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                               * Guest editor: Witty *
Hello guys and welcome to a chapter written by Witty
of Onslaught in this chapter i plan to write some kind
of reaction to an article which i've seen in Propaganda
Actually while i'm at it, i think that i will comment on the
whole of the magazine, and some of the dick heads
that happen to produce it..
Before i begin i would like to express my upmost
disappointment in a magazine which i believe was a truly
class act.
Rather than degrade both myself and Propaganda and
it's staff, i will give my critism in an objective manner
so that the average "not elite person" can see my
point of view.
In Propaganda #21 a scene 'elite' as he wishes to be
known as (i think his name was duff or something..
maybe it should have been doosh.. hehe)
Wrote that the scene consists of a hierachy of
groups/people which are categorized as lame,
below average, average, above average and elite..
He also notes that the scene is similar to an
organization of some sort!?!
Well firstly doosh (as i will now call you), that is very
creative writing.. The scene is similar to an
organization.. as a matter of fact, your article seemed
very similar to article which i wrote in the final issue
of Splash (in which i always had a chapter in).. is this
entitled chapter ripping?
Well.. either way, i will give you the benefit of the
doubt considering you are sooo elite.
He goes on to say that Onslaught is not 'elite' because
they have only a couple of members that are active
and that the rest just basically count for a large
member status.
So here is my reply asshole..
I have been in Onslaught from almost the formation
so here is my reply asshole..
I was in the scene and have been in the scene long
before your miserable ass arrived, and intend on
sticking around.
I believe that you have no right in saying that the rest
of Onslaught is not elite.. i guess that because i swap
with three F4cg members that must make me lame??
Over the years i am sure that i have known twice as
many sceners than you, and have made some friends
along the way.
Unlike your article, the friendship of the scene does
not kill it. That is bloody ridiculous.
Bullshit text like that in Propaganda kills it.
So much for your Propaganda Gold issue.. it stunk!
I read it in under 10 minutes. It was the most boring disk
mag that i have recieved in the past 3 years (now thats
saying something!!)
Oooopps.. i shouldn't really be taking a shot at
Propaganda here, but isn't it about time that you
changed that ugly, ugly logo in the menu and general
I persoanlly remember back to the days (the good
Propaganda) when Genesis Project used to produce it.
I remember swapping with Antichrist and Snacky and
actually looking forward to it.. now thats when it had
As for F4cg over the years i have had quite alot of
respect for this group, i guess my respect for this
crew is now dying to an extent because certain of it's
members produce such a shitty magazine.
So thats all i have to bitch about today.
F4CG - I hope you smarten up your act a little bit.
DOOSH - Get a life! You are the biggest no-good waste
                of text bullshit that i have ever read.
                You wanted feedback, you got it lamer!!
Over and out..
Witty of Onslaught
Ex-member ofSunrise, the original Role, Oregon, the
original Bronx and of Splash,Internal,R'nRole,V.News.
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