.
Hope you have enjoyed, any contributions are
ofcourse welcome.
Happy travels to your illegal endeavours.
                                                                                    In 1996
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